Could the Liberal Democrats ever win a general election?

Could the Liberal Democrats ever win a general election?

open-minded to how we do that to be able to stop break set and create the positive liberal alternative for our country I mean there is a test of this coming up soon the by-election in Bracken in Ratan sure I mean is that the kind of place where you think actually there is no good when there should be one Pro remain candidate well we do have of course Jane Dodds is the Liberal Democrat candidate she has been a campaigner in that area she is absolutely amazing it will be a first-class MP and it's a seat where as Liberal Democrats we hold it in the Welsh Assembly we have held it in the past for many years so we do include other parts so they know what don't stand the Greens have just have just decided that they won't stand in that by-election and I think parties can look at the the results on a seat like that and come to that conclusion but a different example would be the Peterborough by-election where we were very involved in conversations with the Green Party and change UK to try to feel a joint people's vote candidate there at the last minute it fell through actually those conversations got very far advanced we had them at the political level when I was speaking with Caroline Lucas and chuck her when he was in change UK but also at that practical staff level so I absolutely think we need to be open minded about working with others because this is about putting the national interest first and I wonder how far you would go if you are elect a new the Lib Dems when it comes to working with all the others and a national level if there is an election which many think is going to happen by the end of the year potentially the Lib Dems could do quite well you could be king makers would you be happy to do deals with the Labour Party with the Conservative Party well first of all Sophie I would just say we could be better than kingmakers I mean there was a pool out yesterday that said that we could actually in one scenario win that election you actually think genuinely you think there's a chance that you could be in number 10 if you leave the Lib Dems yes I think our politics is volatile at the moment I think predictions are a bit of a mug's game in politics because so many things now we have 12 MPs at the moment and you think you could win the next election I do not put any limit on our ambitions for the Liberal Democrats because our country needs a liberal alternative you know I mean I watch that abhorrest Gillian do you actually have 13 with chicken oh sorry dude it does check her me to make it 13 he made it 12 made it 12 okay but I mean I watched drunk I mean I've watched I watched Boris Johnson's your interview with him earlier I mean this is the man who is likely to be our next prime minister and he bumbled and blustered his way through that interview yeah it was absolutely clear that the only thing that was important to him was the interests of the Conservative Party the way it was all about his party and Boris actually doesn't really care about anything but himself we didn't care about Nazneen Zakaria Radcliffe he said he felt anguish showed no evidence of it whatsoever and the way in which he hadn't even bothered to read his brief when he was appearing in front of a select committee and you had that woman languishing in an Iranian jail separated from her young daughter I mean he just doesn't care he doesn't care about our economy you know he said eff business well I mean at least it's honest because his plans were breaking well an F business he says that that's taken out of context and that actually he has been a champion of business in a way that others haven't but he's not championing business in what he's proposing for breaks it because he's sitting there basically merrily spending absolute fantasy suggesting there's going to be some kind of renegotiation and you absolutely rightly put the points to him about what you you leaders are saying okay and there's no detail from does not deserve to be framed I'm keen to move on from Boris Johnson why do you think the Lib Dems have been it's so bad at selecting and electing women well we are getting better at it we now have you know a third of her parliamentary party or women and it's an issue that I've been working on in the party for the best part of 20 years now we're making progress but there is so much more that needs to be done and you know it's a problem in the Lib Dems and it's a problem across the rest of society I've literally written a book about gender equality so there's a whole range of different barriers and challenges that are there and I think we rightly adopted all-women shortlists in 2016 and that did start to improve the situation for us from the 2017 election but it's not job to have a female leader now well I think I'm the best person to lead the party regardless of my gender but do I think it's important to have women in senior roles in public life do I think that that makes a difference to young girls when they look yeah absolutely and I I disagree hugely with the politics of treasom a necklace sturgeon but do I think it is positive for girls growing up to see that women can run governments and can can run the country yeah absolutely that's important Stella Creasy has recently spoken out about feeling like she's been forced to choose between being a mum and being an MP you of course made news when you became the first and please take your baby into the House of Commons chamber and do you think House of Commons is a good place to be a parent it needs to be a better place to be a parent than it is right now and yeah I mean there's a lot that needs to change and we have started to make those changes and it's tiring how exhausting it is to get some basic changes like the proxy voting which came in in February but I mean that took you know me being cheated out of my vote when I was at home with my two week old baby last summer it took chillip Siddiq having to delay her c-section before the House of Commons eventually recognized we'd proxy voting Stella's now taking up the cudgels campaigning for better plans for maternity cover for MPs and I wholeheartedly support her in that because we do need to make it better for both men and women who are parents because it's important our democracy is representative now Sophia Ridge on Sundays heard that your campaign is mails out literature to people who actually opted out of being sent party political literature through the post now people may have a very good reason to not want people that they live with to know that they are Lib Dem supporters they may just not want to be spammed why did you do that well first of all it's be clear these are liberal Democrat members but it is very important to treat data seriously there was a genuine mistake that was pretty minor and technical it resulted in a tiny proportion of people being contacted and asked not to and we've apologized for it and as far as I'm concerned that's it are you sorry for it yeah absolutely I mean we've made a mistake with said sorry and then just finally you've been talking before about people working with other parties are you having conversations with other MPs that you think might affect the Lib Dems um I do have conversations there are private conversations I know you'd love me to tell you about the content of them and I could understand why but I think that in order for people to be able to talk frankly what is a difficult step if somebody's thinking about joining a new political party then those need to be able to be kept private without mentioning any names do you think people may there may be more defections I I'm hopeful that there will be and let's remember why you know you've got a Labour Party going off to the left that is failing to deal with anti-semitism in its party and is absolutely failing to give any kind of position on breaks that the biggest issue of the day and they would face allegations well I'm sure they would but I mean if you speak to people in the labour party about their experiences I mean they are frustrated you know people who have long supported that party are looking on in dismay and that's why so many of them are joining the Liberal Democrats lots of labour members activists have done so and took a munna of course who was a Labour MP has joined the Lib Dems and been warmly welcomed by Lib Dem members so for people that are feeling that they do not have a home in the party that they once joined but they share our values I just say really clearly join us you'll be welcome okay Joseph Winston thank you very much

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  1. She is an airhead, came to that conclusion when she brought her new born baby into parliament expecting everyone to go ahhhhh….

  2. Since her time at Ace Audio, her favoured overhead projector has been sitting idle and unused, the swivel chair she used now behind glass in her Scottish home town in memory of her greatness.

  3. She's totally right! Left-right politics doesn't really represent people's interests anymore, we're moving towards an internationalist/nationalist or socially liberal/socially conservative spectrum. In that fight, the Lib Dems and Brexit Party will likely become the two new main parties.

  4. Speaking as someone who has voted LibDem in the past…I wouldn't trust them an inch on anything. Not even if they signed a giant written pledge and held it up in public.

  5. Liberal Democrat's
    Hate Brexit Love the EU
    Hate Family Values Love LGBT
    Hate Democracy Love Chukka Umanna
    Hate British Culture Love Islam

  6. Liberal undemocrat despise the British people's right to express themselves freely through a democratic vote.

    Brexit party for me 👌

  7. Of course I disassociate myself from the comments posted below 9 (usual Brexit muppets), but I really don't think this woman is up to much.
    The first thing is that she should learn to sit on her hands.

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