and we are live this is dark journalists it's great to be here with everyone it's big crowded already and we're moving into the x-series this is part 17 we're just coming off of the kind of Steiner revolution and the real American Revolution episode from Wednesday July 4th which we got a great feedback on and I want to thank everyone who submitted so many interesting ideas and comments after that one we have a obviously fantastic group of people out there watching these shows and really trekking along with us of course I'm joined by the lovely Olivia hi everybody I was telling Olivia she's fast heading towards the most popular co-host on the Internet if this goes on we're gonna have to do the Olivia hour that's all but it's fantastic to see everyone out there of course what we're doing here with the dark journalists X series is we're tracking the X steganography which is something that my research came up over and over again when I was tracking these programs that had to do with these black projects and very often they related to the space program or really advanced aviation and very often those programs would go black and then they'd come back up and they'd have this X designation and then you'd see this X popping up very unusual ways so the more I did it the more I did it the more examples I collected that's one point I got over a hundred examples all the way up to hundred and sixty right now and what that means basically is that there's a secret program running and that they use this process which is steganography and it's a little different than cryptology which is it's something that's hidden right there in plain sight so that you can see it and it doesn't look unusual and you wouldn't think anything suspicious was going on and it's actually a smart way in these covert programs to do this because what happens is you get these agencies together and they're working on a particular project and so you might say well you know how do we keep say 10,000 agents in the loop about something without giving them the real entrenched in-depth details and the answer is use a steganography across the board that is something that's easily trackable it doesn't require a lot of explaining and allows them to give you feedback without knowing the full depth of the program they're referring to this is a crucial process and I think it's something that we've seen pop up over and over again in our research now what's interesting about this is of course a lot of it goes to the UFO file and we were finding out from looking at the different precedents that were engaged in using this X process then they were keeping the series of next letters I call them stealth archives because we sure know that they're out there but we don't know how we're ever going to get access to them and one of them is the LBJ letter which is set to be released in 2023 Eisenhower's letter is 20 53 that's a project x time capsule of course we've looked at Nixon and JFK in this regard and now it appears that there might be something involving Reagan which I'm going to get to soon we've seen the criss cross between Nikola Tesla's work and John Trump who was the president's uncle and he was a professor a very successful professor and engineer at MIT got a fascinating process there that he got called in to examine Tesla's papers now we have an episode which has over a hundred thousand views now it's called Tesla and Trump and what I go into there is the relation of John Trump to the rad lab and the rad lab is something that I don't think is well reported on if you look at it through history but the rad lab is something that existed at MIT to examine say advanced technology to try to win world war two and as we went along in this process we see that the same people show up around the UFO file that is Vannevar Bush who was in charge of mj-12 and these other individuals including the Compton's and the variant brothers they all move into this process and the variants play into this episode today although we're talking about the Crystal Skull today what we're gonna find out is that the archaeology of going deep into how these processes work the X starts to track back through history so if we look at the real blowout of the mystery schools in the 1870s and 1880s where we got incredible people coming forward like Helena Blavatsky and like rudolf steiner and the work of anthroposophy theosophy the golden dawn all these things came up all at once and this was the response to the incredible scientific materialism that was developing and that hit according to Steiner in 1840 a crucial decision happened around these mystery schools where they decided you know what sapling we need to let more information out to the public than we have in the past and we have to do that collectively and it's a real rumble a real war there about whether they should do it or not but fundamentally the idea was this that there was scientific materialism taking over and that human beings were going to become mechanized and lose their soul in essence lose their spark their inspiration their spirit and they were going to become part of this machine now this whole wave was influenced by something that Rudolf Steiner called ARMA which is you know shows up as the traditional devil and so many religions but he was really tracking him as this entity he was associated around using science to lock in humanity to a certain way of thinking a certain way of processing things that would negate their spiritual aspects and leave them vulnerable to his trick in the sense which is that he was you know the Misses goes deep into the the mystic on this but he was looking at it and saying you know the national natural evolutionary track of reincarnation through the planets which is what happens when you leave here that's esoteric doctrine so if you look at theosophy or Edgar Cayce or Rudolf Steiner this is what you're going to find you know that you learn your lessons here and thus incarnation you move on and the planets are like various school rooms and you come back with all that knowledge well according to Steiner the process was going to be upset a little because there was a process taking place since Atlantean times which goes back to prehistory we're talking back before 10,000 BC of these advanced cultures and that they got so advanced that at a certain point they became destructive and so there was a something that got developed in this period that is referred to as the eighth sphere Mead sphere would be kind of an artificial step in evolution that these are Manik groups are really determined to get people to move into now that mystery school knowledge going back through the work of Steiner going back through the work of theosophy and Blavatsky and all of this brings us to the doorstep of this question of what is it all about what if these mystery schools through history been about and that ties us right back to where we are with things like the UFO file and the X dehghan ography the same secrecy is at work using the same symbol which is the X so as we've gotten you know as we got deeper and deeper into it we're kind of looking at it now and saying this is almost like the Rosetta Stone in a sense because we have the ability now to read through their steganography to see through them and the things that they were putting out – what the projects are and the things are that they're actually working and what their reasons are what their motivations might be this is a crucial thing that's been missing in 70 years of people looking at the national security state in terms of the UFO file but even longer when in terms of how people have looked at the mystery schools because of course there's been a lot of secrecy there some you know with good reason because they they don't want to act irresponsibly and let this stuff out and have the public be sort of feasted on by these corporate forces so we're in a very unusual and interesting situation that we've discovered something which is a key which is the ex steganography through history that is trackable as we've laid out in 17 episodes here now in part 17 which is where we are now we're examining the mine mysteries the Crystal Skull the eight spear in the Battle of these are Manik forces to take North America with a foothold in the Mayan period that's why we're going there because we're going to be able to track this influence all the way back and we're going to do it through the figure of Anna mitchell-hedges who was the daughter of this incredible Explorer mitchell-hedges and he is the original inspiration for Indiana Jones of course they made the Crystal Skull movie with Harrison Ford and I think somebody we should take a quick look at just an amazing figure here who really was one of the first people to open up the Mayan ruins and the thing is you know born in London worked as a stockbroker before he was an adventure guy got recruited to be a spy and now there's a lot of material and I would say good material dealing with the fact that he was working for Her Majesty's Secret Service doing these things in Central America that were based on kind of colonial interests shall we say but a lot of his expeditions center around the fact that he had these connections he was able to go into these places like Honduras and like Belize and Mexico and really work and develop relationships he had a whole network behind him so he may have been sent there to do intelligence work but he dug tailed it into this other thing and that's where it gets really interesting mitchell-hedges lived along and very mysterious life and he is really the guy who's the go-to for what we're talking about in terms of you know when you think of when people kind of put out their Oh like you know Zahi Hawass is Indiana Jones no the guys like Hawass were like pencil pushers who were in charge of these projects mitchell-hedges was deep in the jungle digging things out working with people developing language developing the background during one of these journeys this is another shot of him working on these ruins which I find absolutely fascinating and we'll talk more about the Maya in general as we get along here but certainly hedges I think it's a very interesting character who really knew quite a lot he even had a 1930s radio show which I got some recordings of she's absolutely fascinated by him going off about you know his different adventures and you know being attacked by a tiger and things like that and being held prisoner by Pancho Villa he was kidnapped whoo he actually was around during these periods of the different revolutions so he got a lot done during along the way something very mysterious happened which is he adopted he got married and he adopted this teenage girl who was in Canada visiting relatives and her name was Anna Marie Lake we owned and she now if you've been following this show you know about the Orphic circle I make her a real good candidate for the Orphic circle which is why she was adopted as a teenager by Hedges ins wife because there's a lot of unusual things hanging out there about how she was adopted and then being she's right in his main expedition as they go to the Yucatan to many unusual things and I will tie that in and substantiate it because we're going to find out that psychic archeology played a big major role in all of the huge discoveries that were going on in Mexico at the time so on that one of those trips Anna mitchell-hedges discovered something glowing off the top of this hill when she went when they were looking for these pyramids and she's looking down she sees something shining and the story goes they go down there and they find the crystal skull the Crystal Skull is quite remarkable for a lot of reasons and should be taken very seriously it's not hoax there are skulls that appeared afterwards which apparently were hoaxes but the mitchell-hedges skull has an incredible background and you know it's they've tried to I think put it out there and that it was connected to these other hoaxes and we see that from time to time but I can tell you that I'm the last thing from gullible on any of the stuff and I've researched it really well and there's no way that that's hoax it's something that the Mayans left there through traditions and there may have been more so you know maybe some came up after this one was discovered but in any case there's a really good salt solid track record about the background on this very unusual skull I will tell you during the process of this show most enlightening and unusual personal experience that I had that Olivia was presents for me was associated with the skull quite remarkable so that's going to be a little bit of fun that we have as we get in here how we doing over there doing great I have some amazing questions already well you know I can't wait actually I'm going to get into a lot of questions with you guys tonight because the questions are just terrific lately again you're watching dark journalists and I want to recommend that you go to dark journalist comm and sign up for the newsletter you know it's kind of the best way for us to stay in touch you and I need a kind of a pipeline that isn't interfered with potentially by something like social media and you know even if there's a spam issue sometimes when the newsletter goes out they put it in your spam folder eventually we get to you as we find out and that's the good thing quick thing about Anna mitchell-hedges what I want to show here this is a very interesting 1977 special with William Shatner yes that is Captain Kirk could be still Olivia's heart yeah and he's there with the Crystal Skull and I can tell you when you watch that it's called the mysteries of the gods that he does not want to give it back and it is a fascinating little thing and whenever you see the Crystal Skull on video something very strange happens so how they recommend that very informative little segment that's another shot of it but you know and I lived till 100 years old never changed her story and you know her facts are very well verified and you'll see the different tactics that were used against her to try to get the skull and then you realize where a lot of these stories come from that tried to negate the incredible influence of the scone and what it was certainly they had to do certain things just smuggle it out of Mexico so you know a lot of researchers have pointed to and said hey it's not listed on this one of their items when they leave Mexico well you know that's the way to get it away from the Mexican government and there's quite a remarkable story and a lot of people who were there when it happened you know corroborated her testimony so we don't need to deal with that aspect of is it a hoax tonight it certainly was real but what was it what was it for who was using it and what was the tradition behind it and how does it link into what we're talking about with the X and the whole R Manik influence well I can tell you that links are tight those we're going to find out let's take a look at someone who is not mentioned as much as mitchell-hedges is as far as the Indiana Jones aspects ago but in my experience he was the core archeologist for finding out about the Maya and his name was Augustus Leaphorn all gust asleep long jaw from a young age had traveled all over the world South America the Middle East and he had incredible Masonic ties and he had an incredible mind for ancient cultures and he wound up really putting it to the test and becoming the key figure for most of the pyramids most of the things that we've seen uncovered in that period of the late 19th century Lakeland Zhang was the one who was there he would have a psychic impression as he was doing his archaeology it would hit him and then he would say let's strip that mountain of vegetation and boom it happened to be a pyramid and this is the way he worked in a nutshell very unusual career he died in 1908 but before he died he did have a very interesting meeting with mitchell-hedges and that's where we're going to find this tie to the X and the Crystal Skull a couple of quick things I want to point out with him is that his wife was named Alice Dixon and if you've been watching this program you know that I've tracked the mason-dixon line people and have their relationship to Jeane Dixon and it's this whole group in England called Dixon who are always seemed to be at the interface of all this fascinating archaeology and so she went with him to the Yucatan they did a lot of this work together and it just so happened he was a great photographer so he took some very nice pictures of her okay I guess but I want to point out is that there's a book but I just showed they're called sacred mysteries of the Maya and the key she and what he felt was that there was a group that came over and were called the key she who were from Egypt directly sailed over and influenced the culture outright and he also was a big believer in the atlantis story and that was was big central continent