Danish Politician CRUSHES Fox Host Who Compared Denmark to Venezuela

Danish Politician CRUSHES Fox Host Who Compared Denmark to Venezuela

Trish Reagan of Fox News decided to branch out from her usual criticism of the left which is typically just because what else do they have when we say we want Medicare for all they say when we say we want a Federal jobs guarantee they say when we say that nobody should be denied the opportunity to go to college simply because they can't afford it or their parents weren't wealthy their response as always so credit where it's due Trish Reagan decided to actually branch out from the usual argument and hear us out because when they say Venezuela we always say no we're not talking about Venezuela we're talking about social democracies in Scandinavia Denmark that's the type of countries we're talking about and we really want to implement some of their policies because they're working really well so she decided to try to prove that we're still wrong even if she takes us at our word and she decided to go after one country in Scandinavia in particular Denmark and she decided to you guessed it compared Denmark to Venezuela and tried to explain to us just how bad it is in Denmark as well and even if we want to emulate what Denmark is doing well it's not really as great as we're all making it out to be there and she face-planted it was it was just one of the most ridiculous segments I've ever seen and there was so much criticism that even a Danish politician decided to make a video rebutting some of her more ridiculous points and he just obliterated her I don't know how else to describe it there's something rotten in Denmark Fox News hosts Trish Reagan as main story in which she confessed Denmark to Venezuela Denmark like Venezuela has stripped people of their opportunity okay let's just clarify a few things Trish you're wrong you can't compare Denmark to Venezuela we have a welfare state in our country this means that our society provides opportunity for people it does to strip people of possibilities in their life and no one to work this is a real problem this is not true according to the OECD Denmark rates 11 places higher than the US unemployment rate the difference of course being that in Denmark people are paid a decent wage schools free universities free that's lovely actually it is but you see not only is school free they actually pay you not bad eh that is not bad that means that it's not the size of your parents bank account that decides whether or not you get an education it's your hard work it's your challenge it's your motivation well you know what happens then nobody graduates from school they just stay in school of course people graduate according to a World Economic Forum on a list of the best educated populations we ranked number six quite a bit better than the US so nowadays all the kids graduating from school in Denmark they wanna start up cake cafes I wish that was correct because I love cupcakes unfortunately it's not it could be though because according to Forbes lists over countries with best opportunities for businesses then migrates far better than the US so Trish pretty much everything you said is untrue or as your beloved president who put it you are fake dude that was fantastic and understand what her original goal was she tried to compare Denmark to Venezuela to prove to us that even if we want to be more like Denmark well it's still a lot like Venezuela because socialism is never the answer no matter what even a little bit more socialism even some social democratic policies it's all bad but what happened well not only did this politician from Denmark prove that Denmark is not like Venezuela but he actually demonstrated how Denmark is actually superior to the United States in a multitude of ways Wow and he even destroyed a myth about businesses and how forbes found that businesses in denmark are actually able to do better than in the united states so he showed how denmark is actually even doing better under fox news's free-market standards and he could have been a lot more brutal he could have brought up how their health care is superior to ours how low we rank when it comes to health care I think we're what 37th so to say that this backfired would be an understatement because the internet rained down on trish regan after she released this utterly absurd statement and can you guess what actually happened well surprisingly she had to come out and issue a clarification explaining look i really didn't mean to compare denmark to venezuela even though that's exactly what she did but here's what she had to say in response to the criticism that she received okay switching to another topic i do want to clarify my point from a segment last week on socialism just to be clear I was never implying the conditions in Denmark were similar in any way to the current tragedy on the ground there in Venezuela I was merely pointing out using reports from the Atlantic the independent and other publications that socialism is not the way ladies and gentlemen that's what I'd like to call a flawless victory and this whole kerfuffle really led me to this epiphany this is exactly why right-wingers and Fox News hosts have to lie it's why when we talk about Medicare for all they bring up Venezuela because there's no way that they can actually argue against the merit of our arguments if they take us at our word and say we want to be more like Scandinavia they have to say Venezuela because this is what happens when they tackle our arguments head-on they faceplant and everyone rains down on them because they don't have an argument she pissed off an entire country when she tried to compare Denmark to Venezuela they just they can't address our actual arguments which is why every time we bring up Medicare for all tuition-free colleges in any social safety in that oriented program they have to strum and they have to bring up Venezuela they have to lie and say oh you want to be this just like Venezuela because they don't have an argument if they truly are trying to convince us that trying to be more like Denmark is a bad idea this is what's gonna happen they're gonna fall flat on their faces so this really led me to the conclusion that we have to do more than them in terms of turning Venezuela into a mean because it's such a ridiculous argument it can't be anything other than a meme it's it's stupid it's a meme so I like that they keep bringing up Venezuela and we have to keep making fun of them for it because anytime they mentioned Venezuela just know they're only doing that because they're too afraid to address our actual arguments because if they say you don't really want to be like Denmark the answer is yes we do and people from Denmark will tell you actually you probably would want to be a lot more like us if you actually care about your people so um this this is great I absolutely love what this Danish politician did and Trish Reagan should be utterly embarrassed because she made a fool of herself and if I were her I never speak about socialism or Venezuela again after this 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46 thoughts on “Danish Politician CRUSHES Fox Host Who Compared Denmark to Venezuela

  1. Just a little update about Dan Jørgensen. He has just today been appointed as secretary of climate and energy-supplies in the newly formed social-democratic minority government. Taking over from our neo-liberal government after elections 3 weeks ago.

