hi this is dark journalist today as part of our secret space program interview series I have a special episode on the mysteries of the Apollo moon missions with Oxford scholar and Giza Death Star book series author dr. Joseph Farah now we've recently touched on the development of hidden technology by former Nazi rocket scientist Verna von braun and walter dornberger today we're going to look at the unusual link to the Apollo moon missions and the mysterious Nazi bell technology here we go dr. Joseph Farrell Apollo moon missions and Nazi Bell mystery Joseph it's great to have you back for a deep discussion the Apollo moon missions and the Nazi bell now before we get started I wanted to call your attention to an unusual article on the Smithsonian website let's take a look at this huh okay here's the title Reagan and Gorbachev agree to pause the Cold War in case of an alien invasion and then it says the 40th President of the United States was a big science-fiction fan unreal apparently apparently and apparently so is the secretary oh gee well I guess when you can't stop info from coming out you just try to spin it right so the name of the game is spin the narrative still it's surprising to me that it's on the Smithsonian website I am not surprised okay no I'm not surprised I think the Smithsonian is probably one of those institutions that has been very heavily infiltrated as part of operation Mockingbird I really do there's there's all of those stories about the Smithsonian deliberately suppressing certain types of archaeological evidence yeah like giant right giants so on I you know those stories are very hard to verify but there's so many of them I tend to think that you know it's a case of where there's smoke there's some fire all right and I I fully suspect that part of the black-budget is there in that institution for that purpose oh yeah and others yeah I'll tell you why after off-the-record yes one final thought on the UFO part mm-hmm why in your opinion do we keep seeing these UFO players show up one way or another of the exotic technology players around the Kennedy assassination are they do they have such a vested interest or is it that they need to use people that have been associated with this type of activity what is it that even when we have Oswald there's that NASA part when we have Bannister there's his UFO heart when we have the pains we have the connection to dornberger and all of that exotic technology what is the connection well and Davis let's not forget yes right ah you're gonna ask me to step off the end of the twig again but here's what I think it is I think when President Kennedy made his announcement that were going to the moon before the decades out this was not a again it was not a maverick shooting from the hip this was a deliberately well considered policy decision and I think it was made in part on the basis of some knowledge of some of that inside exotic technology and the reason I say that is that if you look at the public explanations of the Apollo missions the idea of doing all of this merely with chemical rockets is a little fantastic mm-hmm so I've always speculated and and this began for me when I was a kid you know glued to the television set like most of us were when Apollo was taking place when they televised the liftoff of the LEM the lunar excursion module from the moon my reaction my father was sitting behind me on his easy-chair smoking his pipe I'm laying on the floor and up goes the limb and I kind of frowned and I said and I turned back and looked at my dad and I said that's not a rocket because the rocket accelerates geometrically per unit of time slow start gets faster but the Landis goes whoo and my thinking then was well that had to be some other technology and play if what we're seeing is real and I still think that so let's go back to Davis if we're gonna get to the moon that's you can do that getting off of its the problem yes okay right yeah and for that matter landing on it is the problem is a problem especially if you're gonna try and do it with rockets okay right so to me there was always an element of hidden technology that had to have been in play to get us on the moon and then get us off okay and the problem with the limb is you know you're sitting right literally right on top of the it's like a cab over you know semi-truck where you're sitting literally on top of the on top of the engine it's gonna make a lot of noise okay yeah and you know you're not hearing this and you're not seeing you know dust and all of this stuff flying away from underneath the lemon juice right yeah so I'm thinking exotic technology was in play now the question is where did it come from well I don't think it was good old American know-how first let's go back to Curt Davis where is he during Apollo well he's the guy that's the flight manager for a month what project was Davis connected with in Nazi Germany well yeah he was connected with fun Browns Panamint ooh rocket team but he was also connected with the belt Roger and it was that connection with the Bella project incidentally that caused the u.s. army to reopen his security case because in 1942 Davis accused one of his colleagues working for the allgemeinen electricity it's gesellschaft the German General Electric on some sort of plasma project we don't know exactly what my I suspect the Bell it was Davis didn't see one of his colleagues to the Gestapo that was the cause for reopening this case ah Wow now why do I mention all of that why is that so significant because who else is working for the allgemeinen electricity it's gesellschaft at the same time that Davis is working on advanced plasma research by dr. Ronald Richter where does he end up in Argentina what's he doing in Argentina working on fusion projects for Juan perΓ³n where's this equipment coming from the allgemeinen electricity's gazelle shop so in other words what I suspect is that number one you have these post-war Nazis they're continuing their research using various host countries to foot the bill for them and number two Davis being there at Cape Canaveral during the Apollo missions in the position that he's in suggests to me that we made a deal with these Nazis for access to some rudimentary form of that technology and that that technology was in play during the Apollo missions that's why he's there in that position what