when I got my first job in the deaf industry as a Crematory operator it was 2008 which means it had already been more than five years since the largest American Crematory scandal of all time had broke in to the public and the media so I knew the basics of what had happened at tri-state Crematory in Georgia but I had never done a deep dive into what had occurred there I'm part of a club it's called crime Club it's like a book club for crime here we are hi we decided to look into what had happened at Tri State and guys it's a little weirder than I remembered I don't have the ability to fund a 15 episode expertly produced and researched podcast about all this but if you do get on down to Georgia so this all starts back in 1996 this is the year that ray Brent Marsh has to drop out of college in Tennessee where he's a football player and move back home to noble Georgia to take over the family business his that is sick it can't be helped it's just a sacrifice that has to be made it just so happens that the business is a Crematory located on the family's property this Crematory called Tri State has created thousands of bodies from funeral homes all over Tennessee and Georgia six years go by with the younger Marsh running the business but strange complaints are starting to emerge the gas delivery guy tells the Sheriff's Office there's some bodies scattered around that Tri State Crematory property that gets ignored the next year the environmental protection agency also gets tipped off that there are bodies in the woods around Tri State that gets ignored finally the next year 2002 someone walking their dog in the woods around Tri State finds a human bone at last the authorities show up at the Crematory and what they find sounds like a horror show beyond anyone's wildest dreams one of the sheriff's deputies described it as being like a Stephen King novel every building you opened there were bodies there were bodies in cash get body is just tossed around the Crematory their fluid leaking out freely bodies in a broken-down hearse outside bodies and wooden crate one body hanging halfway out of the cremation machine skeletons of baby five years worth of decomposing bodies all over this property after a ten million dollar government cleanup and recovery of this property 334 bodies were found abandoned and uncreated families who thought they had gotten mom or dad back in an urn had actually gotten an urn full of cement dust of course everyone is horrified with families trying to find out is grandma who we thought we cremated years ago one of these dumped and abandoned bodies ray Brent Marsh is finally brought up on seven hundred and eighty-seven felony counts although none of those are desecration of a corpse which wasn't a felony in Georgia at the time sure is now though let me tell you what Marcia's lawyer McCracken Poston made a plea deal with the prosecutors for Marsh to serve a 12 year jail sentence which he did he served that full 12 years and just got out a little over a year ago but the question that you want to know the question that nobody has an answer to is what what what how how did this happen we don't know and Marsh has never said anything other than I apologize there are no answers how did the rest of his family not know what was happening how did none of the funeral home sending bodies to be cremated at tri-state know what was happening here are some possible theories maybe the cremation machine was broken and the bodies just started piling up it turns out the machine had some problems but it was in working order beyond that it's not like he just stopped cremating they found those 334 bodies but he had cremated over 15-hundred bodies Marsh cremated more bodies than he didn't cremate maybe Marsh was just lazy this is unlikely it's been pointed out and I'll point it out again that hauling decomposing bodies all over a property is weirder and much more risky and much harder physical work than just cremating them maybe it's some passive-aggressive to add you made me give up my dream of college football and now I'm going to ruin your business type thing maybe he had a traumatic brain injury from playing football the strangest explanation though maybe one that makes a lot of sense in 2007 after ray brent marsh was already in prison no more chance for an appeal his former lawyer McCracken Poston remember him came forward with a theory that both Tommy Marsh Ray Brandt Marquez father as well as the younger Marsh both suffered from serious mercury poisoning as a result of inadequate ventilation at the Crematory as we know mercury is released during a cremation due to old mercury amalgam fillings in teeth most Crematory operators don't get mercury poisoning but most crematories have adequate ventilation the lawyer contended that the reason that Tommy the father had to quit the business and eventually died was from illnesses consistent with mercury poisoning and Ray Brent himself for living and working near the Crematory became quote a modern-day Mad Hatter and a victim in his own right of the disaster in noble Georgia we may never know what truly happened at tri-state and all of the buildings have since been razed to the ground I remember getting calls with the Crematory from older people who were so terrified that we were just going to burn everyone together or dump their bodies in a pile and I remember thinking dear Cobb where do you get these awful McCobb ideas from and really it was it was probably from this around this period these terrible stories coming out of tri-state in Georgia part of why I advocate for families being present with their dead weather holding awake or being present at the cremation or the burial is that you know that it's your mom there she is right there being presence can be emotionally difficult and beautiful and intense but it's nothing compared to these dark fantasies and Mayers that we have left over from things like tri-state brought to you with support from people's Memorial Association and the co-op's funeral home and donations from viewers like you are you still here hi a couple quick announcements for the class first I'll be speaking this summer at the death and the maiden conference in the UK I haven't spoke in the UK for a long time and this is going to be a fabulous several day conference on women and deaths and gender issues it's in July and you can go to the website dead maidens comm second I got a package in the mail from my publisher yesterday and sometimes they send me books to review or just cool new books and I was like and I opened it and it was just my book and I was like guides I read this one but I asked the reason they sent it is that this is the third printing of the paperback version which I guess is a big deal because you bought the other ones and so since I just had this random copy of my book I thought I would give this one away personalized and signed to someone so I am I think a number think of a number right now okay I have it between one and 100 and the first person who comments with the number correctly you can only comment once by the way I will mail you this book personalized and signed hot off the presses hope you enjoyed this video please subscribe that's it bye


  1. OK deathlings, we have a book winner. Everyone congratulate and secretly resent Mike! That was shockingly popular so you can count on me doing giveaways again with all sorts of death goodies.

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  3. Interesting video! But I was hoping for it to pay off the title: How did this scandal change the death industry?

  4. 😲WOW! This IS creepy! I 'member when this happened. Ive heard the mortician is exposed to toxic fumes from cremating. It's not as safe as the general public thinks

  5. Not buying the Mercury bullshit BTW why do you always wear wigs hair piece hair plugs extensions whatever the hell you want to call it???

  6. An important aspect of this story that you didn't cover is that Tri State was apparently never inspected. Georgia only had two crematory inspectors at the time, and officials couldn't provide records of any inspections of Tri State. With proper inspections, there is no way this could have gone on for so long.

  7. Soooooo….he had Mercury Poisoning, yet he mad it through High School and to a College. I am calling BS.

  8. Like seriously I was about to put up a link to Detroit funeral home scandal and over 7 different places and different names came up………l need to phone a death friend!

  9. Happened here in Detroit AAAAAANNNNNDDDDD the alleged by his own big mouth was out in front for Aretha Franklins funeral ⚰️!!!!!!!???????????
    How do people get away with this anywhere?

  10. would also like to hear your take on this 2016 story

  11. I lived in Atlanta at the time, and remember this story breaking. It was absolutely insane and it was all anyone was talking about for quite a while.

  12. I LOVE your videos….Ill bet you are a hoot and a half in person…Sadly I live Just up the road from Noble. It was like a Stephen King Novel. Once again, I really love the things you inform us of involved in your profession. Very informative…Thank you ! If your ever in NW Georgia look me up…XOXO Tracy

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