and we are live this is dark journalists it's fantastic to be here with everyone it's already an amazing crowd and I'm joined by the lovely Olivia hi everybody and we have a very special episode for you tonight and our guest is Walter Bosley who is the author of the Empire of The Wheel series and you know Walter having been in the Air Force has a great background to get into the kind of issues that we talk about here we've had him on the show before tonight we're going to go into some of his origins research surrounding the del shell mystery of the mystery airships in its connection now and the code that he's discovered that connects nimza to the X technology this is important because as we move forward doing the X steganography series these experts kind of do work of their own correlating back around this X theme of X dehghan ography and they find Keys associated with the X in their own research and that's exactly what we need to bring forward and we've been finding it more and more now this is episode 46 of the X Tekken ography series and basically you know the Stig and ography that we've been following has to do largely with secrecy that's maintained in government agencies when they want to move a black project through so they don't want to tracked by the traditional bureaucracy and they come up with all these different ways and means to do it the the groups that are doing that don't constitute kind of the average government you know the regular Congress people and all the rest although some of them may be involved with that level of secrecy but most of this moves through this kind of murky swamp of black projects and continuity of government and other classified areas of government outlays and this gets us deep into the black budget as well and inevitably to the secret space program and of course there's been a lot of interesting things going on there today that we're going to get into but I want to say right off the bat that this correlation of nimza which is this group that Walter Bosley has brought forward in his research which is basically a kind of a secretive industrial group coming out of the 19th century in its influence into the secrecy of the 20th century is quite fascinating and the correlation between those two I think it's going to prove to be quite amazing along with all of the tie-ins to the artwork of this very unusual figure named Charles Dale Shaw who has these strange strange connections to these early air travel space travel programs that were in the works a long time ago far before what we know traditionally is NASA and the rest and the question is where did that come from what groups were maintaining it and where did it go did did it go on to dominate the 20th and 21st century space programs those the answers that we're going to get tonight I've been receiving fantastic feedback for last week episode on the doppelgangers and this is so interesting because we go pretty hardcore on the topics but they are all interlinking and you're going to find strangely enough as I've found this magic before many times I know Olivia gets tired of hearing me talk about it but there are so many strange synchronicities that tie in that it's it's off the charts when we get into certain levels of intrigue around this and of course right in the heart of some of the stuff I'm going to present tonight doppelgangers again so with the great feedback that you everyone gave us on that was fantastic one of the things I've mentioned that people have been sending me lately are all these X correlations and you know they're quite interesting because I found about 200 of my own just dealing with the aerospace projects and NASA and the Air Force and the space planes in particular and the basic thing was that a lot of projects would just go black as it were and then they would reemerge with a sex designation or the X would get changed around and I found a few excellent episodes of that for us tonight along with a group of these aerospace archaeologists and what they do is they look for these early programs and some of the early crashes around these special planes and they found some very interesting things got some very interesting results when looking at the explains they put together a book which is called X plane crashes and it's peter merlin and tony moore this book actually came out a little while ago maybe over five years ago now but it it's so interesting how it ties in with the research that we're doing when they are running across programs and they cannot figure out why the exes are coming up themselves because you know they're explained aficionados and so when we look at these military historians who get tripped up on those questions and don't have the ex steganography as a guide it's very interesting for us looking at it now with the ex tagging ography is the key to why these things you know come up the way they do but it's interesting the questions that they ask and how it dovetails into what we're doing very interesting indeed and Olivia how are we doing out there with everyone doing great you guys can all start asking questions in all caps please yeah definitely in the second half of the program and Walter's gonna join us in about 45 minutes here but in the second half of the program we're going to do Q&A with everyone like we usually do and just ask all your questions and caps it makes it easy for her to pick them out and she does an incredible job of sort of correlating all the main themes which is what we're going to meet tonight there's been so many crazy things going on this week military drills out of nowhere in Los Angeles you know we went through all the State of the Union hijinks and now this weird plan that they're introducing which is supposed to be like a new deal but the green new deal and you know all these unusual kind of moves that we're seeing on the political side we can tell that the lead-up to 2020 is going to be quite dynamic and the thing is given the types of subjects that we're prone to address in this series it's fascinating because the secrecy is going to come to the fore in the next you know say between here in 2020 because these groups are now fighting it out and letting things out also and they also are making very open grabs for power as we saw in 2016 there was a lot of open grabbing around the UFO file when you know we had Hillary Clinton dancing all over the place saying that she knew what a UAP was and all this nonsense with her and John Podesta and Tom DeLonge and then that all went you know way down the drain as a result of Trump getting in and then Trump coming in and saying well I've got the space force and then these people rolling out Louis Elizondo you know as the leftover remnant of that op that was run out of the Clinton campaign very strange dynamics and you don't see those dynamics very much along with the fact that we had this Harvard professor saying hey you know what a MOA MOA is an alien spaceship and I don't care if my colleagues put me down I'm gonna say it anyway this is a little bit interesting to me because having lived through when Harvard professor John Mack took the abductee phenomena seriously and the incredible shellacking that he got from Time magazine you know is he insane you know did he abuse his power trying to get him thrown out of Harvard and then this guy they just kind of embrace you know the New York Times is like wow this guy has hutzpah so there's definitely a problem there with the little trial balloons that they're sending out who were keeping a close eye on them because the biggest liar in the whole bunch is the mainstream media case writer whose state case said that AOC just got a 10 million documentary deal with Netflix ah yes that was just an app well she knows listen you know they they just dropped this 28 year old into Congress she was completely backed you know and the story was well she came from the streets and from the ghetto but her dad's this like rich architect so we've been getting a lot of misinformation about AOC and but that's a great one and we know the deeps hate Kate she gets a lot of the stories before anybody so there she is breaking news on the spot and that's why we always tune into her stuff I think it is interesting though because the X Tekken ography itself is starting to become InFocus you know we have groups that come out and you know on their channels like there's this Anonymous group on YouTube and you know all of a sudden they're talking about Atlantis you know and they even mentioned paulina zelitsky which you know i mean certainly her work is out there but we've the ones we're the ones who've been doing the work on her stuff over the past say six episodes hello hot zone and but you might notice everyone suddenly is talking about this and this is the kind of the edge of the kind of work that we're doing which is right at the heart of the period that we're in things like the X technology and like the hot zone become very important power plays so a lot of the things that we see for example going on in Venezuela relate very much the hot zone activity of make no mistake about it so I feel very confident in saying that this year is the year of the hot zone and the air at the X Tech we're going to watch these two factors come out and we're even going to be hearing about X steganography more and more so it's a nice thing that he we have this foundation of some almost 50 episodes here of going through this entire history and what's amazing and I was adding this up just recently we've only gotten really – you know I'd say still less than 20% of the information that I have available that's just what I have from my own research then studying others and the background on this but it's an amazing thing with the interaction that we're having with everyone on this because they have things to say that are gonna widen that picture so really this is a very open source investigation I want to stress that and I feel that what we have with the ex dehghan ography is very much what they had with the Rosetta Stone which is you know this ability to finally be able to read it and of course the Rosetta Stone the reason we can read those hieroglyphs discovered in 1799 was this rosetta stone during the Napoleon raids and they found it they translated it because it was they're available in three languages and it was this kind of you know thing mmm where these churches were saying we all allegiance to the emperor and they did it in three languages and thank God they were still using hieroglyphs at the time that's the only reason that we even know so you know this is the era where we're looking at a new kind of opening in terms of information and that's what the X Dagon ography is all about that's why the series and the information that we're studying is so important but I want to kind of give us something practical to go on on this so I'm going to start with these X plane crashes before we bring Walter on I'm gonna remind everyone that you're watching the dark journalists show we've been you know it's been amazing people have been signing up for the newsletter there's been a tremendous response but that free newsletter is a good pipeline between us it keeps us on track with each other and I would say you know go to dark journalist com sign up for the free newsletter it gives us that ability even if the social media platforms go down which by the way we have all kinds of issues with them but hey I'm not complaining as we know some people are actually no longer on them you know unperson sometime down the memory hole that's the way it goes now we did run across this incredible Jack Dorsey interview with Joe Rogan which was embarrassing because Joe Rogan didn't mention the fact that he was censoring libertarians conservatives or left-leaning people who didn't speak the right-left language that's another one let's not forget it's this is not a left-right issue censorship goes across the board just ask press for truth or any of those guys a professor peter della scala yeah acceptable thought is becoming narrower and narrower yes yes it's that Graham Hancock calls it channel normal if you don't subscribe channel normal you're in trouble you know but I do think that we can see that the general state of interaction if these guys aren't made to kind of fess up as to that kind of censorship it's not a very good picture and you know it's going to be very clear who is giving you the real facts and who's giving me this kind of corporate version of things I just want to say that esoteric 3/6 all said hot zone equals ideas room well the hot zone to be clear is a region between Cuba and Bimini that exists in the Atlantic there during the Bahamas it's not the Bermuda Triangle but it sure as damn close and what I've gotten information about and it's getting corroborated by higher and higher centers which is that the hot zone as a term has been in use for a long time decades and what it relates to are these ruins that exist down there and this whole idea of Atlantis rising and that there's some kind of effect in relation to this that they're tracking in groups like Autec which is basically like America's underwater area 51 they're off and Rose Island these are places where you know the projects go blacker and blacker because who the heck is going to go over to Andros and start inspecting these guys books and seeing what they're up to so you know it's funny how we get deflected and there are very important things going on in Antarctica make no mistake but I guarantee you the hot zone is far more active and they've been studying it and they have better access to whatever it is that's going on there the hot zone becomes very important because of the whole Atlantis rising theme that's been there we've demonstrated it in the literature of the mystery schools have warned us about we've seen political actions related to it it's just a fact that there is land rising off these coasts and as a result of that we're getting a look at some older civilizations that are under there that's the big secret you're not going to find that in the new york times and this is the nature of part of the problem of what we're looking at so you know you can look forward to February March April lots of hot zone reports and there going to be some incredible figures coming forward to discuss these things with us the very best very best people all right let's take a look at this did you have another question for me well actually Mayfield jukes said how does DJ not worry about X protect silencing him and I was just responding that we choose not to live in fear yeah well you have to understand how X protect works also and I've introduced X protect before I'm glad you brought it up though because um next protect an X share these two groups that kind of Duke it out in this underground government basically X share has this um you know mandate that they want to share the technology they want to move the culture forward they want to inject it they don't want to be stuck on this fossil fuel paradigm and X protect is a group that wants to do the opposite hold the secrecy and there's a group inside of X protect that often will is set out there to an investigator that gets too close to these things which i think is that may be the import of your question and what they do generally is they try to ruin somebody's name that's their their first protocol then they try to pressure them using different techniques of corporate techniques bureaucratic techniques and then you find when you look through the UFO history because this is wrapped up with the UFO file you find that they will go so far as to eliminate certain researchers I think if you go all the way back to the 50s you find people like Morris Jessup and you can bring that all the way forward you know and even individuals like Gary Webb in a sense he wasn't dealing with the folk file but he was dealing with a corridor of hidden finance and it's the same type of thing so you know but certainly people like gary mckinnon the incredible pressure that was put on obama to extradite him here you know that almost caused an international incident so there's no question that these two forces are duking it out and the reports that come forward like the type of stuff that we're doing is very unique right now however the kind of the strands the tapestry that it reaches out to in some instances the work of Peter Dale Scott in some instances the work of dr. Joseph Farrow in some instances the work of Graham Hancock these things all come together that is this research is related it's just that we have an advantage in a sense with the ex steganography to be able to see what's going on with some of these programs and I think that we're getting something now that can bring the great research that people have done like paulina zelitsky for example in the Cuba ruins that stuff can come up now because we have the framework behind people understand through the research that we're presenting that it that it has so that's that's pretty good and I will say also in relation to these plane crashes it's quite unique because I want to bring us into that mind of a regular military historian looking at the ex tagging ography around these planes now the explains just kind of give us an overview the main program was done by walter dornberger who is a incredibly high-ranking Nazi that we brought over here even though he was about to be tried at Nuremberg for crimes against humanity but he was a brilliant scientist and they they did the trade off there he was also von Braun's boss and the father of the space program but when he became sort of a bigwig in a VP at Bell Helicopter he engaged in a number of programs that were had to do with spaceplanes and some of those space planes even though they were run in the 60s still held the speed records for today which is quite remarkable when you think about it we do have the example of people like lieutenant colonel philip corso who said what they were designed for was UFO recon so you see how these things help us to understand what they were doing why they were putting it all out there but the X planes were incredibly secret and as demonstrated by these historians they go to tremendous lengths to even hide the crashes