so my apartment is currently being haunted by the ghost of a dead child and he's trying to kill me you've seen dear David haven't you he's dead he only appears at midnight and you can ask him two questions if you say dear David first but never try to ask him a third question or he'll kill you last night I got a weird feeling and I looked out the peephole and I'm dead sir and I saw movement on the other side Oh looks like there's something there left us with my iPhone right is with my Polaroid the hall light was on both times why is it pitch-black each time with a Polaroid somebody call an exorcist surely after the usual cat stuff around 10:30 or so I start getting phone calls from an unmarked number I went into my phone to find a picture from a couple days ago and I saw dozens of pitch-black photos on my camera roll all from last night no way this is real no way this is real I oh my god no are we really doing this yes we are back at it it has been almost a year since I have done a dear David video and still to this day I get so many comments when are you going to finish dear David so today once and for all we are going to finish the story I just ate I'm hungry again it's like my food is not being digested I just eat it and then poof disappears I'm always hungry anyways if you are not familiar with dear David add the two videos starting last December about a real-life ghost so basically this dude had some paranormal supernatural activity going on in his apartment and I started following him around everywhere and he decided to document it on Twitter see the reason I stopped last time and I didn't even want to bother finishing it because first of all I didn't think it was real I honestly still don't know what to think is it real is it fake it's probably fake I'll let you decide leave it to your imagination you believe is real that's just fine but if using is fake cool we'll probably never know but either way it's pretty interesting so the second reason is I never really made a video because I hasn't been like a huge amount of updates to show you guys so a couple months after the last episode it's just been very few updates an hour just like should I finish this or should I not but today we are finishing it once and for all and also it's October so we better bring on the spooky videos and the spooky shirts okay so where we left off last time this dude Adam was hearing some sounds from the Attic and so he took a broom and tried to poke it and see what is inside he found a mini shoe and he found some marbles oh that scared me the video is still playing so they learned that it was from the early 1900s like oh dear David is a boy from the early 1900s hmm so he downloaded an app that takes a photo every 60 seconds and set his phone on top of a bookcase so it has a perfect view of his whole room and this is what his room looks like and this is one of the pictures his phone took while he was asleep aren't thousand this right now so here's David hey big dented ass head and he just chilling in his room stand straight up up the ceiling it looks like a doll to me and then he starts moving I don't think this is how ghosts show up in photos ah that's his head the final photo on the scroll how this boy and I just walk around your whole room and you ain't gonna notice anything does he make footsteps does he kiss you on the forehead when you're asleep you don't know these things may he look crusty but like when he saw this he posted I am at a loss for words that malformed ear that stringy hair I didn't even know what to think I looked all over my room but I couldn't find anything and honestly I have been so exhausted I didn't know how to process it what art thou what ends you imma get the hell out of where I'm living if it was real I'm at a loss for words that somebody was in room while I was asleep I have photographic evidence so I believe this is where we left off so I've been away from the city for a couple weeks I went home to Montana for the holidays and almost immediately I started to feel better less tired less foggy up until now I haven't really entertained the thought of moving thinking that David would probably just follow me wherever I go well you don't know that until you've tried maybe just accept David's love he obviously got a thing for you but when I left from Montana everything seemed to improve like maybe David wouldn't follow me after all maybe he was tied to the house not me being home felt safer and I managed to relax a bit I even started browsing listings for new apartments back in New York the last thing I want to do is move in the middle of winter but after the past few months it seemed like it might be worth it it felt like there might be a way out I mean David isn't even tormenting you it doesn't seem like he evil spirit I mean if David actually exists and you are telling the truth and he's not a doll but yeah I feel like that ruining it for some people like saying oh it's just fake but there's no way of telling legally you could be totally real I don't know that you don't know that the only person that knows that is this Adam dude but after a few days I started to feel strange again one night I got up to go to the bathroom and as I stood there in the dark I couldn't help feeling like there was something moving outside the bathroom window the bathroom looks out into the backyard and it was pitch black I could barely see anything but its Montana and there are animals passing through all the time sure enough in the morning I found animal tracks through the snow I don't know the specific animal deer elk Bigfoot or like Littlefoot because some tiny ass feet next night the same thing happened I got up in the middle of the night and I thought I saw movement in the blackness outside this time I stood up the window gazing out straining my eyes to see waiting for them to adjust to the night bra you looking for a problem right now like let me stare off into the pitch-black night because I tricked myself into seeing some movement I'm trying to get a juicy Twitter story ok a long time I stared out into the snowy darkness but I couldn't see any movement then just as I was about to turn away I saw something loach off and to the right and disappear from view okay yikes again it was too dark to make out the animal but it could have been anything maybe a coyote or something or about cumin I like raccoons this morning as I was getting out of the shower I glanced out the window and noticed tracks behind the garage yeah look how perfect they are I wonder what kind of animal this is so I'm reading the comments trying to figure out what animal this could possibly be I don't know some people are saying it's a cat they looked like somebody was hopping in the snow it looked like somebody could have stood on top of the garage or from the garage and use some kind of prints so hear me out if somebody was faking this they would have to have some kind of like shoe on a stick or something to make imprints into the snow again I don't know if there's any kids there it could have been just a kid with very small feet just like hopping into the snow oh you know it could be David we don't know this I don't know what kind of footprints these are I don't think a cat or any animal would have walked like this and it looks like there are normal footsteps back there and then around the garage they get almost to