100 thoughts on “Dan Rather, Sam Donaldson have dire warning about Trump

  1. "The skys falling…the Skys falling"…
    Get Real folks…All this bs hoopla is simply that..TOTAL BS.
    Wake up…Even if this was done..and it wasnt…it effects NOTHING. The same batch of idiots..who are still insanely pissed because Trump won even their totally Rigged election. is stiring these old dry bones…
    Look around..things are going good. Period..besides this Constant STUPIDITY.

  2. So . . . apparently we now know; it will end with a bang . . . and a whimper. The better question is, what’s it going to take to clean it all up?

  3. Dan scourges Trump, but honors Led Zeppelin.. That figures! All old men, Democrat or Republican get Crazy with old age. Just look at Bill O'Reilly. But Sam and Dan are no different..

  4. This reminds us how grateful we must be that we have had newsmen like Sam Donaldson and Dan Rather. Either one of these men I would still vote for as President no matter what political Party. I wish I could say that about anybody who is running for 2020.
    Thank you gentlemen, Sam Donaldson and Dan Rather. We are in your debt.

  5. America, please do not allow Trump to do this to our United States again. He's tearing our states apart, he's selfish, arrogant, self serving, a racist. Misogynist, LIAR, we don't need this for another 4 years, he will destroy us for his own pleasure!

  6. The military needs to draft an Article 25 . Because this Orange Buffoon unfit and a threat to the nation. I’ve served 12 years in the US Army and I can tell you every time I heard about articles,I froze.

  7. Typical Don Lemon and CNN fake news and Dan Rather speaking still, he was fired for his dumb comments on CBS go rest Dan you need it and Sam Donaldson, you need to just give up your opinions don't even matter anymore just like Dan go lay down and give up go rest. Donald Trump for 2020

  8. Rather personifies "Fake News" why give him a voice? Because you are Fake News. Donaldson, another old has been. Two old scum bags talking to a scum bag.

  9. Rather and Donaldson are two turds that should have been flushed long ago. They both are liars and reprobates who have corrupted the minds of viewers for years. Creatures of the fake news swamp. Trump 2020. MAGA.

  10. Loved this segment. A weekly 2 hour show hosted by a rotating panel of five of our most brilliant, senior journalist would be fantastic. CNN could produce this show with a focus on the 2020 election. If rating are good, a limited run focussing on the first 100 days would follow. If ratings remain strong, the show could become permanent in the 4PM time slot on Saturdays.

    The decades of experience each of the five award winning journalists bring to the table would make for must see TV. Imagine allowing five of the most knowledgeable and experienced journalists freely discuss politics for an hour or two every week. This small segment left me wanting more.


  11. This is why liberals are acting so looney toones! Because the news they are fed is looney….
    CNN proves that it's no longer about factual news but more about being first to report ANYTHING said from unverified sources with no evidence.
    If CNN was a good place to get news then there ratings wouldn't be so low, nor would they have to retract and correct news as much as they do

  12. Dan and Sam, you were the greatest field reporters, in the eye of danger…Vietnam, Afghanistan 1972, Iran/Contra wars…yes you were the real story..behind the story! But you both have my deepest condolences… that the deep state has you or using you for their Grand STINK cover ups…or … does wearing the mask and robe really saving your soul… you both look like when you found out 70 percent of your stories were omiited out for the night news… so many Americans deceived about their children in the front lines … a war not by choice…but by DEMAND or face prosecution. So many profit wars that grew and grew that being a journalist, became a 2nd class job. Sad beyond sad! Oh and your welcome for getting you guys out first of war torn countries….that taxpayers paid for… Congress of both parties, the gang of many in D.C. that wanted a piece of the CORRUPTION PIE!! 5 decades worth..if they are alive today. CNN…again coming in loud and clear… to your followers that are just too young, too entitled, want it now, and love PEACE, LOVE, let's all get along… and use abortion as a contraceptive. Don Lemon. You chose wisely in the eyes of THEM. Enjoy.

  13. Talking heads.
    They speak for the establishment. Not for the people. They've propagated a great deception and lied to the American people for decades. And CNN thinks we should listen to them now because…?

  14. To these old clowns who should be off the air: I will warn you about Western countries turning to caliphates, decriminalizing narcs, the dangers of marijuana will be plain to see in a decade(as vape dangers are plain to see now), and taking guns from lawful people who need them when cops are not around.
    And you warn we the people about the best president since Reagan. He doesn't control the weather, he doesn't influence climate. CHINA is the biggest agitator of climate and liberals blame Trump (!)
    Because they don't care about climate. They only care about VOTES and sex.
    PS – Show me the farmers who are broke and I will show you a shitty businessman of a farmer.

