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  2. What you seem to be describing is like Masonic groups I don’t know anything else that sounds like that.

  3. Spider web? Spider beings. Their infiltration throughout every sphere all over the world – the whole world. The network web is what the infiltration creates. Not just AI as AI, but rather a tool of the New World Order, a world ruled by and controlled by psychopaths. We came within a millimeter of it happening but we have won. It is all unfolding!

  4. One of the Luciferian fantasies is not just the movies that are created in Hollywood but Hollywood itself it is a movie. You mentioned Sandra Bullock. If you search for little bit you can find videos that make it pretty clear that she is a man. If you dig't even further, it seems pretty clear that all Hollywood couples are ftm and mtf. Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie, etc. When I say all, I mean all. It is related to elite gender inversion and Luciferianism – in both cases they consider it the embodiment of the baphomet. This is all being revealed very quickly. Two channels I recommend taking a look at are Epic Sellouts and Transpocalypse Now. There is truly something going on here. It seemed so crazy to me at first that I almost didn't watch any of this but when I did I saw instantly that it was another rabbit hole. There are many things being revealed right now and I realize this is one of the crazy ones – at least on the surface. Thanks for all you do! ps: not just in Hollywood but in politics, pro sports, newscasters. pps: YT search "Sandra Bullock is a man."

  5. Who does your the graphic design for your video thumbnails? Interesting choice using a character from Halo.

  6. You did not mention the author's name with blavatsky on the cover, if anyone know's the author's name can they please let me know. Thank you.

  7. There are several books that tackle the issue of AI from the perspective of Anthroposophy. You may want to check the newest book on the AI from the Anthroposophical circles: Humanity's Last Stand: The Challenge of Artificial Intelligence: A Spiritual-Scientific Response, by Nicanor Perlas. Or an older one: From Gondhishapur to Silicon Valley: Spiritual Forces in the Development of Computers and the Future of Technology, by Paul Emberson (sadly, long out-of-print). It has a nice cover – a spider web with a CPU with its pins as feet at the center.

  8. I'd really like to hear DJ s opinion on the question that came up around 1:44. Is it possible that current physical humanity is not our soul's true vessel because we have been created…what if we emerged from beings that would consider us artificial, just like machines are artificial to us?

  9. Such a great episode! The last ten minutes really summed it up- it’s up to us, not our off-world peers- I hope the cheese was tasty!

  10. 51:41, yep, Steiner and Joseph P. Farrell show an eerie resemblance. It hit me like a brick in the chest as soon as Steiner's picture was shown.

  11. I've followed the Steiner archives for the last year. The eight spear can be interpreted in a number of ways…mostly occult references. He had such a hugh volume of work…it would takes months of research. Dark forces are in control on the earth today…when we search for truth, it's a lifelong pursuit. Souls that get trapped are dark force entities…the light beings will always win in the end.

  12. I appreciate ,your thoughtful answers on steiner. steiner never discussed his previous lives in his lectures or writings, he said it was not permissible to claim authority on one's previous lives, but he did leave some indications, some poems on his previous ives, and those of his close student dr. ita wegmann. who co-wrote anthroposophical medicine with steiner, and cared for steiner during his final illness. It is believed that steiner was aristotle and also thomas aquinas in two of his prevoius lives, and that Ita wegmann was alexander the great, the student of aristotle…and also a brother, a monk who cared for thomas aquinas.

  13. Steiner was a good man , but is he was in wrong in his prophecies , the astral play is with thoughts , this mind. (sorry the writing I am french)

  14. Spiders in the tech consciousness – DJ, please check out Miles Johnston and his experience of the spider-like 'scuttlers' apparently replete in electronic communications systems and early radio set ups.

  15. Daniel Liszt, in Volume 2 of Paul Emberson's 2-volume book From Gondhishapur to Silicon Valley on pages ~735-779, the Eighth Sphere is discussed. I can't speak too highly of this great work by Paul Emberson, now dead.

  16. As I saw it: In the old moon, moral imaginations were developed which, in the coming earth development, would guide man's ethical individuality.
    The Atlantic era was a reincarnation of the ancient moon. During the Atlantic epoch, there was a decay that led to Atlantis's decay and final.
    Between the Earth and the Moon began an astral development which, which accumulated the degenerate astral forces, formed a kind of anti-moral imagination.
    When man today searches for these ancient moral, mankind encounters a sphere of fantasies that are moral distortions.
    This has been called "The 8th Dimension".
    Knowing this dimension is a necessity in order to release these harmful impulses into the further development of humanity.

