Dasha Presents Update 0.7.11 | World of Warships

Dasha Presents Update 0.7.11 | World of Warships

Greetings, fellow Captains! Update 0.7.11 brings you
a British Collection, the fourth Clan Battles season and a new battle type—Twilight Battle. The Royal Navy event is almost over,
with only three stages left. Fight bravely, complete
the missions of these stages, and receive special British
containers as a reward. They hold camouflages, signals, and items from the new
Royal Navy Destroyers Collection. The collection is split
into four themed parts, dedicated to the armaments, emblems, battles, and operations
of the Royal Navy. The fourth part—
the most beautiful of them— comprises camouflage patterns. Gathering the items
of the themed pages will allow you to hoist two flags
over British and Commonwealth ships. Halloween continues. You fought to protect Intania, but now I invite you to helm ships
from the Twilight Fleet. Which one is more to your liking: agile Razorworm or accurate Leviathan? Or maybe you’re fascinated
by the animated camouflage of Octopus? Perhaps you’d like to tame
the legendary battleship Rasputin? Enter the new battle type— Twilight Battle— and choose your favorite fighter! The rules are simple— sink all of your opponents to win. Each ship from the Twilight Fleet
has its own unique consumable. Have you ever dreamt of firing
at your allies and being praised for it? Enable the Anti-Inversion Charge
of destroyer Steel Rat and fire at your teammates. With this activated, you’ll restore the hit points
of both your ship and theirs. Have you ever craved
immortality and invulnerability? You’ve got it! The Energy Shield
of battleship Varg protects it against any damage. Furthermore, destroyer
Ghoul can’t be sunk while its Engine Boost is active. And the cherished dream
of many players! Destroyer Razorworm that can instantly
turn around by dropping its anchor. Are you wondering how to keep track
of this variety during a battle? Special color highlights for ships
and a dedicated article on our website will help you figure it all out. Another special feature
of this battle type is the Filth, that continuously captures new areas. Those fighters who are careless
enough to stay inside it, will be gradually devoured by it. So, keep an eye out
and maneuver with care. Surprise your opponents, although, I think your allies
will get a bit of shock as well! The fourth Clan Season
is titled “North”. The main rules remained unchanged, but the set of maps has been modified. Now, there are seven maps, with three of them
never before used for Clan Battles. A newcomer has arrived to the Arsenal! It’s an extremely dangerous battleship equipped with 12 primary guns, the Main Battery Reload
Booster consumable, powerful secondary and AA armaments, and Engine Boost, that propels her
to a speed of over 37 knots! Any ideas? It’s the French battleship Bourgogne! With the release of the new update you’ll be able to purchase
this beauty in exchange for Steel. Let’s talk about
game mechanics a little. In Update 0.7.11, high-caliber armor-piercing
shells will inflict no more than 10% of their maximum
damage to all destroyers, except for Harugumo and Khabarovsk. This solution will decrease the
number of unpleasant situations when a destroyer, hit a couple of times
from a long range, loses the best part of its hit points. Now, captains of ships
with a gun caliber of 280 mm and higher will have to pick
shell types more carefully. However, it doesn’t
mean that destroyers will be able to approach
enemies without risk. An accurate salvo
with a plenty of hits will still inflict
significant damage. In Update 0.7.11, the Thunderstorm Front
familiar from Operation Hermes, can occur on three maps
in Random Battles. Ships that find themselves in it
have a reduced spotting range, detectability, and
a shorter period of increased detectability
after firing their main guns. Use bad weather to expand
your tactical possibilities and catch your opponents off guard! My name is Dasha Perova. Subscribe to our channel, follow the updates,
and until next time, Captains! Which one is more to your liking: agile Razorworm or accurate Le-le-viathan? Razor… Razorworm Ra-zor-worm Razorworm …agile Razrrrvrr …agile Ra-zor-worm Or maybe you’re fascinated
by the aminimi… aminimi… …agile Razzrvrm …agile Razor… …agile Razorwom Man, that’s a tough one! …agile Rzrrr… …agile Reizorworm …agile Razorworm. I hope you recorded it. Excellent. Razorworm Razorworm Do you have some water? Sure, catch! A newcomer has arrived to the Arsenal! It’s an extremely dangerous… What’s wrong? Let’s spray him with some water. Anton! Anton!