there between Egypt and Mexico on the other side so late for John is someone who because of his going to do this kind of psychic archaeology is looked at you know he's dismissed by traditional archaeology of course but one of the things he claimed to do and remember this is a guy who's responsible for most of the major finds that we know and you know he's the guy who opened up so many things like Yucatan but he claimed that he solved the riddle of the Mayan hieroglyphs which we still don't know what most of them mean and in that solving that it played out the story of Atlantis in MU in those princes and princesses that came here and reestablished Atlantis and as we find from esoteric sources this stuff really gels together well he went to the American archeological association with this in 1879 saying I've cracked the code let's get on with it and they said those savage Indians how could they have done this you know that's not they didn't have a written language those are all weird pictures you know and that's where his research languages to this day and he absolutely I think had an incredible influence on people like hedges but the the word generally with lip long Shaw is like you know there was this kind of crazy guy who went down there and made up all these wild theories but in fact his work gets more and more substantiative as we go along but when we look at the actual esoteric tradition and how close it is with leap long john and how leap motion was telling us that there's a lion that most of the lion images are associated with Freemasonry because of the influence of the key she who came from Egypt bringing masonry to the mayans and that those month those Masonic Brotherhood's are all incorporating that imagery that is fascinating and breakthrough and there are people who are doing that research right now and I'm going to show you a couple of examples of things along this line because this is kind of a crucial Avenue I think for us stay a few more chairs leapin John in his Masonic regalia a very intense guy and you can see with the psychic archaeology it's all in the eyes we really look at these people it's very easy to tell who's faking and who's the real deal and Lee Clow John was a very spiritual man I think that's the other thing that's very important to keep in mind when we do this he wasn't out there looking for you know gold like Cortes willing to chop people's heads off we're gonna find the things that tie in from a sonic imagery the things that he was looking at saying this is definitely a Masonic ty-over are pretty obvious um but they're all wrapped up in the egg so we're going to find the Masons with the X with the Mayans before we get to the punchline let's take a look at a few of these now these are some Mayan ruins they date to 200 AD and we can clearly see the X here this I think anyone would agree is the Masonic insignia straight across and we have a tight comparison shot on this and I think it's very important to establish Blake long johns theory here before we go any further Masonic regalia the whole design the X with it the X is being shut up in this environment they are locking the X away here this is part of the mind mysteries that we're going to get into and the X diggin ography is obvious it is the messages keep that X hidden and keep it under control and this is one of those kind of abandon hope all ye who enter type my incites and what's happening with the X over here that we're looking at is this entire site is communicating that message that they are communicating with the dead and at that the X relationship as they've found out over and over again on these monuments relates to that other world communication a few more shots of the same structure and the X's are obvious here and the cross pattern of the bones I think this it's just an overlay obviously but it'll give you an idea directly and people working on this now they're seeing the things that Lakeland Shaw brought out in 1900 and he's right I mean that is obviously the same Masonic Co in the Mayan ruins the question is what is it doing there so we've established now here's in the Mayan language the X here is a creation verb so it's the act of creating that's something also to keep in mind but spirit communication is the overwhelming and overriding force of that X and just one last look at these builders the X with the Masonic symbol they at that Mayan site so clearly late plumb John was giving us the message you know he was a master mason himself and he was connecting these things the Masonic groups in America didn't want to hear about it and they did not want to hear about the the archaeological people did not want to hear that the Mayans had their own language and sophisticated things they were trying to eradicate a group of Indians here and sort of you know minimize their importance they didn't want to suddenly come out of the blue and say oh these guys had better astronomy and language than we did they were better mathematicians and so on so it's an interesting kind of political game that was being played but now we're back to the skull of course which brings us back into what is the tradition behind it so one of the things I want to tie in here is that the kind of tie over from the mystery schools letting out information about Atlantis and the earlier cultures like Egypt being a legacy culture from Atlantis and the Maya of being a legacy culture from an Atlantis the idea is simple that there was a really advanced culture that Plato talked about that was beyond the straits of Hercules and they you know they were in the Atlantic Ocean it was a continent with an advanced culture that had advanced technology and really you know kind of ruled the roost I mean there was nothing quite like it on the earth it was the dominant culture very much like the United States is now and one of the things that happened with that was there was a big split inside there was a group who were the followers of someone called emelius who was the first real true enlightened Atlantean who had you know come with a mission to unify their great advances with technology with the spiritual vision and emelius comes up in the AC work and we're going to use Amelia's as kind of a shorthand for that whole group of people in Atlanta who are using this kind of spiritual technology if we don't understand Atlantis in terms of spiritual technology versus traditional physical uses of technology then we're not going to understand what happened back there and so as we go into this one of the things we need to keep in mind is people like Steiner are letting out the information saying well there was a big tug of war about whether or not to let this Atlantis information out inside the mystery schools and it got out because as part of the process of letting people know about the psychic information or information relating to the kind of esoteric history Atlantis was a big factor in it especially since mankind was about to discover a flight there in the early 20th century so the mystery schools are looking at this and saying we're going to have to let this out and if you look at the schools as they come out they're all talking about airships airships airships everywhere you turn bulwer-lytton information is a great novelist in English culture you know Annie Besant Helena Blavatsky Steiner but they're all talking about it so you know when we're looking at this theme coming out over and over again we can see the mystery schools are behind it and they're pushing it but the idea is not hey we're going to have great airships the idea is we had great technology we had the high achievement we had the airships so the airships is also a kind of a shorthand in my opinion because they're referring again to this kind of X thing that happened and when we go to Atlantis people talk about it as an incredible devastation that took place and you know everyone always thinks it was a meteor strike it was all these different things but the way they describe it that is that man became gods and then this thing happened I'd track this effect that they're talking about there in Atlantis and that the mystery schools refer to and I track it as the same effect that we're talking about when we go after the UFO file and the strange reality distortion things that happen it's just an extreme case back there in Atlantis where time itself shifted and so we're looking at a very unusual situation I call that effect apotheon and that's so I can kind of track that effect in my head so for our purposes doing the x-series apotheon is it's like when an ET contact T comes in and says oh I lost six hours and we've had some of the best cases they always have missing time and very often we'll find that you know machinery won't work and cars will stall and all these different things will happen or people find their clothes on backwards we've heard about those and people have said well the in you know the aliens didn't know what was going on and they kind of put their clothes back together wrong no sorry I mean aliens probably pretty observant if they're doing all these tests makes more sense that something has taken place in terms of a reality distortion of that that is upsetting the time the electricity people's clothing I mean their sense of time and all these things now why is that connected with seeing you know a craft or say like a mystery aircraft if we're just making these crap so obviously there's something in the UFO file relating to the Supreme and that's what the big secret is about it seems to me and if as we've tracked the case with John Keeley and Nikola Tesla's work there was something that they were trying to suppress on the corporate side about their work because they were really afraid that this stuff would come out and free energy would be out there but oddly enough it appears that also the mystery schools were trying to keep Keeley's work down and there's a reason for that which is that this whole apotheon effect in the wrong hands can do incredible damage to evolution here on earth so we have to look at this from a much deeper perspective and see that the greedy secrecy is one thing and we see so much of that in government and in these financial circles but the mystery school secrecy is more like how do we guys who Manatee you know and this kind of a thing so we we get into different levels of secrecy in what they're about when we go further back and we see the Mayans shutting up these sites and sort of burying the ex and you know alluding to this whole thing with it we get a better idea of what the secret societies and mystery schools are dealing with some of the mystery schools are certainly coming from a benevolent place and then others would really the more information they use the more advantage they get and those things are deeply interwoven with our political process for example okay we're going to move on a little bit here how are we doing we're doing great excellent I want to tell everyone that you're watching dark journalists and this is going to be incredible because when we piece together the idea of Atlantis the mystery schools in the Mayans and Masons then this whole process becomes easier for what we're looking at in terms of the X so let's touch base real quickly on the basic facts of the Crystal Skull okay so now I want to recommend a few books on this first this is an excellent book actually Richard Garvin the Crystal Skull straight-ahead gives you the background and it tells you a little bit about how the Mayan priests related to the skull I think it's fascinating of course this one also since David Hatcher Childress's book and it's got some of the wilder theories about it but I enjoyed it and we will we're going to be referencing off and on here there were clear research on let me read this most widely celebrated skull like Crystal Skull is the mitchell-hedges skull for at least two reasons it's very similar in form to an actual human skull even featuring a fitted removable jawbone now this is interesting the other skulls don't have the jaw bone and it is something that they found separately first they found the skull and then a little while later they found the jaw bone now there's a lot of indications that the Crystal Skull was something that actually would become animated at a certain point so in initiates which commenced and they would get information from somewhere through the skull and that the skull of course when we think about crystals we think about memory storage and people who are really technologically inclined know how important those crystals are for storage but when you think about the actual crystal skull and embedding this information down tradition to tradition one of the traditions that they had for the skull was that and this is something that Hannah mitchell-hedges said that the priest told her dad was that when the sort of the shaman of the tribe the main shaman of the tribe was getting old he would download his information into the skull and a kind of mind merge and then they would get the young sort of Hierophant clairvoyant that they've identified inside the tribe and they would have them both lie down with the skull in the middle during that process the old man would pass away and he would transfer the knowledge through the skull and the boy would arise and he would have all the knowledge of the so it's a very different it's kind of a significant kind of thing that you could say the process is different but it sounds like the Orphic circle a little bit doesn't it so then the young boy would have the mastery of the tribe so there's there's things about it where they say well it was the skull of doom and that's kind of the popularization interestingly enough it's actually there to ward off those types of influences and I'm going to get into how that happened now there was say there's a thing that happened when mitchell-hedges died he passed the skull along to honor and you know the story about it I think makes a lot of sense for me one of the things I found out that she did is she passed along to her friends was an art historian and you know she was kind of I think entrusting him within and hoping that he could find out what its secrets work she'd spent so much time with it but his name was Frank Dorland and he was given permission by Anna Mitchell hedges to submit the courts skull to tests conducted at hewlett-packard laboratories santa clara why is he hewlett-packard so important to this well as we have put out there in a few episodes the Varian brothers are crucial link to advanced technology and the mystery schools they came out of Halcyon their father was John barian who was the main theosophist from Ireland who founded a colony out there called Halcyon in California under the instructions of Annie Besant who was the leader of theosophy and the entire community was under the leadership of master hilarion who's this etheric being was kind of associated with major scientists hmm one of the best ways for us to look at this is that the variance came out of the Theosophical tradition of science and in fact they were the ones who discovered the klystron and as a result of that we had microwave radar and some of the advances there that helped us win in world war ii came right out of their laboratory now they would work and develop their own particle accelerator so we hear so much about cern we can have these guys to thank or not think as the case may be but certainly they were right in the heart of the whole thing now who was it who got started at stanford through the Varian brothers hewlett packard so this idea that hewlett packard had this kind of larger-than-life esoteric knowledge as well as technological knowledge plays in very heavy here so always keep the very ins in mind when we're talking about mystery schools in high-tech it helps a lot every time the dots always seem to go back to them over and over again one of the things that they found of dr. snow I was amazed to observe and this is in a book called Atlantis and lost other worlds by Frank Joseph they were observing the the teeth they were they were trying to get some very interesting dental scans on the teeth because they they were really found this part remarkable one of the things that they found in the surface of the left side of the mandible the first molar showed an X on the surface in the Crystal Skull so there's a there's an X when they're doing these close x rays inside there there's an insignia buried deep inside the skull according to this report but there were other rather fascinating things they figured out that one of the things that the skull was capable of the way that they would sin it is that it could move side to side as if it were actually speaking the other thing was that at times it seemed to affect light so that when the room would go dark it would basically glow in the dark they could effect different conditions Anna mitchell-hedges talked about how at one point it created a rainy moist