Critics sound alarm after video shows men climbing Trump’s border wall

Critics sound alarm after video shows men climbing Trump’s border wall

100 thoughts on “Critics sound alarm after video shows men climbing Trump’s border wall

  1. Umm , 30k-100k per month where there wasn't a wall before , now 2 per month (who get caught) where the new WALL is built !!! … takes a Democrat party liberal pundit "fake news" network to criticize the failure and waste of building the wall , lol …

  2. Fox news should he ashamed of its self after ad much good President Trump has done they should never say anything negative the dems are pushing.

  3. This anchor seems to be trying too hard to appear unbiased but just may be another Chris Wallace! He’s unpleasant to watch and seems like a knock Tucker Carlson, but a rhino version!! Who is this clown?

  4. Why do people think it's the "fix all/stop all"??? The wall keeps out 10's of 1000's of people per month… and why is Fox being so stupid knowing the reasons

  5. The wall is working, people are going to climb any thing you put up, some people go rock climbing,,I can't do that,,, and the person that died wouldn't have if they were home,,

  6. is he Shepard Smith in training ? Really it's not working because 1 person on video shows they got over it ? okay fine based on that criteria all laws on the books AREN'T working because they don't dissuade EVERY single person from breaking them.

  7. He said it. The wall deters most, slows the rest, and helps agents do their jobs. Of course some will still get through, some will always get through. Some even got through the Soviet Iron Curtain and through North Korea's DMZ trying to escape those socialist hellholes. But most won't succeed.

  8. I think this is absolutely correct Congress should enact and pass the proper funding that was required by President Trump for the original wall which consists of towers surveillance cameras and a drivable roadway behind the wall so authorities can easily do their job!

  9. Republicans care more about building hate monuments that don't work instead of educating and keeping their own people healthy.

  10. Trump spent Thanksgiving with illegal undocumented immigrants he has working in his Florida home

    All these rich people are a bunch of liars..
    You can't trust the news or Media…

    We already have enough rules and laws .
    if you hire somebody who's undocumented you're supposed to go to five years in prison and $20,000 fine..

    Trump should be impeached for hiring undocumented….

  11. Put ai centurions to merc anyone climbing the wall
    The parents of that 16 year old boy are responsible

  12. Before, the cartel mules blended into large groups to escape targeted apprehension, now that they have to scale the wall, they stand out. Who is this foppish little prick anyway?

  13. I'm sure the final phases of that wall are incomplete. The video surveillance, motion sensors, drones etc. When its complete it will be stupendous👊😎

  14. Leland Vitterd is a leftist lying fool, he's part of the reason we don't watch FOX anymore, hes a liar and propagandist like his comrades at CNN and MSNBC.

  15. Ok so based on this logic if someone breaks in to my house the answer is to leave my doors unlocked and open after the break in? Got it!

  16. So here's the timeline of the breach: find the time to install a ladder and no nobody's watching, an hour depends on what time of the day may take forever (shift change, lunch time, night time). Add another 30 minutes to climb a wall. With load of illegal drugs maybe another 45 minutes. Chances are the border patrol already reacted and on the other side waiting. Solutions for day and night breaches (classified).

  17. I told them that lining the top of the wall with the severed heads of those who cross illegally would make that wall complete but they never listen to me… I guess we'll just have to do with what we got.

  18. Most cannot climb it. President Trump hired 2500 new border guards. Secure jobs with full benifits. Many of those jobs went to women btw MAGA

  19. I was under the impression that the Democratic Party said that there was zero new fence built under trumps administration. Weird a little bit

  20. these 2 certainly dont look like "impoverished desperate immigrants fleeing persecution" . . . they look like 2 professional climbers at a competition . . . and how many of those poor 16 year old foreign detainees will this journalist be taking into HIS home ? . . . z e r o . . .

  21. First they tell us that there is no border wall, and they won't let Trump build one, then they pivot to telling us that people are climbing Trump's border wall (you know, the one that doesn't exist and the Dems won't let him build?). Maybe they should pick a line of attack and stick to it, instead of being a bunch of flagrant hypocrites.

  22. Electrifying the wall with high voltage is a good start. On the American side land mines with robotic machine guns. That'll deter anyone.

  23. Well, let's see. Maybe we could electrify the wall with 30,000 volts and add heat seeking lasers with motion detection along with M18 Claymore mines and post a sentry every 100 feet but then again, considering that people can be very innovative, I'm sure someone would still find a way through the wall.

  24. The current fence is only the first phase of a long term plan to secure the border. But by all means, go ahead with your third grade dropout gibberish.

  25. we need the wall get over did not cover the ups driver murdered by trigger happy cops..he was innocent and killed..

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