and we are live this is dark journalists and it's fantastic to be here with everyone what a fantastic crowd already of course this is our follow-up report to last night's report on Ernest Hemingway and Atlantis rising and we are joined again by the fantastic Gigi young hi Gigi ah hello everybody wow it's great to have you here and we're also joined by the lovely Olivia hi everybody tonight's special and you might notice the gentleman hanging out here in the back was John Lennon and there's a very special portion of tonight's broadcast you know gentleman was assassinated in 1980 on December 8th which is about a week from today that's about twenty thirty eight years now gone by but the assassination itself was always very unusual cloaked in mystery of the decoder is a building of mystery where he lived and the accounts of the doorman and the assassin never added up very well and the background of the doorman involved in getting the police and apprehending the assassin it's quite remarkable considering the the trend that were riding on here but we're going to start tonight's show by reading a few quotes relating to Atlantis because after all this episode is called Atlantis assassinations and I really want that to hit home that these assassinations that we have seen in history although they originate in the deep state the reasons aren't always clear and many of them I believe we can attribute directly to this Atlantis rising prediction in the mystery school legacy and through the work of Agra Casey and we've shown the links on the record and we've made some off-the-record speculation about it but everything that we've presented in terms of materials and documents are are on the record though they can't be disputed they can't be blown off as somebody's idea the fact is that Ernest Hemingway had a capsule and he had a vault in Cuba that the Kennedy administration hell his widow extract at great cost from Cuba and smuggled back into the US where it landed at the JFK Library through the figure of Jacqueline Onassis Kennedy's Widow now I do feel that these connections come clear but one thing I want to make very clear up front is we've been doing this is that these things that we've been presenting how the paper trail the Edward Lansdale material from last night which mentioned Ernest Hemingway's villa there in Cuba and the national security action that took place and the discussion at the presidential level that took place in regards to that are on the record it's a it's not in dispute but even the regular mainstream media is not going to dispute it they may attribute different things to it but many of the headlines that we're going to use in this episode which is now the third episode on this Hemingway JFK assassination connection are indisputable documents that are have been Declassified and have been looked over we're also going to look at the work of paulina zelitsky and paulina is the woman who was in charge she is the KGB Russian defector who was in charge of finding for a DC the company this vast underground city which was off Cuba and which is definitely related to the Atlantis rising Bimini rising society a temple prediction that a case he made which all of this hubbub apparently was about this is the mystery schools coming public to make sure things were balanced out so he certainly have a lot of things to cover tonight let's start with the quotes Gigi and you've got a particularly good one on Atlantis this is from Rudolf Steiner and off to you all right so our Atlantean ancestors different more from the men of today than may be imagined by anyone who was wholly limited to the world of sense for his knowledge this difference extends not only to the outward appearance but also to mental capacities their science and also their technical arts their whole civilization differed much from that of our day if we go back to early times of Atlantean humanity we shall find there are there a mental capacity altogether different from our own their mental capacity is different from ours now logical reasoning the calculator II combinations upon which all that is produced at the present day is based or entirely wanting in the early Atlanteans but in place of these they possess a highly developed memory this memory was one of their most prominent mental faculties so describing the difference between the human mental functioning now to Atlantean functioning and distinct difference there it's really important difference that he spotlights because when we go back and we think of these ancient cultures one of the things that Kasey says in relation to these cultures is that they were aware of activity going on many miles above their heads so it's this inner inter penetrability I suppose we could call it they could interpenetrate with the environment which is a very different thing from the kind of hardened material points of view that I think we're coming from now and I guess that explains a lot of the symbolism in the language of symbolism in that period yeah hieroglyphics would have been completely normal you would have been able to look at hieroglyphics probably or a symbolic writing and things like that and you could process that because you'd be drawing from a different sort of spectrum of information but here in 3d our memories fragmented and I in a way it's good because it allows us to kind of focus more on details right we can't get trapped in it and think that this is our only capacity is this to only have everything fit into the boxes that we have interests oh yeah it's funny because the one of the things that Steiner brings forward and I have another quote from Steiner here to start us off on our Atlantean adventure but one of the things he liked to stress is that in 1840 the mystery schools faced with the onslaught of scientific materialism decided they needed to let out some of this information regarding humanity's past about Atlantis which was held as a very great secret for thousands of years through these schools so we have to keep that in mind when we say Atlantis we're not just talking about some civilization exactly like ours that existed back there when we say advanced civilization yes they possess the high technology but they possess some other quality of consciousness which apparently is missing now which that becomes tricky right Gigi well I think it becomes tricky to conceptualize Atlantis because we don't have the same sort of my guess archetypal knowing as we did then is much more fluid then yeah right a lot of times we picture Atlantis is basically like you know the Romans we weapons you know with high-tech right it's like everyone's running around and Roman outfits but it is a very different thing in fact some of the Cayce readings about it talked about how they had developed out of thought forms so going really from this ethereal into this physical part slowly to a point where maybe they weren't even that visible on the Material Plane now they'd be kind of slowly coming into that density but here Steiners quote on Atlantean initiates quote about Atlantean initiates in their schools for they indeed are beyond the average development of their time and for admission into such schools and he's giving us this early definition of the mystery schools in Atlantis and for admission into such schools aid not the deciding factor but rather at the considerations whether the candidate in his former incarnations has acquired the ability to assimilate the higher wisdom the confidence placed in emissions and their engines in Atlantean times was not based on the extent of their personal experience but on the age of their wisdom for an initiate his own personality has ceased to have any importance now I'm going to read that again for an initiate his own personality has ceased to have any importance interesting can we imagine that now he's entirely at the service of the internal wisdom and therefore the characteristics of any period of time have no weight with him very different type of individual happening there completely well even just having initiates in society is completely different you know that at alone I mean yes very healthy and then to recognize that you know age wasn't so much a thing it was they could almost tell whether someone had lived and that kind of I think it's beautiful today all right right we need more of that if we had initiates in society now instead of just even what regular people know are kind of corrupt leaders for the most part or glorified sports figures for example glorified celebrities for example that's a whole different type of ego trip that has nothing to do with being advanced yeah nothing to do with being advanced and I can tell you one thing that all of this hidden occult assassination stuff where people are being assassinated in ritualistic ways and all these things are going on to affect consciousness and subvert consciousness these things would be very difficult to pull off if and cults that people get damaged in those would be very difficult to pull off if there was initiate some society that we're paying attention to those realms watching those realms and holding people accountable when they started to get messy in those places Wow yeah absolutely this is the accountability that's so missing now in that even the majority of the alternative research community or alternative Media has really tried to bring this information out to hold people accountable you know Katherine Austen Fitz has a great saying about transparency that where there's no transparency there's no democracy there's no society and we're seeing a situation where and the transparency has gone the wall of secrecy rules the roost and so the conditions on the ground become schizophrenic in terms of that relationship because the people making the decisions have access to a whole different kind of world view all different types of information different types of Technology different types of knowledge so with that imbalance we can't really see why they're doing the things that they do in her her quote is that who are the real forces that are controlling planet Earth and why are they acting the way that they're acting which i think is the ultimate question behind this show and and so much of the important work around the alternative research community that is the ultimate and I do feel like we're chipping away at it sort of one one brick at a time here I do feel like we're get I do with it but that's a great quote yeah that's a great the sentiment is is right on and now what we do with the x-series and this is you know we've gotten through many episodes in the x-series we're heading towards episode 40 of the X series and what we do for people who aren't familiar with it is that we follow the X steganography that something I discovered when I was looking into programs that had gone black and they very often related to advanced technology and they were predominantly on the US side u.s. and Canada and sometimes the UK but the programs would go black and then they would re-emerge with the strange X designation so X 15 you know was a series of secret planes that were created by walter dornberger who was one of the paperclip nazis that we brought over here and in his work in particular i kept seeing this act so I followed it initially that way until when I was looking around into other departments in other government agencies I saw it used recklessly across the board and I found close to 200 examples of it which told me that there was a signaling router in there for it on the way that it was being used far beyond the way that it would be used for example in normal exchanges X was particularly good because it is in fact the the least used letter to start a word so if you had to for example brief a group of agents and you couldn't give them every little detail and let them in on all that but you wanted them to keep track of a particular program you could use this steganography to do it because they would be able to see and track a particular program without knowing the details and the deeper nested facts about it this was crucial when you get to intelligence work the amazing thing about the x tagging ography and i should say something about steganography as a term this comes down to us from ancient times but in particular it was used in the Middle Ages as a term and it fundamentally translates to a text within a text so the idea is you know very often when we know that there's a password to crack a kind of a crypto code and we know that something's going on there like they had the Enigma machines during World War two that the Nazis had and the Allies were always trying to crack these Enigma machines with steganography it's it's there it's not hiding it's in plain sight you will see it it has to be something in the ordinary level but for those initiates those people initiated into the secrecy of what it means they will have an understanding of it so it's a text within a text for those who can see but it has to be hidden in plain sight just like so many of these programs that I've discussed that reemerging have this X designation those people who are following those programs understand it and of course programs like the x-37b and all the modern things like SpaceX fall into this category over and over again and you can very much eliminate in relation to this so the ex diggin ography gives us a key like a rosetta stone to get after some of these deeper mysteries because without it there's a lot of disconnected facts that we are trying to pull together the other aspect is psychic investigation psychic archaeology but mystery schools and their relationship to this steganography and the secrecy that they've captured that they've carried over these years you know a very interesting thing because the more we understand that and we understand the political process in relation to the mystery schools the world becomes a lot easier to see what's going on with the powers that are operating behind the scenes but GT psychic investigation psychic archaeology these are the things that you've contributed for example to the X show I've said it many times there's no better friend or ally to the X research that we do but that's a very specific kind of work and it it takes a certain process because the regular types of research organizations or academic requirements and all this kind of research community they don't know how to apprehend psychic information so it's an interesting thing that we're doing we're kind of giving it a foundation for where to start yeah we are and the thing I think about I love the phrase psychic archaeologists that you made up there it's really good great coin there the funny thing there is I feel like there's actually two types of archaeology and two types of sort of treasure hunting and all of that there's a one that everyone thinks about you go to school and then there's this psychic one that everybody uses but nobody talks about aha because you just did a show a while ago about the crystal skulls I'm the crystal skull they had that that a young lady that the location for it it's like finding a needle in a haystack and the whole thing about this the psychics and mediums is that they're being used all the time I have lots of psychic friends and you know and I've consulted for lots of people and just isn't talked about that's all you know it's interesting it is the big it's the elephant in the room and a lot of people on that level like we know for example there are actual software programs for Wall Street brokers that are all about astrological cycles that's amazing yeah not I've come across them and I've talked to people in that financial world who use that stuff and so you know we have to know when we look at people like Nixon we've done a series of episodes about his relationship to Jean Dixon and the kinds of amazing things that she translated through for him and with people you know sometimes we'll say well we don't know you know if that's true or not I mean even Newsweek reported it because the reason that's on the record in the first place although everyone sort of knew anyway was because Newsweek did an article there was a guy who was looking for the earliest task forces around terrorism and he went back to 1971 and he found Jean Dixon's name in Richard Nixon's and he's like what's going on here like why was she on a task force this is a traditional mainstream media guy who was curious and he found out that in the article they state that she had been in touch with that White House during his presidency over 80 times and that she living him advice about kidnappings things related to you know these diplomats who had been grabbed and these very very tense national security situations so we can see they're regarded at the very top level what we found out when we looked at gene dicks and further is she'd been giving advice to presidents since FDR oh yeah I think the world like finding children and doing all these kind of operations would be so much easier with a roomful of psychics you know I really do like good psychics though not what he wants okay again it's like ya know I think that things would actually move a lot faster because they can tune into the subtle energies that are going on and they can read those and get things faster and predictive stuff is great but astrology is really awesome especially because she was an astrologer as well so that's particularly good for a lot of different sup planning things out things like that well and when we've looked at the Nixon administration there's a lot of mysticism involved everything from Nixon's pyramid to the Nixon time capsule containing this energy formula which we've covered from Robert Merritt's testimony so we can see that Nixon was somebody who was deep deep in the awareness of these kind of supernatural forces but what's fascinating to me is well first of all you may get that call from Trump Chi Chi now if a student shows watch out well my I have a family member that invented a element and the time that he invented it was also through a Theosophical channel so I mean I mean it's it's all there amazing actually because Dale Corson you your family is fascinating we're gonna do more on your family and it gets more and more interesting but I picked up a picture of Dale course and we had this picture of him with from Braun and that was interesting then I found a picture of von Braun with Walt Disney discussing the space program with a little model space thing and I was thinking you know over and over again about Corson in his role and that was kind of like the national security set up but the other course and thing that we found of course was hiring Corson who's there in your family line and hired was the person who housed Helena Blavatsky while she wrote Isis unveiled here in America and he also had a very interesting kind of Rosicrucian connection thing going on there so your family is well steeped in it and if I didn't think that was enough I got the book by Bill Carson about intelligence and he was someone who maybe a little further out and your family but there's a guy who objected to the way that the intelligence community handled the presidencies of Kennedy Carter and Reagan and so on so a lot of national security and Theosophical backgrounds there Gigi yeah I had no idea but it explains a lot we've had fun with that because it landed right in the middle of the series totally totally guided by spirit completely so one thing you mentioned which I found interesting and I want to follow up on this with you is there are a lot of psychics out there and people who are doing work of a kind of mediumistic character and it's not reputable so this is tough because there's so many good people to draw from like the work of Steiner like the work of Casey etc who really could tap in that way and then there have always been other people who just kind of exploited the space and sometimes we find marketing groups or Intel groups exploiting the space how do we sort through that kind of minefield well it does teach us discernment you always have to really pay attention to how you feel when you're watching somebody and what place within yourself you're tuning into these people is it because you're lonely is it because you know you're going through something really pay attention to how you feel pay attention to your gut it's really really important to do that and always always know that you are a sovereign being you are the core of your beliefs of your anything that you take from anybody whether it be tonight or anytime it it was always yours it's just being reflected in that person so that has to be your core you have to understand that the dynamic going on is that someone is saying something important to you and you're picking it up and that's why three people could watch a spiritual teacher talk and get something completely different it's not the teacher it's it's you it's always you and know that that will help you navigate it the other thing that society I feel like has to do is stop persecuting mystics because when we persecute mystics and we do that sort of humiliate them or persecute them it creates a very dark fold and in the new-age community where these people can actually function because the whole thing is just bad or the whole thing's wrong and so we have to be careful not to do that as well and approach mysticism with a playful and curious attitude absolutely and wouldn't it be great if we could just identify someone as a mystic you know just like hey there's a light over their head we know it's easy but we have to use our skills this way yeah that'd be that's the way they probably did it you know in our history I know that there are still tribes that identify their shamans that way okay I'm sure there's people watching right now that know what I'm talking about what they will have a baby born and they'll look at it they were like oh that's a shaman we know so it still exists today but in the West we become very arrogant very arrogant in our thinking that we know everything and we have to watch for that it's very toxic that's an excellent point and we need to get out of our heads a lot too I I think that's obvious I wanted to throw something in there okay and I you know I'm nuts person but I know a little bit um so even the best batters in history right strike out right yeah so we have to remember this and they're paid billions of dollars and they're applauded for years after they die and everything but a psychic gets something wrong and boom there are charlatans right it's so unfair and you know also you know it can depend on what you've eaten that how you slept there are all sorts of factors what's going on your personal life whether you are having a good day connecting to your higher self or not we have to be we