and we are live this is dark journalists it's great to be here with everyone for a dark journalists X series episode 43 we have a very special episode tonight because we're going to be dealing with the history and legacy of the UFO file and the X Tech around it and the secrecy wall that was built there and one of the most fascinating characters in the middle of all this is someone named Thomas Townsend Brown and we're going to find that there's so much information about Thomas Townsend Brown that's not accurate out there and it's quite interesting to me because a lot of that is very much because of the fact that he operated in a number of black projects and so the history was intentionally skewed for to hide the kind of advanced material that he was working on but we're going to find that over and over again when we review the historical record in relation to this particular advanced technology area we're going to be looking at two groups one of the groups is very familiar to anyone who watches the program and they are called X protect and that's a group that largely works through the kind of darkest Network of the intelligence agencies to suppress information related to the X technology and the other group which I'm introducing here tonight which we have alluded to but not named and that group is called X share and we're gonna see how these two groups kind of outdance each other as they get along as usual I'm joined by the lovely Olivia hi everybody and it's been a fantastic week we really had an excellent show last Friday and thank you for all your feedback and comments on it working on the eight sphere and some of the deep ideas around anthroposophy of course as part of our 2019 projection we're going to be going out deep into the esoteric side of the mystery schools into the secret technology side and right there in the middle you're going to find that geopolitical deep state process over and over again in my own research I found you can't get one without the other so getting very well acquainted with how the mystery schools operate and how they fuel the deep state and how many of these battles that take place between these groups really take place first behind the scenes and then we start to get Inklings of it you know on the surface and one of the great ones that's going on now that we're seeing is you know there's so many kind of legitimate arguments politically around this whole wall concept that's going on about building a wall across the southern border and the people who are against it and all the rest but what's missed and all of the main reports on it if you're not looking from what Professor Peter Dale Scott calls a deep state angle is the whole idea that there are drugs flowing into the country from Central and South America in that open doorway that wall is going to prevent those states ultimately who are legalizing many of these drugs now from really being able to control the market and so so much of this battle comes down you know beyond just the outright looks of it which is just the immigration side of the battle which is one battle and you can take you know we've seen how certain types of immigration were a disaster on the globalists side in Europe but I think that we always need to look a little bit deeper we're on this show because we have the background of people like Peter Dale Scott who let us know that there are things bubbling there but beneath the surface that give us a much better picture of the political angles and so many of the Wars of course from Afghanistan to Iraq to vietnam war drug wars so we always have to keep that in mind as a major factor when looking at these various types of political pushes that happen Pro and against you're looking at two sides fighting over something completely different than what we think they are and I say we have Gigi young out there tonight which is fantastic of course she'd use a regular here with the X series and she's contributed fantastic it's great to have her out there tonight is going to be very interesting because there's also something in the title may have noticed called the hot zone well the hot zone is something that I have alluded to but also not named until this episode so you can see that this episode is going to be the set up for a lot of different types of research inside of the ex steganography now briefly I'll mention here that ex steganography is something that I came across in researching programs that were going black that is they're all these government programs largely dealing with aerospace projects space planes and things like that from the 50s 60s and 70s and those programs would go black and then re-emerge with an entirely different name and the name always had an X as a tag to it so it was the way that these groups could track their projects after the fact of them going public and continue to support them and steganography in this case really worked because it's something that has to be out there in plain sight where people wouldn't notice that you're hiding something or that you're running a code or a password that they can break and it's much better to do these things in a way where you know they just become part of what people expect on a daily basis well here's the x-37b fine let's move that right down the line now we have so much of it going on with companies like SpaceX for example and a lot of this naming mechanism the nomenclature itself comes from really ancient times and they adopted it into 20th and 21st century secrecy programs in the political side and that's really what we're getting into tonight but you can see in this program that those echoes go all the way back and further back to an advanced technology period long long distant antediluvian period of human history so it's quite it's it's quite a spectrum that we go into when you're looking at something coming from the X Dagon ography on a secrecy level here now in modern times versus the secrecy that the mystery schools have held out over long periods of time so we're going to get into tonight how this all relates to what we're looking at with the UFO file tonight in the UFO file is in the spotlight on this one as well but before we get into that I'm going to mention that the hot zone relates to all of the work that we've been doing in relation to something special about those ruins off of Cuba and about the strange happenings in Cuba over the past say 70 years most recently with the American diplomats being drummed out of there by the dozens by these strange sound acoustic concussions this is a very very hardcore technique to keep the Americans out of Cuba and of course during the the period of the Obama presidency right at the end they finally reestablished relations with Cuba and they opened up an embassy and that's how we got our guys in there and it wasn't really done with any fanfare it was kind of botched by the Obama administration it could have been a great coup at least on the PR side it could have been something else but what they got really was kind of like this last-minute thrown-together slapdash thing and we've been running with it ever since and of course Castro died and it changed everything but the hot zone is something that is referred to now and I'm finding links to it and one of the first things I got was contacted by somebody who dealt with oceanography and had quite a background in it but was retired but wanted to let me know if there was a particular name for an area that resided between Cuba and Yucatan this is a stretch now that we've seen and that we've pointed out involves Paula zelinsky's work who has discovered all these ruins off of Cuba but over and over again when we get into the work that we're doing here relating to the deep politics and some of the strange things that we've seen around the kennedys association with the Hemmingway's for example and how that all related to Cuba that we were really looking at a large scale geopolitical secret that the people who were operating it knew what they were looking for and it had something to do with this story ruins off of cuba and alluding to another civilization having been there and that sort of roadmap changing history now the hot zone is an area according to all these details now it's it's an area that resides under the ocean there where they're advised not to go and they are advised that there if they are to see things that relate to this hot zone area they are to report what they see and then never and take a secrecy oath about it so now the person that I spoke to about this was not a military person and you know I want to say to all those three-letter agencies out there who are wondering about this you know this was not the kind of communication that took place over email or through traditional methods so it's it's not going to you know it's not going to do you any good to search through my email files but I will say this that the hot zone is something that we're looking at now as the reason for all this secrecy around this area and it does relate to very unusual effects that take place over this particular part of the ocean 1 & 2 these strange ruins that reside off Cuba that the researcher paulina zelitsky had found in 2001 and which were national news and then we're all clammed up by the American media and of course she had some kind of silence agreement herself so that story just hangs out there and with all of the work that we've done on this show relating to these lost cultures and the sort of big secret of that area and the Cayce readings mentioning Bimini being the site of pass idea which was a major temple complex for this ancient culture before it sank all these things start to come together when we look at what's going on in relation to the extech inside of the secrecy so this is going to really help us or aunt ourselves you are getting a little notice to slightly fix your time no no this is a journalist side and it's only good now it's gonna get worse no no no no he's not gonna tell me about but I will say this that it's kind of fascinating to me because I think part of the the benefit of looking at both of these things at once because very often it's very strange when you look at this part of say the Bermuda Triangle and things that happen in that area we're getting a lot of reports down there if you look at it incredible amount of reports of unusual UFO activity I want to briefly touch on a company that works with a company called this is a government agency now called otech which is basically an underwater area 51 where they work with these things but it's actually off Cuba but they do this so again we have this intrigue around Cuba and I'll tell you that it seems lately no matter what direction that we go in that Cuba becomes more and more of the mystery and that many of the answers I think is going to that's going to come into this is relating to Cuba so we're going to go that far the UFO file also I think I want to say this that I in the X shows we've done something quite remarkable which is we brought the X diggin ography view and it has lifted up our eyes about what's going on in relation to the UFO file the UFO file which has been loaded with disinformation and everything from you know galactic ambassadors to fake government projects to try to make it look like there's an alien invasion or marketing operations like TT sa is surrounded by CIA people these things have been going on for a long time and they obfuscate the actual truth about what's happening in relation to this as does you know this whole kind of marketing wing of you know the fire and the sky movies and all this kind of thing about be terrified of aliens and the entertainment side of that I mean it has you know it has a kind of you know it just reflects that kind of 21st century culture that we're in which is very marketing driven however the UFO file and the researchers around it some of the best people have taken a crack at it and brought some of that secrecy forward and the things that we've been able to bring forward here on this program for the first time are things like the fact that Vannevar Bush was controlling the UFO file but he was also the mentor to Professor John Trump now it was known that Vannevar Bush was involved with the UFO file but the tying these things in together is what's giving us this larger kind of wide angle lens view and that's where I think we really want to go with this and so it's a fantastic crowd how are we doing out there listen we're doing great everybody is um is actually pretty calm and respectful tonight I haven't had that's good no troll patrol as yet of course the bigger these these shows get I think we had 3,000 people and one of the streams last week and this is what happens is you know the information is getting out there and along with that you get a lot of you know you get targeted for different types of disinformation but we don't pay much attention to it and they don't actually tend to do very well in our live stream what we do have instead of a chat is an ideas room with some of the most remarkable people and I think that this really is unique in terms of a lot of the live stream activity that we see we really have an incredible audience and I want to thank you right now for the beginning of 2019 for all that you've done for us in 2018 submitting ideas and thoughts and opinions and even criticisms at times it's been very helpful and you know it goes a long way towards helping us get that wonderful interactive thing going I remember there was someone who sent me a thing and you know but this is good too it was kind of funny they sent me this thing at this Australian woman who lived in Alice Springs and her thing you know and I don't do a good Australian accent but she said something to the effect of you know I live in Alice Springs and there are no UFOs in Pine Gap you know and I was my thought instantly was we have to get people to understand secrecy a little bit better this is just one of those things you know and you know that's not the kind of thing where they're going to say come on in it's open house come and look at the UFOs and the hangar 1 it doesn't work that way and the better we get that message across that there's a large-scale level of government secrecy when it comes to advanced technology and that America in particular has that influence in far-flung you know regions of the globe because of the incredible power change that took place after World War 2 and we can't just kind of imagine that the things that are happening that we hear about are we can't take them for granted especially because large-scale mass media is under the influence of the Council on Foreign Relations and if you don't if you're a journalist and you don't play into that crowd then you know you're not going to get very far so you know I've seen that type of thing happened to where people have this well let's say that that independent streak when we see people come forward they're the first ones to get attacked – and that also goes for some whistleblowers when it comes to financial companies like for example Goldman Sachs and one of their directors came forward over a decade ago that's Nomi Prins and we get such fantastic information from her but it takes the kind of courage inside the system they want to do something and that's another thing which is there are people inside the government structure inside the political structure who by getting this information out we're doing them a favor so in that sense you know you could even say it's not anti-government at all what it is is it's Pro good government and anti clandestine government so that's what we do here on dark journalists and you know we really I think when we get into the UFO file in the check if it's really something that we need to understand on a large-scale basis and so this is where we're all for that so I'm going to go into some of this but as I do miss Olivia I'm checking in with you do you do you want to add something here can I turn you a question sure okay Griffon Eagles seven wanted to know is World War three gonna start in a location where a civilization fell beneath the waves well you almost had it over of the Cuban Missile Crisis actually that is kind of target zero for where this civilization was and it's amazing that western tip of Cuba just what a focal point it's been for activity and that's exactly where those ruins are so it's a very interesting question you know from our perspective coming from the knowledge base of this show a lot of things that relate to like the two eye stone and the ancient technology and how that all works countries are very interested in that they're also very interested in things that we don't really talk about very much in public like how do water currents impact power you know we talk a lot on this program about a an effect called apotheon and apotheon is quite remarkable actually because this is something it's a term that is derived from the creek and it represents this kind of runaway effect I call it a runaway physics and we often see this in relation to when the UFO shows up and when a mass sighting happens you know strange things happen in those places like blackouts or missing time you know people's cars don't start and all that kind of thing it seems to have a very negative impact on normal electromagnetic reality so it creates something that I call a reality distortion field so much so that people lose time which is I think quite remarkable and we're going to get deep into that tonight and why it's important for us to look at figures like Thomas Townsend Brown for example is these are people made a contribution to history and who it seems to me man we look at them their work is very shadowy in the sense that we can't really get the details because those details have been suppressed because of the types of projects that they worked on but we have to remember there are a lot of people who have high standards and high ideals who work in those secret programs and we have to kind of develop a type of partnership with them here on the outside with them being on the inside and that we're both after the same thing and so when we introduced tonight the ex protect group coming out of this secrecy at all costs type group very much associated with the CIA and clandestine operations and contractors around that that whole deep state wing you know looking at that and how that becomes then the ex protect becomes an outgrowth of that these are groups that will basically operate without any rules or any laws in order to accomplish certain things and they will apply their own rules of justice to protect the information and the secrecy that they have and they're not necessarily protecting it from another country for example but they like their power base and they don't want to they don't want to upset the applecart the ex share group which I believes gets us deeper now with a figure like Thomas Townsend Brown I put him more in this category because of his close association with physicists Roberts our Barker which we're going to get into tonight which i think is absolutely riveting and it's really going to be explosive and it's something that we've been waiting to connect all these dots with but I do want to put out there that the next share group really finds a major leader by the time we get to JFK's presidency and in fact you know we have memos of JFK instructing the Central Intelligence Agency and NASA to share some of the high threat cases involving the UFO file with their and counterparts and as we know that Douglas Cadi who's the Watergate lawyer who came in this program and said that his friend ie Howard hunt who was the CIA super spy and also very very much involved in Cuba told him that Kennedy the assassination came out of this whole idea of him wanting to share what was in the UFO file now those are facts on the record so they're not something that we have to speculate so much on we can see that Kennedy was after doing this you know it's a matter of record and now we have a deeper insight from a historical figure the Watergate lawyer telling us what the CIA super spy told him that gives us a real basis for a viewpoint as opposed to just speculating about it so we have that really solid foundation so Kennedy being in this beck share group meaning the X technology is going to be something that the whole world is going to be able to benefit from there are a number of scientists who fall into that and robert Oppenheimer is another one and often himer comes up in this relation too because SAR barker mentioned him in relation to who ran the UFO file so let's back up a minute and jump to SAR barker and that will let us in to the figure of Thomas Townsend Brown who I think is largely misunderstood or not acknowledged for the incredible contributions that he made and I don't think you know once in a while when you're working in the UFO arena or the alternative independent research arena some characters just come up as a punchline you know like when you want to say something exotic you'll say somebody will say well you know that's like Tesla and his wireless energy or something you know and not really understand the deeper significance of the whole thing and I think that we now can get past the punch lines deeper into the actual people and that's going to make a big difference but I want to start with this actually which is speaking of Tesla his great friendship with Mark Twain and here's an actual photos a rare photo and somebody sent me some of markable photos but this is actually Mark Twain in Tesla's lab so that's is he holding that is one of the Tesla you know those little electricity and orbs that he would develop that is Tesla indeed it's quite a remarkable photo it's from 1903 in Tesla's lab and I want to point out over and