perfect I couldn't tell what they were from the bathroom so I got dressed put on my coat and went outside when I got up close my heart practically stopped those weren't tracks they were footprint really small footprints okay so this is what they look like up close and they are footprints but you know it could have been any kid I don't know if a child was staying with him at this house but like where do the footprints start and where do they end is why I want to know I followed them across the backyard but they disappeared into the ditch out back I stood there in the snow not knowing what to do what could I do call the cops and tell them I found footprints in the snow we knew some supernatural police in here like you just chilling in bed and that ghosts take you by the ankle and drag you out of bed what you do you literally cannot call the police you can't do anything sucks about this kind of stuff the last couple nights I was too scared to leave my room if it had been David out there in the snow it meant that he could follow me anywhere no matter where I moved he could find me I felt helpless but see I forget though they may even like do anything to him like a tack hammer no you just want to be your best friend I flew back to New York the day after Christmas back in my apartment it seems like I was at square one yet again I've tried everything I can think of I've staged my apartment I've hired a medium nothing has worked okay that's Fox and worse I still feel him at night watching me from different corners of my room always getting closer and waking up right before something happens there is a bug on my camera Hey for the past few nights I've been using that app that takes photos every couple minutes but nothing has shown up for whatever reason it doesn't seem to work anymore but I've left it running just in case it's picked up absolutely nothing safe for one thing last night Oh last night was particularly bad I felt sick and had nightmares all night I dream that David was hovering in the corner by the ceiling far off the ground he was mouthing something but I couldn't hear any words then he was hovering above my bed staring down at me his mouse moving faster than it should be I couldn't move I could only look up at him this is getting creepy man imagine a ghost haunting your house and your dreams come on man let me have one suddenly he plummeted downwards and I felt this huge pressure crash into my chest I woke up gasping the wind completely knocked out of me i sat up and looked around frantically heaving for air but that was nothing but David would breakfast them bad here you go hope you like dented head when I caught my breath I retrieved my phone from the dresser the photo roll showed nothing of note save for the last photo taken just a moment before is he cuddling with him I don't know what to do I'm at a loss here I just don't know there's some creepy she's not okay David you're not supposed to make contact with the humans so fast-forward two weeks later sorry for the long delay honestly I wasn't sure if I was going to tweet again after what happened a couple weeks ago everything stopped well sort of I wasn't having dreams anymore and I was feeling better I was sleeping through the night again there was another bug it's dead maybe that's all he wanted he just wanted to hold you I just wanted to hold you in my and that's all he wanted actually I was feeling great I still do but things have been sort of weird too it's hard to explain I'll try but I don't know if any of it makes sense basically as good as things have been for the past couple weeks I can't shake the feeling that something is off huh it starts again like I've been sleeping fine and I have lots of energy during the day but sometimes I seem to sort of lose time I guess like I'll look up at the clock and realize a whole hour has gone by and I don't remember any of it join the club me literally every night like I'm gonna do a video now two hours later I'm gonna do a video now three hours later okay I'm really gonna do a video now two hours later okay I'm going to sleep like where did the time go or I'll miss hear someone and ask them to repeat what they said but they'll say they didn't say anything little stuff like that but after what I've been through it's not a big deal despite that I felt ready to put it all behind me so on Sunday I opened Twitter intending to update you that it was all over or at least I thought so I just want things to go back to the way they were and it seemed like they had I was writing something to that effect when I noticed I had way more notifications than usual I swipe to my mentions and saw that everyone was tweeting me about something I'd posted to my Instagram story the day before saying they saw something weird the stories are expired now but I have screenshots and I don't know how to explain it long story short I went to brunch on Saturday with a friend and I posted a few photos to my story they're fairly unremarkable here's the first two I posted totally dumb and normal so he got his food his friends they're totally boring brunch photos I posted one more photo of me and my friend before leaving and that was that but the next day I had a zillion messages about the third photo I posted people had taken screenshots and sent them to me this is what somehow got uploaded to my Instagram story well shit like y'all see in this right now y'all see in this I went through your phone last night lots of things I did not like I had no clue what happened it looked perfectly fine on my phone when I uploaded it I'd say it was just a glitch but I can't make sense of what's happening with my face maybe I can I know what it looks like what it probably is but I don't know if I care anymore I really want things to be normal again and things feel normal enough right now I don't know I guess I'll keep you updated if something else happens another update if I can't looking at whoever report in it why is this significant someone said I have two cats I need to put their toys or food somewhere out of reach and they'll give the same reaction not so difficult yeah you know what I'm not buying these I feel like these mean nothing like you live in an apartment I don't think it's crazy if a cat is growling at the door like there will be nobody in my backyard and my dogs will be like looking out the window and barking or so I think there's nobody who knows please don't worry about me I am okay and everything will be like it was before so the very last update is for everyone asking if I am Alive I am doing okay it's pretty much quiet around here lately and I've been trying to focus on work of course I'll keep you updated if anything strange happens but for now staying busy with drawing and other projects okay so I guess that's it that's the last of it is David gone I think all he wanted was a selfie and some cuddles you know he just like the rest of us we just want love it to be appreciated he got a whole quitter story written about him so if that don't make you feel appreciated and loved I don't know what will David I don't know what you want that's all for dear David comment below let me know what you guys think of this whole story if you guys enjoy they want more spooky videos make sure you hit the like button and make sure you subscribe to the wolf pack I love you guys so much thanks watching bye [Applause]


