and we are live this is dark journalist and it's great to have everyone here you know we have a very special broadcast tonight because what we're gonna do is something a little bit different which is we're looking very hardcore into these exes as we have been and one of the things that I want us to really focus in on tonight is I think we found the trail of where the majority of the exotic technology has landed and that's why this is going to be a very special broadcast and an important one so thank you very much for joining us of course we have the lovely Olivia with us hi everybody and of course ask her your questions in caps because it's going to make it easier to sift through we might take questions a little early tonight we have Walter Bosley joining us but he will be on in the second hour and in the first hour we're going to go through the progression of this ex maze this ex broadcast this ex steganography that has been really coming into focus so much in these shows because one of the main things that I've been trying to do is understand when we look at these deep state things it's one thing to call out the deep state or the breakaway civilization or the secret space program it's another thing to actually get into who they are Trace ibly without just yelling rothschild or without just yelling you know rockefeller although they both come up in this we need to know it on a deeper level it can't be a kind of a quick hey it's the Bilderberg Group we need something a lot more comprehensive to work with and that's where I've been orienting my own research around this so much lately is to get us into who and what has been controlling the UFO file since at least the Kennedy era and I found very convincing evidence now that I'll present tonight about where that trail leads and it's it's pretty surprising in some ways although it's been on the radar we've never been on the radar the way we're going to put it on the radar tonight by the time we're done with this X broadcast you're going to understand I'd say in the first few that we've set up how the X has shown up as this unusual symbol all the way through these space programs early Aeronautics and in the late 50s but what we're gonna do tonight is even go deeper and figure out where it landed finally and that's going to be quite significant I'm gonna do a lot of show-and-tell so we're going to get through this first hour on the X in the second hour we'll bring in Walter Baz he's going to talk about nimza in that secret society in the Sonora Aero Club and all that California early German groups going out there and creating these airship mysteries and who was behind that so it's really going to be an incredible showed of course last week we had Joseph Ferrell laying the foundation of where the Nazi aspect that technology came from now we're going to go even deeper still so let's start with this this is we take a good look at it is Pine Gap that's an Australia and it's in the Northwest Territories you know it's a very unusual case about how this came up in the first place there's another quite compelling shot these weren't authorized shots by the way a lot of the reporters who went in on this definitely had issues getting that kind of shots but it's a series of domes and it's been a facility that's been operating and basically protecting the UFO FILES since 1967 it's a stencil purpose has been to you know give us this invincible kind of well its original purpose was to study space and then people realized after a while it was an eavesdropping station by the NSA on all of our enemies quote-unquote in the area and what was fascinating about it for me was the more we get into Pine Gap the more we realized the shenanigans started at the very beginning and they go they go back even further than pine app itself and they get right into that extra jek Cherie but I'm gonna start off tonight's show with this blue Gemini program there is blue Gemini blue Gemini was a very compelling program it was started just before the Kennedy administration came in technically although on paper it'll show up in 1962 in fact the space reports and the different people the scholars who looked at this and the different reporters have figured out that this program lay out there and the president didn't even know it was active so this in my opinion as we'll see as we look at blue Gemini it's so tied in with the X that we can see that the what was happening was the UFO filed the information that was moving into blue Gemini now blue Gemini by the time it came in to focus in 1962 was still a highly guarded project and by the way we only got real info on blue Gemini in 2015 because that's when the NRO was forced to release a number of their records concerning the program this is a program that was clocking 100 million dollars back then if you can translate those dollars it's astronomical and the idea was ostensibly it was going to create these manned missions and it was going to be us kind of a space station that you could set up where they could you know disembark the astronauts and send them off and do different things what happened though with blue Gemini was it was largely used as a UFO recon program which is where the hassle came in and there was a big hassle and a lot of that hassle comes up with McNamara who really wrote McNamara being Kennedy's defense chief he really had his fingers in a lot of pies and one of the incredible things that he was trying to do and that incredible process that JFK was trying to do was walk between this incredible Nazi post-war Nazi group in the space program and around aerospace and the types of control at the were taken versus the military which he also had issues with and he was trying to balance the power out now what happened was one of the early versions of blue gem and I got scrapped and that was called miss and Eisenhower scrapped it and said you know what all that stuff is going into a civilian agency we're going to call it NASA because Sputnik and all these different things were happening there's a terrific documentary called Sputnik on Netflix which really gives you a little bit of that background and it shows you just how much of a struggle it was for eisenhower to get his hands back over that UFO file which appears to me just being in charge of the space program was an essential point it was an essential thing to get that bag now Eisenhower basically goes into a situation where he says well you know this all needs to be civilian control so we're going to go with the NASA aspect and so the military is upset but what also is upset is this wing over here of the CIA post-war Nazi group that included people like when Braun for example so we're really in quite a situation as we get into it and I think that Eisenhower putting that power into NASA and succeeding against all odds made it incumbent upon those groups like the CIA in the postwar fascist influence to try to get their fingers on NASA which is really strange because but you can see McNamara doing with blue Gemini is actually favoring the military over NASA which is very odd and you know so everybody's game is kind of exposed at that point but blue Gemini stands out because what's essentially happening is they're trying to create a UFO recon program and make it sort of half black program and half on the books program they're trying to get funding for it out in the open also and they're trying to obtain control over NASA reports and all the rest of it and so at a certain point Kennedy discovers and the game's over basically in blue Gemini becomes defunded and MacNamara comes in and says you know we're not going to go forward with this we're going to give all of blue Gemini to the military which is an amazing thing for the Kennedy administration to do because Kennedy was all about making sure the military didn't go too far but there are actually cases back there like for example when Kennedy says I'm going to smash the CIA in a thousand pieces and give their function back to the Joint Chiefs he's thinking look this is the devil that I know versus the unknown things that the CIA is doing over here on their own and those things were getting pretty extreme at that point to the point where not only were they in control of this kind of international scene but they were in control of this exotic technology so Kennedy's move here is to say I will give blue Gemini back to the military and this NASA you know von Braun wing is going to get stiffed on it now blue Gemini is very unusual because it's been rumored for years that they didn't really know you know the depth it's kind of the original secret space program because it was funded but it was a black project and then there are still remnants of it out there I found even the original shot which was in here somewhere and I will show it to you eventually but I do feel that when we're looking at the UFO file and where it was coming out after dornberger walter dornberger who we brought over is one of those paperclip nazis that we discussed so much last week with Joseph Farrell who made all of the X brand of space planes now those X brand space planes are crucial if we want to understand the UFO file and where the technology goes all you have to do is follow the X through history and those programs and we've got it now I've done a number of things over the course of these and I just want to reboot our understanding here real briefly to understand what the X is all about I'm going to start at the end and work my way back so we'll start with this which I showed last week which is Nixon's letter to President Trump in 1987 saying dear Donald space if you ever run for president you'll be a winner and Pat and I have decided that's a very cute letter I went a little deeper and found that relationship between the Trump's and Nixon was tight that's John Connally in the middle who was in the car when Kennedy was assassinated it's a very unusual picture historically but what I found out and what I think is going to really make this interesting is there's now an article on the record saying that people in the White House know that letter so well because Trump keeps it right on his oval office desk showing you the significance he placed on Nixon and you know if you've all been following my reporting on the Robert Merritt's story and Nixon's time capsule then you're getting a real feel here for the linkages and the things that are going on in short Marit was someone who had worked for Nixon in the Houston plan it was a real undercover operative at the time there's a great trail for him in history there's a good paper trail for him as a federal informant so it's not somebody that we have to guess you know is this guy legit or is he something else he certainly was back there but he came out and he talked about these three meetings with President Nixon beneath the White House and how Nixon told him about having this time capsule that contained this information and a formula that would make the United States energy independence and it's a fascinating story but in history there hasn't been a whole lot we've been uncovering all the real threats so with one of the first things we uncovered was the Bob at maneger documentary which the Nixon administration had funded that was all about UFOs which eventually came out after Nixon was taken out of office so there's a Planet X aspect to that time capsule and the message that Nixon left behind so there's there's Nixon's ex and we found this one which is LBJ is X let's take a quick look at this and that is an X letter that says not to be opened until 2023 fifty years after the death of LBJ and the X envelope was given to Harry Middleton who's the director of the LBJ library interestingly enough at night 94 hour two pages from this letter came out and it was very unusual circumstances I think there was some kind of a mixin revival going on after his death and they just wanted to get in on it I'm not sure it was happening but what it showed is that you know they were tracking the phone calls of Spiro Agnew but all the calls were in New Mexico which I found very unusual because of course all the UFO lore as we know goes to New Mexico and Nevada so a quick thing here on the stealth archives stealth archives are things that we've been finding that show the truth about the UFO file and show us where that energy has been kept and where those programs have been inculcated and one of the interesting things that I found in this stealth archive is that Robert McNamara the defense secretary under Kennedy may be the first person in LBJ the one who got us into Vietnam or at least he took LBJ's orders into Vietnam interestingly enough he may be the first person on the record in a recently Declassified in a row document to actually state that there's a secret space program which I found remarkable and I will share that with you first let's take a quick look at this this is now rock Robert McNamara and he's giving his reasons why he he doesn't like the funny business going on around x20 which is one of these space planes they called a dinosaur Dyn a SOA are and this is the program that came up right after a blue Gemini was a major competitor with it quote now this is McNamara the x20 dinosaur was not contemplated as a weapon system or even as a prototype of a weapon system it was a narrowly defined program limited primarily to developing the techniques of controlled re-entry at a time and the broader question of do we need to operate in near Earth orbit has not yet banan's I don't think we should start laid out a billion dollar program until we lay down very clearly what we will do with the product what he's saying is let's not build a space weapon here this thing is for exploration of outer space what are you doing basically and then the follow-up on this and this comes from a very interesting book called us hypersonic research and development the rise and fall of dinosaur and this period is where in getting into the space aspect they have three things to consider one they have the Soviet Union as a major competitor but also they don't want to trigger a nuclear war especially under Kennedy we've seen over and over again a lot of these things are happening right around the Cuban Missile Crisis and they're being very careful with their space maneuvers but they don't want to provoke anybody on the other hand this other group around the military in the CIA wing that has von Braun infiltrating NASA they are they don't mind provoking the Soviet Union they seem to enjoy it and they want to show their superiority and flex their nuclear weapons at any point so it's quite a dance that's going on here at the same time they're trying to integrate this UFO technology and get their hands back on it and they can see in these projects that the Von Braun and people are working on that some of this some of these factors are coming into play so they're trying to get a handle on at McNamara and Kennedy now what the book says after that quote by McNamara is this contrary to McNamara's statements Air Force leaders had specifically defined dinosaurs role as a weapon system so in the Air Force side they defined it already as a weapon system just like blue Gemini it was supposed to be this program for space exploration that's being turned to another purpose because the whole thrust behind many of these groups is to get into space weaponry and that is something that we're seeing happening now and it was a big push in the 1980s also the weaponization of space is the crux of so much of this as we'll see as we go along the privatization of space is going to lend itself also to this so I'm just going to read this contrary to MacNamara statement Air Force leaders had specifically defined dinosaurs role as a weapons system and had long been charting its potential for routine access to space within the context of aerospace doctrine it was a strategic deterrent by performing nuclear bombardment interception logistics they are planning on a nuclear war of the guys in the military and they were thinking hey we'll use this this is fantastic now the a minute ago I referenced that Trump had with Nixon kept that letter telling him to run for president 1987 subsequently Nixon and Trump got very close so here we have in this USA Today article the the quote here Trump now keeps the brief letter on the table behind his desk at the Oval Office so you know here we have in print fundamentally that Nixon Trump connection is very important so just keep that in mind as we go along we have a lot of great stuff to cover I do feel that when we look at blue Gemini if we have to kind of look through the eyes of everyone is going to be after this stuff and so all the secrecy and all the different things that they're doing basically they fail with blue Gemini because they cannot bring out that kind of von Braun deep state version of the space program with blue Gemini they fail because the kennedy administration steps in kennedy administration that steps in in June of 63 a right around the time he gives the American University speech about you know we we have to change our attitude towards the Russians and things like that and then six months later he'll be assassinated now what we have to keep in mind is where do things go what happens you know if Kennedy was such a big block and where do these things go and what I found is that when we follow that X which we've gone through this process of talking about how X went from Frank's Kelley who was a witness to and heard these stories about a crash in Aztec and had talked to these witnesses about it and there were people who were trying to to get some attention on that story in 1950 and he's the character that you know they had this whole thing that they make the x-files in the FBI because of Frank's going and the guy who's running the x-files is guy Bannister who eventually shows up in New Orleans running Lee Harvey Oswald as communist operation you know even though he's an extreme right winger so you know these things often are on that deep level are very connected but we have to understand fundamentally with the EX that we get the ability now through the steganography through that system of seeing it move we're going to be able to watch it move through these decades and appear right here in 2018 okay a few things about Pine Gap its actual name is very unusual and get into that because Pine Gap when they introduced it is in my opinion it's because of the failure of the blue Gemini and what they couldn't integrate this whole program then they had these problems so Pine Gap is in Australia it's in kind of a very remote part of Australia and they decide we can start to do this UFO reengineering stuff here because you needed a place beyond area 51 because you needed to test this in other terrains and all the rest of it and also it's easy for people to infiltrate just one area so that's one of the reasons Pine Gap becomes so important and in fact it becomes the subject of all of these different reports by people like glenn greenwald and snowden letting out that NSA had a whole program around Pine Gap and it's the name of the program we'll find out it was had an X in it so Pine Gap certainly is where they decided they were going to do this but they came across resistance almost immediately by the Prime Minister that and he was saying well you know we're in this situation we really you know don't want a military base here and they're saying no no no it's not a military base it's all gonna be hunky-dory and you're gonna get great rewards from it well apparently things didn't go so well because as it turned out he was presumed drowned at sea and was never seen again not even the body now interestingly enough there are people who've come out and said that in Australia that they were part of the team that participated in dumping his body at sea and all the rest of it and those cases have never been heard but there is someone who runs a site about that and I'll give you his name as we go along here but I think what we need to keep in mind is a game if they're playing around the UFO file is not it's not lightly taken you know it's not lightly gone into there they're very serious about keeping the technology secret one and removing obstacles and that comes down to people like JFK and like Kennedy and we maybe you know will see a lot of this static around Trump is also related to this as we get into this so it's a really all-encompassing kind of picture so I'm going to show you here and just run through a couple of these this is a craft that was shot outside of Pine Gap there's more recent though and it looks doesn't it's got a little bit of that to the Stars kind of look to it definitely like a reengineering type of craft as opposed to an authentic the amount of sightings by Pine Gap go absolutely through the roof after we have the facility set up and very often people report seeing craft they report seeing blue beams so much so that the nearby town of wycliffe which is near Alice Springs which is close by to Pine Gap in Australia they start having these like theme parks and things that remind you of the like little alien in an area 51 and extra-terrestrial Highway and stuff because it's just something it's so common there now they're seeing these crafts all over the place and this is another piece of that take a good look at this I mean these are people who are living with that that's in Australia that's not area 51 so these people know something is up now Pine Gap becomes the focal point not of UFO protesters or researchers but of people protesting the policies of the United States coming in and using Australia as a puppet to eavesdrop on all these other countries and Australia in fact starts adopting some pretty hardcore rules regarding handguns vaccines and all the rest of it they've become you know a really largely dominated entity by the United States but Pine Gap basically represents the cynic when on they the really top of the line and the research around the X Factor as we go in here the UFO file arrives at Pine Gap in the 70s and all the way up to the president and we're gonna we're gonna come in to more along this line so let's take a little more of a look at the Pine Gap this is yet another prime minister can you see that yeah that's him all right go Whitlam he is very fast any characters kind of like a Bernie Sanders type character that was around in the 70s and he did a fascinating thing which is he created a populist movement in a country where they really hadn't seen one I mean he had incredible support across the board and he came in just before Watergate and all these different things one of his first things that he wanted to do was get the United States military bases out of Australia or at least limit their role there and his one of his main targets was Pine Gap well it's an extraordinary thing because his whole prime ministership and the entire time that he's there he is you know celebrated by his people and all the rest of it but they do a very strange parliamentary move and it's the largest constitutional crisis in Australian history where they just simply write him out and they say you know it doesn't matter if you got in this way through these different parliamentary rules you and so it becomes you know this this really dark cloud watergate happens in 74 and they throw out this Australian Prime Minister in 75 both may be related to Pine Gap as it turns out that's what they want to show you this other Australian Prime Minister there he is with LBJ and a a year later he would be he's the one who disappears and because he was the early version he's the guy in 67 who said I don't want to do this and he disappears to such a point that his body hasn't even found as I pointed out now this picture is a hole in a mountain it looks a lot like area 51 style style that's Pine Gap and there's a lot of these basically what we've seen is that the terrain