Dalai Lama: Trump has ‘lack of moral principle’ – BBC News

Dalai Lama: Trump has ‘lack of moral principle’ – BBC News

Lack of moral principle. Keep Europe for Europeans. If female Dalai Lama comes,
then she should be more attractive. His emotions also, little bit… too complicated. What do you mean by that? What do you think of him in office? One day he says something, another day he says something, but I think [there’s a] lack of moral principle. When he become president he expressed: ‘America first.’ That is wrong. America, they should take
the global responsibility. I am one admirer of [the] spirit of [the] European Union. I’m outsider but I feel better [to] remain in the union. The campaign to leave the European Union used one of your quotes in their posters. It said: ‘The goal should be that migrants return and help rebuild their countries. You have to be practical. It’s impossible for everyone to come.’ The European countries should take these refugees and give them education and training and then aiming is – return to their own land. And if these people want to stay in Europe, shouldn’t they be allowed to? Limited number… OK. But whole Europe eventually become Muslim country? Impossible. Or African country. Also impossible. There’s nothing wrong with that, is there? I mean, you’re a refugee yourself. They themselves, I think
better to their own land. Better. Keep Europe for Europeans. Have you given up the hope of returning? No, no, no. Tibetan people very much
showed their trust in me, so they are very, very eager. Many old people, with tears, they ask me: ‘Please come to Tibet.’ So how would that happen, Your Holiness? Now, China is changing. So you have had contact Yes. in the last few years with Chinese officials? Who? Entirely privately. Number of Chinese retired officials and some scholars who have some connections
with Chinese government. Has President Xi
ever asked you for a meeting? Not yet. Do you think China’s growing influence is having an impact on your own
influence and the cause of Tibet? I don’t care. No. I think the Chinese themselves is changing their attitude. You once said that you would be open to a female successor. That’s also possible. You also told one of my colleagues that: ‘That female must be attractive otherwise it’s not much use.’ Yes. Can you see why that
comment upset a lot of women? That is one time. If female Dalai Lama comes,
then she should be more attractive. If female Dalai Lama… Oh, oh… That people, I think prefer, not see her, that face. A lot of women would say
that’s objectifying women and it’s about who you are inside isn’t it? Yes, I think both.

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  1. This woman is one of the biggest idiots I’ve ever met. “Why shouldn’t Europe become a Muslim or African country??” “Why can’t people just stay in other peoples countries indefinitely?””” What a complete disgrace to journalism….

  2. The Dalai Lama is one of the greatest men in my lifetime. He's wrong about Europe being for native Europeans. They have a death wish and love being diverse and multicultural. So they don't have a culture, like everyone else does. It isn't white Europeans homeland anymore. It's for everyone, they invested in immigration while everyone else didn't. They made their choice.

  3. It’s because she and her family rather abandoned their own families homeland for a European lifestyle.

  4. The SJW's are even going for the head of the Dalai Lama, who is an 80 year old spiritual leader of Tibet living in exile while his countries people have been persecuted for longer than any millennial has been on this planet.
    Having said that, these same SJW's will make their way to the club every weekend, get shit faced while listening to music which degrades and objectives women while they throw their bodies at one another.

  5. Be open to a female successor? Is it like you can pick who you reincarnate in? Also I think he means charismatic and not grumpy.

  6. And if your face isn't deformed, there's no inside/outside. Mind is connected to the face muscles, they show everything. It requires concentration and training to hide emotions (like poker face). Or you don't sleep, muscle tone is weak, everybody knows and you can't control that.

  7. Tibet FIRST, India FIRST, South Africa FIRST, China FIRST, all good, America FIRST very bad because they must take Global responsibility but whenever the USA does anything like that the World calls them Imperialist,empire builder, fascist, racists yada yada yada. The USA has a leader today that clearly states America First, the rest of the World can get in line, what is wrong with that?, any leader of any country should put their needs above and beyond the rest of the World, you must love yourself in order to have love to give.
    The love you take is equal to the love you make… Paul McCartney.

  8. The UK will be much better off after Brexit, and for this young girl to suggest there is nothing wrong with a few million Middle Eastern and Africans coming into Europe and causing the entire Continent to be muslim makes me wonder if she thought it was okay for the British to take over India for so long. What a bloody snowflake she really is.
    He was saying the next Lama who could be female must be more attractive than him otherwise nobody will pay attention to the Lama, but I guess the constantly offended will hear that differently. I respect the Dalai Lama 100% but that does not mean I agree with his politics all the time. Trump is making the USA great… again.. I stopped watching the BBC ages ago and only came in when i seen the face of the Dalia Lama otherwise I know the BBC is really the Bloody Bullshit Corporation, pure fake news everyday.

