Could Sanders’ Heart Attack Impact His 2020 Bid? | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Could Sanders’ Heart Attack Impact His 2020 Bid? | Morning Joe | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Could Sanders’ Heart Attack Impact His 2020 Bid? | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  1. MSNBC hates on Bernie more than Fox News hated on Hillary Clinton. MSNBC might as well be the Elizabeth Warren SuperPAC.

  2. After two years in office, Trump cut taxes for the rich and corporations. The average family would see $4000 pay raise, Lie. Didn’t build a wall and Mexico won't pay? Promised to get rid of special interest loophole, Lie. Would end Kim Jung-Un’s nuclear program, Lie. Repeal and immediately replace Obama care with something better and cheaper, Lie. He would not cut social security or Medicare but now has to because of his ballooning depict from tax cuts to the wealthy. Protect pre-existing health conditions but now he’s trying to eliminate them.

    Donald J Trumps 2020 budget proposal- 1.5 trillion in cuts to Medicaid, 845 billion in cuts to Medicare, 25 billion in cuts to social security, 220 billion in cuts to snap food stamp program, 21 billion in cuts to temporary assistance for needy families, 207 billion in cuts to the student loan program and cuts or eliminates subsidized student loans. AND 1.3 TRILLION DOLLARS IN TAX CUTS TO THE WEALTHY- Trump only cares about Trump and the wealthy corporate elites.

  3. As another commenter put it- I don't think this should impact his campaign anymore than y'alls lack of integrity impacts your jobs.

  4. Lol, bringing on a former Clinton campaign troller and a nervous gulping doctor to help the TV millionaires bash Senator Sanders, does it get more pathetic? Those TV millionaires rage at the though of income equality. These greedy dummies don't get that Sanders is the key to PEACEFUL revolution.

  5. They are so stupid they think they are being subtle and coming across as honest and impartial… j us t s o s t u p i d…….

  6. There is none else with the issues AND record of consistency so I'm sure NOT looking for anyone else new or among the existing candidates! Bernie/Nina2020

  7. If Bernie goes, thousands will replace him. The fire has been lit & there's no going back. The predatory corporate Neoliberal system is finally coming to it's bloody, beheaded end.

  8. Lol you basically ignore the candidate that has the more individual doners than any other candidate (means he's actually more popular) and then run this hit piece. He had a some artery blockage. They put in stints. He's doing just fine. Hacks

  9. Entering Bernie Sanders into the search engine leads me directly to this first before anything else about him. He has a reason to attack these folks, all they do is smear him and it gets pushed to the front ahead of any positive coverage he could have.
    We need to end corporate news media in this country. All they do is push narratives, like this concern trolling story, and bury other conversations that do not suit their interests.
    I, as well the vast majority of Americans, am beyond disgusted at this point.

  10. The smear of MSNBC against Bernie Sanders, disgusting!! 👎👎👎 How does that mainstream media doctor knows which arteries was blocked and if the heart was damaged?? He's speculating and speaking like he knows all the facts, when he doesn't!!

  11. Dear Bernie fans: please, get the delusions of persecution and conspiracy out of your heads. Bernie isn't doing that well for a lot of reasons. I'm a Dem, there are a LOT of reasons why most Dems don't like Bernie. Start doing your research. Mine is: Linda Sarsour, Bernie's pet Palestinian "activist" who supports sharia — the system of Koranic law that orders the death of apostates and blasphemers, and who also is closest of buddies with Farrakhan. I'll cut my throat with a razor before I vote for Bernie.

  12. ATTENTION! please click, watch and share this video to see what MSNBC really think of Bernie

  13. Still a big Bernie Supporter. Bernie is the most hard working presidential candidate among all the candidates. When this corporate media talks so nicely about Elizabeth Warren, that’s a red signal to me that WAREEN IS NOT FOR WORKING PEOPLE! I am going to convince my friends and relatives to vote for Bernie. Already convinced two people to vote for Bernie. They were initially considering Warren.