involved of course NASA's latest plane is the low boon flight demonstration it's the X 59 this is their logo for it and the X is replete throughout and the X Dagon ography is that signaling off saying look you know this is the our latest and greatest in the X series the X technology represents something that is well protected inside the UFO file and it is some combination here of this deeper technology that was vouchsafed through time and something having to do with this UFO redevelopment technology whatever it is that's in there is so secret that whenever we get around it and whenever we get a good fix on it incredibly bizarre things start to happen and I've attributed this to apotheon which is an effect that takes place that kind of distorts physics so it's a kind of runaway physics that makes things not work properly that's why when we get around the UFO question they're all these things about well they don't you know people miss time so it misses up time then it messes up electricity it messes up energy it messes up the you know we have these people who have the sense of walking through walls and things like that so it completely distorts reality however you want to describe that and it can't all be you know just some somebody's emotional reaction to seeing an unusual craft or something they dreamed up there's just too many cases on record and also we have too much trace evidence of things like when these crafts come down nothing will grow there etc let's take a look at the pilot who is over Mount Rainier in Washington Kenneth Arnold and this is what he saw and that's that's what we call a flying saucer now but it looks kind of like a boomerang it's very unusual craft or a wing and Arnold's was one of the best pilots that we had and he said look I saw a group of them and I followed them and they were kind of taking this strange thing and they they look like they were skipping like saucers across a pond which then they said hey it's flying saucers and that's what the hell ran away with the whole thing but this was the opening up of the UFO file because now though everyone was talking about it and there it was for everyone to see and ever since they've been trying to kind of bottle that up because it was just a wave of the stuff going on in the 40s in the late 40s particularly 1947 which was this incredibly banner year so the question is what was it in place you know like assuming that was let's say an offworld civilizations craft or let's assume it was a craft from a civilization that was here but advanced you know this is where some of these things come together you know that both things are operating potentially and that's why the question around the extech and nimza which is this group that Walter Bosley studies it's going to be so interesting when we have in one here but before we get into that let's look at some of the X plane crash research and I'm gonna do a quick dance onto the Orphic circle that ties into this and then then we're gonna go for Charles Dale show okay here is the basic setup for the explains which is this is a kind of secrecy this is how they demonstrate it now you can see it's clearly a plane but it's also demonstrating the X the way they maintained the projects and the way they maintain the secrecy is by using the steganography in the naming mechanism and this is something that the historians address in their book I've pointed out before that the X 35 which is now that F 35 you know not only does it have the hat trick imagery and missing ace in this invisibility card going but it has the X's all along the top here and you know this being the most advanced technology that we have where Trump was coming out and saying during these press conferences its invisibility were invisible now and he's giving it away there so that Lockheed Martin these people are saying no no no he's just speaking figuratively but knowing Trump he's speaking literally an enclosed area and it is quite fascinating because as I pointed out the X steganography involving Trump is remarkable and off the charts somebody someone sent me one of these I don't know if they wanted me to use the name or not so I won't but I do appreciate it and this is of President Trump Security Agency and what are they called x mark I mean it is quite remarkable when we get around the X Tekken ography just how much there is around President Trump and you know there's only a certain amount of that can be that can be attributed to happenstance especially when we know the track record so if we didn't understand what X steganography was you'd just be like huh you know it's not interesting there's some X symbology but now that we know about X Dagon ography and that it relates to these secret programs it takes on a different meaning and we start to get a clearer picture what's going on yes miss Olivia oh I did oh yes would you like one no no go forth okay so Chris Ramsey on wants to know history's blue book do you think that is a form of soft disclosure no no I think they're just feeding into the interest of the times and I have to say that you know I sort of brought this up and for people who like a show you know that's nice if you enjoyed it's good but Project Blue Book was a whitewash anyway and even J Allen Hynek who's the main character inside of it he went on to discredit it by saying it wasn't a real program just look for UFOs and we found out later that President Nixon was actually when he was vice president in charge of a program called CIA Blue Book that's the real program but we don't have the records for that so this blue book exercise was like oh this guy saw something but it was a hubcap you know and every once in a while they throw in a kind of half real case there but it was a superficial episode kind of along the lines of you know superficial exercise kind of like the Warren Commission in a sense of think of Project Blue Book so if they were doing a program on the Warren Commission I might watch anyway but I'd know it's basically the portrayal of a whitewash so I'm not going to get that excited when they do it just a thorough hey dr. ferral it is great to have you here and of course Joseph just did a blog on CERN and some of the things that are going on over there and it is explosive I recommend everyone go to Giza death Starcom and read that because so very interesting and one of the things I want to get to I'm gonna remind everyone again that this guy's the name of his book because it's so outstanding that I ran across this because you know I guess someone could always say because of my own research around the ex that I had a bias in relation to the ex tagging ography oh I always love it when I find confirmation and sources that had nothing to do with me so again this is the book explains and it's by Peter Merlin and Tony Moore and the subtitle is exploring experimental rocket planes and spy craft incidents accidents and crash sites and boy did they find interesting things when they try to find the crash sites including the fact that they were completely obscured but here's a few interesting things for our ex Dagon ography to take on a whole different kind of magnification this is what they say for the explains explained the X designation is used to denote piloted autonomous or remotely piloted aerospace vehicles designed for testing highly experimental configurations numerous piloted in unpiloted X planes have been designated including variations of rebuilt and modified airframes the there are there are arguably some aircraft that by their nature deserved X designation such as the d558 and d558 to supersonic research planes and they go on to list some others in totally you know wondering why they didn't get the Ignatian and then they say for other aircraft a YF designation service test fighter would seem more appropriate such as the X 32 X 35 Joint Strike Fighter technology demonstrators a few most notably the X 8 X 9 11 and 12 were rockets and missiles not easily categorized as X plans so they're very very confused these are military historians now aerospace historians and they're like we have no idea why they called these planes explains doesn't make sense and they also are saying you've got these other planes like the d558 which should have been called X plants so opening the door to the fact that there's something else going on in the naming mechanism okay let's go a little bit further they start to get confused about this also when they say the X plane designations are part of the mission design series MDS designation system assignment of such numbers is regulated by the Department of Defense so they go through this process then they describe it the process for requesting MDS designators is as follows the military departments must submit a written request for assignment for a distinctive MDS designated as early as possible in the development cycle so they go through and they coordinate all these things then it says note Air Force agencies must coordinate MDS requests through the applicable system program office SPO then the CAA SC will assign the MDS designator and transmit the request to the headquarters of the United States Air Force they say the pilot it explains include x1 and so on most of these the dornberger series which were the most successful the x-15 being the most successful at the bunch 20 dinosaur shows up very strangely if you've watched any of the programs that we've done on the Kennedy assassination the in the files of guy Bannister which were destroyed but his wife saved the titles of the files and donated them to some library in those files right underneath the Kennedy assassination file that he has on the assassination he has Warcraft space Warcraft in the need lists the x20 dinosaur which is quite unusual because first of all it's not a Warcraft and second of all what is it doing right next to President Kennedy's assassination in guide Bannister's book and we know guy Bannister's not only close to the X file he's also in the UFO file he's also close to the Kennedy assassination it's very unusual mix when we get into that area of X 15 and X 20 and some of the things that President Kennedy did in relation to the blue Gemini space programs clip is also in the house hey cliff I cliffs been doing some great programs and I think he's been doing a LARP too in relation to some alien stuff and really kind of showing us what a wild alien story sounds like it's great to have everyone here I'll remind everyone that you're watching the dark journalists show and we have a huge crowd tonight we're gonna have Walter Bosley here shortly to discuss his research around the empire the wheel story in particular I always recommend this book which is origin this is his one of his standout books for me because of a subtitle the 19th century emergence of 20th century breakaway civilizations and you know Walter Bosley did an interesting thing there he's not he's interesting guy to I want to say this knowing Walter it's not the kind of guy who really tries to get into the spotlight very much but he just a lot of quiet research under the radar and it's it's high-quality because again he comes out of the IFOS eye so he was Special Operations in the Air Force he understands these things I think very well and that's where we get a little kind of a better edge for example in our conversations with Walter and discussing Elizondo and some of the things that Elizondo claimed for the TTS a that you know he was Manning this lowly UFO desk at the Pentagon and all the rest of it I think we're able to get some answers from Walter as a results right now so I think looking back on it do you think the community is starting to have better discernment now yes I mean you know we had this whole story going on today with the hopefully chicken cult and how people you know there's a couple of channels like uni rock and CW chanter came out with some things that the chicken cult we're doing and operating behind the scenes to do hit jobs on people who hit jobs on me and you know Richard Dolan and other people and you know their conversations came out it's almost like hey it's a little like Watergate you know calling it dogs gate but you know Corey Goode in the blue chickens of course we've done a lot of reporting on them lasting up the secret space work and coming out with these stories and he's a galactic ambassador and all this kind of junk but what I do think is interesting that was kind of data dumped to those guys was that these in in the back rooms you know in these Facebook groups and these private Facebook groups they have these things called task force you know so the spirit Alliance task force being above majestic task force and they send these people out I see Walter approaching it's coming it's coming in for a landing so far so good I'm set up my tripod you might want to shut your mic off while you're doing it it's good to see out there let us know when you're ready sir and then you know I think it is quite important when this happens because people inside those groups they get disgusted with the kind of hit jobs that the cult makes them do and you know they there are things and they are instructing them to do hit jobs on me and Walter Bosley and Richard Dolan and you know I mean it's just embarrassing the way that they talk and their whole thing is they're trying to protect this cult because you know they run out of gas they run out of stories about blue chickens and so we're in a you know totally different paradigm so to answer your question are we getting better discernment now it's things like that you know when you think a couple years ago that people were buying that kind of junk and I think we're going to look back on a lot of the cue stuff that way too that people you know they're they're sort of getting a sense now that a lot of these things are either marketing ops or Intel psyops and either way we're getting squeezed in the middle and we have to have a higher threshold for the truth and that's where you know things like dark journalism come in that's where you know we go deeper and we have the people and we have the you know the quality the brain trust of research think of forbidden knowledge TV net that's Alexander Bruce who you know has an incredible education incredible background she you know one of the best journalists out there dr. Joseph Farah was just talking about Vicki's a death star book series I mean this is really quite remarkable Walter what that frame is doing is it has you again doing that kind of horizontal to vertical thing when it needs to be going like this camera in the tripod just lie down by the way we do hear that our I've been seeing some comments going on in there there's a huge snowstorm that hit Portland Oregon and when we think about this that's very rare and so good luck to our friends in Portland over the next few days dealing with that storm we've been incredibly lucky here in Cambridge and in the Boston area we haven't had anything it's been like complete it's been kind of the most mild winter it's like I mean if you think about it we've been in this remarkable zone do you want to address a question about edge of wonder yes oh yeah okay well what do you think of them very simple well edge of wonder is part of the blue chicken cult you know they if you look at the people that they highlight you know they came on board in December and it's a brand manager and he did some stuff for the epoch times and a guy who's a comedian and they put them both together with a big budget and their website used to say Universal Paramount I don't know what the deal is with that so but anyway they hooked up with Wilcock and good and all of their episodes are like hey it's our new thing if it's a interview series with David Wilcock and Corey Goode and you know next we have Laura Eisenhower and here comes Michael Sela so it's just it is the new you know now that the blue chickens got thrown out of Gaia and they're getting thrown out of Jimmy Church and thrown out here thrown out there they put together this thing with these guys and it's the new blue chicken SIOP and it's edge of wonder and they're supposed to be these zany guys you know like and they're they're into Bigfoot and secret spacemen and they're also going to defend everyone against satanic ritual abuse they don't know anything about these things these people edge of wander the blue chickens they fall marketing trends their marketing cult this is a very unusual thing in our space but a very usual thing in other spaces and you know marketing cult what they do is they look at demographics for where they can target out to get their hands in and so they look at the vertical of the space and then they go across the size of the horizontals and that's all you see in shows like edge of wonder so you're not gonna find anything real there you know a few fish if you want to check it out knock yourself out but yeah thank you for addressing that and yeah I think there are disgrace honestly am i right now Walter you look great it's good to see ya am I you are indeed you are indeed how are you doing good good really looking forward to talking about the sex thing tonight but it's kind of cool that the other thing you know well you know I had a habit of this when we schedule a show and for some reason some weird controversy breaks and it's usually around the blue chickens yeah but I guess my first question for you should be how do you feel about being included in the data dump with the blue chickens trying to size up how to tie you in and make you look like you're I don't know what was it a Saudi arms trafficker or something the whole thing yet all I know is that I popped up in a meme yes yes I didn't hear you no here's what I find really interesting is they include me on their list that can you hear me or should I use my head no no no no you're fine right now you're fine okay they will include me on their list they'll include me as part of the dark cabal but I noticed that unless I've missed something they never talk about me openly directly or mentioned my name and okay that if it's an intimidation thing because you know I'm one of those guys who when you look up my background you find that I don't lie about it so you know they know they're like okay