1. The last time I saw a Richard Alan Miller interview he was moving from a place he worked so hard to have natural surroundings, I always wondered what happened to him and where did he move to and what was going on with his life now.

  2. What an incredible guy! I'm going to need to watch this a dozen times just to break this down into chunks. Thanks DJ, I love your broad spread of guests, it's helping me see a greater picture.

  3. Great interview, really love the way you present your questions. He is an amazing walking encyclopedia with a wealth of knowledge. I think we have just touched on the tip of the ice berg. And now to put some of the things he said into action, that is the important thing to take away here.

  4. Daniel, i havent watched any of ur old vids before , but brother You have come along way in Your own inner development and at easeness with youself..Very obvious in watching an old vid like this and any of ur current work,you have become much more relaxed,at ease, and let go of that very rigid self controlling vib that had you staring without blinking and no offence brother, you looked very uptight and robotic , almost like the proverbial "men in black" pun intended!…these days, you come across differently and are a pleasure to listen to and have a much more at ease and Open presense ..The quality of ur interviews has also improved exponentially…

  5. This is one of your best interviews ever. This is a true genius. No joking. Dr. Miller has forgotten more than most of us will ever know. What a mind. I've got to go now. I'm starting my crab grass patch. Good work DJ.

  6. I love this guy!! i emailed him once about something and he was so sweet. Told me where he had done some work at an intentional community and that i should stop there on a journey, etc. The editing is good for this guest. When he talks to Kerry we all start swinging from the chandeliers. 🙂 Love it.

  7. Daniel exposes quite a bit of his esoteric leanings in this discussion with Dr Miller. His question circa 1:37:00, hits the nail on the head: "Would you say that the fascination around the alien question has somewhat superseded the quest for the mystical in modern times?" Some would say that the tendency to ascribe "UFO's" to extraterrestrial visitors is, in fact, "disinformation" designed precisely for this purpose…

  8. This was so much fun. I will be listening to it again today. It went really fast, and I couldn't keep up with all, Thanks for a good show.

  9. So that's how the billionaire, corporate fascists are brainwashing people to vote against their own self interests, utilizing GMO's, Fox News and right wing hate radio.

  10. The Church Committee (Pike & Rockefeller Commissions, too) might have been responsible for the shadow ops' reductions during the late 1970's into the 80's.
    Corporations were started as shells to cover many of these operations, as many of you probably know already.
    Love this channel & the woke mofo's who tune in!
    Excellent guest, DJ!!
    (As usual)

  11. Great interview. One point; as to what Europeans think about Americans I really don't give a damn.. Mingo Nation Dear Clan

  12. My watching just now made me realize that I had already viewed this years ago, in 2015, but that paying closer attention than the last time, I found a lot of "Gems" in the wisdom INherent in "Rick" … but still thought him extremely "High" on something … just on Life I hope. 🙂

  13. That DMT sensation he discusses where you can sense a chill along your spine is the same you experience with "relief chills" while pissing. I experienced it often in my life but was not sure others did too. Only after discussing it with other males did I find out I'm not unique…lol. Later, I found women do so as well. I always found it weird and only happens when pissing. I wonder if it has anything to do with the pineal gland?…lol. Any experts?

  14. What a dear, dear man!! Our future methinks will be one of "free enterprise without capitalism"… Once we manage to introduce a very different monetary system akin to Silvio Gesell's "natural economic order" (download it in pdf along with Michael Eisenstein's Sacred Economics). Lucid dreaming, the dream within the dream, has been my own single most enlightenning experience of the infinite within and without….

  15. A M A Z I N G!!! I'm continuously impressed with every single one of your interviews and LOVE that I feel like I've FINALLY been fed some truth after each one of them but, I actually feel like my brain has had a workout after this one!!! SO AWESOME!!! You continue to make us hungry for more Dark Journalist!!! Great job, once again!!!

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