environment inside of her apartment and it would also have the ability of people would you know put their hands on it and they'd obtain healings or insights I mean this thing was an incredible artifacts in any case but in our case it's related to what we're looking at with the X taken ography one of the things that Lakeland John wanted to tie in with the Masonic imagery was this scene that he says here a few centimeters above the lintel of the entrance to the mine sanctuary is a cornice that surround the whole edifice on it or sculptured these symbols many times repeated on the under part of this are small rings cut in stone from which curtains were suspended to hide the Holy of Holies from profane gaze very oculi covenant kind of thing but these images anyone in Masonic imagery will agree are pretty common in masonry so again we plunge Ellen's idea of the X being associated with the Mayans and the Masonic influence on the minds early on way before the Mayan school was founded so we're getting into this territory we're starting to understand that there's some big mystery that's hanging out back there relating to the minds relating to the skull and relating to the Atlanteans now a lot of people have done great research around the Crystal Skull and Anna Mitchell hedges and mitchell-hedges and some of the things that went on there and that they've done great work I don't intend to add to that here what I want to do is put the skull in context of the ex diggin ography that we've been observing through these mystery schools and it seems to me that the skull comes right into the center of the picture when we are looking at this earlier battle that took place that is this weird echo it's kind of ex-secret that's the unspeakable as it were so at HP here's just a couple of shots of the HP lab they're taking pictures of the skull they're using pressure and sound to check it out they did a very thorough examination of it and some of the things that they came up with were quite fascinating let's see if I can read that let's try this one okay this is something called the Dorland manifestations of they call it the phenomenon France Frank Dorland what happened Frank Dorland to whom and alone the skull for many years experienced visionary phenomena through the use of the skull in particular he was fascinated by its aura as well as the building's seemingly from antiquity which he saw displayed within its eye socket and this is the thing like pictures would show up for people when they were looking at this thing a very different new kind of technology a visionary is not the only word for what its effects on him and others since he heard what he takes to be the sound of faint high metallic bells chimes and other noises and noises apparently emanating from it Dorland had also heard human voices softly singing strange chants Dorland also claimed that the first time he kept the skull in his residence overnight there was the sound of a prowling jungle cat within his home as well as the ringing of chimes and bells I'm going to go a little further with this these occurred let's see if we can see why some of these effects happened we're getting a little bit of apotheon feeling from what he's describing these effects occurred after Dorland entertained a most unusual visitor Anton LaVey the founder of San Francisco's Church of Satan now that was a curveball it didn't see that one coming levae in the interest of publicity had brought the editor of an Oakland paper claiming that the skull is the work of his deity and this belonged to his church to Dorland's discomfort lavey did not leave in a hurry having become ensconced at playing Dorland's Oregon in addition to being Satan's representative on earth Liu Bei was also quite a good organizer parently Dorland had wanted to get the skull back into the vault but found it had now become too late after the Satanist had left Dorland and his wife found a safe spot for the skull and went to bed but not to a peaceful rest all night long there were lots and lots of sound Dolan recounted but explorations of the house at the time revealed nothing when they got up the next morning they found their belongings had been moved around we had a telephone dialer that was made out of crystal that been moved from the telephone at least 35 feet to the front door said Dolan and it lay right across the front door threshold I never believed that this poltergeist activity until it actually happened to me Dorland attributes the phenomena to live a and the vibrations and so on so moving down curiously when Dorland and his wife found their belongings scattered around the house the following morning there was no sign of outside intrusion and the doors and windows were still locked he's experienced other similar phenomena with the crystal now that is very strange and what I see that as obviously groups like that would want to get their hands on the skull and thank God other groups weren't able to take it away before Anna Mitchell hedges got it back so he hooks up with an art restorer and then they decide they can get HP to test it out what HP found out is actually quite interesting because they found that it was in their opinion the effect of many years of someone using something like a diamond to carve it out and that they didn't see any metal marks on the surface and in terms of the dating of course it's incredibly hard to date something that's just a solid piece of crystal like that but I think that the general impression that they were getting is that the thing was at least over a thousand years old and the skull itself producing the phenomena when people were in its general kind of presence it seems to me that when we go deeply into what Anna Mitchell hedges was saying in terms of how they used it that it was an incredibly powerful sacred object and that this is the the nature of the thing what happens when the sacred object meets the modern world of course Anna Mitchell hedges left it along the way with Phil Holman and I think that you know it's once in a while he lets it out and he lets people come in and sort of observe it and feel it and they do these from time to time if you get a chance it seems to me one of those things you'd only miss now let's go into what was happening in the background if we go back into the Mayans here there is this whole thing about these skulls showing up on these altars and the communications taking place now this is actually quite fascinating when we get deep into the mystery school tradition of what this means and Steiner led some particularly important things out in relation to this so I'm going to encapsulate it real quickly in terms of what he is saying is going on during this period of the Maya developing into a civilization and then we're going to see how I'm going to read a few quotes from him to see how this harmonic influences influences that whole period so according to him after the Atlantean destruction brought on by incredibly advanced high-tech weaponry which set off all these different things that happened in the earth like volcanoes and cataclysms and in Casey's version that's very similar of course to Steiners version along with theosophy they all three seem to agree in into a staggering degree actually with very little variations but basically after this period during the Atlantean period there was a kind of a great spirit that they worshiped and had this incredible feeling for and these followers of emelius they had these kind of incredible closeness to the spiritual realm and they used the term down which is very much like the Chinese dough and what happened was the Armonk forces seeing that the Atlanteans were coming back together and that the followers of emelius were now in yucatan sort of getting a new advanced civilization going that these forces were looking at them and saying we have to throw them off somehow so what they did according to him as they created kind of an artificial character named Townley and the it's sort of like a an echo of this great sort of spiritual tradition that the Atlanteans had and it's AMA is is what comes out of this tradition eventually it's kind of menacing sky-god person but what was happening was they were creating this idea of doing the mysteries now instead of as a holy function that they could get more and more holy the more and more you know strange cultures that they sacrifice to the gods and this is where the whole human sacrifice thing was taking place now there was a deep mystery culture associated with this a mystery death cult that came right out of the armonica mysteries which Steiner touches on and I'm going to get into but before we go there this kind of character of Atlantis that was happening where the crystal skulls were part of the kind of force on the other side of preventing themselves from being influenced by these harmonic priests and their death cult there was a whole kind of warrior class that came out of that now there's someone named AE who was George Russell who painted this picture of what Helena Blavatsky who was the founder of theosophy actually looked like when he kind of looked at her past lives and this is the picture that he drew this is Blue Bloods key is that Atlantean warrior who was moving into this later culture in Yucatan and really kind of setting up the protection against this harmonic death cult so that they didn't take these sacred mysteries and try them in this other way now what's interesting is when we look at the case of the information that cancer Edgar Cayce he was somebody who was saying look what was happening in Atlantis was a war between two groups these followers of emelius and these sons of Belial and daughters of Belial the sons and daughters of Belial were trying to use the same crystal high-tech technology that was being used to interface with spiritual entities and use it for physical domination so that's what the blood group wanted and the other group wanted to keep it pure and said we've got the technology and we're able to get the information in the direction from these higher sources so they were using it as an interface a communications device and they would have the priestesses and the you know those groups that were set up in circles that would interface with these through the technology now can you imagine it would be the same thing of like taking something like your laptop and interfacing with a higher mind this is the type of thing that was happening there in Atlantis and the Belial group said well you know that's great that you can interface with spiritual people but we can take that and turn it into a laser and take over the other continents over there so there was a whole split into what was going to be used for physical domination or spiritual attunement and the physical domination guys the Belial guys one now that is the harmonic team there that we're talking about with Belial so Casey's version of it is he would call them the sons of the while in Steiners work he calls them and we've gone into Armand in Bell Island in these shows in the past so if you want to get a bigger feel for who these characters are if you're just joining us that's probably a good way to do it if you're just joining us you're watching the dark journalists show now of course I'm joined by the ever quiz ative Olivia how we do it out there living we're doing great everybody is really asking questions specifically about the Crystal Skull it is quite fascinating interestingly enough the the Crystal Skull it seems to me it's it's one of those modern revelations it's one of the things that slip through the cracks that we actually got our hands off you know because Casey talks about in those ruins when we look at that but there are these emblems of the fire stones of the two eye crystal which ran Atlantis that are in the Mayan ruins so when the Crystal Skull shows up this is the thing but I my mind immediately went to can I ask you question right now oh yeah because I think you're gonna cover this in the episode mauston's is asking can DJ address the paddler gods legend of the Maya and the correspondence of its it's um not with ill Tara of Atlantis well it's interesting I wonder a lot of these legends get distorted this is the fascinating thing is we're going to see with one of the main ones that I bring up tonight and what happens is during the course of the Mayan civilization there's a great push-pull between those same forces that destroyed the Atlantean civilization the emelius followers and the followers of Belial but it gets mutated it's it's like the next phase of it and what happens is basically uilt are who is someone who was one of the main characters in Atlantis who's a follower of Amelia's and they're you know a benevolent spiritual race he comes to Yucatan and founds a new community with only ten people there and basically within 20 years makes it into a New Atlantis and he takes the records that are the same records that are this is Casey's version of the story he takes the records that are in Atlantis about the history about the two I stone all the information and he hides it underneath a pyramid in Yucatan well the story the corresponding story is that these records are under the paw of the Sphinx so people asked Edgar Cayce what's you know what's going on with where are these records and he said there's three places where the records are kept one was in Yucatan one was basically where the feminie wall is and that was called facade eeeh at the time so that one's sunken the other one's in Yucatan and the other one is the entrance is under the Sphinx but it's between the Sphinx and the river so these are halls of records we've covered these before but the idea is that there are these Atlantean archives that are going to come to light where we're going to understand just as a matter of course the same way we developed and understood hieroglyphs and figured out what was going on there back in Egypt we're going to understand the Atlantean aspect of it but what's going on and why this makes so much sense about the way we're tracking the xTag and ography is groups like the Central Intelligence Agency you know they're not just monitoring foreign governments are doing espionage and things like this they have programs to find things like Noah's Ark or the Hall of Records and you have to ask yourself what's the point there well they understand the significance of these archaeological wars and of these incredible archaeological finds and the artifacts that represent the soul for technology they feel like there is a military objective one but there's just a power dynamic in there the same way the Nazis were all about finding these objects in truth every major country has a program to recover these objects that relate to Atlantis so when we think about what took place back in the we can see that a lot of it is hidden from us I don't think that these groups like the CIA know everything either but I do feel like what they're all about is finding that out getting there first and using that information I absolutely feel that you know things like the the kind of corporate state that we have now would absolutely use something like the – I crystal to dominate the culture even further I mean look at them even with the basic technology that we have and the things that they're doing with it you know I think that the Asafa chol society was correct when they said well with the kili technology the mystery schools shouldn't let it out because what's going to happen is the corporate raiders will come in they'll rule the roost and what will take place is basically you know humankind will slide back three or four steps because we'll lose all that evolution because of tiny group will dominate the rest and this is the problem that we come up against over and over again okay so yeah that was a great question though thank you miss like if you have another one I'll take it – okay so David termina is asking a DJ what do you think of Celestine Prophecy and the supposed vanishing of the Maya Wow well Celestine Prophecy was one of those books it came out in 1993 I believe and it had an incredible impact and it was kind of it was interesting because I guess in some ways the author James Redfield he continued to do stuff but that was kind of I guess is his real standout and he put it in a way it was kind of like an early DaVinci Code in a way like you know it was kind of the commercial ish version of all this stuff but I it made a huge impact and I think that he can still find that book in people's bookshelves the other thing relating to the Maya and disappearing there's no question that the Mayan development just stopped at a certain point and there were no Roman emperors you know coming in and taking over the culture like in Egypt we understand why it stopped the Mayans it's not very clear and I think it you know we get an idea from what I'm about to speak in relation to what Steiner said happened to the Mayans which i think is pretty crucial