he's the real deal he was Air Force officer yeah kind of interesting how they include me but they don't mention me maybe they just don't want to give me you know the publicity but no I would agree me they're very careful about who they go after and who they think they can get away with it yeah it you know I have to say in relation to that data dump from chanter and uni Rock which is quite remarkable because it knows those private Facebook groups scheming to take down people and you know they even they had a data dump of the audio so the woman was giving kind of an overview and she's like we have to do more to get that darn dark journalist to stop reporting on this you know like make them look bad throw them in there make them look satanic you know make them look like the CIA it's really funny actually because they have this thing with Dolan where they're like we have to Ty Dillon into these Saudi arms things so we can get cue people to hate em so it's really like bizarre plans um everybody is saying that Walter needs to turn up his volume just a little bit he sounds good yeah I would turn up a little bit uh maybe this will help because it's got the inline mic fantastic I see GG Young has joined us it's great to have you here you better now – how's that how's the chat room hearing me better that's good that's got a message from dave altman that was low okay okay it sounds good is this better Olivia sounds good to me yeah fantastic all thumbs up if anyone is just joining us you're watching the dark journalists show and we have Walter Bosley joining us the show tonight is actually episode 46 about Rogers Walters book on del shell and the origins book and of course we're big fans of your Empire the wheel series here too but this origins book is quite fascinating and that's really what we're going to talk about it just so happens that there's this controversy breaking about this data dump that came out that showed you know we have this cult operating in the space and they were doing things to target particular people right like me like Walter like Richard Dolan and so on so but we've seen it all before right oh yeah absolutely what's satisfying about this time though was seeing in wit was you know III think I'd you know miss joy knows who she is a lot of people a lot of people know who she is yes and I found out that there's you know 18 people on my Facebook friends lists that are you know followers or yeah you know likers of hers yeah that doesn't that doesn't mean they're guilty of anything but alright you know what's interesting is then I find that when I looked on Twitter I find that she had blocked me at Twitter and I don't recall ever having any interaction with her I mean she did that immediately after the the data dump and I should explain that joy is this woman who was kind of quarry goods hatchet man how hatchet woman in this case and she's the one who's leading all the means so you see all those weird memes about me dressed up as a CIA officer or in the Air Force or whatever or when you see Richard Dolan and they put him x2 like Eureka from Gaia and they do all this stuff like Dolan is part of the Cabal yeah that's all her she's cranking out and what's great about the data dump on those two things as they showed them talking like is this hard enough you know did this get the reaction that we needed and she's sitting there directing the whole exercise now what's interesting is of course she's supposed to be like a psychic loving light I'm gonna give you a reading yeah that's what her YouTube channel espouses all this all this smiley I'm just your neighborhood psychic you know yeah but she's got the easy in the back there with the attack memes and she has the attack machine ready to go so right all we always ready to deliver Cory goods direct instructions to by the way if you haven't seen the data dump yeah this is Cory says this this is what you know yeah it's hilarious yeah absolutely well that's what a cult does and you know that's the cult behavior that we've been talking about for a couple years in relation to them but it takes a while to bubble to the surface and now finally someone inside that group you know we had people like Tracy and marrows who jumped out of the thing was like oh you know I can't go along with them trying to trademark the SS right and where has she been lately well she drive got a little break she dropped off the radar pretty substantially yeah and yeah you know what while these guys fight it out because of course these guys what's interesting to me if you look at those memes just to take a minute to work on this for a minute they are in there figuring out how to take down Jimmy Church he used to be their number one guy he was the guy who rolled them out yeah you know next they're gonna be taking down will kitty will you know deep tree will up guys talking to trees now so we'll just yeah he'll just change his stick right I mean this latest thing I think you guys are probably talking about it on edge of wonder this this Terminator robot army I mean come on yeah yeah seriously people are there some of you out there that actually believe that lean is use some common sense use some rational thinking and I know already somebody you know out there chatting is gonna say oh that that shill Bosley for the the Cabal oligarchy or come on people your oppression agents minute yeah I'm now I'm a Prussian agent I'm sure yeah Oh daddy you're a Saudi gunrunner god damn you God hey they used to just like put it they used to say about me oh he's Illuminati now they have to get elaborate it's like arms you know I'm an arms runner what's interesting is what's interesting about that and I hope I hope their agents who are watching their their little sneaky representatives who are paying attention to this yeah when you start accusing people of things like that you are making damn serious legal allegations okay and the FBI and the NSA can find you no matter what your little clever screen name is you know they can find you and they can say oh you've accused Daniel list of being an arms dealer you've accused a military officer and a former federal agent of being associated with Saudis arms dealers and what's your evidence no you don't have any by the way that's a felony accusation a false allegation like that yeah they need to shut up with stuff like it is too late already because yeah they've already put that stuff out there but there's an excellent right yeah you know in your Illuminati and seeing your cabal that's okay but when they say this arms dealer stuff this weird agent things know they're in trouble right like if you guys you know what they were good at is saying he has vampire eyes or something you know okay you know you're off your weird little trip but werewolf fingers know they was stepped over the line when they crossed it all as a gang and when they went off the cliff was when they doxxed joe from the carolinas yeah he's a health care worker he works with cancer patients and they were advising their people to flood his place of work with harassing phone calls that's that was the bridge too far and they've gone downhill ever since and now the release of their stuff look I've been working on their stories go back and look at New Age deep state that series is from 2017 that's when I outlined the marketing cult that they were it's taken two years for everyone to get on board to figure it out but now that everyone has been screwed over they're starting to get the idea even Jimmy Church is starting to get the idea you know a few years back even that dastardly Bill O'Reilly who used to be on Fox yes he went after this young college knucklehead who had hacked his website or his email or something and I believe that kid was charged and convicted yes now if I I know Oh Riley was a big guy at that time but if that kid for oh if that kid for just sorry about that I got a phone call from someone who I told specifically not to call me because I'm on air anyway was that Illuminati interference discovering it was Illuminati it's just family you can't choose you know anyway interrupted where was I oh the O'Reilly thing now if he can get that kid convicted haven't these guys with harassing Joe at his jaw and all these other things it is anybody turning this stuff over to the authorities yes actually I've heard now two solid sources that there are two cases pending on this and here's what's interesting in Joe's case it's a violation of the HIPPA laws because health care what are protected so they made the mistake there and they got little you know Cory's kid Jordy to go out there and do it and promote the now what's interesting they got him to go out there and promote the docs and that's why we did that whole no Doc's thing in this what we find out is that the woman who was running at the account he picked up the account supposedly randomly and ran with it was like oh I found this random account that said it which had started up that day and it was his friend there this woman joy who had the other so they're you know they're pretty despicable group as we know but now it's on record and out there and I do recommend uni rocks report on it was excellent chanters report with the data dove excellent by the way there's more to come on that and those guys are just in the heap of trouble as usual it's becoming embarrassing actually and you know we have Wilcock out there talking to trees and saying the deep state tree fell in his backyard I mean it's really event and but the Terminator Robards and the edge of wander trying to turn the space into this like you know really horrible cartoon of because they're the blue chickens too so they have all that going on Laura Eisenhower sell all those people are his guests so that's not a real show you know let's get real okay that's just am i right but I think it is important to point out because there's a very and this goes back to a question that got asked earlier there's a very strong delineation going down I think between genuine material or material that's worth looking into and there's all variety of that and then there's this other stuff it's like this marketing claptrap that's just you know trying to pull clickbait titles and like you know deep state cabal barges heading for Gitmo and junk like it's not happening I mean that's not really so and I you know wasn't the cue thing kind of shot down too so all these all these indictments and all these secret arrests and tribunals you know I mean most of us knew that was a load of crap but it it just should wake up a lot more people I hope it does well Walter you've been through you've seen it you know you remember after the secret space program conference there was all this weirdness about this sort of fake caricature version of the secret space program research yeah they derailed the serious thing for three years amazing amazing and really crucial years yes absolutely but now we're back baby right with a vengeance and I think this time we are not going away and we are and we are even more staunchly that nonsense you go to one of these shows these conferences Joe's sorry bad choice of words one of these conferences those bozos and bozos like them are not going to be on that stage there's gonna be no quarry good there's gonna be no Jason rice there's no Emory Smith if you guys are watching if your pals are forget it don't even bother okay because it's serious scholar time again absolutely that's I couldn't agree more and let's get into some of that now it is fascinating though I do like the idea of the changeover that's happening in the space which is you know the work of Katherine Austin fits the work of dr. ferral your work I've pointed out individuals like Alexandra Bruce like there's such quality stuff here and I think we really need to get behind that and to you know now let the circus crash over there like one of those early airships just go down hit hard it will be interesting to see what they drum up and get behind to try to derail us this time yes because you know chances are my opinion is between Corey and Wilcock and T TSA somebody was massaging that situation to get people's attention off of the Sirius secret space program research that had been done for a few years by that time those those conferences of 2013 14 and 15 those those were presenting serious scholars there wasn't the silliness there was a you know serious investigation being done on the money aspect and the technological aspect and some progress was being made as far as uncovering the reality and I think and I'm not the only one that somebody didn't like it you know who's that somebody the people running the actual classified manned space program you know we're probably not wanting people to focus on that yes along comes Corey Goode Wilcock and then TTS a you know a year later and anyway yeah well it's interesting and I've got a lot of research on Stratford in relation to this and I see a group like that is a good candidate for interference especially since I know there was a person from Stratford at the 2015 secret space conference so and strive for being that kind of think tank of retired Intel guys and you find a lot of like Bobby Inman and stuff in there and you know giving their wonderful advice but I do think that there's there's the need to change the tone when you get around like the missing trillions aspect it's exam oh when you get around the real like the X technology some of the deep research the things that you've done in your career with the Empire the wheels series and with origins you've tied it back to these industrialists and that thread we can follow that thread almost 160 years back oh yeah yeah it's this is what's been fascinating for me and following this is that we take it easily back to the 1850s and I'm still pushing that limit because you know the cultures the the technology culture and the ancient history cultures those scholars the Philosopher's scientists as they called them you know these guys were digging into these things farther back in the 1850s I mean this goes back centuries of course yes as we know the Royal Society when it was founded in the 17th century I think they were brought together to create a more powerful advanced Navy for England at that time that's why the Royal Society was founded the crown wanted a stronger better Navy so these guys came together to do that and they decided to stay together and found this society that they could pursue their philosopher scientist pursuits which if you look closely included these things were talking about in the 1850s this chemical induced propulsion or lift which is essentially anti-gravity in effect right you know and then when you start looking when you go back there to those guys well you found the end of the thread at which the other end is Nazi Germany fooling with the Bell right waka yes and I feel like you know that's what I've contributed I've been able to push back the development of the Bell too the del shall era of the 1850s and I know the the hon abou reverse-engineer ET saucer people don't like to hear that they don't want to hear it at all but you know the historical facts are the facts and when you when you look at the historical context you you see that it does go back to these guys mid 19th century before the deeper you go it seems to me that it really does crisscross anyway with the off world stuff to sort it's the beauty of it that's the irony is these guys were doing things that would have allowed them to mess around up there yes yes well you made a great point about del shell your research on Dale show how did you get interested in del show because first of all is this very important figure but we barely we should not theoretically have his work and all the work that he did on the early airships it should have been destroyed there back in some earlier period but somehow it survived well del shall himself here's what's interesting I came into an interest in this through I had first read about the great airship mystery back in the eighties and then I learned about Wilson from my father the mysterious Wilson now for those familiar they know that this mysterious Wilson family has been involved dating back to the Sonora era club the 1850s definitely involved in the airship mystery of the 1890s and involved in the project my dad told me he worked on in the late 1950s in fact that was the first Wilson I ever heard about my dad was in the hospital with a blood clot this was the year before he had his heart transplant and he was all drugged up and I was in the room and and the nurses are out nobody else was there and he was just really sedated so he started gibbering about strange things being underground a crystal house and he kept talking about Wilson Wilson Wilson he kept mentioning Wilson and so I after visiting him remember this is 92 I didn't have a we didn't have cellphones then not everyone had them and AD with a background yeah my dad had been in the Air Force in the 50s so I call my mentor to just because he's family he was family he was an uncle just to let him know how my dad's doing and I told him you know that my dad was gibbering about this weird stuff now remember my uncle had retired with 44 years in the intelligence community he was US Army Special Forces before that he's my mentor my career so I happen to mention you know hey my dad keeps mentioning this Wilson character and I said who's Wilson and he said I can't I don't want to discuss that with you over the phone when I see you I'll tell you and then when I saw him a couple months later he said he the first thing he said was Wilson is the most brilliant man you've never heard of oh yeah well I had you know when you're reading all the things like in our milieu you know the David Childress books particularly the man-made flying saucers was the first David Childress book I'd ever read in the 90s I saw where Wilson there were Wilson's mentioned in this airship mystery and so that I was coming from a very basic understanding like most people had of the airship mystery that this had happened in the 1890s and isn't it interesting there were these guys named Wilson and on and so forth I believe the first time I ever heard the name Charles del Chou was when I was talking