Criminality Taints Giuliani Role In Trump Ukraine Scheme | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Criminality Taints Giuliani Role In Trump Ukraine Scheme | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Criminality Taints Giuliani Role In Trump Ukraine Scheme | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

  1. To know what republicans (Predators) are doing , look at what their limited minds believe everyone else is doing. Republicans can not know why Domesticated Human life has outnumbered the reptilian republican Predators by MILLIONS to one.

  2. The evil Democrats nepotism needs to be shut down . We have the right to vote and you are not going to take that away from us this coup is going to back fire keep it up until you put your own self in jail. I can not believe they pay you to lie right to my face. Everyday! You are full of crap if they could impeach Trump they would of done it already instead of just talking about it everyday for the last 3 years. And you are still talking walk the walk lady.. Do you really believe all that or are you just trying to brain wash me. LOL.LOL

  3. As a foreigner, what bothers me is the contrast between what this lady is talking about and what other people on other media outlets talk about. Are they talking about the same situation? Or do you guys maybe have TWO president Trump? Twins maybe? One is an evil buffoon and the other a noble hero? Could you please put a tinfoil hat on the crazies presenting the news on TV, so we dum foreigners can see the difference?

  4. I have to go watch Fox New make fun of you. You are the best Comic relief fox is real good at making you look stupid however you don't need much help to look stupid

  5. What's funny and tragic is not the American freak show, it's the fact that when Trump in near future says: "Rudy, I don't know anyone named Rudy, and everyone knows that", 150 mill Americans will belive it to be true.

  6. I keep thinking 🤔 of the old Billy Joel song….Vienna Waits for Me….I’m really old….but not quite dead…

  7. So, how is it that Rachel Maddow and PBS, aren't investigating the other side of Ukraine, like Biden, his son, and the Hillary side enlisting the help of Ukraine to get something on the Trump side?

  8. I can't wait for the Evangelical " christians" to get huckled….and there is sure to be a lorra, lorra these creeps.
    Indeed, the the jails filling fast, and these crooks ' churches' emptying fast, maybe we can stick bars over the stained glass and tell these morons that its the steps to heaven ?

  9. Four more crooked Democrap Senators who had their hand in Ukraine's cookie jar!! Read: 'Swamp Watch: The Bidens and Ukraine.'

  10. So many crimes, so many criminals. Yet not a single arrest, charge filed, impeachment vote…nothing. Do-nothing dems are left doing nothing because they know all these "crimes" aren't crimes at all. So the best they can do is keep making up more fake crimes to keep the narrative going. And the dumb haters just lap it up like the fools they are. Maybe you should all move to one of Pelosis's poop ghettos to show your support. Google "pelosi homeless" to find a neighborhood that the fake news will NEVER mention.

  11. We don’t need ISIS to ruin our country, all we need is our own government. What a VERY SAD 😔 state of affairs for our country!

  12. So it's fine if Democrats and liberals running for office do things like this? This is why the fake news narrative has stuck for so long. Not that it's fake. Its opinions spewed out as facts. Trump could have done every single thing the dems are accusing him of. The fact that's there's more actual evidence for Biden doing worse and nothing happening about it says volumns. Nobody will care. Because the truth is not their goal. Never has been

  13. Kudos to you Rachel. Thank you for making all this and other previous criminality of this administration so easy for the American public to truly understand what is REALLY happening.
    You are a true patriot!

  14. The Democrats need to watch key people under trump and observe their activities and figure out whether or not law breaking is occuring under this communist traitor! Pete Sessions has been corrupted by the communist pigs! Prosecute and remove another (and there are now many!) traitors to the American people. So now Texas is entering into communist corruption. I wonder how deep it goes into the Texas State Congress? It's all about money and power to trump. He does not give a dam about the American people anymore than what he can take away from them. He has proven it over and over for 3 years now! Trump turned his back on the Kurds (the good guys that our green berets have been helping for years!) A general with the Kurds sent a message to trump this morning publicly telling America how he was betrayed by trump, forcing him to tie up with Putin and his communist pigs. You know! Putin, the slimeball communist thats trying to take over the Ukraine ILEGALLY by having trump EXTORT illegal favors from the Ukraine president, or trump says he won't give him the weapons he needs to fight and repell Putins commie tanks and troops. Remember now that Putin was kicked out of the G8 summitt for openly and blatantly attacking the Ukraine and claiming territory that IS NOT HIS to claim! Sanctions must be put BACK in place against the Russian communist and they must be INCREASED in numbers to bring this illegal aggression to a STOP!