  9. The Dalai Lama goes through the drive through at KFC with his Tibet lady monk friends and orders a bucket of chicken.

    KFC employee: And your side pieces?

    Dalai Lama: They’ve already eaten.

  10. Shame on this reporter, so rude, so insensitive and so much full of ego
    May Dalai Lama Bless u.🙏

  11. Shame on this reporter, so rude, so insensitive and so much full of ego
    May Dalai Lama Bless u.🙏

  12. Why doesn't India do it's part and take in the millions of refeugees from Africa and the Middle east?????

  13. Aggressive journalist…. Trump also said several times BBC, the fakest news…. Where the full interview

  14. Dalai lama is so right to say if a next Dalai Lama comes she should be attractive, this is the world that we are living in now,. every girl is trying to be more beautiful by using beauty products. every film directors are choosing mostly beautiful looks. is this also an insult to women with poor looks? the interviewer is just wanted to fly up high with the name, fame and influences of his holiness the dalai lama. she must be fired from BBC for her purposely fussing the society.

  15. we all know that his holiness really care about women. because he is ready to accept for a female to replace our four centuries long male Dalai Lama system. and also he is always telling and encouraging people by saying our world will be more peaceful if more female leaders come to power. how much leaders like Dalai Lama do we have now a days? really a shameless interviewer .

  16. Dalai lama is so right to say if a next Dalai Lama comes she should be attractive, this is the world that we are living in now,. every girl is trying to be more beautiful by using beauty products. every film directors are choosing mostly beautiful looks. is this also an insult to women with poor looks? the interviewer is just wanted to fly up high with the name, fame and influences of his holiness the dalai lama. she must be fired from BBC for her purposely fussing the society.

  17. we all know that his holiness really care about women. because he is ready to accept for a female to replace our four centuries long male Dalai Lama system. and also he is always telling and encouraging people by saying our world will be more peaceful if more female leaders come to power. how much leaders like Dalai Lama do we have now a days? really a shameless interviewer .

  18. his holiness is trusting so much to BBC and he has admired your channel on many world stages. now this is how you react.

  19. Good grief, this is so heavily edited it's like one of those ransom notes that takes dissimilar cut out letters to make up all the words.

    PS I'm pretty sure that the BBC selects their female reporters along the same lines as what a female Dalai Lama would be, attractive on both the inside and the outside, realistically this is the most effective person.

  20. I love the Dali Lama as a man of moral integrity seeking spiritual union for humanity. I love Donald Trump for aiming at spiritual union of America first which will become part of a process towards the spiritual union of humanity. There is such a difference in cultures that it must happen in stages with NO central controlling power. The power is in the hands of "We the People".

  21. Him "…all of Europe become Muslim" Her "…nothing wrong with that is there"? Yes, that's what she said. She should be deported to Saudi Arabia for that statement alone.

  22. Oh look when you pick a random baby and give them a powerful title what a fantastic system it will never fail…

  23. Is this a Trailer?? Trying to gain viewership!! Completely dishearten by BBC. Upload the full interview.

  24. he means if his successor if woman should be wrinkle free like of the age he is in…unless she be a politician like Theresa may.

  25. Keep Africa for the Africans = Okay
    Keep India for the Indians = Okay
    Keep Japan for the Japanese = Okay
    Keep Brazil for the Brazilians = Okay
    Keep Europe for the Europeans = OMG LITERAL NAZI!!!!