with Greg Bishop probably around two thousand five two thousand four one thousand five a mirage men yes yeah and he told me about well there's this guy Charles Dale Shaw and he had done these interesting drawings and you ever heard of the Sonora Aero Club and so it was what is that going on 15 years ago now and so I was vaguely familiar with the Sonora Aero Club and del shells works of course I had read the old hymens book on Johnny Keely which talks about nimbler and that mysterious group that we're going to talk about but it wasn't until I read Dennis Crenshaw's book the secrets of del Chou that I really started learning the details of the story that was back in I think I read it in 2011 his book he wrote in 2009 and so it just kind of all you know was piling on and coming together and the more I looked at it the more this particular view I have of it all makes great sense right right but he did some amazing work and you know from his stuff it's interesting that you mentioned that about Sonora because I discovered that through you and through your research so I always associate you with that and it's it's interesting because it's such a centerpiece of the work that you do really which is the Sonora era Club no can you just for people who don't know what it is can you just give us a quick snapshot of what that is yeah sure and I'd like to throw out there – it was Crenshaw's book it's Mike Busby's solving the great airship mystery of the 1897 it's Tim Schwarz and Shawn Kass deals Tesla book did Tesla go to Mars it's in field hymens I read all these guys and I that's how I initially got educated on the Sonora aeroclub but basically Charles Dale Shah was a German immigrant who came into the United States through Texas interestingly enough and he he goes out to California this is the 1850s of course and essentially in his journals and he writes I think between the late 1880s and up till 1923 when he died he says that he was sent to the United States to California by this mysterious group nimza he doesn't say what his association with them is he just says he was sent out there to observe and report on the Sonora Aero Club in Tuolumne County California out here just like on the western side of Yosemite National Park and these were group of these guys were a group of German immigrants themselves with a few Italians and they were secretly toying around with for lack of a better term anti-gravity lift okay they were building these little contraptions they weren't balloons they weren't dirigible x' they were these little contraptions which over time they got a little bigger but they used this weird I guess chemical fuel liquid fuel it was this green liquid which the guy who created it was the only one who knew the formula called supe su PE is how it was spelled and that guy's name was Peter menace he was the head of the Sonora Aero Club well anyway these guys they're they're building these things and test-flying them according to Dale shell in Tuolumne County they go out in the middle of nowhere now if you've been out to Tuolumne County up to Sonora it's the Gold Country Columbia's there and these other small places there's still areas wide open areas where you could see that in the 1850s there would have been nobody at all and if you were flying machines you could have done it without you know being being seen at all all right and and these guys were doing this where the Italians came in the Italians were the ranchers and the Italians that were involved would allow these German guys in the Sonora Aero Club to use their barns as kind of workshops and a place to hide their these devices these craft called arrows AER oh and they used some kind of a secret hangers right and they would they would have this but there were these days where in town everybody was busy with some type of holiday they would go out to a particular area and fly their arrows according to Dale show while nobody while everyone else was busy doing things in town and we're talking about civil war here here this is where ten years before the Civil War right this is this is a decade before the American Civil War we're talking flying machines okay when interesting to is where they would go out and fly interestingly became the the private air force that's out there today and has been there for decades so the area that these guys flew became the private Airport and it's one of the last airports with a grass runway still exists the the old runway out there so you can go and you can't see the area that Dale shall describes in fact I did when I went up there and did a couple of research tours I went with I met with Setia a my writer friend and we found a few of the places that Dale shall talks about so Dale shells there in the 1850s he's there to observe and report on these guys he ends up really liking what they're doing and he likes them and they are very private about this and eventually as Dale chou writes in his journals nimza the mysterious organization which is based in Germany it was a German organization its headquarters within Germany it was not a New York anything a lot of people because of the NY spelling they think it's New York I of course have translated or excuse me I have offered a translation of them so in German which we'll get to but nimza sends a guy over from Germany who del shall only describes as a Prussian officer now this Prussian military representative of nimza keeps pushing them to build arrows for military purposes and they don't want to peter menace and these germans no no we were not interested in that this is not for that well the german guy you know we assume he goes back and reports this and not long after that there's an explosion during a flight and peter menace we are told is killed now whether nimza killed him because of the lack of cooperation or perhaps he faked his death i'm not sure which is the case fascinating while it's amazing it's sort of boggles the mind because we think of the Wright brothers that's you know we're talking turn-of-the-century 1902 1903 yeah this is 50 years back and these guys are flying there in the middle California and they're you know there are stories back there like you mentioned we have the great airship mysteries that come later of these incredible craft lying around and you see how it's related to that I'm going to show a picture here of Dell shell to give everyone up there he is a real person not a man but a very unusual person and the way that we like to jump around a little bit here how did we even come into possession of his incredible descriptions and I have some of his art which will show but I mean just to give you a quick kind of idea of the things that he drew about these arrows and which are very very sophisticated drawings and Olivia you know you with your art they're so festive and whimsical yeah it's but what's great is when you look closely they're functional for what Dell shall described they were doing now what here's the thing Dell shall died in 1923 he had done numerous volumes of the art that you see there plus he left a written journal okay now in 1971 these books this journal ended up at a junk dealer shop Fred Washington uh and in Texas gosh I believe a suburb of Houston if I'm if I'm mistaken on that I apologize but they end up at this junk shop of gentleman named Fred Washington and he's just gonna you know just kind of leave them there for anyone that's interested and he had found them thrown out in the trash or the family had sold the property and these books were just thrown out in the trash and Fred Washington happened to see one and he gathered him up they said yeah you can have him so he had them back at his junk shop there's you know people to look at he would you know it was interested in selling him well along comes Pete Navarro this is 1971 and Pete is looking at these things and he's just fascinated with them and on the budget you know that he has to work with he buys you know a few of the books as many as he can but he can't buy them all and it's really Pete Navarro that we must thank for even knowing him Fred Washington these two guys for us even knowing anything about del shell because those books would have just ended up destroyed he snatched it from the you know this legacy of just disappearance right right and and but here's the other interesting thing which by the way comes up in my new book secret missions for that's gonna be released soon along comes some university students and they they find some of these books and they buy a couple of them to do this museum exhibit well one thing leads to another and del shells art ends up you're gonna like this ends up in the Menil collection yes unclean John de Menil yeah he and his wife Dominique who turn up where they turn up in the JFK assassination through their connection Herrmann decks and the international trademarks unbelievable yes the demon ills acid in their possession that yeah the the the Menil collection the Manila Museum for years has owned a lot of these del shell original del shells and they put them on display a few years ago now Stephan Romano of New York the Romano gallery he and a publisher got together and they've put out this amazing book it's an expensive book but it's big full-color plates of many of del shells not the whole collection but many of the best of del shall plus some of the Ellery showing about their museum gallery in New York I mean and and most most people in the art world they oh he's just an outsider artist this is all flight of fantasy and you know I'm sorry after my research it's like I'm gonna kiss my babe this guy ain't no just it's it's like it's like Richard Dreyfuss in Jaws this was no boating accident this guy was no outsider artist oh yeah absolutely so here we have the the Menil they're interested in this and why is that important well that's kind of what I'm going into in secret missions for so I won't belabor that point here but it's it's a very interesting story about how we even know about del Chou this today and here's what's interesting about here's what's interesting his stuff was unknown to the public until 1971 okay and the last book he did was 1923 or before 1923 the year he died so here's what's interesting in the drawings between some time in the 1890s okay he shows that the engine and I didn't have that let me show you here just because this is gonna be good here we go he shows he shows this know my screen is small if you guys can see that this is from the 1890s okay this is him showing you what the propulsion and lift system was and what is that that my friends is Doug glocca that's the bell it is it is it's the bell shape for sure and just ran it's it's on the it's it spins on the axis as the torsion and it and in the the weird fuel called the supe okay the green fuel was was injected into this thing just exactly like the Bell and here's Charles del shell saying that a group of guys in California were using that concept in the 1850s so folks sorry about Han abou sorry about your beloved we're engineer to crashed et saucer that's not where the Germans got the Bell they got it because it was being developed for 70 years by the time they learned about it okay bye other German engineers amazing and let's fill this in here because we've only known about the Bell since the reunification of Germany as Joseph Ferrell right now and that's my and that's my that was my point I was getting to was we didn't know about del Chou stuff in the Bell until 1971 he had died in 23 so it's not like Delton my point is it's not like del Chou did the stuff after World War two right or even after the 80s or 90s and the Bell was out there okay he did he wrote about this decades before the Nazis were even fooling around with it okay gun it is a smoking gun that image is a smoking gun but what's weird is that we know the Bell refers to torsion physics and so therefore that's pretty advanced for 1890 yeah 1850 1850 each remembers when he said they were doing this well here's the thing it is and it isn't because remember these guys always understood these concepts long before the technology would catch up and allow them to apply these concepts but also you know somebody can you know here's the thing I couldn't explain to you technically in detail how a combustion engine works right but I Drive one every day and I've I've worked on them you know in the days where you could get into the hood work on you know changed oil filters and the you know repaired them you know blah blah blah but I couldn't like a technician explain to you exactly how the combustion engine works I know you know blah blah so forth so I would say that in the 1850s it's my opinion that these guys were drawing from older texts probably dating back to those stories about the Vimanas and the Rama Empire of ancient India right all there they were working with concepts that philosopher scientists that alchemists had been messing with and passed down through the years and they might not have had an advanced physics understanding of it in the 1850s but apparently they knew how to make it work they understood the basics and they put together the the parts and the elements to make it work so well we have some strange things there that's what's great about your work too because if we really go deep in there you're actually referring to the mystery school legacy keeping this down and passing it down among a number of initiatives and then boom at a certain point this stuff starts to come out and when we're first seeing the advanced technology you're giving us now into 1850 a lot of people would point to Nazi Germany and they point to the UFO file in 47 and they're like wow that's we have the secret space program that's when things are really starting to advance what are these guys doing with the Bell in 1850 yeah well and then just read I also talked about Oliver Heaviside and his GE M gem the gravity rabito electromagnetics okay that he came up with that he was fooling around with in the 1890s as well and so you know already we have the concept of the Bell right there in the 1850s the Sonora era club using a version a crude prototype proof-of-concept version of the Bell and then by the time you get to the 1890s the era of the great airship mystery you've got oliver heaviside with Jem and it's like oh wow what are they doing with this prototype bell of the 1850s now that they can apply electromagnetics to it okay gosh you know there's the connector and then you go on into the 20th century and you know with with Heaviside as I get into an Origin with heavy side conceptually it's there you know that you could create a kind of a life-support bubble around the craft theoretically it's in there when you look at GE M Jim it's in there and that would answer how they came up with life support in the legend of the 1903 flight to Mars you know and I was astonished because in 19 you know you hear the 1903 story and you're going okay but what about life support all this and then when you learn about Heaviside in in the graffito electromagnetics you're like oh my oh my god that that's how they could have done it and you realize okay this is getting crazy because this is a line of history that we have not only not been taught but discouraged to even consider oh absolutely well that gets into Joseph Ferrell talking about how the Germans are the Russians pursued a separate physics I believe oh right absolutely nimza will go right here the organ itself let's discuss the kind of acronym first so people know what it is and whenever I think of your work I always think of nimza is core central to most of the work that you do was this my n MZ a no NY my m za yeah NY m za and it as del shell says was a German organization now we get NY m za from del shall himself and it appears to be a transliterated spelling now what is a trends alliterated spelling those of you who are linguists out there I I've had to study foreign language professionally some years back and to study Russian so I know I had to learn some about linguistics in college and then of course then transliteration is when you take the easiest way to put it is if if I want to spell a word from another language particularly from another alphabet but from another language and I want you to pronounce it correctly okay I will use the letters from our alphabet okay to come up with a spelling in our alphabet that mimics the proper pronunciation in the other language so what that means is is that the letters of NY mza in my opinion because we're dealing with a German immigrant and it was a German organization I think that was his transliteration into English of the pronunciation of the group but I argue that it would not have been the actual spelling in German even though we use essentially the same alphabet so an YMCA in my theory becomes actually n J + Z a pram technically the a would be lowercase now del shall spelled this with all caps all capital letters like an acronym so in a nutshell without belaboring the point I translated it as the Nationalists ich yad slugsy mustn and zong humped which essentially translates into if i can find i I did you know it's in the other book but essentially it's the nationalists exploratory airship deployment office i yeah is what it came down to the Nationalists exploration airship office it's a it's like the first air force in a sense yeah but remember we have to make the distinction between national and national list what was going on in Germany in the 1850s was there was no unified Germany okay they had been working on that for decades and the Prussians okay the the Prussians were pushing for unification of the German states right they were nationalists so this organization being nationalist had no affiliation with any official government I mean there was no German specific government at the time anyway but these guys were nationalists in their private group they're a private group of industrialists in you know a military what they were was an original military industrial organization okay that's what they were and military industrial complex right there yeah exactly and of course I'm sure we'll get into it but I think after the Civil War the United States stood up its first military industrial complex in the what I call the