have to understand these factors all play in great exactly and yeah psychics are human and also I've said things that didn't come to pass for three years so for three years I was wrong until it happened and sometimes that happens where you think something's wrong and it happens but it happens later it happens in a bit of a different way you're exactly right I mean I think that the ratio is a good 70% I heard I read that from a famous intuitive somewhere that a good psychic is that yeah yeah there's the whole question of time lines shifting also oh and that's even more crazy now back in the day when you see tighten when you see psychics teach intuition all that predictive stuff was much easier than because time has shifted since 2012 and it's a lot harder to do predictive work in the same way because of the time lines Wow absolutely it's a great point I want to remind everyone that you're watching dark journalists and we're here with Gigi young and you know it's interesting because we're we're doing the X series here this episode is a crucial piece the X series number 38 Atlantis assassinations because we're going to get into some of these very unusual deaths of like Ernest Hemingway like his brother even like one of his granddaughter's and take a look at his connection to this Atlantis information that comes through his mother and the Edgar Cayce work and his interaction with the material and we can we've shown on the record where it had a huge influence on him one of the things I want to stress tonight tonight's gonna be particularly interesting because Gigi and I do this process where she does a lot of psychic investigating and I've been able to come up with topics and things and you know I can say this from my own work which is been working with Gigi that she has this ability to reach in and look at things like timelines things that have happened in the past with a kind of retro cognitive ability and it's quite remarkable and it's helped spur so many and ignite so many things in the series tonight you're going to get a little glimpse of this live as often you know we trade things out but there's a little there's a few things I'm going to ask Gigi about tonight when we get into things around the Jama and assassination we'll see some of this interplay so tonight is going to be particularly instructive for how these types of investigations can go and that very very important element of incorporating as Emma Britten told us the morphix Circle incorporated that ability to use intuition to discern a matter that is largely in the domain of journalistic or historical research this is crucial factor that it's going to give us a real edge when looking at things and we're going to need it after all if we're incorporating work like rudolf steiner and edgar cayce and Helena Blavatsky they all use that ability so we're going to incorporate it right here and do it live so tonight this is going to be kind of special that way Gigi okay behind the scenes I would ignore him anyway it's good so one quick thing miss Olivia is your opening question if you have something there you can start with okay so mr. Andrew oh seven wants to know Gigi do you feel that our lack of overall psychic development is one reason so many are susceptible to quote fake news yeah we are living in a problem that is not a political problem we'd like to try to make it a political issue and yes politics are important they're kind of moving the smaller pieces on the surface but we're in US we're in a moral and spiritual and psychic crisis where we have drifted so far from our abilities and psychic abilities our instinctual abilities we have them originally to protect us from danger we had to be able to sense when an animal was behind us or a sound far away and it's not weird at all but we for whatever reason we push it away and now we can't tell whether someone's telling the truth where they're speaking from we know but we don't trust it and we are being Pied Piper into all these different directions because we have forgotten our ability to know and we often laugh at those who try to who do know and so we are in a crisis in it and it is a spiritual crisis for sure and there's no doubt there's no question excellent point I think you hit that point where you you kind of need to hit bottom as a society in order to bounce back you know and you think of the great things that have happened in the civil rights movement it's when people got a look at fire hoses down there in Alabama and they were like oh you know that's where the civil rights movement really changed the consciousness of humanity there's always that kind of crucial thing that changes our direction and it's absolutely necessary to have that kind of awakening that crucial moment that takes place yeah I also wanted to throw this in I had an exchange with the most lovely person on Twitter who I feel like is coming from such a pure heart space but is um well how much do I say she's not quite open to hasn't reconciled the idea of the psychopaths and the sociopaths that evil in this world that sort of you know can't we all get along in the kumbaya kind of way and this was something that I had a hard time with I was very naive about and it's been difficult kind of embracing the dark side that's well that's let's really sum it up you know really acknowledging evil right technology yeah I mean who wants to acknowledge evil you want to feel like oh you know they're all little they weren't treated well as children no their reporting if you gave them enough love everything would work out it it seems to me I am coming slowly to the conclusion that that is not a an accurate read of the earth plane absolutely absolutely Gigi is a lot of people you know I always say the Psychopaths have are the farthest from the Sun they've completely forgotten that they're spirits and are living in survival mode right they're living in survival of vampiric survival mode and the best thing to do with those people is to completely let them be because the only thing that will work for those people they'll they will view loving exchanges as offensive they you know it they're not in the same perspective we have to understand that we all don't have the same I is the same perspective and when someone gets like that a lot of the times it's good to just leave them be and sometimes love can be very very strong boundaries absolutely well as some of them like to pretend to that they're loving and used loving and like in language and those are the cult leaders and so what do you have to say about that am i that well because they view it as a survival thing they view it as a way to get energy and they'll be in spirituality they'll be in business but they'll mimic people because they'll see what gives energy but if you are intuitive you'll be able to sense a hollowness to that person and that's where intuition comes in and it's it's it's naive to think that by being caught by being like overly loving and just giving all your energy to someone is going to be the answer unfortunately it's not but they can absolutely be anywhere these types of people well what I also think it's kind of interesting we're getting into this but you know what's also fascinating is when you run across good people who are into dysfunctional dynamics – it's like until their dynamics change like I think the idea is that they have the ability to change there are some people we don't know if they have the ability to change they're on a certain kind of trajectory anything actually when you said when you run across those people you know let them do what they're gonna do I thought you're gonna say when you run across those people run as fast as you can I mean you always have to protect your energy you know you're your number one priority so you have to listen to what you need energetically well it's fascinating in I guess one other thing we can add there is there's a king quote about this actually which is odd and maybe it's something to consider to wrap all that up Olivia which is that evil is just under good I always found that interesting that is there's there's the roots of good inside of evil and so it's not you know it's it's the ability is there it's just somehow it's locked you know yeah and you and and there's always evil and good because we always have to have a sense that we are capable of evil every single person is capable of evil is capable of having a shadow if they're not careful that will creep up higher and higher in their reality like that experiment with them when they were electrocuting people you know or you know there's we proven this so we're all capable of it we have to be not naive to that too so yes absolutely this is fascinating and I think it really plays into what we're about to get into because a lot of the people who take it upon themselves to run the world and that includes the national security state apparatus very often hide behind the fact that they were doing good or they were fighting evil Russians or you know whatever it happens to be so they have these constructs that allow them to grandstand as heroes looking back on things and even you know when we had the Nazis before Nuremberg and they said well you know we were just following orders you know so there's always that element there which is there's a justification that kind of it's something at the Gurdjieff term they call a for matauri apparatus it's it's the ultimate excuse maker that's always operative in a regular intellectual mind yep can you go more into this you know Olivia you got a point we're gonna do a great Jeff episode on former Tory apparatus but we're gonna for tonight we're gonna get deep into this but thanks for it let's keep track of that are you gonna start with George HW Bush yes former President Bush passed away and this had been rumored it's been coming for a while because Barbara Bush had passed away and they said that he was in kind of rough condition what's interesting of course we know Bush from so many different things and he shows up in history very unusually as the CIA director under Ford in 1976 but previous to that he ran Zapata oil and Zapata was the code name for the Bay of Pigs invasion Prescott Bush his dad God wanted at Union Bank by FDR for doing business with the Nazis and I under the trading with the enemy provision and the lawyer in that deal is Allen Dulles you know who eventually became the head of the CIA that's kind of an interest turn about since he was working with Bush at the time and they say that Prescott Bush the senator from Connecticut George HW Bush Bush ones dad didn't get prosecuted because he was the head of the USO and FDR felt well it would be kind of demoralizing here we're going in to fight these Nazis and we fire the guys in charge of our entertainment division so they basically gave him a slap on the wrist and covered the matter up but the Bush family had very very deep ties to some dark forces and certainly that Nazi post fascist International that Joseph Ferrell talks about has that incredible tight tied to the bushes the bushes kind of foray into oil in Texas being this kind of Yankee family was very interesting too and Bush was a very unsuccessful politician failing as a congressman twice to win a seat but eventually got promoted through his relationship through his dad's relationship with Nixon to be the head of the RNC and ambassador to China which really got him going Nixon gave him those jobs because Prescott Bush had been the mentor for Nixon so there is that very very interesting revolving door of power there but you know people very often then you say you know oh you always think the CIA is running the government well at a certain point you know George Bush was actually the CIA director and the president right so he was the former CIA director who became president so that's the CIA running the presidency I think so there's no conspiracy there what's fascinating when we look through history though is that since we're looking so much at the JFK events as a linchpin event for how the deep state got born there's such intention to ties from bush one to the JFK assassination including the fact that this oil geologist George de Mohrenschildt wrote Bush a letter in 1976 and they had written incredibly good friends and he said you know this nerve net is coming in around me I try to write a book about Oswald and butch had to own up to it because the letter became public that it went in through the CIA and he was like oh yeah I knew this guy way back when but what are the odds that George HW Bush would have known the oil geologist who was stewarding Lee Harvey Oswald around I mean those connections in the oil geology group in Texas is incredibly small at that time so those people all knew each other and what's interesting when we go back there and we look at this is that when he sent that letter to Bush saying that he was being interfered with by murky groups this George de Mohrenschildt characters a very interesting guy and he you know like I said this very close associate of Lee Oswald's who became the alleged assassin of JFK boy didn't give him any help you know said well basically you're on your own and as a result of that you know the year later when Des Moines Shield got subpoenaed they found him suicided you know he blew his brains out or he was actually killed obviously but we can see those very dark corridor of power with George HW Bush and then by the time we get to W Bush moving into Iraq and all the rest of it I think we could literally say that we had an opportunity for two different dynasties in America when was the Kennedy dynasty which was Jack Bobby and Ted or we could have gotten what we got which was George Bush won George Bush – and then Jeb was the was the answer well at least we didn't get Jeb I suppose but some incredibly destructive political legacy there yeah you know what I did I I think that w George w just wanted to paint portraits in the bathtub I mean that's all he wanted to do with life that's probably probably capable of – yeah that's what he wanted to do with his life but he was I think he was forced into that yes thank you with a softer character that was kind of forced to do what he did yeah he's the well the real puppeteer of the Bush W administration George W Bush was chaining there's no question about it and Professor Peter Dale Scott his work becomes a foundation of dark journalism on this show in the time that I've spent with him and different interviews that we've done but his work I mean I've been so into his work even since I was in college but Professor Scott coined the term the deep sea and his fundamental thing was the deep state a big core aspect of it was the continuity of government group and this group would always show up around deep events and the continuity of government group was based around the idea that if the country was destroyed in a nuclear attack or the presidency was destroyed there was an underground government that would take over and it was always those people who were working in that underground element like Cheney like Rumsfeld like John Dean who were associated with it it would show up in these strange events like 9/11 or Watergate or iran-contra so there was something about that secret corridor of power which was ultra classified in the continuity of government CEO G programs and by the time you get to w bush's presidency you're in the heart of CEO g country because you've got rumsfeld taking on the role of defense secretary for the second time he was already defense secretary one of the youngest defense secretaries in the 70s he comes back in 2000 as to secretary and other than there's Cheney again and now he's vice president you know so he had been the original guy in the Iraq war so these guys and the way that they're moved around on a board probably the closest thing that we have in the public to a deep state that we can actually get our hands on and see because they're the living reflection of it and they always seem to have some puppet around like W for example yeah they're they're up to things in Texas they're up to things they're definitely up there's some strange things that happen in Texas too there's a lot of military bases there and there's a lot of things that happen there and I think that they're really motivated by money and I think that they're very fearful you know completely different than some of the other dynasties I think that are around political dynasties no question no question the this is also known for a very high incidence of UFO sightings which I found quite remarkable West Texas yes West Texas is insane I know so many people personally that have had experiences people that don't believe the Marfa lights are amazing I saw the Marfa lights and these little lights that appear and disappear and merge together nobody knows what they're up to over there I went there and there are these people that have these strange and instruments and they're watching the Marfa lights there and they're like and they were having yeah they're having ceremonies and stuff that's crazy oh it's straight yeah so Texas there's a lot of things going on in Texas very very interesting the other high incidence of UFO sightings is right above us in New Hampshire which is very interesting they have an incredible high incidence of sightings New Mexico Texas New Hampshire in Arizona are the highest and then California and all the rest of it but I always find that interesting and I have to say a lot of the sightings in Texas I've always felt like Nevada are probably engineered crafts on our side you know that just the public's not aware of as much because there's an experimental basis down there yeah definitely same with Nevada yeah that whole area is really experimental and a lot of it probably is yeah it's interesting because it gets us around to this question of what do we know about and this you know so many people were compelled if we look at the mystery school record and we look at Casey's readings that came out in the birdies in the 40s really is when a book came out about him called there is a river and so many people got into this stuff before that he was a very obscure figure and he lived most of his life that way he wasn't famous and but he had this very unique ability one tamanna' he amassed these 14,000 readings over the period of 30 years but that book became famous in the sixties because another book called the sleeping prophet came out and there's this New York Times reporter named Jess Stern who did the sleeping prophet and he's going down to Virginia Beach and he's doing the research Gigi you're gonna like this because he goes in there and he's like looking through these readings he tries to find this reading about how the Cayce material will get out to the broader public he's going through there and he finds case he has pent his own name just Stern in the records of somebody who will bring his work out are you kidding Wow Wow gives us some idea of the real vision of the man and stern couldn't believe it he's sitting there looking at the archives if you've ever been in that room it's interesting because you have all these readings and you know they computerized some of them but very often people just open it up and they're you know they're in plastic and you look at them he's sitting there doing research in his own names in there like a little wink so what happens is he writes the book the sleeping prophet and there's a big piece in there about Atlantis and a big Atlantis craze happens in the 60s and Donovan does a song about Atlantis and suddenly there are movies about Atlantis and this thing is kind of getting around and one of the predictions that Casey made was about Bimini and this is also very interesting because um he said parts of Poseidon will rise and this is where we get to this Atlantis rising theme that we've been working on now one of those people who got really into this was John Lennon and I want to read this woman who was a she's very interesting actually her name is Arlene Wrexham and she's been in the music business for decades but she's talking about this time when she was with Lenin while he was recording the album imagine which became one of his biggest albums after the Beatles and she says this gives us an idea of how Casey came out when I came across the Cayce material so one day Arlene she was working on a Sunday and she didn't know who or why she was supposed to be working but she'd agreed to this friend you know that she would go and do this she had no idea who's actually working in the studio at the time the session was for orchestral overdubs for imagine and soon she met John Lennon and Yoko Ono during the sessions she said quote I was reading an Edgar Cayce book on Atlantis and John went to take a break and said can I borrow what you're reading I said sure and he took the book with him into the bathroom when he came back he asked me can I have it he wanted the book so this is the Edgar Cayce on Atlantis book and this is how it got into John Lennon's hand this woman Arlene who had done these sessions before didn't know she'd be working on a Sunday and had agreed to it because this other woman randomly asked her to do it and then the Egger Cayce on Atlantis book got into John Lennon's hands quite interesting kind of fluke of faith there and so that gives us the first kind of glimpse I mean Lennon had very unusual interests in psychic phenomena his best friend in the 70s was uri geller oh my gosh it is interesting it's kind of fascinating that he had this whole connection to the subject now during the 70s he took five years off from 75 to 1980 and in that period of time he hung out with Uri Geller he developed his own interests one of the things he became very interested in were these Cayce readings relating to Atlantis rising and one of the things that Yoko Ono and John Lennon did but mostly I think at Lennon's instigation was to trot by Lots in the Atlantic Ocean as les Hemingway had done the decade previously for when this temple of poseidon this Atlantis land would rise and this was something that was happening there as a result of these case he readings getting public people were getting interested in Atlantis rising and trying to figure out where it was going to be and these truly rich people we're trying to figure out where exactly is it going to be rising so one of the fascinating things that I pulled out in looking at Lennon's background we'll take a quick look at well I mean just an incredible figure and you know of course we're we're gonna speak about him in the memory of his death but the things he did when he was alive really are what make him a remarkable character and you know the people who lived through he was an icon of generation and he was always working on this