  15. Do you remember the show "Dallas", where Bobby's death was just a dream, and all the terrible things that had happened over that past year wasn't true? Oh, why couldn't that happen with the great orange toad. He's like the proverbial cockroach – he doesn't like light shining on his nasty ways; hence his hate of the media. Can you imagine all the illegal / immoral things that he hasn't been caught doing (yet)? The reason Trump likes "loyal" people so much is that they're the ones that won't tell (or at least he's hoping lol). Sadly, his base are just that…base.

  16. Now you understand why they all suddenly started believing in 45 they have been Bought and sold by Russia. The whole Gop. With Russian Big money donors. Through different LLC"s. America has been conned. Buy 45. But this the beginning of the End 45 will not leave the peoples house. He will burn it down rather than leave sad state of affairs in these United states..

  17. You literally couldn't make this stuff up. The rabbit hole goes deeper and deeper. I wouldn't hire Giuliani to represent me in a parking ticket.

  18. I want to know when these 2 fools got their citizenship to this country.. was it after 2016? that would mean??….. @realdonaldtrump your even more screwed…

  19. More and more the crime wave that Trump brought to the White House is being revealed. The GOP used to be the "law and order" party and "respecting the rule of law" was one of their "core values."
    The Oval Office is occupied by the Don of the Trump organized crime syndicate:
    Trump personal lawyer – CONVICTED FELON!
    Trump campaign manager – CONVICTED FELON!
    Trump asst. campaign manager – CONVICTED FELON!
    Trump national security adviser – CONVICTED FELON!
    Trump foreign policy adviser – CONVICTED FELON!
    And it's not over.
    Roger Stone's trial begins next month.
    These two greasy-haired upstanding citizens on the lam have yet to be tried.
    It's a lock more indictments will be forthcoming.

  20. Trump never had a lawyer…he only had fixers…hope giuliani go to prison…but remember trump is in the middle of everything as a director….i wonder why trump is not in prison …because he is a powerful mob and he got connections

  21. I've just ordered a really good quality corset to prevent my belly popping ou of my button! This is surreal, truly surreal.
    Edit: Oh, and another 2 gross popcorn, popped and un-popped.

  22. Hes fighting corruption!!
    But only in a very small specific area and not with
    Our military
    CIA or
    But with known criminals

    Very clever guy


  24. Another leftist fake news hit-job… using the "guilty by association" tactic, instead of the "guilty because you are guilty" tactic.

  25. Question? Why as an American Citizen if I was to receive a subpoena from court I must attend but if I work in the White House I'm told to ignore it? What's wrong with this picture????

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  27. This is re-tarded logic. What does your lawyer's other clients matter? If I hire a lawyer and he happened to have represented some criminal in his past that magically makes me a bad guy? Talk about grasping at straws.

  28. If only Juliani said to Trump, You're on your own and I don't want to represent you. You are like a rotten Tomato. Only a miracle can help you in all these mess.

  29. Handsome men. Are u flicking kidding me. Chimpanzees are better looking than these two Bomba Cloths. Everyone is being arrested. WTF.

  30. How about the criminal that is investigating made up crimes against people are getting ready to go to prison.
    Poetic justice have rode in on the same bus with Karma and vengeance and it is heading towards Trump and made a pit stop.

  31. Now it makes more sense- Furtash had a backup plan in case he did get extradited to the USA.
    IF… he was extradited and brought to the USA and tried and convicted, sent to prison…… who better to owe you a huge favor? Maybe the most powerful man in that country? One with pardon powers? Hmmmmm.
    What Trump is doing is scary now, but the pardons will fly once he does not have another election. How many pardons will be signed on Nov. 3rd, 2020? The day after the election if he wins.

  32. Lol, so is Trump still tweeting stupid ignorance, such a disgrace to our country. Needs to be in prison for betrayal to our Nation.

  33. Spin Ghouliani and Igor with their bosom buddy Les under the spell of the Big Orange Lying Wonder Warlock. Dirty Don's dirty deeds. Putin's Frankenstein has risen. Time for the nation to rise up and put the evil monster down.


  35. Rachel I don’t agree with all you support but you are very good at laying down facts so I can understand and verify! Thanks

  36. The real story is Trump threatened Ukraine to deny them 1 billion in aid unless they fired a prosecutor who was looking into Trumps son. Gave them 6hrs to do it and they did. You see Trumps son was making $50,000 a month on a board of a gas company he knew nothing about. Biden was simply inquiring about it and they tried to say he did it!

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