Dasha Presents Update 0.7.9 | World of Warships

Dasha Presents Update 0.7.9 | World of Warships

Greetings Captains! The new Arms Race mode,
Operation Dynamo, the Royal Navy event,
a reworked Clan Base, and many other changes
await you in the new update. The British cycle
is starting in World of Warships following the release of Update 0.7.9. You will be met by the port of
London, immersed in the autumn fog. Its atmosphere will inspire you to
participate in the new Royal Navy event. The event comprises 12 stages
that will last for three months. Every seven days,
you’ll get access to a new stage that will offer you four
directives with their missions. Complete all the stage directives and
fight to be the best in the Hall of Fame. For participating
in the Royal Navy event, you’ll receive signals, camouflages,
special containers, and Guineas, but we’ll talk about them later. In addition to signals and camouflages,
containers drop Sovereigns. Using them in the Arsenal will allow you
to both replenish your in-game stocks and increase your squadron
by two Premium ships— battleship Warspite
and destroyer Gallant. Moreover, if you
already own these ships, you’ll receive
compensation in doubloons. Containers can also drop
Combat Missions that, upon completion, will grant you early
access to the British destroyers from Tier V through Tier VIII—
Acasta, Icarus, Jervis, and Lightning. Open containers, complete Missions, and become one of the first players
to try out the Brits in battle! Now let’s talk about Guineas.
It’s a temporary Arsenal resource that will grant you a great discount
on Premium destroyer Cossack. You can earn up to 48 out
of the 50 required Guineas if you participate in the
Royal Navy event for three months. If you’re short on Guineas,
you can purchase them in the Shop. The discount will be significant, you’ll be able to get the Tier VIII
Premium ship almost for free! Operation Dynamo is returning
to the game in Update 0.7.9! It is based on the 1940
operation of the same name to save British and French
soldiers from the city of Dunkirk. You will have to evacuate troops and
enter the safe zone with minimal losses. Allied destroyers from Tier VI
through Tier VII and the British Cossack can be used in the operation. Regardless of whether you have
participated in the operation before, you can earn the rewards
for its completion again. By the way,
the rewards have changed, and you will now also
receive Coal for the Arsenal. Become a part of this
legendary historical event! Outside of the British events, you’re welcome to try out
the new mode—Arms Race. The rules are almost
the same as in Random Battles— 24 players and
standard victory conditions. But there is one special
condition—from time to time, special zones will appear
on the map that, when activated, will give you combat bonuses. The bonuses can be
divided into three groups: the first bonuses increase concealment,
the second ones restore HP, and the third ones reduce main battery
and torpedo launcher reload times. Most importantly, the bonuses
are active until the end of battle, and they can be improved.
You can find the details on our website. Two maps have been changed
significantly—North and Islands of Ice. Their scenery has been reworked. The maps are more balanced now, and ships fighting on the flanks can
easily return to the epicenter of battle. The changes in Update 0.7.9
will also affect the Clan Base. The number of buildings and
their bonuses were increased! Coal and Steel ports, the Design Bureau,
and the Academy have been added. Remind your Clan leader that it’s time to erect a few buildings
and receive more bonuses! In this update, we’re improving
the ship detection technology. Now the time delay, which was so
annoying in battle, has been removed, and ships will appear in view and
on the minimap at the same time. It’ll make the game more
enjoyable and pleasant to play. This update is large
and rich in new content. You can find detailed
information about the update in the full list of changes
and articles on our website. Well, that’s all,
my name is Dasha Perova. See you!

100 thoughts on “Dasha Presents Update 0.7.9 | World of Warships

  1. do the RN event missions stay available after their "release" week? cause unfortunately i probably wont be able to play next week 🙁

  2. Need to fix AP too over-pened a yamato right in the middle at water line in a GK how the hell does my shell pass through 410mm armor at 16km and over-pen? I think u guys need to go back and fix the AP system. Its vary broken right now. Shooting a BB in its most heavy armor spot and over pen dont make sense.

  3. Announce the abandonment of CV rework. Only the useless unskilled players want this. Focus on Subs!

    Allow Clan Battles season to be active as long, if not longer, than a Ranked season. No more cutting the season short (ie Season #3!!!).

    Clans that have fully updated their clan buildings should be able to use the excess oil somehow. Allow the Clan Leader to activate some bonus for a certain time frame to give a special bonus. This activation uses (burns) oil.

  4. Im not too hyped about that new game mode… Doesn't sound very good to me personally but we'll see I guess.. Kind of ruins the fun of the game a bit.

  5. It's to bad they aren't bringing out amazing updates like this and listening to community feed back in world of tanks, been playing for close to 8 years and have 200+ tanks in my garage it will be sad to see it go.

  6. I can hear the whovians screaming with delight at 0:43… because I am one of them. I do know that the blue police box is historically accurate for the time period though.

  7. Do you guys ever make anything for a German line Captains? I missed out on the nite raids too. Love you Dasha, your my Captian of my new Roon.

  8. Can we get a timer when you going to switch or some thing for all our special items/cash after events???I was going to get a Dasha today and now get nothing.

  9. So far the Royal Navy event has two steps: 1) Click a banner 2) Read "Coming Soon!" guess it ACTUALLY starts tomorrow? At least Arms Race is here, Go, go Shimmie

  10. Goddamn it! I just need 1 more element to finish "3 Year Anniversary" collection, and it ended freakin' yesterday? As usual, when I'm out of town doing business Wargaming taketh away xD

  11. Gooood finally ! Thanks for listening us delete that delley between screen and mini map is one of the best things of that update

  12. I have to give kudos to the WoWs team, unlike the team of a certain tank game, they are actually listening to what bothers the community / the community thinks should be ingame ( mod functions becoming part of the standard client ).

  13. Watching Dasha reminded me of true love and my favorite Monty Python song and it goes like this:
    'Sit on my face and tell me that you love me! I'll sit on your face and tell you I love you too! You and I could moralize, when I'm between your thighs, you blow me away!!!!!

  14. So having invented the Battleship,Aircraft Carrier,Cruiser and Destroyer you jokers are finally giving the Royal Navy some attention? What,you've milked all the others and we are next. WG,you SO good to us. Wankers.

  15. Les missions reste un rêve 20 containers et rien nada des bateaux qui coûte moins cher avec un meilleur capitaine en achat direct …..je ne vois là qu'une vaste escroquerie et pas un event attention de ne pas faire comme wot ni de devenir comme lui la chute risque d'être beaucoup beaucoup plus rapide ,le point positif le seul mais de taille c'est se nouveau mode que je trouve génial bon un mode spécialisé destroyers mais qui reste génial bravo pour ça

  16. Oh they forgot to mention:
    There are now local weathers, like local weather in Operation Hermes. Decreased accuracy and visibility.
    The following maps already have this feature: North and Hotspot (Thunderstorm)
    Island of Ices (Blizzard)

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