over again we see this combination of literary figures around breakthrough technology and as we know from the work of M of Britain through theosophy who was also theosophy is going to make an appearance in the middle of this presentation but we also know through him a Britain that the Orphic circle and the people who were using her as a somnambulist trance channel in order to get information were split basically between two types of people high-ranking politicians and major literary figures there was some symbiosis there in the late 19th century going on and here we see again this kind of remarkable mind of Twain and great storytelling with the incredible breakthrough of his friendship with Nikola Tesla and of course Tesla was making energy a wireless and it was going to be free energy so that's where that term comes from so the towers and the things that he built would beam energy the same way that we beam wireless waves to communicate on the internet now so it is it does represent a very different paradigm for what the world could be and I think that that's remarkably important for us to keep in mind that we really are talking about two tracks here and the track that were on represents the covert government the covert groups having the upper hand and the overit groups being shunted aside so in a sense you could say that the covert groups represent X protect in if you really extrapolate it out and the overt groups represents X share which is about sharing the information that's in that UFO file and it is quite remarkable to see those battles play out now you know we've seen with Trump and the space force he's trying to get his hands on some of that deeper because he has the great background from John Trump so this is the way it works yes Thomas Tyson has the best quote so he says a lie can travel halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to put its pants on that's Mark Twain that may be the quote of the night that's before a YouTube video could go viral – that's really it is interesting and Twain was an absolute genius and and had a lot of heart – a lot of integrity yes I think in a lot of political correctness they try to you know because his books were about Tom Sawyer and the Mississippi and you know slaves and all this kind of stuff and he was reflecting the times and very often you see these people kind of marginalized because of being associated with that but it's ridiculous because they were geniuses and they were giving us this background it's like Stephen Foster and his crazy yeah we shouldn't whitewash history either absolutely absolutely you know there was some song I forget what it was but we were thinking they're gonna ban the song and because they're so good at banning things no and didn't write you you hear something on the radio from you know twenty years back uh this is gonna go well we say we see over and over again it comes down to what Thomas Jefferson said which is the freedom you know that's the really core principle and as we're getting into that look at what's gone on in the past year with social media and all the clamp downs on shows like what we do and some high profile shows have just been eliminated and thrown off the social media networks completely saying that you know oh they they have a kind of a code to maintain and they want to be able to determine what's news and what's not it doesn't work that way in a free market that people get to decide and so they know that their propaganda was losing you know kind of losing hold and we're in the middle of that now of course we saw this story from earlier today that was a Jim Roy who sent that over Bose news guard and news got you know there have been these movements before but now they're trying to bring this ranking system won't go off on too much of it is about this but they're bringing this ranking system in is like truth ranking system in and this is how China does it you know we were just reading about someone who was thrown in jail for tweeting in China I mean China does not have the tradition of Liberty that we have in America and the you know the idea of us adopting their rules for online censorship is absolutely bogus but it shows that there was a time there started in the 90s where we just transferred our sovereignty through the technology companies over to China and this is what we get back you know adopting their rules and now they're trying to lay that on us through these ranking systems and they're going to show you a green flag for sites that are good and dispute the company line and they're going to show you a red X you know and we're gonna know what the X means so but it is quite fascinating us and then I think in particular it when you're doing this kind of work it definitely sounds it show mmm-hmm what you agree I would I'm I'm definitely chilly so I know I've gotta remind everyone you're watching dark journalists it's fantastic to have everyone here it's a great crowd already and we're going deep tonight into X protect and the UFO file through the figure of Thomas Townsend Brown who's really someone who gave us so many innovations not just an electro graphics but in you know really how we think about space and how we think about the technologies that we have in the direction that we're going in I do want to say that one of the things that you want to do is go to dark journals calm and sign up for our newsletter to keep us in touch since we're talking about these social media crackdowns and what that is going to do is give us a pipeline they are back and forth with each other that doesn't rely on any social media thing so if we wake up one day and that's all gone hey we still have that communication going and you'll just get an email about once a week and it'll let you know which shows are coming up and what guests and what x topics that were covering here on the program so that's particularly important and I find over and over again that that's the best way for for people to stay in touch because sometimes people will check my facebook and say this wasn't listed it's like you'd get the newsletter it's the best way to go because that tends to be the one but we try and I recommend that you join us on twitter at dark journalists and facebook.com/ dark journalists for / dark journalists also because it's great to have those conversations opening up the conversation everywhere that's exactly what we're about here on the program okay so I think it's important since we mentioned sar barker to really kind of spell out what is going on there and why this becomes so important so I'm going to show a kind of lineage about the UFO file so as we know and if you watch this program this figure Robert Sean Barker was a major physicist of his time someone who was really on the level of say like Robert Oppenheimer and you know he was highly acclaimed featured in the New York Times The Saturday Evening Post he was somebody who was well-known and he worked according to some documents that were Declassified about his conversations with a Canadian official called Wilfred Smith now that conversation talked about the fact that Tsar Barca was saying yes there's a program studying UFOs and we have done crash retrieval stuff and the person who's in charge of the program is Vannevar Bush of course we've done a few episodes on Vannevar Bush but just to give you a recap Vannevar Bush was really somebody who became the scientific leader in the government and he worked under Roosevelt and Truman and for so many years and the the National Science Council and he was also the leader of the Carnegie Foundation so he is this incredible background and he was someone who they trusted to develop these innovations during World War two and he was a major leader in the rad lab which took place about 10 minutes from here actually at MIT and the rad lab was something which gave us the best of the best including the variant brothers very tied into theosophy but they became the people who develop things like particle accelerators and and the classroom so those innovations all came out of this group that was in the rad lab and they really helped us win World War 2 now when we look at what's our Barker was suggesting later through the work of some researchers that caught him maybe off guard I don't know it is quite interesting when you look at the letters back and forth and then follow-up phone conversations you can see that SAR marker is giving away in almost a casual fashion what would seem to be quite high high secrecy information so in effect what he says is these three major points one that we had this UFO recon program and that in redeveloping the UFOs we were trying to advance the technology and the people who were involved were one Vannevar bush of course our barker himself Arthur Compton and these are all Nobel prize-winning physicists and Robert Oppenheimer and John von Neumann who becomes a very important character in all this I want to say something about Norman here which is that CERN as we did some a couple of programs here with GG yelling actually analyzing the cern tarot deck which was a tarot deck that cern had their artist-in-residence compiled and using these historical figures and attributing these unusual things to them and in CERN's setup they had john von neumann who was another one of these rad lab scientists was very advanced physicist and became really the father of the computer age through its development of working with this quantum mechanics idea and processor technology he really is the main person that gave us the whole computer logic but they missed him as death which I find really quite remarkable I mean it's strange enough that the CERN project decided to make a tarot deck but then to list his death I think is also quite unusual and what's also interesting is for those of you who know that we cover transhumanism a good deal on this program and that transhumanism is you know one of the great champions that is working for the singularity of man merging into machines in this very very unusual you know fantasy that they're having well is Ray Kurzweil and Kurtz while says that transhumanism at least his version of transhumanism comes from von Neumann so when we're talking about von Neumann and we have Tsar Barker indicating that he took over the UFO file after Compton we're getting into very interesting territory because if they're studying via phone on one hand and they come to the solution that we're gonna go transhumanist then it's probably important for us to get a look at what they are seeing in looking at the UFO file and working with it one of the very very unusual things that Tsar Parker said was that they deduced that the people quote-unquote they were operating these things must have had bodies like insects in order to withstand the kind of g-forces that were taking place the sudden accelerations etcetera which I found really quite remarkable and Tsar Parker about 18 months off of exposing these things in the 80s had a very unusual experience and UFO expert Wendell Stevens describes it where Sarah Burke went out to his car and there was some kind of a jelly mass on the the door handle and later he went to the emergency room and died you know you could say material you know the I don't think anyone has an actual readout of it I suppose that they could imagine but he did complain that there was something on his door handle so we know that but it was kind of like a gently and of course the CIA is famous for doing this and this is how these intelligence groups eliminate you know unsavory figures or people that are targeted but I do feel that inside Barker's case we had to you know he had to be punished and I've shown it over and over again we're sorry Barker is little by little just kind of eliminated out of history to the point where now this is somebody remember on the level of J robert Oppenheimer he's on that level if you go to Wikipedia you will find it says non person basically there's nobody in that entry that's a public encyclopedia and there's no entry for Robert so burger it's absurd sir Barker's intentionally left out of history but why well he worked very closely with the X technology inside the UFO file and he was somebody who works in this kind of egg shelled let's call it he is obviously somebody in giving that interview who did not want the veil of secrecy to be held over these things and over and over again he says I can't imagine for the life of me why they would still keep this stuff secret well that's 1983 but he's giving these interviews long retired you know he was active in the 40s and 50s and 60s so he's in 83 and he's saying this it's quite unusual if you think about it and I would say that you know when you look back on it now if you look that's some 35 years ago and he's saying why they keeping this stuff hidden then and we have to ask ourselves why except for some cheap shots from Harry Reid trying to get you know his Podesta UFO fantasy off the ground why don't we have any real good facts on what is what happened there what's the disconnect you know I showed in this program the disconnect of the moon program and how we sent up our last man mission there you know 19 we're talking the early 70s 71 and 72 we've had nothing since then there's no explanation for oh you know 50 years almost 50 years of dormant activity except for these you know occasional probes and things that we sent out now all of a sudden boom there's this infrastructure up there and these we're setting up this privatization of all these companies but it's quite unusual when you think about it it's a great mystery and that is a public mystery and that's how we're going to be able to navigate this because we don't have to use so much speculation as we have to use the facts on the ground and the facts on the ground I think in this case are very very telling so sorry Barker gives us the lineage and I want us to really reflect on this lineage now I just showed you the death card that's von Neumann there who became a consultant to the RAND Corporation and he has you know he had really remarkable accolades all through his career and he's somebody really who gets looked at as the father of computing so Sarkar's saying Neumann very important nine years of heading up the sofa John Trump is in the rad lab Uncle John Trump professor Trump at MIT of course you know I tell the story sometimes that Olivia and I went over to MIT and got his records and the records were in box X which here's that you know that router that indicator the X diggin ography there you know you're just you're gonna run into it and I didn't find anything – too remarkable in the file itself but just the fact that you know I didn't expect you but the idea that Trump being a part of that Vannevar Bush UFO file thing and then Trump Donald Trump getting to be President and always reflecting back on his close relationship with his uncle we have to roll these things around in our mind to understand that the battle that's taking place over this kind of X technology is reaching very deeply into our normal everyday political process just like we started off with that whole wall thing these things have implications and the space force has massive implications because of course as we pointed out Trump when he announces the space force there's no way on earth that he can get the space force without congressional approval so saying I'm instructing them to start the space force you can't do it and also a very telling comment I think in there was establishing the space force as a war fighting domain you know we have treaties against having war space weapons so when you break the treaty that's grounds for war so we don't want that so it's very interesting to PR that's playing out around this let's take a look before we get into Thomas Brown let's give maybe some people here that are kind of on his side of the fence let's take a look at a few pictures this picture actually let's start with this one this picture is President Harry Truman with his national science advisor the head of the Science Council Vannevar Bush get that one out here's Vannevar Bush and he's giving a medal here a Conduct Medal to the president of Harvard at the time now let's keep in mind that our friend Truman was president when all of the UFO activity took place all those cases that we hear about Aztec Roswell all of it and also that some one of the major cases that took place in 1941 took place in Missouri when he was the senator there so he's very well-versed in the whole topic and he gets briefed on it monthly you know he's always getting these briefings and there's a record of that so Truman we know was very deeply involved in the UFO file here is Truman with Frank Edwards the UFO author after he's left the presidency and that UFO author wrote the book on the men in black actually but wrote feel about the sex protected group he didn't call it ex protect that's that's the language the nomenclature there but it is something to keep in mind that there we have you know this dedication in this picture saying you know to Frank from your friend Harry Truman and in fact they have this close relationship now let's look a few years down the road and here again we have Truman with President Kennedy now Truman is a very interesting figure through all this because we have to understand that he set up the deep examination of the UFO file in the first place so when we look at him operating with people like man over Bush we trust to head it up with people who are researching it like journalists Frank Edwards come up with all those stories about the men in black which seemed fantastic and yet there he is with Harry Truman and he's a very well-respected journalist even though later you know people will make movies and all the rest of it about the men in black he is in fact bringing forward facts that nobody else had at the time according to Colonel Philip Corso the Kennedys were deeply deeply interested in the UFO file because JFK had the background in the Navy and had the background through his friend James Forrestal James Forrestal being the first defense secretary who after working was actually eliminated by X protection group and they did it in a very unceremoniously thrown him out the window and pretending it was a suicide but the Kennedys they their track was again this ex share thing they wanted to get their hands on the UFO file they wanted to get their hands on the material that was being worked on because they understood the implications and I think this is how we had we need to look at it you know and what's fascinating is one of the things that the corso had to say about Robert Kennedy is that he he absolutely grilled him on the subject and of course it was very you know running the foreign technology office knew an awful lot about what they were doing to redevelop the UFO aspect so we have to kind of see that the big push around space and the things that happened in the 60s the missing chapter there you know when you watch like a PBS documentary on the Kennedys and they're like oh he wanted the country to go to the moon and stuff a lot of it though is really about getting control of the space aspect because they see the danger of these groups working in the wings developing invisible power and you know I've called out those groups on a number of occasions because they work under something called continuity of government laws and the continuity of government laws are set up in the event of a national emergency or a nuclear emergency so those are classified documents and you you can never get a look at them and so many of those rules are used to subvert the Constitution so the Kennedys were trying to pull that back and this is the great missing part of it there was a war going on there about the UFO file if we don't understand that the rest of the message around that period doesn't make any sense that's a major turning point where the group associated with XProtect decides the ex share group has to go so that's we've been seeing that war played out a lot and I think in the case of Thomas Townsend Brown it plays into it also so let's keep rolling Brown himself is quite interesting and just before we get into that section you know one of the things I bring up often this program is that Jim Garrison was well known for investigating the Kennedy assassination actually laid it in his final analysis he laid it inside the aerospace industry that's where he felt came from so he was pointing directly at this XProtect group residing inside the national security state and that is important because that structure of these government programs working with these aerospace military contractors like Lockheed etc it is invisible power and there's no way to keep it accountable and over and over again we come back to this conclusion which is if you don't open that up then you become the United States of Lockheed and finally on the candidate tip just to keep in mind that you know Ken was in the Navy and he operated for Naval Intelligence and in fact he had access to or very early UFO reports so we need to keep that in mind in considering this so now we're going to go into Thomas Thomson Brown and how we doing we're doing great so new John Madhuri said does Daniel think Trump is watching can you imagine Marty Ross says yes interested if any signs of Donald Trump and his people are tuning in to this channel and GG answered and said Trump was caught taking notes in oval office during DJ's videos I think you know she has the the super cam uh you know we know that double Trump doesn't have a very long attention span so I don't know I think the only thing I could see him doing is having somebody else watch take notes for him and then brief him not out of the question I'll put it to you this way there has to be one