Dan Thorn: Anchor/Reporter

Dan Thorn: Anchor/Reporter

as you can see and here hundreds of teachers are still protesting at the State Capitol Jennifer Patrick we have some breaking news tonight we're just learning that Aaron Lawson the quadruple murder suspect isn't spring like eight days from now what what happened well we've snow falling from the sky right now snowball fights right and this is the perfect kind of snow for that as you can see you could just make easy snowballs I'm sure kids will be pegging each other all day today at the roads they have this slushy kind of sloppy mess that's going on and that doesn't really make for a really good time for you to let alone walk around and drive in an effort to amend the state's new medical marijuana law is going down to the wire at the Capitol was a massive response to a massive fireman by all estimates it could get expensive House bill 26:55 also known as graces law covers social media instant messages emails that legislation has to be drafted and then voted on here's a live look right now at the Senate chamber there are several teachers out here many teachers have taken their frustrations out on governor Jim Justice during this strike saying he's not done enough why do you believe that Senate Republicans didn't believe in those revenue projections oh I think more than anything it's a political play it's just it's just hitting back and and these are people from your party I know that I know who got the last slide and Jennifer Patrick you sort of broke the ice for me there you know they say don't kill the messenger the Mick Pizza is no more here at the McDonald's in Pomeroy Ohio I'm sorry the the final personal pies were sold earlier today President Trump has the lowest approval rating of any elected president within their first year carrying narcan has become the new normal there's an overdose almost every day over the last 11 months there were 1646 overdoses compared to last year when there was 1217 overdoses good morning thanks for joining us on this Thanksgiving I'm Dan thorn I'm still trying to meteorologist Eric Taylor in for Bryan Hughes when you say no to pebbles all right Adam thank you so much pebbles thank you so much for joining us this morning all right the time is 651 turning to 652 even if you're a snow lover you just cannot complain I almost feel like we're in the wrong season you look at the you think it's spring it's really been like that woman says heroin was somehow slipped into her three-year-old child's trick-or-treat Hall coal is dominant here you're a believer in climate change right sure so what do you suggest the state economy has to grass to start focusing well two things and I think it's not only the state economy I think the federal government has got to play a very important role President Donald Trump's plane is expected to touch down in southern West Virginia in just moments areas president Donald Trump the 45th president stepping out waving to the crowd in southern West Virginia Thoren joins us now live again in Lawrence County right now with the very latest and Jennifer Patrick much of the community breathing a sigh of relief tonight as Erin Lawson is in the Lawrence County Jail emotions were running high today here at the courthouse but this hideous crime is still haunting family members murder suspect Erin Lawson silent as he's taken into custody by Lawrence County deputies the 23 year old is accused of shooting and killing four people today we learned their names his cousin 43 year old Tammy McGuire her husband 50 year old Donald McGuire 25 year old Stacy Jackson and eight year old Devon Holston this horrific incident happening Wednesday night at a home in Pedro an emotional crowd gathered on the courthouse steps as the sheriff broke the news some relieved while others were heartbroken the pain of loss still stinging Brandon McGuire was brought to tears talking about his mother Tammy what mother was sharing versus she was gone she's very self antibody I don't see how something like I could take her away from all of us McGuire says he can't make sense of what Lawson did you know even deal with anymore Lawrence County Sheriff Jeff lawless was thankful for the outpouring of support from all of the police agencies and for the tips from people living in the area one of those tips leading to the arrest of Lawson along Route 52 in Ironton who the public has been tremendous in in helping us with this giving us tips and then also and that you know that the outpouring of love for us bringing us food and water the various businesses and residents that cared about us I just want to thank everybody we just learned a short while ago that Lawson will be formally charged tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock right now he's facing four murder charges and there are more charges that are pending at this hour in the meantime he's going to be remaining here at the Lawrence County Jail as for a motive and what caused this horrific incident those questions are yet to be answered that's the latest here live in Lawrence County Ohio for 13 News I'm dan Thorne working for you hundreds of teachers are not cooling off at the State Capitol as public schools are closed for a fifth day despite Governor Justice is proposing a 5% teacher pay raise and calling for a task force on health insurance teachers say they want a permanent fix for Pei a shut up and go home Connie summers is a teacher in Calhoun County she and other teachers say the focus needs to remain on health care and that's why they're here the proposal by governor justice is under scrutiny as today is arguably the most important day of the legislative session but teachers say they want something in writing and they're tired of broken promises they need to find revenue streams for P I and definites not promises meanwhile the Senate President understands the daunting task at hand not only is the pressure mounting from teachers but time is precious we're going to be very prudent and responsible as we manage the state's budget in Charleston dan thorn 13 News working for you

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