there was really perfect for this as a matter of fact it was better than area 51 for a lot of reasons and certainly by the time the 1990s hit an area 51 became everybody's favorite punchline oddly enough the the whole kind of focus around Pine Gap never rose to that level when in fact I think it's a much more operated base in terms of the UFO file so let's go a little bit further there are a number of stories about UFO development in Pine Gap I can't go through all of them but I want to grab it one here okay so one of them coming from this techno realities blog quite good actually so basically in in the 70s there was a newspaper that made a report it's called the nation in Australia and I have a photo of it here but the the the newspaper basically said you know what as it turns out Nixon is behind Pine Gap and that they've been doing secret work for him this whole time now it's fascinating about this it's fascinating for a couple of reasons actually but Nixon as we know had been doing the EM and Egger documentary he'd been preparing for UFO disclosure as early as 1971 now he had in the 50s as we went back through if you go back through a few of our programs you will find Nixon is in charge of the CIA blue book project which was the more advanced version of Project Blue Book and Project Blue Book the one that we got was basically the joke version and it didn't you know it did not live up at all it was the one where they were like ooh you know the planet Venus was out there or maybe there was something but we couldn't quite tell what it was CIA blue book or they were actually dealing with entities and they were dealing with recovered craft and things like that it was the advanced level and so Nixon was there according to several was suppose now on record over time and as we can see it makes sense as we get along in this picture but by the time we're getting into the early 70s this article which I find very interesting I'm just trying to get a good shot of it this is a little fuzzy on it and I'm gonna try to get my hands on the actual newspaper I've got the front of it here bear with me a second but this is absolutely crucial because we're gonna find as we go along here that Nixon and fine gap were deeply relates and that is a closer look at the writer there William H Martin so a lot of interesting things around this too because there was a researcher back in the 70s who wrote a book called cosmic conspiracy stand day oh he's still around now but he's often associated with the kind of almost like born-again aspects of religious aspects around these things but he did good research back there and he talks all about this story and how it was out and basically what the article says is that Nixon in this isn't 73 now and that says in Nixon in 1975 is going to announce this free energy and that he got from working on these propulsion projects at Pine Gap this is someone in the know getting the information out as it turns out they had a hard time tracking down this writer deo in the 70s writing cosmic conspiracy and trying to track down this guy and when he looked at the name William H Martin it turns out it was an early aviation person so the guy was using a name you know as if I was writing under like Nikola Tesla or something like that and so it gets very deep which is one of the reasons why we have Walter Bosley on tonight because going back into that earlier airship period we're tracking the X once again so the name of the article was Pine Gap does sci-fi research for tricky dick and it outlines how Nixon has been having Pine Gap do these experiments to try to get at this free energy and how they're going to announce it in 1975 now let's keep in mind Nixon funding the UFO documentary and of course merits unusual story about the time capsule in the formula we're getting the idea that Nixon was the one who wanted to make himself the disclosure president and the Bicentennial was going to be the perfect excuse to do it although he had run to terms making the United States energy independent in that energy crisis was going to give him a third term okay so we're back to the X I'm going to show you how let's not forget the X that's also the dark journalists logo interestingly tough but that's a coincidence but it is interesting we get into X and I like these programs because when we can explore something on three levels we get a much better picture of what's happening so if we can go on this kind of symbolic journey if we can go on a nuts-and-bolts journey and if we could go on a political journey then I think we're operating with full focus so the Pine Gap logo see if I can get this one clear because it's a small shot it's basically a big X around the world and its function from everything that I've been able to deduce is re-engineer that UFO technology and make it practical on a military basis and make the people behind the re-engineering of that UFO technology to make them kind of invincible and beyond the common rules of governments and constitutions it's it's sort of like this you know we're revolutionizing everything and we're going to rule it from space as soon as we can get this stuff up and running now that's the ultimate goal there's a lot of intermediaries where people just think well we're working our way up the ladder of advancing technology and keeping it sit and hidden from the Soviets and our other enemies the Chinese and all the rest of it so really we can also see when we're looking at Nixon's initiatives reaching out to China reaching out to Russia he is pulling everyone together around that and I do believe there's a battle that takes place between Nixon developing this energy technology and the deep state CIA aspects that originally were with him but realize oh you know what this guy's is not the hardcore guy we thought he was and they decide to pull into a different direction that's where the schism comes out and that's where they know a guy like Nixon can hang himself because with all the only thing he was doing really was like things that LBJ was doing you know which is when you don't like somebody you break into their office you get damaging records on them and on these different levels these past presidents had done it but they knew that they could hang Nixon with it this is something essential but remember the X on on the Pine Gap logo and Olivia I'm gonna have you read this because I know you do it just right joint defense facility Pine Gap mooniit assessed for two toes that's it when we toss a sport across all right so now we've seen Nixon and his relationship to Pine Gap we've seen that the United States has actually got rid of two Australian Prime Minister's because they weren't in sync with they wanted to get rid of Pine Gap Pine Gap becomes very very important and Pine Gap is where the X all that reverse technology and all the space planes and all the things that they were going to do it becomes the focal point in my opinion far more so than area 51 and I'll tell you why we don't have to go into a little history here we're gonna have to go into Shakespearean history and we're gonna have to go right to Shakespeare believe it or not all right the first thing I want you to look at is X 3 that is a satellite launched from Australia by the way which we lost contact with almost immediately but once in a while still sends the signals and it will for another 100 years very much like Eisenhower's time capsule from 1953 which was called Project X X 3 was launched in Australia in 71 now Australia we have to remember this Australia is the third country to launch satellites the United States Russia Australia being number three it's pretty advanced we were really plugging them in at the time and giving them this technology they're really an arm of the US government we have to view Australia that way not very independent and when they showed independence we can see what happened to the leadership so we really needed that strategic position now I do understand that we're cold war was on so there there good solid reasons for some of this that go to the heart of foreign policy but there's some much deeper reason that's the one that they tell the kind of mid-level managers and and military people and political officials about but the real hard core reason goes a lot deeper and it's oriented right around this very small group handling this X technology the UFO file all the way through so they call it Prospero the Prospero satellite x3 was launched out there it had an immediate problem they lost contact with it very unusual situation but Prospero being launched out of Australia and the Prospero base started to get me to think there any other was a base called Prospero in Australia it turns out that Prospero is the base that gives all the support military direct support to Pine Gap because Pine Gap is not wrong direct by military it's run by CIA and NSA people now that's on the record and it's a fact and when it came out it was quite a shock not only to the UK but you know in in the u.s. they were like oh we didn't know this was the case but a lot of the whistleblowers and stuff that came out of there again they try to give them an incredibly hard time so we're looking at a whole dynamic coming out of Australia which is where somebody decided this is the core where we're going to place this information and we're going to make the development and the redevelopment of the UFO technology dead center bull's eye that X draw it right over Australia now prospero interestingly enough being the name of the satellite that they launched X 3 Prospero but if we go into Prospero in Shakespeare we find something very very unusual a line from The Tempest or Prospero is this fictional character and he has this daughter Miranda and they strand them on this island and everything around The Tempest it's a fascinating play and he's a sorcerer that's something we also need to keep in mind here but see if this see if this gives us some idea of where the name Pine Gap comes from quote Prospero states it was mine art when I arrived and heard thee that made the gape the pine and let thee out we've got gape and pine right there in the tempest in Prospero which is the name of the military base that services Pine Gap and the they launched the Prospero satellite so now we're starting to think huh they're they're doing a maiming system here on the military bases they're doing a naming system you know we already are following this X and now we've got this Shakespeare wing what is going on what are they doing with this there's a number of things around Prospero that are really going to open us our eyes around this but that quote there's no question that Pine Gap the name of Pine Gap comes from that quote now let's we're going to go a little bit deeper and you know I didn't promise you I was going to read poetry tonight you're going to get just a little bit more Shakespeare more Prospero and it has all the classic lines you'll notice as we go along here the The Tempest is believed to be Shakespeare's last play by the right okay one person's speech this is prosperous last speech our revels now are ended these our actors as I foretold you were all spirits and are melted into air into thin air and like the baseless fabric of this vision the cloud-capped towers the gorgeous palaces the solemn temples the great globe itself think of that logo with the X let's take a quick look here just remember that X as we go on the solemn temples the great globe itself yea all which it inherit shall dissolve and like this insubstantial pageant faded leave not a rack behind we are such stuff as dreams are made on and our little life is rounded with a sleep okay the stuff that dreams are made of are made on as it were we all know that the name inside of area 51 was dreamland now Prospero is giving us this backbone of where Pine Gap came from and again we have this dream aspect and spirits melted into thin air well there are things that happen during the play one of them is prospero with his magic powers tries to free Ariel who's a spirit of the air and in this process he decides to control Ariel so Ariel's not so free after all and Prospero is using all of his a kind of dynamite magic and so this is the the very end of this and I think it is significant so I'm going to read that the final soliloquy here we go again Prospero now my charms are all overthrown and what strength I have mine own which is most faint now it is true I must be here confined by you or sent to Naples let me not since I have my dukedom God and pardon the deceiver dwell in this bear island by your spell but release me from my bands with the help of your good hands gentle breath to yours my sails must fill or else my project fails which was too pleased now I want spirits to enforce art to enchant and my ending is despair unless I be relieved by prayer unless I'd be relieved by prayer which pierces so that it assaults mercy itself and frees all faults as you from crimes would pardon'd be let your indulgence set me free the the tie-in of this whole tempest imagery with Pine Gap and the Prospero satellite the Prospero military base is that they are using something handed down very very old when they're developing Pine Gap and it is this imagery of a sorcerer opening up this spirit of the air and controlling it and having ups and downs and basically being broken at the end and then saying well this is the stuff that dreams are made on there's so many rich details in here that are giving us a picture forming a picture of what they think that they're doing with the UFO technology and what they think that they're doing with the UFO file which is they are unleashing this spirit of the air and they're all the illusions around it are it's it's a you know code it's such an easy way to put it but it's so much deeper than a code it's a way of them thinking in a way of them tracking a mindset that gives us some idea of what they are involved in Prospero you know as we know is definitely one of the more dramatic Shakespeare plays but the the thing that he needs to do his goal in here is he when he frees the spirit Ariel he has to free it from entrapment within a cloven pine and anyone who was looking at this will tell you that means at the time it's a gap and you know so when he's saying when I arrived and heard thee that made the gape the pine and let the out so there's our Pine Gap imagery coming straight out of Prospero tempest in the Shakespeare aspect and some of the illusions inside of this are uneasy shall we say that is that he understands that he's dealing with something a spirit of the air which you know is very possibly going to lead him to despair but he's compelled to basically use it to his advantage you know we have to remember in the beginning he's a victim who's kind of shipwrecked anyway and so we're looking at all sorts of levels of symbolism when we're getting into this and now when we start to arrive at the fact that Pine Gap is the kind of hardcore Center X of where the UFO file went and we're starting to see that they're using the Shakespearean imagery of spirits of the air we have to understand the messaging that's going on because you know it's so easy I think for us just to say well there are cover-ups and there are different aspects that are you know that these groups commit by hiding the truth but what is it that if we can see through them and see through the things that they're doing to what they're dealing with we're gonna get a better idea and learn and understand how we're going to be able to come forward so when we look at a group like the people who are running Pine Gap we're looking at the same group who are big players on the continuity of government movement continuity of government players are the same people just like at Pine Gap they're setting up holes in mountains they're setting up entire underground structures what is it all about is it simply to survive a nuclear war is something much different going on you know and are they creating an entire underground environment in which to live because they know something that we don't it's a reasonable question the continuity of government players go back to the 50s of course and they have a rich connections to all the secret space players and all these different people involved with it the fundamental reason was in the 1950s that they were saying hey you know we need to protect ourselves in the event of a nuclear exchange and we're going to build these underground cities and we're going to create an entire government structure that doesn't need to you know it's not something you can target and but in fact by building that government in Waiting that covert government at a certain point as we'll see as we get along here it kind of flops over it takes over what's the public over it government and then you have this thing running that you can't get your finger on you're saying we're going on in all these events from the JFK assassination through Watergate through iran-contra it's a force we can't get our hands on in the historical aspects around it when you listen to people even like Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein talk about Watergate you know they they understand only one sliver aspect of it which is the most obvious and it's such a deep picture that we have to go to people in the work like Peter Dale Scott for example who coined the term the deep state it gives us the ability to see things as they really are because the way that things are played out we just say it it's like oh it's this power play this group against that one that's this rich group against these other people oh gee politicians and rich people are so bad you know and that's it that's that's where they want our thinking to stop but what's happening is there's a very small group that is controlling a very large technological advance and it represents advances in science it represents advances in technology so we're really kind of moving into something where we're getting a good snapshot of who they are and the X steganography that's been used and I've traced it through walter dornberger x' work the fern upon brown coming into the 50s coming into really even the Planet X research you can go further back with it and we will when Walter Bosley is here but one thing I want us to keep in mind is that X through history is one of the keys it's one of the tools that's going to help us to understand who the small group is that's organizing these things and what they're after what is it they're moving toward you know when we hear so many things about transhumanism when we're working on you know issues that relate to digital currency when we're looking at the kind of centralization of force what is it all about really where what are they moving toward and now space is a big aspect of that now those same people that created all of these untouchable rules that we can't get at regarding the continuity of government because it's such national security we couldn't understand oh you're building underground bases with black budget money yeah that's where that 21 trillion went missing from the budget you know we're starting to figure these things out but now they're taking those rules of continuity of government in moving them into space so what's we've popularized is the secret space program which blue Gemini is a fundamental aspect of and also by the way MacNamara citing a secret space program by saying there are two space programs national space programs right now and that's in a document that only came out in 2015 that's the first reference in an official document to the secret space program what is the plan there so when we have these kind of phony movements like the New York Times disclosure movement where they're trying to say well UFOs are a threat and you know we're moving into kind of dangerous territory with some of this stuff the thing we need to watch is what's the response on the other side and we see Trump talking about space force and Trump talking about you know he reopened the space Council we're gonna have much bigger role in space we're going to Mars and you know do you ever ask yourself why aren't why don't we have stations on the moon right it's it's becoming almost ridiculous it's not budgetary as a matter of fact they spent enough money at the time to do it so what is the real reason behind the lack of activity on the public side for the space program being semi defunct and mass operating at pre-1965 levels there has to be a reason the reason is because on the public side it was easy to dismiss privately it would have been top priority and that's the way that they operated it on the covert level and then they spill it out through private industry now there's a couple of guys of course as we go through the private side who become obvious candidates and I'm gonna see if I can find the first one Elon Musk and you know a lot of people send me things about Elon Musk and I really do appreciate all the things that people send because it definitely helps make my own work more complete with the things that you send in and so many of you are so well informed that you know it gives me great enthusiasm to work with you because this is kind of like as opposed to just me giving you reporting you're really providing a kind of interactive situation where I'm learning a great deal from you as well so I appreciate that before I go into the next segment Olivia how we doing over there great okay how's how's everybody on the moderating boards I should look at these comments tonight for the iffy oh this is fascinating oh there's hahaha well I have a general rule around trolls it's really good that if there are any trolls from three-letter agencies using four-letter words we have a five-star spin don't forget it how are we doing on questions has anyone asked anything let's get into a couple before Walter gets here and then we'll make his segment just about the names of research but let's do this I'm going to ask the big question first who is really the man behind the curtain that's fascinating captain Austin Fitz calls him mr. global and there's no question that he represents a group and they obviously are in possession of this advanced technology and but they've been in possession of a kind of a handed-down role let's say and I think it goes through all these mystery schools but I think that that is the ultimate question I'm not sure that we can answer it in one shot like that I think that we have to piece the research together and understand where it goes for example Pine Gap has come up before and I didn't get into so much of the Snowden aspects around Pine Gap where he really exposed that in their opinion it was basically listening to everyone in the world so this listening station with those weird kind of golf ball domes and you know you say to yourself what is going on here and why is it like this incredible UFO zone you know they're obviously redeveloping the technology and they've got UFO theme parks and stuff around there because hey people see that stuff it just have to live with it all this time so I guess the best answer is the people who I think can get us closest to that answer that you're looking for the research I think that's been done by people like Katherine Austin fits like Joseph Farah like Peter Dale Scott that gets us closer to that answer and as long as we are steady and patient we can get there for sure that's what I'm doing and it's what you're doing too I see Rikka the hopeful voluntarist is out there high records it's nice to have you she asked a great question what about Pine Gap pineal gland link that's fascinating I'm not familiar with the Pine Gap pineal gland link you're welcome to enlighten us all that's an interesting one but I have there are a number of very unusual things regarding Pine Gap you know that people seeing these this is funny right Blue Beam I kid you not they see these blue beams but then