Crossfit Sanctioned Event - French Throwdown - Event 4

Crossfit Sanctioned Event – French Throwdown – Event 4

we're really not 100% sure on it this is a kettlebell swing like a Russian swing or kettlebell American swing which who's an Americans means to call the kettlebell snatch so we're just gonna go that it's a kettlebell snatch which is harder and the grips I'm using are relat let's go get some what's going on everybody welcome back thanks for hanging out with me and watching me suffer some daily workout content so let's go ahead and get started burst talk about what the workout is we are off right now all right so what are we doing we are doing the French throw down event number four we've been really honestly working through a lot of these French throw down workouts because one they're fun you know it's pre-programmed for you pretty much and two it allows you to look at times kind of get an idea a game plan it um you know it's different than other workouts and you can also compare times when people go there and now again it's not necessarily fair because they're they're competing and you were here just training and doing it you know it's not the floor is it laid out in a similar way you're not really sure about how they move equipment pieces and what equipment looks like and you know the judge is there and all sorts of different things so it's not really fair to compare but again it's just fun to do so that was my disclaimer so listen what is the workout this event number for the French throw down which is a sanctioned event this year the final one actually and this workout is a six-minute time camp of a 60 calorie bike ERG and then it's technically in their notes it's a 60 double 60 double kettlebell swings now to be honest like I'm really not sure what a double kettlebell swing is you know if I told you to kettlebell swing you might ask me well as Russian or is it American and that's a very viable and a good question like that's a good question to know is it Russian or American Russian of course being the fact that the kettlebell will rise from between my feet it will rise to parallel to the floor or perpendicular to my body I essentially just come up to eye level right and so that's a Russian swing and an American swing is where it goes from between my legs in a trice all the way up above my head around my ears right so it's above its vertical it's perpendicular to the floor and yet parallel to my body completely 90-degree different than a Russian swing so that was really the question that Andrew and I had that wasn't really brought up in the French Throwdown notes or the workout descriptions are up so we weren't sure if it was a Russian or an American swing I've honestly honestly if it is a Russian right we're just swinging two kettlebells up to eye level that would be a lot easier if we are swinging our kettlebells from between double pedals from between our feet to above and double kettlebell American swing that's essentially just a double kettlebell snatch so we decided you know what attack with it if we have to choose between a Russian swing or an American swing which is technically a kettlebell snatch we are gonna just treat it as a kettlebell snatch a double kettlebell snatch so we're essentially doing an American swing here so 60 calories starts the workout off I finished in about 230 you know 233 whatever the heck it was and we are getting started I think in order to bike at that pace I had to keep a 1,500 calorie per hour pace Andrew biked a little bit slower about 20 seconds slower than mine but you're gonna see his kettlebell snatches he deals her bigger sets now I want to caveat this before we get further into the workout because I know what you guys are probably gonna say um and if you guys jump the workout you know skip the bike and jump straight the kettlebell snatch from you're skipping this disclaimer if you should come back and listen to this Andrew really struggles with his elbows and locking out so I know you're gonna watch this video and you're gonna be like Andrews literally you know like you when it gets further into the workout you're gonna be like hey Andrews not even locking out any of his kettlebell snatches and they're way off to the side he has some elbow issues he actually torrid ended in his elbow a while back and he's honestly never gotten it fixed I don't know why he's never gotten her fixed but he never has gotten it fixed and so it tends to really play into his jerking and especially in overhead positioning and catabolic snatch is one of those movements so again we are not he is not into competition so a little grace I understand it near the end it's gonna look pretty bad just work through it and it's fine he's not competing obviously if he was there competing he would probably be no RuPt quite a few times on the kettlebell snatch and I probably get note up a few times also I am also human so you know just kind of you're fine you know get through it alright so anyways um how do we approach these kettlebell snatches right so um with a six-minute time cat that is really really really aggressive you gotta figure it takes you to thirty to three minutes to bike a sixty calorie and then you've got three minutes approximately to do 60 kettlebell snatches double kettlebell snatches which pretty much puts you out twenty a minute which is ten every thirty seconds and to be honest when we timed it before this doing ten kettlebell snatches just doing ten kettlebell snatches takes you like 22 seconds so that doesn't really leave you a whole lot of wiggle room in terms of rest in between and it's really gonna blow you up so andron I approach it in a couple different ways right I believe I approached it in decreasing rep scheme so I meant ten nine eight seven six and then I had I believe I had like four sets of four or four sets of five left I believe my last set I had like eleven left that you know I tried for I went for 10 8 10 9 8 7 6 and then from there I think I just had 20 left and I kind of just was like whatever happens happens I'm Andru for a larger set from the get-go I believe he did like 27 and then with a 37 and then went to like 40 something or other and then his last his last set I think he had like 10 or 11 or something like that so really difficult workout it does not leave you any wiggle room at all I'm not sure the French throw that if they're doing a double kettlebell snatch or a double kettlebells like Russian swing there was a Russian swing that would be a whole heck of a lot easier this was really difficult to complete under the time cap I mean to be honest like if you actually if I was on a floor and I was moving in Kenna Bell I probably wouldn't have finished this who's gone you know we were doing this in the competition you would probably move your kettlebells so it wouldn't be a quite a bit different I'm in that aspect rushing the swings would be a lot easier oh that not feel great that's a good one now the other thing to bring in under it one other reason we didn't do Russian is because I don't think Russian is a really good idea for a competition the last time I remember seeing a Russian kettlebell swing and competition was the ECC the East Coast championship many years ago single kettlebell but it was like a 100 pound kettle bomb and it's really hard the reason I don't like Russian is because it's really hard to judge Russian right how do you judge it's very depends on honesty depends on what the judge stands Neels or sits at right because the kind of all must rise to like I level so it depends on you know how does your judge judge eye level right like you know in the heat of the moment is that a good represent a bad rep you know like it's just difficult to do that and it's just a lot easier to judge a American swing works just overhead locked out as opposed to a Russian where it has to be you know parallel to the ground perpendicular to your body and eye level it's just too many moving pieces and so that's a system where you chose American one it was harder and two because it's just it's just easier to judge on also on top of it you know what I have finished there probably not because it requires me to move the kettlebell probably every 10 reps is what I would assume they probably make them do and to you usually have to put your kettle bells down sprint to a finish or you get a cat plus one and I finish right over time caps I probably wouldn't finished it you know again you know if you're in a competition is it different you know you're competing interviewing other people around you I'm doing about myself yeah probably I could have gone a little faster to change my cannonball swings up a little more and it also might be a Russian non American which makes it a lot easier so anyways British guys watch them thanks for hanging out if you want to watch one of my other videos click here thanks for hanging out with me and we all can't you guys later say yeah

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  3. "you're fine, get through it" best line in the whole video. Thank you for the daily content. Look forward to these!

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