Coronavirus: New temporary coronavirus hospital announced – BBC

Coronavirus: New temporary coronavirus hospital announced – BBC

Good afternoon. The Coronavirus pandemic continues to grow. Very sadly overnight 87 more people have died, bringing the
total to 422 and our hearts go out to their families and their friends.
Yesterday the Prime Minister announced the most radical steps yet to slow the
spread of this virus and these steps are not requests. They are rules. You should
stay at home except to shop for food for medical reasons, for exercise or for work,
including caring and volunteering in the Coronavirus national effort. We
understand how significant these steps are. We ask for your forbearance but I
think that the public knows that this is important and they know how vital a task
it is, that we get a grip on the spread of this virus and slow it down. The more
we follow the rules, the sooner we will stop the spread and
so, everybody has a responsibility to follow those rules and where possible, to
stay at home. I know how worried people are and while this is a great time of
turbulence, it is a moment that the country can come together in that
national effort. As the next step in that effort, today we launch NHS volunteers.
We’re seeking a quarter of a million volunteers. People in good health to help
the NHS, for shopping and for delivery of medicines and to support those who are
shielded to protect their own health. The NHS volunteer responders is a new scheme set up so that people can come and help and to make sure that the NHS
and the local services that are needed get all the support that they can. I can
also announce that the call we made at the weekend for people to return to the
NHS has been incredibly successful. So far, so far 11788 people have answered
that call. 2660 doctors, over two and a half thousand other health professionals
and pharmacists and 6147 nurses and I pay tribute to each and every one of
those who’s returning to the NHS at its hour of need. In addition from next week,
5500 final year medics and 18,700 final year student nurses will move to the
front line to make sure we have the people we need in our NHS to respond to
this crisis in total. That’s over thirty five thousand more staff coming to the
NHS when the country needs the NHS most. Finally I can announce today that we
will next week open a new hospital, a temporary hospital,
the NHS Nightingale hospital at the Excel Centre in London. The NHS
Nightingale hospital will comprise two wards, each of two thousand people with
the help of the military and with NHS clinicians, we will make sure that we
have the capacity that we need so that everyone can get the support they need
but no matter how big we grow the NHS, unless we slow the spread of this virus
then, as we’ve seen those numbers will continue to rise and that’s why it’s so
important that everybody follows the advice and stays at home. The final point
I want to make is one of thanks as Health Secretary and as a citizen and
on behalf of the whole country, I want to thank the staff of the NHS those who
work in social care, all of you not just the doctors and nurses who normally get
mentioned but the pharmacists, the paramedics, the managers and all staff
across the board, you are the frontline. In this war against this virus and we
all pay tribute to you. You’re going to give your all over the next few weeks and
I want you to know that we salute you and I will strain every sinew to get you
everything you need to keep you safe so that you can do your job, keeping all of
us safe. We’re now going to go to questions. The first question is from
Laura Kuenssberg, BBC and we’ve heard from many members of the
public today, who are being told that they should go to work by their boss,
though they don’t think their work is essential, right now, at this moment and
they don’t feel they can stay safely two metres apart from everyone else there.
