D&D Beyond Dev Update October 24th 2019 (Halloween Special)

D&D Beyond Dev Update October 24th 2019 (Halloween Special)

– Hello everyone and welcome to a very special Halloween show today for our development update
and community Q and A session. I’m Adam Bradford. Today you can call me Bob. And today we’re gonna
have just so much fun. It’s just gonna be such a joyful, joyful time for us here, today. As always, we’re gonna talk
about the line up a little bit. So we’ve got latest updates, that’s what’s gonna be
first and we’re gonna talk about what’s goin on with D&D Beyond. So we gotta a team that’s
just really firecrackin’ and crankin’ out updates
and so we’re gonna share a couple of those with you today and then we’re also
gonna go in to some data about our current Encounter Builder beta. And so really lookin’
forward to that as well. And, you know, we got some
questions the other day about gettin’ some challenge
rating tied into this data and so we’re gonna share that today. And I think you’re gonna just love it. And then we’re gonna move on from there to talk about what’s coming up and we’ve got a couple of
announcements to share. We gotta convention that’s
gonna be happenin’ next week, so we’re really looking forward to that. And so, yeah, we’ll get into that. And then today we’re gonna
be paintin’ a little bit. Now paintin’ is something that’s real near and dear to me as many of you know. And, so we’re gonna try so if you happen to have just a blank canvas
lyin’ around at home, I encourage all of ya to go and grab that canvas right now, get you some paint. We’re gonna use some pretty
basic colors here today. So we can try to try to
paint along maybe with me. And you might have to do a
little bit of catch up work but I’ll walk you through
what’s already on this canvas. I had to get goin’ a
little bit before the show because otherwise with our time today, we probably weren’t
gonna be able to make it. But let’s get into it, latest updates. Share and block updates you can see in the screenshot right there that now you can do it by source type. So some of you came back
to us and said that, “You wanted to be able to do this by either a source book or an adventure” and now you’re able to
do that there on the page with content management. So when you’re within a campaign and you’re trying to share a block, several things at once, you can do that by source book and by adventure now. So enjoy that little update. This is what we call quality
of life update, you know. And the quality of life, when
we really think about it, life just really is great, ain’t it? It really is just great
and this is something that’s gonna make life even
better for all of ya out there. And then we got some Global
Search updates as well, where now if you are
searchin’ for something and you go to click on
one of those results, that comes and auto fills for you, you can control click and that’s gonna open up into a new tab. So this is something
that we’ve been tryin’ to make happen. For some time it’s been on the list, but it just been down on the priorities and so we decided that it was time and we had a little bit of bandwidth that we could put into this. And we’ve provided yet another
quality of life update. So we’re gonna be lookin’
for ways that we can do that more and more as we go forward into the coming weeks and months. So thank you very much. Let’s see what’s next here. I normally have like a clicker, that I go through this with but not today. We’re gonna look at data,
is what we’re gonna look at. And as I said before
we’re gonna be lookin’ at our Encounter Builder. And the Encounter Builder,
with that data update, we’re gonna do this by challenge rating and so we’re gonna look
at what challenge ratings are most popular within
the Encounter Builder and then we’re gonna
look at which monsters are most popular at each challenge rating all along the way. So you can see here that the one quarter challenge rating, the one-fourth challenge rating, is the most popular challenge that shows up in any of the encounters that have been created
so far on D&D Beyond. And, so, people are out there playing; they’re having such a good time at their table with their friends. This is such a, such a
great game to bring people together and you know sometimes we need to get away from our screens; sometimes we need to go
walk out in the grass; sometimes we need to paint a picture. We need to sometimes just stop and smell the roses and so I think
that when we’re playin’ Dungeons & Dragons this is such a good way to connect with our friends. And so as we come together and we’re doing this with all these encounters, you see that the one
quarter challenge rating is the most popular distribution. And so that just really rapidly declines after that because there
really is just a lot of low level play out there. And, so you know we
definitely start to see that when it comes to
the Encounter Builder. So next we’re gonna look at all of the creatures that
are composed of this. I’m thinkin’, yeah, now
this is goin’ be a little bit harder to see and we
apologize cause it’s just so much stuff that we’re
tryin’ to cram into that little bitty space and so but
we’re doin’ the best we can here to show this data. I’m going to take a little
bit of drink of water. My mouth is gettin’ little cotton mouth they call it sometimes. All right. That feels a lot better, all right. So, we see that with these challenges now most of the time when you’re
lookin’ at a bar graph like this and you know
maybe we coulda sliced this up some different ways and, you know, we may try to think about
ways to do that in the future. But most of the time these bars are gonna be for comparison purposes. But this time I want
you to just forget about comparin’ the bars to each
other for just a second and just think about that
each of these challenge ratings all along the bottom there, if you can see that,
you know, so hopefully you can and if you can’t
just know that they kinda go in order from zero to 30. But those challenge ratings
at the bottom you’re gonna see the monster, or
the creature, or the MPC that is most popular in
the Encounter Builder of that particular challenge rating. And so as you’re gettin’ into this, you’re gonna see that of
a zero challenge rating Commoner is the most common (laughs) see what I did there,
Commoner is the most common monster that you’re gonna see
with that challenge rating. And, so, as we go across