piece topic his incredible musician obviously almost anyone would put him in there their top five as one of the greatest of all time a lot of people just think he was the greatest period and so in looking at him he's a very complex figure so we can only kind of scratch the surface with him tonight that's a remarkable human being but we will look at this one aspect of his life and how he was assassinated at the end of his life because of the kind of work that he did and the type of political enemies that he had but we'll keep in mind the fact that he was just a remarkable individual I'm just a quick look at when inhere who was a large inspiration on me of course when I was growing up and I felt like you know he was this figure back there who was who had died and I just needed to know learn everything about him and I think he's one of those people very few people have made that kind of an impact on planet earth is John wound a couple of interesting things about him and he did develop quite an interest in Casey's work over time but let's look at this which i think is interesting so in this article which goes into a lot of things that people didn't know about that he was working on in those five years where he had retired from music so there's an article here where an aide is discussing what he and Yoko Ono were into which live with them and she said Lenin transformed a vast room of his apartment into a mystical Egyptian like temple filled with relics of ancient religions he and his wife Yoko Oni Oh Yoko Ono hardly ever made a move without consulting clairvoyance astrologers or numerologists giving us some real idea of the character of the man and his mystical esoteric side getting very interesting in the world that Lenin created he came to see his son and himself as one he had a son the son they're talking about is the son he had with yoga which is Sean in 1975 and he considered Yoko not just a wife but also a mother and he called her mother right up until his tragic death when he was finally convinced that his son's transformation was successful Lenin who had had a fairly robust security detail decided not to carry but so much security when he was out in the bow which I think is kind of interesting considering the timing now the other unusual thing I think that's interesting when we look back on it is that Lenin and his mystical interests he was trying to always reach these higher States and the Beatles themselves had these very interesting stories about him and how in these characters would come along and say like you know you can learn things about Aleister Crowley or you can learn things about higher consciousness and he would always go along with them for a while before he exposed them and this is one of the reasons they wound up with the Maharishi in India and they had gone there thinking they're gonna reach nirvana and all the rest of it and then the Maharishi made a pass at what is Mia Farrow's suitors prudence so all these very interesting experiences and disappointments that he had in relation to this but the case he worked was something along with his relationship with Uri Geller that I think really formulated this hardcore interest in Atlantis and there are you know there's this whole series of stories about him buying these Lots of Atlantic Ocean where he thought it was going to rise but he actually bought an island in the Atlantic Ocean probably thinking it was related to all this small island and we're going to get into that tonight also but we're getting an idea here Gigi that in this period of time the 60s and 70s because of the 60s is explosion and consciousness and because the mystery schools had laid this down that celebrities L major people were coming forward and latching on to this idea of Atlantis rising that's maybe it's kind of dangerous for the deep stage and we can see in the case of Hemingway may be very dangerous yeah well you can also see that that's when the drugs start to come in as well you know our spiritual experience but they can also really taint it by bringing up too much of your shadow as well so and there's a lot of links with the CIA also you know kind of pushing drugs in that time period as well and did they do that to maybe stop consciousness from rising and discovering lost civilizations or things like that so it was definitely a it was kind of a beautiful time and then I think people were really starting to come back to themselves a little bit but there was a shadow side that did creep in yeah well you know yeah well there's a fearlessness like a lack of caution and a recklessness that they wanted they wanted the world and they wanted it now you know yeah well there are explanations too you know Eugene McCarthy was a peace activist who became a candidate for president he was a senator from Minnesota and he inspired the college kind of liberals to have this peace movement and the peace movement was very sophisticated little movement and was not into being like hippies and overturning over cars and getting deep into drugs and they've often said that they targeted that movement which was a very effective peace movement that knew how to put together protests and fight the Vietnam War and all the rest of it and they threw these kind of hangers on all over them and they really push this drug crowd into them to kind of mesh the two in the public's mind so when the public would think about peace activists they be thinking just about these really kind of reckless hippies yeah exactly so they were able to kind of maybe make it less of a spiritual revolution as it could have been and you know here you have John Lennon and you have Hemingway they're out in boats looking for something there's a Renaissance going on there but there were some kind of odd circumstances that definitely tried to stop major figures from discovering maybe vestiges of lost civilizations yeah well this is interesting because what happens when the culture gets ahead of the deep stay I mean with Kennedy that happened that began to happen and obviously the response on that was pretty clear the strange thing about Hemingway I feel is that he was very good at keeping secrets and so the things that we covered about you know his mother being associated with Casey and he and his brother les looking for and naming New Atlantis and buying up lots in the Atlantic Ocean for when it would rise and also being in this healing well in Bimini and the documentaries they did I mean les also wound up being assassinated so whoever was on this tip and on this program deep in the CIA deep in the deep state he looked like a pretty good threat too and and he obviously was eliminated himself only two years after he came out with his story about this healing well so we can see that the families here the Kennedy bride and on the Hemingway side were certainly targeted by this force it does appear and not only you know once or twice but continuously I have a lot of questions about the Hemingway's father as well I I think he's included he also committed committed suicide as well I have questions about that I feel like there's something there – how long has this been going on – the Hemmingway's you know it certainly has haunted the kennedys generation after generation Vettes or something with the Hemmingway's as well so because there's like three or four at least three generations there of heavy heavy mysticism and also suicides well I think when we look at less in particular and you and I kind of tuned into less a little bit I think cuz he's sort of a kindred spirit in a way but um there's something about less looking for Atlantis naming New Atlantis as we found yesterday he's the person who originally discovered the Cuba ruins that were going to talk about tonight which Paul is alit skis team went down there and found these temples off the coast of Cuba and took these amazing pictures and then the whole thing was clammed up but he was the first one now that we've discovered had this experience of seeing that and reported it and he got that into the mainstream and then it was Solinsky and her team working under the guise of being oceanographers for Castro who found this amazing city and actually it got reported in 2001 so it is we can see that they were on to something Casey was on to something the mystery schools were giving the culture something and it got blocked and it's still being blocked and this is a major kind of issue that's happening because they want to control that moment when that land rises and they want to be the ones far in advance of anyone else who find things like the halls of hall of records from the Atlanteans for example oh they definitely do and alia no less he wasn't quiet about it he named his boat New Atlantis he's out there and his boat that was called Atlantis and he's sailing around he's you know he had the documentary crew follow him around and he was in the water with his daughter like he was not quiet about what he was doing at all run and I think that that was really not something that they wanted to in people's consciousness you know yes well one of the things we've done in the last two episodes is bring that Kennedy Hemingway thing to reality now somebody on the research side can really look at this now we've got a kind of a breakthrough and that changing history we understand that this is what was happening with Hemingway they made these extraordinary efforts to get that vault out of Cuba and then we all know the strange tainted history of it coming here and Jackie Kennedy getting it but then Mary Hemingway's aide saying oh no she only got a very small portion of it and the rest is in a vault in New York City so we've got a lot of things here to sort through but what I'm gonna do is I'm going to go to Lenin and the Sakura circumstances around his assassination since we're close to the anniversary it's a little dark but I think we might get some answers here in keeping in mind that he was somebody who was dedicated to this Atlantis rising proposal by the way what did you think of him keeping that kind of mystical room with all these artifacts of Egyptian it's really you know what after researching it and talking to people and knowing people you would be surprised at the number of people that have an Egypt room in their house it's actually more common than you would think so I wasn't surprised in that sense but I really feel like he was told and he felt like he had a past life in Egypt and he felt or was told by clairvoyance that he had past lives in Atlantis and I do feel like on a deeper level they're looking for themselves and this is the kind of the mystic view is that you know when when less and hemingway are out there in the water they're looking for a piece of themselves of their past of something that they're missing within their memory we started with a quote of remembering you know here we have Hemingway talking about fifth dimensional time why asking about these things is he's trying to reconnect with that and that's what Atlantis represents it's as different consciousness it's 5d time and so there they are but they're looking I really do feel like that passion that money that they're spending is it's really to look for themselves they're trying to recreate it you know they're trying to recreate it in this life like Lenin is trying to recreate that Egyptian connection that ECL Z has that I can kind of see right now and also so is you know less than the other Hemingway's they're trying to capture that again so that they can remember that part of themselves Wow fascinating and it's interesting too because in these cases they were thwarted and also the other thing is so much of what they're kind of coming from of where they're coming from is based on this KC mystery school information that got brought public for everyone basically the scene so quite remarkable and I highly agree that they're trying to reconnect with some piece of themselves I will run through a couple of pictures here that's margaux hemingway who also committed suicide almost to the day that her grandfather committed suicide but her in 1996 and she had really followed so much in the mystery footsteps of her grandfather Ernest and there's this kind of overhang of secrets around them and she gets into it a little bit but it's really Muriel who brings that out that it was just a very hush-hush thing to talk about Ernest Hemingway in the household which I find really quite fascinating and I think we get a real feeling therefore you know it was a little bit deeper than just the fact that hey you know you had a controversial famous grandfather it seems like they're really trying to keep them away from the secret well if the secret had killed people in the family right if you know if you love your children you're gonna be like can you just please stay away from that you know it's don't look into that don't you know you know you start looking into that and people start coming around the house and looking in the windows or whatever you know absolutely yeah yeah great point let's look take a little bit of a look at what the secret was all about this is a map I've been showing at these episodes now this shows us where Bimini is here right off the coast of Florida literally 30 miles so remember that Cuba's only 90 miles off so this is just a short distance it's pretty easy in a boat this is where Casey identified the first ruins of Atlantis would rise the template this idea and he said you'll be able to see it in 1968 or 69 while it's on the way up basically it'll still be underwater and in fact of the Bimini wall was discovered by a diver J Manson Valentine and the wall had this incredible structure and was clearly man-made but they try to say controversial e oh it's beach rock or whatever but there have been a number of things I mean Paul zelinsky's team went down off the coast of Cuba and we know they found hieroglyphs in their temples so you're not going to say that's beach rock so you know the old excuses are kind of gone but what does this mean what does this even mean because so close to this chart also R is the Bermuda Triangle which is there off Bermuda and the Bahamas and Cuba so we have all that and on the other end of this map over here we have Yucatan so Yucatan is also quite interesting because it figures prominently in the Cayce readings as a place to where the fleeing Atlanteans took to and they also buried this Hall of Records there in Yucatan so we've got under the Sphinx right paw is the first Atlantean Hall of Records deposited there the casing that would be open when the time was right and we have the temple of Posada arising off Bimini that also has these temple Hall of Records from the Atlanteans which includes that history and the memory of the two eye stone and actually construction how it was constructed which may be with all this is about and then finally on Yucatan there was a group called ill tar which left Atlantis xx Yucatan and created these temple structures and placed the Hall of Records there so those are the three locations that Casey says are one very enigmatic ly the records are one so it's the same records but he often calls the location one so maybe somebody can really kind of interpret that on some level but here we have been identifying this specific region Cuba M&E Yucatan as where the remnants of Atlantis will rise citing Bimini as first so when you think these groups are looking at this GG they're looking at and saying we have to be on top of this if this is rising we're gonna grab it before anybody gets a hold of it oh yeah they definitely want that they want everything they want every artifact they want control of that yeah they're absolutely so this gives us the kind of setup to understand why somebody like John Lennon aside from his political activism would pose such a threat now one of the things about Lennon is during the Nixon administration he was a very active participant but by the time 1980 rolled around he his activism had turned inward very much it wasn't so much political anymore so this is a little look at John Lennon in his heyday as a Beatle mister remarkable trajectory I don't think anything or anyone was really more famous than the Beatles back then was untouchable and you know Lennon became that real icon of his generation but quite a rise to fame from being basically in Liverpool and having it you know I wouldn't say his upbringing was I mean it's up but he was pretty hard because his father left him and then his mother left him with an aunt and then when she came back and he was a teenager they developed some kind of relationship and then she was killed in a car crash so he had kind of a tragic overhang and a searching overhang in life generally and of this kind of made him project out and be this incredible star but I guess that was kind of inevitable anyway this shot which I've always found very eerie is just before his assassin kills him and the same evening that he is assassinated by this guy he gives him an autograph and this is Chapman getting an autograph from John Lennon on December 8 as he's leaving the Dakota the apartment that he lives in with Yoko Ono which was this luxury apartment New York City which there's a very very strange history in there for example the film Rosemary's Baby there and just a number of unusual facts and we'll get into some of those but there's Chapman asking for his autograph I've always found this interesting because of course Chapman could have just killed him there and he didn't Chapman's a very very unusual figure and fall into this kind of MKULTRA sort of Patsy vibe that you get with Lee Harvey Oswald sirhan sirhan and these other kind of zombie assassins that are set up including the fact that he travelled the world even though he'd only been a security guard and had practically no money at all but he travelled to Switzerland Jiji he even traveled to Beirut and you know going into Beirut in the 70s was like going to Iraq during the Iraq war it just wasn't heard of so there's quite a track record there of him being built as a mind-control assassin we need to look closer at this in society because this happens a lot and yeah there's no question in my mind but I mean a lot of people realize that but yeah he was being you know used no question let's take a little bit of an insight into Mark David Chapman briefly one things that he said was this trigger for him to assassinate Lennon was reading obsessively The Catcher in the Rye there is Mark Chapman with the book and you had these impressions of him when we looked at him and I asked you to kind of tune in on who he was can you give us just a little bit of that as I get into his bio yeah I don't I don't like I don't like where he is inside I I do get the impression that he is very fractured and there's a very kind of dark evil side and then there's you know kind of other personalities in there but he's sort of functioning from different personalities and if you look at his pictures you can actually see this I mean a not picture you can tell yes there's something going on there behind those eyes what does it take a psychic to see that there's something but in there right right and if you look at other pictures he has it there's something else in there and so that's what I mean multiple kind of disassociative personalities different different sort of you're almost like possessed by different personalities that can be triggered by things Catcher in the Rye could be involved in etiquette it could have nothing to do with Catcher in the Rye it could just be a distraction so but yeah definitely you know he kind of has that like Manson II energy as well that feels very fractured to me where it's just so polarized that it splits and that's something that we as the population need to become more aware of can be weaponized absolutely I think a great example of that is the Batman shooter and whenever I looked at him I could see that he had been programmed to do these things and you can just see the kind of vacant you know the personality has vacated yes and as humans we have this ability to sense if somebody else in our tribe is sick and not well we have the ability to sense whether our children are not well and people around us is that this is not a woowoo psychic thing this is a deep instinct that we have with people and some people can be very accurate about it and some people can be just like something wrong with that guy but you can sense when people are troubled like that excellent excellent point and I think you really do get a feel for that deep deep dysfunction which makes him highly susceptible to hypnotic programming yes well yeah and that would be what would be used probably from a child probably something you know happened there and that way back then now an odd aside to this and you know you can't make this stuff up here we have JD Salinger close friends with Ernest Hemingway and Hemingway's children saying that his favorite book Hemingway's was The Catcher in the Rye yeah I mean you know the odds on that are pretty extraordinary especially with some of the themes we're developing here and what are the odds that ernest hemingway's is his favorite book is gonna be Catcher in the Rye which turns out to be the assassins trigger manual for killing John Lennon who's also looking for Atlantis it's really weird and he had a potentially signed copy of Catcher in the Rye as well he did you yeah it's Cuban that his Cuban villa yeah so he had him sign it and that was in his library so quite remarkable this is of Lennon and Ono just a day before he was shot and this was the new kind of John Lennon coming out to the public he now had a new record out called starting over he had was done with his retirement and he had a five-year-old son Sean and she was coming out and he was you know thinking even about touring he had a second album ready I mean this was a guy who was really in public life after missing an anything for five years what I should say is one of the things that he was exhausted about when he retired was that the Nixon administration pursued him endlessly to get him out of the country and there's a fantastic documentary called the US and versus John Lennon which shows their amazing wiretaps and talks to the people and the agents who brag about that they did this to him that they went through his mail and they wiretapped and they wanted anything that they could use a drug bust or whatever to get him out of the country because Nixon was very concerned about him leading a revolution or an anti-war thing and what's funny is that by 1975 of course Nixon had been forced out of office himself but Lenin nonetheless was exhausted with all this going to court all the time just about to be deported not being allowed in the country so this really kind