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  1. DCF/DCS/DYFS or whatever letters they choose to use are engaged in human trafficking, and the “statutes” being invoked are of a Bolshevik nature. Anonymous citizen snitches, etc. If I had evidence or witnessed a child being legitimately abused, I would have ZERO OF A PROBLEM testifying to that under oath as it should be. This is a foreign – anti-Constitutional anti-American form of Collectivist totalitarianism.

    They gain their 1st control at the time of birth. Read the fine print with a legal understanding of what you sign, inform on, and grant jurisdiction to in those documents.

    Then there is the “school registration forms”… and this goes for home schoolers and what most states demand that they comply with. Reserve all rights, if forced to sign do so under “threat of coercion, violence and the threat to take your biological property (your child).

    Don’t even sign “exemption forms”… if you do not give them jurisdiction in the 1st place, why would you “seek their permission” from being exempted from something? Again, this is just a form of mind controlled induced lunacy that would claim that the government has the granted authority to chuck the Constitution in the furnace. Of course most people having no idea that they have been “legally heisted” and placed on a debt slave plantation of “tax paying subjects”…. via their own consent to continue contracting with these people. People need to come together in their communities… bind together – get educated. And fight!!!

  2. Wowww you were calm as hell. I have never seen any of your videos and somehow it showed up. Think it auto played after a caning video lol. Anyway I was watching thinking omg he's so calm my voice would be shaking. I was a single mom with four kids and they came to my house alot of times because the old lady next door thought my kids should have a father. lol they did, he didn't. I worked two jobs to stay off the system and she thought I shouldn't be working. They had a sitter, (my mom) 3 hrs. a day. I used to offer coffee after a while until they told her enough. Even though you know it's unfounded, it's still stressful as hell. I had a friend who got her son taken away and it was totally unfounded. You did awesome!

  3. Don't forget former Georgia state senator Nancy Schaefer, who went to great lengths to expose the corruption of the CPS. She was murdered in her home along with her husband. It was not a coincidence. She was murdered for exposing the CPS. Read her report here – https://archive.org/stream/pdfy-GPCopyJd2XQjvNIk/The%20Corrupt%20Business%20Of%20Child%20Protective%20Services_djvu.txt

  4. We're dealing with them right now. A so-called friend called when I got behind on housework. I'm 26 weeks pregnant, on activity restrictions because of complications, off my depression and ADHD meds, was homeschooling my oldest due to learning disorders, and my youngest is non mobile, non verbal, and has a feeding tube.
    They removed them kids on the first visit over a messy home and a roach problem. Both kids checked out as physically fine, no signs of abuse or neglect. My counselor showed up while the investigator was here and asked about a safety plan and the woman was adamant that they had to be removed. My daughter is with my ex husband, my son, only 4 with severe special needs is in foster care. With the financial help of family, we got the roaches under control in less than a week (only my husband can work atm because of our son's medical condition and my pregnancy). We're still waiting to get our kids home. We've done everything they've asked. My son never spent even an hour away from me before all this and he has now been in two different foster homes in five weeks because of his needs. They still haven't even filed the petition for the answer hearing. They only have a week left to file it, but meanwhile we don't even know what the exact allegations are. They keep telling us the goal is reunification, but they've got me scared.

  5. I grew up dealing with this system and never had an issue. They seemed to just want kids to grow up safe. Later in life I worked with DCFS and they allowed be to have custody of my brother so thats twice I saw DCFS working first hand in the best interest of they children. Now as an older adult I watched DCFS take two kids away from a good friend of mine. So two plus dealings and one really bad dealing. I went to court on the side of my friend as saw first hand DCFS work hard to yank kids away from my friend who was and is a great father, but is low on funds. DCFS took his kids away and he lost all rights to them. At the time one was 6 and the older was 11. They were split up and he will never have them back. I think DCFS started out with the right ideas when I was growing up and later (between early 80's and late 90's), but now they just seem hell bent on splitting families and over stepping their power. Its almost like a power trip for some of these people. Honestly I think about giving up my career to work with DCFS so family's can have an agent of the government that really wants to work with them and do the right thing.

  6. I will say, of course are bad CPS but also there are ones that need to be there to protect children. Being at at hospital, I have seen some horrible cases from babies born high on drugs, children beaten and children starving.
    That is the point of Child Protective services is to protect children that need a voice.
    For your case, I see it just as people lieing to get you in trouble, just cause.