100 thoughts on “Dasha Presents Update 0.7.11 | World of Warships

  1. What do you think about the upcoming update?
    Are you prepared to fight on ships from the Twilight Fleet?

  2. Okay, Since you are STILL not getting the message WoWs…. Read the comments below, actually absorb the content. STOP ADDING STEEL ONLY SHIPS! I'll go a step further and solve your problem for you in case you are incapable of making good business decisions. Make Steel and Coal interchangeable! Amazing, problem solved with one line of code! 1 Steel for 10 Coal can also go 10 Coal for 1 Steel! How have you not done this already to stem the hate? Now you can add in Steel only ships and not alienate your player base by making them unattainable for the majority of your players. Last piece of advice, release something about the Alaska soon. Either a still testing update, expected by date, or even that it still exists and is planned for release and don't you dare make it a Steel only ship.

    Please make them listen. Make this comment the most liked on the channel!

  3. Nice vid Dasha and Warships team! I hope the camera guy is ok.
    Looking forward to the IJN cruiser buffs, I just got the Furutaka.

  4. That story of Alena and Dasha again? I am beginning to dislike both of them because of it.

    Halloween ended on Oct 31; why are we still talking about it? The next holiday is here.

    Another OP ship you can only get in steel? Nerf to BBs? This is a really bad patch

  5. So wanting to have BBs change shell types, does that mean you are going to reduce the reload time to the same as cruisers! It takes so long to reload or change ammo that why would I change to HE for a dd that I might only see for a second or so. Otherwise the 10% rule sucks big time and is a Big nerf to BBs. I play a dds more than BBs and don't have a real issue with the way things were, only the whiners were complaining louder I guess.

  6. I think this needs to be addressed. I don't mind WG adding ships for steel. This is just like WG giving exclusive tanks in WoT to winners of Clan Wars (IDK for participants, haven't tuned in to WoT for months). BUT, I do mind if you make those ships overpowered.

    Bourgogne seems okay for me, although the HE + Reload Booster is annoying.

    With Stalingrad… Does she need the improved shell bounce angle? You already have high penetrating guns with more sensitive fuse and really accurate dispersion, why do you need US CA/RN CL bounce angle? She's overpowered and needs its improved shell bounce removed. She's already hard to kill, no need to make it harder by limiting the number of guns we can use against her (using more than 2 guns against her are guaranteed to receive pens or even citadels in some ships)

    EDIT :
    I forgot about Flint and Black, well you guys know how broken Flint is.

    Black is borderline OP, if they have support that backs him up (Mino/DM/Wooster). Experienced players know if they're against Black, they need to be careful of her radar, and if she's throwing smoke before capping, they know that there is high chance of cruisers ready to support her.

  7. Why nerf the guns and torps of YueYang, while you pointed out that the radar is too strong? No one use radar in random battles, but with this nerfs, I will dont use this ship anymore – it is worthless now – -25% Gun-DPM, +20% Torp-Reload-Time? Are you complete crazy? Make the radar weaker or let them away – a DD need no radar. Steel? All new good ships only for steel and so only for about 1% of the players, which are in unicum Clans – nice, make the game great again – MM is complete bullshit – since couple of months every game same style – you win very easy or you lose so fast that you dont know what happend. Dont put 4 Unicum-Player to 1 Side and 12 potatos to other side – mix it bit better, so you have a chance of fun. Patch the CV out of the Game till our rework of this is over. Every damn match, really every match is about what CV is better. You have no chance of win if you got the idotic CV in our team and if other team get this idiot, they have no chance of win. This is borring. Every match with CV I quit since it startet because dont want to waste my time with this crap. Low-Tier-CV-Gameplay is often not so hard inflicted with this, but T8-T10 it is unplayable.

  8. At this point I barely play WOWS anymore, the grind for things is ridiculous and the game mechanics are becoming more and more tedious to deal with. I think I'll just stick to watching youtubers rather than invest the ridiculous amount of time myself

  9. I like the "shoot at your Allies and heal them" thing. If that's the case, I wonder how much a full torpedo salvo would do 😉

  10. You change the game for dds, killed the cv and now nerf bb shells for them why dont you just make this a arcade game since you babysit dd players

  11. So you decided to nerf the YY and now it is totally helpless against all DD's, it's out gunned by all DD's except the Shima and it's torps are worthless as well in a knife fight. Good job WG

  12. BB AP does only 10% damage…well that BS. So a DD can now sail up to hand holding distance of a BB, eat the average 3 main battery shells that hit from a BBs full board side salvo for less then 4K damage and sink the BB with a swarm of torps fired from 5 K or less….that crap. BB are pretty much defenseless against DDs now

  13. Hey WG, you add all these changes and new things but still haven't bothered to fix tier 8 matchmaking leaving anyone getting a new tier 8 stuck in tier 10 games in a never ending loop of being unable to do much of anything but be a target! Yeah, that makes people really want to play your game!