which is the direction that they were going in was becoming more and more degenerate and more and more along this Belisle line and it got stopped so we're going to get into that of course there were incredible high forces in the – when we say the Maya getting corrupted you know it's factions within that group but if Maya in general the Maya people brought us amazing things relating to astronomy and culture then we still don't understand and of course because you know the reason we don't understand is because our Christian missionaries burned all their books so it's kind of hard to find history now that the books are gone but in any case we have the esoteric tradition that can help us get there okay let's take a look at some of these esoteric people this is Rudolf Steiner who have referenced here and Steiners work is very powerful very underappreciated I think in this period we're going to find out just how powerful it is he was the leader of anthroposophy and he had started earlier with annie besant the theosophy and annie besant took over the reins from Helena Blavatsky who we just saw portrayed as that Atlantean warrior and really it's Blavatsky who started it all but the mystery schools coming out because they had decided you know what the things that we're doing with the spiritualist craze in America trying to get people aware of spirituality it's going wrong we need to decide on a person that we can work through and Blavatsky was kind of the tradeoff choice because of her incredibly advanced atavistic medium and psychic qualities so she really could rise up in the way that the mystery traditions would have these kind of I mean you'd call them kind of super magicians that existed back in this period that we're talking about Atlantis and they could rise up out of their body into the spiritual and then come back and this was the quality that levansky apparently possessed that made her the obvious choice and she brought all she brought a lot she brought a lot to us to the figure and I touched on this here show this when we get into these this is the figure of armand which is according to Steiner the force that is trying to create a gigantic mechanized version of earth where there's no soul there's no spirit and he wants to basically move the human evolutionary track for something called Steiner calls the eighth sphere and the eighth sphere was something that was adopted in theosophy also in sphere basically surrounds the earth and it is a false domain of illusion basically and the idea is in the esoteric tradition when you die you move into a reincarnation cycle and you become advanced through many lifetimes and to through going into these other realms and coming back the eighth sphere is like an artificial passed up and the the eighth sphere apparently is picking up prominence if that is it's becoming more solidified in this period and what they people like Steiner and levansky see when they look out into the future they see this gaining more momentum so therefore they make the as the public mystery schools they make the charge at a certain point especially Steiner after world war one I forgot it I'm not hiding any more of our sessions any more I let all of my lectures out that's why when you go into these bookstores you're like you know Steiner is prolific he wrote a lot of books but he didn't write this many books and it's all little sources of his lectures and things which were originally kept secret and they were only for the anthroposophical students so we're actually lucky to have that stuff but I think one of the things that Steiner pointed out in relation to this that was important was that he said you know basically anthroposophy and theosophy are failing here and he said this in 1916 the war had been going on since 1914 but he got it in his head that basically this attempt had failed at that particular time but he identified a period a hundred and a hundred and twenty years in the future which is 2016 to 2036 and this is where the really early stretches of this now and he said that the mystery school influence would rise again through anthroposophy and these movements so that they would have another chance at basically moving the culture through this work so the question now is is the culture ready to be moved through this work and here we are with a tremendous smart audience picking up on these things and you know the ex dehghan ography for me falls right into the middle of what the mystery schools were trying to keep us basically they were trying to give us this message you know it was that there are higher things you can discover them and it's not that they're going to be kind of the main headline you know I think I suppose Atlantis discovered would move the culture pretty fast but these things are there these people have made the sacrifices to come forward and give us these gifts so whether it's the information that you know Olivia and I are walking around seeing these people carrying their yoga clothes and their yoga mats and stuff we think you know that's theosophy I mean it's really this influence this Eastern influence that came out that we can celebrate and all the other hand meditation you know all these different things they are now part of the culture okay now can we go to the next step which is a lot of people when they look at this period of time they say oh well there was some spiritual groups that rose up in nineteen nineteen century Li you know into the 20th century and like they basically you know they went the way of the dinosaur but in an actual fact what happens with mystery schools and why this doesn't kind of play into the regular institutional wave of how things happen with mystery schools they come out they spread seeds and they see what develops and then they get an opportunity to move back in and support what happens that's a better way to look at them because the powerful impact of you know whether it's Annie Besant in India with Home Rule or it's the variant brothers you know there's they have this dramatic impact and that impact is happening now which is why we're talking about it okay so we've gone over the X there did you have anything else a little bit that's it for now okay good but I hope you leave a lot of time for questions at the end we're gonna do our best but of course we might have a show that we're just you questions and because it's it's gonna be it's gonna be that kind of thing this character fits lid puts Lee is the name how do you like that Olivia that's not it great it's the puts that got it I practiced this earlier because it's one of those little unusual phrases very unusual figure that Steiner identifies for us and I think that when we have to say about what he's trying to tell us in relationship about the Mayan mysteries I want to quote him here so we get an idea of what was going on so basically the Atlantean continent goes down incredible Cataclysm because the Belisle group has used the two eyes stone to dominate these other cultures and why they're doing it they basically it's like a nuclear disaster but in this case it's the stone forces were accidentally set too high and they bring the first they split and Lance's into three islands and then they bring it down so that kind of domination didn't play out too well so these groups like uilt are move and they are followers of what Casey calls Amelia's they move to the Yucatan one of the major I mean they move to Egypt also if we're going to focus here on the Americas they moved to Yucatan and they start basically a new version of Atlantis without all the incredible distortions of the Belial group so the harmonic forces remember whose goal in this esoteric tradition is to move mankind into this false eighth sphere felt like they were doing pretty well with the blood group almost destroying the earth so they want to get some of that power back so what they do is they start to move into the Mayan culture and I've showed you one of the sky gods that they introduced there and so they're getting into this tradition where they're saying you can get to this incredible realization this initiation this higher knowledge this higher mind but I do these sacrifices and so they're moving them into this kind of the cults this kind of harmonic death cult it's the best way for us to put it the buffer against this is Fitz Lee puts Lee and the the Steiner information on it I think really says a lot let's take a quick look at him and what he did here he is and he's basically on top of the eighth sphere and he's driven a couple of stakes through the eighth sphere here he's sitting on it's hard this is hard to actually to see but he's sitting on an X throne and he's got the shield against our among there an oddly enough II he almost looks like he's in some kind of like Roman or greco-roman setup I do feel like this is quite remarkable when we look at this character in this figure very little known in history very under-reported known to represent it but we're going to tell you what he did and why he's on top of the 8th sphere in ER there's this is the same period of time that he's in when this is taking place which is the crucifixion and this is the archangel coming down here to earth this these incredible things were taking place and the idea is that during this period when christ is on earth we have this huge switchover going up we always pay attention to what's happening in the Middle East well apparently there's some kind of a mirror operation happening in the Americas and all across the world but the Americas part I think is particularly interesting because we get so much from these different religions like the Mormons and people talking about well the 12 tribes you know one of the tribes the Lost Tribes came here to America and that's a deep part of their religion but I find when I look at the mystery schools there's a lot of support for that basic set up story around the Mormon history so that that kind of is interesting get into it ok so a few quick quotes about bits the put late this is Steiner and it's in something Steinar in the Mexican mysteries which is a lecture that he gave and it's part of the inner impulses series I believe it's number four that helps you out but there there are books and recordings of it unfortunately the voice-over recordings there are no good recordings of Steiners voice not that I've heard anyway but I would love to get my hands on that and remember he's writing everything in German and it's being translated okay just a quick snapshot of this Vista put sleek character a movement developed in these regions counter movements were necessary in the fifth post Atlantean epoch so as we're getting out of this kind of greco-roman period so a further counter movement developed as a result of the birth of the being who lived in a physical body in contrast to those beings who manifested only in etheric bodies so a lot of these kind of spiritual characters exist on the etheric plane and once in a while we get a physical manifestation you know Buddha would be a physical manifestation in Christ as a whole you know different category he is an archangel manifested in physical life okay so we're going into this the name given to the being may be expressed by a combination of syllables that approximate vit slit foots Li its vit Zhi Li P UT z Li and we're going to get deep into this visla puts Li was a human being a being who appeared in a physical body and it's that puts Li the spiritual individual individuality lived who within a human body took up the fight against the mysteries I've been describing those mysteries are the armonica thought mysteries and I give just a quick description of those they're a little bit gruesome but we know that this culture and the Aztecs who followed them had this gruesome aspect to it so I'm not going to dwell too much on this but just to give us a kind of a basic outline of it in speaking of these mrs. Steiner now when we speak of the attacks of Lucifer Eric and harmonic powers such things as these are here indicated were prepared long beforehand so this relating to that they're actually setting up this period of time working around the time of Christ they're trying to project 2,000 years of the future to when they can take over basically so their plan was to bring all human faculties and human forces of will under the sway of a longing to be alienated from the earth kind of an anti earth transhumanist movement to leave the earth and build up a separate planetary body the eighth sphere while the earth was to be deserted and left desolate so here's that theme again of these armonica Luciferian powers moving trying to move on humanity to get them to think of the earth as something negative and to move them into this realm of illusion and fantasy and then capture them in the eighth sphere that's the esoteric tradition that Steiner spent three decades trying to get that across to us that the harmonic figure here this that's steiner sculpture of this vision of our amman that he had this figure is trying to move humanity into the eighth sphere what has total dominion and the way that it can do that really is through this kind of fantasy operation where we see things as they aren't really and where we solidify in that it's very much like the matrix you remember that whole scene about they think they're running around doing all these things and then you look at the Marillion they're just plugged into these power sockets now before we get into that actually I want to make a point that I left dangling in the last episode about the matrix and one quick thing thank God there was someone who pointed this out to me which is that the keyboard stroke that neo hits in the Matrix movie is the X in the keyboard and then it says follow the White Rabbit of course we're taking the White Rabbit back from all those crazy groups out there trying to use it this is the X that he presses in the movie and we pointed out and I think it has to be it can never stop being pointed out that the whole red pill blue pill exercise that takes place in the matrix with Morpheus and neo is directly and I mean directly out of Steiners work on the revelation which he sees this whole thing between the blue vein and the red blood and the oxygen is relating to this and I'm gonna leave that little piece before we go further this is the this is the steiner lecture on the apocalypse it's about the fourth key of Revelation and that's the red kill or as it were in the blue pill or red pill blue pill the red pill is when we get to see ourselves in humanity as this force we have the awareness and all the rest of it that's the oxygen in the red blood and the blue pill is the lowered vision not seeing the full spiritual picture represents the vein through which the blood flows very different kind of things quite fascinating though I have to say and here's Steiners quote on it which I forget to read yesterday you're going to get it now how did the human being become Noah the answer is connected with the inhalation of air through the lungs where the used blue blood is transformed into red blood in this way the human being could take up the Odom the breath of God that is the becoming of the individual human eye through the inflowing of God through which the human being becomes a knowing soul moving down the oxygen that is so necessary to create red blood takes the oxygen from the air so that human beings can take into themselves the tree of knowledge through the red blood this is very significant lecture from Steiner the other tree the tree of blue veins has been taken away from the human being in terms of human mastery over it it contains the used blue blood which is a poison filled with death before the human being descended from the bosom of God it was the tree of life by becoming earthly the human is divided into two parts comprising the venial and the arterial the blue and the red blood vessel systems the blue blood streams up to the heart and must unite with what plants give the human being Bray's out carbon dioxide so we're getting the idea here he's explaining a very esoteric principle on that red pill a blue pill was set up and I think the last thing I would say on that is that he said the alchemy of the human being is this what the plants do for us today human beings in the future will be able to accomplish within and through their own consciousness what is outside the human being today will be intertwined within the physical body when we've taken the entire plant world when we have expanded our consciousness to include the world of plants that is the future condition of humanity and what exists in the natural world surrounding us will be entirely different our entire cosmos will be changed with us earlier conditions will return at a higher level he's trying to get into it he's he's getting into the physical aspects as well but it's basically this the blue pill red pill revelation is the blue pillar and red pillar image that comes about when