in some of the reports I was reading wrong here from Whitley Strieber because he had a very good comprehensive article on Pine Gap and it was that people when we would see these ships and they would see these beams they would actually feel different themselves like their actual emotional structure would change so you know talking about them making advancing changes in the pineal gland doing these things you know I'm very open to hearing more about that because I think it's fascinating okay what else okay Josh Randall would you regard withholding by an assassination and the like the alien prisons for the public to be the greatest abuse in human history it's a severe abuse of power because one barry goldwater of all people said it he said that the way that they've run UFO secrecy they should be run out of town and he actually is very interesting character of course Goldwater ran for the presidency in 1964 versus LBJ and he was the senator from Arizona very outspoken much better senator than John King I don't feel it's too bad people in Arizona have to deal with McCain whose ultimate war monger and all he wants to do is go to work with Russia Syria anything his hands to bomb on he's a moderate Republican it's kind of fascinating but Goldwater was always thought of as an extremist because in his speech during the 1964 Republican convention he said extremism and the defense of Liberty is no vice but he had a conversation that he put on the record which was with Curtis LeMay who was one of the Joint Chiefs an absolute like hardcore guy he's the guy was in charge of fire bombing Japan and he tried a second guess Kennedy into World War three more than once but he said what if you have in those rooms they're locked away you know at wright-patterson and he said that LeMay exploded at him and they had a very cordial relationship and he said don't ever ask me that again so they are they're holding that secret they're holding on to it for dear life and I think that you know when they looked at it they could have said we have certain aspects around national security we need to hide this from the people and so on now we're in a totally different phase where the culture can certainly handle it and the kind of advances now it's just treason on their side because what they're doing is they're keeping advanced technology advanced science away from the rest of us and it's to their financial benefit and what they'll do is they'll dribble little things out then little you know play little games like to the Stars Academy and they try to milk the interest or the deep people by saying hey you're getting some little morsel over here you know never mind don't look for the big pie anymore here's a crumb yeah I do I'm right up there with you I consider it a large-scale crime now okay I've lost a big Jay does DJ think Pine Gap is the same base that CIA remote viewers like Lynn Buchanan identified in Australia yes one of the reasons I think that they try to discourage the remote viewing program is they know remote viewers can see their activities and it does get very sensitive they have used them for doing everything have an incredible two-part series with Russell Targ that I suggest people listen to he worked for the CIA on these projects and created the remote viewing program of people I can go Swan and they used them for incredible daredevil things like rescuing American diplomats that were kidnapped and all the rest so their psychic program was very advanced you know their knowledge of these things was very advanced when we go into it when we look at it and you know in some of my research around Nixon I found out that he had these meetings with team Dixon in that gene Dixon had visited the White House or called 80 times and then I produced a Newsweek article that said hey you know they found this out at 9:00 9/11 Commission person was going through this stuff and they found out that in these national security documents it just so happens that gene Dixon was like a major advisor to President Nixon what does that tell you about here's the thing about Dixon and I want emphasize Dixon for a lot of people who just don't know who she is or blew her off as some kind of astrologer from the 70s and but what did you say sounds right to you I caught that yes no it listen I'm going to tell you anyone who is messes with Olivia you're going to go through me alright so and when you break something I put you in a timeout if you come back and then are resentful about it of you what am I supposed to do oh yeah no no I mean this is a this is a place for us to learn and if there are people out there can't handle it you know watch the video later because that's not the kind of stuff that's tolerated here just be cool do the right stuff but don't ever give Olivia a hard time she's she's doing the best stuff it's true actually it's a good thing because we need to focus down to going into the ex stuff going into the deep state aspect around the control around this they will do things you know they will send in distractions I always get distractions that's the way that they operate there are so many trolls you can't pay attention to them the important thing is we're representing what we're doing is not a sensationalistic way and not in a way that raises our blood pressure and freaks that we are very calmly and logically looking with some of the best minds at the fundamental issues that confront us in 2018 and here we are so I wouldn't rather do it with a better group of people and you know but I have to remind you that I will always speak up because no one's going to give Italy a hard time it's never gonna happen you're gonna have to deal with me okay what else you got okay alien protocols is the UFO aspect of blue Gemini conclusive for me absolutely because I was looking very hard for where they moved it between dornberger taking control of the program of the X space planes in the 50s and I said what what was their next step and I kept running into the fact that the military was trying to run a program that was outside of Eisenhower's grasp this is very significant because Eisenhower being a military man he knows he understands the deal and he understands all about the secrecy and he understands the CIA taking over the UFO file and all the rest of it and he knows that it has to come back under the umbrella of the presidency and he sets Kennedy up for that actually but when a program goes outside of that which they were trying to do with mists which is the early version of the Gemini then he said you know what we're gonna make it all civilian how do you like that and it was complete they were like oh we'll fall behind the Soviets will know everything we do it's civilian it's ridiculous but Eisenhower doubled down blue Gemini is very unusual first of all funded hundreds of millions of dollars back then second of all shut down personally by JFK through McNamara third large-scale involvement by Verner von Braun blue Gemini as we study it as we go deeper with it the only records that have come out about blue gem and I have only surfaced in the last three so people didn't even really know what it was you know it's kind of like when people talk about the Nazi bell and everyone just assumes it was always there well actually until German reunification and some weird documents spilling out through the legal system we didn't learn about this trial that took place about these ex Nazis and how they had tortured these scientists who were involved with the Bell project before the Allies caught up with them you know these things come in I call them stealth archives there are things that are sitting out there and that are crucial for us to get our hands on because in the final analysis the mainstream people don't care about this but even if they did they don't have the ability to go outside the circle I remember working in those types of environments there's a choke point when the information rises up to a certain level you're not allowed to go there when you're managing editor says no you're out and this is this is it and that's the kind of frustrating situation I could never put up with and looking into going deeper with my own kind of journalism when we look at these things we have to understand something we're going way outside the bounds of the mainstream and going outside of the bounds of the marketing aspects of the alternative when people try to sell you this or sell you that you know there's a marketing crash coming you know galactic ambassadors whatever it happens to be when we do this work we're walking down a very thin line which is on one side there are Intel psyops trying to confuse the space people asking questions about something like for example remote viewing or for example the UFO file on the other side there is the marketing aspect pushing its way in and trying to sell you something in between the two that's squeezed it's a big time squeeze that's why we need to support the shows that do it right Solari Report you know dark journalists didn't get behind this show support it spread the links sign up for the newsletter get behind it Giza Death Star these are the sites that are giving you the real stuff he's a desk tart I mean Joseph Pharaoh's work how advanced as Joseph Farrell's work how much stuff have we learned how many different types of shows have spun off from the work that Joseph Farrell has done where he hasn't even gotten credit I mean it's absurd right and even shows on the History Channel and all the rest of it most of the research that's going on in the alternative community that has strong validities is coming on these alternative research side is coming mainly from Katherine Fitz Joseph Farrell a professor peter Dale Scott from Berkeley you know so the let's remember to get behind these things because um you know it's fascinating Alexandra Brutus from forbidden knowledge TV who's going to come back with us soon you know these are the people that are doing the great work and if we want something like a very reliable alternative of vibrant movements around alternative research we have it we have the people in place that can do it so you know getting together like we are tonight it's incredibly valuable okay okay I wouldn't give the formula and the time castle to Gerald Ford oh it's an excellent question Nixon never trusted Ford he's on record saying he felt Ford had the intellect of a mouse this is what he thought of Ford but he understood that he had to take Ford remember Ford is the only unelected President of the United States that ever held office he was not elected for vice president he was selected and he was elected he went for election 76 and didn't win so he was never elected for anything who was his vice president Nelson Rockefeller well what were the Rockefellers in charge of Rockefellers had created the special studies project a special studies project had all these recommendations for society to go forward and were headed by Kissinger Kissinger it turns out we found through the Aztek book and the work of Bill Steinman that dr. Eric lang his widow said well Kissinger was his boss in the UFO redevelopment stuff that's his huge breakthrough that's been sitting there in this book from 1990 about the Aztec UFO crash and thank God there was still a copy out there I've got my hands on which is fascinating and of course Bill Steinman did incredible and then got up like a good scholar would and grant Cameron was the one who picked up on the fact that hey you know you're looking at this time capsule thing look at this so this is you know these are the good people that we have out there know if anything Nixon left the information with Kissinger for the time capsule and he said bring it out when you think it's right and obviously maybe not realizing that Kissinger was just going to be so in with that crowd that they would never challenge the paradigm of oil supremacy and they still have it okay will Donald Trump be the Disclosure presidents well now isn't that interesting I think when you see the things and the you know the really hard core pieces of information we presented around Trump Trump knows the space aspect is important you know here's Trump with Nixon we've got the letter Trump keeps the letter on his desk he certainly if there's a candidate for disclosure president he's the ultimate outside-the-box guy and I think that he can do it I am worried about concerned I should say about some of the moves that we're seeing in relation to well let's say John Bolton for example becoming the national security adviser Bolton is well known for wanting to go to war and you know I would say in general he kind of presents a disturbing picture I don't think he's somebody that we should look to for leadership and Bolton replacing McMaster who was already kind of hawkish might be a signal that the Trump administration is going to go in the wrong direction so I certainly hope not but there's no question that Trump right now has a fantastic opportunity from breaking through the CIA look when you see the CIA trying to take down a president like John Brennan comes out and says you're a vile demagogue we will take you down he's the former director at the CIA he's the drone king he's the guy who used to drone these parties 60 people trying to get one guy there are wedding parties so you're going to your wedding in Afghanistan this guy drops a drone on you that was his bread and butter and what did he say well that's the cost of doing business well that's the way he thinks about it this guy is gonna collect your Trump I don't think so now Brennan by the way turned around when the UFO question came up because all of his buddies had taken over Tom to lungs operation and they said what do you think of the UFO thing he said oh I think they're gonna do great work so you're getting a thumbs up Elizondo from your old boss John Brennan you know we have to be very careful when you get into it regardless of what party you volunteer all the rest of it do not let the Central Intelligence Agency remove a duly elected president the results would be disastrous the last time we saw them pull that off they pulled it off through history for sure but certainly you know the JFK assassination there's a large CIA role in there like it or not and you do not want those people running the UFO program if you get good researchers who for years have done the right thing and have been spot on and then all of a sudden they're chumming up to CIA people like Elizondo or John Brennan the drone King no I'm not gonna let the drone King run the UFO file you know not on my watch so yeah I hope that answers the question okay Hugh island DJ why do you think Nixon wanted a third term disclosure yeah you know it's fascinating somebody really that's a great question the third term thing is fascinating right after Truman because I you know FDR at sat and there so long he had been really just you know running four terms and then Truman was his fourth term because he died early in his fourth term and then Truman won in 48 so from 1933 to 1952 you had Democrats and it was mostly Roosevelt and then his vice president so they decided in 52 we needed you know to kind of do term limits on the president and they decided we're going to keep them to two terms which I think most of the time makes sense it's a tricky one it's certainly a tricky one but I think it makes sense because of entrenched power I'm not sure what was the motivation behind it except to say that they thought of Roosevelt was kind of royalty by the way there's a lot of connections there too with Kennedy because they thought that Kennedys were bringing in this dynasty that was going to be John then Robert then Ted and that was going to be 24 years of Kennedy rule and that would be end of it so they eliminated them and assassinate him them both and what we got instead the dynasty that we got was the bush dynasty which gave you to Iraq Wars and the war in Afghanistan for opium so you know that that's not um that's not the lineage that's not the dynasty that we bargained for but the third term thing is fascinating because with Nixon I think that he felt with the information that he had that this bringing forward the information around the UFO file with the energy formula in an energy strapped United States which we can't really imagine now because things have been good for so long we can't imagine gas lines and all the rest of them we can imagine financial crashes because we had one ten years ago but so I do feel like we're we're kind of you know looking at a situation where he said the Bicentennial will be my way in and we can throw out the rule that says I can't run for a third term and I think his plan like the article said from 1975 was to come in and play it straight so this is pretty fascinating go ahead I hope that answers the question Bruce Ross Morgan extraterrestrial to human telepathy communication was considered a security risk inside the CIA how does this factor in oh there's no question about it they had to figure out safeguards around how to do that and they learned a lot by spying on the Russians who who made all these discoveries behind the Iron Curtain they were far more advanced than we are I've also read things for example Rudolf Steiner who founded anthroposophy said that Russian people were naturally oh I see the Walter Bosley channel no a Walter if you're listening you just use the link you come in and you join you join with the link so I don't see you here because you have to come in and join with the link okay hopefully you understood it why don't you write that to him as well and say Walter go ahead and join but this is a very kind of important thing to keep in mind which is the thing that Steiner was saying is that Russians naturally are more etheric more in you know inclined towards psychic activity so there's so much more open to doing this kind of exploration whether it's the exploration we're on UFOs can you imagine the secret space program and UFO program around that go ahead tell me Walter Walter if you're in Chrome then you all you have to do is click on the link and it you sign in and you're there yes yes but yeah that that's we're only on the one leg so there's nothing else like I can do there without dethroning the whole Chad this is fascinating that when we think about it because we're coming into a situation where we may be looking at the fact that Russia is ahead on these things because they've been an open society in relation to it so I am feeling like you know you you have to look at the different strengths of different cultures and if there's is that they're more psychically minded and they're more open-minded on that then they have an advantage over us or something our culture needs to catch up on dramatically ok so I see that Walter did say keep an eye on on Walters chats there for me I do love you because I do see them over there and he will pop in here if he uses the link I think that was a joke something anything we're trying to just to update everybody we're trying to get Walter Bosley LinkedIn here he he's he's got the link yes this is what's interesting about Jeane Dixon the Dixon Nixon connection right okay we did go into the fact that she visited the White House or called 80 times she was in the Newsweek article where they found out that Nixon was getting incredible foreign policy advice from Jeane Dixon and that she had gone through these different presidents over time FDR she had given advice to LBJ Kennedy she tried to warn actually so there is this kind of situation there when we look at Dixon but Dixon I found out and really hold on to your tie on this one Dixon was friends very close friends with Philip Corso Philip Corso who wrote the day after Roswell who let us understand that the x-15 that walter dornberger had developed was there to chase UFOs and do recon on them and the one who came forward and said yes i was in charge of that program of redevelopment so you know we did it for 40 years we got all these different things like the microchip out of it that philip corso so now Dixon Corso who had done all the foreign technology office work moving the UFO file around Jeane Dixon who by the way predicted large-scale interaction with these beings promoted the idea that the et presence was benevolent Dixon Nixon in course so let's put that together in our mind for a moment and then go to the article that I showed you earlier about this incredible advance that was going to happen which was they were basically going to in 1975 announced we have this energy formula and you know I guess you can say it's an even bet were they going to disclose the UFO aspect while they were pushing UFO documentary as heck looks like it so it is a fascinating field of vision when we look at it like this we get a much clearer vision of what's going on there and you know the regular kind of locking us in to the traditional battles around Republicans and Democrats and who's hip and who's not and you know that kind of transhumanists thing about it argue over gender bathrooms or whatever you know it's very important for us to take the initiative Mac and to come into real serious research like what we're doing and finding out where these things go you know why is Pine Gap being named after Shakespeare play what is the linkage from these mystery schools through this ex steganography into the UFO file into the incredible secrecy that makes us see it today Walter Bosley I see you there you are sir unbelievable you made it I can't hear you though you can't um let me see not – yet – sir we sometimes have these I know it's hard but we are happy to see Walter there it's good you can just mine your whole performance that's all I wonder what's going on with that you know try unplugging the mic see if we can hear you and then try plugging it back in you're kidding they can hear yeah oh this is very unique huh well clear this is interesting well why don't you give us a little update on that while I'm doing this Olivia yeah just read them out Walter when he unplugged yes unbelievable well this is definitely some interference yep his mic back in No yes now they can hear him again really interfering Wow well I do not hear it it's a little bit difficult it's nice they can hear him but we can't hear him over here uh let's see I've looked for you high and low so how about the issues up your hunky dory interesting that's why well I'll tell you what I would recommend Walter I'm gonna recommend that you log out and log back in again which is tricky but I think we should give it a shot anyway and all my best prayers with you okay I will I'll try one quick thing hold on Walter before you go hold on we're gonna be technical wizards here I'm gonna try this try it now hello this will be the fourth show in a row I've been on where there's technical Wow and the last three I talked a little bit more specifics about secret space program than I have in the past so well it's great to have you here I am getting some gritty interference which is all the bait in oh you fascinate well we are in business now we have Walter here and that's always a plus of course everyone while we're waiting here remember you can go to dark journalists comm to sign up for the newsletter so you understand when the shows are coming up and that's something I highly recommend because YouTube as we can see there's no ways can look through with the the big time info and you know the updates and letting you know in shows are Walter sir it's great to see you hey is that interesting it's scratchy you know what I'm gonna say maybe ditch the headsets never yeah unlikely it's one of these I'm getting fun song yeah it's fascinating Olivia you're hearing that right okay how are we doing now now I can't hear you at all oh boy fascinating this is so interesting she awakens says I noticed lately that quote technical difficulties unquote have happened only on channels