there we get Bandits, oh Bandits, boy those are
a lot of fond memories thinking about Bandits
in Dungeons and Dragons games that I’ve had over
the years and you see out there at challenge
rating 13 is there anything else it could be but a Beholder. You know, they say “beauty
is in the eye of the beholder” and we’re gonna
really get into that today here with our paintin’
but that is the most popular monster in that challenge range. And, so, ultimately, this
is just gonna show you that of the monster of
that challenge, that bar is representing how
popular that monster is, what kind of distribution
it takes up just within that silo of that challenge rating. So, hopefully, that
makes sense to everyone out there at home. We see that we just don’t
have anything in that 27, 28, 29 range, that
seems like that’s a great place for people to maybe
do some home brewing because we don’t have a lot of official monsters that live there. So, but you see that
again people are puttin’ the Tarrasque into these
challenges an I’ll tell ya that’s a really tough challenge
right there for a verified. I’ve been in a couple of those sessions where a Tarrasque
would be involved and boy those are some real good times. And, so, this is the data per monster so I really do, really do hope that you enjoyed our
look at the data today. So now let’s take a
look at what’s upcoming. So we are working on the Encounter Tracker and we’re really just fired up about this. It’s gonna be just really something else this Encounter Tracker. It’s something we’ve
been lookin’ forward to on D&D Beyond for a long time. And, so, we’re lookin’ forward to startin’ some work on that. As I shared with you last week we have an incredible
team comin’ in from Poland that is working on our mobile app and we’re just tickled to death really to be able to pull them
in and work here on D&D Beyond, and on this app, and we are doin’ our best to
deliver a character sheet to a mobile app, so keep
ya eyes peeled and we’ll provide more updates as we have ’em. The Italian Player’s
Handbook that’s somethin’ that we’re gonna try
our darnedest to release here at Luca and I believe
everything’s on track we’re gettin’ ready for that. So I think that’s just in
’bout another week or so. So if you’re an Italian speaker natively, Italy, boy, it’s just
such a beautiful place. It’s such an inspiration you
know for any kind of art. You know you can just
walk around in that place and just the paintin’s that you could do just jump into your mind. But, yeah, so if you’re
gonna be there at Luca this is somethin’ that
we’re gonna be releasin’ during that time. And, so, if you’re an
Italian native speaker I definitely encourage you to pick that up because I think it’s
gonna be really somethin’. And then Sales Tax, so we’ve
talked about this before, and you know I’ve heard
before that there are two guarantees in life that, you know, we’re all gonna die and
we’re all gonna pay taxes and you know I don’t
know how true that is, I mean there are probably
some other guarantees in life, too, right? But I would say that you
know every human being that I think I’ve ever seen anyway that’s definitely been
the case for and, so, unfortunately we’re gonna have to start chargin’ some sales tax
before we get in trouble with old Uncle Sam or
somethin’ and so we gonna have to do that. And right now, now this
is probably shocking a lot of folks out there
because I hardly ever talk about dates when I’m on one of these development updates but we are targeting the fifth of November. Remember, remember, the fifth of November. That’s a movie I watched not too long ago, I really like that one. I mean maybe a little
bit violent but I think his heart was maybe in the right place by a lot of things, but ultimately sales tax targeting the fifth of November. Now, I want to make sure
everybody understands what’s gonna go on with that sales tax that’s gonna be when we
turn it on and you’re gonna see it maybe pop up in your cart if you’re checking out on D&D Beyond. But not every region, not every state, not every country is gonna
have taxes right there on the fifth of November. It’s just gonna be those
that we have configured and set up and the laws
they’re just confusing to me, it’s just beyond me. But our attorney he knows
exactly what’s goin’ on with these and our finance
team and so they’re gonna be comin’ in and
configuring this to work for any of the regions,
that are in that place. So you know you may not be
getting charged sales taxes on November 5th, but at
some point in the coming weeks and months that’s
where that roll out is gonna start, is on
the fifth of November. So, if you are trying
to pickup some things before the sales tax gets into place this is us giving you a
little bit of a head’s up that that’s comin’ and so
I encourage you to do so if you’ve been sitting on that. And then finally we’ve got
a convention that we’re going to and that’s next week. So next week we’re
gonna be at a convention and it is Gamehole Con. I don’t know who named that convention. I know the story about
it but it’s a pretty silly name when you really
think about it for a convention, but it is
an incredible convention and Alex, boy he’s a good buddy of mine, and he is just, he is
incredible at what he does. He just runs just a good show. And, so, if you’re anywhere
around Madison, Wisconsin area I encourage you to go to that show. D&D Beyond is gonna be there. You can say hello to me. I’m gonna look a little
bit different on that day, but I still encourage you to say hello to Old Bat Eye, and we’ll
have a good ole time at Gamehole Con, so thanks very much. All right, let’s see, I think next we’re probably gonna move into maybe a little bit of paintin’. Just kinda drawing a little
bit of an outline here. We want to make sure that that eye stalk follows up through there real nice. I’m gonna have to start
speeding up just a little bit. Realize we about outta time, ain’t we? ♪ You’ve got the perfect warlock ♪ ♪ Her weapons and supplies ♪ ♪ But you need a place
to track your stuff ♪ ♪ Cause you’re so disorganized ♪ ♪ You click open the webpage ♪ ♪ You heard about a critical role ♪ ♪ And now you’re ready to kick some butt ♪ ♪ In a mind shot full of know ♪ ♪ It’s D&D ♪ ♪ D&D ♪ ♪ Oh, D&D Beyond ♪ ♪ Yeah, D&D ♪ ♪ D&D ♪ ♪ Yeah, D&D Beyond ♪ ♪ You got your stunts ♪ ♪ You got your soul ♪ ♪ And you got your invisible one ♪ ♪ It’s D&D ♪ ♪ D&D ♪ ♪ D&D ♪ ♪ D&D ♪ ♪ D&D Beyond ♪

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