thing that we know for a fact is that in relation to the Nixon time capsule that the elements around the Trump in administration we're very interested in that there's no question about it I can tell you that from my own personal experience since we mentioned that you know there's a viewer out there named Kimberly who I was in the Nixon Library it's just a remarkable trick of fate but when she was in there I took a picture of Nixon here and you can see the most incredible thing happens when the Sun comes through there is that this X just sort of randomly shows up on Nixon's picture and he does one thing I will say in relation to Nixon and the time capsule which is that this this also relates very much to what we're discussing here because Nixon caught himself in between he was playing both sides basically with X protect and X share and he had worked for a CIA Blue Book when he was vice president under Eisenhower and there's a lot of whistleblower testimony about that and of course the whistleblower I spoke to who worked in the Houston plan was Robert and Robert Merritt gave us the great detail of Nixon informing him that you know he had this information that he was going to leave as a time capsule and I think that this is quite remarkable because it relates to making America energy independent and ultimately the world and that is exactly what was taking place there and that was so much of the dance that took place around find at all so that's something to really keep in mind yeah I think it's just me but this table seems further away from me before you're watching the dark journalists show are great to have everyone here this is episode 43 and we're going deep on Thomas Townsend Brown and the hot zone in relation to the UFO file now the lineage that Roberts our Barker who is a close associate of of Browns as we're going to discover physicists are Barker went on the record and gave us something that I think really people who are in the UFO research field and kind of miss in a way and really when we have all this stuff going off about oh we need disclosure and the government should give it to us and you know we are losing a lot of points here because there's so much research that if we just connect those dots we get so many of those answers and so the effort I think needs to be directed towards what we have and that opens things up and we have quite a bit now let's keep this in mind sorry Barker the physicist said yes we had a UFO file a reconnaissance program a crash retrieval program a redevelopment program on the record who ran at Vannevar bush who took over Arthur Compton who took over after that John von Neumann and who also worked in it sar barker worked in it and J robert Oppenheimer worked in it they were all working on the UFO file on record according to SAR Barker so that really sets us up I think that we're looking at in people like Tsar Barker and people like Thomas Townsend Brown part of this ex share group this is why this is going to be so important now I want to mention this in relation to Thomas Townsend Brown which is tonight's not going to be the only show that we're going to do on him because there is information being shared out there now that's coming to the surface about Thomas Townsend Brown and there are people who are willing to fill out the picture and that's what we're going to be doing here during the course of these episodes coming up in that we're going to get a really good foundation on Brown but we're going to fill out the picture as we go ok let's get a look at Brown some of his kind of traditional I love this picture this is an early picture of him working in a lab and discovering x-rays but he was born on March 18th 1905 and he was born in Ohio actually his family was a remarkably kind of well set up family they were in construction and well-respected in Zanesville Ohio and he had a absolute passion for electronics it's interesting too because it seems as we go along this is kind of the classic picture of him really not more than a teenager here really I think he's 19 so it's really I think you get a real sense of the person but you know his parents definitely indulged his remarkable abilities in electronics and he he found himself in this position of you know working in a lab at a very young age the you know on the official side of the story we have kind of an official record of Thomas Townsend Brown and it gives us that you know the Byfield Brown effect is one of his great legacies and this is a real innovation for young scientists and he really you know kind of got this I think he really met all the right people as a result of his deep work around that but what happened I think with Brown is that he became so identified like he the work the things he was working on were so advanced that it was almost immediate that the work that he was doing went underground and so much of his history is hidden in these various programs and you know one of the ways that he came to light was through the Philadelphia Experiment book that bill Moore put out and it was very interesting because bill Moore of course if you read the book he really kind of throws Thomas Townsend Brown in there you remember I was talking earlier about how sometimes people just get used as a punchline without the background and Tesla sometimes they do that too without really going deep into it but I think trying to associate him with this project invisibility thing that was taking place and does relate to this apotheon effect that's kept in the UFO file this whole extech concept certainly people like Einstein worked on this invisibility project and Morris Jessup went deep into what happened with the strange project invisibility were they made in the Philadelphia Experiment the ship disappear and reappear somewhere else and they were developing this invisibility which I believe that they have now and I think it is represented in some of the comments that Trump has made about the f-35 for example and some of the strange logos that we've seen about this so Justin Thomas was asking earlier does TJ know of any evidence of TT Braun and the Philadelphia Experiment so how is he linked with that well it in the book the Philadelphia Experiment by Bill Morris I'm discussing it he links him in there but I'll tell you it's pretty thin and I don't associate him I mean I understand the idea but he's one of their advanced guys and that they would want an advanced guy there but officially on the record there's nothing that connects him with the Philadelphia Experiment what's your intuition tell you hmm I think he was working on such deep projects relating to electrogravitics and relating to kind of Emma say imitating the saucer activity that that is where I think he was the most active and I also it appears to me that he's very selective in the projects that he chose and the information that I have shows that he was not somebody who liked for example working with intelligence agencies but preferred to stay more on the military side and we can see that even Kennedy also when he's doing his own relations he stays away from the CIA and he prefers to work with the military because I think what the military it's kind of like a devil that you know situation whereas there are forces inside the CIA that relate to the sex protect activity and I think that you know one of the fabulous things that Harry Truman put on the record and he's the man who developed the the CIA in 1947 as part of the National Security Act is a month after Kennedy was assassinated he comes out with an op-ed saying we have to kind of fix the CIA or end it and that they can't be in the business of overthrowing countries and doing all these things they weren't set up to do they were literally just met they're an extra-constitutional force and there's nothing in the Constitution that provides for an intelligence service to know its own Air Force and to conduct foreign policy it's ridiculous and we see it again in the challenges you know right or wrong with Trump whether people appreciate the work that he's doing or not we cannot have a country where the CIA gets to kind of call the shots on what happens there so now there's a few things in relation to Townsend Brown like I said that are quite remarkable because he was working in this kind of deep project milieu and he's in this kind of secrecy world but it seems that he does very much prefer this ex share group and there's a story of there's a remarkable book that came out and this now is called defying gravity the parallel universe of t Townsend Brown by Paul Schatz can this book is very unusual because it does contain a lot of information that you can't find anywhere else and some of the main players of some of the main people who contributed to it some of them under aliases who would work with brown and really understood the picture better even when you read this book he's still feeling like there's a ghost of the person you're not getting the full details but there is something I think in here where we start to get some picture of the projects he was working on and how they would have impacted things and why he is so buried in history and of course there's a family member of Browns his daughter Linda contributes a very interesting story a couple of them I wanted to read here because they aren't just so unusual one of the things that I think is funny when we get to brown that pops up is that in some of his innovations as we've seen with Tesla you know Tesla got the vision of alternating current when he was thinking of Goethe's famous poem and he somewhere in there it said around and around and he figured out alternating current and drew the formula on the spot and it just like kind of exploded as mine well it looks to me like a lot of these good scientists there's a factor that goes on that is metaphysical in relation to some of these people in the breakthroughs that they have and it's certainly true in the case of Thomas Townsend Brown what's fascinating to me about Brown is that it's referenced in here that some of his inspiration came from dreams which I found very interesting so from the book now it says in here that Brown wondered if x-rays might be the key to space travel as early notice this is pretty early and it's fascinating because of course x-rays applied to deep space become such a major aspect and that's something that John Trump will work on later now it says in Congress as that sounds perhaps it sounds more plausible than the notion that he got the idea in a dream which is one of these stories about where he got this inspiration so the dream factor weighs very heavy when we get into Brown and what I found quite unusual is that one of the things that come up with his daughter Linda Brown is that she also has quite interesting dreams and it relates to the kind of very secret work of her dad so I'm gonna read a couple of these because it relates to these sightings that we're going on in the period of time I have some pictures of these before we go there let's take a look at let's brown in the lab they're working on these very interesting models and very often they look like flying saucers and it's so interesting to think of the electrical physics that he's working on and developing in this process you know here's somebody who obviously left a fantastic legacy in the dark and I think that this is something that we need to kind of keep in mind when we are thinking about this this is him um more of the work that he's doing there and for various reasons but this shape and these kind of saucer shaped I think there's a great influence there of the UFO file on his worth which is again largely secret now one of the things I want to show this actually this is where Thomas Townsend Brown went off to the Navy and it's very interesting because when he gets in the Navy he becomes associated with the Caroline and I'm going to go into this a little bit deeper but one of the fascinating things that happens to him and he goes to Cuba is a major earthquake takes place and I think that we can kind of feel the impact of this on his thinking and on his imagination but oddly enough he's out there studying there's something interesting going on about these secret submarines that they're using and studying the currents going on off Cuba again and there we are in the heart of it we're going to I'm going to get into this whole Adamski section and how it relates but I want to show this picture because it's going to become the apex of this program about something very unusual that was developed by Thomas Townsend Brown and was displayed there at the RAND Corporation and disappeared and aspects of it came out oddly enough through what did we find that was it was the sharper image yes and what did what was it called the I agree yes so interesting because this is that product that came out about you know clearing the air of these particles but this is a very unusual it's applications are most unusual and I'm going to read about it but I wanted to give you that visual what they were calling it at the time here is this electro kinetic apparatus and keep it in mind because I'm going to bring up some key points about it as we get along one of the things I think we want to keep in mind about this period of time is there's something about the 40s and 50s where suddenly we've become aware of the UFO file and we're dealing with presidents having to get briefed on it and up to speed quickly Defense Department's needing to know what it is and there's no question that the forties become the UFO wave Kenneth Arnold and all the rest of it right now you know we have this program going on the History Channel and it's all about J Allen Hynek who's studying in Project Blue Book which is the kind of whitewash that the Air Force did about the UFO topic to keep the public quiet and eventually to get them to give up on the topic but in fact there were so many sightings and they were all over the place that everyone had a legitimate reason and asking what's going on and what they tried to do was suppress it then and what they try to do now is co-opt it so it's very interesting with tactics that they use in different periods for the human psyche but over and over again we go back to the quad one of the main figures in this period who now he claimed to have actually he videotaped these craft there's no question about it and he had some of the most remarkable footage of the time but later he would also claim to have met some of these individuals and that they they were you know these kind of super beings that look like the typical creating of period now and what we would know is like a Nordic type but this is George Adamski and he plays a role in this I find when we're trying to figure out where this whole story is coming from in relation to the ex jack and the domsky is is quite fascinating because he is closely associated with Desmond Leslie they do a book together Desmond Leslie is the leading theosophist of the period so and we have you know Don Sookie's background that whole Theosophical background and as you know on this program we track very closely the influence of the mystery schools in theosophy being one of the major public mystery schools and their amazing impact from liberating India through Gandhi and you know just the kind of remarkable juxtaposition they have you know very often people talk about Krishnamurti and how he was set up to be this kind of Savior basically by the Theosophical society and you might think of that now and think about how these groups treat gurus and all the rest of it the Krishnamurti is pretty unusual this is a guy who addresses the UN as no I mean the power of the Theosophical society is such that it's right that it's something that is undeniable in terms of its impact on history and so we have to understand when the mystery schools come forward the connection this geopolitically are dramatic and if there's one thing that's missing from our understanding and looking at these figures is that we don't understand the mystery school influence traditionally I think it's something that we need to expand our knowledge on so again going back to Adamski this is the figure he claims to meet named or now this gets really heavy you know in terms of what is worth on having his hand what is he hold it I think it's like a it's like a beams and then it's this very unusual you know but it sort of reminded me of the invaders so now you might ask you know why in the same breath as Tom's Townsend Brown would I talk about George Adamski and I'm not suggesting this link but I want to show how contemporary they are and watch a few interesting dynamics around this now Adamski is somebody who you know on the record the political classes in the US and the UK were very interested in this guy he had military passes his story was highly believable in a number of ways but something was going on there that was clandestine now one of the projects that Thomas Johnson Brown got brought into and why this is so important is that there was someone named Agnew Bahnson jr. and he really wanted in the 50s he was very interested in the UFO file but he was also interested in alternative energy and he very much wanted he was an expert pilot he wanted Thomas Johnson Brown to be working with him on this project and one of the things in the development that he was working on was this miniature version of the Adamski scoutship model and an oil test chamber now this is Bahnson who is recruiting Thomas Townsend Brown to do this really advanced work with him and there's this craft sitting in a vat of oil which is a small scale model of what he thinks Adamski is seeing and although they have a technical name for the project they're working on my guess is that they're working on reverse engineering the dynamics of this thing how it could work etc exactly what is it they may have even thought it was a military project that they were trying to reverse engineer strangely enough most peculiar things happen Bahnson shortly after he stops working with Thomas Townsend Brown of the project is over and they have by the way this interesting video where they're popping champagne and celebrating the completion of this project very interesting but he writes a very interesting book called the stars are too high and I want to read you the plot of this book and then we can start to wrap our head around these things and these connections quote the appearance of a strange spaceship brings astounding results in the Pentagon and Kremlin in this prophetic novel of the near future and there is Agnew Bahnson there now the thrust of the story is that there's this character and the character is named sandy and she's a very advanced pilot and there's an inventor in here who creates an incredibly advanced spaceship and there are people around who decide to use the fascination of the public with the UFO issue to combine this incredible spaceship accomplishment with the idea that they will basically pretend to be these aliens and they will approach the major governments of the world and say you need to basically find peace so it's quite a remarkable story but I find it particularly interesting in terms of the fact that bouncing who not only has hired Thomas Townsend Brown but he will have Adamski in his laboratory in 1960 that's on record and so his association therefore with brown with Adamski and then with this strange craft model sitting in this oil that very very unusual so what they could be even more unusual Bahnson dies in the plane crash shortly after he does all this so there's some thrust in this book of an idea that there's kind of no group comes forward creates this imitation of a UFO and it's actually quite remarkable and then they use it to kind of blackmail the world into peace since its kind of moved in a peaceful direction by pretending that they're aliens it's quite unusual and the fact that he was associated both with Braun in Adamski I think causes us to stop and pause to say what is really going on there and the novel itself is quite remarkable and I I feel like there's a lot of what would you call it there's basically some fundamental clues hiding out in deep inside the book and the story could you go a little bit more into his plane crash well it's strange this is the thing because he was an extra expert pilot but it's very odd the way they describe it as pilot error and it's kind of absurd the plane crash but of course we know from looking deep at the ex protect but that's one of their favorite methods of disposing of threats and I wonder in relation to the work that Braun had done for him reverse engineering this idea of the Adamski craft and the weird idea of the spaceship you know making the world go peaceful because they were pretending to be aliens there's a lot there I think that needs to be talked about and sifted through my own conclusion is that something very unusual happened there and that he was eliminated by the sex protect group so I'm piecing something together right now just talking about this all week as you've been reading the books so are there are two parallel groups going on with basically access to X Tech and the UFO file and one is interested in peace and one is interested in war and have they did they eliminate the ones who are interested in peace is that what we're really talking about no question well X share wants to use the X Tech they want to use the UFO file for its demonstrated that they want to use the the UFO file all the way back to the Kennedy memo their goal with it is to advance the culture to move the forward with it unfortunately it also poses a great threat to you know the national security state especially on the deep state side because that represents a hidden base of power now when we go into Joseph Farrell's