it's the first American black project is is my theory and they were developing this same technology and that was the source in my opinion of the 1890s airship mystery in the United States but that's a separate thing and they grew to be rivals to nimza that's down the line in our discussion but in the 1850s that's what this nimza was was this group that sponsored these guys who would dabble in this and try to develop this technology Dell shall does not tell us of the other groups he just alludes to the fact that they exist Oh interesting you know this is fascinating too because who would have been in nimza well in the book origin i identify a bunch of at the time German philosopher scientists and engineers okay there's Friedrich wani AK there's oh the guy who has the same name as the the Falls that Sherlock Holmes and more Achenbach Karl Reichenbach Friedrich wanna yak these guys were philosophers scientists industrialists then eventually you get into the era of Karl kalanor and then you get into Walter Rathenau who's connected with a eg the company that is directly connected to the Bell yes II that's here you have the Bell being prototype in the 1850s right then you have in the 1890s the you know these guys are fooling around with Jem gravity' electromagnetics so that's out there in the world for these guys to play with and then bring it back to the Germans in the early 20th century and you've got the guy you know who worked for you know he was he and his father were a eg you know that's been connected to the Bell and there they are in this milieu of philosopher scientists that I'm talking about it even leads to as I say in the book – Homer shocked Wow okay yeah Hjalmar Schacht who Joseph Farah was talked about abundantly and so here's you know my thread between this what these Germans were doing the 1850s and the Nazi Bell is more substantial than just here's an old photo of a thing that looks like the Bell as you can see I was I was I was able to thread it all the way through that very German guys who we know for a fact right we're involved with the rise of the second reich and then the rise of nazi germany so it's there no question absolutely and what's fascinating about that too I want to remind everyone with the bell is you glocca the program because the bell the torsion physics that it suggests the power that it suggests and pharaohs good at quoting on this which is it makes the atomic bomb look like a firecracker so this is the type of technology that it takes on it's that powerful in that sense so when they were talking about the Bell it's kind of the ultimate black project when you go back and look at it through this Nazi history and the scientists that were associated with it you know the Nazis so badly didn't want them to fall into the hands of the Allies that they executed a series of them and we have this very unusual trial transcript that comes out when Jim Germany's reunified and so we come back into this information about what the Bell was but when we're speaking about the Bell here loosely like we're talking about an incredibly advanced technology oh yes yeah it's you know it's like he said the the the concepts that it ultimately leads to you know I would say that the guys in the 1850s they obviously weren't messing around with with this device to that degree they were taking advantage of the the spin the rotation properties that with whatever the fuel was gave them the lift the antigravity that they needed and I think that's the extent to which they took it however we have the story that and this was witnessed they were watching Peter Menace do a flight this is the story we're told but it was witness and there was an explosion well had they carried the development of the Bell far enough to learn about those destructive properties accidentally through that oh yeah yeah that's that's possible but you know as the years went on as the decades passed you know between the 1850s and to when Nazi Germany was flowing around with it remember by the time Nazi Germany starts fooling around with it they have access to massive amounts of electrical power that they can plug into this thing the guys in the 1850s were not using any you know electricity in these devices it was all chemical chemically and I guess the word I guess mechanically is the way you'd put it because of the device spinning around I mean the Bell in the 1850s according to Dale Shaw was made of hardened rawhide okay they took raw I kind of like you take you'd make paper mache they used rawhide and they hardened their the bell shape of the device out of rod okay and then I I think the center was I can't remember what the center was but it was from amazing uncle or something yeah exactly and then they applied however they applied the fuel to it now in one of the drawings you see that there was here's the spin and drum that was another another they use their was the bell-shaped thing then there was the spinning rotating drum which they would drip a steady drip of the fuel the mysterious fuel on that spinning drum 3050 it's incredible yeah yeah the gradients they were figuring this out you know now let's take this I want to really kind of dive into nimza but I'm just going to take them way out of context for a moment and see if we can track back with this because your work has the ability to do this I've found over and over again let's go and say this suggests this idea about these mystery schools keeping this technology over time and then it coming out you know we finding out things about it so we take something like we're looking at nimza we're looking at the Sonora Aero Club we've got Dale shells account of it that's on record now let's go into just this phase of looking at it as if it was carried down legacy technology by the mystery schools if we go far enough back of course you go into the Middle Ages you see these incredible depictions of these things that came down and they're pictured as like sons dancing or this explosion that takes place or an air war and you know there are groups and guys like von Daniken who really love to exploit to the max but they did happen and so there's the suggestion there always that it's some kind of an ET visit but it be these mystery schools having this kind of ability for flight in that period especially when we look at people like da Vinci or something you know and we look at those strange airships that he's devising so obviously there's some kind of echo that's going on there but if we take it back in assume the idea that in more ancient times these mystery schools are holding flight that they have the ability for flight and then it gets buried as a secret for a number of reasons you know I'm reminded this edgar cayce reading when they asked him can you describe these airships that the Atlanteans were flying around it and he says well there's such as was Ezekiel described at a much later date so so it was a very unusual thing for him to say and it it puts me in mind of the idea that someone held on to the Atlantean technology because they see they're far after so how you know in in the stuff that you've looked at does that seem like a possibility absolutely look my view is the farther you go back I am of that school of thought that I personally been convinced to this for a long time that if not all of us there's a bunch of us whose origin is not on this planet okay I think you go way way back and of cause of course I believe in extraterrestrial existence I think that the universe is just full of countless planets with intelligent life on them and they have these civilizations now my little unique thing is I think it's unique but this idea that human beings like us could only have originated here and you won't find human beings like us on other worlds I'm sorry I'm laughing my ass off at that because until our smartest scientist okay visit every habitable planet in the universe and finds not one single one we're human beings like us developed until he or she does that that cannot be said okay for all we know there's millions of planets with human beings exactly like us okay there could be millions of earths so my point is a bunch of us if not all of us came here from elsewhere to begin with now that's where the mystery schools come in because the mystery schools talk about things kind of like that and they talk about the advanced civilization civilizations in some cases that were on this planet human civilizations long ago that had developed this advant or possessed this advanced technology which sounds a lot like how you know dynastic Egypt just kind of suddenly was there there's no history of its development well these ancient civilizations like what we call Atlanta soar Lemuria or the Rama Empire they possessed this technology well it was this technology a holdover from the worlds that they originated on so as those civilizations decline of course they're not just going to throw out all the technology in forget about it and let's start with sticks and stones and grass skirts again I mean baloney somebody's gonna be holding on to this stuff we know we suspect that from the Library of Alexandria certain things were saved we know for a fact that a lot of the stuff from the Library of Alexandria that we're talking about ended up in known libraries ended up in Constantinople ended up in gosh it's a Middle Eastern ancient city you know there were two or three of these libraries that after the Library of Alexandria fell a lot of their stuff just went to these libraries so that's where I think Therese map and all that comes in because you know obviously somebody's yeah yeah yeah somebody so of course this stuff was preserved this stuff was maintained and protected and continued to be developed now here's what's interesting and I think there is a human source for these things you mentioned the paintings that show the UFOs in the skies and stuff I'm not discounting visits from other worlds I'm not saying that doesn't happen what I'm saying is for that to be the go-to thing every time is a little bit immature intellectually and short-sighted and just an emotional gratification go to because it's fun now we have to look at Jules Verne in the 19th century okay he was writing stories about I believe is it Rober was that was that what they called him in the movie Vincent Price played in the film version of this where it was it was a guy who just happened to have all this technology okay and he built this flying ship now Byrne also writes about Captain Nemo who's very much a human being and gets his hands on this technology is this brilliant guy and he builds the Nautilus all right so Jules Verne was suspected of being fed information by a secret society definitely and so here he is not writing about extraterrestrials coming down in displaying all this stuff he keeps writing about very human earthbound beings who are doing these amazing things secretly so that's kind of a foot stomping hint they're excellent right and it reminds me of bulwer-lytton in the coming race yes group his advanced group is underground humans basically it's the same which is what my dad talks about I'm sorry he's dead yeah yeah he used to talk about yes yes absolutely I can't tell for making jokes about my dad he's laughing yeah no the thing is also you have a great story about your dad and the underground technology I do want to ask you about that but just don't know about that actually yeah maybe Olivia's got a point do you want to just mention what your dad had to say about being underground around this oh yeah and any details I miss I did write a book about this titled shimmering light and that one's interesting because it's not connected to a series is it so like you know it's it's a it's a standalone but the data in it actually connects to origin and yeah from the earliest I remember hearing it was 1973 1974 definitely when essentially my dad started talking about having been involved in a project when he was in the Air Force in the late 50s and it was the first time I ever heard of a craft of you know of another civilization crashing in the New Mexico desert now this was what six or seven years before Berlitz and Moore's book the Roswell incident came out you know Roswell happens in 47 but it doesn't get reported until 1977 and 78 that's so so your gap in the reporting of that story that I'm hearing about it in in 1973-74 he has knowledge of the event yeah he said basically the project he was involved in they they got briefed on this thing that had crash in the 40s because it was pertinent to what they were doing and the the story stayed consistent for 40 years you know for the rest of his life as he told it but basically it was he was my dad worked in the aerospace medicine division of the US Air Force okay and if you know your Operation Paperclip history and your MK ULTRA history you know the significance of working in the aerospace medicine division the United States Air Force in the 1950s oh yeah now his his unit at George Air Force Base out here in Hesperia California used to be up here they did the ground testing for pressure suits high altitude pressure suits and the US Air Force mercury space program people don't realize that mercury the space program from the right stuff movie and all that that first put men in space John Glenn and Alan Shepard and all them that was a US Air Force program because NASA didn't exist when the Air Force was told put man in space and you know the program was mercury my dad was involved in that so he had to have a really high clearance dealing with space program stuff okay so he was back at gunner Air Force Base in Montgomery Alabama in the summer of 1958 for some advanced training when he and a couple other guys were told hey we need you to work on this project we need you to fly over to I think it was Randolph Air Force Base in Texas so they get on the airplane they take off from Maxwell and somewhere over Mississippi the plane banks north and out from the the forward cabin comes this intelligence officer okay who informs them that they are not going to Randolph Air Force Base in Texas but they're going to wright-patterson in Ohio and they will be briefed when they get there long story short they get there and they were briefed on Roswell excuse me a minute yes sir my furry child so they get there and they're briefed on this crash that happened in New Mexico and they're shown pictures of the craft they're shown the bodies okay and he says they were you know in his story he says they were identical to us but they had virtually no body hair and he swore for years he goes they were not these little gray aliens I mean he would be vehement about that he goes see these were not little gray aliens they were human beings you know with just that that one difference well they were told after being briefed in on what came to be known you know as the Roswell incident they were told okay this has happened again a craft has gone down out in Arizona and we believe that the the pilot that there's a pilot alive and according to his story the source of this craft okay these other people had requested assistance to find their pilot and hopefully get him back alive okay and according to my dad's story this was a parallel civilization that exists here on this planet with us and they kind of have their own technology they kind of do their own thing it's not perfect excuse me it's not perfect ours isn't perfect either and they had this crash and on and so forth and of course the story goes on but in my book I I determined that it's very possible that the particular details of my dad's story about this civilization and this underground group and everything could have been a planted narrative via MKULTRA and I go into that and why I think that in the book do you think for the purposes of getting him to forget the actual alien aspect that he looked down you know I think it was more because what we were talk about what here's what I think glad Jessica's now I can tell you what I think particularly after I by the time I finished the research on this book and this is what I put forth in the book I do not think Roswell was any kind of extraterrestrial event what I think Roswell was 1947 out there in the middle of that New Mexico desert you had these secret installations okay you had the German rocket scientists you had the American aerospace medicine guys in the new Air Force who the Army Air Corps soon to be new Air Force who really wanted to put man in space you had these Germans who'd been working on really wanting to put man in space dating back to the 1920s in the 1910s okay a lot some of these guys knew each other before the war right so here they are the guys who can build the craft to get us up there the guys who can come up with the life-support systems to keep him alive to get him up there and back they've got tons of money they're working secretly with no prying eyes my question to people is what do you think they were gonna do you're damn right they built a craft it was a human crew and what it was was America's first attempt at manned spaceflight they shot him up there that got him into space they brought him back and on return tragically it crashed but but because they realized they could do it that was Roswell was the origin of our secret space program cuz they could get him up there and bring them back and they knew they could do it again they realized oh my god we have a space program a manned space program now we can go forth with this and I say that explains the tight secrecy well tell them it's balloons let them think it's Jack Parsons opening a portal you know let them think it's ETS and little greys anything but the fact that what we've got is the beginning of our true secret space program because it was the Cold War we weren't sure how far the Russians were taking this but I'm getting get a lot of boos and hisses eh it's on TV show so you know what's that Jack Parsons got his own TV yeah I know I got to watch that I gotta wait till it's streaming for free but um but my point is I know I'm gonna get a lot of hate for that but when you look at the historical con when you actually do an honest look at what the US Army Air Corps had been doing and was doing at that time with the german