was the quid pro quo well I suspect the quid pro quo was that whatever we found up there then they would have access to rights right yeah this is why there's such a pall of secrecy even to this day in my opinion over the Apollo program now the problem when you when you look at all of this is very nerve on Brown because Apollo was successful and then shortly after Apollo 11 all of a sudden very fun Brown resigns from NASA goes to work for Fairchild industries mm-hmm why did he resign you know he was basically head cheese well he gave an interview for Time magazine it was one of those little things that time puts in the block at the bottom of the page and to me this to me this was absolutely the most stunning thing he gave an interview for Time magazine where he said that the neutral point of gravity between the earth and the moon was approximately 40 3,500 miles from the surface of the Moon three weeks later he's gone from NASA what happened was I think he let slip something maybe deliberately who knows and what he let slip was the fact that if the moon was 1/6 the gravity of the earth then the neutral point of gravity between the Earth and the moon would be much closer to the moon's surface than the figure that he released haha so he just told us hey the moon's a lot heavier you can told and if that's the case that dinky little rocket on the limb ain't gonna get us off the moon something else about that thing yeah and you know I'm mentioning all this because you've got a certain community out there Daniel the Apollo hoaxers and and they point to several difficulties in the standard narrative one of them being the difficulties that NASA was having experimenting with rocket landers you know vertical landing on these these early versions of the lamb out there in the southwestern desert of the United States giving them all sorts of problems mm-hmm and they say well you know this is a problem that we weren't going to solve by 1969 they've even made a whole movie where they go into this and it's called Operation avalanche for all of you Apollo hoaxers out there go watch that movie it'll blow your mind all right particularly particularly with what is dropped in the movie about operation Northwoods in the Apollo oh yeah that's a big if you're if you're dealing with people that have access to some of this technology and they've actually been able to make it work and work in such a way that's not deadly to human beings then yeah would you strike a deal with them to fulfill your Apollo we're gonna get there before the decade is I assure you it would you keep it secret you betcha you in and turn over whatever you find up there to the Nazis now I know people I know people think that all of this Nazi stuff is is far-fetched and it sounds like it at first at first hearing but actually go read my books and you'll find out how detailed this case really is mm-hmm but let's look at Apollo 11 itself when does it land on the moon 1969 July 20th 1960 oh yes oh yeah the eagle has landed right my question is whose eagle because the date that Apollo 11 lands on the moon is the 25th anniversary of the assassination attempt on Otto Hitler in 1944 and that's an incredible eagle that they have and you know if you're striking secret deals with Nazis for access to secret technology to get us on the moon and more importantly off the moon what better way to kind of symbolize this whole triumph you know of the ideology than to land on an anniversary of a failed coup attempt right it's just you know so better again that it's a triumph date is a triumph date yeah yeah exactly okay it's fascinating there's one last Nazi s connection we should mention here which is we did a very special and I think our biggest episode with you on Antarctica yes over the summer and it was very well received and opened up all kinds of questions but people loved that episode and there's good reason I encourage everyone to watch it because it's it's phenomenal and of course you did this book Hess in the Penguins right after that and we have another episode with you coming up on that but one of the interesting details about the Kennedy assassination is where it takes place and in that interview we came up with in the Texas schoolbook depository the the depository was owned by D H Byrd who for the first time it was revealed was the cousin of Herbert mm-hmm now since then even more informations come out so let's tie all this together turns out the other first cousin and the brother of Admiral Byrd was Harry Byrd Larry Byrd who was a senator from West Virginia uh-huh and who was in charge of appropriations for the CIA uh-huh and we know that during this period of time from 56 to 60 that they refer to LBJ as Senator NASA because he's the one marshaling all the programs for NASA through through the Senate so Byrd Admiral Byrd as you outlined actually not only did he do this incredible expeditions and we know about the fascinating things that he encountered but he also according to you at one point even went over and gave the Nazis lessons about what to do when they got there yes yeah Admiral Admiral Richard Byrd was when Herman Goering decided to mount that expedition to Antarctica and you know I get into all the other bizarre connections that that has to have and all of this stuff but it was Herman Goering that was the ultimate sponsor of that nazi expedition he appointed one of his trusted aides a fella by the name of Helmut volt ought to be the actual guy to set up the expedition find the crew recruit the scientists plan the mission and so on volt OTT once once he got going and the expedition was taking shape they brought over Admiral Byrd to brief the Germans that were going down there on the conditions that they would encounter and so on and so forth what to watch for what not to watch for so bird was connected in a very peculiar way to that Nazi expedition because he had been personally invited to come and give a series of talks to the crew bird of course ends up as the nominal commander of operation Highjump down to Antarctica after the war and in the Hess book I don't know if we talked about this but another interesting weird turn of events you know talking about all the dead people on the fringes of JFK his son Richard Byrd jr. had been with his father on that Antarctic expedition his father wrote that lengthy article in National