of drove him down so he'd been in the the middle of that political storm as in he was on President Nixon's enemies list not surprised yeah yeah it's deep and so activating some figures to eliminate him couldn't have been that hard since they were tracking that intensely in that heart anyway and oddly enough here it was 1980 Ronald Reagan had been elected you know Reagan may have had the greatest intentions in the world getting in there but everyone knew he was going to re assign people like William Casey and the really hardcore people to the CIA and that whole apparatus was coming in and Bush was his VP which was one of the conditions that Nelson Rockefeller hoisted on the ticket that he wasn't going to support it unless Bush was there as the puppet VP and we know that very early on in Reagan's administration when he got in this was the season of assassination you get December 8th 1980 john lennon's assassinated then in march there's a Reagan assassination attempt or John Hinckley jr. attempts to kill him and they have another weird story and by the way in his book list is Catcher in the Rye also so there's a weird thing about that but they had this whole story about Hinckley and how he was obsessed with Jodie Foster and he wanted to kill the president over that very very strange that whole story and the people who were there again the official version falls apart anytime you look at this story so I want to say that in this period there was an assassination attempt on the Pope and there was an assassination attempt against Anwar Sadat that was successful and Sadat who was the Egyptian leader who had brought peace in Egypt with Israel with Jimmy Carter he was assassinated so we had an amazing spring there at the end of 80 into early 81 with his just assassination was the order of the day as the CIA was coming in there with the Reagan administration sounds like a clear power grab yes kill everyone agree with yes yeah and they had done it 20 years earlier in the Kennedy during the Kennedy period so here they were resurfacing again and I think that this is crucial because we've seen major leaders assassinated over and over again even Princess Diana and the situation that happened there a lot of people have looked into it the connections are very murky but let's go back to Mark David Chapman and his assassination of Lenin Lenin's association with it Atlantis rising wave coming out of the Hemingway JFK connection a few things I want to say about Mark David Chapman has some other pictures of them and I have a picture see if I can find this Chapman is unusual for a lot of reasons one he he kind of lives his life and adopts a lot of things of John Lennon he has an Asian girlfriend he sees himself as a musician you know so it's a weird mirroring of his upcoming victim which I find very unusual but one of the really kind of key aspects of his personality here he is again this is the opposite side of that shot where he's getting that autograph from John Lennon and I think just looking at him you're getting this wave of this kind of weird self-loathing hypnotized subject I think there's no question about it and he will in fact assassinate Lennon just three hours later Chapman was in Hawaii where there were multiple mind-control programs including a Delgado CIA mind control program he worked in mental hospitals so the access that they had to him doing that you know and he would work in maintenance or he would be a security guy there but what happens to him is that he hooks up with a church and it's the same church that John Hinckley jr. will hook up with and its associated since bushes as dead we'll get into this a little bit it's associated with George Bush Senior and one of his partners so the Hinkley's in fact are very good friends with the bushes and this is something that even NBC News was stunned by and never followed up on so John Hinckley jr. who attempts to shoot Ronald Reagan in March of 1981 his family are big Texas oil Republican donors who were close to the bushes as a matter of fact Hinkley in his address book had a dinner date with Neil Bush the following week this is incredibly folks close family connection and you know the odd conclusion would be they put this guy together to knock out Reagan so that Bush could ascend to the presidency right there in 1980 very very strange that same world heritage a church that Hinckley sponsored Hinckley to go around the world to Switzerland in all these places also sent marked him Chapman to Beirut to you know they sent him to Switzerland and they had him also back here in Arkansas at an army base to greet all of these incoming Vietnamese revelations of you know so many years after the war so Chapman is a very unusual background and it's actually the YMCA this Christian you know organization for young men associated with this church that sends him leapfrogging around the world now he is a very unusual background in that sense which is that his actual life you know he doesn't show any upward mobility he doesn't show the kind of ability to take these trips around the world and even when he arrives in New York City and stays there for weeks nobody know we got the money it's because New York City is very expensive even back then it was highly expensive he's staying in hotels he's ordering prostitutes so he shows up in New York and a very unusual aside to all this and it is a dark story I apologize for that but after all in looking at the story I guess we have to go deep the the aspect that I find very strange is when Mark David Chapman is in New York by accident he runs into James Taylor who was another rock star and it's almost like his programming freaks out and takes over because James Taylor says that he walks around frantically after him and tries to engage him in a conversation so much so that he remembered him so that three days later when he assassinates Lennon he's got this guy in his mind even though it was a random meeting I think it set off the programming because there he was ready to kill now a few things that are interesting also about the Catcher in the Rye aspect with Mark David Chapman for me is that when he goes to remember why he did it and all the rest he says I just heard a voice in my head saying do it do it do it do it and it wouldn't shut up so it seems like hypnotic suggestion that's my first take when we get into somehow yeah that's exactly what it sounds like and there's proud there was probably somebody who was upstairs or in a higher location that was watching and you know saw it kind of arranged it and had him do it it was probably highly arranged in and triggered through hypnotic suggestion yeah you know Manchurian Candidate that's an excellent point that's exactly what it was this this one which is find particularly interesting comes out of the Daily News and well I'm going to show this first so that we're all back in the mentality of connecting up this incident with the Hemingway incident this which is carried in the nation magazine hardly a fringe magazine you know the one out-of-focus let's say okay and it says the old man and the CIA which is a play on the title of our friends book how many ways but the old man in the sea and it's a Kennedy plot to kill Castro right there we got to get back to that right new evidence CIA scheme to use Ernest Hemingway's Cuban farm now I read here on this program last night a Declassified memo of Ed Lansdale's who was an Air Force Brigadier General who discussed a very unusual operation to take place at Hemingway's Villa and people like Arthur Schlesinger who work closely with the Kennedys flatout saying that it has nothing to do with assassination and you would never assassinate Castro at a high-profile place like Hemingway's villa so the question is what was going on there so but this article goes in-depth and says to John and Robert Kennedy plot murder for decades a clear answer to this dicey question has evaded historians so on and so forth but they go deeply into trying to spin the memo therefrom as Lansdale into this idea that it's a Kennedy administration attempt to assassinate Castro at Ernest Hemingway's house which is really terrible stupid idea and if anything when I read the manual the memo on it yesterday it seems like they were saying to them you know don't ignite the situation over there with what they were doing but there's no proof of assassination what I find interesting about this though is that over and over again when they're talking about it they keep bringing up Ernest Hemingway's land and tying it in with Lansdale and this intervention but it's this mainstream media now that the document is out there they don't know how to spin it because what else do you say about the fact that there was this incredible vault in Hemingway's place that the government needed to get their hands on so they have to spin these wild stories about assassination and the way that they do that I think is very telling so that when we get into these Manchurian candidates these kind of zombie assassins we get a feel for what is going on here but the information is getting out about some of the things that these people were after so when people like Hinckley show up when people like Mark David Chapman show up we have to look at them in a completely different context which is these people instead of being you know these Manchurian candidates you know these kind of well the armature mentoring candidates but instead of being these lone wolf crazed losers who just happen to get a lucky break we have to look very differently now something that happened when Mark David Chapman was arrested is telling night recorded it actually just before I got on the show so let's see if if it'll play but this is the arresting officer who got Chapman and he has a very interesting telling thing to say about what chattin said to him as soon as he was arrested let's listen to this here to remind everyone that you're watching the dark journalists show here comes the hi-tech GJ the first thing he says is I acted alone I'm corrected programming right absolutely I mean that's the first thing that you're gonna want somebody to say it's very obvious but but don't hurt me is to me that's the inner child the child that was fractured after lots of traumatic programming saying don't hurt me that's the next layer the first layer is the programming the second layer is how the programming happened which was hurting so ah right I was alone don't hurt me don't hurt me right nating I thought in particular the you know I acted alone instantly so that one the policeman is not looking for his compadres and to the instant thing he radios back to the police station is oh don't worry he acted alone so that nobody is looking for the other people who put him into this situation I mean I was thinking more like maniacal laughter or something or like what I would also think is interesting is that he didn't make any attempt to run that as he was instructed to be caught so in this particular case they wanted the killer and the Pats and they wanted it wrapped up and out they didn't want it lingering out there and they didn't want any fingers pointed at intelligence agencies who'd given Lenin such a hard time dear now let's look at somebody interesting the man who was running the door at the Dakota who was a former Cuban intelligence officer the guy's name is jose san heinous Perdomo let's take a look a couple of different looks at this guy this is him during after the Cuban Revolution but he was part of the force that went in during the Bay of Pigs to overthrow Castro and he came out of this military background where in the early 60s he was working with figures like this gentleman Frank Sturgis who was a very deep CIA operator and is classically known as one of the Watergate burglars who got caught breaking into the dancy so we're looking at some pretty sketchy people around the Lenin assassination all of a sudden these are the things that the media really wouldn't give us in relation to this but right away we can see this is not feeling right we've got Mark David Chapman who is basically like you know here's Sirhan Sirhan – I mean you're just rolling this guy out and instead of him writing Kennedy must die he's got The Catcher in the Rye and do it do it do it do it right so the programming is similar the doorman does a number of unusual things for one the doorman is not identified for six years and they allow this security attendant guy to be the person that deals with the media and all that when in fact the security intended never had anything to do with the assassin North grabbing him or any of that stuff but this guy was involved in all of it and not until 1987 does his name surface and media reports right away we know that there's some kind of cover-up happening here yeah why is there a CIA connected individual and then on top of it the Cuba aspects weird why is he around why is he hanging out by the door no question there's something deeply deeply wrong with the official story around Lenin's assassination Jose Padilla was working as night doorman and was outside the Dakota in December 8th 1980 the night John Lennon was killed he was at the crime scene when the shooting occurred and reportedly screamed leave get out of here before he asked Mark David Chapman immediately afterwards if he knew what he had just done Chapman reportedly replied that yes I've just shot John Lennon all that's convenient for dermal was the one who identified Chapman as the assailant by the way no one else saw him shoot Yoko I'm into me she just heard bullets which what Yoko heard was someone said mr. Lennon and then so she was too far I headed she was at she was walking in front of Lennon yeah now here the different media reports here's where things get very very sketchy on John Lennon's assassination initially alcohol was mistakenly referred to as Jay Hastings the bearded early desk clerk who worked in the lobby looks completely different by the way totally different person Rolling Stones special issue memorializing Lennon gives the names of all the other witnesses of the assassinations but Perdomo is referred to only as the doorman stationed outside they never let his name out until 8 7 6 years later he is also referred to in merit media reports as the other doorman that's not no media mentioned Pergamos name until March 1987 when James Gaines wrote in the shadows of a killer for People magazine states Chapman had only the dakotas night doorman Jose Perdomo to keep him company Jose was an anti-castro Cuban and they talked that night of the Bay of Pigs and the assassination of John F Kennedy so very very neutral and this is actually you know it's funny because I always go back to the Kennedy assassination and the researchers around the Kennedy assassinations are some of the best because they've been working with material over the course of 50 years and they can you know so they know how to kind of unwind these blackops better than a lot of people do and again in this case the Kennedy researchers in looking at Mark David Chapman and his assassin they instantly all the bells and whistles went off because Cuban intelligence and the CIA were present there right in the package of this Jose Perdomo for DOMA was senior policeman under Carlos prio exiled to us where he joined the CIA and played a vital role putting together operation 40 which was that's you know right wing operation to oust Cuba lead Cuban leader Fidel Castro he was working as night doorman at the Dakota Hotel and witnessed the murder of John Lennon this is him now again switching his guys a little bit very interesting you know looking very different glasses and this code you know he's bald they're very strange individual and you know I all the bells and whistles do go off here and you know without actual evidence it's hard to say if he participated in the assassination but to have any CIA trained intelligence official at the site of John Lennon's murder along with this kind of bogus zombie assassin Mark David Chapman and The Catcher in the Rye story and all that stuff would definitely lead me to believe that this this is maybe the key there is the key ingredient but again Gigi Cuba we've got for looking at this Hemingway Cuban connection and going back to this Atlantis rising thing and seeing John Lennon kristan in buyers lots because he believed Atlantis was rising him here we have Cuban again there's a pattern there's a pattern that's beginning to kind of bubble to the surface with Atlantis people that are interested in Atlantis assassinations and strange deaths CIA is sniffing around yeah interested in what these people are doing I think it's also really interesting that you have people who are probably like maybe more mental types pursuing artists so you know Hemingway's an artist's intuitive you have John Lennon who's very intuitive who's an artist you know they're not pursuing these people who are you know other CIA agents or anything like that it's like they're pursuing these creative artistic it's very psychic people so who are free thinkers and influential right to the masses right yes what yeah you know it's a really excellent point that they are artists one they have influence that's outside of the political spectrum and to your main point which is they have an intuitive sense yeah which is different than the regular population or a politician it's completely different and it's often the people it's often kind of like sort of a weird relationship where these people in these groups the CIA in groups like that deep state groups they need those artists but they want them working for them intuitive if you are creative like they want you to do your creative things your your psychic work or whatever or you know play music and promote their campaigns they don't want you doing something outside of what they want as you do that you're public enemy number one yeah excellent point let's remember that in this context that mary Hemingway was there with President Kennedy in the White House after Hemingway died and that he helped her get this important Hemingway vault out of Cuba and that it was on the record officially incorporated into the JFK Library and of course I was there a couple of weekends ago and I was astonished at the Hemingway exhibit inside there I mean it's it's a huge aspect of what they're trying to produce there but just its presence there as unusual and of course Gigi as we discussed last night when you came forward with your For Whom the Bell Tolls quote and then when I walked into the museum and they were spotlighting For Whom the Bell Tolls I couldn't help but hear the echo from last summer when you first brought this up yeah yeah there was there was kind of like a rat's nest I think behind the scenes that I brought up and talked about to unlock the real true events yes absolutely and let's go a little bit deeper because one thing that we know about Jose Perdomo is that he was associated with Frank Sturgis who was a CIA operator who has a deep Cuban history and was spying on Castro and helping him do the revolution for the CIA very unusual character and was grabbed as one of the Watergate burglars now what's also interesting is the story about him attempting to assassinate a CIA a witness who was coming forward during the house assassinations committee and I'm going to get into the story real briefly because the woman's name is Rachel Lorenz and she is quite an interesting character here she was as a CIA spy but she was also Castro's girlfriend and when she came here she got recruited by the CIA to assassinate Castro and in fact she tried and he he basically let her go but she has quite a fascinating background but she became close to her CIA handler who was Frank Sturgis and she tells a very interesting story about Sturgis driving to Dallas during the period of the assassination and saying that we're going to use these people in an off raishin and not saying to her exactly what it was but she was getting impression that they were doing a political assassination and heading to Dallas but just before the kennedy was assassinated so this is the story that she tells she's a figure that's on record this isn't somebody who has like a you know a peekaboo past and we can't really tell if she's telling the truth because she's somebody that we know for a fact the CIA used to try to assassinate Castro so when she says this in relation to Frank Sturgis and his involvement heading to Dallas to with guns and an apparatus there to assist in this political assassination of Kennedy and that she bailed out of dealing with him as a result of this her story is quite fascinating but she gives us an interesting key she being Castro's girlfriend and having that Cuban connection and also being associated with Sturgis who is becoming at that point part of the JFK assassination interestingly enough if we bring that all around the doorman himself Perdomo is closely associated during this period with Sturgis so there we have Sturgis who's participating in the JFK assassination according to a Marita Lorenz his girlfriend and undercover agent for the CIA and then later in the 70s Sturgis attempts to assassinate Marita Lorenz as she's on her way to the house assassination committee to give testimony in relation to what she knows in relation to Sturgis and Sturgis gets arrested for that so that's quite a fascinating story in itself my point is we're looking in a rat's nest like you said of CIA assassins around all of these events and it seems like the thread through history that is keeping us on track with what it's all about is the fact that the assassinations are around Hemingway JFK's efforts to get the capsule out of Cuba and then Lenin and all three of those things are related to this Atlantis rising scenario so just like when we found out and showed the document yesterday that the CIA had spent time on the record trying to figure out if Casey's Hall of Records was under the Sphinx and actually engaged a remote viewing team to look at the Hall of Records under the Sphinx and that records still classified I can't get my hands on that one well what's happening here JJ well they're desperately trying to acquire powerful information to continue controlling they're addicted to control and power and they're you know obviously Kennedy and Hemingway in London were trying to push society into a different timeline a more may be organic timeline so they didn't want that yeah yeah and we get all of these stories and narratives about Catcher in the Rye and Jodie Foster and you know Hemingway being a hard-drinking man who just couldn't face up to life and had a bump himself off I mean it's interesting how the media has been that kind of cover story for the CIA from the word go yeah yeah and I think