  7. I was told if you have a "no trespassing " signs then you go to a whole new level for mental illness. Then they take your children because your unstable and your hiding something and that's why the signs

  8. I feel so much compassion for you and your family! You have beautiful children and that’s the problem….they’re very valuable and attractive to the child trafficking CPS

  9. Hi Dustin, I just want to give you a head's up about those guys. I fought with them for over 20 years so I know what I'm talking about. I hate it when the subject is rarely covered so right to it. If you want to know about CSF, start by doing this, call the local welfare office, then the county sheriff, and the State police, then finally the state AG, and just see if you can find any one of them to take responsibility for CSF. I'll guarantee you, every one of the legal organizations will say they don't know who they work for but it's not theirs. When they show up again, and they will, ask them , "By who's authority do they have the right to even be there for?" And then ask them to call their boss because you need to talk to him. Don't take a no for an answer, and by this time you should have the Sheriff's office or State Patrol there on site. Tell the sheriff or state you want them removed because you already checked and nobody will say they do not work for their office and don't know who they work for.
    Before I learned what I know about these people, I seen them totally ruin a few families, never to see their kids again. The last thing you ever want to allow is to let them take you kids. Tell your kids the same thing, if they show up at school for them to call the cops and then either run out the back door or go into the bathroom with a teacher they like. Never, ever, allow your kids to talk with them alone. If they physically try to grab your kid, tell them to kick him in the gonads and run like hell to a teacher or safety. By law they are NOT allowed to do that, just like they are not allowed to come into your home if you are not an open subject of investigation. When he came to your home without prior notice and an invite from you, he broke the law. In fact, when he came to your home and you had no idea he talked to your son, and then told you what he did, you should've called the local sheriff and had him arrested on the spot. Make sure they follow the law, if they don't or won't , then protect your family. CSF is not to be trusted!!

  10. In Jersey Channel Islands, children's services said that my son had tried to insert his fingers inside my neice when all he had done was prodded her tummy. This caused them to accuse me of maybe hurting my son. I was in a state of shock. Thank God there were witnesses that showed they were lying.

  11. Good for you.. We need more people like you and your wife to stand up for your right. People don't do it anymore and the right that were insured to up by our founders are slipping away because people won't educate themselves. By the way beautiful red blooded American family.

  12. Ive have contacted every famous youtuber That has a fairly large YouTube platform for Michael Cadena and Ariana Escobar.. Im so grateful to you that you mentioned them in your video. That was very amazing and kind of you. I to will do what I can to get your story out. God bless you and your family🙏🙌

  13. Learn the laws enough for you to defend yourself in court. This is why I say it: http://www.gemworld.com/us–attorneyclient.htm

  14. That is exactly why you need to record. He got butthurt because he couldn't make you quit recording. He looked like a fool and it embarrassed him. Anyway, if you don't record, then it's your word against theirs. And who do you think they would have believed?

  15. One thing I picked up, if you get tangled with CPS, don't send your kids to school. The school will NOT protect your children and will simply hand them over to CPS. In effect assisting the kidnappers.

  16. Me thinks you doth protest too much. YOU DO NOT OWN YOUR CHILDREN. They ARE NOT CHATTEL. It was only in the last 30 years that you CAN'T beat your wife and children. Prior to that, it was anything goes. You also forget that someone had to have known about your situation. I think your kid is afraid of you. And YES, you do look like a person of Walmart. I notice you never have shown the inside of your home. You also forget how many children have been tortured and killed by their parents in this country, so YOUR outrage, is misplaced. If you have NOTHING TO HIDE, you would be more forthcoming. And no, children don't have Constitutional rights, that's why it's hard to try them in a court of law as an adult. They don't have the mental capacity to make adult decisions. YOU are responsible for their behavior. YOU know very little about your country, it's laws and indeed, the Constitution. You are trying to cherry pick, just like Christians do with the Bible. You learn a scripture by rote, but you don;' know what it means because you don't understand English, I'm ashamed that my ancestors fought wars and died for you to be so ignorant. How is it so many people have never had the CPS come to their door, but they found you?