speaking the truth well listen this is the nature of the ballgame so Walter if you saw your headphones your headsets plug back in now you're right okay we're having some problems here yeah what was happening I'll just give you a quick update Walter which was even though I could hear you finally it was coming through with like this this gritty static was with you which is very odd and that doesn't usually come through and I'm listening to you no I can't hear you at all now so now you're just gone I thought if you unplugged the UM can you check your output in your system preferences on the computer and see why don't you set it to not the headset just the mic itself right off the thing we'll try that better than nothing Olivia how are you doing over there yeah why don't we said that Russia would be the great hope in the future or something like that there's no question actually what he said was that Russia was going to be the hope of the world and he was not referring to the communism or the Bolshevism aspect and he was clear about that and he would said it would take a generation he also said that China would someday be the cradle of Christianity when you're looking with that kind of vision you have to wonder though the hope of the world sounds like something that would be you know let's say maybe somebody being the hope of the world you know a cure for a worldwide virus one of the most fascinating things that came up when we started doing the X research was that people were sending me something and saying hey you know yesterday you did this X broadcast and today there's this stuff all about this thing called disease X that you know they finally discovered this thing all of a sudden disease eggs you know I was thinking to myself immediately you know wow what you're going to need is an incredible antidote for that so when I go into that Casey Russia is the hope of the world I think it is remarkable that there's something that's going to start in Russia is that a spiritual movement is a movement that has to do with you know some kind of physical compound that they create some kind of cure what is it so but when we go into Casey remember how advanced Casey's work was talking in 1918 about really advanced stuff like Atlantis television crystals that control incredible flying ships ships that could go through mountains you know sometimes they like to portray Casey and say well you know Casey was this guy and he he cared so much and he he you know he gave the shirt off his back and you know and all that's true but Casey's a very incredibly dynamic body of research that he completely was so far advanced when you're dealing with the atlantean crystal information when he's talking about the different abilities that the Atlanteans had you know and these these priestesses that could lift up out of their body and as a group effect defense I mean you know he he was really going deep on it but so much of his research was based on this incredible ability that he had and you know so much so that you get people pretending that they're reincarnation seminal and kind of stuff but the Casey's work is so edgy when you get right down to it that you know this idea that like he was just you know I mean he was the Sunday school teacher and all this but some of that information you know there's kind of a little bit of a cornball factor that comes up out of it the way they present Casey Casey stuff is you know it's it's really off the hook it's incredibly edgy material even now almost 100 years later fascinating how are we know with Walter Walter and hey there you are your phone you know Walter and you sound terrific Walter it's good to save a bit of interesting hey thanks so much for joining us I'm glad we overcame the obstacle because I've been looking forward to having you on I apologize but I have to be honest with you it seems like it's a new and different thing every time yes I find suspicious because I've been doing these for a few years and I haven't had these kinds of problems well you sound great now great cool and also you're rocking the new headset I can see it you like that flash of red before we get started I have some great questions lined up for you okay but you recently posted something about having your DNA done I was very curious about where you were going with the yeah what happened well you and I said this on my Facebook about 20 years ago I was told by a family member that my dad's father was not the man I was named after it was supposed to be my grandfather that it was another individual well you know I had that info for 220 years and there's been interesting little details that made me wonder and I decided you know what doing the DNA might answer those questions I had my DNA taken when I was in the military but they don't give you the results that's all for their uses basically if you get vaporized and they need to identify you with a single drop of blood that's why they primarily take your DNA but it is the military high and you know who knows what they really do with that and remember I was in the intelligence community the greater intelligence community and you know ironically they make it their business to know a lot of your genealogical stuff to begin with so it wouldn't surprise me if they already knew this but as I said they weren't sharing that with me unless of course the relative who happened to have spent 44 years in the intelligence community himself and was the guy who recruited me into it he's the one that told me this so that might be I know for a fact that some of the ways they communicate things to you is in an informal manner so that might have been them telling me this but anyway Wow I read that for 20 years and I decided to do the DNA and sure enough it turned up some stuff that's never been included in the family lore ever Wow and and that's primarily the Spanish Portugal it's either Spanish or Portuguese you know it's this Iberian category excuse me and you know there was some other stuff in there that I had never heard and some people you know they point out that there is that mix if you're of Celtic extraction you know which on you know seventy percent scots-irish by the grace of God and yeah so they well I lean I lean more towards the Scotsman but I'll take Irish over Englishman any days that hey I'm an American born in San Diego so that's but you know in the ancient bloodlines there when you're Irish especially you know you're gonna have that Spanish and Iberian stuff but this was an ancestor who was his recent as 1810 Wow it it points to when the numbers are all analyzed it does indeed point to a grandparent who was not something or someone he was supposed to be and the other grandparents are well accounted for so it looks like the DNA backed up what I was told twenty years ago and in its there are some interesting aspects that I'm not talking about yet publicly you know I've discussed them with you know a trusted associate whom we both know but I'm still working on the analysis because it's certainly you know it serves to change your perspective on your past I admire actually some of the things that you do with that because you actually brought in your your dad's work to and shimmering light right that's also a family story and that one is around the Roswell incident you want to give us a quick it's another meringue light is my book in which I finally tackled the story I heard from my dad for gosh forty years by the time he died and I had talked about it a little bit in the last decade or so publicly but I decided that it was time that I really just don't to it see what I could find and I and I did my best to remain objective you know people who read it will know that I concede that his whole story could have been what they call you know a planted narrative using MKULTRA method of psychic driving my dad was in the right place at the right time meaning specifically he was in the aerospace medicine division of the US Air Force in the 1950s and when you read any history in-depth history of MKULTRA and I didn't know this this is the I'm a former Air Force OSI agent and I didn't know this Wow out of all the military branches during the late 40s and through the 50s that were the most turned on by MKULTRA the US Air Force was enthusiastically at the top of the list haha yeah when I was an agent they told us we had psychiatrists agents you know Air Force psychiatrists at our disposal and among the things they would use would be hypnotism if I needed to apply hypnotism in an investigation and you know now I wonder what else you know because in 1973 when the CIA had to come clean about MKULTRA they had to come clean about what they did the US Air Force started developing its own MKULTRA program in the late 50s they never had to sit before Congress and tell the public what they've done with MKULTRA to this day what the Air Force has done with it or did with it remains unspoken or classified so bringing it back to my dad the Air Force initial experimentation the development of their own MKULTRA program was during the years my dad was in and it was very specifically the aerospace medicine division of the Air Force that that did this so as I say in the book and you know you can read the book or people who have read the book I lay it all out there how he could have been a subject of MKULTRA methods to keep involvement with a very deeply classified project to keep it secure by burying it in the psyche and planting a false narrative which hypothetically would be the story he told me about this underground civilization and all this stuff I don't completely rule that out but within the context the evidence is strong that he was exposed to MKULTRA stuff and you know again he is my dad the wild story is fun but I have to be objective well especially with the kind of work that you do but it is interesting when you get someone who's a very close relative telling you the story it takes on a dimension and and you know that included you know you mentioned Roswell how it ties into Roswell the story I first learned about it because he brought the Roswell incident up in 1974 now that of course was six years before the book that first book came out I had never heard of you know and he getting referred to it as the Roswell incident he referred to it as something that happened in New Mexico in the late 40s and so again when you read the book you see the context and the speculation which I lay out on what it could have been that they were trying to cover and Wow keep secure which is just as potentially amazing basically I say it was the beginning of the secret space program back in the 1950s and I think that's what he was involved in right and you've done some of the best work around the secret space program when people asked me for that material to go through to study the secret space program I'm in the habit of pointing them to your work – dr. Pharaoh's work – Katherine Austin Fitz some of the shows that we've had on this program because your work gets into a very important area of the secret space program which is where it came from which I really enjoy that aspect of it and it's it's really there's a lot of breakthroughs in there now we've been studying this kind of steganography that's around X and I've attributed it based on my research as being this kind of traveling symbol of where the exotic technology was moving through different programs of the federal government and popping up you know we went into blue Gemini and some of these other programs but your work you blasted open all of the del Chou nimza early Senora Aero Club that stuff all really in my opinion comes from you because that's where I discovered it can you give us a quick idea set us up for what nimza was that's NY mza in YMCA yes and what it is and how del shall became the key to who he was and what that was all about well I'll start out as I always do there were about a half a dozen guys who went there before I did Dennis Crenshaw Busbee Michael Busby I think I got the first thing right Busby's his last name Steven Romano Tim Schwartz these were guys and of course pg Navarro who was the guy who discovered the del shall illustrations the books of illustrations in a oh I think an antique junk shop and they were in the trash the guy was on him out and they were getting ready to be on their way to the dump and this was in 1971 I think but what he discovered were these books and this gentleman Charles AAA del Chou who was a German immigrant to the United States came to the US in the 1850s died in 1923 in between I think around 1890 to 1923 he made these incredible books which were almost schematics detailed drawings of these flying contraptions that he tells this story in his Diaries about a group of German immigrants with a few Italians in there who came to California in the 1850s the decade before our Civil War and were experimenting with what was essentially anti-gravity technology along the lines of the stuff you hear with ancient vimana technology specific mercury vortex engine tight stuff and the Bell now it was nothing now which comes photography Bell technology okay which comes yeah like 70 years later according to the lore of that and of course it's these German guys doing this in the 1850s and I stumbled upon that the fact that excuse me I stumbled upon the Bell being in this by finding it in more than one illustration now Navaro had recreated some of the propulsion device illustrations for clarity but at the time he did that you know what Kowski had not come out with his Bell revelation and of course it was years before Joseph Farrow also wrote about it so he didn't know it as such that what he was he found too was that this was the Bell it's it's rotation and the the insertion of the special liquid fuel which only the leader of the group knew the formula for it was very secretive well as I'm going through the illustrations in the this book that by the way is published by the Romano gallery anyone interested in del Chou you've got to get this book the art of del Chou and it'll have all the color illustrations what we're talking about this but in a couple of those I found literally a bell-shaped apparatus that was part of the propulsion system there it is and it's identical to what descriptions we have of this device that you know referred to as the Nazi bell so I realized wait a minute there's got to be a thread there between this German group in California in the 1850s and the Nazi scientists and that thread is this group called the nimza well you know names up I think that you've really done some incredible uncovering of what they're about and at one point I even heard you tie them into the globalists which I found fascinating I want to show this this is some that is one of the del shall I plates and I of course picked it up because of the X but it is fascinating and the fact that we have it when we shouldn't have had it he is a real like wake up call because it just as easily could have gone into that dump like his net and the antique store gone into the trash whatever it happened to be I know that it was under threat of fire at one point because he had left it behind in somatic so we have to be i've been talking about these stealth archives that are out there at things we could get our hands on yeah that kind of art in our midst and maybe the only hope for getting you know forget about government disclosure the only way you're going to get it is something that's already out there this kind of stealth are cut but I do want you to go into nimza my question is this formula that I see around the del shell stuff which is this that you know looks like DM equals x oh and then I was reading an analysis of it which I think someone had got from your book which was that the XO was taken from Latin can you tell me a little bit about that well actually it was very late one night in the mysterious town of Victorville California look when Joseph Ferrell and I I think it was like one of our 3 o'clock in the morning discussions I live just down the hill beautiful salmon Edina Valley yeah he looked at it and thought my gosh it looks like a mathematical equation and so that's what is in the book is that it's an equation that has to do with either the propulsion system itself or possibly how the fuel works and it's what's interesting is Dell shall in his own work pretty much says the DM equals XO thing actually means nimza and of course I've gone into that that it's in that regard it's similar to Egyptian hieroglyphs which have meanings on different levels right so you have nimza which is the german headquartered organization that del chou describes exactly like that it's an acronym but then you have this nimza that is translated into this coded language that del shall uses and that's the equation we're talking about the DM y equals XO thing okay and then there's the session contribution going back to Egyptian hieroglyphics in ancient you know Egyptian esoterica in which nimza means the nameless ones so in my analysis it starts in the ancient times with this nameless ones and they through the ages whoever they're influenced agents were by the 19th century they influenced this Prussian organization to call itself nimza by acronym and the acronym fits what they were doing building flying machines for millet for exploration military purposes and yet the acronym has a double meaning because it also means the nameless ones in this ancient vernacular which is kind of hiding in plain sight and it goes back to that whole thing about the you know the black magic thing were where you do the Oh what second the revelation of method where you're kind of hiding in plain sight you know the the knowledgeable will understand the profane won't get it it'll go right over their head it's it all ties into to that and the thread from the Prussian era of the 19th century specifically that was pushing for unification this ties hypothetically in my speculation this ties the German Prussian industrialists of the 19th century going into the 20th century to the nimza but these were also guys and players who were involved with globalism and that's it's really by the time you get into the late 19th century early 20th century that's when they really cranked up the globalist agenda in my analysis yeah absolutely I see so that's the time for the globalist it's interesting because earlier tonight I did this tying in of Prospero to Pine Gap and actually how the term Pine Gap comes from Prospero soliloquy there in Shakespeare and this this kind of lineage the thing that's carrying on through mystery schools through these groups to what we get is an explosion in you know globalism and technology and the society that we got it definitely there is that tie when you're dealing with it you're actually dealing with something a lot older whether you realize it or not now why don't we figure out first of all about del Chou how how did he come how did he wind up in America and die here so that his paintings were discovered here well according to his own diaries and his own narrative he came to the United States from Germany to observe and report on the Senora arrow Club these guys that were building these flying machines and he was supposed to be reporting back to the nimza he gets to California and he really likes these guys he relates to them and he kind of takes their attitude when nimza sends a representative who they describe Dale shalt describes as in quotes that Prussian officer and this is the guy who said that the that nimza who was according to delle shall kind of their their sponsor and del Sol del Sol said that nimza was sponsoring other groups of guys experimenting with the same technology around the u.s. it's just we happen to hear about the Sonora Aero Club because del shall stuff was found but the guys in Sonora did not like the oppression representative from Mensa they did not like names as desires to militarize these flying machines and so they refused to do it and it wasn't long after that that the leader of the group supposedly died in a horrible explosion and a crash oh wow well we see the methods were just as easily in use back then and it's fascinating though because there are there's the sky that you alluded to and I'm trying to think of which book it was but he was around during the Civil War and he had sketches and had developed these kind of balloons that were advanced at the time remember this Oh Solomon Andrews and he actually demonstrated and it was not described as a balloon it was a a three hold flying object and he demonstrated this for members of Abraham Lincoln's War Department my ants injure in Washington DC there was a article legitimate article that's out there that was written about it and I believe Michael Michael Busby was the first author writing about this that found that article it was a good find on his part and we're told that the War Department Stanton I think was the Secretary of War Edwin Stanton we're told that he told Andrews now we're in the middle of a war this is of no use no thank you which does not make sense in the middle of a war what the heck you know why not used to drop bombs because they you know people have been doing that from balloons for a while by then which goes into my theory that they actually did express interest and it was really America's first black project the post-civil war development of Salomon Andrews technology so he could have been one of those others that del shell was talking about you know developing this stuff outside the Sonora Aero Club so Wow that is incredible the the presence of these groups may have been responsible for the airship mystery of the late 19th century can you tell us a little bit about that sure it is my hypothesis that as I said before that Solomon Andrews technology was not rejected but yes they were you know we were in the middle of a war here then and they were needing to be focused on the conventional means because by no means was it won by the Union at the time he demonstrated this so I think what they did was they went ahead and procured Solomon Andrews technology is plan his stuff and they set it aside until they could get through the war and then once the war was over and that we were well into reconstruction the south and all that it is my speculation that they started developing Andrews technology you know to develop airships and I lay out in one of my books that you know where they would have done this and that leads to remember this is 1865 when the war ended so by 1866 67 they're starting to mess around with this so think about it you've got 30 years of development between the end of that war and when the 1890s airship mystery happens where people are seeing all over you know cities and areas west of the Mississippi these flying machines and they were much more sophisticated than what the Sonora Aero Club was doing in the 1850s and I argue that that's because they'd had 30 years of development so I do this chart in my books which you've seen in origin in which I showed how the progression worked through showing the history of the automobile I mean the Aero Club was the equivalent of the Ford Model T basically proof of concept and then the difference between the Ford Model T in the 1958 Buick is the same as the difference between the Sonora Aero Club and traction in the 1850s and the 1896 airship mystery style airship okay you see there's your progression but yeah I think this was I speculate that this would have been America's first black project I mean there's even military officers historical guys that were involved in the airship mystery identified by name whose careers when you look at them would have fit right in with this theory they would have been one of the guys among the guys selected to develop this technology and I think the 1890s airship mystery possibly led into this American based American originated breakaway civilization which I call the 1903 the 1903 