sometimes it's easy to believe like you said he was hard drinking or Lenin you know was maybe that did drugs or whatever right oh yeah yeah yeah I know it's uh there's always the good kind of back up there a couple of interesting points before we let go of mr. Purdham Oh who was the dakota doorman who was a cuban a CIA asset for the cuban Bay of Pigs operation Jose Pirela was the doorman at the Dakota that night one let's get that on the record for DOMA was at the crime scene when the murder occurred by the way that's a great site named JFK counter-coup which has some great facts about him but I'll shoot out a couple of bullet points Perdomo asks the accused assassin Mark David Chapman immediately after the shooting if he had shot John Lennon for domo told police that Chapman was Lennon's assailant one of the arresting officer as said the shooter was a handyman at the Dakota which is interesting but Perdomo convinced that original officer Peter column that it was Chapman so the cop shows up in the seam and he's like he's gonna be he's looking for this other person interestingly enough we don't know why but he gets convinced but for Domo but it's Chapman probably know Chapman didn't even fire a bullet Perdomo was an anti-castro Cuban exile Perdomo and Chapman disgust Bay of Pigs the night that Lennon was killed of course the Bay of Pigs is the ultimate operation where you know the Kennedys resisted invading Cuba and then eventually fired all the CIA officials involved including Allen Dulles interesting that Mark David Chapman would even be interested in the Bay of Pigs I mean if it happened 20 years ago and here he is a guy in his late 20s you know it's not really he doesn't seem like the type but he's sitting there with the Cuban intelligence former Cuban intelligence a CIA discussing the Bay of Pigs Perdomo was an anti-castro Cuban exile he was a member he was likely a member of Brigade to 506 during the Bay of Pigs invasion was actually on the force Cuban information archives reveal Jose Perdomo had many aliases interesting he worked closely with convicted Watergate burglar Frank Sturgis who we just showed and so there's there's more histories of him here I'm going to see something what I'm really looking for is just this quote right here which is predominant had reason to insist mark was the man he had worked side by side with burglar Frank Sturgis for a decade on the CI payroll Sturgess misleadingly even claimed at one point that Perdomo was dead as kind of a cover for his operations imagine Perdomo was so invisible that he wasn't identified by name for more than six years that is really exceptional the information is mentioned in the book the love you make okay one other thing about this before I let it go one of the things that they surmise here that could have happened is that Perdomo or another operative fired from the doorway leading to the service entrance shot lenin and that there are two series of shots and that as as lenin ran away basically shooting from that doorway seemed more plausible way to make those hits since the autopsy was exited grazed or miss lenin and hit the glass lobby door so he goes into the crime scene here and he said the kind of CIA training that they used is something called model psychosis i do you think oh that the general story about Mark David Chapman does not hold up at all and that the presence of a Cuban official for the CIA retired supposedly who had worked with Sturgis who was a master of assassinations that and presence of The Catcher in the Rye and even the fact that JD Salinger was a favorite of Hemingway that this could have been some kind of that mess in the background that you and I talk about which is that stealth messaging that says this is how this operation is going to go and these are the people that they used but in history it's just Mark David Chapman was a lone loser somehow he had money enough to hang out in New York City and stay in an expensive hotels and then he shows up and blows London away and now he's in prison and guess what he's converted to Christianity he's all set though it's it's very strange and we don't know all the little ritualistic things that these people use and it's very possible that Catcher in the Rye has meanings in certain societies and kind of behind the scenes because that happens in mystery schools to pieces of literature are looked at as very highly symbolic and almost like a powerful text and so if you're not initiated into these things you don't get it but to people watching they see that if they're on the other side of that school if they're on the other if they're opposing them they see that that's a hit on them and they know it because they're using a symbol in a certain way that sends a message the public has no idea that's going on but it's like two factions fighting and and and making it known to each other what's going on right yes so it's like that could very well be what's coming into play but because we're not initiated we're not getting everything but the people who were meant to get the message they got the message they understand what the couch on their eye means they understand they know exactly what it means they know exactly what that means and probably several other symbols that we could probably try to figure out but there's other things there as well probably the time of the day what was like all sorts of things it would be yeah so yes interesting one last look to close this segment at Chapman and Catcher in the Rye I will say this which I find very interesting is that Hemingway is mentioned in Catcher in the Rye the main character disparages Hemingway in the book that he wrote in the main caracal in one of his books that's a list that's really interesting especially if these families like the Hemingway family or the Kennedy family and the Bush family these are huge dynasties that have been fighting for a while or kind of struggling for power for a while you could be looking we could be looking at some kind of power play you know it's very possible if you start thinking in long strides my family isn't in dynasties that would be competing for this for a finite resource like power you start thinking like maybe something's going on here they're dancing in some way but we just don't hear the music but they're dancing time line connection edgar cayce / the templates idea and Atlantis is going to rise but it is rising Hemingway's family locks into that Jade Carrie and Hemingway have these backdoor communications through Bill Walton as I've described they also some very interesting mutual associates like Gertrude Stein and we talked about yesterday Gertrude Stein has an association with Gurdjieff and has been ski the score Jeff is there in Paris in that period so there's a mystery school connection straight up not to mention the fact that William James is her mentor okay we bring that forward at a certain point ernest hemingway he gets his hands on this material about atlantis and he keeps it in evolved in Cuba that is built think of Ahijah which means final vision Hemingway leaves comes here and feels the CIA is trailing him shows up dead Kennedy makes a very heartfelt statement about it marry him comes to the White House Kennedy makes a daring plan originally to get the capsule out the plan is recorded by Ed Lansdale we don't know what it was but it involved think of a heya and this capsule instead what happened marry Hemingway shows up she has to donate think of a hint to Castro she actually thinks she's donating it to the Cuban people and they inform her no no no no it's to us and then she hands them a piece of paper they give her the vault informated carry it off Kennedy administration uses its resources to smuggle her back into the country in a shrimp boat very difficult to track she comes in Jackie Kennedy gets involved and I want to show you actually I was very lucky to find this but these are some old life magazines here about Jackie Kennedy's wedding after Kennedy is assassinated – Aristotle Onassis which is quite fascinating in itself and what happens is Jackie incorporates that material or some of it into the JFK Library so we're left with this overhang in sake in 68 and 69 when Casey said that the Bimini Road was going to rise and facade iya temple was coming up they find the wall also in this period less Hemingway flying over Cuba sees the Cuban city and then they put Palo zelitsky who runs this oceanography company later and finds those ruins but at the time she's stationed there off Cuba 1968 by the Russians so we bring all these facts together and then somehow we find this connection with John Lennon picking up this Egger Casey on Atlantis material from this record and her account of this Lennon is hassled by the Nixon administration but then he retires and he gets really into this atlantis thing he builds this Egyptian room he consults psychics and he buys lots in the Atlantic Ocean for when Atlantis is going to rise then he's assassinated and there's a Cuban CIA connection when he's assassinated right at the scene Danny Ernest Hemingway's brother les also assassinated the official word is that he killed himself the same way that his brother killed himself doesn't make a whole lot of sense and seems like that isn't the kind of thing that les Hemingway would do seeing what a tragedy it was for his family and this is a spiritual guy who's been looking for Atlantis his whole life we've seen in that well the healing well of Atlantis it's just not the kind of guy who's going to blow his brains out sorry so we have a lot of deaths there and it all seemed to center around the vault that every way was keeping at this think of a hangar later on we know there's a lot of strife in that family with Mariel Hemingway and Margaux Hemingway having to bear some kind of family secret around this and at one point Mariel Hemingway saying to the Today Show look the Kennedys had a curse in the Hemmingway's had a curse it's an interesting combination she went back to think of a here recently and she was there with the Today Show and walked through the entire place and picked up her pictures and all the rest that secret and the kind of you know almost toxic environment of growing up around these secrets you can counter we get kind of a feel for it in the lives of the kids also we can kind of read overhang yeah it's definitely there yeah it's all there also weirdly enough I was just gonna mention – there's that bench in Havana that has John Lennon on it – that was suddenly he was banned and then at the end he was they built a monument for him in Cuba to the heart yes laughing yeah it's quite incredible that they have this fascination for Lenin down there it's like why yeah I understand he's an amazing musician but why have a bench around around him and why is there a bench around him in Cuba and then he's assassinated by or there's a Cuban connection there too so it is it is we're getting into that idea of Cuba as Atlantis rising mm-hmm and this is backed up by solid scientific data that we presented here that Paula zelitsky released to the New York Times Washington Post and all the rest of it and originally they covered it and then later they just shot by and what's really strange is that the alternative research community seems to have gone quiet on it too because what can you do Paula zelinsky's shut up about it and cute was not saying anything about it we can't go there there's just little grainy pictures that you try to get something from do it not enough yeah yeah it is fascinating will close the segment out actually with Ernest Hemingway there were a picture wow what an amazing story and how deep we are going with this because the Atlantis rising aspects and the people who were involved in it and the kind of dead ends that they arrived at very often being assassinated claimed suicides and all the rest and zombie assassins and MKULTRA and The Catcher in the Rye I mean it's getting very obvious that we're looking at a situation where very much like the UFO disclosure thing but possibly even more secret is the death lists around these things are just growing oh yeah it's I think it's the biggest secret around because it lets us know that we had that capacity it's one thing to have an et come down and flaunt around and then a ship and way from the porthole you know it's it's a whole other thing to realize oh my god at one point we were that you know very it's a very different Association so and if you want to think that it's just a paranoid musing or whatever why did the CIA open up the file on Casey's Hall of Records under this things I'm thinking about yeah yeah why do they have parts of the government or the you know the deep state or whatever what would have you that are dedicated to having psychics come in and look at things why I bother with that if it's not if there's nothing there absolutely fascinating and with that miss Olivia you are up okay how are you doing over there by the way we have such fantastic questions and we can go in a lot of different directions but I'm gonna start here okay so um Justin Thomas once wanted to know Lenin's sighting UFO sighting yes timeline to the shooting well as I understand it the UFO that he saw was in 1974 with named pang and it was when he was broken up with Yoko and he was living with Mei pang and he had just gotten his first number one as a solo artist which was called whatever gets you through the night and they were there and they they saw it they both saw it but he saw it first and he describes it there's a great little YouTube clip of him describing this UFO he had a great interest in UFOs and a great interest in the Cayce work and this theories about Atlantis was always fascinated by extrasensory perception and as the assistant to Yoko and John said he actually kept this Egyptian room and had clairvoyance and psychics come in there and give them readings on astrology and all the rest of it so he was deep deep deep into the esoteric side incredible seeker do you know what the actual what he saw did he describe was it a cigar shake was it a saucer no it looked like a saucer and he said it was so close he could throw a baseball against it and it was hanging out hovering by the side of a building in New York City so yeah this it's an incredible sighting and may paying does describe that to somebody cited Mae pangs book out there and she did some amazing photos and she was his girlfriend eventually she married Tony Visconti who was David Bowie's producer and so she has this incredible photo history of the 70s and 80s in there and she comes out once in a while and doesn't interview me that will get her on the program Olivia would be fantastic that's a good idea Mae you're certainly welcome and we'd love to talk to you about John Lennon and your sighting keep rollin okay so nimza wanted to know how is this all connected to ex protect you've pretty much laid that out but can you connect yeah I mean this is a very similar function look ex protect is very simple there's a group of information around the UFO file which relates directly to the technology aspect and you can call that alien but in fact it could be its I call it this opossum effect is what they're really afraid of some of that is related to what happened during the period of Atlantis in the way that the technology backfired some of it could be related to offworld civilizations some of it could be related to Tesla technology in that you file that's that's where the X technology resides the expert it group as we've seen if you look from the 50s on with the UFO researchers that have died whenever they got close to that so Morris Jessup you know he's going wrong he's doing fine he is an intellectual in the field of ufology and then he shows up dead with his carbon dioxide poisoning on the highway and they say call it a suicide and you see many of those over time for anyone who actually gets close to this material the expert group looks like it showed up in the Rendlesham forest case trying to get people to change their story and they relate to all these men in black stories as well which you know Gigi and I have talked about men and black stories and people have had them and we gotten from very deep material around it because the men and black stories that seem to be the most significant are the ones that John keel ran them and he decided that the people he did was he was getting confused about the way they were describing the people who would show up as men in black because very often they seemed like women dressed as men because they were small or they seemed like they were Asian there was this thing so he went through and he took out all these different pictures of different racial types people from Asia people from the Middle East people from the UK and he ran through them and over and over again I think he's not almost unanimously across the board they picked these Sammy Laplander people and this was really really interesting because you've got your own run-ins and I find that really interesting because I do feel that they target people who have psychic ability yeah they definitely do and I do feel like they work on the astral plane which is what people you know may not think that they do but there's a lot of training out there where you can do that yes coming into you know dreams or even coming around obviously so yeah I've had experiences the name actually was Sammy looking I couldn't find any information on that it was always the 1950s kind of type guy and I never had it was it was like the thing that you had with the wig on was exactly what it looked like yes yes that is fascinating well and it's very interesting because when I did research on the Sammy laplander people they had these incredible abilities for astral travel and they had incredible indigenous abilities for magic basically so the idea that they think is men in black are disembodied and that the ex protect people kind of can show up and then disappear and things of that nature which would seem just off the charts or like someone was hallucinating where do you get those abilities from well it's pretty interesting because if you knew a magical group and you could develop them who are very good at astral projection and things like that you could use them for CIA operations around highly secret things to either intimidate witnesses or to actually spy on them like when they did the CIA remote viewing programs I mean it's we have to kind of learn to think in those terms if we're going to get to the bottom of the types of things that these agencies are capable of I think no question about it but while yeah that's intriguing okay keep rolling okay so NIMS again said are they influencing people to commit suicide I think most definitely Julieta protect people yes it depends I mean I would think they would try to kill them and make it look like suicide you know but certainly yeah they could they could do things to destroy them I mean Gary Webb though I think is an interesting case that's more of a deep state assassination straight up but they create conditions where they could say oh he lost his job you know so it was really looking bad and he decided to take his own life that's what they did with Morris Jessup I mean uh you know I don't I don't want it I don't find the suicides whenever we around this like with less Hemingway it doesn't seem to me with that kind of family trauma that he would reenact his brother's suicide this is a guy was looking for Atlantis his whole life you know it doesn't add up I think that those things are complete narrative fabrications and they are I mean they're they're almost comical you know it's I laugh or cry okay although there for certain artist types that would become too melancholy melancholy yes sure yeah it would be a very easy thing to listen like a roux hoe or something like that would it would be the easiest thing to send kind of way on there yes exactly you know whether I mean boo doo dolls whatever it's easy on the most and they're practicing a very advanced form of black magic of psychic control so I think if if a mere mortal can do it whatever they whatever technology they have they it would be very simple I think you're making a great point actually but know it's funny because I always think of it in terms of them making it look like a suicide but yes they could weigh on somebody's depression and really heighten it I don't know what do you think of that JJ I think that these things can happen but you know they'd have to target individuals where that already really exists right oh it'd be the it working is not guaranteed if you wanted to push someone to that level they would have to be very close or within the spectrum to begin with because anytime that magic is used you can only accentuate what's already there so they'd have to accentuate it to the point where or anew it would just be kind of like a heavier load so it is possible that these things can happen but it's can't add anything that you don't already have mm-hmm so they would profile you and know what your weaknesses were yeah yeah absolutely I think it's fascinating I want a couple more questions I want to remember remind me Olivia that I have a policy litski quote about what she saw there and as part of the Cuban City and I want to bring that in but you go ahead with a few more okay so John Madre so David Rockefeller had to be the man behind the curtain pulling all these strings what do you think well I think Rafael it takes a great interest we did an episode on Nelson Rockefellers art collection which gives us a real understanding that they understood the X Dagon ography and the Rockefellers are incredibly competitive in monopolistic so something like the UFO FILES something like X technology something like Atlantis rising they would try to dominate it so that nobody else could get involved so in that sense absolutely yes but I think that they the Rockefellers were part of a system for that and you know I'll tell you what's fascinating though is that they have tried to control archaeology from different aspects from everything from the Smithsonian to different people who were operating in the field and we've seen them Laurance Rockefeller get into the UFO field as well and try to dominate that now they say Laurance Rockefeller was the one who really was the Rockefeller with the heart and all the rest of it he could have been the one who kind of went off the plantation because he did work with some people and try to support some efforts like you know people like John Mack but I think yeah the wrong colors are certainly involved I think it's tricky to attribute it to any one person it makes us miss the point because these groups have coordinated activity and they also can fight with each other we've seen