  15. Love those Interviews with aging rock stars on AXS, Dan Rather. You do a fine job of acting like you actually give a damn what those knuckleheads think, that you follow their career. And that politicizing every interview, real pro there. Now that Steve Harvey is taking over is he gonna let you keep your show or is it too white?

  16. What damage has he done to the country? Like seriously hes been slander with lies and attempted coup his entire presidency how else is he supposed to act

  17. the insane do not care if they go down in history as bad as long as they go down in history. lets hope this is as far as his insanity takes us!

  18. Trumper and his cronies have made some really really great bigly beautiful money playing the futures in the stock market. It was so clear to anyone paying any attention at all that those Tweets at just the right time were known ahead of time by some. It was finally reported billions were made, not millions but billions. Trumper has more cash now than ever but try finding it. That base of his hasn't changed either and will turn out big time on election day. Its all fake they say, because they are only interested in things in one way, their way. That is a true genus group of people.

  19. you americans are being laffed at all over the world already…. i think we all have friends in many other countries, whom we are in contact with on social media, and 95+% of mine shake their heads and wonder how stupid Americans can be to 1: have elected this lying blowhard in the first place, 2: how can you even consider voting for him AGAIN after all the times he has broken laws and been in contempt of congress, 3: why are they not backing impeachment 100% and remove him from office, after he has given putin so much and committed so many impeachable offences that everyone from moscow mitch and leningrad lindsey have said they are…(google it, they said it back in their day)… just look at their remarks of what was impeachable when THEY were going after clinton for just lying about getting a blow job.. Really??? too late to be worried about being laffed at.. The world is ROTFLOL @ the USA.. grow some balls and get rid of this thing.

  20. If the Jew Fractional Reserve Bank did go bankrupt along with the Jew media how might Israel retaliate? Because of America's long misplaced trust, Israel could much more easily sneak nukes into this country than a Muslim nation. It would certainlly be blamed on Islam resulting in another war against the enemies of Israel with Americans paying the price. No sacrifice is too great for someone else to be forced to make to save Israel. Jesus Christ died to save the world. Anti Christ Israel expects everyone else to die to save it.
    "Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is anti Christ that denieth the Father and the Son."

  21. America, I hate to be the one to tell you this, but the world has been laughing at you, in utter disbelief, since the day Comrade Quisling became the Republican nominee.

  22. No other president has given up the salary bc no other president has used the office to enrich their family and pocket…Trump is a crook and criminal.

  23. trump is such an asshole that he deserves no breaks and should be in prison. trump is major liar so why do you compare yourself to them. Trump is going to be the WORST PRESIDENT In history.

  24. Mitch McConnell, keep doing what you’re doing. Believe in your Republican Party. We are responsible for our moves. We own them.


  26. Dan rather , Donaldson are both deep state goons, ask rather about back and to the right, Donaldson had his 15 minutes, just like beloved Walter Cronkite deep state goon, these guys are paid off have been for a long long time

  27. Donaldsons hairpiece looks stolen and ♻️ from Trumpylumps. Absolutely hideous…… in fact they say that George Washington’s teeth 🦷 and Trumps hair are made of wood, ivory, and compressed old paint brush bristles.

  28. Well dcumented information but deleted by the thought police at Youtube which is owned by Jews A Christmas shopping rebellion might also bankrupt Youtube which also relies on advertising revenue. As the pack of coyotes approaches the babe in the woods, one must not say anything antisemitic.

  29. These guys are 3 beaten down pussies. They are emotional, delusional, and just plain weird. I like FOX NEWS. It's mature and has American civics in mind.

  30. The Bible says that the anti Christ will take over towards the end but that Jesus Christ will return and he's not coming back to die on a cross this time.

  31. you debaiters need to go to the house, sit down and shut the fuk up … soros has already picked the next presidential candidate… think of it this way..if yall work hard and become good at debaiting then you will be masterdebaiters …. so proud…

  32. Why is it that the rest of the world could see all these issues, problems and obscure behaviour, as soon as he declared he was running for president. We all saw what would happen.
    Yet he went through. He is a shameful liar, an irrational fool, a child and dangerous because of his naivety.
    Get him out before he causes a war. He’s an embarrassment to America. Remove him and replace him with an experienced politician and not a mindless penis that has made his way through life used to getting his own way by buying it. And buying it from a previously existent fortune of which he did not create.