right right and that's my term the 1903 got it well you um trying for me early Nazi development with the kind of nimza airship clubs this whole thing how do those two things relate okay what you've got is this and this of course is you know alleged in Bell shells work and the research that the rest of us guys have done okay you've got this organization names of which del shell says is headquartered in Germany which at that time was Prussia okay because Germany wasn't unified at that time it was all the 48 Prussian states but you've got this Pro this Prussian Pro unification group called the nimza or called nimza and they theoretically are bringing that bringing together the top Prussian industrialists and engineers and science types these would be the guys behind wanting to develop this this Aero technology of the sonora arrow club the antigravity whatever whatever it was these are the guys through using chemistry alchemy and the early days of aerospace engineering these the guys that would have been pushing that technology now at the same time politically they would have been involved in pushing for German unification and when you get into the history of the Prussian push for German unit unification you get into threads leading to the Teutonic Knights and you know possibly the recovery of lost technology and you get into the Prussian theory of governance which is basically you know they took over their local territory and then they expand now they want to unify you know all the Prussian states into a single Germany so they can take that over to and the goal always was then once they have this place called Germany to then take over Europe and then the world it's that classic thing and it's all in their philosophy you can see it and you see the methods that they use going back to the medieval era how they would play one friend nation against the other one friendly culture against the other and then dominate both of them by betraying the one that was their friend and all that Machiavellian stuff so that foundation is laid the medieval era in the those eras leading up to the 19th century and you begin to see the pattern the elements of that pattern present in the 19th century and what I did was I I followed the threat of the industrialist who happened to be you know a lot of these guys were philosophers scientists right they were into alchemy they were into the esoteric and arcane arts and that that thread followed all the way through the 19th century into the 20th and that thread led right to those early German organizations that were really behind the formation of the Nazi Party so what you've got is nimza has their fingers in these esoteric groups and because they've got their fingers and the esoteric grooves they also have a stake in the political direction right in the 19th century it was to unify Germany well what I saw was in the 20th century it was – it was – spread out their tendrils outside of Germany – the rest of the world and that's exactly what they attempted to do in both world wars especially World War two that was part of their plan so when you throw in then stumbling upon the fact that this bail device is literally visually demonstrated in Del shells schematics remembered L shall died in 1923 I did these drawings with this bail device clearly they're in this flying machine of the 1850s he did that drawing sometime between 1890 in 1923 it's not like he did it in the 50s you know or the 70s or even are times when now we know about the bail he did this before decades before you know or at least a decade before the Nazis started or more before the Nazis started fooling with it so you know it it lends some authenticity not only to the bail but to del shall they're kind of mutually morale supportive of each other what is on one eye when I saw that and then you see all the stuff with the Bell you realize wait a minute these guys doing stuff for nimza developed this thing called you know that looked like that was essentially the Bell and then you have the Nazis doing the Bell and you have the nimza doing all this machination x' that I just laid out clearly the math says that the Nazi scientists got the Bell from nimza is my theory okay that's that really see because it's interesting my question tied in with that is do people like dornberger and von Brahm benefit from the nimza underground society groups that are in Germany oh absolutely think so and you know von Braun he brings the the the the whole NIMS thing von Braun and all the Operation Paperclip you know Germans really that was an Enzo okay to it from the names of perspective in my analysis here this is my hypothesis look from the nimza perspective yeah Germany and Hitler in them they of course they were going to lose the war but nimza had their sights on something bigger so they used nazi germany to the extent that they could and it's my opinion i'm finally convinced this is not original with me but i became convinced about six months ago that this theory is correct that nimza used used Operation Paperclip to basically take over the US and the product of that is our military-industrial complex Wow as others have said before me but I you know I finally in my research the stuff I did became convinced to that when I studied how the military industrial complex came to be how Operation Paperclip came to be and how it tied into that how it preceded that and how going back to the medieval era of the the Prussians and and how they use the Teutonic Knights it's the exact thing it's the exact system and method that was used in the medieval era by these Prussians during world war ii there was a guy named Hjalmar Schacht who is credited with using the German industrial method as a means of invading a country you you go to some other continent you bring your industrial apparatus you get that other country using and dependent upon your industrial apparatus and then you've got them and that's that's a nun nutshell very simplistic theory well a lot of people think that started with Homer shocked but it didn't the medieval Prussians were doing the same exact thing I I found out and I think this is exactly what they did to us with Operation Paperclip Wow it's interesting it's a process it's kind of an inherited process the abused they even used assassination and when you look at the JFK assassination and how the tendrils of military industrial complex might be in that that ties the paperclip that ties the Nazis I mean it's really it's it's textbook well dornberger as we've discussed many time on this show his protege was Michael pain and pain and his wife Ruth were housing the Oswald's so that kind of direct ties it's amazingly this glaring thing that the regular scholarship around the JFK assassination just ignores it's absurd but I do think it's interesting as we get deeper into this when we're looking at advanced technology you know there are ideas about Atlantis having advanced technology the Egyptians having it hiding it over time there are these ideas that show up in alchemy in the middle-ages around the same type of thing turning lead into gold etc there's some technology wave that's riding here through history and then you get groups like what you're talking about with nimza and we know that in the 20th century the UFO file becomes a large-scale process that's kept secret from the public where does the advanced technology come from does it come from advanced human beings trade it down through history does it come from alien advancement that comes here and people hold onto that keep it secret and governments hold it to control groups where where is the advance where's the advances in this technology what does that secret method do you think I'm in that school of thought that says way way back and what they call antediluvian the pre-flood era you know way way back in the early days of human history somebody came here with you know from a civilization with sufficiently advanced technology and this was the the root or the source of the you know the stories of the Quetzalcoatl and be a coach you know the stranger who comes across the sea and teaches the culture or out of the sky teaches this native earth culture about technology you know brings them up to a certain level and then through the ages humans kind of take over what they've been taught and you know civilizations of various advanced stages comparable to ours perhaps or definitely have come and gone and the remnants left behind have been you know found and searched for by certain groups in as discreet a manner as possible because the idea is you want your own culture to have this so that you can be the most advanced guy on the block so to speak and this led to are you know some of our secret societies or the gentleman who started for instance the Royal Society in England you know they were all a bunch of Masons but that the one thing they had in common they were brought together to build an advanced Navy for England but the thing these guys all had in common was at one point or another one stage to one degree or another they were all seeking what appeared to be the lost technology of a forgotten civilization and that's kind of the the theme that runs through all the stuff I'm doing all my books actually tie together really be and that's one of the main threads that do it by meandered bring me back to your question no it's good it's good you're talking about the origins of the technology and it is interesting because this aspect it's it's kind of like we're talking almost about black magic there's this magic that exists that's kind of there's rumors about it and then it's carried through history and then in the 20th century it shows up as the UFO thing you know that is the kind of modern version from the last century and then you know there's people who just roll around the logic of it well we've got a saucer it was advanced you know the simple version is we got advanced technology from it we've moved and we have that that's why they kept it secret because you know originally the idea was they didn't want to upset the public but now they're so greedy and they're just so advanced but there's so that's kind of a fundamental thing although it doesn't really give the there are elements missing to that story to which is you know wait a minute there's this whole redevelopment thing now but we also have in the Middle Ages and even in the the airship thing that you're talking about there's this advanced technology thing going through these mystery schools and through these bro exactly they're caring remembered my point I was getting to and it's on what you're saying basically that yes I concede that at some early point way way back is where the extraterrestrial so to speak seed was planted and it was extraterrestrial by default basically you know for whatever reason these guys came here and they said oh we got to bring these people up to level and they were human beings in my opinion and they they planted this technological seed which by the time that we reached the 19th century or even our Middle Ages this technology has really become part of human history so it really is a secret thread of development that's been running through human history it in other words I'm saying this instead of a recent flying saucer crash you know a hundred years ago that you know dropped out of the sky from another planet no no this is just as you said the threads of this the the pieces of this have been with us for ages and these very human earth-based secret societies have known this and they're the guys who have moved it along through history so absolutely it is it's fascinating when you look at it like that – there's a little bit of 2001 a Space Odyssey in there also and I'm not saying I never say there's no II geez I've never said et doesn't come here I think et does come here yeah and I'm not I'm not one of these misanthropes who just you know they go on and on about humanity is just so awful and low and why would et come to earth it's just oh my god people shut up stop it but it's trendy it's the thing it makes people feel good to say how rotten we are but but you know us rotten guys you know we've also been doing some amazingly positive and good things and it is what it is and you know they would rather believe I think some people rather believe that something is dropped out of the sky because it's easier to accept that narrative when ironically there's all sorts of historical evidence just look at what some of these historical figures were looking for as I do in my secret mission series with Juan Cabrillo and Sir Richard Francis Burt and more recently Ambrose Bierce and I'm presently doing some similar research on that for the new book you know through history there's been these guys who have been looking for these pieces of this forgotten technology of the lost civilizations Wow it's fascinating we obviously you know know by the structures that we see that we can't reproduce like the Great Pyramid etc that obviously they were in charge of a totally different order of technology there's no question about it and you know shows have beaten the hell out of that every time you turn on the History Channel they they beat the same ten graphics and shots of the pyramid getting attention remember this stuff would never get this kind of attention so you know I kind of look at it as you know kind of take the goofy of the bed no no III totally agree I just you know it is interesting when we get into that because one of the things that John Anthony West pointed out is this incredible archeologist who passed away recently was that actually what you see in Egypt is the opposite which is the devolution of a culture as you move up by the time you get to when the Romans take over forget it that culture is completely de based but it starts off in this high level it comes down that doesn't make any sense to our right you know and it came out of nowhere there's no I think most people except the most stubborn see that it was just boom the advanced Egyptians there was no there's no discernible development than anyone's found right it was just boom this advanced civilization which then did exactly what you described it went down hill from there right right up with that well so let's take a few questions from Olivia while we're here from people in the chat it's great to have so many people here with us we're here with Walter Bosley who written the incredible empire of the wheel series books which do you really bring us into a historical mystery and I think those books are you know they're so exclusive to what you do I can't think of anyone who goes in that deep on those subjects and you know you come up their characters they're from the Old West it's Butch Cassidy even shows up at a certain point which has been you know I let me comment on that real quick yeah it's a trilogy there's the Empire of the wheel books of the trilogy and number three was actually supposed to be the second book and I stumbled upon the whole Butch Cassidy finish and and it blew my mind that's why secret mr. Empire the wheel too is what it is it's because there was there was a little nugget of what the heck in the first book that ties to the Sonora Aero Club and that was how I tripped on the book jugs just crazy wow it is a fascinating story and I remember because we were both at the secret space program conference if you go back and look at that lecture that you did on Butch Cassidy it is fascinating and if I recommend everyone check that out and the books so Olivia Europe let's we got there was the Wright brothers in early sigh of I don't think so I think it was legitimately they were doing what they did know and I think what might have been was they were outside the black object that I'm referring to and they were taking things in the the the combustion engine you know what we know is traditional airplane type technology what I think is fascinating since you mentioned that the job is there's a story in Lindbergh's autobiography when he's doing that incredible transatlantic flight that as he's you know making that record and doing it these voices are yelling I'm rooting with him in the plane he's like who that what's going on here is this total metaphysical moment that takes place so there's something about the air when you start dealing with those air spirits you know I was pointing out that Prospero thing and in in the tempest he is trying to release area which is the spirit of the air who's locked in the wood you know and there's something about that when you get into that air aspect this whole mythology that goes on no actually the spirit of st. Louis I think was made out of like a light sheet metal or something so the whole plane was metal when a lot of fuselages were made of you know there was a frame and it was fabric pulled over it but the spirit of st. Louis was metal maybe he was picking up some type of radio somebody who's a radio engineer could answer that question better than I that's what popped to mind because I never heard the story about those voices oh yeah something was going on there unbelievable Olivia UFO tie in with Musa that's for you Walter good I've not looked at that specifically that's very interesting all I've done is look at the the political stuff going on that I think would have tied with nimza in that era but thank you for bringing that up I'll look at that because that's that's a good question yes Hugh Boyland may be the airship craft that crashed in Aurora Texas in the late 1880s was one of these crafts this is a big Jim Marrs straight you think of that up I do not think for a minute that Aurora was extraterrestrial I agree with Michael Busby who I believe was the first researcher to say this that Aurora was a crash of one of the 1890s airships yes yes a human pilot it's not an et incident no matter how much some people want it to be Aurora was I think airship mystery incident well there's a there's a book breakaway civilization book by Joseph Farah where he cites part of your book I forget which one but it's where one of these ships lands and he actually sort of gets out and starts chatting with some of the local people and says oh yeah I'm from a company in New York and that happened more than once where they had encounters with a human english-speaking pilots and crewmen and in one particular case it was a couple of guys Amos dole Baer who you can look him up he was a scientist of that era and Samuel Tillman who was a US Army officer in fact I believe from World War one broke out they made him Commandant of West Point during the war Tillman's an interesting guy because I was referring to these guys earlier when I said some of the personnel in the 19th century who I think were part of this black project had the background Tillman was a chemist he was a cartographer and his entire army career matches my speculative scenario for this black project and Tillman and ol bear are in the newspaper accounts identifying themselves as crewmen aboard this mystery airship Wow it's an amazing story I saw actually there's one out there which is Kerry Nance dead and can you do see her question and why do you think we have not seen it Walter uh who says we've not seen it some people say that the Bell technology well to answer your first question I think it definitely came to the United States with the operation paperclip guys and some people speculate that a version of the Bell probably very small that belt technology might have been used to assist the Apollo craft on lifting off from the moon because when you watch the films of that it you you don't see the typical rocketry building of the power and it slowly builds speed in the sense you see it pop it just pops all right now I know right now there's a rocket scientists out there that's you know yelling and screaming and telling me to go to hell but you know it is a theory out there that you know Bell technology was used for that now if that's the case if the Operation Paperclip Germans brought this Bell technology to the States and we started using it you know if we if NASA actually used it in Apollo I've hypothesized that our secret space program was kind of a parallel program to you know when you look at what NASA was developing our secret space program was along the same track that maybe a decade or two ahead through most of its development it would stand to reason under that speculation that the Bell technology has been applied to our secret space program and so maybe we have seen it we just don't know what we're looking at right look I'm sorry look at the Kecksburg UFO that's uh you know bell-shaped and in the 60s so there's another clue yeah developing it in the United States well they did they described it the witnesses described it with all these hieroglyphs on it which I've always found fascinating that is a real mystery but III do think that the Bell is a major player in history in terms of energy advancements and that we just don't get to see it right okay Olivia Europe okay someone is asking about the oppression and Templar connection Templar connection to the fresheners there would not be in my opinion a direct Templar connection but they're definitely in my research was a Teutonic Knights now the Teutonic Knights were kind of like the German version the Germanic Prussian version of the Templars in fact they modeled themselves on the Templars they were doing the same thing during the same crusade in which the Templars were founded they just wanted to serve the German Germanic Prussian pilgrims to the Holy Land and serve all the military interests there so they founded the Teutonic Knights very much fashion on the Templars and I argue that it was during that Fourth Crusade that Joseph Farrell for example writes about in which they were on their way to the Middle East but they decided let's just stop and sack Constantinople and in Constantinople there was one of those libraries like the Library of Alexandria that had some amazing ancient stuff in it and the argument is is that you know the Templars they got their little piece of that and I argued that the Teutonic Knights benefited from that too so you're in the right direction that there was an order of knights but in my opinion it was the Teutonic Knights not the Templar yeah I am a question to pop in here there was a guy named dan Frye in the 50s who was part of this wave of these contactees a lot of different ones George Van Tassel and all the rest of it some of them very interesting guys and tassel had a history with Howard Hughes but Frye exhibits a story which I've seen before which is he gets into this flying cigar shaped object and it takes him from like New Mexico to New York in minutes and while he's dealing with this humanoid occupant aboard the craft the humanoid says I'm from your ancient Lemuria and you know we keep an eye on your civilization and all the stuff this comes up sometimes and it's very odd because without the Lemurian or Atlantean part of it it would seem like a very you know normal contact story from the period what do you think is going on there with cases like that where the occupants identify themselves as being from these lost continents there's also this incredible mythology around Mount Shasta being the home of this Lemurian advanced beings who actually live in Shasta what do you think all that comes from hmm possibly from a nugget of fact as I said I'm in that school of thought where I think in ancient times there you know we're advanced civilizations and of course they fell but it's my personal opinion that the Atlantis legend the Lemuria legend that there's a nugget of truth somewhere in there that way back there was a technologically advanced civilization there was some type of conflict and they did fall and whoever they were whatever actually happened this grew into our Atlantis legends and then of course the Lemurian legend of course grew out of the same nugget so let's say that's