  26. This interviewer approach is so unapproachable and condescending, here is a Spiritual leader who won Nobel peace prize!!! She needs go back to journalism school and brush up on holding a respectable interview . This is not the way to interview a leader of 6 million people of Tibet . I am a linguist and her approach is absolutely unprofessional. BBC we expect professionalism not this condescending approach , her facial expression was disrespectful . Why try to create controversy based on nothing . Here is His Holiness now 84 years old whose first language is not English . Pragmatic at play here . Do keep it professional and not participate in click bait and being thirsty for controversy for likes and mere followers . Once again glad I don’t watch this news who participate in propaganda who is trying to appease the Chinese . Ugh🙄🙄🙄

  27. Brat interviewer, brat BBC…. Full of rubbish and goes every extend to increase viewer. So, pathetic. Not getting story to show? Unethical, when I am watching this I was thinking why I am watching this? encouraging this filthy minded interviewer. this brat what the hell that interviewer is thinking, as if she is like a boss ready to scold some employees and making big something out of nothing. No respect, no manners for elder and so much excited to ruin the precious days for old 84 year person. She might got so much satisfaction after posting this "edited" video for old man. Do same to your own grandparents. One good intention has been taken bad thing by the listener. Coz her brain is full of negativism. May god bless you to stay positive lol.

  28. If attractive want is bad things does that means no one want to become beautiful and attractive. Then why interviewer wearing makeup and straightener by showing her face in video by disrespecting all women without makeup and who is having curly hair.

  29. Interviewer was very good. Asking questions directly with no waste of time. That was a very good interview👌🏼

  30. Dalai lama is not Buddha, in slightest, pawn of un, who exploits Buddha's name, barks humanity charity propaganda for lowest black worms. Eurabia, black, pooprope, obamerica supporter.

  31. Of course this woman disagrees with "Europe is for Europeans" – look at her, she is obviously of Indian descent and a British woman too.

  32. India is for Indians, he should get out of India,he is better of in his land.😀😀😀
    Lol he can't go back then why should other refugees go back

  33. The interviewer and many others misunderstand his comments on a female successor needing to be attractive. I don’t believe he meant it as in the idea of physical beauty being somehow more valuable. Western society promotes physical beauty this way. I believe he meant a female successor would need to be attractive as having a face that is pleasant, compassionate, and caring. Notice the way he makes a face. I believe he’s making the point that someone who appears too serious, harsh, or even angry is not attractive.

    Basically his use of the word “attractive” is not equivalent to beauty. The interviewer obviously believes those words are completely synonymous. They are not.

  34. She is too rigid and in fact has no clue as to what HH was really trying to say. She missed out opportunities to clarify on points wisely as she was instead so busy beating on him with her righteous stick of political correctness. Such a waste.

  35. I'm confused Europe stays European but America needs to take care of the World we can't shouldn't stay American too! 🤔

  36. Very shady job of an interview with at least 20 jump cuts. My sense is DL, in his late years, has probably made peace with Chinese occupation of Tibet and is quite sympathetic to a peaceful solution with Chinese which guarantees Tibetans safe return to Tibet. Young Tibetans in Dharamshala living a miserably existence may see a better economical future in Tibet.

  37. Rajini wants to get famous and she uses Dalai Lama controversy to get famous and here she is, now many people know the name Rajini.

  38. China is changing . Very true , His Holiness views . Hongkong is an outstanding example. The Chinese should get out of Tibet . Tibet belongs to Tibetans
    not Chinese.

  39. What his holiness meant by attractive would be , a smart , charismatic female Dalai Lama …….you media reporters are very condescending and want to show all spiritual leaders are devoid of Intelligence and derailed
    …shame on you

  40. Damn.. D Lama played all the ugly women 😆… 💯 🙏🏽.. don’t blame him.. blame the ignorance of our world. Men are fools, and most of us look for outer appeal and forget to acknowledge what’s within a women’s mind and heart.. so in order to get a fools attention to offer real wisdom to em it’s a better strategy to have a beautiful women as an Authentic Lama.. ya gotta get over ya ego too tho 😆

  41. Oh, go f yourself! Who are YOU to criticise the DL? Read about his past. He's not in tune with this modern confused PC world. He's just an honest man with a good heart. And you, the BBC, have the balls to put him down? F off! We all see through your BS at this stage.

  42. Antidote for Rajini Vaidyanathan's hate filled interview.
    An article by Kaveri Gill:

    As someone who lived in the UK for over a decade, the BBC has been a staple, hallowed institution for me. It is also a channel the Dalai Lama says he tunes into daily. So it is little wonder that his office granted an interview to a BBC journalist, Rajini Vaidynathan, in late June this year.

    Unlike the extreme vetting that is routine in today’s age for media engagement with global celebrities, the endearing innocence and openness for which the Dalai Lama and Tibetans are famed resulted in a free-flowing recorded conversation. During its course, Vaidyanathan chose to put two questions to him that he’d been asked previously, the first as long ago as 1992 by the editor of Paris Vogue – on whether his successor could be a female, and his position on immigrants.