Geographic after the expedition his son was invited on an anniversary of the publication of that article to come and give a talk in Washington to the National Geographic Society his son turned up dead malnourished and dehydrated in a Baltimore warehouse he had completely they you know if the family put him on the train and he never makes it to DC he ends up in Baltimore where he's found dead weeks later witnesses saw him in the company of some guy that was never turned turned up and the Baltimore Police appointed a homicide detective to investigate it yeah so he never makes it give his you know honorarium speech for his father at the National Geographic Society it looks to me like yeah it looks to me like they took him out lest you know like Gorbachev II go off-script in the press reveal too much yes you know there's always been speculations about about operation Highjump and to me it says a lot that not only was Richard Byrd in charge and and part of the planning of that expedition but also Fleet Admiral Chester Nimitz the then Secretary of the Navy James Forrestal talked about yet another UFO absolutely a close friend of JFK and certainly close to the UFO file as a member of mj-12 he's the first you have a Secretary of Defense and he gets pushed out a window in a naval hospital in the psychiatric wing where he's recovering from a nervous breakdown actually from Bethesda yes Bethesda exactly there's a guy I wish I could remember the guys name Daniel that's written a book about the three strange events at Bethesda Joseph McCarthy James Forrestal and JFK it's the kind of vortex for those types of events can you tell us what bird told the Chilean reporter the this is interesting because there has been an attempt by some academics out there to try to spin that statement as being mistranslation and so on what bird supposedly said he had a bunch of press with him and the newspaper of Santiago de Chile the El Mercurio picked up had a reporter and ran an article about Birds expedition and in the article it says that bird said the United States must prepare to defend itself against enemy fighters at fry from pole to pole with tremendous speed there are some academics out there that are saying well that translation is a mistranslation and all bird was really tried to talk about with Soviet Union you know no UFOs or any of this stuff however the problem is the whole explanation for operation Highjump was that we were going down there to test our tactics training and military equipment in arctic conditions because the Arctic was going to be a hot zone if war ever broke out with the Soviet bloc all right now Daniel I've always had a problem with this explanation because you don't need to outfit the expense of a fleet battalion of Marines and a bunch of scientists incidentally just like the German expedition to haul all the way halfway around the world to the South Pole if you're concerned about arctic conditions and training against the Soviet bloc which would occur at the North Pole right we can just throw that out you know this translation and he wasn't it was really talking about the Soviet bloc well you know horse-pucky is forth he's clearly trying to draw attention to something strange happening in Antarctica if we wanted to train people and test equipment for crying out loud we can do that in the Yukon Territory of Canada or up in Alaska you know they built a highway for crying out loud just supply people up there during World War two so it's not a matter that we can't get there from here we can you know and we can yeah we can do it a lot less expensively than sending a fleet together so yeah you know the whole explanation here doesn't make any sense something was going on down there I think they clearly suspected that the Germans found something that they were talking about and as it turns out we may have found something that we're not talking about either right so yeah the whole bird thing all these connections with the birds at Dallas and everything there there was something huge going on and again it may be ufo-related it may not be but it's yet another piece to this Kennedy assassination stuff that is so bizarre it's there and the problem is is again Kennedy if he's taking aim at the deep state and some of this precious covert projects and Arctic it would probably be right up there among them yeah so we have yet another motivation you know whatever it is that we're keeping secret and quiet down there Kennedy may have been threatening to some degree again you know that's that's pure speculation but by this stage having written all these books about all these strange topics nothing what's right well here's the fact that somebody can connect on their own keeping all that in mind there is a mount in Antarctica named for the man who owned the Texas School Book Depository oh my [Laughter] that day tell us something right there oh yeah that should tell us something about that yeah if you know well if that's the case then there's definitely some sort of Antarctic connection to all of this nonsense that that hasn't come out before like I said nothing surprises me anymore all of these things are so deeply intricately related nothing surprises me now we've passed the 55th anniversary of the JFK assassination the secrecy around it still very tight we still have the CIA challenging a sitting president on releasing the secret files on the assassination mm-hmm that kind of secrecy is what we're describing when we're envisioning a deep state control structure mm-hmm and their control over this exotic technology which I call the Extang tonneau is steganography research mm-hmm with that power differential still entrenched we can never really expect these forces to ever give up any of those secrets no I quite frankly view the the president's decision to release these documents as a bit of a message and the reason why is I do believe that we are watching some sort of factional warfare in the American deep State and not just the American I mean we're seeing it in in Germany we're seeing it in Great Britain we're certainly seeing it in Saudi Arabia [Laughter] yeah we're certainly watching watching some tug of war happening between different factions and in in this case I've you I've used this documents release as a message because they were pressuring and pressuring him Eveleigh not to release them at