  14. changing the AP damage on destroyers dumbed down the royal navy battleships even more as their AP shells are now primarily just effective against light cruisers, whereas previously Royal Navy AP with their short fuses worked amazingly against Destroyers, also, the reload booster does NOT belong on a battleship, it's too strong in the hands of good players and is plainly rediculous. Why can't we just have good ships rather than some silly gimmick …

  15. this used to be a great game then they started to nerf and buff it just like Tanks and then they fucked it up, im done with it too so sad so much awesome promise pissed away!

  16. Okay… now let's just drop the game completely… I really don't understand those changes to the destroyers. I mean… 18' shell = Big hole in ship? Nah… just a tiny scratch. Pfff. That's my opinion on this. And I hate it.

  17. Why does there have to be a second Halloween event? That was in October, now is the time for Thanksgiving. C'mon Wargaming, make some more Holiday events besides Halloween. Make me want to play this game again.

  18. How about giving the Vanguard a BUFF. The ship as it sits still feels its a test ship. Horrible armor, guns aren't accurate. The only thing that's amazing is its handling. But what's the point if it can't shoot. It deserves the Sigma value of the Conqueror. It's definitely not worth the money I paid.

  19. Dasha, I have no clue about WoWS as I do not play it but enjoy watching every video available including your presentations and have to say that you are true beauty and very pleasant presenter. All the best Dasha and regards from Berlin.

  20. Nice.  If WoWs didn't give UNLIMITED torpedoes to ships it would improve tactical play enormously, especially for destroyers.

  21. Time to stop playing BBs and just play destroyers yoloing it, they can fire at you, miss, then by the time they've reloaded you've sunk them.

  22. Overpowered DDs are out of control. One DD should not be able to outgun and sink a full health BB. Thus I'm not renewing premium or making purchases until that changes.

  23. Most boring game I've ever played is this "Halloween" ****. Those submarines are just laughable. Horrible gameplay and the "Halloween" scenarios are so hard it makes it even less fun. Well, it's not fun at all, so it makes it, welll, just worse; GG!
    I give you that the MM seems better, but who knows when I only play T9-T10? If you don't take that into account I give your new "matchmaking" bollocks; it's garbage. The unbalanced sides with more radar ships on enemy side (around 75% each game for me) removes all the DD's trying to cap. Which is NOT fun!!
    You've acknowledged this is a problem but WHEN will you do something with this highly disruptive, irritating and godawful matchmaking?? You put plenty of work into something I don't hear a SINGLE person talk positive about; "Halloween" events. How hard can it be to balance the radar ships, REALLY??
    Jeees. Epic fail.

  24. LOL I thought when dasha says lets spray him with some water, i was expecting her to say lets spray him with some novichok.

  25. I forgot to add; I see you have Bourgogne in the Arsenal for 30.000 steel.
    This is outrageous. This is pure mockery of the players who prefer to be Solo Warriors.
    Not good Wargaming, not good at all.
    Remove Steel once and for all! Do you think this game is carried by only your "Community Contributors"?? I feel extremely mistreated, angry and unhappy since I looked forward to buying that ship! 🙁

  26. WHY HELLO THERE? i have a suggestion for a ship! the Greek battlecruiser Salamis! Even tho it wasnt built the year of design was 1912 thank you! I really am a big fan of the game! keep up the good work!

  27. junk ass game and THIS patch does nothting but crit error now. load up game, take 2 times to actually launch it. maybe stop fuckn worring about prem ships and potatoes systems and do some gd QC on ur patches

  28. You better know that T33kanne is just the most arrogant player i ever seen in 8 k battles ingame, this guy is constantly abusing other players because he is a member of WG team, he can ban you if you desagree with him in random batlles and he is also telling you that if you don't go in the way he choose, you will have troubles, very bad person, toxic player, i can't understand while WG doesnt fire him…

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