  2. Dane here. In denmark there is a law that your child have to get an education in f.eks. public school, private school or learning at home

  3. I was shocked when I saw Swedes getting pissed of and standing up for Denmark- now there’s something you don’t see every day.
    But don’t worry we would have your backs too. 😜~🇩🇰

  4. Yaaaaaassss. I only watched this today. But his clap-back to this bs propaganda of Fox News really cheered me up =)

  5. unemployment rate of USA : 3.6% as of 2019 Apr, Denmark : 5.0% as of 2018 Feb. so this means Trump got us passing Denmark who allegedly was 11 places higher than us less than a year ago? Kudos for Trump then.

  6. There's something that really bothers me about this report, and it's this: Not once does #MikeFigueredo namecheck Dan Jørgensen, the good guy in this story. He's constantly referred to as a 'Danish politician'. Whereas the villain, Trish Regan, is named at least a dozen times. Its like she's more important and is getting higher billing. Why celebrate the villains? Why not big-up Dan Jørgensen for standing up to the bullying American newsanchor by letting us know who he is? Well done, Dan, good job of putting old whatsername in her place!

  7. I am from Norway, and if you attack Denmark you attack …. well you attack "Denmark",
    Please stop with childish group mentality and become individuals

  8. I´m from Denmark.. I´m just blown away that a "News" channel like FOX is even allowed to exist. In Denmark, News agencies taking political standpoints is simply unheard of. We have a program in Danish television called "Detector". Detector simply checks if the statements from politicians and other opinion-makers speak the truth and if the statements or claims they come up with are scientific accurate. If they are not accurate they get confronted.

    So wake up America. The most honest candidate you have in this upcoming election is Bernie Sanders by far!!!!
    Do your self a favor and vote!

  9. realy pisis me off when amercans call denmark or Scandinavia socialist. we are one of the founding nations of nato…a defence against socialism. Europe is by definition no longer socialist. we gave that up in 1989!

  10. The problem with right wingers in America is that they always associate welfare programs with marxism, which isn't necessarily related. The Nordic countries (Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark) are welfare states and they are quite capitalistic. Even In places like Germany and France are capitalistic and have welfare (albeit a different model to that of Nordic countries).
    In fact, among the earliest modern welfare programs were introduced to combat the spread of socialism in the 18th century. These countries are Social Democracies, not socialists.

  11. I always use fox news as a perfect example of how to produce fact free programs. Here in Europe people are appalled that lots of Americans fall for that and, unfortunately for sane Americans, it reinforces the already existing notion that Americans are stupid.

  12. FACT:
    Forrest Kindergarden
    ONE of the bennefits being a Dane….
    max. 230£ a year. Low income gets low rates.
    And don't worry…. they do also have a proper Kindergarden house, but they are rarely there 🙂


  13. Fox also tried to convince the US that solar would not work like it does in Germany because Germany gets more sun. In reality, it gets about as much as Alaska and still makes it work. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IRIIpXZF5dE

  14. It's funny when social help is seen as socialism. I mean, even in monarchies, there were more state health helps. And I dare to say, socialism is not regal, so stop calling a welfare state socialism, it is democatic, it is for the people. And what is more democratic then being there for all peoples in one state?. (German emperial state was on of the first countries in the world to establish pensions funds and health insurance, in 1883, to exactly fight socialism (workers bein under unbearable conditions are kinda… more likely to revolt and wanting socialism at this time, y'know?). Which worked out fine, as socialism came later, after Hitler kinda fucked up whole Europe in one small part of the original country.
    Oh well, why don't they just admit they are stupid egoists being absolutely nonempathetic, that would have been cleared.

  15. Yuck ! 90 % of the commentary is some Fox news zombie turd & folks trying to show him the error of his thinking. Please ! dont waste our/ your time. This is way too important a clip & what we should be discussing is ways to get our elected leaders on board , or Throw them out & elect people who will. We need democracy now!

  16. America only ranks high in prison population & gun violence —- Yay! I can't imagine WHY anyone wants to come to USA. Also, if we want to decrease crime….deport American citizens & open the border gates because statistics PROVE that born & bred in the USA, Americans are more of a problem than immigrants.

  17. Fucked News is an incision-free lobotomy, proven time and again by those watching it. The cretin should become a sex worker as she seems quite willing to prostitute herself.

  18. With this she not only insult Denmark or the other
    Scandinavians states, she insulted the entire EU, most of the Countrys have a Social Democrats System

  19. How anyone can seriously compare living standards etc in Denmark to the murky swamp that is American society is a mystery to me. Denmark has a functioning government instead of the freak show in the White House, it does have a properly funded health-for-all scheme, Danish schools are well-funded and free, Danes CAN go to a dentist without having to hand over their life savings, there are no morons with guns running around shooting children in their class rooms, no homeless people in the streets, no drug dealers hanging around dark alleyways, no gangs terrorising whole neighbourhoods, no jittery cops so scared of the citizenry that you have to be careful not to get shot when stopped for an ordinary traffic violation, and no private companies running prisons-for-profit, with judges sending more people to jail than ever and getting paid for every new inmate they supply. Quite frankly, I always wonder why on earth those migrant "caravans" would even WANT to try to get into the US. I know I myself would not choose to live in America in a million years. To me, it is an out-and-out police state with a staggeringly corrupt political class. But the flight from their home countries by the thousands of "illegal immigrants, rapists, child traffickers and drug smugglers" is a reflection of how bad things are there. Anything is better, even the United States and the gun freaks who are polluting it.

  20. Why does Fox News do this? Lie about other countries? Is it to make Americans feel better about themselves?

  21. Trish Ragan, Fox and Republicans are FRIGGIN IDIOTS! Even when she apologized she was completely stupid. Socialist countries in Europe have the highest standards in every level: healthcare, education, social welfare, jobs, standard of living, happiness index, quality of life, etc. But the 0,01% of the rich crooked Americans are trying to keep the other 99.99$ down in the shit with these lies.

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