true who's to say there weren't survivors of that and maybe that does explain all these stories of encounters with these hidden civilizations my dad's story included now it could also be as I stayed in my book shimmering light that it's not that there may not that there's definitely not this hidden civilization remnant of this civilization is hidden group it could be like in my dad's case that they used that as the planted narrative because it was so hard to believe that that's where it gets kind of layered but it could in my opinion explain some of these UFO contactee encounters indeed where they say hey you know we're either of ancient Lemuria or when they claim we're from Venus we're from Mars we're from Lana Louis or whatever when actually they're from right here and it's just a lot easier to say I'm from another planet than to say I'm right here living in Mount Shasta was really gonna go yeah there's a lot of nonsense in the UFO contactee world and it kind of it has muddied the waters just like disinfo and ufology and and it's designed to do that I think oh yeah yeah well it is interesting because because of your background in intelligence and with me with the journalism that I do there is a way to spot it that's what's so interesting and when you spotted it comes out and it's you know it might be obvious to people who can see it but for an average person it would seem like oh there's another story and it doesn't look like a cooked up Intel story or it cooked up a marketing thing necessarily so on one hand you have these people who are very cynical and would never accept anything and you know they lose so much by being cynical but then you have that real gullible train and they are so open to the kind of manipulations that will come from either the Intel side of the marketing side so it's a very thin narrow road that we need to go down here 'he's my present position that i've come to after the years that I've been doing this I'm of the opinion that people having legitimate contacts for the most part they ain't talking yeah I tend to tell people my rule of thumb is if someone's claiming to be a contactee if they're appearing at conferences claiming to be a contactee if they're on radio shows claiming to be a contactee I tend to doubt the Thera contactee I think they're just somebody either for the most part people wanting attention they want to be a star in the field of the weird or there's the possibility that they're a disinfo agent sent out to make things look goofy it's it's my personal opinion and experience in researching the stuff and looking closely at the stuff that people who've really been contacted they keep it to themselves for whatever reason it could be the the intensity the experience not knowing how to explain it to others it could be that the requirement of having even been approached was that they had impressed upon whoever and whatever's disclosing itself they had impressed upon that entity being or whatever that they were are the type that would not go public with it that they would keep it between ah this this is where I'm at with this right now now that's why you know because inevitably and invariably when you look at the people that are way public about all this I'm telling you eventually it breaks down if people are honest with themselves and the true believers set aside their true believers in their faith and look closely the the very public contactees it breaks down or it doesn't hold up to begin with so that's where I'm not right now the real ones aren't talking yeah yeah I can totally see that perspective it's good it's actually kind of a good rule of thumb thank god we get people who break through that yeah things like Kelly Cahill's story because Australia is on my mind but her story is so compelling and she's just the kind of person that you know she may not have come forward she was just caught in the situation and we got her story which is really fascinating Olivia Europe Christine Taggart we're both Tesla and Jules Byrne hooked into the same source there was a burn Joel Tesla where they hooked into the same source well that's really cool because you know there's long been this theory that Verne was being fed things by this angelic society he's société today I my French is terrible right now basically you know the secret society that was clued into this forgotten technology the lost civilization with French secret society and so and the reason people think that is look at all the stuff that Verne wrote about that in the the following century came to be now some people say well he inspired a bunch of young engineers and scientists well yeah but that might have been why they gave him this stuff so that it would plant the seed see both could be true that you know and Tesla certainly could have been you know fed something from somebody it's fascinating I remember reading that Engelbert Humperdinck the name came from a Jules Verne story so that's that's how advanced he was he was way ahead of everyone what about Edward bulwer-lytton does he fit into that is he one of those those come on your radar yeah I've I have his you know his famous book with the frill yeah and that you know that's another one where you know how much did he get from a secret society you know how much of his story is fiction fantastical and how much might be true it it it ultimately leads you the person looking at that to make a decision either you're going to just say well now there's nothing to this idea that these guys were in on actual secret information or okay there's something to it but they only left so many crumbs and you reach a point where you have to decide I'm gonna be satisfied with the crumbs they left behind or I'm really gonna dig into this and pursue it and that very often I'm inclined to say usually well say that very often leads you down an interesting path into a strange forest of many [Laughter] which some people don't come back for a mile ah good point so we only have time for a few more questions so right sandy shores is just dying for me to ask is there a reptilian link with the SSP what's the cry I don't like however I think yes that this I I'm in the middle of doing a video book so to speak I did three or four chapters before the end of the year and I'm gonna be picking it up again but in that I talked about this Prussian group who I think was in is involved with nimza called the Society of lizards and it is my opinion that this might be the source of where somebody got the idea of this reptilian thing so it's not that people that would be involved in this would really be the reptilian lizards part of the society they're part of this secret culture called the Society of lizards I exactly makes life a whole lot easier that's for sure but no I don't think there's lizard people or you know commandos fighting wizard people in tunnels in New Mexico I think that's nonsense well I'll tell you what's fascinating somebody on the side here all we were talking mentioned Aldous Huxley and you know Huxley strikes me as somebody in this mold of being you know in his family that lineage he was there was a famous scientist who was I think he's uncle but one of the amazing things about Huxley since somebody mentioned him is that his next-door neighbor when he lived in Ojai California was Krishnamurti and I've always thought the strangeness of those two you guys living next door to each other you know the author of brave new world and all those great books and the doors of perception right next to the man who basically kind of destroyed the Theosophical society from what it had become and with this incredible spiritual leader ok just does just an aside but while I couldn't resist what else have you got okay science Churchill where did da Vinci get his aircraft ideas from did he possibly time travel or communicate with advanced ETS da Vinci clearly got those from from John Titor and Andrew basiago ok with division dealing with really brilliant and that's an understatement but you know again da Vinci has been credited or theorized to have been in one of these secret societies involved with this again this forgotten technology I think what da Vinci it was a combination of his just his genius and his esoteric knowledge so I I think he's one of those like Verne and the others who probably knew some stuff about some stuff that had been found and combining that with his genius there you go there's your answer Wow are there any meetings between Nixon and Corso not on the record but you know it's interesting because Corso talks about Nixon and his China policy and how Nixon had to basically give up on Vietnam to get China to come to the table and all those things Corso talks about briefing RFK talks about briefing JFK we know he was in the Eisenhower administration so he you know his trail I think goes very well of course he had meetings with Nixon I find it fascinating he doesn't include them in his book I've read recently written his son to see if there was anything on philip corso jr. and you're invited by the way to come on this program anytime in case you didn't get my email but if there were meetings between Corso Nicks and look Corso and gene Dixon were best friends Jeane Dixon visited the White House or called it 80 times during Nixon administration obviously you know with his connections if they're friends and he's that deep in the government he dealt with Nixon on the UFO file I would love to hear what the outcome of that was he didn't mention it at all in his book so excellent question okay Lee Veltman can you ask Walter about psychological warfare and Lieutenant Colonel Michael Aquino Wow and no-name asks along those lines does paganism fit into all of this in some way well bingo Walter well what Satan ISM inside the military you know this is interesting because it ties into oh you know when I first came on tonight and I was thinking of this when you get into the intelligence community or the national security apparatus will say because I was first counter Intel counter espionage and there was Intel taskings and all that and then I was in tell you learned that there are the term spooks you know has to do also with the spooky nature because you meet all sorts of guys that are very well-read and up on these arcane things case in point we're talking about MKULTRA and I believe it was Gottlieb's Sidney Gottlieb I think if I'm getting the name rank yeah he was MKULTRA resident expert on paganism and you know practiced it to some degree and it was I believe his research that led to according to some sources in MKULTRA then getting into things like the occult and supernatural things so you know there's a character like that I guarantee you there was a hot and others who you never heard about that you know they're they're into this when I got my first counterintelligence operations training with the FBI FBI back in 88 I learned that you know one of the guys running that program was a huge Tolkien fan and other arcane literature and they smoked a pipe and but my point is you get into that world you meet the weirdos as the other agents call them and I was one of those right agent by day student of arcane mystic stuff at night so a couple of quick things somebody popped up on the side here and it's a good point they wanted to know what you thought of a couple of things we showed here earlier this one is a thank you this is a letter from President Nixon to Donald Trump in 1987 urging him to run for president oh wow I can't see that but that's interesting what does it Wow and well what's significant about it is it says dear Donald which is a friendliness there there's Uncle John and the stuff I put on my blog yes and I want to go into that actually that's Nixon with Trump and John Connolly uh-huh oh yeah nice combination and I pulled out a USA Today article which said that this letter from Nixon sits on Trump's desk in the White House on the Oval Office now so what do you think of the Trump Nixon just offhand how does that strike you I I think that due to you know the the presence the the fact that Trump's Uncle John was the guy that the out of all the guys in America all the engineers it's donald trump's uncle who was asked by the FBI to look at the the secret tesla papers in 1943 and so what does that tell you that tells you that you know the Trump's Donald Trump's specific line have been moving in certain circles in the know about stuff for four decades you know people we know that nobody runs for president by accident nobody anymore if they ever did nobody anymore truly just comes out of nowhere and runs for president and has any real chance of winning yeah and I don't think that don't get me wrong I don't think that's all evil I mean politics are what they are you know it's just the way it is so yeah well don't you know Obama is just a humble little community organizer never loud presidency was in dispute yeah just have you know it's finger on the pulse of America right okay Olivia Europe you've got two questions left okay astronomers looking for at the Mount Graham Observatory hmm we're not to look that one up I don't know that one ma'am it could be that they're looking for signs of the return of group oh did you say the Vatican yeah oh I'm sorry okay yeah that's fascinating one God they could be looking for the return of the cousins it's joseph earl calls them hahaha you know a group that hasn't been here in a very long time coming back I've heard that yes that's a very interesting one and we know that the Vatican adopted a policy that said the only thing is causes no problems to us and we're happy even to baptize them if they come here yeah they could be watching in approaching or watching a certain area of space because they know that's the approach that's going to be taken so well if they're consulting the Vatican Library they probably get those coordinates no question yeah I'd love to let you listen there for a little while anybody would love to you know I would love to just let me let loose there absolutely I just you know it's funny real quick when I was doing counterterrorism work I had to spent a month in Rome one time and a young lady I worked with she wanted to go to the Vatican so we went down there and you know she's ready to go in and I and she said are you going you weren't going in I said no I have no interest in going in there so I spent a couple of hours she was in there at a coffee shop I truly had no interest in see I'm right outside there in the bath but I truly had no interest and I don't regret it you know yeah yeah I mean it mean nothing to me so really how his nibs are related to the grill society in early 20th century austria-hungary perfect questions use that to drill the Vril society would have been a product of their influence that's my opinion nimza would be the overarching because it's my opinion that nimza was really the secret hand behind our push the modern era push for globalism that's really their style that's what they're all about when you look at the fingerprints as I see them and the Vril society would have been a product of nimza influence on the esoteric culture in Europe in Germany in the you know late 19th early 20th century Wow before we go Walter you give us just your quick thoughts on Pine Gap which is what we started off with in the show and I did a lot of overviews about what they were using it for but just your general impressions of the facility my understanding from recent discussions with other researchers and scholars is that Pine Gap might have been handling the secret communication between for you know for example Apollo and Mission Control and whatever back here the stuff that they didn't want us to hear right in so that's kind of where I'm at yeah it was it was kind of it offered that buffer so it's you know there was two channels the public one and then the the not public one and I think you know that's what I think about pine cap DM it's the first part of the discussion because I was doing an errand oh yeah yeah I basically what's up what I think it's fascinating is that all the sightings are on Pine Gap I showed this which is like a close by little resort and you know they do this graffiti because they know that there's just like what the area 51 thing in the Extra Terrestrial highway it becomes commonplace for them to see these things so I'm very interested in that et tie in with Pine Gap Olivia you got it the last question of the evening a think Pine Gap has made an alliance with certain et groups and not others are they working on hybrid humans there Wow wouldn't we like to know I'll tell you the tracking of the X and the symbolism the code that's been used I think from Dorn burgers X program space planes ends up at Pine Gap so earlier we showed the Prospero tie in with the Prospero satellite in the Prospero base that was close by and that Pine Gap was in Prospero and I think we could learn a lot by studying the Shakespearean tie into why they were using those names when they created those bases also we saw one Australian Prime Minister assassinated in another one thrown out of office who opposed Pine Gap so I think that the alien et redevelopment of craft takes place at Pine Gap the actual like alien bodies thing I don't know if they do that there but I can tell you all of the research that I've done points to the fact that Pine Gap became the repository for everything not everything but the vast majority of where the programs were going like we started with blue Gemini and we went through these various X programs by the time it gets to Pine Gap originally they say well it's going to be a space facility and then the next thing that they say is you know there are stories that come out that say this is an incredible thing they're eavesdropping on everyone on the planet so they it's incredibly sophisticated base and what we know is that the NSA and the CIA run it in that the supportive military base is Prospero so my guess the high-end aspects of the et redevelopment program in terms of UFO technology reside at Pine Gap what's interesting about that is it's Australia right yeah and look at Australia's relative proximity to Antarctica and all the stuff about what has been found there and you know I was told 20 years ago the very same stuff that's been coming out in the last two years that's why I've paid attention to the anarchist stuff even though I think there's a bunch of nonsense Wow a certain group being spouted about that the basics I heard 20 years ago in a very private keep it to yourself setting and maybe they find this stuff there and they get it to Australia where you know it's out in the middle of nowhere kinda I don't know fascinating Walter I couldn't resist showing you this Pine Gap shot which was shot by a photographer kind of looked it up higher oh there we go these domes that's what's running the show down there and they're not penetrable you know for people trying to kind of scan into what they're doing but very very unusual facility there and in my opinion so nobody has any idea of what kind of radar tech is inside those things then right no but interestingly enough it showed up in the Snowden document and he said that they had the ultimate ability to listen to any phone call or email on the planet kind of like you know supercharged Bluffdale basically oh great I want to thank everyone for joining me I'm gonna give Olivia last question that cuz she always gets it this is such a juicy question it's gonna go on forever though um rather Polly what is the cause of the historically repeating Tower of Babel moments hmm that's a great one you right off the top of my head I would say that one answer could be just that human curiosity and drive to know and so you you you know you build up to where you have you know that moment and you know it happens that way it is fascinating and the Tower of Babel is particularly interesting because you get into that thing where they say oh they're they're doing too much they're going too far we're going to have to confuse their language and cut them down that group that's talking at that point in the Bible is pretty unusual and the gods you know it's not your usual jehovah voice that's right it's a plural it's who are these guys yes absolutely and what's interesting about it is also it's getting into communications you know it's like oh you know they're getting to a point where anything they can imagine that they can do they'll be able to do this is a bad scene let's what's making sure they can't talk to each other that's basically like take out their grid so obviously I guess we caused some problems back there for whoever was looking after us [Laughter] Walter fantastic work thank you very much for for being with us we intend to have you back again because of course there's lots going on around these you know kind of Pumped Up disclosure movements that I want to talk to you about also well thanks for having me on I really enjoy coming on here and talking with you guys this is awesome yeah no question and the book the latest book that you have out which is the latest one now the latest one is actually secret missions 3 ambrose bierce and the empire the wheel to be getting on amazon ER it's Lulla book it's it's only lulu i only have a couple of titles on Amazon right now but I had to pull most of my books off Amazon because it was just a better better situation for me and the reader to go with print-on-demand so lit a little more expensive than a digital book and it takes you a couple weeks to get it but you get a solid book how do how do people follow your work I have the Walter Bosley channel on YouTube which I have videos on there about every week or every other week and I'm also on Empire of the wheel blog spot.com ok and I'm on social media where I'm always announcing appearances like this Wow fantastic it's been great having you and I think yeah actually the your brief video updates are always great I highly recommend them and the questions were great tonight what a fantastic lineup of questions and we had a huge crowd I really appreciate everyone coming on we have episode's coming up this spring with Katherine Austen Fitz dr. Joseph Ferrell Linda Moulton Howe was just incredible lineup and of course we'll have Joseph back and Alexandre Bruce who says hi by the way Walter yeah so thanks so much for being with us extraordinary information from blue Gemini all the way through Prospero and Pine Gap and then right into the heart of nimza with Walter Bosley just a fantastic show and I want everyone to have an excellent weekend and Olivia outstanding what can I say you were you were the greatest you can say goodbye to everyone if you want thanks everybody but you did grade those really excellent questions and you know he also dealt incredibly well under stress so thank you and so make sure to go to dark journalists calm up for the newsletter so you don't miss the shows that are coming up very often people will say to me I didn't see it on YouTube well just get the newsletter delivered into your inbox and that solves the problem you know in my message generally is go out there support the media that you want to see I say support size like crypto Gong comm forbidden knowledge TV Walter Bosley's work Solari Joseph Ferrell you know dark journalists all of these sites this this is where the information is that you can get that can really support an independent research community that's thriving with great ideas and you're a part of that you know because a lot of the information that you send us here at dark journalists are things we wouldn't run across so it's a real brain trust and that's a great exchange and I really appreciate it so thank you so much Walter great to have you Olivia and we're off to some kind of it's it's some kind of edgy something I don't know what your tots tater tots I knew it was coming so thank you very much everyone and we'll talk soon yeah it was great