aerospace medicine guys were doing and had been doing at that time when you look at the stuff that was being done in aerospace and and would you really give an honest look folks I really am convinced that you know this is what Roswell was all about it was any idea and here's an interesting thing that just to go deep into that with you yeah Marcel when he goes to recover the Roswell finds hieroglyphic beings everywhere and he looks out and he says oh it looks like hieroglyphs basically what's that all about then I mean if this is a Nazi craft that these German scientists are concocting in the desert what do you think they're doing with the hieroglyphs if that's what he really saw we don't know if it was some type of technological symbology that you know no no insult to Marcel he just might not have been that just wasn't as bailiwick Yeah right remember we have to go on well this is what I saw this is what I think this did now here's the thing on the other stuff that he claimed about these the memory Foyle the memory metal and all that yeah I recommend people whether they like it or not find Joseph Farrell's Roswell in the right book okay I might you bite your tongues and read the darn thing okay it'll give you a new perspective on the technologies that had been actually developed by very human beings the German human beings who most of which were now in our country working for us and were the guys who were there so well we know that group launched this is something that Farrow points out which is that they launched a v2 into Mexico so that's kind of going rogue so so what did what does this have to do with my dad well by the late 1950s look it's a historical fact that mercury was a US Air Force manned space program okay so the connection here is if Roswell was the first time we we did that you had by 1958 eleven years of trying to do this successfully of advancing what they learned from Roswell so that by 1958 when my dad was in the Air Force who knows to what extent are well we do know to what extent our space our secret space burger had developed because of at that time it would have been parallel with kind of what NASA was doing okay so it being the Cold War anybody who worked on this secret the real secret space program not this BES that Corey Goode and David Wilcock in Emory Smith I'm not saying it's the real secret space program anybody who worked on that it was the height of the Cold War okay this would have been of the tightest secrecy so that's how MKULTRA comes into the mix my dad worked on a project you know in involving the secret the real secret space program and when it came time for him to leave the project MKULTRA was a new toy okay and they used those techniques to suppress the memory of the actual program they worked on so that they could keep operational security and what they what they put on this layer of suppression was this story about an underground civilization and such now why do I think the Air Force did this because again in your MKULTRA history you find that through the mid fifties early mid 50s the US military was invited to take a look at MKULTRA okay and of all the branches the branch that got most turned on by MKULTRA and its uses was the United States Air Force and they started this is in the MKULTRA history books folks they started their own branch of this stuff and when the CIA by 1973 had to report to Congress with they were doing with them Carol can admit they had it the military never did the Air Force to this day has never had to appear before Congress to describe what they've been doing with MKULTRA since the mid 50s now I in 1958 Air Force was doing their own MKULTRA stuff and there you go that's why I think this was applied to my father and there's a lot of other little reasons and evidences for this that I go into with the book it's a really excellent financial mooring light you know for that story alone I think it's fascinating here's a question though he brought up something in the middle of all that which is the story that he got was that this was some lost civilization that had this advanced technology and they kind of operating side by side with us there have been people like Mac Tawny's who had his version of this kind of idea but I think of a really weird story because even if you go back to that kind of Van Tassel era there's a guy named Daniel Frye who was a met space engineer guy and if you go back into his history there's no reason for him just to make up this wild story and stand out there talking about it but when he gets picked up basically in the desert there's a craft there and when they they take him on board they say we're from Lemuria we're from this lost civilization and we have this advanced technology and we live in Mount share and all the rest and they say you know we can demonstrate to you that we can get from here you know New Mexico to New York in the five minutes or something like that and they take him on this super fast cruise and they take him back and he goes on to take pictures of the tips and videotape of those groups it's interesting to me that he has that story and your dad had that story and yeah you know the whole thing in the whole lore around Shasta – what's your take on that you've spent a lot of time in that milieu here's what's interesting here's the irony in all this yeah I'm familiar with the fried thing I'm very much familiar with what my dad told me and in my research and not just my research the research of others like Jacques Vallee and a couple others in my research and in my personal experiences as I say at the end of shimmering light with what my dad's describing what we're talking about points to this mysterious group called the to it I didn't end as you've talked about before I and by the end of shimmering light what I mean by irony is is as I say I cannot deny their existence there's too much there's there's enough evidence of them and I'm saying this through my personal research and experience I don't deny the existence of the to attend either they in no way they're there they're out there and I had started a couple of years ago I was I discovered that you know I've written nine non-fiction books published so far the the one that's getting ready to come out of be my tenth in those first nine books which one is about mystical engineering of Disneyland three of them are Empire the wheel that has to do with a cult murder and strange stuff like that then there's then there's origin about the airship mystery stuff and then there's shimmering light about my dad and and then there's the secret mission series which is about archaeology these kind of do they have threads running through them connecting them but they're kind of diverse but across 33 chapters interesting number across 33 chapters of those nine books I talked about the two at it even in and when I realize this a couple years ago I thought what the hell they're in everything I do and then you know as I researched it more you know there's to it I didn't in evidence and markers here in the San Bernardino Valley and in personal experiences that I've had the to it I need an end there their signature is there so what's interesting is even though I the idea that this was a a a planted narrative and my dad's psyche to cover this deeply classified program that he'd worked on project that he'd worked on I think they used I think it's possible that they use something that's very real as the layer oddly enough in other words the incident that he talks about might have been the the planted narrative but the lore or the the source from which it comes it could be this – it these mysterious – indeed a man who could be these people of Lemuria you know for all we know he's giving them so they gave him a kind of a screen memory of an actual thing researching but but something that's so fantastical who's gonna believe it okay right this is the thing about the tuadee denim which is if you look at them they have actual histories in Ireland associative including succession down the lines or to assume and throw out if you're to say you know that they didn't exist and that there's part of the mythical Ireland right then you have to throw out the idea of the record-keeping that's going on back there not knowing oh I have an answer to that I think what you've got or the original the original to it okay who are this other civilizations other people with this amazing technology that they had they're the ones who came out of the sky and the thunderous clouds and they come to earth or our dimension or whatever you want to call it they come here to our world okay and they begin as the story say they conquer the the human tribe that resists them and then they kind of befriend them and they say ok you resisted us we whooped your butts now we want to help you develop your technology and now you're gonna become kind of an agent culture of ours you're gonna you know we're gonna absorb you now when somebody points out the just the anthropological view of the tuadee Danann I think they're limiting themselves what they're talking about is the post arrival era and thread of the of the human cultures that became influenced by the to attorney to man okay yeah and where they intermixed with them and stuff but so there's the original to it okay and then there's the the human local native culture that they influenced now the the more anthropological minded loves to grasp onto that and say that's all there is to it this fantasy stuff about coming out of the sky that's all quaint it's a religion but you know we know how in it or pelagic we minded people like to limit themselves all the time when it comes to these concepts there's you know frightening for some people's psyches to grasp so that's what I think I think the to it were this are this amazing civilization of another world that they came here and they've been among us and they're still among us fascinating and listen there's a lot of interesting threads one of the things we try to cover with them is that in the KC literature you have the two eyes stone which has that spelling that's that tu a spelling that falls out and that brings us all the way around and then we made these connections to the tribe of Dan you know right and so it's interesting the way that they moved around to is like Ireland you know grace Jerusalem I mean it's kind of fascinating what one author researcher out there has pointed out that when you look at the Irish mythologies and stuff at about the time that they disappeared from Ireland suddenly you had your Quetzalcoatl Coco Vera kocha type stories starting to happen in the Americas then about the time that Viracocha and Quetzalcoatl and those kind of stories disappeared you had the two of the deed and an arriving in Ireland again so yeah moving around the world I think that they are the source of the the megalithic culture mmm these mysterious megalith builders you know in Peru and you know on Malta you name it when you see that I think that's the I think that's the to it I didn't encode zone around the world is this the advanced Atlantean group that survived and they're so out of place because everyone else doesn't have the technology that they do and they when they show up forget it they still have the Atlantean stuff intact I think I I think what you're talking about is the source of that technology yeah I think is of of this original civilization wherever it's home is off this planet yeah elsewhere well I think that's that's the source of it and fascinating you know it is interesting that 33 chapters show up across your work on them I mean oh yeah they they show up in 33 chapters across nine books so you know a couple years ago like I've got a write about this and the more I looked into it I realized oh this is much bigger than I thought it would be and so I started working on some other things in fact I ended up starting the book that I'm gonna be coming out with now I started researching that one year ago this month by the way yeah it's it's a very just a very interesting thread and I want to say too if you recall if you study Jacques ballet about the time that he changed his view on his UFO research and stuff was when he got into this to it it he didn't end he found evidence the to it he didn't and he talks about them and that's when first the first time he kind of got uninterested in UFOs yes he felt like oh wait a minute the answer is in this direction and you know it's interesting because as I you know kept seeing them pop up and you know after the you know experiences and research and stuff and and I got to that point was to it anything in it it's not that UFOs are less interesting but I don't feel like there's big a mystery for me it's interesting what they do to researchers mind I've had that exact experience going into it and I think there's a reason they show up throughout your work as this recurring stream now one thing that's absolutely fascinating we're gonna have to do more on that one thing I want to make sure that we get into you before we do questions with miss Olivia and how are we doing miss Olivia we have a ton of questions what excuse me my ask what time it is it's it's quarter past nine here so you're gonna be quarter past six over there because we're involved oh it's only 6:15 no court no no I'm sorry it's your you're looking at quarter of seven quarter of seven yes I mean I can take these off and run over and look at the clock I just I just I I have an errand to run it I've gotta go pick up my kid from work yeah like nine o'clock so I just need to stay on top of it no no we'll keep you right on and it's interesting for me too because I got the time off the computer and here I have my watch right here I didn't even look at it so that's what tells you what's going on here okay I was able to bring my now here's one thing we have to get in considering nimza which is the strange code in the del Chou paintings that means NIM so that holds the X in the very heart of the symbol yeah I have a couple of examples of it and there there's one of write in your book of course and yeah right here there it is you can see the X is the the fourth the fourth character yeah the fourth character now what we're looking at here is this is what Del Chou this was the code for nimza the acronym nimza that he would use in his drawings and he explained this he explained that this was that he would have to use these codes didn't explain why but he you know use the code and this essentially corresponds to nimza and ymca so we are told it's clear steganography that he's using even though he doesn't explain what it's for of course you're not exactly and you know the fact and this is why I contacted you about this was because you know it just does Dondon you're doing the x-series and I happen to be looking at this book for something else and I realized oh my god there's the X and what are we talking about we're talking about a thread of secret technology right yeah yeah yeah with the X diggin ography and just to give you know in some of his drawings it's there it's right embedded here there's the same symbol right across and he uses it throughout when he's going into there so here we have that symbol here there's the s with it so these are the drawings and he's showing this code in the heart of it and then he suggests that it's nimza but you mentioned something about a math formula that showed it was nimza what was that a few years back I was it was one of those when I when Joseph Ferrell used to live nearby where I live we would have wonderful opportunity yeah late night conversations you know and you know we we were talking about the gel shopping and he took a look at this and he he thought oh my god that that's an equation a mathematic you know I mean I know there's an equal sign in there I mean duh yeah it looks like one but he seemed to think that no no no no it's much more specific than obviously there's an equal sign and this and that equals that and the other so in long story short about this is he worked out what he thought the equation translated could mean and I I published that in the book now what you do is you want me to go into it or did yes please yeah okay so the first symbol if you hold that up to the screen for them to be able to see the first symbol okay it looks like a D with this flange e coming out of it which kind of makes the whole thing look like a shovel okay so we call it the shovel D or the D shovel and this is what Joseph Ferrell came up with back in 2015 okay okay we're gonna break this down now we're gonna get mathematical here kind of so and I want the formula and bear with me I am no mathematician so folks okay the first symbol the D shovel the D shovel could be one of four things and I am gonna read this I get it right it could be a reference to a capital Delta in the Greek language which symbolizes the change in something right or transformation such as the Delta small T parenthetically change in time okay etc or that's one or it could symbolize a small D okay the lowercase D meaning the differential or increment of something okay so we've got either a change in something okay a change in time or a change in physical property or whatever you know some transformation or we have an increment of something okay and now here comes the third option that we're still just on the shovel D the first symbol it could be a stylized Greek Phi laid sideways and Phi represents scalar potential so it that brings it into scalar technology possibly okay so you know and then the fourth okay it could be a stylized capital sigh laid sideways which symbolizes radiant flux or radiant power so we're talking scalar technology or we're talking some type of radiation radiant power okay or a measurement and increment of something or even a transformation of something like time on physical materials so that's just what the first D could mean incredibly and and we are gonna get to a simplified thing I'm just we're just going through this now okay now the cat but a letter M that's next what you know the M in the dis coded names a symbol capital letters oftentimes represent a difference not a differential a difference in something in this case mass 1 or M subscript 1 minus M subscript 2 thus capital M equals