Danish news anchor responds to Trish Regan

Danish news anchor responds to Trish Regan

Shakespeare said there’s something rotten in Denmark everybody here in Denmark works for the government the kids don’t graduate from school and nobody wants to work these are statements made by Trish Reagan of the Fox Business Network who compares Denmark to Venezuela on her show she states that something is rotten in the state of Denmark well it seems that something was forgotten about the state of Denmark and that would be facts because they’re heavily in debt but as of 2013 only three of the country’s ninety eight municipalities actually had more than half the population working that study included both senior citizens and newborns we might be Vikings in this country but we don’t force our babies to work amongst the working age population more people work in Denmark than in the USA according to the OECD that is 75% of the Danish working age population is working in the u.s. it’s 70.6% so you guys just worked more hours [Music] schools are not free nothing in this world unfortunately is free we just pay for our schools health care day care and all that over the taxes students over the age of 18 do get paid up to nine hundred and thirty dollars a month not nine hundred ninety as you state the politicians decided way back that it was important to invest in young people and their education so it’s true that some students tend to graduate later than anticipated a recent study found that the number is declining however and it has been sold for over a decade last year the students spent an average of five point four years completing their studies so six years or more is not correct [Music] it actually used to be 180 percent but not anymore we have two tax brackets for cars one for the expensive ones and one for the cheaper ones the tax is one hundred and fifty percent of the cars cost over a certain amount if the car costs less than that it’s 85 percent so a lot less still high though and if you love big trucks and suv’s Denmark will probably disappoint you nowadays all the kids graduating from school in Denmark they wanna start cupcake cafes I hope we can agree that baking cupcakes is a noble task and I salute those who aspire to open their own cupcake café I wish Trish were right here though because compared to the u.s. we have a horrible horrible cupcake café deficit so in that regard that actually sucks to be danger [Music]

100 thoughts on “Danish news anchor responds to Trish Regan

  1. i remember watching Fox news for the first time about 10 years ago my first impression was this is absolute crap i see things haven't changed

  2. There is a fact about Denmark many danish people might ignore: Nobody outside Denmark cares about you. Most people in the world don't even know you exist.

  3. Denmark has accepted rapid Islamification, therefore making the information in this video irrelevant. By 2030, Islamic doctrine will be the rule of law in the Islamic Republic of Denmark.

  4. America leads in everything but your welfare and healthcare which I might ad sucks compared to America.We have about 30 states bigger than your little country.Americans really don't care what you clowns do since it doesn't effect us at all.

  5. She is just a giggling bubblehead with no idea what happens out side of her Faux news alternative fact world…

  6. The amount of bullshit that comes from Americans about Europe, about Scandinavia……. What can I say other than, its based on assumptions, fantasy, made up bullshit to make it feel better living in America.

  7. Anyone who thinks Fox News is anything more than a bad joke and an insult to human intelligence is simply a moron. Just laugh at those people, pat them knowingly on the head, and enjoy the rest of your day.

  8. I’m surprised Trish actually knows that Denmark exists, seeing as Americans think they are the centre of the universe….

  9. She is probably the stupidest lady out there. Denmark is like heaven on earth. I'm from Bangladesh living in denmark and I can tell u it is hundred times better than a country like USA which has the fourth largest number of street children in the world. Talking about education well USA has the largest number of drop outs from their bachelor's degree in the world. Also students in USA has an average of 37k student debt yearly.
    Moving to health sector, on an average more than 2 millions people go bankrupt in USA every year just by paying their medical bills.
    I've been in denmark for 6 months now and if other countries start following denmark the whole world be happy and prosperous like the Danes

  10. FOX (aka Faux) news is shameless. It is a reservoir of fakery designed to polarize the American political spectrum even more than it is now. What's scary is their audience doesn't care. FOX's lies, misinformation, and hatemongering have been shown over and over again, yet their audience argues vehemently for the veracity of FOX! It is truly bizarre

  11. United States are disaster to countries around the world, they are the instigator of violent among the people to fight and kill among themselves even go against their own government destroying peace harmony and development, doing fake News is their culture, never trust Americans journalist especially the white racist

  12. Noget er råddent. Se f.eks DR og hvordan nepotismen lever i bedste velgående, og hvordan agendaen er sat ud fra et politisk ståsted i stedet for objektiv informering.