a lot of enter messing warfare that happens among these groups so there's a lot of human nature that gets involved also so I would say it's certainly a lot more than just David Rock Waller who's dead now also along with poppy bush okay keep rolling mara 13 wanted to know if you asked Robert Merritt if he had any conversations with Nixon about Lennon gentlemen I didn't come up with my discussions with Robert Marit Marit um by language according to his own testimony he was somebody who would was an intelligence operative for the Houston plan so he would get information on certain groups so he would hang out with peace groups and come back and give Nixon that information but he was all an incredibly kind of elite messenger that is when you can't trust people in the White House because you're under siege you can't trust intelligence agencies because they want to take you down you have to create your own if you're the president your own intelligence unit and have them do things and move documents and all the rest of it so Merritt became a very trusted message and I think this is how he came into the possession of this whole time capsule idea because he handing time-capsule information to Henry Kissinger the Nixon time capsules story I mean it's a fascinating story because Merritt we know that Merritt was there and uh you know so it doesn't seem to me at the end of his life that Merritt would go out half-cocked and just kind of make up an alien story but I do feel that you know certainly the London thing never came up but I'll tell you what's also interesting about Merritt is that I didn't sense he was particularly interested in UFOs which is interesting because you know a lot of these people come out as whistleblowers they make it a whole career and all the rest of it all he wanted it was tell that story about Nixon and really get it on the record that Nixon wanted this out for humanity at some point that that struck me as his main motivation uh lelabear I did not know this Laurance Rockefeller married Hemingway's third wife Margaret Gellhorn Wow yeah well you know it's interesting Hemingway had a lot of wives but that is a very interesting lead yeah nice nicely done I mean a lot of people operate in these interlocking ways I mean think about Onassis marrying Jackie Kennedy it's quite interesting because Onassis is associated for years and years with drug trafficking and all these other things but he was one of the most powerful men in the world just like the whole Khashoggi influence you know this khashoggi reporter that came up recently well interestingly enough you know there's another Khashoggi in his family who was the biggest arms dealer and basically the richest man in the world through the 70s 80s and 90s and he had all this whole association with Dodi if I had and this whole thing about Princess Diana that was happening so these forces when they operate on that level you know they're they interact with each other the kind of inter interlocked and it's fascinating to see those connections so that's a good one though thank you for that okay keeper okay tower wants to know what does gg think or Intuit about Yoko Ono was she a handler hmm I've never ever thought about that it is interesting when you mention that and she was ahead of him when you know they were leaving the hotel that's really interesting no you know that's an interesting little factor I have never thought of her that way and it's never it's never I would have to say it's never struck me as being the case she's definitely a powerful woman gonna be capable of that she's III do get the sense that she would have been very kind of domineering as a partner and she was very controlling it was like that wouldn't actually surprise me if she was what do you think DJ well this is it you know Yoko there was a whole mystery in herself but if anything I think that she also had you know developed a target on her from these intelligence agencies as well for the type of protests and stuff that she was involved in with John so no she certainly had that kind of incredible domineering effects over lemon but no I never saw us any kind of intelligence operative she seemed to me highly motivated you know to make a lot of money and be an outrageous artist so she seemed to have accomplished both me as being that connected but like I can see why you would think that because she's such as she's kind of more of a domineering woman so I can see why that connection would be there yeah yeah I I definitely I mean that's what you do with a guy like Lenin and you'd give him very domineering and like you know but no they seem to have some kind of incredible karmic lock and I think really she literally was his mother in a past life well that could be I don't know much about Yoko Ono at all yeah she's from powerful Japanese banking family yeah that's intriguing yeah she had she came from money there's no question about it she was older she was seven years older than Lenin but um there's no question that he couldn't get by without her so this is some kind of like poetic magic changed his personality changed when you got with her – so you that's why you would think as well yeah oh I think it has to you have to look at it there's no question about it okay keep rolling okay Marko's era wants to know who was selling the lots of rising Atlantis and Grandma tippy-toes want to know who inherited those Lots in the ocean well what's interesting I had an article where Lenin's Island got sold recently one of those islands and but that was already an island it was already above water in terms of the lot it's a very complicated process but unless Hemingway did it he got a piece in open international waters off Jamaica and he called it New Atlantis and they said you know basically you're gonna have to get that out of there interestingly enough he came up with his own constitution he got people to join it and they were like what's going on here though because you only have this water lot you know like what do you think and when you go into blesses history what you find is that les Hemingway was expecting Atlanta to rise right up there to that spot and that that would be the new kind of America you know the new Atlanta's and he called it New Atlantis and he even put a charter together for Constitution all the rest of it he took it very seriously it was the great mission of his life so in terms of how he got it it's a complex process if you go to buy something that's in international waters there's a number of different things you might have stuff that you know the UK has access to they might be willing to sell off certain things you know but obviously there's a certain amount of tourism and lots in the Atlantic Ocean that you can buy for that so I would agree with you from what I've looked at so far it is a complex process it's no easy there's not like you go to the UN and say I want this lot in the ocean you have to figure out who's running that particular territory but I'll tell you one thing wouldn't it be fascinating to find out around Bimini who's buying up the land or the Lots around it Bimini that would be a great investigation and it's probably where we're going to have to go next okay so I want to remind everyone that you're watching the dark journalists show we're here with Gigi Young who is giving us some incredible insights I want to invite everyone to go to Gigi young calm and to sign up for your intuitive training course this is interesting Gigi because I don't think there's anything quite like it out there and you're running the course yourself yeah I wrote it and and did everything it's a video course it's in module so you can buy one at a time and you'll also get access to a live Q&A that we do together to have any intuition development questions that you have and obviously even if you just want to be more creative or have better relationships like intuition is not just about being some prolific psychic it's just about kind of being more in touch with yourself yeah yeah absolutely well I think it's interesting too is you're teaching it this is like personal development course but I'd be very curious what would happen if there was something along this line that you're doing and that you would maybe expand out into it to do a Atlantis rising group that could look at this and yeah that's exactly doing that I actually have something that I was gonna do like in the New Year sort of around this that would kind of like that but I do hope to expand it into a school and do larger and larger things with it hopefully over time cool things like that well you've gone from doing your I mean you're still doing your YouTube channel but you've gone from spreading these ideas you've done the one-on-one counseling with psychic stuff and now you're moving into teaching so it's like a literal progression the way you've put this together yeah it is a pretty I put my time in doing all of the you know one-on-one stuff really cultivated that and yeah now I'm I can't do both so I chose to sort of go and do media and teaching and I'm really happy with it I like it I like it at suits yeah and you know and of course your contributions to what we do on the x series are remarkable and that really is you know it's interesting because it's rich dividends over time like you're saying we don't always know what it means when it comes in the while we've seen some things really pay off yeah it's nonlinear yeah because I do feel like it's really important information so it's very mention of your psychic investigation your psychic archaeology in the research I can bring in around it you know we can we bring those two things together I think it is you know you could just becomes very powerful they're moving ya know now we're moving I'll remind everyone also to go to the dark journalists website sign up for the newsletter that's the way that we stay in touch and it's really the best way when you think about it with the incredible lockdown around social media you know and someone that YouTube or Facebook could just decide that you know me or Gigi or too offensive to the system and you they just move the material out they haven't and hopefully they won't you know because we've been through a lot but you know it is that kind of situation so the best way to get around all that it's just sign up for the newsletter that gives us a one on one channel and we don't abuse the privilege you know you get like one email a week and just telling you what shows are coming up and to give you a general idea about events that are happening in 2019 I'll tell you that some shows there's a national network show that I recorded for a couple days ago now and that's going to be coming out I'll be able to give details on that and that relates directly to this Hemingway JFK combination so that's going to be exciting and there's going to be some announcements about events for 2019 coming up all that stuff you're going to get to first along with ex dialogues that are going to start in January 2019 that's all a part of being a part of the site joining a site and but in any case get the newsletter going and then if you want to subscribe to the site also okay miss Olivia let's go okay Jeff Ryan wants to know are there any ties between Val Thor and Hemingway or JFK well this is always interesting look now Thor is the subjects personality who is very interesting he shows up out of nowhere and the only reason I think anyone takes it seriously is because there's a referent involved who met him and Val Thoris well-dressed guy shows up at the Pentagon and he insists on meeting mix in the Eisenhower and all the rest of it and claims he's from Venus now also be kind of one of those weird echo stories but I do find interesting about the valve Thor stories is that Frank strangers who brought the story forward in the 60s at the end of his life was still talking about it so in 2008 he gave a lecture about Val Thor so there was something either somebody tried a kind of a PSYOP on him and you know he would by the way go into those pentagon circles as a minister so he had a real legitimate background in that way so the valve lore thing is an interesting urban legend I would say you know it's kind of one of those things that it's hard to to tell but no I haven't seen any combination of Hemingway and Val Thor and if you run across that send me something at info at dark journalists comment because I want to see it okay keep DT yellow wants to know was Reagan interested in Atlantis Nancy and Jeane Dixon connection well you've got that right that Jeane Dixon almost visited the Reagan White House as much or more as the Nixon White House and Nancy was a little more open about the things that she did she got caught up in an astrology scandal and there was a astrology reader after Nixon after the assassination attempt on Reagan Nancy was like forget it we're moving in this astrologer to like plan these moves out and she had that but that there was a vindictive chief of staff who we've done some we've watched some videos about and Don Regan and he is quite a bitter character back there who was chief of staff for a little while for Reagan and nobody liked him he he had a really tough time but in anyway he was the one who blew the whistle he's like because he felt that Nancy treated him unfairly and he was like well you know what she uses astrologers and psychics for every move that Reagan makes and that's the only reason we even know about that but he identified the astrologer so there was a huge flap about it but we know that gene Dixon was deep in there look gene Dixon gave psychic readings to FDR during World War two all the way through to the 1988 with Ronald Reagan so I feel I've put this on the record before that I feel like gene Dixon was a point the most powerful woman in the world because weight of her opinions would generate policy decisions from the President of the United States that's pretty good but certainly you know there's a deep understanding of that I will say this about Reagan two things that are very unusual one that he was largely influenced by Manley P hall or Mellie P halls description of an initiate who helped God get the Constitution crafted because it was about they were about to break out a bait and just give up and this very unusual figure showed up and brought it all together by the way Manley P Hall identifies another story where that very strange figure stayed literally about ten minutes from here in Cambridge and Benjamin Franklin and George Washington came to visit him and everyone thought before they showed up he was a strange guy because he didn't eat much he had a very unusual diet he had kind of a glowing appearance and they were like it's some foreign historian or something and Benjamin Franklin and George Washington showed up and was like oh we know him you know they came here to figure out a draft for the flag and he was here waiting for them so this is a very unusual Mystery School in ition who showed up during this American Revolution period Reagan was very interested in that story and also his favorite book which is a very mystical book is that printer of utils if you really read that book you know there's a lot of intellectual esoteric history in there there's their lead for a good book try that one okay keep going he'll are because Wald okay to what extent is infinite is it lantus rising above sea level or is it our divine vibrations that are actually rising at what point do we take the most ironic name and saying your name is too ironic for us to take your question be good boy it's a great question look here's the interesting thing this is a good one for Gigi Gigi the mystery schools through edgar cayce let us know in the public here that land was going to appear off the east coast and be associated with the landmass that had gone down atlantis as above so below there's nothing new Under the Sun these cycles go around when comes down when comes up the impact of Atlantis rising off the east coast obviously you know time there's land involved there's a political situation but if it's land in land while they're looking for temples they're looking for things that survived the deluge I mean how you know in terms of what they're gonna do how much of an impact does that have on society if that's right they're under our nose and they can't hide it anymore it would be immense I mean some people would absolutely have memories there are people who are very lucid and that who study this and who know what's going on and immediately those people would obviously kind of come into action and it would it would it would break down I think people's bubble I think it's something that would happen that would break down people's bubble an idea of reality absolutely well really interesting I think it would be like you know just like when the culture went to the moon you know it was a totally new thing it expanded everyone's awareness but the Atlantis thing would probably even go deeper because is something deep in our unconscious which we kind of as an amnesiac wake up from and suddenly have the memory oh yeah we're spiritual universal beings who had this complete background and all the stuff about us being cavemen and then you know hunter-gatherers and then making pyramids you know and then the Middle Ages and then suddenly were fantastic and high tech that all that would be just washed away we don't understand oh we were high tech we blew it we destroyed it the group's hid the information we came back slowly and here we are validating very validating yeah yeah and the abilities that were in our possession then which are lost to us now that also is something that if somebody is controlling the society at large a very small group by the way they'd lose most of that control I think that's the first most obvious thing that would happen yes so Atlantis rising it is it's a revolutionary change in our consciousness and way of life if it happens you could almost take it metaphorically where maybe Atlantis is within us which is what the questioners almost saying is is it rising according to some rhythm that's connected to us so Atlantis rising is almost like the part of us that connects with that that higher consciousness is that rising so you know you make a really good point because one of the things that you know Bauval and graham hancock and those guys found out was that the mirror on the ground of the Great Pyramid of the Sphinx and that everything was basically reflecting Orion like a mirror coming down on it so he had that above a low thing and then you start to think hmm that's the physical reality they start to apply that internally being connected with it I mean it's it's very interesting yeah when you start thinking that way you're cooking with gas that way you're thinking like like a god essentially is what you're is what's going on you're thinking on many different levels if it's the definition of multidimensionality then you can think like that then you can dance in that way with the macro the micro all that and you can see what's in between that's what makes it Lantis rise that's 5d time that's that's 5d thought right there Olivia make a quote of the night Gigi saying – G – DJ you're thinking like a god all right now we're rollin very interesting I want to say here that yeah this is our third episode on this connection with Ernest Hemingway in Atlantis and Bimini and there is a mystery school tradition that they reminded us about Atlantis they let that information out and the timing sometimes has been drained because they had a rush it because the scientific materialism was blocking off any notion that we would have that we were spiritual beings or there's any real spiritual foundation to society and so at times this information has come out and kind of wild ways because I don't think those mystery schools have always agreed with how to do it but I think in the case of Edgar Cayce we're looking at someone who lived the the pattern that is this is somebody who gave a tremendous amount of service so he not only was steeped in the attunement of getting this information but he would pour it out in service as well and I think that there's a great service involved with the Cayce readings on Bimini letting us know that that is the first place where the Society of temples are rising up so you know we have something here even though there's all this intrigue around it even though the Hemmingway's were killed the Kennedys were killed John Lennon was killed you know and this is all related to this Atlantis rising theme it's still a tremendous gift for us if we can apprehend it that there's this Atlantean culture that is our foundational culture which is rising according to the mystery schools and we're going to get that memory back if we can stay with it and stay with the information and remember it and remember that it's important so you know Casey identified Bimini that's where we go first Paula zelitsky found the ruins off Cuba that's where we go next and we start to see that area something's happening here with this material now we're starting to be able to see it not only that but our technology is good enough or it doesn't even have to rise to the surface anymore if it just gets kind of within an area where you can get at it I mean the ruins that Paul is Alinsky found were at a depth of 2,200 feet that's pretty deep you can't dive down there so you can send submersible robots and stuff but so with the technology etc I mean we're going to be looking at a whole different ballgame in relation to our ancient past why not get ahead of the curve not wait for them to dish it out after they have to and kind of contact that ourselves you get in touch with it right now based on what the mystery schools have left us I think it's a better plan yeah I would love to I love to feel that what's around there yeah it's oh forget it you're the idea of you being in Bimini you know tuning in I mean you can tune in wherever you are any way but Bimini is not so far away so I bring the water and legs ooh we never get you back so I want to put a couple of things on the record here and then we'll go into the last round of questions I'll remind everyone you're watching dark journalists thank you for being here it's a huge crowd tonight and this is ours we did it back-to-back show here because this is fast breaking explosive information and a lot of it comes out of my visit to the JFK Library where I went with Kate Schneider who's a rising media star and she did a lot of interesting research there herself and certainly for all the things that took place in relation to this Hemingway JFK thing I want to say thank you to Kate because she's done some she's had some great insights about it so I've been working with Gigi on the psychic