22 thoughts on “Darksiders 3 is Too Hard for Game Journalists

  1. I think the low survivability makes it all that more exciting and satisfying when you actually beat what you've been stuck on

  2. I have a life and don't consider myself a gamer. When you make a game and put a storymore difficulty that is too difficult to beat for casual gamers, then you're doing it wrong. And if you disagree, then enjoy going bankrupt and not having budget to build AAA titles.

  3. I dont much mind to journalist in the game industry. They’re a dying breed. I prefer a difficult game over an easy game. Get my moneys worth. Plus if they decide to write a review on a game make sure u play the it from beginning to end. And also a plus make sure the journalist is a fan of games not one that doesnt know what they are talking about or have no clue about.

  4. Darksiders 3 is freaking awesome! I really love that game and appreciate it for what it wants to be!
    I couldn't believe the negative reviews (I bought the game before checking out on any reviews) especially from Gamespot! It's like the reviewer was playing a different game or what you trying to say 'he just sucks'!

  5. Darksiders 3 is cool, I've never died so many times in the previous darksiders at apocalyptic level. Think about I finished darksiders 2 at nighmare mode without combat deaths even after finishing the crusible. This is a true apocalyptic mode.

  6. Generally I say fuck most game journalists. Its like a movie reviewer. They always just say "This is 100% shit it should never be played by anyone or watched by anyone and they just bash it.

  7. You said "Easy is the new Normal" but I'm pretty sure you meant Normal is the new Easy… games are so hand-holding nowadays.

  8. I currently play Darksiders 3 and admit that am struggling with it. It is way harder the the the first two Darksiders games but I still like the game. It gets hard a lot of times but it is not dark souls hard, close but not there. If I have to rate this game I would say that Darksiders 3 is more aimed at hardcore fans of the other two but if gamers want to play it remember that Furry is not the hulking War who tank a shit ton of damage or Death who can just dance past any attack. Furry is a glass cannon and the weakest of the four housemen. Which means platers need to use there brains and got LEROOOOOOOOOY JENKINS!! And think they can kill a whole rum of demon beasts in one attack. But hay what the fuck do I know? Am just a guy that played the other Darksiders games from start to fin and now is enjoying the 3rd game so far.

  9. At first I really needed the mini map to navigate through the game but lately I realised that it's because in real life you don't have a mini map. You only have a sense of direction and familiarity to spaces. I think that's why the game developaers only put a sort of a compass up on the screen just to give you the hint of sensing where the next boss is. I'm not saying it's a good decission but it makes sense. Also maps are quite different one to another but it feels like playing a 3D CHESS , the map is not single plained. I don't think the game is hard for normal difficulty. Darksiders games are for fun , story and atmosphere for me.

  10. Besides not being another overrated quick time, option based movie/game with woke dialogues, guess that the fact that Fury is not a lesbian lard ass disabled mary sue wasn't well received neither by the ideologue parasites infecting gaming "journalism".

  11. 1:50 what the actual fuck!?? Dark Souls is an action RPG, 😮 do these people not know what are they even talking about? are they that ignorant?

  12. i hate people comparing this to dark souls. I'm crap at all souls games and find DS3 no more difficult than GOW or DMC. actually,it's fast becoming my fav darksiders due to the improved controls and explorability

  13. I hate games that don't tell you where to go, I would go as far as to say EVERY game should tell you where to go. Who wants to go back through areas with no events, no enemies and scenery that they've seen before just because they missed something. It doesn't break the immersion to tell you where to go, just find a suitable in universe way to do it, a la dead space

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