38 thoughts on “Day 12 Of Government Shutdown | The View

  1. Woopie needs to shut up… There was a time I liked her, before she got on the anti-Trump train, but now every time I see her, I have to change the channel!

  2. Such bull theis people live in a crazy haze I know many people that aren't getting paid they are like let's be real I don't care as long as we get what we need a wall

  3. A wall just don't keep people out, but….. keeps people in ( remember West Germany ! If population ever need to run away after a hydrogen "flash" they're forced north !😳

  4. We listen to Vicente Fox now? The man who has been stealing from Mexicans for years with other Mexican politicians. Joy Behar needs better references to prove her points. Step your game up girl.

  5. "He is hurting real people"

    The Democrats voting against the wall are choosing illegal immigrants over the 800,000 employees that were just mentioned. Give me a break here.

  6. And now into almost day 30 the government is saving more money then what Trump actually wants.Pelosi is either pretty smart or pretty stupid.

  7. In my opinion drugs aren't just coming into our country by Mexico. Drugs come into the hood everyday by those of the hood neighborhoods and none of them has lived in Mexico. Criminals, drug dealers, crooks and cons are living in America and whom are Americans, not just foreign countries or foreigners.
    Take care of home and it's problem right here before you start to point blame at other countries.
    Here has problems!!!!!
    It's like let's take the speck out this one's eye but leave the speck in our eyes alone. Clean up America ….. 🙁
    Create more jobs, and create programs for those with felonies to enter back into society by a second chance, to take care of themselves and their families.
    End homelessness.
    This whole thing is only gonna make the dealer deal more drugs, the crook be more crooked the con be more convenient.
    American citizens become more self sufficient with creating programs, JOBS. That's what is important the money for the wall should be money fought for the American people.
    You mean a wall is more important than the lives of the american people???
    Not to mention.
    Now those who are affected by the shutdown, now will be bouncing checks at the grocery store and their forced to commit that crime to be able to buy food!!!
    He didn't think this through obviously this is just my opinion.

  8. Whoopy is a riot sometimes. Its amazing how hard it is for adults to compromise. They could have a view of all men "The Vista" Me, John Green, Morgan Freeman, John Sally, and some 90s or 2000s one hit wonder. Any way I have a shutdown video if you care to share your input.

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  10. Oh please people are dumb for listening WHAT Govenment can be shut down its soo stupid.

  11. All these people receive back pay once the budget is passed, it's the democrats who are refusing to comply.

  12. Asking for 5 billion to build a wall is really a tremendous waste of money.

    It's better to use that huge amount to improve the security system or patrolling within the Border, upgrading the healthcare, introducing any mandatory savings for public / private workers and etc.

    It's not 500, it's 5,000,000,000.00 for God's sake!

  13. of course trump lies,hes a fucking polititian,thats the reason the goverment hires and appoints these poeple.
    they get picked for a lot of things,but honesty is certainly not one of them.

  14. Send the Armenians back Home. They are one of the biggest Rip Off Artists to take advantage of the System.

  15. And still… I have yet to hear about progress to the flint Michigan water crisis but this water is allegedly necessary smh

  16. 99.9999% of Mexicans can show their legal passports to visit America and overstay.

    Republicans seem to feel a wall will prevent all mexicans from visiting Disneyland or
    Vegas with their families and then over-staying forever.

    Chinese also have passports. Arabs also have passports. You might start suspecting America has tourism.

    VANISHING CARAVAN: Caravans can travel in a group for safety and then break off
    and cross the border PRETENDING to cross for "shoe shopping", "Vegas.

    A 100 Trillion dollar dome over the USA would not stop a single "tourist"
    or "fake tourist" from bypassing a useless wall with their passport.


    Would you buy a ladder or hacksaw and take on the border patrol… or would
    you simply get off the cruise ship in Acapulco and never return?


    Think on this.

    Why would anyone even bother with border patrol? Passports are cheap.

    A Wall might prevent a few dingbats who forgot their passports on the nightstand and another 0.0001%… but.. seriously?

    This is pure common sense so Republicans may not grasp it (the literate few who can actually read this far).

    A) It cannot.

    This comment explains the stupidity of a Trump wall better than most American news outlets.

    America should ban tourism (Is as dumb as wall) or put $5.7 Billion into facial recognition software to locate and stop
    illegals when they pass CCTV.

    WALL vs PASSPORT… I know who I would bet on.

    The Wall would be a great tourist monument to the idiocy of The United States of America. I'd visit it for a laugh.

    This comment does a better job of exposing the idiocy of the wall better than these ladies have in weeks. Wake up Whoopi.. Americas at stake.

  17. I'm on section 8 and now they want to cut our programs! I'll be homeless! They are already cutting foodstamps!

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