30 thoughts on “David Wilcock Discovers Scientific Evidence the Event is Going to Happen

  1. Presented by David Wilcock at NEW LIVING EXPO. For more information pls visit – http://newlivingexpo.com

  2. new age priests like wilcocks need to be taken out, its really that simple. if we ever hope to gain more actual, credible data on this very real phenomenon, we have 'clear the cache' so to speak, evacuate these hucksters, and pave the way for legitimate individuals who could contribute so, so much to this inherently mysterious subject matter. clowns like this simply muddy the water in an already confusing topic full of misinfo and horribly lacking in evidence.

  3. Spiritual bliss is real O neg blood yes all flowing and glowing inner harmony creating inner light turned on. Higher knowing at birth. Masses still unable to lift up out of their confused egos

  4. Older video but Anyone who follows the keshe foundation already knows the event is about to happen.

  5. Wait this holy book he read out of also speaks about a firmament above the earth , just as the bible does ? Now that's kinda interesting. Get me thinking I admit

  6. How many people really totally believe what Cory goode says about there being bases on the moon and on Mars as well as having visited the moon of Jupiter and Saturn on a space mission , do people honestly buy this info? I mean Cory seems like an honest stand up dude but his stories are just so out of the norm that I dunno I completely put faith in all he says. I believe if we were visiting the moons of Jupiter amd Saturn that we'd be told about it and it'd be made known as a real big deal. I dunno I'd like to believe it all just can't say I do .

  7. Man I gotta say I enjoyed this video , I didn't choose to watch the video , it came on autoplay after I finished a Linda Howe video , I admit I liked the video and it wasn't till like 80 percent through the video I recongnized the voice as being David willcock's and just kinda ate my words because I'm always hating on the guy , normally I can't stand him for some reason but this video I enjoyed so I guess I ate my words today.

  8. the magnetic field of energy pushing on our solar system I do believe to be planet Nibiru its magnetic field i heard acting like a vaccume not pushing ' or it is sucking this cloud right into us'' humm'' what do others think on this thought?

  9. GENERATIONAL CURSES CONTINUE THROUGH THE BLOODLINES IT'S ALL ABOUT THE BLOOD Don't LET Anyone Deceive you!!! But yes time does not really exist . KA EL!!!

  10. Where was the scientific evidence?

    He brought up Hindu prophecies, interpretations and explanations of these teachings to explain ascension and the shift in consciousness

    This is not scientific evidence. 🤦‍♀️

    I was expecting him to show me the evidence of the magnetic true north moving away from the original point. Or the increase in the Schuman Resonance or something that is based on facts and observations that can be tested and verified.

    Explaining these prophecies is just story telling, not saying there’s no merit. Just questioning where is the science in his presentation like the title suggests.

  11. Wilcock steals everybody else's research and makes believe it's his. Caught several times copying and pasting other people stuff Also tried to make money saying he was the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce until the family sued him A fraud and a scammer

  12. His level of knowledge is amazing. You just can't speak for hours about anything, you are not completely educated on. David is amazing.

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