Dasha Presents Update 0.8.9 | World of Warships

Dasha Presents Update 0.8.9 | World of Warships

Buongiorno, Comandanti! A branch of Italian
cruisers in Early Access, a new Clan Battles Season,
and Halloween arrive in the game! This is Update 0.8.9! Our joy from releasing the
new branch is beyond measure— we’re ready to celebrate! Four magnificent Italian ships
from Tier V through Tier VIII await you in the game with some
very interesting national features. They have powerful 203-mm guns
that fire semi-armor-piercing shells instead of high-explosive shells. The ships possess
perfect maneuverability and are equipped with
the Exhaust Smoke Generator which can hide
a cruiser sailing at full speed. You have a chance to obtain a combat
mission from Italian Cruisers containers. When completed, it will
grant you Early Access to Montecuccoli,
Trento, Zara, or Amalfi. You can earn the containers in the
in-game event of the same name, which comprises 42 combat
missions within four Directives. The rewards are worthy, and a new
temporary resource—Italian Tokens— can be exchanged in the
Armory for plenty of useful items. For example,
Patria e Onore bundles, one of which contains the new
Tier V Premium cruiser, Genova. Now it’s time to have some
fun and feel a spooky chill, because Halloween is near! The undead will rise again
from their damp recesses, and only the bravest Captains
will be able to fight them off. Save Transylvania and protect the Silver
Spear Archipelago from the Darkness. These Operations now come complete
with a Super Hard difficulty mode. This offers a chance to truly test
yourselves; have fun with your friends; and earn special signals, camos, and
Premium Halloween 2018 containers! On a faraway sea, three rusty and battle-
worn ships which survived the Rogue Wave have found themselves in
a strange and horrifying world. In the legends they inspire in
the memories of their descendants, their adventure will be forever
known as the Raid for the Filth. From October 30 until November 27,
three teams, with three players in each, will fight both against each other
and the Horde of Darkness for the special Filth resource
dropped by any annihilated opponents. It’s most important not
just to collect the resource, but also to deliver it
to your world through the Portal. You can embark on the
raid with one of nine ships belonging to a new
temporary in-game nation. The further you progress
along the Tech branch, the more powerful and
beastly the ships will become, and more technology will be
replaced with magic instead. Sally forth and spread fear and destruction
on the other side of the Portal! After the raid, every Captain receives
all the Filth collected by their team and can spend it in
a special tab in the Armory. The coolest things are the
new “Infernal” permanent camos. They are the first camos of a new type,
and you can choose for yourself which ship from a specific
group you want to apply them to. After doing so, the camo will become
permanent for that specific ship. You can also find permanent
shiver-inducing camos from the new Raid for
the Filth event in the Armory. Update 0.8.9 won’t
only please fans of horror. The seventh Clan Battles Season,
called Crash Site Alpha, will be held in an 8 vs 8
format with Tier X ships. Only two battleships will
be allowed, and no carriers. You’ll have the opportunity
to win up to 11,000 Steel from October 23
until December 8. You can also
choose your prime time. We’ve slightly changed
the visibility system in response to your
numerous requests. Now, the increase in detectability
of a ship after firing a shot will be reset 2 seconds after it leaves an enemy’s
spotting range or line of sight. Moreover, if you detect an enemy ship,
it will be visible at least for 2 seconds. That will remove any “blinking” of enemy
ships on the edge of your visibility zone. We’ve added a new Special Ships
group to the carousel filters to help players distinguish
Premium ships with increased yield from other non-
researchable ships in the Port. The group comprises: ships for various events,
rental ships, and Early Access ships. Other improvements have
been made to the game as well, you can read about all
of them on our website. The worlds of another
Portal are calling out to me…

100 thoughts on “Dasha Presents Update 0.8.9 | World of Warships

  1. never been a fan of the halloween theme wows do, the way warthunder do seasons is a lot better with stuff like modern modes

  2. I can already smell monster-pushes by some very good divisions with this new smoke-engine
    I can already see many retard yolo-pushes failing extremely stupid.

  3. Excited for the new ships!

    Could we please get some 10 point Armory commanders for European, Pan Asian, Pan American, and Commonwealth lines?

    IGN: Brnwyn

  4. If anyone here is playing on EU and are searching for a clan to play with, type your in game name here and i will maybe send you an invite 🙂

  5. nerf or remove the fucking smolsnk I dont care its a coal ship cuz u cant spend wiTh real money anyway it is broken and I play this game again if this ship is nerf or ifhe get nerf.

  6. You have gone too far with the Directives, last year when you, wargaming, introduced them, it was all about skill, spotting, etc. Nowadays the last missions always must have credits, base exp, free exp missions, and not just one it is sometimes a good chunk even half of all missions? Why wargaming? Why you dig your own grave?

    It is because of your desire for money that is bringing you down, unfortunately it won't stop until all players stop being braindead followers.

  7. Do you intend to campaign on the events of Force Z? When were Repulse and Prince of Walles sunk by the Japanese Air Force?

  8. Wargambling selling lootboxes to skip low-tiers while crying that players skip low tiers.
    Additionally, making the formerly guaranteed T5-ship of a campaign now also hidden behind a gamble-mechanic is disgusting.

    "Go to work every day and you MAY OR MAY NOT get your paycheck."

    You can showe your surprise-machanics where it doesn´t shine. I won´t bother with your test-server or surveys anymore, you don´t give a fuck about feedback anyway.
    Oh fuck, did i just write FUCK?!?! What the fuck happened with my manners…

  9. Wait they nerfed the Hosho and Kremlin. And im not sure how I feel about the tweeks to spotting and firing, but really it seems fine.

  10. gonna say, a little disappointed that no CVs in this CB. only 2 months left in the "Year of the CV" and it feels like you're still trying to distract from that. =p

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