work it's quite interesting because Farrell traces the group that I'm calling X protect here challenging Kennedy during this whole period even this period where Bahnson explain explodes and he goes back to this group Myrna von braun because Verner von braun and walter dornberger his who was his instructor really his mentor when he was in nazi germany they come back and develop the explains so they are the ones who lead the whole x-plane spaceplane X 15 X 20s and all the rest now what's fascinating about this for me is that when we look at it the explains even now hold the records for speed so whatever technology it is that they're working with they've got the advanced Nazi technology working and it seems like that represents a kind of power base so yes we've gone into this program the first record document on record we've got it Declassified in 2014 and it relates to Defense Secretary Robert McNamara going back with Kennedy's instructions to NASA and saying we're moving blue Gemini back to the military because there's this other thing going on and we don't want to space programs so obviously the second space program is the secret space program organized by these people now there's a great battle over that and some people said well you know it just went into x20 dinosaur dy naso AR and i don't want to go too deep in the weeds with this but i will point out that on this program we've demonstrated that that back and forth between blue Gemini and dinosaur is quite remarkable and this goes pretty deep I've pointed this out before this is a document that is from the person who created the x-files for the FBI who was God Bannister and guy Bannister being the FBI chief in Chicago the first things they had him do in the late 40s was go out and investigate these cases in the northwest so now he's also known very famously in history as the person who Lee Harvey Oswald was working for and he's but he's an extreme right winger and Oswald was a left winger and so no one's ever understood why they were around each other except for the fact that Oswald wasn't really a left winger and that was his intelligence cover of course but one of the most unusual things I think in relationship to this is in a book it was discovered through somebody who was going deep deep into guy banisters background that his wife and even though his files had been burned and had been stolen after he died mysteriously the year after the Kennedy assassination his wife had preserved the titles of the files and she donated them to a library and they came to light later and so all of his different files are listed here but quite unusually and this is very strange considering that guy Bannister was just supposedly a private investigator but here we have it it says dinosaur space Warcraft which by the way none of them were called war crafts in the period so he obviously knew something that somebody else forgot to tell the rest of us and I think that god Bannister his list has always been a great mystery for Kennedy researchers but this was actually quite significant because right above it it says assassination of President Kennedy and right underneath it we have dinosaur space Warcraft this combination of the clash of the aerospace companies taking over the reins of government that's where the basis of the ex protect where we get into it and we find figures like Tom's Townsend Brown and Roberts our Barker right in the middle of it and what's actually fascinating is sar Barker and Brown apparently as we go deep into this book and exploring their relationship actually have a long-term relationship that goes back to World War two so we'll get deeper into that but what have you got Justin Thomas says there is a reason why the UFO working group in charge is called magic oh you know I got salutely absolutely well it's interesting magic and majestic what I think is is fascinating about the names here is that the person who is set up to take over Thea foe file to run it is Vannevar bush Bandar Bush is the Grand Master of the MIT Mason Lodge understand secrecy very very well he runs the rad lab better than military secrecy according to The Wall Street Journal of that period if you read those articles and he has quite this incredible ability in relation to secrecy in masonry you learned that because it's a long tradition and again masonry taking on those aspects of the mystery schools there we are again so when we get into the idea that you know magic is involved in the titling and the numerology is used and the X nomenclature is used things of this nature then we start to get you know and looking at steganography and we start to see where that comes from the Masons are very very good candidates for understanding what that means because so many of the things that they do are based in secrecy and ritual because that's the way the traditions survived for thousands of years which many Mason's trace their actual identity all the way back to Solomon so you know when we think of it that way I think we start to get the picture of how this X de ganar if he got transferred into government programs and how when a project would move through an agency all they had to do was adopt this X to help people inside their own groups to track it without being actually telling them or briefing them on what the subject was that they were actually tracking so it's actually a good way to do it because if you are CIA director and you have 10,000 agents and you want them all following this thing but you can't brief each one of them because they have different levels of secrecy and access but it's very easy to have them track something that's out there in the public like an X so if you introduced this X program it's easy for them to track and give reports back to you and then you know what the steganography means so it's a very clever thing I call it a kind of a sleight of hand it's like a geopolitical rosetta stone that we're looking at in relation to this but these figures of tsar Barker and Brown fall right into the heart of it my opinion as we go deeper into it now it's very unusual there's a story in inside the book which I'm just going to do a couple of the quick bullet points from and it relates to early involvement of Tsar Parker with brown so there's a secret mission that Brown undertakes on behalf of the government where he is brought in to the end of Nazi Germany and he's working with a special group and they are looking for a Nazi scientist and his technology is working tech information about what it is that he has now there's varying stories about this but one of the very good sources I think in in shots khun's book is the story that what happens is they take Brown in and he actually gets to the scientists and he is getting the information from him but during this there's some kind of incursion of these Nazi forces and that at a certain point his life is in danger and he's unconscious and as another group comes in and that group is led by Tsar Barker with a contingent of really hardcore Special Forces people and they come in and get control of the situation and they rescue Brown and they rescue the scientist and I think this is a very important moment in history there's also a very unusual thing in relation to the fact that Brown is missing a finger and this is something that never gets really explained but there are stories that in part of what was happening there that this is what took place now in relation to Tsar Barker rescuing Brown and taking him back to the UK Tsar Barker also kind of rescued the mission there because they were both pretty much on the same mission which was to get this Nazi scientist and his technology if you want to ask me what that mission relates to and I think it is a breakthrough and I need to be I think we need to study it further but I think what they're looking for there is the D glocca technology the way it sounds from all indications because it's such a secret mission and it seems like it's something that you have to have the best the most outside the box thinkers on and Tsar Barker and Brown would represent that contingent who could get the information from this Nazi scientist it's quite remarkable but let's remember how they reemerge tsar barker emerges as a member of the UFO file team of Vanover blush and he's the one who gives us the information later but if you go through there and look at the history of this book from those insiders and family members were speaking about Thomas Townsend Brown and his relationship to Tsar Barker they're much tighter than we've been you know that that's publicly known and that people have deeply researched because both figures have been obscured majorly I already told you that Tsar Barker has been obscured he doesn't even have an encyclopedia entry in Wikipedia it's absurd you know I mean really much lesser scientists have their own entries in the encyclopedia and I think in the case of brown wrapping him in this envelope of the Philadelphia Experiment and his kind of fantastical story which has a lot of disinformation elements to it is an easy way to actually marginalize people from going deeper finding out what was going on in here with Brown now we're gonna bring all of this around to the hot zone discussion and how the hot zone information relating to these things off of Cuba may find a direct correlation into Browns life but let's let's recap for a minute that this group that was you know we've seen through the work of Farrell and all the rest that had nested themselves that's a Walt Disney by the way with von Braun but von Braun having nested himself inside of that NASA structure with his old boss and his old command structure and then becoming the people behind the moon launch and all the rest of it that represents a kind of left turn on it we have to remember something about LBJ too you know we started with Kennedy there at Kennedy has this struggle with this group through NASA Kennedy is eliminated by X protect LBJ takes over well LBJ is from Texas and he's known as Senator NASA so we have that deep connection of using the space program you know and it's not saying that the officials of NASA corrupt or anything like that I'm saying how they used these things and you can use all kinds of excuses like national security and all the rest of it so we're starting to get a picture now of the milieu of these two groups and we can start to separate them from X protect and X share and I think that the share group we start to see that SAR Barker and brown in that close relationship and the technology develop this that they're doing are getting us closer and closer to on that road but they're probably at every turn with the work that they're doing at every turn they're probably right they're neck-and-neck with on their heels this XProtect group and the way that they stay ahead of them is keeping the information of what they're working on so underground so that is a fascinating way to look at it we're gonna keep going on that but missile yeah mirror 13 wanted to know do you think that the X shared group has any connections to a breakaway group from the Sonora Aero Club I love Walter Bosley Walter Bosley well I everyone knows I love Walsh Bosley's work and I think that well suppose Li did something remarkable in that when he found those incredible when he brought forward some of the information relating to these incredible illustrations of these airships that were developed by Del Chou and the fact that Trump is mentioned in there you know at least the family name of Trump is in with this group that comes over from Germany with this advanced technology in the 19th century is quite remarkable but I think that we can track closely in the 20th century and how it impacts the 21st century on this one quick thing I want to mention here because it relates to how we got the Tsar barker and all of this out on the UFO side this was something that the Rockefellers put together in the 50s and they had Henry Kissinger was their main man on it and supposedly the idea was we're gonna take all these different people from you know the economics of the time we're gonna racial integration all these experts we're gonna get them together at Harvard and they're going to dish out the best solutions and they put together this series of articles and books called prospect for America they left four volumes out those are the secret volumes and it's part of this stealth archive concept that comes up so often and we're doing the ex tagging ography the stealth archive is just something that we know about like the Nixon time capsule we know that it's there but we can't put our hands on it and some of these are very obvious but the prospect for America volumes are quite interesting because in his work bill Steinman who got us so much information I was a UFO researcher he got information on SAR Barker but it's quite fascinating because he was looking for a doctor named Wang who was associated with these programs and who Henry Kissinger apparently had hired to handle the UFO aspect of this prospect for America and he talks to Wang's widow and he asks him you know all these questions and there's a certain point it's a pause where she goes oh well Kissinger was it in our living room almost every night getting briefings from Wang so Wang is becomes a very interesting character also but the thrust of this is that Henry Kissinger was getting for the Rockefeller Commission this information on the UFO file and they were developing developing it and that gives us some hint into those four volumes of stealth archive so let's think of the Kissinger group and the kind of CIA influence of the Kissinger group with the Rockefeller aspect is that relating more to the expert X side and then when we get into the SAR Barker end of it and we're looking at that end of the spectrum that's much more on the X share X share is very interesting because we might be looking at a situation where the space force is forcing that information out publicly so there's an aspect of X share involved with that and then we know from the Holte TSA its side all the CIA people up front that is an instant sign of the X protect is active and when they're active around the UFO file when you see John Brennan who's the CIA director under Obama come out and say we need to look at this UFO issue and when you have Luis Elizondo who was his who reported to Brennan who's the drone King those people out there trying to do a marketing thing with t TSA and all that that's the CIA X protect aspect coming in and trying to just suffocate any developments in this area it's a very dangerous motion and I think it's something that we need to keep an eye on yes Larry Jackson wanted to know did TT Browne ever work on the moon lander well he actually died in the eighties but I have a picture of him just before he died he had accomplished a lot so much of what he accomplished was in the shadows unfortunately we do have some things on record in relation to brown but this is the digging aspect that's happening and now that we've developed this notion that he's close to SAR Barker and it's factual on the ground based on associate testament a testimony based on family testimony now we can take it to the bank now we know that that is something that happened that he had this relationship but we also know that sir Barker was working with bush Vannevar bush and working with the you know anointment and all these people in compton on the UFO file so it's very interesting it's starting to really size up because we also know that John Trump worked for was Vannevar Bush's protege so he knows everything about the UFO file and what was he working on x-rays what was Thomas Townsend Brown working on there in talking about space that was x-rays also so we're starting to get an understanding with some breakthrough in this X technology just like with Tesla and we're getting kind of the stories they're just information around it that's the CIA Intel side sort of clearing the way destroying the breadcrumbs for us to follow and then you get the marketing side coming in and you know making up stories about the Philadelphia Experiment or really elaborate UFO scenarios instead of the actual UFO FILES and there's this I think is where we can break through and get away from some of the traditional avenues of research on the UFO side and really go deep because the UFO file represents remember the X steganography and apotheon inside of the sex Tech umbrella so that this is what the show is about in this sense which is that secrecy that they're holding represents a kind of runaway physics that's discovered inside of these programs so whether you want to say that's alien technology or if you want to say it's some effect that's discovered by these scientists and you know it'd be nice to know which which it is but nonetheless the fact remains that this is what we're looking at it's a reality on the ground and we see it playing out in these geopolitical situations over and over again yes Jim Roy The Heretic uh says planes just windsurf has your research shown the by field Brown effect isn't anti-gravity it's magnetic buoyancy electromagnetic field surfing do UFOs surf on electric Tesla way Wow I like it I like it I like where you're going with that and I think what's going to happen as we get deeper on Thomas Townsend Brown this is one episode of many we're going to tackle him we're going to go into exactly what the technology aspect is and the feedback that we get around it it's going to really be helpful yeah that's a massive book how what is it like 500 pages I did I've done a really good job it's not so much the book and it's not what is contained in the book in terms of technological details what's great about the book are the anecdotes I think that's a breakthrough andthat's are Barker's relationship with Brown is going to be a breakthrough but also starting to understand that Brown is an ethical character Brown is an advanced character Brown is a metaphysical character in relation to the scientific work these doings also we have to keep that in mind there are these aspects relating to him that I think are going to give us a bigger picture this is Brown at the end of his life here and he had accomplished so much by this point and so much of that what he's accomplished like I said it's largely kept underground so we're still sorting through it and figuring out what exactly was he engaged in we know that he did electrogravitics we know he had this breakthrough with the effect we know that he worked for military contractors we know that they utilized him and that his work was you know highly prized by these groups so some of the breakthroughs I think that we're going to hit relate to this project which is basically an acoustic speaker and a fan and the way it's presented but there's something quite remarkable about this innovation miss Berg as we get a little bit deeper here before we go into that I want to harken back just briefly to this Adamski thing because it relates to these dreams that Browns daughter had and I just want to read a couple of them that are in the book that I find interesting she has this kind of experience and then the author is saying it's not unlike a dream she had while living on a farm in Virginia in 1956 quote in my mind Linda told me and this is Linda talking now I finally worked the whole experience around into a dream sequence too because like the earlier experience it doesn't fit anything in my current rational world I have no one else here I can share it with so put yourself in my place a little okay so this is her description of what happened to her and then later she decides it's a dream but listen closely I think now that I had a fanciful dream of a fanciful ship with an Indian crew and a wonderful man and we flew off to a place that had warm sand and blue water I think it was probably a Peter Pan adventure but now it is daybreak and there's no evidence I ever went anywhere so it must not have so it must have been a dream it was definitely not the kind of situation where you can take note of the design of the thing I was reminded this is a silly comparison but it might work of an elevator you enter from what you think is the front and stand there feeling all safe and secure and aware of what is going on facing the door because that's what you have been trained to do you know walk in turn around wait but what happens when the exit door is behind you and it just quietly opens to a whole new scene now this is very very interesting because this experience that she has is alluded to by these other insiders working around Brown and the idea is basically there's some technology that they get to see because of Browns work that relates to them entering this place and being transported somewhere and it's almost when they're done it's like a dream again there's a kind of apotheon thing there because it's a reality distortion of time and place gigi is asking if it's a jump room well see that is very interesting because it's my personal belief that so many things like the idea of a jump room which is where you can walk in to one place and then turn up in another place literally come from actual programs and then they have characters come out and talk about them and you know basically on the CIA side they get these characters that are set up they're actually called Bobo's in the literature and the Bobo's go out and they create kind of a public nuisance around the idea and they make quite a spectacle and then they go underground we've seen quite a few Bobo's around the secret space program who come out and make now when someone thinks of speaks secret space program they think of them so it's quite interesting to think about what an actual jump room is compared to what we've heard about online there