1. Superbly enlightening, expanding and even entertaining exchange. I listened to it in its entirety and will come back for more . DJ, this format suits you very well. The knowledge base you have cultivated and attract to your show is impressive for its depth and breadth. Quite a relief, actually, from the myopic analyses available on other channels. Thank you so much!

  2. Interesting interview. I just find it weird that Farrell mentions existing nazi German families and groups all over the world but keeps saying "Ja" instead of Yes…

  3. Guessing we have no clue but I know that my father was well connected with the military and its crazy to think my father made up all he said to me in the early 70's

  4. He told me that we was as he was told taken off planet and brought back at least most of us beings

  5. My father passed on he was a very intelligent being he was given some information and witnessed objects that was mentioned by others even in 74' but I got told of this in 73'and 74' after he he had been out of the airforce

  6. My father even pointed out the hangers on a tour he share with me that Grandpa shared with him !also nor to mention the people persons my father knew that also seen craft they could not except that was from here !

  7. My father was a radar operator and tech with the us airforce my stepfather and grandfather both worked for the Government at Wright Patterson

  8. He ask me these questions about what would happen if the planet slowed and stopped its rotation in 89'

  9. How do you think JFK felt knowing all these Germans running around meant his beloved Brother Joseph died for NOTHING in his quest to blow up the German missile command. I'm sure the AmeriNazi's could feel his detesting them.

  10. one of America's most top secrets was found out by the British in 1982 well the Faulklands war was going on they picked up communications coming from an American moon base. its not known how long before 1982 the base was there but could well be since the 1950s

  11. I am sorry, Daniel, but explanations of events is framed better by Q. Still, love your show, always putting your data on my map as is being done by most of my educated extended family. We have long discussions on the arrangement and sequence of players in politics, business, and religion superimposed over theories. Q wins. Curious that your logic for debunking Q is saying his data is dated. Dated? By investigative reporter’s standards? Q is an educational endeavor lead by that group in the Presidential Office on the day Trump announced/introduced The Storm to the Press. The President and Q are of one team. And …re: the topic of the family backgrounds: it is not Merkel specifically that has the Q group talking. There are many family backgrounds (Trump, Pelosi, Clinton, Obama, Wasserman-Schultz,Shiff…) being revealed and this has alerted the Q public to a necessary review of players’ backgrounds to access their intent. Most Americans are not investigative journalists but souls who grow your food and provide services to run our country. They are galloping hard to work and to support their families. Now they are reaching low to pick up new skills and education to take to the saddle as they attempt to understand this corrupt structure that binds the world.

  12. Very informative subject n video,facts intertwined with fantasy at times but the real kicker is the chain smoking

  13. I had read it was Dulles himself that went to visit Truman urging him to withdraw his letter to the press

  14. who do you think Q is you say you dont believe in who do you think Q is its Q team with JFK jr and Q+ is trump! ive been with him from the start and ill tell you with 100% certainty that they are real check out the gematria and the Q calendar and the Q map! trump gets on 8 chan and speaks to us directly so don't write-off Q we are all Q us patriots clicking and reposting for him!

  15. When it comes to UFO Engines, it will be a involvement into it's study, but pay attention to Plasma Physics and MHD (Magneto-Hydro Dynamics) because that's your Deep State connection in spades.

  16. You believe in all this bullshit people who you interview?.Half are making $$$$$$$$ off of morons maybe 1% is true get a real job because soon youtube is gonna stop all the conspiracy videos they are taking these off of youtube because of brainwashing the young!.

  17. Could be about the DNA the sleeping ones they call JUNK DNA its not junk its for evolution of mankind and Accession and our DNA is Multidimensional you are a LIGHT BEING living a LIFE on a 3D World!.

  18. Forecasting major climactic and geologic events by observing animal behavior in the wild is a way of life for nature-based cultures. Does The X Factor account for this miracle of nature. Geniuses Among Us.

  19. Farrell – Did you really think we would leave the American secret service to the Americans after the war?!
    You are very naive.

  20. https://youtu.be/uz_ZhmUWCaY fascinating enlightening interview! here is my video that relates to your work guys.

  21. If there was anything on the moon then would not every university astronomy dept with a telescope be able to see it? We can see half way across the Universe – but we can not see what is going on with the nearest body to us? Surely anyone with a 100 dollar telescope would see things? I have never understood this? Thanks

  22. JPF is great …. but I can never GET what hes laughing at!! ….. seems like hes on automatic and emits a laugh every few minutes

  23. Can somebody tell me why there is such a huge disconnect, when it comes to people comprehending there were ruthless people and groups willing to do anything to anybody, as a means to an end, in history but refuse to acknowledge this same mindset in real time?

  24. @No Name
    You realized that the "Uncrossed X = 11 ". Very interesting! I`m no expert in the field of Numerology. But it is said that in Numerology 11 is a Master Number. The repeated 1 tells you to look around and really pay attention as to where you are and who you are with. There`s further to go as 1 is the first step!

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