  1. There is a reference to the "spirit" prince of the "air" in the Bible
    Ephesians 2:2 Wherein in time past ye walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience:

  2. Tower of Babel story would be an early example of divide and conquer. And the gods talking
    would be the same team speaking in the Garden of Eden ….. those gods who did not want humankind to be able to know the difference between the knowlege of good and evil because that would make humankind equal with these gods. Sounds like these gods are psychopaths.

  3. Is there really any mystery about "X"? In aeronautics, be it a small private plane, a military plane, or a spaceshot, "X" is merely short for "Experimental". The same is true in planning, at least if you're connected in any way to aeronautics or the military. If you have an idea, a plan, whatever, that you are certain about, or that has never been done, an "X" in front of it means "Experiment", which means, "This is just an experiment. Let's see what happens." It can also mean "Do you think this will work?"

    It depends who you're writing to, and what their position is. In all these cases, it's just shorthand.

    When writing a letter, and "X" in front of a sentence means, "Pay close attention to this. I don't want you to miss it".

  4. We are the spirits of the air. Enliil said to Enki, I'm against your bands and hunting souls to make them fly. Enki said when he created man, forever we will bind a soul to the (unnatural flesh), by his incantations. Read the book of Adam and Eve. They were spirit beings put into a modified flesh suit. That's us!