  13. LOL America. 48.2% of American voters choose a bigoted criminal for president in 2016 and the other 46.1% voted for Donald Trump. The previous 8 years America was run into the ground by a shit coloured son of a drug addict sex worker. If they didn't manage to grab loads of wealth because of WWII America would still be the 2nd rate, rebel state it was 150 years ago!

  14. Er han ikke idioten der ville bruge vores skattekroner på noget så latterligt som at få hans kones hest fragtet til USA da han skulle dække der amerikanske valg ?
    Kæft en nar!

  15. Usa is a capitalist shithole where the poor are getting poorer and the rich are getting richer you dont have any insurance in Usa without money

  16. That Fox even hired her, well, I guess she knows something, about something, something that's true, like old Rodger Codger, know doubt, but I bet the Murdoch boys steer clear….

  17. Trish whatever her name is doesn't represent America, she represents FOX, which is as far from representing America as you can get.

  18. Samme skiten fra FOX som sedvanligt. De lager sin alternative sannhet – den vi andre kjenner som løgn. Nå er de tatt red handed" igjen.

  19. How can they criticize Danish school's i mean at least we can go to school without either being shot to death or bullied to death…

  20. I mean, You laugh at someone's dream or wish in the public channel!! Lol!! That "Trash" regan is definitely the plague of human species!! Brainless moron!

  21. Fox Business 'Trish Regan ser ut til å være en dårlig reporter. Hun "oppfinner ofte sine egne nyheter" osv. Så hvorfor skulle en dårlig journalist som Regan få jobb i et stort news nettverk? Det er utenfor meg ….

  22. Trish? More like Trash.
    Anything that comes out of Fox News is trash so she should rename herself for the "news" she conveys.

  23. I get sick when i I remember she used to host a radio show aith my favorite musicians son (frank zappa) but it was the bad one, not dweezil, but still. Sadly shes not one there who for their standards , very vicious in her hatred of well, everything and shes still this shit. Laura ingrham makes trish look . Well marginally less shitty but shes the most insane host they have

  24. Hello from denmark🌍🇩🇰
    Fantastic 👀when OTHER people goof on info about Others🤔
    Without Any sence of REALITY or understanding of the other country😫
    Too funny though its MY Peps goofing off😭(from philly 🇺🇸orig)
    Great post👏.didnt know 🤔🤣
    Stay safe in theese crazy times upon this planet💟🌍

  25. Not just their Schools that are a mess, so is their news network and they should not mention debts cause they got quite a few of their own.
    Tracy go merry the Blondie instead to get rich fast 😛

  26. Please don't compare an European country to Shootingland. Especially Denmark. DON'T EVER SAY USA IS MORE BETTER THAN DENMARK

  27. Im from PL and i live in DK
    Danmark is portably the best country in the world, the people are kind and they work their ass off.. smart, well educated and they never said no to help other poor country’s.. Maybe she should study 9/11 and then we can have a talk.

  28. Why would a journalist even waste his time watching a blonde fox bimbo hmmm? Maybe he is not a journalist ? And likes American culture? Ms trash should not be worth the time.

  29. If you want a decent, criticism of the Danish system, New York Times (a very liberal publication) wrote a piece about it.