    The Dalai Lama stood by his previous responses and said his successor could well be a woman, that she ought to be “attractive”, and that immigrants should themselves think about returning to their homelands.

    After the interview, Vaidyanathan took to Twitter and social media to post these “controversial” video excerpts that naturally travelled far and wide. The bait was taken and within hours, a towering global figure and role model, rare in today’s jaded times for his authenticity, was taken to task across the internet, for his supposed sexism and nationalism.

    What no one sought to present was the context of the Dalai Lama’s comments. In the Buddhist philosophical system, especially the Nalanda School from which Tibetan Buddhism originates, there are meticulously defined results of purified actions of mind, speech and body (or more simply put, karma, the understanding of which is taken to the pinnacle of sophistication in this system), including what might be considered an “attractive” form in the mundane sense. The foremost Nalanda scholar, Nagarjuna, delineates these in Precious Garland (Chapter 2), as does Chandrakirti in Entering the Middle Way (Chapter 6, Verse 6).

    The present Dalai Lama became a monk at the age of two ­– and eight decades later, is the embodiment of the best of the Nalanda philosophical tradition. One may choose to interpret his first remark as deriving from this complex understanding, of course, but only if the interviewer decides to see where the interviewee is coming from and not seek confirmation of an a priori bias.

    Also read: Dalai Lama Apologises for Comments on Women, Says Refugee Statement Was ‘Misinterpreted’

    Let’s next recount the Dalai Lama’s impeccable record on supporting women, in three contexts: the Tibetan Buddhist monastic tradition; Tibetan society; and more generally. In a monumental breakaway from the past, all due to his vision and determination to see this change through in his lifetime, in December 2016, the Dalai Lama conferred Geshema degrees – the highest academic accolades in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, the equivalent of a doctoral degree – on 20 nuns in a historic ceremony in south India. What was previously the preserve of male monastics alone has now become an avenue for female nuns as well.

    It is in this light that his comment that the next Dalai Lama could be female signalled that the highest bastions of religious leadership in his tradition were now equal opportunity in gender terms. As an aside, in the Vajrayana vehicle, to disrespect a woman is considered a serious infraction, and there is little chance that a monk who has assiduously kept his vows all his life as he has, will transgress that injunction by making some off the cuff comment, as was wilfully misconstrued in this instance.

    Tibetan society is more gender equal than many societies. To hear firsthand accounts from Tibetan women themselves on how the Dalai Lama has been the pivot in ensuring that the community in exile sees a significant number of women in leadership positions, as well as in the Tibetan freedom struggle and across all spheres, it is worth reading Madhu Rajput’s forthcoming book, Occupational Mobility in an Exiled Community: A Socio-economic Study of Tibetan Women in Dharamshala and Dehradun. Apart from contributions of many informants from diverse backgrounds, extensive interviews with Rinchen Khandro, former director, Tibetan Nun’s Project; Dolma Yangchen, president, Tibetan Women’s Association; Namgyal Lhamo Taklha, an acclaimed Tibetan author and founder director of Songsten Library, Dehradun; Dolma Tshering, member of parliament, Central Tibetan Administration; and Namgyal Dolkar Lhagyari, the first female president of Gu Chu Sum, are especially telling in this regard.

    As for women in general, the Dalai Lama has publicly said on more than one occasion that for a peaceful world, it is necessary to see more women in power across the globe, and that since physical strength is no longer the metric of value it once was in our evolutionary history, there’s no reason for women to assume a secondary position in any field.

    Turning last to the Dalai Lama’s comment on immigrants and refugees choosing to return to their countries of origin, in order to contribute by transferring much needed skills and knowledge, the comment has to be understood in the context of his and most Tibetans-in-exile’s desire to return to Tibet in their lifetimes.

    Also read: From Illiteracy to PhD: How Exiled Tibetan Buddhist Nuns Are Ensuring Gender Parity

    The Dalai Lama is coming from a position of 60 years of upholding with great honour the Middle Way Approach in the struggle to get China to grant Tibet autonomy and allow its peoples cultural, linguistic and religious freedom. Nowhere is his heartfelt personal suggestion proscribing settling in foreign shores and a call for a forcible return for economic or other immigrants across the globe, such as the BBC journalist’s own parents, who chose to make Britain their home, just as she as a second-generation immigrant is choosing to make their country of origin hers. It is truly ironic how many Tibetans born in India post-1959 might make the exact same decision Vaidyanathan has, were they given a real choice by China!

