37 thoughts on “Count Dankula OWNS Reporter about Context!

  1. That is the clear issue…that context matters. With very few exceptions vile speech must be allowed or we will have politicians and corporations controlling your mind.

  2. its funny seeing people shill with nothing to shill, theyre like lemming responding to a calling

  3. Seldom do you ever see someone utterly destroy someone like this. Genius. That point about context at the end was superb.

  4. So by putting on context you have a reporter making a citation and a guy having a laugh about extermination of a group. How does the context change in favor of Dankula in this case?

  5. Funny thing though when they showed this on TV they conveniently omitted Dank curb stomping this moron.

  6. The 4 people who disliked this video are the reporter, his mother, his ugly sister, and his other account.

  7. ROFL that reporter is a fucking drone lol. Literally no self awareness xD. Cant see past the collective non-intelligence of the hive.

  8. That's the reaction of a man who realizes he could be next on the receiving end of those stupid laws, if he's smart he'd donated to Dankulas crowdfund to get this shit turned around in case someone press charges against him for shits and giggles.

  9. I don't understand why reporters always pretend to be outraged about really banal and petty stuff like this…they aren't fooling anyone. And there's actually a much bigger story in getting outraged about the freedom of speech violation and the petty unecessary nature of the case than there is in pretending the verdict is legitimate. Or would making fun of the pettiness rather than humouring it be bad for their bottomline?

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