archaeology investigation side of this because we need that to balance out because this is where Cayce gave us the information in the first place from that psychic state we have to apprehend we just can't go in as researchers and say what was psychic KC giving to us we need to go in as researchers with a psychic and if you want a really you know powerful intuitive with the work that Gigi that you're doing then I think now we're starting to get somewhere because we're running on full Pistons I want to put this on the record this is um Paula zelitsky and she was the one of course we've described has led the Cuban expedition underwater to to these ruins and she's identified the ruins have hieroglyphs on them and that there is a city off the coast now of Cuba that has been discovered at 2,200 feet which has roads pyramids sphinxes okay this sounds like an Egyptian town and that the when the submersible robots went close up to these she identified the hieroglyphs on them as Mayan hieroglyphs not Egyptian hieroglyphs but Mayan so all of that is on the record and I think what she put out there is very interesting here's some of the pushback that we've been given in the mainstream media and this is the background on why zalinsky was being used in the first place Fidel Castro was attempting to raise funds by looking for shipwrecks with treasure report that are within his territorial waters he hired two company advanced digital communications EDC paulina zelitsky is associated with that company she's the president the idea I mean the idea of you know Castro leaking buried treasure that doesn't I don't think that at all since the sixties the 50s and 60s people are seeing these ruins off the course and somehow Solinsky and her husband get the job now I'll tell you what's weird when you look at bio which I have a copy of here and I have read through a couple of times not only does it not mention the Cuban expedition which is really weird it does give quite a history of Cuba and that USSR and her attempts to defect from the Soviet Union when it was the Soviet Union and all the rest she's really good on history by the way she has comments in there comparing Castro to Hitler and there's one point in the book where she says that he may have been involved to JFK assassination Gigi how on earth does she with these opinions get the exclusive contract to explore Atlantis ruins off Cuba it's pretty it's wonky really it's a lot of effort to put into a really wonky narrative yes absolutely I totally agree I've been going on there here's the Reuters report I want to get this on the record about solinsky's company's discovery off Cuba quote Reuters most intriguingly researchers using sonar equipment have discovered at a depth of 2,200 feet a huge land plateau with clear images of what appears to be a urban development partly covered by sand that's white sand by the way it's pretty trippy I can imagine from above the shapes resemble pyramids roads and buildings yeah and when they got in there with the submersible robot that's what they were the Reuters release vanna goes further it's stunning what we see in our high-resolution sonar images this is zelitsky now her quote are limitless rolling white sand plains and in the middle of this beautiful white sand there are clear man-made large sized architectural designs it looks like when you fly over an urban development in a plane and you see highways tunnels and buildings zelitsky said quote unquote I mean Wow highways tunnels and buildings chichi this is a massive development that's insane and I mean what do you what do you say I mean no it's really too bad we can't we can't look at it but there's clearly something there yeah yeah I'm wondering more and more about Google Earth and if they're going to have to start to fudge over this part of the Atlantic is it not already I mean yeah I don't have hope uh they say you know they asked zelitsky don't you think that you know this could just be some anomaly and she says we don't believe that nature is capable of producing planned symmetrical architecture unless it's a miracle so Solinsky was pretty powerful and out there and on the record when it first came out the shy retiring I think I'll write an autobiography about stuff not related to this at all person I don't know I don't know who that is or who's driving that train but boy it's very interesting the intrigue around the story and we've seen some of the pictures we've shown them here I mean this looks like Atlantis underwater yep goods well it's something it's it's it's either Atlantis or a post Atlantean Society that also went down after right well you might it's got the Mayan hieroglyphs so they have that connection going on there but it's related somehow it's a high-tech culture but it may not be Atlantis it could be a kind of one of those in between societies that's very close sort of yeah missional it's a transitional Atlantean Society yeah yeah it's interesting when you think of Cuba and you think Atlantis from a psychic research angle what kind of impressions do you get see whenever I feel in to Cuba I don't so much get like a glaring Atlantean vibe I get kind of like a post for me personally like I like opposed it but there's a huge time period that we're looking at and I think that we're calling it Atlantis in the way that like manly Pete Hall talks about Atlantis as like a kind of like a culture a way of being what sense I would say that yeah it's definitely characteristically Atlantis but I don't know I don't get the same feeling from it that it is the same landmass I feel like it's after for whatever reason for me it feels later to me like there's been changes that have occurred that it would reflect if we were to compare um that's really interesting actually but the bimini wall which Katie said the Temple of Poseidon would be rising up there how do you feel about that I have to I have to feel it and really look at more pictures but I would lean more towards that being probably the original right that feels more like it yeah like I think that that's probably closer to that I'd have to really feel in there um but the Cuba one feels a little bit later to me for I don't know why it just does oh yeah absolutely absolutely you and I are gonna do a very special episode on the serpent mounds this is something that's coming up so maybe we're going to get some Atlantean answers in that as well so people I want everyone to look forward to that we'll take the last round of questions here you're watching dark journalists it's a fantastic crowd tonight we had a lot of excellent questions this is part well the show is part 38 but it's a two-parter here it's actually part of a three-part episode since last Saturday but we're going to continue all through December covering the JFK hemingway Atlantis rising connection here and of course we're going to pull Gigi back as much as we can for these shows when she's free to do it with us and miss Olivia Europe okay so Tamra wants to know Gigi what do you sense about the eye of Sahara and our ancient past now what on earth is the eye of Sahara is all the rage yeah this is an interesting thing people are trust arting to attribute the Atlantis in the Sahara yeah I don't know about that see the thing is is that there were actually lots of really interesting cultures going on we fucked a lot on Atlantis and and mu in Lemuria but there are really interesting things going on all over the place so there could definitely be something there but I mean we tend to just call it Atlantis we tend to just say oh that's Atlantis you know and I always feel like and they do that with Antarctica too there's really yeah yeah like any time they're sort of like they're very could have been you know a civilization there that was very interesting but it doesn't mean that it's sea I think it's a semantic kind of yeah yeah it's a knee-jerk reaction oh hey it that's Atlantis but we have we have interesting data that when you are in the Bahamas when you're in the Bermuda Triangle that seems to be the region of Atlantis the mystery school descriptions they give us that you know they give us the two edges of Atlantis one edge with Spain over on that end of the Atlantic and then one edge over here and you know casing for saw he looked at it and saw it as a continent that when the first destruction of Atlantis hit turned it into three islands and that's where I think we get these differing versions of it but yeah on other sides of the world I mean certainly I suppose Atlantis the way that it's brought in from the mystery school side it's the most dominant culture it seems to be the one that has the most impact but there are other advanced cultures around at the time yeah that yeah that's what I would say that maybe we'll look into once the big dawgs out of the park I mean we can start looking and see you know what else was going on and how it impacted and we can kind of tap into that because I mean a lot of them are probably very interesting you know little merchants of things you know so yes absolutely and also the fact that the knowledge about those lost cultures you know when certain things happened like when the conquistadors show up and they burn all the Mayan books I mean we've lost the history of what those things were and we're trying to reconstruct them and actually the psychic information the Akashic record reading the Cayce work the mystery schools this is where it can apprehend some of that history back and put it together with the physical record that's left I think it's the only way at this point is is to reach in there and then hopefully we can create a momentum where everybody just brings out their inner KC a little bit and starts to starts to experiment and like use your dream time to connect with your spirit and other lives and start getting into that because that's when things start moving quickly I saw Carl Jung made a quote out there serpent worship was a worldwide religion at one time very interesting considering the serpent mound stuff that I mentioned that's going to be pretty fascinating thing to look at miss Olivia the final two questions for tonight okay so James Clements wants to know what Gigi has to say about the seismic wave event heard around the world on November 11th and global Dom said earthquakes are shaking us free from the dark grid way to look at it yeah all right it's a positive thing yeah well it's right on the fault line there obviously Alaska is BC in California it's right on that line there so it is sensitive and they're always predicting those things there but of course the earth always represents what's going on and and isn't it interesting because I certainly felt the energy and please shout out in the comments section if you guys have felt energy lately as well the sensitives out there but we just lost a president yesterday as well so it's interesting how these things can come together right yeah Wow yeah it's an excellent point it's like there's something in the air there's a physical aspect and then there are these kind of ripples through our everyday lives political lives social groups movements it's very unusual time magnified things get magnified and wherever it is things pop so there's a magnification that happens from the earth or from the cosmos and when the magnification happens the earth responds and people on the earth respond and and so that was a pretty big magnification that happened and we saw some results of it you know teaching it's interesting in the Cayce readings he talks a lot about this land rising on the Atlantis side but he also suggests the sinking of land and earth changes here in the 21st century how do you feel about that yeah well I think we had a little sinking just now in Alaska and in the last guy I hope everyone there is you know recovering and you know prayers going out to them but it's definitely possible to have earth changes during times like this and it's always going to be in accordance to what we're thinking and feeling so it's always kind of a sliding scale as to what could be submerged or what is or what isn't or what happened so it's so important to just remember that it's always gonna based on where we're where we are mentally and emotionally that the land shifts well that's fascinating too because I'm you think that in order to get facade eeeh to rise up we have to lose a California is that the way that geography works it's like a sacrifice see I don't know see I never saw it that way as though you have to lose something necessarily to psychological profile from this now it's see I see I've never thought of it in in that way where we'd have to lose something it's possible that that shifts like that would happen but I've never seen it as an exact transaction like that there's an obscure Casey reading where he says the greater portion of Japan must go into the sea Oh Lord yeah yeah so we know that it's had tremendous earthquakes it had the Fukushima meltdown in 2011 they've had tremendous issues there something very strange about Japan where it has these earthquakes it has the nuclear meltdown it was the site of the the first and only atomic bomb drop very very unusual sort of Karma for that place but I've always found that reading very strange and I'm not saying it's something that will come to pass may have been something that he was just seeing way off in the future but he said the greater portion of Japan must go into the sea well you know Japan has a Devil's Triangle yes nowadays and they have like there's a whole city I is it on the eastern coast of the archipelago they have divers that go down there it's another lost city as well and that's right off the coast of Japan and of course Mount Fuji is an incredible part of the geography there as well and to Japan's a really special place but they do have a Devil's Triangle there too I think it's interesting because Graham Hancock went there and said thing about the Yonaguni monument which is underneath there which looks like this gigantic structure underwater so there's a lot of parallel around there I'm actually glad it's so easy here on our end of the spectrum to go to like Bimini or to go to Cuba and you kind of look around those waters they're not so treacherous whereas over there this stuff is really just so hardcore you can't even dive oh yeah yeah amazing alright miss Olivia the final finale question of the evening I'm gonna okay alright so JJ Cain wants to know do you think Trump will release the Kennedy files now that no no I always thought that that was a weird myth that was one of those kind of cue style myths that like the reason the Trump wouldn't give out the JFK records is that you know George HW Bush had to die first it was like a stall tactic from somewhere no Trump's has a real problem with those records and he has a real opportunity if he lets the Kennedy Records out specifically if I could sit down and speak to the president I would tell him to let out the garrison records which referred to the fact that the the motivation for the assassination of JFK came out of the aerospace companies that's very significant because it gets into the story of a secret space program and it gets us into that level of technology and what they're planning on doing with space and since Trump is so interested in the space force and all the rest of it I think that would give him tremendous leverage in dealing with the intelligence agencies so I would highly recommend letting those out I would reconsider that the situation and not wait until April 20-21 now what are we gonna have to do another HBO special on April 20-21 we'll just do them every year no expecting those records to come out but I think it is interesting though because Trump is caught in an interesting place there my suggestion to the president is stand up to the intelligence agencies and in terms of the you know kind of friction in the alternative media space that the Trump was holding on to those records because of George HW Bush now I mean the bushes didn't even help him get an office so no I mean they have no love for him he ran against Jeb and and demolished him so no I don't see any love lost between those two okay miss Olivia okay I'm gonna link these two final questions all right um okay Brandon Jimenez that's DJ deep state and the secret societies believe chaos out of order entropy to move forward towards the future do you think we need chaos to an evolve and of course Littlefinger is big it Game of Thrones this whole thing is chaos is a ladder and and linked with that I want to ask a cult fans question which is what can we do to protect ourselves from energetic attacks because I actually think they are linked is that there's a lot of chaos coming our way individually and collectively and what can we do to Center ourselves and be in a power activation to be able to handle it well I'll take the first question obviously the second question is gigi is because I don't know what you can do to center yourself but you can give me some good information on that I'll tell you those that they have the central banking warfare model has thrived on chaos for thousands of years so they're not going to change their motifs upper on day but there's something happening which is going to make that look very archaic and it is that awakening that's going on it's gradual it takes a long time what we can do is follow up on the things that are transformative information like this the information through the Solari report Gigi Jung's information akiza Death Star you know getting our hands on things that can actually give us that transformation ability staying away from the wild stories staying away from this the circus the gaius circus you know the whistleblower trap that kind of thing you can get your energy back and you can get some be very coherent in your thinking then you you have an opportunity then to make a real difference and if enough people do that and we're starting to see it then I think somebody you know the elite groups coming forward and trying to gain power with chaos will be very very obvious and we've seen that already in some of these cases where when they were trying to pull off something that was a false flag or whatever it just wasn't wasn't gonna fly the populace was too aware or you know full-on war against Syria for example just not very popular option so we do see some signs of awakening here and so I'm going with that Gigi I think the second half of that question somebody is basically saying in this environment obviously you're going to be hit with a lot of negativity as well what's a good way to kind of stay centered through all that sure music a chaotic civilization change absolutely well right now we are in the darker days so we're gonna be in the darker days until the solstice with the return of the Sun the SU and and the som right so we're coming into that time so just know that from now until the time and begin to a lighter days it can be really dark so sometimes it really helps to understand the patterns that were in and we are in a shadow time in a dark time so take time to rest really take care of yourself if you feel like you're moving into anxiety which is really going into your upper chakras too much or you feel like you're going into depression which is really kind of letting your like lower chakras get really heavy take time for yourself don't try to push through and end your things take time for yourself and the moment that you feel that way also don't watch your addictions to chaos I mean we're like oh my god I hate chaos and then we're like getting on the chaos bandwagon watch whether or not you're being honest with yourself about you choosing chaos as a distraction because a lot of the times we actually choose chaos or we choose drama because we don't want to go into our own personal chaos right so I'd rather be involved in all this external chaos and be banging my fists to the world than to go inward and to deal with my own personal chaos so recognize that we do that as people so be honest with yourself about where you are in your process with that and take care of yourself and and do what you love this is the biggest thing is is find activities that you absolutely love doing and make time for them because when you do activities that you love you become on fire with yourself and you it's much harder to get thrown off balance when you're doing that wow that's really great advice fantastic Gigi thank you so much excellent if we make tonight we're going to close tonight with a quote from John Lennon actually and it's imagine there's no countries I wonder if you can nothing to kill or die for a brotherhood of man excellent lyrics there from a complex guy who left us too soon and had great interests and had spent a lot of time in this atlantis rising concept showing the kind of deep esoteric side that he had we will be back with you next Friday for ex episode number 39 and we're going deep deep into the end zone for this Ernest Hemingway JFK Atlantis rising connections some big surprises coming up for everyone here in December Gigi we're gonna have you come back on January 1st to launch 2019 and we're gonna go in at that point I mean I already sort of know we're going to talk about but when we get off air we're going to talk a little bit about that and it's great to have you here I want everyone to go to Gigi young and to sign up for your courses they can sign up for your course now going forward into December and January right yep you can sign up any time and I'd love to have you come on down Wanda and she's on YouTube Gigi young videos amazing work there thank you everyone shout out of course Carly's out there dimensions and beyond fantastic Carly is the best Carly we're looking for your your podcasts your next episode come on where is it I'm looking for it the job thank you so much great stuff out there everyone on Twitter by the way you know we're doing a lot on Twitter and it's dark journalists at dark journalists on Twitter and so on that front you know also facebook-dot-com forward-slash dark journalists you can follow some of the updates we have going on there it's excellent to have everyone out there Christine Taggart fantastic Kate Schneider is out there kate is doing some great work fantastic to have you there we will see you next week and have a fantastic Sunday everyone and thanks again Gigi thank you and miss Olivia you got the last bit tired to enjoy the pizza last night so it's gonna be redo pretty – I like that it's kind of like renovate Beatles on vinyl somebody says jjk David termina it's great to have you there we will see you all next week thanks so much for sharing this time with us and that you guys were outstanding so I have a great night everyone thanks everybody it's reader time REE pizza