  14. For the good of the party n himself, Bernie should resign. Then, we can see a bit clearly whether his followers would go to Warren. Although their policies are similar, it’s not a given that Bernie’s followers would go to Warren. To be fair to the party, the earlier we know the better.

  15. This underscores how idiotic our political system is——,, Isn’t it obvious to everyone that for this position there should be an age limit??? Anyone over 60 should be ineligible—- including Bernie and I once was a Bernie supporter—- it makes no sense.

  16. I think his communism will stop more people from voting for him than being 95 years old and having a heart attack

  17. I am a much happier, much more informed person since leaving this show. Thought I'd check back in here to watch them get the long knives out for Bernie while he's down. Pretty pathetic, but hey, so are their views.

  18. Someone made a great video about how unfairly is Bernie being portrayed on MSNBC and other media:

  19. Watch out for people who try to attack Bernie with the following invalid arguments:

    – Communism
    – Venezuela
    – He's part of the 1%
    – It's time for a woman

    It's too late to save these people, they have been brainwashed by the media.

  20. Here are my thoughts on Bernie, even if he were to die in office, I think Bernie would die a happy man if he were to die knowing he lived a full life as a public servant and then president. I’m certain that it would be his honor and privilege to die doing what he loves, helping the people! This man deserves to be president, he has lived a life on the correct side of things before it was popular. He has always been ahead of the times and has had the courage and have been brave enough to vote progressively on matters that were not yet accepted by the government. In my eyes he is a living walking saint (I probably should stop calling him a saint … lol) and we would all be so lucky to have him as our president. Love ya Mr. Sanders!

  21. This is a routine procedure. The fact that his first heart incident came at 78 is a testament to his good health. Many men have heart attacks and stents at earlier ages. He went to the hospital immediately after presenting with symptoms; this means any damage was likely minimal. Many people have no lasting damage. And, most importantly, he is now going to be on meds to prevent reoccurrence. Can we say that about the other candidates? FDR had debilitating polio. Look at all he accomplished?! Saving us from the Depression and overseeing the most significant war in our history.

  22. Haha you nutjobs, the guy had a Heart Attack. If that happened to Trump you all would be screaming for him to resign. Sorry but Bernie is not physically fit (or mentally for that matter) to be in office. Proves all of you hypocrite Dems are just lost in the sauce, no hope for any of you.

  23. when ever i watch msmbc about Bernie it video i link show that opinion isn't facts

  24. Deadbeat dad/ Russian asset Bernie must resign from the campaign and from the Senate. He must be treated EXACTLY the way the media and Russian trolls treated Hillary Clinton when she attended a ceremony honoring the victims of the 9-11 terror attacks despite suffering from pneumonia.

  25. I say: 'Bye, Bye, Bernie' His health makes him too much of a risk for the Presidency – if he can even survive the rest of the campaign. IMHO – "He's Gone" #WARREN2020

  26. Right, call in the expert that was involved in the Clinton election loss, I'm sure their advice is still a winning one.

  27. Bernistas=whiny blockheads. Yes he's a good man. No, he is not the only good dem candidate. 2016 gave us 45, in part because his supporters were suckered into the Hillary hate. Clinton would've been a fine president.

  28. Hey Bernie, if I were you, I will pick AOC as vice president.
    So when you become Peersident then heart attack, we will have a young female version of you.

  29. Out of the 3 you said have potential to come up, all of them have dropped significantly. The one that has the most significant rise is yang. But he goes unmentioned? I’m not even a fan of yang but I can’t take you seriously when you gaslight like that

  30. Bernie will just have to watch his health more than before. It appears the crisis is over. I'd MUCH rather have a Pres w a PHYSICAL health issue or two than this certifiable MENTAL CASE that is also extremely corrupt, has sold out his country for personal gain, and is lazy and utterly ignorant of how to do the job itself. That said, even Bernie's mummifide corpse would be a 100% better pres than Putin's stupid clown puppet!

  31. Bernie will raise more money now than ever. I really don't respect Pocahontas for the job. Bernie will feel better and better and if we don't get the wool pulled over the voting public Bernie won't get shiested again.

