50 thoughts on “Danny Macaskill – Industrial Revolutions

  1. No he visto nada igual en mi vida ! es simplemente increíble lo que hace con la bicicleta , a veces me caigo de mi bicicleta al querer subir a la acera ! jajaja felicitaciones , los videos de danny son de otro planeta , gracias danny por tu magia !

  2. Stu Thompson and the other film makers, editors, music and staff are equally gifted and talented. Good these catz is out here.

  3. As a former free stylist rider..I’m 49 next month.. I still ride blah blah … I have watched what? 6-7 Danny vids.. the height he drops from off a roof top is remarkable!!

  4. Hello, Danny Macaskill, it is the nature speaking. Have you heard of this thing called "physics?" It is supposed to apply on everyone.

  5. I watched this when it came out 8 years ago, its still as brilliant now as i remember it. A true inspiration…

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  7. does anyone know where to find this particular version of the song? I’ve found other versions of it but not this specific one. i think this one’s the best.

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  9. Wonder How many time he just goosed himself. Just landed a bit to hard and then boom now he is a soprano!

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  11. Danny Macaskill is MY TEACHERS UNCLE because our teacher said that danny is my UNCLE and my teachers name is Sarah MacAskill

  12. Bikes are so versatile. Reliable man powered transportation machine, yet it can be used so recreationally for enjoyment. What bike is he riding?

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