  5. I'm worried 👍ing your work Wil draw attention, forget signing onto a newsletter. Keep up the great work, Elementals 'Rule

  6. @dark journalist I'm relatively new to the delights of your broadcasts so have much catching up to do. Therefore, I don't know whether this has already been covered in subsequent show.
    However, towards the end [around 2h 30ish] during Q & A, I recall a question re. Jules Verne/Tesla & secret societies, etc. and was wondering whether you're aware of Plus Ultra
    http://disney.wikia.com/wiki/Plus_Ultra boasting some illustrious members, including but not limited to Nikola Tesla,
    Thomas Edison, Jules Verne, Gustave Eiffel, Howard Hughes, Amelia Earhart.
    Thanks for your contribution – there's so much bullpoo out there to wade thru' it's refreshing to listen to hardcore researchers talking sense for a change 🌹💖

  7. It seems to me that 40 to 50+ year old plans attributed to Wernher von Braun in 1977 by Dr Carol Rosin to alert the public to the secret world of the military industrial complex and its long term plan, could only be acquired through either remote viewing, a time traveler, or some sort of alien/spiritual/angelic being/or Channeler of higher beings. Who might otherwise put forward such specific diversions in specific context all of which underly what we see happening in the world as our designated enemies in order to weaponized space to control the world. First the Russians, then terrorists, then 3rd World Country Crazies, then Asteroids, then the final card, extraterrestrials. Was von Braun one of the good guys who had awakened from inside the belly of the beast? How many people can make that level of accuracy in projecting future events?

  8. I think Nixon wanted a third term because he was power hungry. Hard to imagine for you kids what it was like in the sixties & seventies. If you were, I doubt you would have been such a huge Nixon supporter. Your fawning over the man makes me ill. Revisionist history.

  9. The Reality of the nature of UFOs/USO’s and their occupants as revealed through quotes by UFO Researchers: Many who have researched the UFO field have found that it is Not What it seems; some have determined what the “aliens” really are. Here are some direct quotes from people who would know about this subject, Experts who have spent a large part of their lives researching UFOs…………………….. “We are dealing with a multidimensional Paraphysical phenomenon which is largely indigenous to planet earth,” – Brad Steiger, Canadian UFO report, vol,4, no,4, 1977, p,20…………………….. “But the UFO phenomenon simply does not behave like extra-terrestrial visitors, it actually molds itself in order to fit a given culture,” – John Ankerberg, The facts on UFOs & other supernatural phenomena, p,10…………………….. “One theory which can no longer be taken very seriously is that UFOs are interstellar spaceships,”- Arthur C, Clarke, New York Times book review, 27 July 1975…………………….. “A large part of the available UFO literature is closely linked with mysticism & the metaphysical, it deals with subjects like mental telepathy, automatic writing & invisible entities… as well as phenomena like poltergeist, ghosts, manifestation & possession” … “many of the UFO reports now being published in popular press recount alleged incidents that are strikingly similar to demonic possession and psychic phenomena,” – Lynn E, Catoe, UFOs & related subjects: USGPO, 1969…………………….. “UFO behaviour is more akin to magic than physics as we know it … the modern UFO antics & the demons of past days are probably identical,” – Dr Pierre Guerin, FSR vol,25, no,1, p,13-14…………………….. “The UFO manifestations seem to be – by & large merely minor variations of the age – old demonological phenomenon … – John A, Keel, UFOs: Operation Trojan Horse, p, 299…………………….. “The ‘medical examination’ to which abductees are said to be subjected to, often accompanied by sadistic sexual manipulation is reminiscent of the medieval tales of encounters with demons … It makes no sense in a sophisticated or technical framework: any intelligent being equipped with the scientific marvels that UFOs possess … would be in a position to achieve any of these alleged scientific objectives in a shorter time & with fewer risks,” – Dr Jacques Vallee, Confrontations, p, 13……………………..
    These people are all respected in the UFO/Fortean field. They all came to the conclusion that aliens are simply demons. Whitley Strieber, one of the most famous alien abductees of all time, author of “The Day After Tomorrow “, & “Communion” has this to say about his abductors, – “Increasingly I felt as if I were entering a struggle that might even be more than life or death. It might be a struggle for my soul, my essence, or whatever part of me might have reference to the eternal. There are worse things than death, I Suspected… So far the word demon had never been spoken among the scientists & doctors who were working with me … Alone at night I worried about the legendary cunning of demons… – Whitley Strieber, Transformation, p, 44-45. “I wondered if I might not be in the grip of demons, if they were not making me suffer for their own purposes,”- Whitley Strieber, Transformation, p, 172. “I felt an absolutely indescribable sense of menace. It was hell on earth to be there, in the presence of these entities, and yet I couldn’t move, couldn’t cry out, couldn’t, I’d lay as still as death, suffering inner agonies… Whatever was there seemed so monstrously ugly, so filthy & dark & sinister… Of course they were demons, and they were here and I couldn’t get away,” – Whitley Strieber, Transformation, p, 181. “Why were my visitors so secretive, hiding themselves behind my consciousness, I could only conclude that they were using me and did not want me to know why … what if they were dangerous then I was terribly dangerous because I was playing a role in acclimatizing people to them,” Whitley Strieber, Transformation, p, 96…………
    One more point to make here is: Aleister Crowley is one of, if not the most influential / powerful satanist who ever lived. High level satanists like Crowley channel entities to gain power and knowledge, Whitley Strieber was getting abducted by entities, Now if you do a google search and compare the images of Crowley’s entity with Strieber’s entity from his book – Communion you will see how Crowley’s entity “lam” look’s very much the same as Strieber’s alien entity on the front cover of his book Communion, both the images looking very much like the typical archetypal grey alien of recent popular culture; with their large heads, large eyes, and their small thin pale grey skinned bodies…
    also note; that it has been reported to UFO groups like MUFON that; abductions have being ended instantly when the entities are rebuked in the name of Jesus Christ and the blood of the lamb-Christs blood, if these were true alien abductions; rebuking them in the name of Jesus Christ or Yeshua would have no affect? Satan is the father of all lies, the great Deceiver, he & his fallen angels and demons will mix their lies in & around just enough truth to fool you into giving up your gift of Salvation through faith in and following; Yeshuah/Jesus Christ, and repentance of your sins.
    Aliens are Satan's Fallen Angels and Demons (Part Of The Grate Deception) for told in the Bible. They are planning to bring back the Nephilim: hateful hybrid monstrous giants of old, to destroy mankind and fight God/YHWH On the Great and Terrible Day Of The Lord: coming soon!!! “Please Take Heed” – Yeshua/Jesus Christ warns us: “For there shall arise (at the end of days) false Christs and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders: insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect-(believers) Matthew 24:24……"Now the Spirit speaks expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils", 1 Timothy 4: 1-16…… "But as the days of Noe were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be", Matthew 24:37……. Noe – Noah – in his day, before the flood, there was nothing but hatred & Violence caused by very sinful mankind interacting with the fallen angels and their evil children: the Nephilim – hateful hybrid monstrous giants of old, see link:… http://biblehub.com/genesis/6.htm
    Don't let satan fool you, believe in Yeshua/Jesus Christ put your trust in Him, learn of Him; follow Him, seek salvation through Him today before it’s too late, start here with Christ’s story in; Matthew 1, http://biblehub.com/matthew/1.htm
    Check out on line:
    Genes 6: 1 -4 http://biblehub.com/genesis/6.htm
    The First Book of Enoch : http://hiddenbible.com/enoch/online.html/
    Now You See TV; https://www.youtube.com/user/NowYouSeeTV

    UnLearn.com; https://www.youtube.com/user/lexbmeyer

    Also: Torah Family.com https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrwRLYg4dbkrxDbbnaQd48g

    Celebrate Truth: Scientism Exposed: full documentary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AeIGrEtPMmE&t=11s on line: YouTube & Facebook
    ( See End Days Warning in Matthew 24/25 ) ( See also; Deuteronomy 28/30 for the blessings and the curses ) also see: Cannibalism Making Headlines, (Giants/Nephilim) is The Tribulation Near?? By Steve Quayle https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I9MuJ8p6Ilw&t=647s
    Free Bibles on line: http://biblehub.com Plus: kingjamesbibleonline.org
    May God/ Yehovah Bless and guide you and your Loved ones to all truth, His Ways, His Truth, to His Eternal Life, Amen.

    Ms Garza commented on; 12/4/17

    S C R …..Wow, thank you so much for that info that verifies the terrifying event I experienced. I am so glad to hear others who have survived encounter have also recognized that these are Not benevolent beings. The Peace and Love people try to convince you that aliens are here to "upgrade our DNA". and want to help us. They are being deceived. This entity had only white eyes, no pupils and had a growl laugh. It came out of the dark. I have never told anyone before what happened to us that evening for several hours. There was a large outline of a ship in the clouds that materialized for a few seconds above at daybreak as it finally left. It was a spiritual battle to keep my friend from being taken as he was unconscious….I asked it what it's mission was and it said " TO MAKE WAR WITH GOD" through my friends mouth who was unconscious…I give JESUS all the Praise, Honour and Glory for saving us.

    Richard Pipes Replyed to me on 14 Jan 2018 : Video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_mCEEikIEc&lc=z231vvi4pwmnipjmiacdp433qs3gvanqdf4ypdf0rmdw03c010c.1515888586309681
    S C R great reply and spot on. I had a dream in 2014 of a flying saucer and a big cube of light. It was a crazy dream and had me sick for 3 days. Praying the whole time asking GOD what the dream meant and after 3 days HE said "a great deception is coming and it involves technology." Short version. GOD bless

    UFO Update! VERY Close Encounters!
    Chemtrails, Are They Linked to Secret UFO/Alien Disclosure Project?
    Aliens, UFOs and Flat Earth, the War Against God: Why they may fake An Alien threat (Rob Skiba on: Dr Steven Greer’s agenda)

  10. the secret societies worship satan. he is a fallen angel. call ets what you want, but the truth is they are demons, produced by fallen angels when the angels left their heavenly home and body, and mated with human women. read enoch. read genesis 6:4. read the old testament. all the giants who lived in the area of israel were named nephilim, etc. names of tribes ended in -im. thats why yahweh wiped out so many people there. he was trying to destroy the giants and their progeny. the fallen angels that sinned against god were bound below the surface of the earth. the spirits of the giants, called demons, were bound to the earth. the bodies they have are made by the demons using human and animal dna. the demons also inhabit human bodies when they can, but have to find someone they can either overpower, or someone who permits them to enter.

  11. I'm not going to lie: It's a little bit uncomfortable watching Walter Bosley talk about UFOs while he wears a t-shirt that advertises transgender pornography. We reeeeally did not need to know that about you, Walter.

  12. Ani Irish-Scot (or Orangeman) wouldn't be seen dead in any Roman Catholic institution, let alone the Vatican! I'm surprised he would prefer any Irishman to an Englishman though. Most often they are on side with the British establishment. eg. they currently support the Conservative government in the UK – the party of government who held power during the great potato famine, which brought so many Irish Catholics (Republicans) to the US and Canada.

  13. I wonder how many thousands of people/chidren have been murdered by the renegade CIA, and who were they? All this deception, criminal activity and negativity for what to keep their dark programs secret?

  14. The reason they want to hide the secret space program is remmeber Venor Vaugn Braun comments before he died saying the West would try and fake an alien threat! remember that concerning these break away civilizations

  15. the reptilian idea is based on the armor of the sythian warriors which was overlapping scales. they were called reptile warriors. da Vinci headed at one point the priory de sion group.

  16. the spirit of st. louis is on display at the henry ford greenfield museum in dearborn michigan. wonderful museum. has the chair lincoln was sitting in at ford theater when he was shot.

  17. anistasia movement going on now in russia. making a great deal of a difference. it can be seen on line.

  18. dad was 'materials handling' at wright patterson air force base in dayton ohio. most people do not understand what that means.

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