Crazy Musical News | Rudy Mancuso & Lele Pons

Crazy Musical News | Rudy Mancuso & Lele Pons

>>JULIO SANCHEZ: What did you buy that at Wal-Mart?>>ELEONORA PONS: You bought me this! You bought me this!>>JULIO SANCHEZ: Oh stop, stop, stop! Hi. I’m Julio Sanchez.>>ELEONORA PONS: And I’m Eleonora Pons.>>JULIO SANCHEZ: And welcome to Evening News with Julio Sanchez.>>ELEONORA PONS: And Eleonora Pons.>>JULIO SANCHEZ: And we’ll be giving you the news with Julio Sanchez.
>>ELEONORA PONS: Okay!>>JULIO SANCHEZ: So, there’s still some crazy [BLEEP] happening in the world.>>ELEONORA PONS: A lot of crazy [BLEEP].>>JULIO SANCHEZ: Can you not interrupt me every time I [BLEEP] say something?>>JULIO SANCHEZ: Every time I say something, you interrupt me. Can you not interrupt me?
>>ELEONORA PONS: That’s not true.>>JULIO SANCHEZ: They wanna see me. They came here to see me.>>ELEONORA PONS: Is it because I’m a woman?>>JULIO SANCHEZ: It has nothing to do with that! It has nothing to do with that!
>>ELEONORA PONS: It’s because I’m a woman.>>JULIO SANCHEZ: Listen. I have a lot of respect for women. When they’re naked.>>ELEONORA PONS: In other news, Donald Trump is officially our president.>>JULIO SANCHEZ: Who cares man? Who cares? I’m sick of hearing the same [BLEEP].>>ELEONORA PONS: He’s going to build a wall! You’re not going to see your family ever again.>>JULIO SANCHEZ: Good. I hate my family.>>ELEONORA PONS: What are you talking about? What do you mean?>>JULIO SANCHEZ: My grandma calls me like 5 times a day asking for her Facebook password,>>ELEONORA PONS: So what?>>JULIO SANCHEZ: She doesn’t even have Facebook.>>ELEONORA PONS: In other news, someone died today.>>JULIO SANCHEZ: What do you mean someone died today? Who died?>>ELEONORA PONS: I don’t know. Someone died.>>JULIO SANCHEZ: Nobody cares if somebody dies, unless it’s a celebrity.>>ELEONORA PONS: I don’t know. Someone just died.>>JULIO SANCHEZ: Someone took a shower today, what the [BLEEP] that’s not news.>>ELEONORA PONS: Can you please talk about politics?>>JULIO SANCHEZ: No one cares about politics!>>ELEONORA PONS: What are you talking about
>>JULIO SANCHEZ: No one cares about politics.>>JULIO SANCHEZ: No one cares about politics.
>>ELEONORA PONS: What? [ELEONORA AND JULIO ARGUING]>>JULIO SANCHEZ: Will you stop talking about serious [BLEEP]? I’m getting depressed. Let’s talk about the Kardashians. Let’s talk about celebrities.>>ELEONORA PONS: What about global warming?>>JULIO SANCHEZ: Okay Lele, let me break this down for you, okay? This is 2016, people today don’t really care. They’d rather talk about the Rock or Kim Kardashian’s new hair.>>ELEONORA PONS: Well there’s more important [BLEEP]. Women’s right, Donald Trump. If we do not pay attention then this world will be a dump.>>JULIO SANCHEZ: Well, what about the famous people, the celebrities, the movies? What about Brad Pitt or Angelina and her boobies?>>ELEONORA PONS: They’re not together anymore?>>JULIO SANCHEZ: Who? Brad and Angelina?>>ELEONORA PONS: Yeah.
>>JULIO SANCHEZ: No, they broke up.>>ELEONORA PONS: What?!
>>JULIO SANCHEZ: Yeah, I know. I just read it.>>ELEONORA PONS: Where did you find that out?
>>JULIO SANCHEZ: It’s for real, for real>>ELEONORA PONS: Are you serious? All you care about is fame.>>JULIO SANCHEZ: Well, I think politics are lame.>>ELEONORA PONS: There’s more to life to being rich.>>JULIO SANCHEZ: I think you’re acting like a [BLEEP].>>ELEONORA PONS: What?
>>JULIO SANCHEZ: What the [BLEEP] you slap me for?>>ELEONORA PONS: You called me a [BLEEP].>>JULIO SANCHEZ: So what? Just because I called you a [BLEEP]? [BLEEP]. [BLEEP]. [BLEEP].>>ELEONORA PONS: Who cares about that [BLEEP]?>>JULIO SANCHEZ: I do.
>>ELEONORA PONS: It’s really [BLEEP] lame.>>JULIO SANCHEZ: For you.
>>ELEONORA PONS: The world is going crazy.>>JULIO SANCHEZ: Maybe.
>>ELEONORA PONS: And you’re the one to blame.>>ELEONORA PONS: The election.>>JULIO SANCHEZ: One Direction.>>ELEONORA PONS: Healthcare.>>JULIO SANCHEZ: Miley’s hair.>>ELEONORA PONS: Women’s rights.>>JULIO SANCHEZ: Women’s tights.>>ELEONORA PONS: National debt.>>JULIO SANCHEZ: Johnny Depp. Okay, stop, stop, stop, stop! I’m done with this song. I’m done with this. I’m sorry, I’m sorry, okay? Come on, alright, people are watching. I’m sorry. Let’s be friends.>>ELEONORA PONS: Okay! Yes! Okay!
>>JULIO SANCHEZ: Let’s be friends! Let’s be friends!>>JULIO SANCHEZ: Good. You guys… You guys want to see what she used to look like when she was little? Put up a picture of when she was little. Holy [BLEEP]! You’re so ugly bro.>>ELEONORA PONS: Put a picture when he was fat!>>JULIO SANCHEZ: Hey, no, don’t do that. Oh! Come on. Come on. That’s not necessary. That’s not…that’s not funny.>>ELEONORA PONS: I used to get bullied when I was ugly.
>>JULIO SANCHEZ: You think you’re funny?>>JULIO SANCHEZ: You think you’re funny?>>ELEONORA PONS: Yeah I am. I do think I’m funny.
>>JULIO SANCHEZ: You think you’re funny? You think you’re funny?>>JULIO SANCHEZ: Hey! Show a picture when she’s naked. Pull up a picture of when she’s naked.>>JULIO SANCHEZ: Oh [BLEEP].
>>ELEONORA PONS: That was one time!>>JULIO SANCHEZ: Oh it’s a porno, it’s a porno!
>>ELEONORA PONS: What!?>>JULIO SANCHEZ: It’s a porno!
>>ELEONORA PONS: Show him when he was drunk.>>JULIO SANCHEZ: That’s…Hey, come on. That’s not necessary. That’s not necessary. That’s not fair. You…come on. I’m done.>>ELEONORA PONS: You know what? Yeah, you’re right.
>>JULIO SANCHEZ: I’m done. I’m done. Let’s stop.>>JULIO SANCHEZ: Stop. Stop. Stop. I’m done. Are you done?
>>ELEONORA PONS: What are we doing?>>ELEONORA PONS: Yeah.
>>JULIO SANCHEZ: Truths. Truths. I’m done. No more.>>JULIO SANCHEZ: Give me a hug. I love you. Okay.>>ELEONORA PONS: No more pictures!
>>JULIO SANCHEZ: Guys, thank you guys so much for watching. We apologize for the inconvenience.>>JULIO SANCHEZ: Um, my name is Julio Sanchez.>>ELEONORA PONS: I’m Eleonora Pons.>>JULIO SANCHEZ: And thank you guys so much for watching. Okay.