    The interview’s fallout on the fickle internet is not really going to dent the image of a globally beloved icon who wears the same pair of spectacle frames for decades on end; carries tsampa (barley porridge) in his monk’s bag in case of delays in his travel schedule; and has tirelessly, yet skilfully and with great humour, carried the heavy burden of a people, a religion and a language’s fate, almost single handedly resurrecting every single Tibetan institution in exile that was destroyed in 1959.

    It is a life he has recently described as being a difficult one. And it is for a reason that he is the only Dalai Lama in the lineage for whom great masters of each of the four traditions of Tibetan Buddhism composed prayers of auspiciousness and long life, because they knew, as discerning others do, what disproportionate responsibility has been his since childhood.

    The Fourteenth Dalai Lama, inside and out, is a crystal clear reflection of each sentient being’s finest possibility. It’s plain to see in his lustrous, glowing, ever smiling, and dare I say it, extraordinarily attractive visage!

    Kaveri Gill teaches at Shiv Nadar University, as well as pursuing the Nalanda Masters Course at Tibet House, New Delhi. The views expressed in the piece are personal. The author maybe contacted on [email protected]

  43. I got shocked by the way she interviewed. Her attitude doesn't fit for interviewing. It's like the Dalai is interviewing her.

  44. Buddhist leader preaches objectifying women; Muslim leaders preach objectifying women. Christian leaders preach objectifying children.

  45. The interviewer is absolutely disgusting. I guess she hasn't learn manner from her parents. Money and position is not everything. You r disgrace as Indian.

  46. Such a manipulative way to edit the interview … such a shame that this people misuse such opportunity that to make the interview controversial….
    long live his holiness the Dalai Lama… thank you for your guidance throughout our life …. peace and compassion…

  47. BBC=== Bullshit Broadcasting Cunk…. Why cut and paste His Holiness's interview in order to fit your narrative? By the way, the interviewer was too condescending and have no problem turning Britain into an Arab country. BBC needs t retire

  48. The interviewer "nothing wrong with that" how dare she as a child of Asians think that Europeans become turned over by Africans etc. Thats as bad as colonialism was. I wish she would sod off out of Britain.

  49. Interviewer shows strong left wing political bias – Protest against the BBC bias – stop paying the licence fee. Europe is for white Europeans NOT people from Africa or the Middle East

  50. Hurts my tummy. How bout yours?

    This clip seems like an insanely cultivated lurid-pleasure piece the BBC created to pray on fear-based, arrogant, unfounded shares lacking any nuisance whatsoever. Such ugliness being perpetuated to such a sweet, good human of our world. This man gets up and prays for humanity for five hours every single morning (read he and Desmond Tutu's book on Joy).


  51. Did she interviewer get this job without any training or experience, she talks and her face expression is like street girl. Ohhh no

  52. The only way to prevent Europe from becoming an "Afro Islamic continent" is for it to revert back to its component nation states with sovereign powers which can't be overuled by those of the European union. Thus the accepting of permanent jihadist refugee migrants would not be an obligation for every European nation dictated from Brussels, as is the current situation. In this perspective Breexit is an excellent idea and in addition British subjects needn't surrender rights to the natural resources of Britain to another European nation laying claim to those same resources with support from Brussels. Authorities in Brussels do not give priority to the claims of the British subjects to resources within their own country. 🐲🐾

  53. The correspondent asks straight and correct questions. They could have come from me. And His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, answered very straight and accurateley. it should have come from me.

    Many commentators here forget, that His Holiness definitely sees a lack of morality in the president, and that the questions are not from only one person or one agenda, they are public!

    And the argument of editing is worthless.
    Some people only want more words to find a weakness for disarguing.
    And we all forgot, "One day he sais something, on another day he sais something… (different)."

    – "Lack of morality" (it might be true) did we forget?!
    HH knows, what he sais.

    Dear Dalai Lama, i thank you very much for your sincerity,
    for mentioning the responsibilty to our world
    and for the faith for Tibet and for Buddha`s way.
    *kisses and hugs …
    (and no worries, all your answers were correct and understandable.
    Politics is a hard pavement)

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