    You have a ten year old leading the country. And a bratty one at that.

    If you have a cancer then you cut it the fuck out.
    There is cancer in the Whitehouse. And it’s getting out of control.

  33. Ted Kennedy murdered a women, Laura Bush murdered a man with her car, Bill Clinton sold A.erica Out, Hillary Clinton, sold platinum to Russa. George H Bush deserted the Kurds as well. All politicians use there office to promote there own agenda. Democrats are as dirty as anyone els.
    Trump will win in 2020 for the simple reason the Democrats don't have anyone worth being president. The Media is bought and paid for by the left. The only way to resolve this issue is another civil war.

  34. Why are host and guests perched on chairs at height of bar stools instead of being comfortably seated at normal height and with a normal height desk? This set-up is weird and distracting and disrespectful to guests.

  35. It is worth noting that a New York Rothschild banker named Schiff who financed the Jew Bolsheviks is said to have given the order to execute the Royal family. A Mr. Schiff is leading the impeachment assault on President Trump amidst applause and vicious attacks from the Jew media. Speech with a foreign official must be redefined as some sort of collusion just as other speech can be redefined to incriminate for political purposes. Israel owned CNN wants Americans to be very concerned about such foreign collusion.

  36. Rather and Donaldson remember George Washington? Of course they do, they were both White House correspondents during Washington's first term. (For you trolls – yes i know that the White House wasn't built until 1800. It was a joke.)

  37. I have been trying to follow this narrative for a long time . would someone please send me proof of Donald Trump's law-breaking actions

  38. Dan Rather you proved long ago your a liar with no credibility. To stoop so low as to be interviewed by the likes of Don Lemonade speaks for itself. An Sam Donaldson needs more spot light. To be viable. Again to stoop low to Lemon is a shock. He is pure lying trash


  40. America is blessed to have journalists who are living national treasures. Trump wants statues and monuments to cement his place in history. But nations memorise those who contributed to the nation's history in powerful ways. Trump does everything possible to weaken America bringing the nation to its knees. He is nothing but a thug, who is nothing more than than a joke.

  41. It’s amazing how LEFTARDS listen to people who have been caught red handed lying to the public and fired from their news agencies . These guys don’t have a clue about truth !!!

  42. You all seem to hate Trump…. what policies do Democrats have that make sense? You all are being so played with propaganda. I say this to inform and not condescend.

  43. I can’t believe how far and low CNN is willing to go to bash Donald Trump. I try to be objective while watching Trump presidency but I can’t see what he is doing against America. All I know he has been targeted by cable network and intelligence community long before he took office. Hell he was to be impeached 3 days in the WH. I wonder how much Corporate America paid Dan and Sam to pay their respect to Trump.

  44. aw dan rather and sam donaldson, last of the last breed of good old fashioned journalist reporting. these men worked hard to get their stories right, may have made mistakes along the way, everybody does. but still held their integrity and objective honest beliefs. i think dan rather got shafted by cbs, because he really did tell the truth in the vietnam-westmoreland saga on 60 minutes. richard nixon screwed up as president, but people forgave him, and he became an elder stateman. i was deeply touched when i saw him crying at wifes funreal. we tend to forget how human a president is, flawed or not. trump is basically a businessman, it is in his psychie, world probems are just a nuicance to him, and get in way of his business interests.

  45. Trump is a huuge coward. Did you see the video where he cowers from the bald eagle? That's why he has no pets. Doesn't like animals. or other people. Only himself. And afraid of his own shadow.
    Rather/Donaldson 2020

  46. Every one keep trying to blame Putin appoint President trump for his base which support the untruth that always come out his mouth, its not trump who controls there morales or ethics its them who are not willingly to see that which is truthfull because its there decision to support lies or that which is true, for someone who speak like a fourth grader and move thousands of people in the wrong direction of ethics that something, i say again the problem is really racism in America.

  47. Don you and your guests are such hypocrites…trying to throw shade on Trump when the entire world asked how on earth did he become president in the first place….Americans voted for him which is an indictment on the whole of USA.

  48. George Washington Lincoln were not patriots
    Look up Robert Morris and Washington
    Then look up why we fought the civil war.
    I’m no trump fan

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