  17. FYI the XX on the state of Jefferson emblem and flag represents being double crossed by their politicians.

  18. Dark should interview this man, a scientist who studied Steiner how our technological future looks like https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLA4SN0I68u60It9MNwAt5xUB9xZ-BjtRG

  19. The answer to the moon question, we can always see 1 side of the moon, that side is always facing us, so basically, we've never ever seen the other side of our moon.
    So the answer is, it's the side we've never seen, there could be something… unexplored :))) Why go to the side you can always see already from earth?

  20. This is a bit off topic, but if we are to consider the works of the mystery schools as vital to our understanding of our universe and our place in it, I am compelled to ask about what mysteries lie out there beyond Earth, like Saturn and it’s rings, and the mounting evidence that enormous, “conscious?”intelligent, machines, are forming those rings, WHO made them, it begs the question that if all of this is indeed a construct, are the designers friend or foe??? There is so much compelling evidence I think, that there is far more to this amazing universe than just here, now! So how can we merge what we have gleaned about what lies beyond our Little Rock and what is operating there, with our spiritual understanding or should I say, lack thereof, although I think we are indeed right when we say there are reasons for us to unite and be living rather than offensive and dividing. Whatever lies beyond, is it positive, or negative? Or worse, Indifferent? While I have my own impressions and theories on this, there are still so many unanswered questions it rattles the mind! I would love to hear Daniel and Olivia’s and others perspectives.

  21. When you stated a swarm of spider like creatures I immediately thought of DRONES. This swarm will spread over the earth. Could be a swarm of drones highly intelligent AI programmed.

    "They will imitate the thoughts that man spun out. The AI programming.. Just my theories and interpretations of what he wrote and you stated.

  22. a few thoughts I had watching your video:

    1, Movie "Jupiter Ascending": Jupiter being the next incarnation of Earth and the harvesting of human beings corresponding to the 8th sphere. Essentially the 2 alternatives.

    2, The "Underworld" movies: the luciferic and ahrimanic beings (vampires and werewolves) fighting for the human soul.

    3, The spider-like beings: the hardware of the technology will disappear. Humans will be part of the network based on the electricity of brain functions if thinking is not transcended. In those lectures you quote he is talking about the 6th epoch when the Moon returns (in a few thousand years) and when those beings will be merged with the part of human kind that does not transcend their thinking, does not choose to develop out of this descending material culture. Computer technology is probably just the beginning of it. And what we see as a cultural decline is also just the beginning.

    4, One big difference between Theosophy and Steiner is that he thinks humans have to face evil in order to exercise their freedom to define ourselves in the face of it. It is all about wanting the right development in freedom. It is all about developing freedom. In general this is probably the biggest difference between Eastern (to simplify it: pre-freedom) and Western spirituality. Facing evil and working out the seeds of freedom is the task of the age of consciousness soul /which is now.. Things will get worse, the shadow will grow so people have the chance to exercise their will power to define themselves as humans. Otherwise we will become animals (or rather demons) as the descending development will pull us in if we don't define ourselves otherwise.

    5, Paul Emberson's books/writings based on Steiner regarding the evil nature of today's technology and the need for a moral technology.

    6, Yeshayahu Ben-Aharon: Lecture 8 in "Spiritual Science in the 21st century" regarding current possible developments in technology and what we can do and his book "Cognitive Yoga".

    7, Steiner talks about the need of moral technology. The rest of Earth evolution being essentially about our relationship to technology (man's co-creation after – or as we see even before – his awakening).

    Thanks for your video and making the connection between the 8th sphere and modern technology.

  23. I worked on a farm based upon his Biodynamic Agriculture principles… A Franciscan project funded by the Catholic Church

  24. Thank you both for your work! This is a particularly informative session.

    DJ you did a great job at summarizing key points that Steiner went to great effort and expense to released to the masses! Thank you

    Olivia, thank you for your deep thought regarding the possibility that this has already occurred. I have thought the same often. In fact, I believe that it has already occurred but we still have a way out. I believe that the ego is actually a i and that this is how it has integrated as a step to actualize its existence within our Consciousness. With everything inverted it makes things extra tricky but it's still possible to transcend a dark fate. As DJ points out, Steiner brought the truth out so that people could be aware and know what they were dealing with so that they could have an opportunity to find a solution.

    Soon we will have a choice to return to our original blueprint for the Earth, or become part of the machine.

    I always remember what I learned in my first law course – in high school: 'Ignorance is not an excuse. It cannot be used as a defense…'

    It is our responsibility to become human so to speak. It is our unique responsibility to be accountable on all levels – to our ability: Words, thoughts, actions Etc Ultimately it is our task to discover the truth about who / what we are – or face the consequences / results of our lack of Desire to know and become Self.

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