Daily Scuba News - New Online Ship Archive

Daily Scuba News – New Online Ship Archive

the Lloyd's Register Foundation has just launched an online ship archive as available for scuba divers and members of the public the site itself shows detailed plans layouts and surveys of merchant vessels dating back to 1934 the website is in its first phase at the moment this means that everyone can look up first and fame at first and famous reps there you go in the first batch of data available to everyone is around twenty two hundred and fifty years worth of wrecks that basically you can just look up read documents and see pictures of the shipwrecks once all phases are finally complete the database will have a full online archive that will include all the foundation ships dating back to 1764 this of course is a great thing to do digitizing wrecks and the documents as well that go with them means that more people will have access to our amazing maritime history and will get more people into our waters and hopefully scuba diving it's quite hard to see these shipwrecks without scuba diving it also means that if you have wrecks near you before or after you dive to the dive sites you can basically look up the shipwrecks history and get the full picture which is just awesome if you want to check the archive out then we've pinned in the comments there'll be a link down below and that's it for today's story it's it's a bit short and sweet I'm afraid thanks for watching and safe diving we are an online dive store serving the UK and the world for all your diving NEADS so why not visit us simply scuba comm or click the Box on your screen

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