all all right and when he finally decided to go ahead and do it I was listening to the radio that day just kind of see how they were going to play this on almost every talk show of Daniel that I listened to and you could probably name the host you know they're very popular in this country all day long a certain JFK assassination researcher who is a defender of the Warren Report and a skeptic of you know the conspiracy theories it has to be Posner he was on virtually every show all day long don't forget it saying that well the documents aren't gonna prove anything you know it's gonna be a big disappointment to the JFK assassination you know the spin was being put out before the documents were even and I thought well there must be something juicy and it was it was just astonishing to me to listen to this so I do think that there was some sort of message that he and his faction were sending and you know I've said all along I said last year during the election that I think if there's one faction that's part of the deep state behind president Trump it would be the Mafia uh-huh you know he's a real estate developer had to deal with them on a daily basis in New York City he's into casinos there we go have we ever seen that deep state war flaunted so much in public as we see it today the the interesting thing is it's part of a pattern that you can watch with with mr. Trump you know you had that strange appearance of the military guard during his inauguration yes then he doesn't show up in the White House for a couple of weeks while they're renovating it you know removing the bugs and other words and then he takes that trip to the CIA where he gathers everybody together in a big room and says oh we're gonna build you a whole new room without kalos messages flying back it's worth here if you're if you're carefully watching and I think that the JFK documents released was definitely a part of it well let's not forget that Trump brought up the JFK assassination when he was running for the Republican nomination against ms yeah doesn't that interesting and he brought up the 9/11 problem you know Bush with Bush he went a little off strip there the expression on jeb Bush's face that night when he dropped there was classic we were watching a man creaming his drawers right there it was priceless I wish I had a picture of that that election you know 9/11 the JFK assassination these things came up in this election yeah you know people can remember Trump for anything if for nothing else but if they just remember that he brought up those issues it's powerful stuff and the curse thing was fascinating because Cruz dropped out about two days three days later it was just like just like Jeb dropped up gee I wonder why to me that whole episode was an indicator that he had something on them or they suspected that he had something on them didn't matter and out they go yeah so it's you know whatever is going on in Washington right now swamp draining I don't know it's like a swamp a is vs. swampy yeah right but yeah it's it's fascinating to watch the the documents release is I think a huge thing because he was being pressured not to release these JFK files and you know he went ahead and did it anyway wow that's amazing incredible stuff your book which i think is a phenomenal overview LBJ and the conspiracy to kill Kennedy a coalescence of interest very interesting term their coalescence I'm glad you brought that in everyone I think should read this but it's in the arc of your books because there's something about the Kennedy assassination that is right in there with that secret system that you've been following and that's kind of that pivotal moment yeah yeah it's the pivotal moment when they were under threat and and they they literally had to stage a coup d'etat in order to control the situation and it's been it's been basically a constant effort ever since then to keep the narrative going regardless of the cost and it's it's unraveling you know faster than faster than they can pass the whole the Dyke mm-hmm and it's I think I think it's really all going to unravel eventually we're going to see we're gonna see connections to everything as a result of it Nixon himself even hinted at it you know during the Watergate era so it's it's gonna be interesting to sit back and watch how all this plays out I don't you know I don't think Trump is the end of it I think he's the beginning of it excellent points yes now he's the beginning of a incredible JFK to Trump and all the stops in between yeah let's think of all those stops sure whoa Watergate iran-contra BCCI savings and loan crisis Ruby Ridge Waco Oklahoma City 9/11 wow that's quite in her yeah and if if that doesn't tell you we live in a banana republic with nukes I don't know what will incredible Jessa thank you so much thanks for having me back on now for our next episode in the secret space program series we're going to be looking at your work regarding rudolf hess and antarctica dark journalist subscribers will get that episode in their inbox soon make sure you sign up at dark journalists calm and the hess book i imagine is still available joseph at amazon.com it is at amazon and it's part of the big story yes there's no question about it and it's Giza Death Star calm for people catching up you're doing regular blogs and you're also doing your from the Nefarian reports as well on a regular basis yeah these news from the nefaria it's fascinating stuff if you really want to keep up on everything in my members area there are a lot of webinars vids and so on webinar talks so yeah there's a lot of stuff that's in the members subscription area that's not part of the public web so absolutely and that's what you want to do is become a member at Giza des Starcom because that's when you're gonna get the full information so ya know it's nice you provide so much you know that's available for somebody for free but really when you get down to it the real stuff is being a member and that's inexpensive and incredible value for what you get oh yeah so it's great to see ya and we will talk soon okay let's see what has got going up in Antarctica oh yeah thank you for joining us everyone and we'll see you live next Friday at 8 p.m. with episode 51 of the X series remember to sign up at dark journalists comm to get our newsletter to get all the latest updates see you soon you