  17. If they were a family of illegal immigrants they wouldn't even be trying to take the kids or investigating for that matter

  18. "Thank god for the Constitution"… Yes indeed. And on that note, make sure you vote out the current person residing in the white house that is doing everything he can to ignore or tear up that important piece of our protection. Tell your friends too.

  19. This guy is a wack job. Not saying he is lying , but him coaching his kid of speaking for him is odd

  20. You should team up with Amiri King, he's another youtuber and single father that is going through the same bullshit and he's trying to help others that dont have a voice! God bless brother!!

  21. Stand strong and keep teaching your son ! This really ticked me off! A similar situation happened with a family member of mine. But once DFCS were confronted, they backed down and even sent a letter of apology. Here’s my opinion based on Dustin Dean’s videos regarding this invasion of privacy and putting his family in this position.

    By letting children know that if an adult starts questioning them without the parent(s) present that they should request to call their parent first to double check if it’s ok. It is no longer correct the teach our children to be respectful to adults at all times like we were taught years and years ago. Current times have unfortunately proven that there are too many adults whose objective is to harm children. And all CPS and DFCS employees are taught the limit is of lawful interrogation of children, who must be present during an interview/interrogation, etc… this man held on to his legal rights and anger wonderfully. If someone did this to one of my kids when they were you g, I would have gone ballistic and probably lost my mind. I would have also called the police and/or the person’s manager or state office of CPS before answering any questions or letting them into my house. No state group has the right to intimidate a citizen for any reason u less it is a life or death emergency. Sounds like this CPS employee definitely stretched his authority and then wouldn’t bow down. He will probably be investigated as this incidence plays out. I hope he is.
    Dustin Dean – you go on protecting your family to the letter of the law. That is your right as an American, as a parent and family protector. Keep us updated on any more regarding this!!

  22. I have the same issue with crooked CPS. My ex wife abuses my two sons we have video and photo evidence and eye witness testimony. A social worker made two calls to CPS after talking to kids and no investigation was ever done. Oh ex wife works for health and welfare and worked CPS for many years in the past. Yep its crooked.

  23. You were both wrong. DCS is wrong for interviewing your child without you there but if you have nothing to hide then you were wrong for not allowing them to look around and get it over with. We are off grid homesteaders and we had DCS called on us. I let them in my home, she looked around, she asked questions and it was over. She did comment on the house that I built myself, she said she was impressed. I was also building in the bedroom and had my guns on the bed, she just asked nicely to lock them up. On a personal note, conspiracy therorists like yourself make me sick. Do what you have to with DCS because they were wrong but quit being such a douchebag.

  24. You actually do look like a guy that would spend 55 minutes at Walmart. Sniffing previously tried on boxer shorts.

  25. This is so worthy. Please be so c arful with your kids. I was a foster parent for 18 years and the stories they told to keep these kids can destroy your family. Never speak to them especially your kids. I believe you will have a battle on your hands but you all seem to be u p for one. Please be c arful. Good luck new sub.

  26. Are you kidding me. So just to make a point you are putting ur children thru stress. If you have nothing to hide Then why didn’t you let cos come in for 10 minutes. And then it would have been done. And yes you do look like a man who would shop for 55 minutes in Walmart. And you do look like a jerk who would have their kid sit in a hot car for punishment. You just made ur kid come on video and answer some hard questions that he prob answered the way you wanted him to knowing if not you would retaliate. I hope cps stays on ur back.

  27. I watched this carefully: what you saw out of that Social Worker/investigator (whatever title he may claim to have), was fear. When you started to document this and broke out the camera, he became afraid, and he started running scared. That's why he ducked into his car: he had to go somewhere where he could feel like he was in control; the only place was his car. Dollars to doughnuts: he didn't call the Attorney General (and BTW, both the state and the federal government have Attorney Generals; his reference would mean your state's AG)… he called his wife. This man views camera's like some others view guns. It's a weapon. It cannot be manipulated. It records everything… and when it's recording, it catches his distortion, lies, and threats. He hates cameras. Good move breaking it out! Well done.

  28. New Sub and great story and i hope you getthem peices of SHIT CPS ASSHOLES . keep up the great fight I'm gonna keep watching you guys story very sad and currupt goverment we have and we americans need to take bake our country and do right and keep on keeping on

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