but absolutely I completely agree that that is the concept that they are playing out there which is they move forward and they come into this space and it transforms them and transports them and there's a time factor that comes in here too now one of the people who work closely with brown and I think this is going to come out more they had a conversation about time travel and he Brown assured him that he was going to see time travel in his lifetime and so you know you can picture him being maybe around 20 years old in 1960 and so his lifetime would be this period that we're looking at now it's quite remarkable but there's more let's get a little bit more I want to remind everyone you're watching the dark journalists show it's fantastic to have so many people here with us we're discussing the incredible work and the very mysterious figure of Tom's Townsend Brown and how he relates to someone who's very familiar on this program which is physicist dr. Robert Shaw Barker who is really largely written out of the history books and is even prevented from having his own Wikipedia page quite remarkable when you consider that in his time he was on the level of Robert Oppenheimer in terms of importance and Oppenheimer is another one by the way who in my opinion works very much with the ex share group as soon as you know that kind of the national security state drains him of everything that he's worth the ex protect rip sets up to ruin his you know calling him a communist and sort of ruin his public identity so that his his type of view of the world doesn't rain you know so he the respected scientists talking about peace that doesn't go out there instead you get Edward Teller it was definitely in my opinion much much closer to the ex protect group yes okay so scruples for 444 wants to know who owns and benefits from all of TT Browns patents and or have they been seized in the name of national security well I think that's a lot more closer to it what's very interesting is what we just talked about with the acoustic fam this very unusual fan and I want to talk about it it it has a trance when we speak about it as like a speaker and a fan we're using kind of traditional means of it but there's very unusual things that happen in relationship to this but as we found out the sharper image used it and what did they call it again and the ionic phrase the ionic breeze and the Easter I mean I remember them doing infomercials for that thing but notice expensive yes absolutely but the family didn't see any of that it was literally adopted I think what's important to note is that the the fan disappeared after its demonstration for round and very oddly and it comes up very oddly in the book also that you know he comes to his family after that presentation and he says that's it we're done wrap up the project he sends his daughter he's you know his daughter is working for him he says to her you know you're gonna find a whole different kind of life and it's very very strange whatever it was about that demonstration but some of the people that are involved there with the family at this point quite remarkable curtis lemay you know robert mcnamara defense secretary for kennedy very very heavy hitters Edward Teller you know the ultimate bomb maker in the United States I mean these are very very major figures and they are absolutely invested in finding out what he's up to here and then what happens is basically after the demonstration of brand that technology disappears now I haven't really talked about what that technology was about there's very usual things about it we need to know more but I can tell you this that it operated in a way that it shouldn't have that is acoustically sound would come from it as you know but it also operated as fan so it had these strange properties and it seemed to have a kind of metaphysical impact and this is what I think becomes so important about the technology that he is cranking out but it has this other aspect beyond just the entire vidiq the electric or vidiq you know it has it more there's more going on with it and I think this is what we're getting into okay now what's interesting is that a little more about the dreams here because I'm fascinated by this it just so happens that Adamski's photographs bear a striking resemblance to the ships that Linda dreamt of landing in a feel at Mon trésor in 1956 just before her father went to France remember these very unusual ships are what we're talking about so she's having these experiences it seems like the family has some entree into this world and it's a very very tricky thing because it can lend it so it's very easy to call it a dream for you but with his comments relating to time travel and with these unusual things being reported I think we're looking at with Thomas Townsend Browns work is that it's at the very heart of the X check it is that whole mysterious extech that they have that takes on this reality will say reality Distortion but it transforms reality and so it doesn't just have the ability to kind of you know be a better airplane or whatever I'm sure he certainly worked on a number of projects like that but there's something very deep with the work that he was doing and because they were locked up in black projects we largely don't get to see what they are but we're starting to piece together what is happening let's take another look at that Pham demonstrated for round here electrokinetic have aratus hmm sound very interesting interesting that it would disappear and then tiny elements would reappear in corporate America I remember Stanton Friedman in my conversation with him we have a couple of interviews with him and Stanton is still out there going strong although I think he recently retired but he's a nuclear physicist of course who's deep deep on the UFO file and one of the amazing things that he did is he figured out from his discussions then one of the reverse-engineered characteristics of the UFOs that we had adopted involved sound and it involved these boom boxes that they made large scale in the 80s that they weren't able to do before so the boom box is actually one of these reverse engineered properties they they do this occasionally and they sell these things off to the public that's quite remarkable yes do you have a picture of that the big histogram yes and it is it's quite remarkable the details on it that we certainly need to do to look more into it of course again when you get into brown over and over again the electrogravitics the levitation the anti-gravity properties the projects he was working on and his own personal interest in the UFO file now it's very interesting a lot of people don't know this but nycap was developed by Thomas Townsend Brno everyone associates it with Kehoe who took it over after the fact but the person who decided we needed a serious non-government project that would look into this aspect and that it can include very important people like retired generals and physicists and all the rest of it but that it was very important to have this independent group out there looking at this very important subject of the UFO file so Brown now becomes the founder of monicab this is quite interesting because when we look at Brown and we think of the kind of impact that he's having in these black projects for him to come forward himself in the 50s and develop this group that will look at the UFO file from that aspect I think is it's very important because it tells us on his side he understands that we're not getting the whole truth and being part of the ex share as opposed to ex protect he wants the public to have access to this information I have a letter here let's see if I have this there's a letter in here from Brown I love this shot it's a distant shot but it kind of gives you an idea of him working with these discs and getting those effects this incredible effects that he's working on and Brown actually he wrote a letter discussing the National investigations committee of aerial phenomena one of them letters relates to project skylight I'm going to skip that and this being a very interesting cover to the book that I showed earlier agnese bouncing junior the stars are too high that is the book that Agner oh that's one of the original covers I was lucky enough to get one of those early editions okay so this is from Townsend Brown to Stuart Nixon and he Stewart Nixon is somebody who's taking over an eye cap later and wants to go back and ask him why did you start it in the first place you know I wonder the background and it's very very interesting and what he says is I'm delighted to know that you've taken over the guidance of my caps affairs it's needed someone of your caliber and administrative expertise remember it's a UFO investigation unit you mentioned you wanted to know something of my caps origin let me say at the outset that my files and records of those early years are in storage and not now available to me so that I cannot give you the detailed information as to names and dates I simply do not remember the name of some of the persons involved much of this information you'll be able to find in your corporate records for several years prior to now my caps incorporation the Townsend Brown foundation maintained an office on Connecticut Avenue near Farragut square and was engaging in preparing and submitting to the Defense Department a program for proposed scientific research called Project Winterhaven well this is something that we're going to come back to this program intended to be secured under secret classification coverage certain aspects of electric space propulsion such as ion thrusters and a promising electric or vidiq principle which had been published out of Switzerland in 1956 project Winterhaven however was never approved by the Defense Department but interest in its possibilities continued for years so he goes further and he says during this time following Kenneth Arnold's first sighting of the so-called flying saucers this is good too because it's it's brown telling us what he thinks through this letter to Nixon I was keenly interested in their method of propulsion if in fact they did exist no adequate explanation possible within the technology of the day I personally felt that if we could maintain surveillance with a nationwide or worldwide reporting service we might arrive more quickly at a scientific explanation of the methods of propulsion based on light emission and performance patterns this is again ex share they want the whole world taking notes it was accepted in military scientific circles that the unidentified flying objects which had been seen were not products of US or Soviet technology even the people behind project Bluebook admitted this privately although in their official reports they admitted nothing good point the need for an organization to gather information on sightings became apparent I wondered I pondered over the problem for quite a time during this period Clara John was quite active gathering books and information on UFOs she held many meetings with her friends in her garden I attended some of these gatherings and we together discussed the need and possibilities of a group to study and report sightings the first meetings were about ten persons was held in the meeting room in Washington I was prepared for presentation of that meeting tentative perspectives for an organization that would take the form of a non-profit corporation organized expressively expressly for the nationwide surveillance of UFO sightings so he is in fact setting up an organization here to study UFOs and this is I think again where he gets into trouble David Donley we wanted to know what year is that the the letter is from October 1971 but they're referring to incidents that take place in 1956 yeah excellent point and so I'm going to wrap up with this since the effort was this is again still brown on the record talking to Nixon since the effort was to be national in scope and centered in Washington I chose the name National investigation committee on aerial phenomena nycap that's where it comes from it sounded official and important my cap wasn't easily remembered abbreviation the prospectus called for a publication of a newsletter and a monthly magazine called space several radio stations gave this format some publicity the Townsend Brown Foundation retained a public relations firm in Baltimore in connection with project Winter Haven and what he says is he goes on here that the public has a right to know and that there were people that he had recruited into it that we're going to have the kind of expertise on the military and scientific side to deal with it it's very logical kind of approach and then you know what he says is basically after the office was established on Connecticut Avenue and continued operations seemed assured I asked Donald Kehoe who was a you know a Marine pilot who took over and became a real heavy-duty UFO advocate who by that time had published several books on UFOs and was well known to take my place and allow me to go back to the laboratory and active research work in the field of electrogravitics Keough accepted and I left Washington to conduct further research in France in California although Keough retained my name on the mailing list I almost lost track of what was going on during his tenure in office I was pleased however to know that he was continuing to publish nycap reports so he's giving him the basic outline of it what was quite fascinating as he think of this Browne who worked on all these deep black projects who was a very cutting edge of electrogravitics and anti-gravity work who took an interest in the UFO file and how they were operating but here he is bringing it public in the 50s and this again becomes something of this group the ex share group trying to move the technology out into the public and the ex protect group really you know just like people like Frank Edwards would die very mysterious deaths working around this and Morris Jessup the ex protect group kind of clearing these guys out and I think with Brown there were some incidents that indicated that the expert chat group was after him and at one point he takes his entire family and brings them to NASA with armed guards so probably why he was able to survive interestingly enough but there's no doubt that he danced in those worlds and that somehow this relationship with SAR Barker is what protected him in a sense and that we need now what's going to happen here in some following episodes is we're going to bring together the picture of brown and Saar Barker in relation to the UFO file because sar barker gives us the foundation of in a way you can kind of blow away a lot of the hyperbole around the UFO feel we have on the ground the physicist who gave us the information and we also have the fact that the XProtect groups have blacked out sar barker and brown so now i think we can take a whole new direction with this research to see exactly what is going on here and that i think is going to take us into a whole different territory because something that's quite interesting in the book and it's going to be very tantalizing for us to leave this section on is that over and over again it turns out that when Townsend Brown was leaving four different projects he would say I have to go meet these people and he would tell his family I'll be back I have to do this and over and over again he would say it was San Antonio that he needed to go to and for years they assumed that he was going to San Antonio Texas of course but I want to make a few points here in that where he was actually going was San Antonio Cuba and in Palo zelinsky's work we find that her find of the hot zone discovery of this lost city under Cuba is right off of San Antonio Cuba and it's called Cabo yes you're right covered did everybody get that that's my eye there's I'm gonna kind of round the points out here but I think that this becomes where the time spent by Thomas Townsend Brown in Cuba we might start to understand what's going on here because if there are effects in those water that relate to energy production that relate to gravitational waves and if it all harkens back to the aspect that there's this ancient ruins they are off of Cuba we might start to understand why he had to do these transactions over and over again in San Antonio Cuba and when we bring it around of course Cuba's what we tracking in the past five episodes that have to do with Ernest Hemingway's work tracking this and his brothers New Atlantis work discovering ruins off of Bimini and Cuba so or you can see now that we're getting what I'm seeing what I want to communicate about the X series is what we're doing is we're looking up and we're looking down we're looking down at Rowan's underwater and we're looking up at anomalies unidentified anomalies flying around on our skies and in the middle of it are these groups and scientists and power players in a geopolitical seem in a whirlwind but now it's all coming to light and it needs to because we're deep deep in it and we can't afford to have another 40 50 year period of silence and whitewash around these things we must go now where the X tagging ography information has taken us and now working with it through figures like Thomas Townsend Brown and Robertson Barker now we're getting there and we're getting there together on this yes miss Olivia John Madhuri says my mind is fried from all this deep I listen I you know it is a deep I decided not to kind of fracture this out but to really give a straight shot and it's only going to go deeper I can tell you remember this figure is Professor John Trump and who is his mentor Vannevar Bush Vannevar Bush working with Robert Shaw Barker Roberts our Barker being close with Thomas Townsend Brown these things now are coming together but what does it mean that John Trump was sent in by the FBI and the alien illegal alien office as it were alien Property Office to look at Tesla's information and what is it the Trump says that the FBI asked him they were looking for information specifically related in Tesla's papers to taking down flying objects at a distance so there's a guy sitting in Hawaii as a scanner he presses a button and a flying object goes down over the UK that's what they were concerned about that's what they asked him to look in Tesla's papers over and of course the official line is that he didn't find anything like that but the fact that they were using the term flying object I think it was some idea of what they were concerned about with really relation to Tesla's technology quite fascinating and with that miss Olivia I turn it over to you and your questions I'm actually going to ask my own question first and that is do you have any more Adamski is a really controversial figure though I I have really mixed feelings about him I don't think it's a black-and-white situation so what's your take on him um George Adamski was kind of the prototype he is the first real public contact II mean there were books but he's the guy who really came out and said I'm in contact with these groups that's I think his great innovation but he had tons and tons and tons of footage you know how they're lazy now in the CIA they roll these guys out there just like just go out there and talk about stuff this guy had footage pictures witness testimony you know all kinds of things I do feel that the story of Adamski is manipulated but fundamentally I think that there's something unusual about his relationship to this whole offworld UFO file information and I do feel that his connection to theosophy might have given him an entree into what that was all about it might have been seen even as the next stage of interaction because in theosophy and in anthroposophy they talk about interaction with these other groups of beings that you you know our human consciousness needs to kind of rise up and figure out in order to progress you know they don't actually say hey they're from Alpha Centauri or they're Pleiadians and they're coming here the talking about beings that are interacting with us so I think we can get a foundation there that George Adamski is is one of these people who deep deep into theosophy and it seems to me that so much of his account is not hyperbole and then you have these hyperbolic aspects so you know it's very interesting balance like you said I do think that it's interesting with Desmond Leslie who's very respected author and came from an you know very high-profile family in the UK and was a major at the Asif s did a book with Adamski so he took him very very seriously and I think many people at the period did okay so nimza says we're going back to the original statement um that's what the radar is for shooting down UFOs I asked what radar nimza responded any phased array radar will do it but specifically the cobra series I have it on good authority that the first downed craft were inadvertently affected by German phased array radar experiments I think it's weird because it is interesting there is this period about 1947 where suddenly you have all these UFO crashes and there's too many stories of them – all being just you know a hoax so what is it about what we were using that suddenly the offworld craft were having issues with that's a very interesting question and I think radar comes up a lot in relation to it and then people say well if they had all this technology and you know they came across millions of light years and they come here and then they're gonna get foiled by some little 1940s radar that doesn't make sense um but what I think is that every environment is unique to that environment so you know the technology that would get you across the universe might not you know might have weird effects here it might have a lot of the puffy effects here when you get