he's looking at this Seventh Seal the revelation the fourth sale I'm sorry there are seven there there happens to be a kind of a process that takes place when we're on earth where their consciousness dulls naturally so that when you're looking at it from the esoteric angle and in that tradition you're seeing that people fall for comfort they fall for identification they fall for all these different things political movements whatever it happens to be and in that process we lose our basic spiritual evolution and at the spiritual evolution of being the red pillar in this case is what is kind of our birthright so therefore anything else is interference so there are a lot of powers and this whole kind of wave of Technology and that we're in now is very similar to what took place in Atlantis and the last time around what took place is that became like gods let me use the technology to almost undo themselves physically and spiritually so groups like our Imam had the ability to work on humanity to keep them in this kind of illusionary state and that's what we call you know kind of materialism and that's what the mystery schools were dealing with in 1840 when they made this decision to let so much of the secret information out there looking at the same situation and saying you know what we're not going to recognize humanity in a hundred years so we have to let this out no matter what happens and so that's why we have this information and that's why we need to make sense of it because the influx of scientific materialism through the technology is going to create this transhumanist problem and that's going to make our soul and spiritual bodies vulnerable to the Said's fear scenario of moving into this fantasy realm instead of progressing through a true path of spiritual evolution that is the kind of crux of the work of Steiner around Arman which is to get people to be aware of who and what it is I think that's a good way to put it I almost said he is but I guess that's that would be a sexist way to look at it okay so now let's just take a look at the technology that existed in Atlantis I'm going to trying to do this in a council form and then wrap it all around to how the mysteries were used and how the Crystal Skull was used to get us out of this kind of jam that we got ourselves into in that Mayan period so this is Casey's quote talking about uilt arc going from Atlantis which was sinking to Yucatan to set up the new Atlantis there so what he says is together with the leavings of the civilization of Atlantis in pass idea more specific besid is the big island that controls Atlantis and that's off the coast of Florida so like Cuba and Bimini and all that it's right in that area where we see a lot of violence and a lot of rumors of ruins uilt are with a group of followers who had been up the household of a plan and their followers and the worship that they have is of one so it's this melius group I've been referring to with ten individuals left beside iya and came westward entering into what we would now call a portion of the Yucatan and there began with the activities of the peoples the development into a civilization that rose much in the same manner as that which had been in the Atlantean land they created another version of Atlantis it kind of small condensed in version of it in the Yucatan so he goes into and he talks about the temples that they erect and the things that they do but what he talks about here is that they have this tradition of the Firestone now the two eye stone is the incredible crystal that he described which brand these power systems so it ran the airships that we had in the period it ran the technology it was the power system it was the free energy system in essence and that was the thing that got used so when he's describing it it seems like they're talking about these smaller more portable versions of that it's kind of like the size of an iPhone that's referred to as a Firestone and that the fire stones are something that they still use in this period post the Atlantean debacle where they're using it to interface with these spiritual groups so there are spiritual entities in the outer sphere as he refers to it here and they're using these fire stones to communicate with them that's where they're getting this higher knowledge from somehow there's a physical process of using these crystals to interface with his higher beings okay the first temples that were erected by Allah and his followers were destroyed at that period of that now being found and a portion already discovered that it's laid in waste for many centuries was then a combination of those peoples from mu oz and Atlantis in Oz is a very odd thing but it's a land that was a culture that was in South America so there's a lot of upheavals a lot of egress a lot of people going from culture to culture so what happened to Ill tar in this group since this temples got destroyed those in the Yucatan those in the adjoining lands that were begun by uilt are the New Atlantis people gradually lost in their activity and came to be what most people termed in other portions of America the mound builders so they get out of the Yucatan because they're being overwhelmed by these new harmonic death cult groups the entity was among those of the second generation of Atlanteans who struggled northward from Yucatan settling into what is now a portion of Kentucky Ohio and Indiana being among those the earlier period known as the mound builders there's no question that link from the Atlantis group of guilt are to the mound builders and of course the mound builders it's incredibly sophisticated designs we get so much from that so the fire stones let's just touch on what they are the stones that are circular that were of the magnetized influence upon which the Spirit of the one spoke to those people as they gathered in their service or of the earliest Atlantean activities and religious service we would call today the records and manners of construction of same the Firestone crystal are in three places in the earth as it stands today in the temple records that were in Egypt when the entity later acted in cooperation with others and preserving the records that came from the land where these have been kept so we've talked about the three places where they are so what is he saying here we've got the Atlantean crystal now has been used to split up the continent the people had to flee the groups that were following emelius are kind of the more spiritual groups using the spiritual technology they still have the technology and they're kind of moving into this area and then over time after they build up even a new culture in the Yucatan that's like Atlantis this thing happens again where these harmonic Belisle groups get the upper hand by using the technology in a more you know dominant fashion so what he's saying is they have to keep moving this is where the mystery school tradition comes from in the mound builders there they're moving it underground they're getting away from the exoteric and moving an esoteric they're moving it behind the scenes and the cultures that are on the surface are trying to take over and they're they're moving out again the followers of Amelia's so the actual crystal I think is worth kind of getting our heads wrapped around it so I'm just going to read a brief description they asked him basically can you describe what the 2i stoned the terrible crystal looked like what you know how did function so what he says is in the centre of building of what today would be said to have been lined with non conductive metals or non conductive stone something akin to asbestos the building above the stone was oval or dome where and there could be or was the rolling back so that the activity of the stone was receiving the sun's rays or from the Stars the concentrating of the energies that emanate from the bodies that are on fire themselves with the elements that are found and are not found in the Earth's atmosphere the concentration through the prisms of glass as would be called in the present was in such a manner that it acted upon the instruments that were connected with the various modes of travel through induction methods that made much the character of control or remote control for radio vibrations or directions would be in the present day though the manner of force that was impelled from the stone acted upon the motivating forces in the crafts themselves they're more interlocked with the technology directly you know for us it's an external thing somehow they're there right in the heart of it so he says the way it was worked they rolled the dome back and then they would have these stars or the Sun motivate through it that would lift the craft up that would kept the entire culture heated it was the energy system and all the rest of it so that same process however was used to communicate with these higher spiritual beings and this was the the basic law between these followers of the while and the followers of emelius and the followers of Warren so he's saying not intentionally that crystal was sent to high and brought the second period of destructive forces to the peoples in the land and broke up the land into the Isles that later became the periods through which destructive forces were brought to the land and hence the body rejuvenated itself often and remained in that land until the eventual destruction joining with the peoples that made for the breaking up of the land or joining with Belial so Belial is what he's calling group and it's the same group that Steiner is calling the armonica forces by the time they get into the Mayan culture there the they are Manik death cult their whole thing is about we need to do sacrifice in order to get anywhere so they rule through a kind of a terror of domination so it gives us an idea now starting us looking back at this period and he's saying well you know this is how that group advanced you know this evil are Manik death cult they would get what happened in the Atlanteans in the streets as they would have tuned through the crystal and get the information that way these guys do human sacrifice that's how they get it so it's coming from a completely different source and it gives us an idea of what the automatic power czar all about now before I read the steiner mayan mysteries quote Olivia how we doing with everybody we're doing great excellent I already have too many questions it's great to have so many people here we have over a thousand people in the chat that's fantastic and you're watching dark journalists we're going deep into the mind mysteries and we started through the figure of the Crystal Skull we're going to bring it around to that before we end up here so I'm going to read a little bit more of this and we're going to go to your questions in the second half keep the questions in caps that's the best way for Olivia to track because those questions are going by so fast and that's great to have so many of you out there okay so we now go to what they set up with this figure of telling who we've showed before and this is what Steiner calls the total a mysteries and this is there's an echo in the Atlantean groups after the destruction they're still kind of have a memory of this down figure and it's basically this higher spirit and the totally mysteries are this imitation thing that Arman creates to give them that same feeling but leave in this different way towards this harmonic death go so in a nutshell he was saying that during the period of when they tried when Armond try to influence the Greeks and all the rest of it he was injecting a lot of fantasy into it and what happened is far from they kind of got the opposite effect going where you know people are starting to enjoy their lives they didn't have a negative attitude of earth and they weren't interested in moving into this eighth sphere they didn't need it because they were having a good enough time on earth so he's saying that these are Manik powers wanted to lead away the souls of men so that the bodies still to be born on the earth would have gone about without egos this is very interesting actually because that way they can enter into it the person doesn't have their own ego and the souls would have departed to a special planet of their own the 8th sphere that's that's basically the setup that we find in Steiners burg over and over again you look at three decades of work and I can tell you what it essentially comes down to yes this year with me yes does biodynamic farming yes there's waldorf schools and all the rest of it but it's essentially that Armand and the armonica forces are trying to steer man kind and humanity into the eighth sphere which is an artificial and dangerous evolutionary track where they rule the roost basically even more than they would on earth so this is basically his 100% thesis on this so they create this character the harmonic forces in the Mayan period and he calls him the great black magician and he is the most powerful black magician that's ever been on earth and he's dominating the culture and turning them into this harmonic force and the mysteries that they're doing our take on the kind of Luciferian satanic quality just the opposite of the higher spiritual quality that's guilt our and the camellias followers from Atlantis have so what he says is he calls Lucifer and Armand retarded spirits which i think is interesting but what he says that they not to be underestimated and we can't judge them from the human standpoint what is to be observed in the spiritual world if we do so we should soon be considering ourselves much cleverer than a God or being belonging to some higher hierarchical order so what he's saying basically here is they belong to this higher order even though they're malevolent so that we can't really underestimate them or try to kind of peer too much into their motivations it's hard for us because they're only an entirely different level so he says although Armand and Lucifer are retarded spirits they belong to a hierarchical order higher than that of man it is therefore understandable that they are repeatedly disillusioned but their strivings always begin anew so the game is always on with them they're always going to be trying to find these ways while we're in this evolutionary process to dominate humanity so this the prickly is this he's kind of the savior version the same way that Christ is happening over there in Jerusalem this Laputa Lee is acting in a similar mirror fashion over here in the Yucatan and what's happening with the Mayan cultures they're being dominated by these harmonic a death cult priests and the whole culture is going down and so what they decide to do is have this character come in though if it's the clay according to legend doesn't is born of a virgin birth so he you know he really is following in the footsteps of Christ here which I find quite fascinating so back to Steiner now and this is Steiner on the Mayan mysteries hence in the West the more armed oxide of the outlet Atlantean mystery culture was promulgated this led to the establishment of mysteries that inevitably make a most repulsive impression upon those that have grown up in the tender culture of modern times and did not like to hear the truth but only blessedness that is as it is often called these posted Lanting mysteries developed especially on the soil of Mexico mysteries were established there but they were spread over a large part of the America and the Europeans had not even yet discovered if their impulses and workings had been victorious and this is always a key point to pay attention to if they have been victorious these mysteries would have driven souls away from the earth by this means the service performed by our Emma when he calls the squeezing out of the lemons would have become effective the earth would gradually have become desolate having only upon it the forces of death whereas any living Souls would have departed to found another planet under the leadership of Lucifer and ARMA that's the eighth sphere in order to execute the armonica the task it was necessary both for the priests of these harmonic Atlantean mysteries to acquire faculties possessing the highest degrees of control and mastery over all forces of death in earthly working this is how they were training them in the mysteries these forces would have made the earth together with physical man for the souls were Church apart into a purely mechanistic realm remember this is what he's saying the goal of the eighth sphere and the armonica forces are so this is when we find these priests that are you know doing these blood sacrifices and pulling out these hearts and stuff they're part of this group this is their goal hmm it would turn the earth into a great dead realm in which no ego could have a place these faculties would have to be connected also with mastery of the mechanistic element in everything living for mechanistic elements in all life for this reason these mysteries