  1. Great to see Joseph Farrell again DJ also I agree what JPF said about the Smithsonian Institute never trusted them they are a bunch of charlatans with a sinister agenda. Interesting as always gentlemen please keep it up. πŸ™‚ Many thanks as ever!

  2. Is it correct that farrell is believing that the moon landing was possible with a hidden technology? I don't believe this. We never went there and in my opinion if you look to the death cosmonauts of the russians in the 60ies, we can't leave the oribit and there are no planets outside. these are fix "things" on the complex moving firmament and there are no real space recordings til today. the best evidence are even before moon landing, gemini recordings live in a tv channel of the firs man who is out in space. you can see that it was drawn. there might be hidden technologies but not something that makes these hoaxes real because everybody can see it.

  3. So this yahoo, Dr. Farrell, explains away "no dust on take-off" with "exotic tech". How does he explain who filmed the "take off"? BS We never went to the moon people. Google which company got the bid to make the spacesuits. Explains everything one needs to know.

  4. We have seen the extremely well detailed 3D model of the moon they used to fake the LEM orbiting the Moon shots. Yet Farrell thinks the Apollo LEM take off looks like secret tech as opposed to bad special effects in a studio. I think it looks like another NASA scale model being yanked by a cable after a firework is set off. The individual sparks are way too large. It is a small model in my opinion. A cinema effect. The supposed auto tracking video camera that perfectly tracked the LEM into the "air" is another joke, and there is no paper trail of it's development. Here it is. Apollo 16 liftoff from the Moon. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yn1S-flYkaQ

  5. https://youtu.be/G4DxxKXCxho loved this video. YOu 2 rock! here is my video on F35 Lockheed Martin scam cash cow

  6. The owner of the Texas School Book Depository was Admiral Byrd's cousin. I see coincidence not conspiracy.

  7. This explains the comment by NASA that they wish they could go back to the moon, but they lost that technology.. The Nazi's never taught us how to recreate or control the technology, they just agreed to let us put our flag and cameras on their tech to get us there, and then once they got what they needed, the Nazi's jumped ship and we were never able to go back after.. The Truth is always stranger than fiction.. Remarkable

  8. Dr. Farrell's research has opened my eyes, and mind, to quite a bit of precious and considerable knowledge about the history of the world (as we knew it). His contributions are priceless and I am such a huge fan that my library has a dedicated section with at least 15 of his publish books, and growing. Thank you Joseph for all that you have done and continue to do.

  9. Admiral R. E. Byrd talked on television i 1954 about great interest in the north pole. And people starting living there.
    The North pole google erath depicts as blue water.
    A R. E. Byrd talks on the same program about new undiscovered land on the other side of Antarctica.
    Late 50' we have a lot of dead people including the Byrd's.
    We have nukes in the atmosphere.
    We have the establishment treaties councils and large organisations.
    We have a lot of lies.
    But still everybody byes in to the stories. The tiny globe we have mistreated for a 100+ years.. cutting down the earth's lungs.. Forests. But still we obtain the same atmosphere with approx 21% oxygen.
    We have aliens.. ofcourse from space.. but what about the possibility of some truth in Byrd's telling of land beond Antarctica.
    We nede some planes guided by traditional compasses cruising the poles with trustworthy crew.
    Lets se what a Mark Sergeant, Rob skiba or Eric Dubay makes of such a trip.

  10. Daniel, great show! I think you would enjoy the research we're doing on this yt channel- McDuff: Kennedy's man to smash the CIA https://youtu.be/iCNgYESXCkk

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  12. Much as I respect the knowledge and wisdom of the two people involved in this discussion they are acting like a pair of elitist asshole jerks laughing over information that they possess and are only sharing to show their superiority over we poor ignorant plebes. You need to show some respect and humility to your watching audiences rather than showing your disdain with your insulting laughter. You can both kiss my ass!

  13. Smithsonian has nothing to do with Christians, has to do with all religious factions. But I truly believe God's where advanced beings with technology and religion was created for control. That's what they don't want to tell us

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