  32. Typical MSNBC narrative. No mention of Biden's age or his eye hemorrhaging blood while being questioned at a town hall… No mention that all the top Dem contender's are all over 70.

  33. Bernie's 2020 Bid is now on roller skates! You mean Bernie has been running circles around all of the other candidates for the last 7 months WITH a blocked artery ?? Wow, can you imagine Bernie with even MORE energy now? Bernie is 78 going on 68 and Biden is 77 going on 87. Guess what MSNBC, I gave Bernie another $100, as soon as I heard what happened and that he was fine. I knew the Fake News Network that you have become, would be claiming Bernie's campaign was over. I am so happy that all over social media, other Berners are saying the same thing.

  34. federal job guarantee was tried in china in the 1950s-1980s. and was
    abandoned for capitalism. only country with a large scale fed job
    guarantee today is North Korea

  35. federal job guarantee was tried in china in the 1950s-1980s. and was
    abandoned for capitalism. only country with a large scale fed job
    guarantee today is North Korea

  36. In the general I will happily vote for Bernie
    I'll walk in to my old grade school gym where some of my worst memorys took place and vote Bernie Sanders
    I'll do it for Elizabeth Warren with alot less enthusiasm but I'll do it
    If it is Joe Biden I'm not voting
    This country deserves Trump if Biden wins primary

  37. MSNBC and other MSM outlets have decided that Biden is on the down slide and now have picked Warren as their favourite. Anyone but Bernie. Until the primaries are over it'll be "but what about his heart"..

  38. Will Warren have to face questions about no longer being Native American? About flip-flopping/lying about her support for a public-option in an interview in 2012? About her story of being let go as a teacher bc she was "visibly pregnant" not adding up according to herself in an interview?

  39. Remember when Hillary stumbled a bit and Trump made her imminent death a cornerstone of his campaign? Bernie will probably live to 100 like Jimmy Carter.

  40. The Morning wheres Waldo Show,remember when Joe Scarborough's young woman intern (he was having an affair with) turned up dead in his office .

  41. Bernie's health is much improved and he's doing better than ever. Bernie Sanders has enormous support of the most diverse group of voters than any other candidate. Bernie's policies are what the people want, not another Hillary Clinton rerun.

  42. Oh MSNBC actually does know BERNIE SANDERS! IT CAN only Be Bernie Sanders as our next POTUS #46! SAY IT MSNBC. . say it.

  43. And yet, he will still be our next president. Nice try, MSNBC! You already lost the culture war and you don't even know it yet.

  44. Would Americans rather have a president with a potential health risk, or one with a 100% chance of a corporate corruption risk?

  45. MSNBC is just as bad as FOX or PragerU. At least CNN tries to hide their passive aggression and motives, but they're in the same bed as all the other networks. Sanders 2020

  46. Bernie had a heart attack. He needs to drop out. He's done. Like I said many times before, he was never going to be the nominee anyway.

  47. Doesn’t have the physical strength to go against Donal Trump. Remember how hillary was punch drunk and having seizures after facingTrump

  48. These people are so hypocrite and so biased. The numbers are on their and our face. And they are not talking about Yang. And only mainly mentioning about Bernie and heart attack.

  49. Who cares what these buffoons say. Bernie will win the nomination…there are millions and millions of people who are sick and tired of this kind of propaganda and there are the real progressive news outlet on youtube reporting the actual news…such as Hill Rising with Krystal and Sagar….they are the real journalists, who have the guts to cover real issues and ask tough questions. MSNBC only manufactures news as it pleases it's master(s).

  50. Look at all the medical experts on MSNBC 😂😂😂 Bernie is beating Warren wether your fake polls say something different!!

  51. They just can't resist kicking the man when he's down, can they? Don't dance on his grave yet.
    We've known for years that he is the force behind one of the most defining movements of the Left. He STILL believes in MedicareForAll, and wants us ALL to have the same urgent and ER care he got on the campaign trail and at home, outside of Congress.
    He's suffered both personal and family tragedy and still says #NotMeUs

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