  1. We are so surrounded by evil on all sides, listening to you brings such a breath of fresh air to help us rise above it. Many Thanks.

  2. the Steiner quote (4:04) brings to mind the cognitive tradeoff hypothesis.
    "We symbolize experience through the language centers of our brains to arrive at cognition and create memories whereas non-verbal animals just remember experiences directly."

    That's the leading theory as to how chimps consistently outperform humans in visual memory testing.


  4. I'm a new subscriber. I haven't visited your play list so forgive the redundancy of my request in the event you've covered this topic: Tavistock Institute, alleged Paul McCartney murder / sacrifice 1966; how there was a JFK / CIA connection, Yoko alleged to being John's handler, the occult which the Luciferian Elite are participants… Invite attorney Tina Foster for an interview, her Plastic Macca Blog is online and she has a YouTube channel. Tavistock, Paul & many others are tied to what you are talking about!

  5. Please look into the details of the Eye of the Sahara, via "Bright Insight" video, it matches Plato's descriptions perfectly. The river to the north in the mountains, the rings, the diameters, how can this not be what Solon described to Plato?

  6. https://www.pennlive.com/opinion/2019/01/hemingways-world-war-i-savior-is-anonymous-no-more-book-review.html

  7. I believe Thomas Sugrue was also mentioned in Edgar Cayce's work as a biographer. He penned :There is a River", a book I still have and reread. Stearn's book on Cayce Remedies is like a reference book. Very well written. For people interested in following up on Cayce, I suggest reading Carl Jung at the same time. Enlightening.

    Regardless of whether people believe it or not, there are disassociated entities that can step into the seat of a body and co-exist for a time and even subdue the original owner. Sorry, it's true but a person's spirit has to be open, so to speak. It's not something to want or, leave yourself open to. Hypnosis is one thing, it open a person up to suggestion but this is another and can be induced through hypnosis, it is not fracturing but can be induced in a state of disassociation, which all boils down to the ability to train a person to go into a specific frequency by suggestion.

    As to Yoko Ono, I've always wondered why Ono chose to continue to live and raise their son at the place her husband was murdered.

  8. I tuned in to Gigi's comment on it being the second rising or civilization. Could be wrong, but feel the first was much closer to Greece. Any evidence or feeling to support?

  9. They have the fear that large numbers of people realize ALL the bad things they have done through out the years, which keeps them awake at night, and the nightmares they have when they do sleep. The real reason they only want a few million of people on earth that they can keep un-educated, extremely poor, and desperate. Therefore they know people just don't know any better. They fear the threat of NO control and that the mass will NOT believe anything they say. I imagine throughout History society was cruel to the rich and elites when they get caught doing wrong to people.

  10. Was the Sphinx sculpture monuments discovered by Paula Z. near Bimini with lion heads as supposed for the Egyptian one years ago?

  11. 41:30 Very interesting to watch this today a month after its release and note Gigi mentioning George Bush Jnr only "wanting to paint" because earlier today I listened to reports of him recently contacting Trump directly…..has all the guilt of all the deaths surrounding 9-11 and everything and all the evil committed after it finally weighing him down unbearably; are the envelopes delivered at GHBush funeral somehow connected…..it would appear he was really just the front man while Cheney and Rumsfeld were the true instigators of it all

  12. About assassination targets: could it be that JFK, RFK, MLK, George Wallace, John Lennon and Ronald Reagan were all targets of a common group? Maybe it isn't about ideology, but about who is in the way of those who own this nation. Why do the Skull and Bones guys never take a bullet?

  13. The name of Ernest Hemingway's villa was "Finca Vijia" which means "lookout house". The house was in the small working class town called San Francisco de Paula.

  14. Hinkley spent a lot of time in Lebanon, prior to assassination attempt on Reagan. This was the home of the CIA assassination school.

  15. Atlantis is actually Greenland and the flood was a Pole shift to hide Enki and his Star Gates under ground in Hades! And the Island of Mu is Ant Arctic continent! Both were Anunaki bases and Thoth was Born on an Island off of Atlantis or Greenland! The Egyptian Scribes told Solon that the Atlantis of legend was surrounded by a continent and had adjacent Islands! Also Enki was Osiris the Green Skinned God of Egypt! That is why the Egypt ties are there! The Bimini Wall is part of the old Empire before Atlantis!

  16. https://www.khon2.com/news/local-news/time-capsule-recovered-from-state-capitol-building/1659010657

    seems to be a lot of missing info in this article …. ??

  17. Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me. John 14:6

  18. Interestingly, some investigators are now beginning to land on the notion that MIBs are actually agents of the cryptoterrestrials (crypto-atlantaens???) who's basic job is to deal with blow-back arising out of unwanted observation by the rest of us. Why not test this insight with Gigi for validation?

  19. All presidents have been puppets or mouthpieces for the deep state, even as far back as W. Wilson. Parties mean nothing, except for our own identification to an ideology. Look at RINO McCain. So many more just like him. There are only Globalists and Nationalists. William Cooper contended that it has always been two bloodlines wanting to rule the world, and they can't quit feuding with each other.

  20. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bTH7JGzXlg0
    Just had an insight into atlantis. i was watching the link above at 3:50 and wondered whether earth itself is described as atlantis. The concentric rings pictured (theorized by newton) and then taking the phrase "the 1 true ocean" as meaning the waters of the cosmos. Just as in the bible when referring to the firmament splitting the waters, from the waters.

  21. Ask Gigi Young if Ernest Hemmingway is already back with respect to another incarnation. Maybe even a female incarnation?

  22. hey dj and Olivia , a couple of months back dj held up a piece of paper with the dulles brothers bloodlines on it , john kerry was on there … well my names on it . my family name isnt uncommon , but the way we spell it is . so there it is …. love you guys , ty

  23. Catcher in the Rye: The book's title is an affirmation of Holden's dream job. He wants to be a "catcher in the rye," literally interpreted to mean standing on the edge of a field of rye where children play and stopping them from falling over the cliff out of the rye. Symbolically meaning, preventing children from losing the innocence that dominates childhood, keeping children safe from the phoniness of adulthood that Holden fears (quoted from https://www.enotes.com/homework-help/what-central-primary-purpose-catcher-rye-61967)

    Regarding the photo of Mark David Chapman reading Catcher in the Rye, and Gigi Young says there's something behind those eyes, I tend to agree but what is it behind those eyes as relates to him being pictured with the specific book in front of his face? Was Chapman singing the song of the dark side by eliminating the protector of children losing their innocence, assuring that they do become adults without having had the benefit of Lennon's insights of peace and love on planet Earth?

  24. Could these creative products be symbols of the Bush faction of the CIA?

    I-n the

    I-n the

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