had to be instituted in a truly devilish form because such forces as would have been needed for the powerful aims of Armand could only arise when initiations of a special kind are attained so we can see that when we talk about these groups that arose and we always hear these legends of the different elites sacrificing and using human sacrifice and all the rest of it that the roots of it that we're looking at and the groups that we think about you know that would perform these things when we hear about it this is an echo of what Armand was doing and remember they were doing it on the North American continent which is very I think significant because that North America Central America South America this line they knew was going to be crucial in the future and was going to be the leading edge and they wanted to get that foothold in there and so what happens is this visit put lay becomes the kind of buffer against that whole harmonic movement and in Steiners work he sets up a number of these initiate stew battle against this force and they succeed in fact they succeed by crucifying black magician in the same period that Christ is crucified crucified and when we think about that it's kind of like the mirror image of that because in Christ's crucifixion we have all these incredible esoteric ramifications taking place including our moans dominion over earth evolution being moved back and all the things associated with resurrection all the rest of it but it represents a change it's an impulse that changes the entire evolutionary track of humanity what's fascinating about it is on the other side of the world this event is taking place where Armand has set up this master magician to just dominate the entire continent of America and it is only through this unusual figure of its the put way that things get turned around now I think that you know there's a lot to this and I you know we can't really cover in one show but this whole tradition this whole battle coming out and when we get to something like the Crystal Skull in the Mayan tradition we start to understand that the initiatives that came out of Atlantis they have the ability to see the future and they know that it very much like the Revolutionary War that if they don't take this on now and defeat it that the entire future hangs in the balance so this is what you know they were looking at in terms of the kinds of priests that they had they were fighting a spiritual war and you know we might see things on the surface and say well you know the Aztecs had so many people in the mines that so many people and so many tribes are doing warfare but on the spiritual side it's a completely different kind of warfare that's taking place and so something like the Crystal Skull which contains the information from Atlantis that's transferred down through generations becomes you know you know it's no wonder that when they found it that the entire group that they were working doing excavations with decided to stop for three days and not do anything and hedges was like oh I don't know what's going on here we thought it'd give them the skull and in the story of mitchell-hedges in the Crystal Skull the way that anna tells it is that they give the group of workers the skull and three days later they give it back and say no that it's supposed to be with you so that whole process reassures them that they're meant to bring it to America and I do find it quite fascinating because there has to be maybe only you know a half-dozen relics or so in the public domain that had that kind of an impact and the way that I would look at it is it's something that we not only are very lucky to have but it really feels like you know it has that importance for our time then it's an echo of this battle that took place between the R Manik death cult and those higher emelius followers that came out of the Atlantean period we're looking at that clash and it moves through time and here we are two thousand years later and facing down the large transhumanist forces and we're looking at it and we're saying to ourselves you know what's the upshot of this where are we going to move to and we've got that echo and even some of the relics from the previous battle so the crystals called I think takes on a very significant place in all of this and with that I am going to turn it over to miss Olivia okay all right so the first question is from The Observer did she find the skull or did the skull find her that's a great question it is great I think that the look it's odd she was in another country and she had an unusual setup well where she became you know living with family in Canada and it just so happened that mitchell-hedges and his wife were there decided to adopt her because she was basically becoming an orphan it's an unusual history and then they take her everywhere my feeling on it is there's something kind of Orphic circle ish about all this one thing I forgot to mention is that in fact she said that Augusta sleep on Shaw and mitchell-hedges met and it's interesting because one of the things the tradition that they were talking about was about how there were these skulls that were terrorizing the populace down there in Mexico and that they were flying skulls that were translucent sounds like a crystal skull but it would fly around so he may have ignited in his imagination the search for the Crystal Skull so the way that it's discovered I think is always interesting and one of the things that mitchell-hedges says in his own autobiography is the way it was discovered is something I could never reveal so we know Anna Mitchell hedges story of finding it on her birthday and it sounds it sounds perfectly legit but apparently there's something more to it Plan B is asking if these mysteries school types were so powerful why did they die off but didn't now the mystery schools are very active and they they work they come into the public sphere like when the Rosicrucian showed up in the Middle Ages and when you know they ignite things like alchemy and the Hermetic kind of movements that we see and I do feel like they move in their own timing so it's very hard to see how they're operating physically on a regular timeline but we can see with the Ossipee we can see with anthroposophy and the things that happen at the end of the 19th century into the early 20th century they've set us up you know they've given us the gifts of understanding the transhumanism what's happening with that and they've given us tools like meditation like knowledge of psychic abilities and so on that I think it gets us into a totally you know we start to understand how they are still with us they are operating all the time they're behind the scenes and like I said you know mystery doesn't mean good or bad mystery means mystery they're hidden school but you can be sure for every evil operation there are or you know at least selfish operation this is certainly highly minded highly idealized mystery schools operating okay Jambo Jambo djay is there a messianic counterpart to Arman in a Steiner cosmology well it's interesting I mean I mean let it be Christ wouldn't it yeah the there is a way to look at this which is on the opposite end of the spectrum is you because it's weird because the harmonic forces can use a version of Christ like if if people were to say well you know in a very repressive kind of religious way if they were like if there was an ultra conservative sect that was teaching Christ that's very our monic using the Christian name so it's it's a tricky thing I think the armonica thing is like a force and then you have the spiritual great white Brotherhood is on the other side and the great white Brotherhood is you know high figures like Christ like Elijah all of these figures saint-germain and they operate because they've they've taken off from earth they've learned the lessons of Earth and now they're on this higher level and they're looking at humanity going through the circle and there they're operating but the truth is the way that the evolutionary curve works Arman is on one side and the white brotherhood is on the other and we from our own efforts gravitate to one side or we gravitate to the other now you can see it just like when there's great you know war cries and things like that or people say bomb Iran or something I mean that's a pretty harmonic thing they want to lead us down into this hole we all remember the terror decade that's why we talk so much about the deep state and things on this program because that force is there it's moving and it's trying to control humanity I mean when you think about the technological control in the 21st century or the technological advancement that we can have on the positive side it's a toss-up okay our favorite bend over looks like the arm on it groups have been kicking butt all along the other group just looks like a giant wuss and keeps losing what do you have to say to that no it's the opposite actually because Armand thought they were taken over during the Greek period and instead this the thing that they were laying on according to Steiner that they got they it backfired basically they made people through their fantasy life enjoy her so much that this idea of going into the eighth sphere didn't happen know the forces that swooped in just like with the Mexican mysteries and with the fact that they had kind of turned this Rite of sacrificing to a higher will you know in the Christian sense would be like you know thy will be done so they were turning that into I'm going to advance and offer up human sacrifice to the gods that's a very different kind of a curve but I do feel like what it is about the armonica thing is it's always dangerous it's it's a dangerous it's an ongoing dangerous and the problem from Steiners perspective is that modern culture at that period of time when he's talking in 1920 they're not aware of it and so that's that's the great danger so that when Armen becomes a full-on physical incarnation you know we've theorized he might incarnate through an Android or something that human humanity would just have no way of dealing with it because it doesn't have the knowledge background around it so he laid a great emphasis in over three decades of research around learning about what Arman is not as like a fear porn thing you know but he I think he felt that in theosophy they were painting such a rosy picture of humanity's future that you know we're moving into the sixth phrase algorithm one's gonna be psychic and you know it's going to be a huge kind of everyone sharing with everyone situation that sounds great problem is in the meantime there's a real chance that Arman would swoop in dominate the culture and move them all off into a false evolutionary step this is the battle this is the battle that the mystery schools are have been fighting under behind the scenes so you know we've brought it we brought the X in we brought the steganography in to track something that started off as a technological program that was hidden and now we see it hidden all the way back to the origins of humanity in Atlantis it tells us that I would say were on the right track imagine this is asking do you think the new earth followers are being tricked into belief in the eighth sphere and leaving the natural life-giving energy of the earth behind yeah that's the idea exactly it is and it's a weird thing because you know when this came up I think Dolores Canon talked a lot about this where it was going to be like the new earth was split off and everybody bad would be left behind there's a deep deep deep esoteric conversation that happens and it works like this that we evolved at a certain point and we moved through the earth to do that and then in Steiners work we move into a new Jupiter that's the next step in evolution and the group that does not evolve they they move off into a different direction that's just you know earth is the kind of the battleground for them that where the theme of the new earth comes from but then this other thing comes up through this work and it's like we're moving into a different dimension and all these people over here get to leave behind the bat earth here you know unfortunately nobody's advanced enough to be able to do that and leave it behind I mean there might be a few people but certainly not the whole culture you know I mean we still have a culture that's steeped in Family Guy we're gonna have to fix that first of all David Ward do you think that people are being moved into the a sphere right now that this is already happening on an individual level oh the eighth sphere is always getting new recruits there's no question about it I mean if you follow the work the way that it's laid out and we're lucky to have the information about the 8th sphere according to Steiner it would you know it's led out by AP Senate and it was not supposed to have been let out this is one of those secrets that was not supposed to be in the public domain so we're lucky to have it and we're lucky to have Steiners input on it because the idea that we're being moved into a false virtual reality you know Olivia and I were we're trying to work this out between ourselves and we said you know what would be a real representative of the 8th sphere just in simple terms we were talking about people interfacing so much through a screen now don't get me wrong I understand the benefits of the technology and I love the communications because I think it does heighten our ability to work with each other and to have that closer kind of interaction but the truth is we are in a situation where we're interfacing more with the screens than with the people around us and so if that is some kind of projection or an early warning system for moving into the 8th sphere I think that we it is something that you do have to be very careful with and of course awareness personal awareness will prevent that 8th sphere thing from happening but we see a lot of people going into the 8th sphere drained and the 8th sphere over and over again Leilani G is asking is there any escape from the 8th sphere and M leyland DJ can we humans rid the earth of the 8th sphere can we destroy it well it's interesting that makes me think of a Gurdjieff work and these are great questions the Gurdjieff work says that on earth you're under so many laws naturally I think there were 96 and that the higher your awareness goes you the laws come strip off you basically you're not under this law you don't under the law of automatic action of mechanistic action you know we've talked about how in some cultures there's that idea that the higher groups teach that says that what to do is always out there and how to do it is always hidden because the how to do it is always persecuted and driven underground so you know the classic example is turn the other cheek it's tricky because you need a process to learn how to do that right and so that method of how to turn the other cheek is so we have the concept that's right we have that out there that's the exoteric part but the esoteric part which is how to do it is hidden and you have to go look for that so it is kind of fascinating I would say in terms of how do you get out of the 8th sphere look a good example would be drug addiction we see people with drug addiction over and over again the trick is yes can people get out of drug addiction absolutely but at the same time their will has to overcome the will of the drug that's working on them so I think that the eighth sphere has a lot of counterparts in traditional everyday life that we can point to so it's not a sci-fi concept by any stretch of the imagination I think it's something that we see on a regular basis ok myth makers asking ken has Daniel read the puple bootable Popol Vuh and what do you think about gods that can be carried in backpacks it's a good way to put it my god we're gonna have to do a show just dedicated to the Mayan aspect because it is so powerful but the Popol Vuh is one of the only books that we have and if you take a look at it you see if we hadn't burned all the other books associated with the Mayan culture we could probably get a handle on what was going on of course they called there you know where many of these gods come from as planned that's the Atlantis back there we'd have the full picture and in fact there are many people and on one of them who say that on the academic side when things refer to this older culture they're intentionally left out or intentionally censored because they don't want us discovering this is something I've had conversations with Carmen Bolger about they do not want us discovering this higher mind because they were doing so well on us you know hurting us into this technological nightmare that they're developing and really controlling the planet so they don't want the general population and the Veii I'd say would be the establishment generally academic or otherwise they do not want the average public to discover there was this high-minded