Deakin MBA Voyage - Audacious Leadership

Deakin MBA Voyage – Audacious Leadership

bassist leaders to my mind for those people who can understand the situation when when you need to step beyond the norm and take that leap of faith really into something that's quite different and the idea again as this boat is putting someone outside their comfort zone and get into understand that you need to put yourself out there in order to make true advance of a true innovation of that sort of things so what they chose leadership to my mind is actually doing that putting yourself beyond where we are normally the audacious leadership unit is about adventure that's about excitement it's about self-discovery and it's about developing a sense of presence sale trainings got a long history as a wonderful wave of developing leadership eight days away from their mobile phones and away from everything some hard work some physical work learning something very new to sell a tall ship at the end of a 82 it Dave void like this they're quite competent as crew members setting and handing the sales navigating that sort of thing and in the middle of all that they've been reflecting a lot on their own leadership and and issues in leadership generally this is a village as a floating village on this place for eight days you've got to get on with the people that you're working with you work close together you actually sleep close together you know that and there's no going out there's no popping down the pub or anything like that you know and so it's very intense experience for people really attacks your ego to be on this thing and to see the magnificence of where we are you know so people come back in a much more reflective frame of mind my own research shows that we're the only people doing this in the world there's nobody else doing the sort of stuff and it's it's just an excellent way to learn about leadership yeah we we spent the first or first day tryna steadier ourselves safety drills and so on and then once everyone settles down and gets over their seasickness we do sail training so generally general knowledge about the boat we get a clue on what we're hoping to achieve as we move through the voyage and then when there's a certain amount of I guess confidence they handed over to us and I go anywhere they're watching closely nervously watching closely and we are split into watches so there's three watches and the watch that's on at that time of day sales the ship what's interesting there are moments of frantic activity on the ship and then there were moments of where nothing much it happen happened at all so you be on watch for four hours in the middle of the night and that gave you cause to run you'd have a half hour shift on watch and then you'd have a half hour time where you couldn't leave the deck you still have to be out there but they gave you time to contemplate and think about you know what was happening here you got on with the rest of the crew so taught your qualities about yourself and it it was it was great learning experience and I'd recommend it 21 I guess it's been amazing it's a bit surreal really to come back to land now and you know try and capture all that's happened and we were just saying how do you possibly say what it was like but you know the first night was horribly seasick and just thinking what have I got myself into it but you know as the time went on we bonded it as a team and opportunities presented themselves and you know we're well and truly stretched out of our comfort zones and yeah it was just an amazing opportunity where yeah like I said I was really stretched and learn a lot about myself and got to know some wonderful people in the process so yeah it's been amazing I learnt that if I put myself forward people are behind me and you know everyone's scared and nervous but somebody's got to step up and I think I learnt to trust myself and trust the process and trust those behind you and supporting you and that it'll all work out and you can only be yourself and hopefully that's why people put me forward yeah yeah i definitely recommend the voyage to mba students realistically about the situations you find yourself in i think of very very hard to replicate elsewhere definitely recommend deacons about all sorts of ways of learning from distance learning web based learning classroom learning study tours experiential learning this is just another example of that this is a voyage it takes you out of yourself and you see yourself in a new way adegan the grad school of business we're all about practical learning and real experience so your MBA experience is going to be the one you'll never forget because there are many essence of leadership the biggest thing you've got in your leadership is not some academic model leadership it's you

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