to earth but I would say that you don't need to we don't have to speculate too much about that because what we have on the facts on the ground is that UFOs when they're spotted and everything in relation to the UFO file always comes up with the apothem style effects missing time of people's consciousness feels transported you know power plants go down cars stop you know plants won't grow where they land is all these things that obviously related some other physics entering this physics and so that becomes the key to the mystery of what the secrecy and why it's so heavy and why it's even protected to such a point you know they with lethal actions I think that that becomes maybe a kind of a crucial aspect ok keep all cold hace wanted to know what I've always found interesting with Townsend Brown is why he he wasn't suicided like a lot of the anti grab for culture and experts well I feel that the story that I told about Braun and his family whisking his family away it always seems to me that when the CIA was on his heels when they wanted him to join a project that's when he knew like he could kind of sense that the danger was there and he withdrew and I think that it is fascinating and we're gonna get more details around this but it seems to me that ex protect quite possibly did certainly try to make life difficult for him and also try to recruit him simultaneously ok so it's going to be a little bit of both when we look at it so JJ came wants to know why do you think Brown has been so marginalized I think like SAR Barker if we look closely at Brown we're going to get some answers that aren't available when you're just chasing after you know big I've aliens you're going to find answers relating to advanced technology you're going to find answers in relation to electric or vidiq you're going to find how those deep groups recruited people like this to reverse-engineer craft and possibly develop craft I mean there's so many answers there so that they have to keep a few of these figures truly underground and I think that Tsar Barker and Brown are and the fact that they're working together for years now the story places them originally in world war ii with tsar Barker saving brown so how many years is that how many decades and we know Tsar Barker's working on the ofö file he admitted it himself so that puts Brown right one heartbeat away from the UFO file makes sense to me juju yang says perhaps he didn't have a big ego to be manipulated I love that it's a pro that's an excellent observation and also he seemed like somebody who well he had an ethic about what he was doing from the start he was very patriotic also and also I'm sure he wanted to move the culture forward very often the people involved with the ex share side are like that and I think we can start to really separate them out absolutely ok ok guitar guitar dave says so can we consider that the deep state CIA MSM equals sons of Belial and sarvatra kennedy-nixon trough equal he says set sons of one but it's actually children belong one right that's that yeah we really want to refer to them as the emelius group because so many people try to bandy about the children along one but obviously you're speaking my language in relation to this look the story goes that back there in that antediluvian period there were those groups the emelius groups who wanted to use the technology for spiritual purposes and the Belial group that used the technology and really basically blew things up now that's a kind of cosmology in one sense but also it is a legendary record of something what was it exactly that was going on back there the Cayce readings would lead us to believe it was something that played out for thousands of years and that with incredibly advanced technology and there's no way that Casey could no talking in 1920 about that ik technology because it didn't really exist yet lasers and all the rest of it were still imaginary in 1920 they weren't utilized until 1958 so there's KC opening up his own psychic vision and giving us that vision of the past before we go any further I want to show a couple of quick things this might be familiar to you from looking at our program on paulina zelitsky and her group that found these ruins off of San Antonio that's where we're talking about San Antonio here the very tip the western tip of cube but that's where those ruins are that's where she found this stuff that's where Townsend Brown was going for these meetings over and over again what is the significance what is the link why are they both going there well what do you think well we're getting deep into it now one other thing I want to point out is the hot zone idea you know when we're looking here if these people who work in marine biology and things like that in oceanography if there is a code when they're working for contracting agencies that says you have to stay away from this hot zone area and this hot zone area resides somewhere between Bimini and that western tip of Cuba then I think we're getting an unusual indication they're officially or unofficially from these people that the this idea of a hot zone and what they would be describing there the reason they don't want these people to run into it because if they see something and they photograph it or if it leaks out or whatever they put them basically under an NDA saying the hot zone activity if you get into it you have to kind of you know sign this in the beginning that says you can't disclose any of that if you see it so if you go under there and you see a pyramid and if you see an Atlantean temple off of Cuba that's it you can't say anything about it but better than that don't go there don't go around that aspect they're Cuban waters anyway but that's the hot zone and it runs bimini to Cuba now makes a lot of sense to me because we have some very unusual stories and I've we've done five episodes on Hemingway in Cuba but here of course we have the JFK Library taking over the Hemingway documents and we know that JFK arrests an international incident to go into Hemingway's villa in Cuba after he died and retrieve a vault that was then smuggled back to this country with Mary Hemingway and was supposedly placed at the Kennedy Library although Mary Hemingway's assistant said it was in New York so we have now a situation that's really developing where we understand that there's something taking place over a period of many years and all of these people are involved in some way and now what we have is two different factors going on one of the factors is this information is coming to the surface about this advanced technology one and two this kind of Atlantis rising idea where there's something down there that they've been hiding for many many years and three you're right in the middle of the geopolitical blast over the space force versus the phony CIA disclosure wing it's getting very very tricky and we have to we have to use the knowledge that we've developed in the xD geography we have to use the knowledge of these people like Brown likes our Barker like John Trump to get us there to kind of get to that better location okay missile karakasa says maybe Brown was there to analyze gravitational anomalies there yes yes absolutely and there's a very unusual story that I didn't get into about him and his relationship to the Caroline and the owner of the Caroline in the Caroline group which was an early intelligence agency so I do promise to get into that as we do more episodes on it one of the things I will say it was quite unusual as you know because we've done those interesting episodes on Alice and wonderland relating to the Orphic circle in the mystery school but the person who ran the Caroline yot kept a copy of alice in wonderland' the original copy of the book from Charles this is the manuscript this is not aim yeah Lisa first printing this is the actual one and only manuscript and it's interesting too because what I found out about this that I found so fascinating is that Calvin Coolidge as president during this period in the 20s actually wanted to see it he wanted him to bring it to the White House so he could look at it which I found amazing the other thing about the book the original book which as I said my impression of the book is that it was directly related to EMA Britain and her experiences and that she was the original Alice going into Wonderland when they were kind of putting her in these states she was going into hyperspace but what is so fascinating is that he kept the book in this waterproof you know box basically that was a clear box and would float if the yacht sank so that nothing would ever happen to that book so it's all very very strange and I do feel that I mean but that should be something in a museum you know in a private collection why would you even risk it on a boat it is very very interesting and that is just the tip of the iceberg with how weird the Caroline group is and it's like it's beast that it's actually almost like a sacred object yes well think of it too let's look at this from a wide-angle view just talking about biographical information you know one of the things that happens to Brown is when he goes there to Cuba on this program and you know they're going to test out submarines these new submarines and he goes there and there's an earthquake I find that significant to something about that struck me is very interesting one too I wonder if something about the submarines around this part of Cuba if they didn't really spot these ruins at a much earlier period like the 20s or the 30s when they were first experimenting with this you know there's a lot of unanswered questions about what was going on there and I think the fact that his work drew him back over and over again to San Antonio in Cuba we have to go very deep on that I think it's going to be explosive okay keep rolling I just as an aside nimza says the former world's biggest phased-array radar transmitter is up in Alaska built in 75 as part of the cobra series and was nicknamed big Alice so very interesting and of course you know CERN and Alice and all of that okay so this is so incredible living soul quickening spirit says is the nature of extech if misused capable of destroying harmonic relationships with terrestrial extra terrestrial and celestial objects Jim Roy The Heretic then said masers are now weapons of molecular disassembly they aim them at UFOs in low orbit before they enter airspace bug-zapper 911 Tech and ETS walking through walls is tech that disassembles molecules well this is interesting one of the things that I point out is a bullet list of apotheon effects now apotheon effect is when a UFO shows up and all these strange things happen one of the unusual things that the abductees report is this thing about them walking through walls and it is quite unusual I think you know how is that done exactly what kind of physics are they operating with so we're looking at something very very unusual in relation to that I do feel that when we look at that kind of runaway physics technology that it is something that we've been studying for a long time and I think that they look back we've seen these reports where the CIA goes back and looks for Noah's Ark and you know we've seen these reports about the looting of the Baghdad Museum looking for these artifacts that relate to the Sumerian tale of this advanced technology and this war that took place back there I think there's an old echo to this story and I think that the mystery schools hold that apotheon story the destruction of Atlantis which Plato gave us that is the echo of that story and it relates to this period of time one of the very unusual things and you know I follow the Cayce readings quite a bit Cayce said that we wouldn't discover this particular Atlantean technology until 1958 that would be the first kind of inkling of some of the to I and interestingly enough that's when we discovered the laser so he definitely is referring to the two eye technology as that the Atlanteans had that they destroyed themselves with as the strange laser technology now you know when we're dealing with the x-series we include that the psychic research the psychic archaeology is a crucial aspect because when you're just looking at these things without that extra piece you're losing it because a lot of people can really drill down and say you know we know these ruins we know some dates and then a lot of other people can look at the political side and say that you know we know these things are going on but unless you bring the mystery school aspect into it and their knowledge which really is fundamentally alchemical then I don't think we understand these things correctly you know we're missing a big piece of it that's why the work of people like Gigi Young for example is so important because we're getting the traditional research on the ground on one hand but we're checking it against a KC style source to open up the information further we have that ability that I think is a crucial point ok keep rolling a cold man wanted to know what mechanics do you think are used to transport consciousness ie the jump room inversely what Mechanics for interstellar travel well I think the idea fundamentally is that there are multiple layers of reality and that there are certain physical rules physical laws that we can discover that can help us access those other versions of reality and so I think the the knowledge aspect goes deep but I think that in terms of like projecting our minds it's interesting because so many of the mystery school people like Steiner like Casey they talked so much about how we have this ability to project ourselves into things so this is when we have our kind of spiritual faculties intact we have those extra you know they say we only use 7% of our brain where we have the other 93% working we apparently are capable of all sorts of visioning Xand things one of the important stories along this line is that Ingo Swann was recruited into a program very unusual program and it was to remote-view the moon and he saw some of the activities that were going on there with work we were doing up there and of course we know that officially there's no work that we have going on there but one of the very unusual things is that when he was projecting his consciousness there and viewing it he became aware of another telepath observing him and his instructor there and this deep government program told him get out and get out of there now we don't want them to see us so they're very aware of these dynamics and so the consciousness dynamic and how our consciousness can move into different things goes far far beyond anything physical so when we're talking about theosophy in anthropology if Derek bodies astral bodies you know so there's a separate line of consciousness here and about the only rational piece of it we get in our day-to-day lives is remembering that strange dream we had of a friend and then they show up that's kind of the active link on the psychic side that that's operational still in just a day-to-day dim consciousness Stephen Fleming Russia announced it's building a base in the Caribbean in the hot zone can you comment on that excellent point they are building a base in the hot zone Russia wants a piece of that now interestingly enough Russia is doing that in relation to Venezuela because Venezuela is very worried that we're going to roll tanks in there to get their oil and but also now Russia has not developed that type of activity or base since the Cuban Missile Crisis we've pointed out the aspects around Cuba and the Cuban Missile Crisis extrapolating beyond just the geopolitical situation into the fact that this was about the hot zone activity so there's something very very unusual about them being over there and it's very provocative apparently you know very obviously so we're in a very unusual situation I think you're going to see more things relating to Cuba you know first we had the the Cuban diplomats issue we have solinsky's strange project cut short and her kind of just hanging out there midair after making all these incredible you know earth-shattering pronouncements and now we have Russia building a base at the behest of Venezuela close to Cuba so you know I think these these are the things that let us know there's a lot more going on beneath the surface okay we'll take two more questions okay so esoteric three six nine wall DJ do you really think Donald Trump knows about what his uncle Trump knows or knew I do I do I think the Trump knows and I think the aspects that he could not get from Uncle John Trump he got from his good friend president former President Nixon and I think you know it's on the record that they were close friends and that I believe that Trump and his successful trajectory to the presidency is largely a result of his relationship with President Nixon former President Nixon and it's interesting because when we think of Nixon in the time capsule aspect the story floating out there I wonder very much how much of that he related to Trump fine Trump to be far more informed about these things love him or hate him then anyone would give him credit for and I think we're seeing some of this play out with his pronouncements around the space force and the bringing everything back to America I think that we're seeing someone who's a very deep player on the knowledge side and I think there's no question that John Trump was right in the heart of the extech and it's no getting around that okay Justin Thomas when is DJ going to make the X technology ducky movie well you're getting a pretty good foundation here I think what I like about what's going on here is that we are building the foundation knowledge wise to give us the ability to really understand a chapter in history that's missing him then beyond that to understand a whole legacy from a mystery school tradition right down to our present geopolitical situation and so I guess the the answer is it's coming it's coming okay we'll take one more okay JJ K gets the final question yeah what is it going to take for ordinary citizens to get access to the UFO FILES I mean they belong to us so you'll never get them through the government forget about that but a group like what Thomas Brown was talking about with NICAP that's where he was going with it you know the ex share approach and I think as we use things like X tagging ography and our deep research to get at these things we're moving closer I don't expect help from governments but I do think individuals and groups can network together to make these things happen I wouldn't waste any time trying to get the information from the government and I wouldn't accept any pronouncements from a government-run disclosure program that was headed by the CIA who fundamentally are trained to lie and operate as an extra-constitutional force so I think the best answer is that we can use the resources that we have to get at the answers and maybe the culture will move as a result of that and it will cause that kind of a ripple for sure but in any case we as a group having the information can do it I think that that's that's important this discussion right here the things that we're opening up this is the opening up of the dialogue and we're in 43 episodes now now remember everyone go to dark journalists calm sign up for the newsletter that keeps us in touch with each other and support the program subscribe to the program get behind the work that we're doing here we've made it very inexpensive and you know we're carrying on that discount till the end of January it's fantastic to have so many people out there tonight just a great crowd great questions and let me tell you as with everything with Thomas Townsend Brown we've only scratched the surface and it's going so deep but we're drawing those important connections in relation to the work that we're doing here in the x-series and you know I really want to thank the people who put so much on the record from Brown's family and the whistleblowers the people that he knew and the effort behind this sprawling and you know interesting book of so many pages that you know when it was put out it got some criticism because it wasn't so well edited and all these types of things and I think I have the author's first draft but it is it's a treasure trove of anecdotes and facts nonetheless and so in that sense that everyone involved deserves a great hand for putting it together we will be back with you next Friday going deep into the hot zone the hot zone and the ex share are now going to be we're going to focus on them quite a bit in the episodes that are coming up and we have some great fantastic guests coming up for you want to do a couple of shout outs to assume the job is out there it's great names of great questions as usual scruples thank you so much a cult fan he's out there you know he's out there Starlights TJ Libertyville fantastic occult priestess CJ Raymer CJ Raymer yes yes excellent thank you so much is that and I know I saw a deep state tape out there Kate Snyder's out there and we also have Michael wives and Nisha's out there yes the the dream girl there's a few interesting dreams and this one we will be back with you next week and Friday at our usual time and we're going to be going deep thank you so much and have a great weekend and finally miss Olivia fantastic job by the way incredible but the ultimate question here is what's tonight it's a Tater Tot kind of night I think we do catch up with the sriracha that's what I'm thinking sriracha yes like spicy ketchup spicy ketchup that's probably a good note to end this on thank you so much everyone and we will see you Thomas Tyson it's great to see you too we will see you next week and have a great weekend thank you everybody have a great week have a sriracha bye