culture back there that had all the technological stuff that we had in Moore and was spiritually aware and that they had to fight off this kind of egregious selfish trend and that that's the same one that we're in now so I think that people like Steiner like KC by living the life and by you know their work stands the test of time we've learned so much through them about our real past and that's so valuable their lives and the value that they have for us are inestimable all right Wow great questions yeah they're all amazing tonight so before I go any further remember you're watching dark journalists comm go to dark journalist comm sign up for the newsletter this is the time to do 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information that we're talking about and you know I I still have been of the individuals and people and the mystery schools that are out there trying to move this information into the public realm and so that's a long way of saying we really appreciate it and definitely don't hesitate to get behind things now and that are good like the dark journalists show you know and I always point out you know everyone that we take seriously like Giza Death Star Solari or forbidden knowledge TV it's here now we have it now so let's really use it let's get behind it and getting behind the shows is a big thing so we really appreciate it now is the time all right so if not okay called fan what was 2012 really supposed to be all about and a cult physics asked what to see J think about the Mayan Long Count calendar well it's fascinating you can find all of the 1970s shows referring to it call it 2011 so it's hilarious so we can see that 2012 was made up in a sense but it is significant we were in the period look Casey talked about the period 1998 we're in we are in the arc and the arc is you know our regular everyday lives have been so transformed and an average human life a regardless of what religion or what interests you have or what culture you're you're born into the average human life over the last hundred years is so drastically different that we know that something is going on that there's a quickening that's taking place we're being prepared for something and it looks to me that what's happening is that influence of the mystery schools coming out is coming to fruition they decided the scientific materialism is coming down and that this buffer had to be created and so the clash of those two influences that scientific materialism with all the harmonic force of controlling humanity coming down against the mystery schools who have held the information for thousands of years since Atlantis opening us up to that larger group helping us out on the mystery school saw that information that The Clash of those two things is so it's like a nuclear it makes nuclear fission looks like a firecracker so yeah we're we're in the period so the Mayans were absolutely pinpointing it I think for that reason the big marketing campaign and people who ran around saying I'm the twenty twelve like super sensible or I'm Edgar Cayce reincarnated you know there were a lot of dum-dums that took advantage of the stuff let's face it and you know we just have to create a different type of dynamic we take the stuff very seriously you know but there's no dancing Galactic ambassadors last time I checked in the studio if one shows up though we'll be sure to videotape it for everyone but the material is very important it's fantastic enough with all the weird fantasy and that's why I say about 2012 I'll tell you someone who did a really good book of 2012 science and superstition is Alexander Bruce I think she did a terrific job covering where the whole thing came from but in terms of Long Count calendar look they were so advanced they were working with Atlantean astronomy Atlantean geometry we still don't know how that stuff works so yes okay laden will you bitch I think that's how you pronounce it well if this alignment of all planets in our solar system ahead of us this July on the same side of the Sun give us some reaction from these mystery schools I always think that the astrological Olivia can tell you that so we're begging Leah yeah mm-hmm we we understand the power of it look astrology all it does it's a it's a science that was recognized in periods like Chaldean period when you look back over those times an astrologer would be more valuable than like you know political adviser and the fact that that at a certain point the leadership was like oh you know average people shouldn't know about this in the culture let's play it down and that's where that whole scientific materialism comes into it narrows down your vision so you know instead of evolving you evolve along this wand track they want you to evolve around it's miller lite and you know that they want you to really tune into the baseball game hopefully it's a good one but they you know there's this whole thing they want to fill you up and sort of feed you what they want to feed you like with violence and video games or whatever it happens to be you want to keep you into that mindset which you can't evolve from you know your system becomes polluted whether it's intellectually or spiritually you know it goes very deep so I think it's quite important to pause and say what are the things that have been left out you know astrology gives you a much bigger picture of Humanity in the world and it gives us a better idea of the planets influence on everything that's happening here today does that have a great influence you've been absolutely but it's so in terms of the actual specific alignment I think it's interesting I'm open to hearing about what it means and but definitely watch the astrology it's one of the things that we need to rediscover okay okay so similar mines again a great question isn't the hermetic knowledge hidden in plain sight so that only similar minds to those that encode it can understand it it's true well it's a like attracts like that is an actual atomic function but takes place like attracts like and just like with us here this is a very different kind of get-together than you'll find in alternative media because we're learning you know we're going deep a lot of these things and people get together on the corporate media side or on certain alternative media and it's just what I call it two minutes hate thing from 1984 where they just want to you know lash out at everybody and say you know I take out their anger and process their emotions on that and I feel like the minute you become out of your sensor through anger or through you know over identification with a particular aspect that you lose your objectivity you lose your ability to see things as they really are so you lose coherence and the way I would kind of describe it is we're in a situation where being coherent and being centered is more important now than probably at any time in history because the forces and the technology that exists you know I had a conversation with a relative recently and they said something along the line of oh well you know there have always been people trying to control the world what are you going to do and I said yeah you know they haven't always had 5d and 5g and you know they haven't always had the kind of CERN and they haven't always had this kind of technology and the incredible surveillance and the space fence you know so it's different you know wake up so that's a tricky scenario we get into I think it is important for us to realize that things were on a higher level now but still not lose our Center over it and I think everything is designed in popular culture whether it's stories of an tyfa or you know civil war or whatever it happens to be or trying to get you whipped up about immigration or whatever it happens to be though the design is to throw you out of your Center in fact Steiner called the media black magic and I'm the more and more I think about it the more more it's true so I guess dark journalism was was a good name okay Laurence heady does the eighth sphere appear to exhibit fluctuating patterns or changing concentrations with varying intensities and and frequencies and are the variations or fluctuations related with human activities well you sound like you know it better than the most this is hardly depicted the eighth sphere and those Montaigne cards I think it's interesting there's a kind of wonder to it there's an artificial 'ti to it I think that it's a construction that is meant to be completed at a certain point so therefore on a regular basis it's taking energy I think it's like a you know it's a gigantic parasite if you think about it energy wise because it's absorbing all the time so if you had that energy left over if you weren't giving your energy into that program you should weren't giving your energy into that argument or if you weren't giving that energy into being petty where would that energy go you'd have the energy to evolve on the Gurdjieff system they you know one of the things that they have is the self remembering and the first thing that they do is they say no no negative anything you're not allowed to you artificially suppress negative thoughts and it's quite interesting because it goes into the various ways in which a human being wastes energy I always think is that where the energy is going into this artificial sphere so it's a great question this picture I'll show it again of this Li puts Li sitting on the faith sphere and having these spheres through it gives us an idea that you know there is a way there's a kind of a fundamental approach to living which leaves you not vulnerable to things like that I do you think the tradition of the 8th sphere is important in this period when we're dealing so much with talk of robotics and talk of you know sex robots and talk of all these different things in the virtual reality realm that are meant to get you away from what's actually happening so it's drawing you in so the fact that we're we rediscover the 8th sphere now and it comes back strong in our thinking in our focus we start to ask questions about it's the desired condition that's what we need to be doing is asking questions ok we'll take a couple more ward is the eighth sphere accessible can we observe it from here on earth is the pathway into it through physical death only or are there other pathways I guess the question would be like could you remote view these eggs sphere oh absolutely I mean the thing is the the eighth sphere was very apparent to Steiner I mean Steiner was probably one of the best clairvoyant masters that we had on the planet and I'm still not convinced he wasn't six people in one but someone with that kind of advanced clairvoyant vision could certainly observe what's happening in terms of the eighth sphere including you know the dynamics around it so yes would be the answer I think it's tricky because we have to go into it in a way which doesn't bring our imagination too much into it we can't imagine it too much we start to get a feel for what it is but I think that it's certainly when we talk about virtual reality and we talk about the realm of fantasy see fantasy can be so important so I don't want to kind of come out on the side of saying it's anti fantasy thinking it's because fantasy leads to so many things that are creative in nature but I think the idea is the balance of it I think that's just what Steiner was getting at it's the you know like daydreaming takes so much of a person's time and energy away from the actual life that they're constructing something else you know and you know in the case you work your thoughts construct your reality so if someone is is thinking in this kind of fantasy terms then you know they're unplugging from their actual life so there's a huge disconnect there the mind-body aspect isn't together anymore and it seems to me that's how you split an individual someone mentioned porn addiction up there it's very important that is exactly how you'd lure somebody into a state where they become vulnerable because those types of addictions I mean there's all types of different types of addictions we could talk about so very often when I hear people talking about addictions and going on and on about these different things and listening to these shows it did I mean it goes off and my air little bell goes off in my ear that this is really we're talking about it is that's very hates fear oriented so yeah great stuff great question yeah okay pivoting to the Crystal spell Jill our beer could the Crystal Skull be ancient AI well yes yes actually it's a good way to put it I think what happens is I'm gonna tell my crystal skull story okay cool all right and Olivia will back me up on this what happened was we were traveling and we were in a hotel and we were asleep and there was incredible thunderstorm going on I mean really bad but I had been on this trip I thought about the Crystal Skull it had you know I've read some things about it came at him on mind but you know it wasn't um like I wasn't really or hadn't read about it that day but it you know it had been in the air a little bit so long story short I I fell asleep and I had this dream that I was in a Mexican village and I was on my way to get out and there were these very slow-moving buses that were coming by and I was I was trying to get out of there but it was very quaint little place and it was the daytime and I came up to this bus and this woman came off the bus and she was a woman in her 30s maybe and she had kind of an interesting scarf on and she was definitely in mine and she she said something to me and I didn't quite understand it but I got the impression she wanted to show me something and that she had a scarf with her and when she turned the scarf around the Crystal Skull showed up and this is all a dream of course and the minute that I looked at the Crystal Skull the loudest thunderclap I've ever heard in my life shook the entire street that we were on and i hook up immediately after seeing that skull and the mind showing it so for me that stuck with me it was like there was some strange resonance there or it was just a wild dream but Wow yeah well there was an actual thunderclap in real life also I which is the lattice thunderclap I've ever heard like that it was just like it was like an earthquake yeah just sounded like the earth snapped in two or something and there I was in my weird dream with this woman on you know coming off a bus and removing this cloth and showing me the crystal scope it was definitely the mitchell-hedges Crystal Skull and I point that out a lot to people that that skull has a powerful ability it seems to communicate I think even though okay we'll take two more questions well I see Joel is asking um do you think that any of the other skulls are real and have they done the experiments with vibrations and/or music with I guess you go music to that is the way to do it tone sound tone this is something that Casey identified which is how they built the pyramid and we don't understand the power of the audio we don't understand the sound magic that takes place I do feel like you know there are these reports about this group that was in the Gobi Desert and nobody could attack them because they would use sound weapons back in you know maybe 3000 BC there's a lot with sound I think in terms of whether or not the crystal skulls the other crystal skulls are real I've never warmed up to any of them they all feel like replicas to me and that's not a bad thing being a replica but that true authentic skull and I think the things that I read about the crystal skull being more authentic the fact that it has a jaw bone one of the things that I don't know if I got to read it and maybe you can give us another question Olivia because I'm going to find the well I mean I really think I say Joel again was asking about wasn't the crystal basis of Atlantean power and science yes is it Erin Johnson is asking it are there any connections with skulls and possible vortices or portals well see portals this is interesting we don't understand crystal we don't understand certain aspects in these mysteries why is gold always used to these religions now if people look into alchemy they can start to get a hint of what it is when you look into the mystery schools and the information that they look behind in the trail we start to get a picture of why that's so important but on a day to day basis do you ever say to yourself well you know precious metal what is the big deal why is there always gold associated with this and with that well interestingly enough these traditions talk a lot about how gold ties into our spiritual evolution figure that out so crystal as we know pretty much runs our world now from you know radio to computers and everything else so this is obviously a substance that has a spiritual counterpart to it so that whole aspect of understanding what that is and how it relates to us I think it's a fascinating study for sure in terms of portals when