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  1. I hate when men buy us women something and then say after a week did you buy that at bla bla bla. It's Stupid

  2. Omg, bruh i'm gonna die πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    If this was the News Everyday i wold wach it none stop πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    i love ur Rp ❀❀


    He makes me laugh πŸ˜‚

    ❀️I like him❀️ (I’m so embarrassed 😳 If he sees my comment)

    He is ALWAYS talking about ladies (Which is Annoying but he is still my favourite)

    And of course because I LIKE IS HAIR AND I WANT TO TOUCH HIS HAIR IF HIS HAIR IS SOFT AND FLUFFY HE IS A SHEEP πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ (Not being rude)

  4. Can you guys please sub to my brothers chanel he just started thank you who does and even doesn't. The name is ghandi allaw he is the on in the dark

  5. 2009: Omg, she says bitch ! And *shit*! 😱😱😱😱😱
    2019: 🀣🀣🀣🀣

  6. Do you change your names in this video when they started doing the music Rudy said Lele I. The video Eleonora Pons

  7. β€œMy grandma calls me like five times a day”
    β€œSo what”
    β€œShe doesn’t even have Facebook”

  8. Rudy:i have more respect wen women are naked

    Rudy: put a picture wen she was naked

    Me:you still have no respect

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  10. Wait are you guys dating cuz you kind of look like a cute couple but if your not dating ok i dont care

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  12. I'm very confused right now on this news I am very very confused if you agree when they sing the song

  13. Lele: ”In other news Someone died today!”

    Rudy: ”… What do you mean someone died today! who died?”

    Lele: ”I don’t know someone died today!”

    Rudy: ”No body cares if someone died unless it’s a celebrity!”

    Lele: ”I.Don’t.Know. Someone just died”

    Rudy: ”Someone took a shower today wtf?!”

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