M subscript 1 minus M subscript 2 as in the famous e equals mc-squared okay so the M here could bring in the e equals mc-squared business okay now in his opinion the equals sign the third symbol means equals yes okay so whatever the shovel D and the M actually stand for they equal what the last two symbols mean now here we get to the X and here's where I think it comes in to your X thing X could be one possibility a variable X standing for what we don't know okay or B or 2x could be a Greek letter X which often symbolizes electrical susceptibility okay which then implies the electromagnetics or something like okay or upslide electrics the third possibility for the X could be a component of a coordinate system which interestingly enough it is the x coordinate in the lawrence transforms that transforms so the X could it's either it stands for something we don't know okay and electrical susceptibility is connected to it whatever that means okay but then also we get back the transformation aspect I apologize for the dogs you guys know I think I think somebody keeps knocking on my door it's sure yeah that's for distraction we can do it okay the the final character okay which looks like the Greek five okay or the backwards empty hyper set this is Joseph now this stuff I'm reading could be again the symbol Phi which represents the scalar potential which paced the type of thinking going on from Maxwell to Whittaker of 1903 is the sum of in folded vectors summing to zero ie there's no translation vector thus one reading the equation here we go the change in the mass difference is equal to the transform of x times scalar potential unbelievable okay so X if X the use of X in the things you're to you've been talking about the 45 episodes if X applied to this particular technology these technologies of these crafts or whatever okay it could be that a hundred and some years ago where they got the X is I had it on the tip of my tongue what they figured out about this equation for example specifically the X element of it okay could be the thing that you would find in all this X technology that you have been reporting on yes okay so the X element of the equation could explain the X in all the X programs you've been talking about that's makes sense and that's why I contacted you on this because I thought due to the context of what this book is about and what you've been doing through these 45 episodes my gosh you know there's gotta be some connection here no it's right in the heart of it and the advanced technology suggested by Dell shows work and then the code Cymbeline using a ganar fee embedded in the artwork you know because he does some things that are obvious for example Houston in here but the coding over and over again when he's using that nimza symbol to me suggests he's using steganography and the people who look at it immediately they know what it is those are the kind of initiatives isn't it interesting too that Dale shot was Houston based and you know what he's talking about that could lead to a you know the secret space travel or whatever and NASA puts Mission Control you know in Houston at the Johnson Space Center I I find that interesting it's that's no coincidence that that's the thing is I think what Dell Shah was talking about I think this this equation we just went through I think this has something to do with what they've been doing with all this stuff clearly with a secret space program by the time we get to the the 1950s 100 years after Sonora era club with the German factor and all that when you look at all this this is the thread this is this is the thread this 19th century stuff is the true background of what we're talking about here from post-world War two forward not reverse engineering any tea saucer I know there's people out there that insist this happened but when you give an honest look at that these stories either fall apart the witnesses end up being you know lacking credibility or even if the witness himself or herself doesn't lack credibility as far as personal character you can look at it and say there's it's number one it's an opinion you know a lot of times we hear oh this Apollo astronaut he confirmed that there was this or that and then when you go look at the statements that the Apollo astronauts made it it's opinion it's opinion yeah I mean don't look at these statements that you know everybody loves to point to you know and yet when you look at it you see them saying oh I think this is what I believe or certainly you know and you realize wait a minute not one of them has come out and said this is exactly what I saw this is exactly what we were told these this is an extraterrestrial civilization we hear these tales and stories that are never really backed up by the actual statements and and that's kind of the bane and the problem in ufology particularly in the ET hypothesis anyway is the stories the hearsay the room and all that cannot be substantiated yeah it's fascinating because the human factor is incredibly compelling and the idea of the offworld civilization is adjunct to that but if you ignore the human aspect and the potential for the technology from a human civilization you're ignoring a really big piece on the board I mean it's kind of like the main tribuna yeah and also look who would want you to ignore the human element in that but people who want you to grasp onto the ET element or and especially if those people want to set up those ET to be as gods which is what for a lot of people out there the ET hypothesis has become a religion Savior really yeah yeah it's just for those who don't want to go to you know a Christian Church or this church or that temple or whatever they can just embrace the ET hypothesis and there they have their religion substituted for them you know just repackaged but it's all the same thing it's faith faith faith like the TTS a fanboys ya know the game-changer dudes the game change of dudes it's like no the game is not changing it's just you've been played that's tough yeah and here's the funny thing there's no way in hell I'm gonna say extraterrestrials don't exist I'm not saying that I've never said that and I do think they're coming here yeah I didn't think that you know but the the irony is is that the things that they want to slap the et label on okay and insist that it's et at CT there's other there's evidence that it's not that and there's historical context that says it's not that and so you have to ask yourself who's really behind the insistence that certain things are et while the people running these X programs the people that have been developing this technology for a hundred and fifty two hundred years that we know of that don't want us to know the true history of how it's being developed and who did it and why and you know yeah it's next tech first UFO tech second yeah yeah yeah you I've been very patients and you know patience is a virtue and in patience possess ye your souls I want to remind everyone you're watching the dark journalists program we're here with Walter Bosley and we're going deep on his origins book and he has a new book coming out we're gonna get into that but let's get into a few questions here with Olivia now okay so David Romina Walter do you believe X is related to consciousness technology no not not within the context we've been discussing tonight now if something has been developed in our times then the answer would be yeah why not so if that's what you mean if you mean the present-day modern yeah I think that's in the mix but I don't think that that was the start of it I think the consciousness technology would be a byproduct of this fascinating miss Olivia okay I don't know how to phrase this question but I've been wanting to ask you Walter about your conclusions about dimensionality and how that fits into all this multi quality you mean like the opinions that I've stated about like my beliefs and energy in other dimensions and how that fits in with the interdimensional beings Wow that goes into I've had a lot of personal experiences intense experiences since I was 16 years old 20 years that I haven't written about and that I don't go into mainly because I can't prove to any of you that I've had them and this goes into why I see things the way I see them personally and as you can tell it's very awkward for me to talk about this because to go into all these experiences would be like a series of shows to go into them in depth and I don't think I could couldn't convince very many of the listeners that it actually happened but the nature of these experiences and you know over the years the things I've ever searched you know has has convinced me even further that there are multiple dimensions you know and that's the best that's the best I can answer that I do think there's an element of and any individual can experience this I'm not special no one's special I'm not saying that you know special revelation or anything but the experiences I've had I think anybody can have them but I think to an extent they are a gift there are certain things that if you unlock certain locks and you unveil things you know that you you gain access to certain things and wow that sounds really vague and stupid but it's okay let me let me bring it back access here's the thing when when Hecate or the veil of Isis in her form is veiled Isis when she lifts her veil and reveals her true nature to you what is her admonition that you tell no one finger to the lips she tell no one and I believe in that okay I I believe you're not really supposed to be you reach a certain point where you're not supposed to be sharing every little thing that you come to because it's there for everybody else to figure out too and you're gonna kind of ruin the experience for others okay because it's not something you can tell and share anyway it's something you have to experience for yourself too to really grasp all the dimensions of it okay so yeah I think yeah I don't know I had a resistance to the idea of Inner Earth and I mean obviously we have underground bases but this own civilization I just wonder if that could be for me actually it's easier to believe that that's somehow interdimensional okay well here's the thing I don't think there's a hollow earth like the earth is a big hollow sphere kind of thing and like in the works of Edgar Rice Burroughs which I love the pellucid are series that you know you go in through a hole at the top and then there's these continents and the central Sun and all that I don't think it's like that I do think that it's very possible that there are vast subterranean natural form chambers that might have their own ecosystem and and maybe these have been altered by a civilization that has gone in there and so I think it's more something like that if it's real well absolutely it's really interesting too I mean when you get to those those levels of the earth also your consciousness may change dramatically in terms of what you're able to perceive that's another thing when we get into this just like we know when some of these crafts in the X series they're able to get up to a certain point and then you know once they're a mile or two up there then they can really cut loose and give some speed because they're in a different atmosphere so going into the Inner Earth and living there you know we know even when you're dealing a little bit underground the environment changes so your consciousness immediately changes if you go that far down so I think that's really interesting actually keep rolling okay so David termine again Walter do you think the moon missions use bell technology the lunar module was bell-shaped to kind of sorta yeah it was it had that geodesic kind of look to it yes I do think that the Apollo program used some type of assisted lift to get that module off the surface of the Moon Joseph Farah was talking about this other people have if you watch the the films of that it's almost like the the module it's not like a a propellant type of lift okay it's a boom it's just here it is and all of a sudden it just goes wound like it's on a string being pulled up and I know that there's the 1/6 the gravity and the earth and all that issued stuff but still there should be if it was what we were told it seems like there should be some other visual evidence of what we're told it was I think yeah there was some type of Bell anti-gravity assist with the Apollo missions definitely and yes I do think we went to the moon I'm not having that discussion in these bozos who don't believe we went to the moon what about let's stop yeah yeah the Van Allen belts well here's the thing go back to your Oliver Heaviside and the Van Allen belts are no problem and here's the thing if Oliver Heaviside came up with what he came up with in the 1890s don't you think that 60 70 some years later they didn't apply you know if they're using bell technology for lift they're using Oliver Heaviside to protect our spacecraft and our astronauts through those dreadful Van Allen belts so I think what we can say for certain in relation to the moon landings is we've never been given the full story of the technology used that was in row it's pretty clear I I would agree with that yeah absolutely agree with that obviously amazing missile a people are so passionate about their beliefs are on this we just don't know okay so we're not the important humanist is there a direct link between the airship mystery and the secret space program in America well yeah if you could just line it well okay I I think that's kind of what we've done all night and what I do in the book is I show you that there was the threat of development by the Germans in the 19th century and then of course what they ended up doing the 20th century with the Nazis okay and then we got those scientists than they were the ones who you know were there helping our our space program happened okay now there was the other thing I mentioned about the what I think what I hypothesized was the first black project that was post-civil war that was responsible for the airship scene in the great airship mystery but they used a very similar technology to what the Sonora Aero Club Germans were using okay so there's your there's your thread it's whatever we learned from the airship technology okay had to do with for example Oliver Heaviside gem work okay and I just said there's your connection to Apollo using it as an assisted lift to get us off the moon and who knows what else on those missions so yeah we're really this really this book origin you know the stuff that I talked about in origin what we've been talking about tonight is the answer to your question when you when you dig into it and you look at the players and the elements so I think the dornberger has to have that role there in the secret space program also I think a study around dornberger instantly gives you some clue as to what's going on there and SSP goes miss Olivia says I'd love to see how far this goes back I have a feeling nibs as Grandparents were involved with Ben Franklin and the American Revolution he was in secret societies and talking to the electrical pioneers in Germany yeah yeah and in my new book coming out I talk about this group I talked about them in another book there was the American Philosophical Society which was America's version of the Royal Society which had these philosopher scientists and Franklin was involved with with this group as were other interesting individuals and yeah this might been the root of whatever philosopher scientist industrialists were involved with this proposed see black project that I hypothesize happened after the Civil War and resulted in the 1890's airship mystery certainly I think people involved in the milieu you're talking about with Franklin and the the American Philosophical Society yeah there were there were Americans and that milieu that had been around since the colonial days that I think were certainly involved in this black project that led to the 1890s airship history and people are saying probably how did this black project happen well it briefly and I talked about this in the origin book you had this individual Solomon Andrews who contacted Abraham Lincoln okay and I think 1863 and told him that he had this technology of this flying machine Lincoln was fascinated he he told Edwin Stanton his war secretary to bring together the War Department guys to take a look at this and Solomon Andrews in 1864 demonstrated this flying machine in Washington DC in front of Stanton and in other War Department officials plus two or three reporters and it was it was reported in a newspaper in 1864 history tells us that Andrews was told we're at war were a little busy no thank you we're not interested okay in a flying machine and I think what happened was that was kind of partially true they saw something it's like you know what we're in this war we got to win this war we don't know how fast we can develop this thing to make it useful but mr. Andrews hang on there we want to talk to you after the conflict I think after the war was over I think Lincoln Lincoln's Congress okay the Congress in 1864 told the War Department acquire this technology Congress ordered the War Department to acquire the technology and we are told that they told Andrews no thank you I think that's BS I think they did acquire the technology I think once the war was over they secretly started developing this and that led to the 1890s airship sightings and there's the little bit which is another conversation about the other breakaway I call the 1903 but I think whoever was involved in this this airship project okay this black project these are the guys that carried the thread into the 20th century and that led to whatever was done with it in Apollo fantastic miss Olivia we got about five minutes left okay so Tom's Tyson was asking about the del Chou paintings with the word trump on them god yes we can't find where there was anyone named Trump in the Sonora Aero Club I have it out of that Walter since he asked about it there we go yeah it's interesting now here's the other interesting thing when you look at the number series on Del Chou had a number series on his arrows okay the Trump arrow was in the 4,500 series which President of