    The point about 3 in 98 municipalities is that its a drop from 59 in 98 municipalities in just 4 years. Any expert or layman for that matter will tell you that that is very alarming for a national workforce trend.


    living here in Denmark I would agree that people taking advantage of the education system is a bit of a problem. I've heard foreigners and Danes tell me that they are just in school for the SU, implying they dont give a damn about the education and are only there to receive money from the government. Of course these problems will exist anywhere and the system cant be driven by the rotten apples, but I would say that its much more of a problem than perhaps some Danes want to believe. Especially among young foreigners from the EU, theres a lack of appreciation and maturity, and i think that education being free to take (yes it is free to take even if everyone pays taxes for it ,you kn0ow what we mean, because then theres no opportunity cost of going to school if you pay the same taxes either way) does lead people to being pretty ambivalent about it sometimes. I pay for my education here and I take it very seriously, and the fact that I pay for it is a big factor in making sure I dont waste my time. In the united states we dont want to have our money taken from us to pay for strangers we know nothing about and have little connection with, and though they might not admit it, Danes and most people living in modern countries today dont have any connection or knowledge (and at this point significant cultural bond) with their fellow citizens. Denmark is a wonderful country in many ways, but its also a bit of a socialist doldrum filled with ugly socialist buildings and plenty of mediocre people to fill them. Its not a utopia full of blonde haired blue eyed angles like some people (mainly bernie liberals) like to think.

  30. The only reason the entire world isn't laughing at the US is because they got the biggest guns.

    I wish I lived in Denmark

  31. I live in Denmark. and the funny thing is. each time i see any kind of news regarding Denmark it's always fucking false.

    Like trump saying we will go bankrupt, our system suck and does not work. when it clearly does.

    Denmark have far less homeless people on the street then many other Countries that includes America.

    Yes we have a very high tax. but that include free healthcare. hospitals, schools, education and a roof over your head if you have hit hard times. but this has not stooped people from going to work.

    We keep getting nominated for the happiest country in the world and winning it. there must be a reason for this.

    we are rank 3 of the most Green countries in the world.

    What we are doing works. I don't get why other countries can't get their fact's straight. especially when it comes from news outlets or their governments.

    when it comes to overweight people UNITED STATES 36.20% DENMARK 19.70%

    I could keep listing. I don't get why America always have to make Denmark look bad, when it's just not true.

  32. I was really interested in watching your videos so I checked out your channel nevermind I can't watch them. That is unless there's subbed.

    Nope, I checked they are only captioned in Danish. Nevermind.

  33. But we are free to say anything we want. An we have a right to protect ourselves. So I'll take USA god love the red white an blue

  34. Socialism has NEVER works will never work. The fake Viking did admit that NOTHING IS FREE. Giving kids free checks teaches them that someone is willing to pay for them so why work. Promote immaturity, irresponsibility and laziness. Nothing constructive can be built or sustained on these sorry traits.

    There is one basic principle in life. A working people will always do better and be happier than a non-work people. All success in life is predicated on work whether it be health or survival. Denmark is socialist, no matter how much they deny it. Socialism is mass slavery focusing all the power of daily lives up to a few people at the top.

    Sorry, I prefer to make my own decisions. Even when I make a bad one, at least I'm suffering for my own actions and I learn not to do that again.

    Trish is correct, EVERYTHING is ROTTEN in Denmark.

    Update: Now Denmark has past a vaccine law to chip/tattoo everyone involuntarily. Like Trish said Denmark SUX!!

  35. Denmark, I'm a proud neighbour, just lower your tax on cars for all petrolheads 🤘🙏😍
    Oh btw Trish, there might be room in 3 grade for you 😉

  36. At this point in time, it should actually be a badge of honor to have Fox News lie about your country. Just check out the Youtube video of how Bill O'Reilly lied about Amsterdam and the Netherlands a few years back. So, good on you Denmark.

  37. Ignorant Americans are a dime a dozen. Trust me, I have lived in this Country for 27 years and I've heard it all 😂 Love your response to this ridiculous women's statement. She probably had her little heart broken by a danish handsome viking 💔😉 Varm hilsen til dere alle fra ei norsk dame i Florida 🙋‍♀️🇩🇰❤🇧🇻

  38. Please just laugh along with most Americans and don't take Fox seriously. They cater to a minority of ignorant fools.

  39. As a swede, I still don't like danes. But if you mess with one nordic country, you mess with us all. Greetings from your neighbour to the north <3.

  40. That settles it. I am moving to Denmark and opening a cupcake cafe. I bake most excellently. They have a cupcake deficiency. They need me!!!🤣😂🤣😂😅💓

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