26 thoughts on “Da Real Gee Money – Industry (Lyrics)

  1. I I did you want to know why NBA youngboy killed the so fuck gee money NBA 4life I never give up on my gane NBA right by me so what pull up cuzz

  2. I fw this song 🔥🔥🔥it's fucked up that he basically made a song about himself though smh R.I.P⚘

  3. Too bad he got caught slipping him & young boy would've took in over but geemoney crazy I don't know how he get kill lousiana tbgoon foreal & fredo bang wackiness shit at a young age wit dat boy geemoney

  4. If nba yb has something to do with gee death it just proves that yb is a bitch nigga for killing someone who in the song says “u sherhonda son I can’t kill you” …gee money was a real nigga and he never hated yb

  5. So Nba youngboy didn't kill Gee Money this song proves it yes he diss Nba Youngboy on this song but it also states something else read between the lines

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