the United States is Donald Trump Wow how many episodes of X have you done before Donald Trump is the 45th President of the United States and they're done drawn in the 1890s of an 1850s arrow is the name Trump like it's on the top of a casino and it's in the 4,500 series it's quite well and take a rear take a look at this yeah we are getting into Inger Sola Lockwood territory my friends a shout out to my buddy Todd would ask me about that and I am looking into that and that will be connected with looking into this but here's the thing I have yet to find where there was a Trump involved in the Sonora Aero Club but let's remember that Frederick Trump Donald's grandfather came from Germany in the late 19th century okay yes and he did have family here I'm working on something now I don't want to go too deep into it but I'm trying to put the pieces together with how because we have John G Trump Donald's uncle who was asked by the FBI to look at Potenza papers as we know you've talked about that so at some point I do think the Trump's learned about these things we're talking about and I'm still trying to put the pieces it's a perfectly reasonable assumption especially since John Trump his mentor's ban of her Bush I mean you know Vannevar Bush overlooking the work of John G Trump and ben burtt Bush being in charge of the UFO file on record without mj-12 on record from Wilbur Smith I mean there's an obvious connection there you might always say what's the extent of his knowledge but Trump lays it down very often that he says you know oh my uncle shared a lot with me that mean they weren't close and it is interesting to suspect that that's what he shared with them no question about it we'll take a couple more questions I want to remind everyone you're watching the dark journalists show and we're here with Walter Bosley going deep on the work that he's done on nimza and it's connection to the X technology that's a close up of the equation that Walter was showing earlier and I have to say it's quite compelling I think that those explanations and the fact that Joseph worked on those with you it's a very interesting part of the origins book and there's a lot in there with the X tagging ography and tracking that kind of secret code through the technology and then finding it here in someone who said this group was operating in 1850 you know that represents now 170 some odd years at least it's quite remarkable and Walter before we take the last two questions latest the news book with your secret missions for everyone knows you know you've been working feverishly at it and you say it's actually going to be done in April no no it's gonna be done this month it's this month it's in fact I might be earlier than my projected date I'll say that here and now right now it's under what I call colleague review I won't dare say Pierre because I don't consider myself here with the person who's looking at it but a colleague has received it last night the rough draft and it's reading through it now as I go through revisions and know I've owned a publishing company since 2002 and I publish my own works I've also published other authors and I do print on demand so that's how I'm able to release books quickly after I finished them as soon as the manuscript is ready I'm my own publisher print on demand I just load it up and it's ready you know I have to wait like months so where do people go to find your new book it will be its print on demand only at lulu.com Lu Lu dot-com I have a sales page there of all my stuff and just lulu.com it's worth the wait the prices are good and you end up with a nice printed book I used to do the digital books but Amazon's not good for small publishers and indie authors so I I'm not very I have some fiction on Kindle let's say it's harder to plagiarize the print book exactly exactly a little harder it's harder to you know yeah Wow well that work is fantastic lady what do you got well Mirror 13 wanted to do is Walter's TV show still moving forward yeah how was that looking you mean the Empire shimmering light there's also producer that's been wanting to develop shimmering light and that started a year before I sold the rights to vampire of the wheel so I got two things going but Empire the wheel folks briefly the I've talked a lot with the producer over the last month since the holidays gone over little details that she's asked for a lot of input and the concept the producer laid out the concept it's it's it's projected to be a three season project and that's how it's being pitched and the way that she has laid this out and her vision of it is just so exciting it really is and those of you who've read the books I think are going to be very pleased I mean we know that they usually take a little license to you know make the drama interesting but nothing that she's taken license with and tweaked a little bit betrays what's in the books and I'm very very pleased with that and she's really put out that it's I'm excited about it the pitch should happen sometime soon here and I'm hoping to be able to tell more about it at that you know TW as we know the entire of the wheel series fascinating and of course we're rooting for you to get a cameo in the series that's Olivia well she the producer said that if they depict me I don't want to go too much into that but they're supposed to depict me doing the research and investigation I said great give me enough time to lose weight so that when you cast somebody you know you don't have to cast the fat we can only see how that's gonna work out you know if you get a chance to choose the guy that'll be good III won't that's not how it works III jokingly told her I said I'm no Harlan Ellison I love Harlan Ellison but I'm the kind of writer that my gosh you give me money to make something of mine into a dramatic TV series I'm gonna sit back and smile and love it you know I'm not so but I'll have no input no say other than when they asked me and I'm there she's doing great on her own with putting this together no it's awesome but I mean there's a lot of exciting potential around it too in terms of what it could open up for the conversation we miss Olivia the last question go for okay well actually I've got two more very good one is okay Kate Schneider wants to know what are Walters thoughts on the UFO uma mu ax with scientists now strongly considering it as part of an alien spaceship excellent question I have I gotta be honest with you on that one that one has been very convincing to me from the start I I think we I and we all could be wrong but you're asking me what I think now at present I think we might literally honestly be looking at some intelligent et thing and that's exciting I hope Oh what it's kind of a probe of the universe yeah yeah yeah I it's so far what I've heard has me on that side of the spectrum the et side of the spectrum so see folks I don't totally rain on the et thing okay I just I try to call error and BS where I see it through analysis and research but that one I think ooh mo how do you pronounce it I think it's legit at this point I think it's legit so proven otherwise how do you expect the if that's true you expect that to be revealed and for the public to react to it I first of all I think look I think it'll be only the most ignorant element of the human spectrum here on earth will have a negative reaction to it okay and those people just need to let's hold their hands let's but they need to be told you'll calm down you will not cause issue over this okay sorry if your reality bubble has been burst it's not the sixth century or whatever you era you're living in but seriously I think most human beings are gonna be fine with it I've been of the mind that the ETS I think they are gonna determine how they're disclosed I don't think we're gonna have anything to do with it I think when they decide to say we're here they're just gonna say it and they're really not gonna give a crap why because I think their attitude probably is we need to get with the program and grow up and their attitude probably is Oh your leaders have been suppressing our presence and been lying to you okay well screw them we're here this is what I personally think so I think that they control disclosure I'm gonna predict right here on this show that Michael Shermer the amazing Randi are going to hold hands and jump off a bridge together it's just too much to live down after all this time Walter amazing stuff thank you so much you and incredible work we're all looking forward to the new book at the end of right here which is all sooner or sooner Hey well we'll be watching your Facebook page for this miss Olivia I actually want to ask for another question okay yes okay what do you think of the drills that are going that have been going on in LA what I I just I've been so focused on my book I just saw the initial stuff about that last night so it they are drills yeah it's been what I understand it for about three nights they're pretty yeah oh here's what I think it's probably not as sinister as people are making it out I think what they've done is whatever the drills are of course they've coordinated it with local law enforcement local you know first responders that kind of thing and it's just it just is what it is they're doing you know whatever it is they're doing and I don't think it's any new world order type thing but again it's so new to me that I'm not sure what the latest is on what people are saying about it are you at all concerned about the yellow vests movement spreading to the to this country well my understanding of the yellow vests okay last I saw about that several weeks ago is there they were depicted as the good guys right yes I think that what Olivia is trying to get at is the kind of panic riot conditions moving over from Europe in you know so it's going to go from France to the UK and the kind of my initial knee-jerk reaction to you know the question is the ones I see doing that would not be the yellow best types the ones I see to here the ones I see doing that are the people who you know the other night when the comment was made America will never be a socialist nation yes budget you saw some people just grinding their teeth and tweaking out over that are you loving every minute of it despise and hate socialism and great thing about it so that was a wonderful moment for me to see them squirm but I think it'll be those people should pull back on your emotions think of it this way I was I was a Fed for 12 years right and the first 12 fed for almost 20 years but for the first 12 years of my career every day I was up against agents of the Soviet Union okay and I and it wasn't just because well they're the target of the day and that's my job no I truly I truly you know I learned about socialism and we watched the Soviet you you know what communism did and I hate that ideology I hate it with every ounce of my soul because it sounds great in utopian but it never works out that way so the point is I think my concern is what will happen is as the majority of Americans really start shaking off the nonsense of the last several years and it becomes clear that no they don't want a socialist utopia I think that side are gonna flip out at some point I fear they're gonna flip out at some point and kind of go violent so that's my concern and look how look how and Tifa you know be like when they were doing their I think so I think that point is gonna do it right Wow amazing Walter thank you so much fantastic stuff that got you great tonight and we will see everyone next week a Walters book is coming out soon we're all excited for that Booker talking about tonight was origin which is the 20th the 19th century emergence of the 20th century breakaway civilization this is an extraordinary book and that's where this interpretation of this code resides for Dell shells work and nimza which is a real incredible there's only one guide in my mind for the nihms of work and that's that's you Walter amazing stuff and well a lot of guys came before me on that so well you cited them I think you're done pretty good I try to do that in all the books too absolutely no it's a fair shake fantastic crowd tonight I want to shout out two dimensions and beyond Carly doing a great job and coarser podcast is fantastic deep state Kate great questions tonight and also doing fantastic reporting Nejad it's great to see you we will be back next week and have a fantastic weekend everyone I think there's so many stories breaking that February's going to be just explosive and while we have a great guest lineup as well we're going back into the hot zone of course in the next episode so watch out there and Walter we will see you soon thank you for having me on guys it was great – great to talk with you again tonight everybody wants you back right away there's tons of answered questions well by the time you have me back the new book will be out probably – so there will be that to talk about well we got to learned about the – ado Donnan also we have to go further into that one so we know we have at least three or four shows in the bag with you for sure great all right you too thank you and everyone miss Olivia thank you so much excellent job as usual fantastic questions we will see you next week remember get in there with the newsletter signup for the dark journalists newsletter have dark journalists calm get that free flow of information going back and forth off the social media platforms get behind the show subscribe to the show we extend the discount out guys but it is important this is the good timing for it so you're going to want to be a member coming up I can guarantee you with a wink that you're gonna want to be a member especially because of things that are coming up in the next two months which are explosive and everyone great show tonight thank you so much we will see you next week and Olivia the last questions what's for dinner Pizza Pizza Pizza Pizza and root beer now that's interesting Pizza Pizza is not a code I thought we might be looking at nimza – thank you so much everyone Pizza


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  13. Why are you taking about that blue chicken again and again. Are you 100%sure there is no blue alien race? Because if there is and you wrong, you are gonna discredit yourself. You're all speculative at this point. We have no proof any of this is real and truth.

  14. Trump’s grandfather was in the 1899s Yukon gold rush, when I think of 1850s California, I think gold rush. All those gold Trump Towers

  15. Walter it’s fine, imo, Hecate, isn’t a vindictive nasty krone, nor is she a self centered aspect – that’s totally a human condition! And as far as dimensions go, they’re all around us- around and about, in an around and about way. As far as being an experiencer? I don’t know Walter, while some experiences seem like they are indeed like a gift I oppose all of these deceivers, and because too much is hidden by design, I can’t get on board with that. I get you don’t want to make any wild claims as many would foolishly shoot you down, the concept makes them nervous and uncomfortable to accept, but Tbh , I’ve had em since I was a child, as have many people, you don’t need to convince anyone, for me, I’ve felt like it was always a given,I’ve always just accepted we transverse dimensions from the getgo that there are alternate dimensions, heck where do you think we came from in the first place, lol? So people should talk more about their esoteric or “fringe like” experiences because at this point, it can only help.

  16. The military frequently trains with local non-military groups to ensure a cohesive course of action should they have to work together in a future event. (2:44:00)

  17. Good show Daniel … have u ever heard of Herman Potočnik (pseudonym Hermann Noordung), his book was inspiration for Wernher von Braun early work, check him out. Regards …

  18. I would highly recommend against any type of contact with any sort of alien/angel/ascended master type being. Do not invite them in, do not wish to communicate with them. Most out there are not 'the good guys'.

  19. Socialism is bad? Ah, I'm a democrat socialist and socialism does work. Yeah In Soviet Union, China and Cuba they had these guerilla leaders who didn't want to give up their power, and no democratic tradition. Ended up to be repressive. Also Soviet Union was an imperialist nation that occupied several nations – it broke up when nationalist leaders were allowed to criticize and run against the local SU-puppets. But the economic model is solid and the ideology well-meaning. SU was the fastest growing, urbanizing and wellfare developping country in the world for over 50 years, only Japan and Finland of western nations could surpass it, and Finland much thanks to being the biggest trade partner to the SU. The SU never caught the earlier industrialized nations, but it was closing fast. So fast that in the USA they developped this Domino-theory, fearing every nation would choose socialism if they could freely do so. In China communism also had fast growth, and about 20 years ago it started to attract major capitalist investments. It's a mixed economy now, with price controls (e.g. rents and important food items) and gov owns the financial institutions and much of the production still. Libya had a guerilla leader too, but he did step aside and let democratic government run the country: yeah Gaddafi was national figurehead and a project leader in some international Libyan projects, and still the military commander. Libya was the with the highest human development index in the African continent. But I'm a Nordic socialist, fine with mixed economy, just aiming to keep wealth gaps small, good public services available to everyone and vital to society things publically owned.

  20. Oumuamua was too slow for an interstellar space ship, it travelled only twice faster than 60's rockets, 0,008% of lightspeed: would take thousands of years to get to next solar system. Solar sail crafts could travel 50% to 10% lightspeed. The Breakthrough Starshot Project's solar sail probes with speed of 20% lightspeed, would get to Proxima Centauri in 20 to 30 years.

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