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  2. Dark Journalist pretty good, haven't watched him for some while but that's going to change..because he covers important topics better than most and takes his job seriously.

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  4. When I was a kid 4-6 yrs old people would try to recreate (for (political) effect or credibility or to enslave me with undue influence) abduction experiences infused with misdirection and disinformation that was as transparent as could be, even at the time. I feared though that over time the messages would be grouped together and confused with the real ones. I think now this was some sort of official attempt to gain mastery over the phenomena in some tangible (if nominal) measure.
    Most humans are incapable of expressing a thought that is as virginal and unbiased as an alien would have even in a most candid circumstance. Comparatively, human thought is corrupt and loaded with implicit self interest.

  5. It is false that one must have the physiology of an insect to endure the G forces in UFO flight. It was explained to me simultaneously that the forces involved would kill me but there was no sense of them inside the craft. They used different settings with no humans aboard, but there was no necessity of any special physiology at all. Screw the sceptics, most scientists are shadow boxing in the dark around this subject. Gravity is as anticipatable and controllable as electron flow with the right tech.

  6. Re- Acoustic Fan Tech. I few years ago this came into the public view and then went as far as I know. There was a development outfit that came up with a type of Sound Technology that was being used to drive small mechanical loads such as 1/8 HP Refrigeration compressors as used in domestic fridges. This guy came on public radio and described how a very loud sound resembling a trumpet was cast into a closed chamber and trranslated to mechanical energy.
    I never heard more about it. In retrospect it sounds like the " Tech " was under extreme limitations and was missing key elements that could make it practical. As thus, it went nowhere for various reasons.