you get into this information you see that there are certain places that come together on the earth which is where many of these structures are built that have magnetic influences and that's where that X shows up I focused on the book by George Latura in one of the episodes and I haven't done enough to bring his work out he's quite fascinating he does a lot of work on plato's eggs and he's somebody who really has kind of brought forward that idea that it's a certain place at a certain time the cosmos open up and create this and that the the festivals that go on for year like the ilis inian mysteries that went on for year after year they were waiting for this thing to happen very much like people were waiting for this grande alignment of the planets it is it's like when you talk about a portal it's like things open up between here and somewhere else and something is allowed to flow in that is something this is the period that we're in the 21st century seems to me to be you know target zero for that I mean this is really the period of time that we're in okay we'll take one more well this is getting a little I'm gonna do two more I just wanna take Romina was saying on DJ did you hear about CERN getting ten times stronger yesterday well is there a report yeah well you know send it to me at info at dark journalists comm anything like that please I would love to see it I get information and reports on CERN but you know the truth is CERN is the kind of thing that it's hard to get good information on our good news on you have to watch what they put out also but the idea that it would get ten times stronger is kind of fascinating and no I hadn't heard it okay here's the quote I wanted to use from Frank Dorland Dorland was the person that Anna Mitchell had just gave the skull to and he had it for the decade of the 60s pretty much one thing that Dorland found was that the skull channelled lights from its base into its eye sockets creating an awesome effect but he was not permitted by faith to make such studies forever 1970 Anna showed up on Frank dorrance doorstep and took the skull back from him bringing it back to Ontario with her by bus hey that's weird I was talking about a bus also but this idea that it channeled lies from its base into its eye sockets someone else was doing research on it and they said you know what when you have the lights coming up from the base it looks like it's on fire I found that very interesting because the very term Firestone that Casey used in relation to what the Atlanteans had in relation to the skull obviously the crystal ty-over is there okay we'll take one more JJ okay do you believe the crystal skulls possess the ability to expand psychic abilities like our psychic abilities I do look the person who asked this the crystal skull now is it bill home on he he does he does he puts it out for the public I would definitely grab an opportunity if you go if he does that he's in your town or if he's anywhere near you I would go over and check it out I think it would have that kind of incredible impact the way that you know very few relics would because the mine mysteries I think in the use of that skull is one of those things where you know it has that kind of life-altering vibration to it but it's a fascinating piece even to look at it in photograph or or on video and you know there aren't a lot of pictures of it if you go to the Wikipedia page that's not the crystals go home they've got a different skull up there so yes definitely powerful my god powerful I just wanted to say Erin Johnson said one of the skulls was photographed with one of those aura cams that detects oh yes the frequencies indeed showed a type of consciousness Wow and the observer had a great idea I've never heard this take the skull into a crop circle and see what happens what a wonderful idea maybe we could talk him into doing it I'm gonna get him on the program actually because I think it's very important that he was given this as an heirloom and he's done a great job of of keeping it safe you know I I know that he went to do some tests on it and there I was washing them in the lab and I was like my god I'd never let them get their hands on but I guess HP had their hands on it okay we will actually we'll take a couple more questions Leilani G why aren't there any elongated crystal skulls is it a clue to illustrate their ultimate manifestation of the homo sapien I think the elongated skulls represent something that's similar which is it seems to me that what we're looking at there is some process of expanding the pineal glands power of working through the brain and people don't bring that in enough they're so hung up on the alien aspect but those are clearly human skulls and that's something that I need I think too we need to focus on more which is when you go into that research what were the skull lengthening process is all about but what were those traditions what's at the heart of them it seems to me it's relating directly to that psychic center account so that's a lost art there's no question about it and I mean it would be pretty weird to have people walking around like that space plays live is the Crystal Skull technology a 4d data medium that can be loaded into from the future Wow yeah that's terrific in a sense I mean it's definitely it's like a machine in the sense and that it holds information but I don't think that you can tap the information from the normal regular state of mind you know the kind of everyday state of mind I think you have to be in a state of tapping into your own abilities this is the great thing I think that we find is the overlap to a Steiner in Casey's work which is they say that it's all inside of you like that great psychic ability is inside of you so theoretically you should be able to open up to an experience any human being to of a sacred object and be able to communicate with it and understand what it is but yeah I think you you would have to be in a certain type of state of mind and it's funny you know there are so many things out there about like you know oh do ayahuasca and with a shaman to get into a higher state of mind I'll tell you that nothing is going to beat you kind of going into your own meditation track and becoming you know in touch with that without the benefit of any physical substances interference that's always going to be second right so what you can do when you're not engaging with a particular substance is tap into that higher center right it's be still and know that is the echo from those mystery schools know thyself okay oh boy I'm getting on the high horse myself all right so similar mines again um so isn't we were talking about this earlier today isn't all the secret knowledge from the Society's condensed in the most famous acts the Vitruvian Man Leonardo da Vinci which you had a picture of on Wednesday yes what was the first part of that um basically tying the X into that like is it can't it all be boiled down into that well this is interesting there's three things about the X that are fundamental that we know one it's used to steganography to hide things the groups that are doing that are very advanced technologically and spiritually and in terms of esoteric information even if they're not working with the same purposes so it's it's definitely being used for that when we go back into ancient history to see the uses of the X they seem to be hiding that thing that came out of Atlantis which is this effect thus apotheon effect that was a reality distorter that in essence took down the entire culture it took down the entire land mass so as a physical reaction there but there's there seems to be this distortion associated with the X so we're on the cusp of examining what that is now when the Rosicrucian schools when they look at it with that whole kind of rosy cross mysticism there's always the next thing the human beings at the crossroads of those ax formations so it obviously goes a lot deeper than just hiding a treasure or hiding a secret the secret apparently has to do with your absolute ability for spiritual evolution so it's right at the core of who we are as humanity and so I think as we get into that X we're moving into a different place we've only had this focus on the X with what we're doing say over four months you know now I've been looking at the X for a long time but publicly we've seen it out I mean you see it in so many different ways I even showed the matrix thing tonight you know it's kind of fascinating but there's something to this it's almost like I use the Rosetta Stone a lot but we have a key now that we didn't have anything a little while ago so we're looking at something in 2018 you and I here together that we didn't have to work with so therefore I think the mysteries of what that is going to roll out and unfurl you know people send me emails all the time showing me different uses and what they've discovered about it and you know I think it's now in a process it's like we're all on a roll the dominoes are opening up and this is a process that ricochets are around with incredible esoteric knowledge and yeah I mean I think we get an understanding of the deep state the UFO file and the mystery schools that's a lot so yeah fascinating I think this is a really important question so Oh Alan what about Wikipedia is saying the Crystal Skull is a hoax made in the 19th century when a lot of fakes were made due to interest in Mesoamerican artifacts this is the same Wikipedia that doesn't list witless Roberts our barker is a non-existent person who was the top physicist along with robert Oppenheimer so not very reliable now one thing that we discovered about Wikipedia this has to be borne in mind whenever it's around psychic issues whenever you go in there and they're always slashing together you know they're slashing down like Peter hurkos or Edgar Cayce some of the really I mean Casey's work is untouchable but they need you to understand this what I found out was that psych op this group that you know Shurmur and like the amazing and quote amazing Randi and people like that came out of that's a CIA funded operation and psych op what they would do is they would hire interns to sit there and plunk away at Wikipedia taking down the people they didn't approve of or they or who they were being paid for by the CIA to take out so Wikipedia is basically half real stuff half agenda you know or maybe three quarters agenda one quarter real stuff so if you're looking for the past of like a movie star if you want to find out how much ooh be grossed or if you're looking for some basic fundamental facts about geography or something it's fine but if you're looking for real substance Wikipedia is not the way to go it's controlled and anything especially you know I had this conversation with Russell Targ when he was like I can't believe what they've done to me in in Wikipedia it's total lies it's just sitting there as a tissue of lies so what do you do you know they're lying and psych op takes advantage of free labor to get them to live so yeah I have to low low low regard for Wikipedia it's a great idea but it's a corrupt process ok last question always ask this Murray Oliver can you address 5g in relation to all of this please well equation thing with 5g it's you know it's a very dangerous situation but the idea is that their meaning and demands right people on things faster and better and all the rest so instead of having these central towers send out the stuff they're making little mini towers that broadcast it in your area or on your block just see them popping up all over the place people send me pictures of these things all the time the problem with the 5g is we're already in a state of entrainment interacting with the technology and we already see that's having a bad effect on people's consciousness that's one to the physical ramifications like the smart grids and smart meters you know there's going to be a certain point where everyone's just getting fried by this stuff so yeah I think just fundamentally it has so much in common with what we're talking about but again it represents that physical mental domination because physically I'd dominate you by weakening your physical structure with all these rays and psychically I weaken you because I'm sending out entrainment so when you're playing a game or if you're interacting with something I'm sending this stuff in there to lock you in you know and they have all these different ways of luring us in and getting us on the bandwagon of that technology and for me it's control I'd rather have the stuff without the trol and you know the certain amount of agenda built into things you can appreciate but this type of top-down control especially for younger people coming into it you know someone is like 12 or 13 and developing and just being mowed down by this process I think that people need to be more aware of it and far more suspicious of it the thing is you know you you need to apprehend the technology and you need to work with it but I think the fundamental safeguards and the dangers of it we talked about entrainment and all the rest of it have to be spelled out and it has to be the kind of thing that we're all aware of and it loses its ability I think when were aware of it that way but yeah great question fantastic show tonight it was really happy to see everyone out here and we had a huge crowd we're gonna see you next week so happy July 4th weekend and the way I look at it is you're still on holiday until next Monday and then get back to work but we'll see you next week I do have a interview with Catherine Austin Fitz coming up was weren't able to put it out because during July 4th we decided to add some things to it that are absolutely fascinating but she does her greatest work ever so we're going to have that for you and then we have many exciting shows coming up remember to go to the website sign up for the newsletter the newsletters free subscribe to the site become a member get behind it that's the kind of thing that I think that is going to be very important as we get further into the X series the X series is going to completely transform our understanding of traditional life in traditional politics and the traditional understanding of subjects of the esoteric nature of the UFO file there's no question it has that kind of power the next episode we're going to do you know is Trump and Tesla we've taken one crack at it now I'm going to go a lot deeper Trump and Tesla's the next x episode and we will see you next week so thanks so much in Olivia what could I say unbelievable as usual thank you and for everybody who is asking about Trump and the space force we will cover that next week yeah well the interview with Fitz is on Trump in the space force so that should help and then we're also covering Trump and Tesla on the space force so it's going to be power packed but I've been wanting to really get that episode done I've done so much research and of course you know I've brought in the variants I've brought in Bennifer Bush and we've got that episode out there about it and people have really responded well to it but I've got a lot more information to to pull down so thank you everyone it was great to see everyone out there California gee I see you thank you a cult fan it's nice to see you out there and yeah my soul on fire it's great to have you in the chat now fantastic David termina excellent Erica McLaughlin of course we're happy to see everyone and Josh Brent was Josh Randall out there he it was absolutely fantastic Josh Randall does a great job always the witty comments out there and moves things along nicely we will see you next week and it's terrific it's great having everyone here thank you so much have a great week everybody talk to you soon Olivia what spur what's for dinner eat so Sheila Pete sent tequila what do you think we're in Mexico


  1. Hi can someone help me as I thought all the skulls including this one were tested and found to be fake. Also I thought it had been proven that there’s a letter showing that he actually purchased the item at an auction.
    Also the story changed when he was alive to he found it to after his death his adopted daughter claimed it was her that actually found it. Another thing can someone point me in the direction about all these ancient tales that were passed down as the only reference I can find is in 2 books that came out around the same time that were the idea of Anna’s publicist and there’s also letters showing this. Am I missing something?
    I’m sorry pictures of skulls on a tablet could be interpreted in many ways where the stories handed down from shaman to shaman to match the pictures. I wish this story was true but there’s either heaps of disinformation out there or in fact they are fakes. Is there somewhere I can find out more info that’s factual? Don’t mean to be a downer but just want the facts not stories.
    Peace ✌️

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