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    OH S___ thinks it's from the window about my left back side

    hears SSSniperWolf say it's from the video playing


    ( btw, I wear a headset and there is barely any noise outside, and it's dark so that scared the shit out of me XD )

    hearing and watching the video
    SSSniperWolf: "there's a bug on my camera! YEET!"
    Me: XDDD

    SSSniperWolf: reading sleeping through the night again. "There is another bug!!! Crushes It's dead"
    Me: XDDD

  3. A fly landed on my knee and I thought it was David 🀣 I even screamed even tho it’s daytime

  4. who else laughed at there is a bug on my camera yeet like if you did also like if you 'loved' the part when sniper wolf was singing

  5. my sister said the same thing happend to her in winter 2018
    and i belive her because she woke me up day for two weeks when it started

  6. are u really white cause running out the house when something scary or paranormal happens if something black people would do ik cause i watch alot of dangmatt and im black my self

  7. I believe Adam because I have had interactions just like this with what seems like David. I saw her vids on it and was blown away for how Adam was going through the same thing as me and my sister. Great vids

  8. If like you save a person this is how many people is left πŸ‘©πŸ‘©πŸ‘©πŸ‘¨πŸ‘¨πŸ‘¨πŸ‘©πŸ‘¨πŸ‘©πŸ‘¨πŸ‘©πŸ‘¨πŸ‘©πŸ‘¨πŸ‘©πŸ‘¨πŸ‘©πŸ‘¨πŸ‘©πŸ‘¨πŸ‘©πŸ‘¨πŸ‘©πŸ‘¨πŸ‘¨πŸ‘©


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