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  8. There could be a gravitational null area several miles above the ionosphere where there is no gravity since the gravity waves from the earth and from deep space come into balance in that zone. That means an object can loiter above the earth without falling or being pushed away from it. The x-15 program probably discovered this phenomena by accident and the Dyna Soar program which did not materialize officially was likely going to see if it could be exploited.

  9. My father and 3 other man had a fly over them close encounter with flying disc in Argentina circa 1967… The crafts are real believe or not! Take care.

  10. Tesla files raided by FBI and J. Trump for docs regarding "taking down flying objects at a distance". Prominent people exposing conspiracies often killed suspiciously in plane crashes! Hmm…

  11. You should stop calling them X Protect. "Protecting" is not their goal, nor their effect. If our civilizations are ever destroyed by any action or inaction of mankind, the blame will lie squarely with them and/or other "secret keeping" organizations.

  12. The start of the mystery schools – time travelers came back to antiquity to share advanced technology and knowledge with select group of tribal elders who then carried the knowledge down through the ages to help the technology and spiritual progress of future generations. It's like a young brave holding himself off the ground by his own braid. Has anyone seen interstellar? Remember if time travel is ever going to be perfected, well, then it always has been perfected since the very beginning of time.

  13. I felt a spark of electricity run through me when I conceived one of my children. Could Telsa have found the link to life. I ran across a poem of his friend Robert Underwood Johnson. Made me think.
    poet Robert Underwood Johnson

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    Poems by Robert Underwood Johnson : 4 / 8

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    In Tesla’s Laboratory – Poem by Robert Underwood Johnson
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    Here in the dark what ghostly figures press!—
    No phantom of the Past, or grim or sad;
    No wailing spirit of woe; no spectre, clad
    In white and wandering cloud, whose dumb distress
    Is that its crime it never may confess;
    No shape from the strewn sea; nor they that add
    The link of Life and Death,—the tearless mad,
    That live nor die in dreary nothingness:
    But blessed spirits waiting to be born—
    Thoughts to unlock the fettering chains of Things;
    The Better Time; the Universal Good.
    Their smile is like the joyous break of morn;
    How fair, how near, how wistfully they brood!
    Listen! that murmur is of angels’ wings.
    Robert Underwood Johnson

    There are other's his friend wrote.

    Then there is this: https://sites.google.com/site/originsoflifecarlmont/electric-spark

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  15. So, if the technology that we have here in earth can seriously interfere with off-world vehicles, then that would explain why the X-Protect crowd would want to keep the information the X-Protect people have about our technology underground. Perhaps that is what Dr. Farrell’s insight that I referred to earlier is about—X-Protect is protecting us from THEM.

  16. And there is the famous discovery of the shape of the benzene ring by Kekulé—this insight came to him when he was in a dream-like state.

  17. Also, regarding the F-35, apparently the Israeli Air Force Chef of Staff, when asked how this aircraft was doing, quipped, “Well, you can’t shoot down what you can’t see!” The Israeli Air Force is the only Air Force currently flying this plane. I think I have this right.

  18. In his lecture at the Secret Space Program Conference a few years ago, Dr. Farrell suggests that perhaps the X-Protect group is keeping things secret, not from us but, rather, from THEM.

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