The message to many people has not been that clear from the Government. Who are
they meant to listen to, their boss or the advice from the government? And can I
ask that question to the medics in a different way. If people feel they’re not
safe at work, what should they do should they stay at home? Well I’ll give the
first part of the answer and then yeah, I’ll hand over to Jenny as deputy chief
medical officer to give the medical view, the advice is crystal clear which is you
should stay at home unless you have one of the four reasons which is exercise
shopping as little as you have to for medical reasons or to go to work where
that work can’t be done at home and if you’re a key worker for instance if you
work in the NHS and social care then you should go to work because that work is
vital in the effort to tackle coronavirus Jenny
and Thank You Lora I think the important thing with all of these questions is to
take us right back to the first principles of why we have asked for
these interventions it is to prevent transmission of disease and the rule
about the two meters is to ensure that we are consciously keeping apart from
each other so we do not inadvertently pass on disease if we have it so I think
when you’re talking about work environments exactly as the Secretary of
State has said there are numerous occupations where you do not need to be
at work it’s some of them we have to and we recognize the support of our key
workers as secretary stated in providing that service but many don’t don’t need
to be and I think we are encouraging our employers to think really carefully
about how they can innovate in the way they star for working and if they do
need to be in the office just to spread people around I know for example for for
a few of us who are having to be in environment so actually there’s an awful
lot of space created so you can practice safe distancing at work I think it’s
it’s a common-sense principle and we all need to apply it both employers and
employees and it’d be men sensible that people who
want to stay at home can’t and risk the sack if they do defy their employers
instructions and a question to the deputy chief medical officer just a
practical one imagine you’ve got a two year old who is ill and both parents or
the only parent sorry a two year old who is healthy and both parents or an only
parent gets ill what is meant to happen to that child essentially the questions – on which
people want to hear the medical advice I’ll ask Jenny – to answer but we have
been incredibly clear about the rules and one of the reasons that we
strengthened the rules yesterday and essentially flipped the basis of the
rules so it’s not do whatever you like so long as you don’t do the following it
is stay at home unless you’ve got a good reason and we will also enforce against
those rules but I’ll ask Jenny to answer the point on on people who are asked to
go to work of course if you’re in a workplace that
we have said will close and then we’re going to enforce against those against
those closures as well Jenny so the same principles apply I think obviously if
people don’t feel safe in their work environment they should always raise
those concerns and I think by far the majority of employers are being really
sensible and supportive and there’s been huge support for for staff and to the
population in general but for some environment so I’m the obvious one is
our health care environment we are ensuring that staff understand what the
the risks of working are and and how we’re supporting them to do to do their
work safely I think you raised an issue particularly about specific advice we
cannot individually cover every single scenario whether it be in the workplace
or whether it be in the family so again it’s back to applying the principles if
individuals can work safety they can keep a distance apart
and they also think the other things important to remember the fundamentals
of our early campaign which is around hand-washing maintaining that frequently
so if there are facilities there to do that they should be using them if they
don’t feel that safety then I think it’s reasonable to highlight that very firmly
with their employer you raised a particular issue about a
young child and clearly all the way through this we have been very careful
to ensure that as individuals steps in increasing steps are put in place to try
and manage this outbreak that we manage both the the impact on the disease
itself but also recognizing that there are other risks either in putting in
interventions too quickly or not thinking through some of the parameters
about how we handle some of these issues the obvious ones yesterday were around
the elderly particular vulnerabilities and a small child clearly is a
vulnerable individual so in this case although we are encouraging everybody to
stay in their own households that’s the unit with the the same risk exposure
clearly if you have adults who are unable to look after a small child that
is an exceptional circumstance and if the individuals do not have access to
care support formal care support or to family they will be able to work through
their local authority hubs okay next question got Tom Newton done at the Sun
thank you very much sector so question to you and then once
the deputy CMO if I can why are you so adamant that non key workers must go to
work as much as possible if they can’t work at home in the fields of
manufacturing construction is it because you share Donald Trump’s concerns that
the cure can be more dangerous than the problem the sentiment expressed this
morning and deputy CMO could you possibly clear a lot of questions up
coming from boyfriends and girlfriends who aren’t cohabiting are they allowed
to meet in public places because you haven’t banned meetings of two people
and when they do meet are they allowed to be affectionate I allowed to meet
each other’s houses well I’ll take the first now definitely
the second two to Jenny and the the absence of the first is that the
judgment that we have made is that in work in many many instances the 2-meter
rule can be applied in my workplace in the House of Commons you can see it
every day and where possible people should work from home and employers have
a duty to ensure that people are more than two metres apart because as Jenny
says it’s about going back to the principles of what we’re trying to
achieve which is to keep people apart so that we slow the spread and the more
people follow the rules the faster we will all get through this
thank you so I’m clearly going to start a new career here in relationship
counseling so I will tread very carefully as I work through this answer
and the principle is that we want people to stay in their household units
primarily the reason for that is because if you have an infection you are very
close with your family members so your risk of exposure to the virus is pretty
similar usually across a family we almost expect another member of the
family to get that unless they are applying very very stringent precautions
so if your two individuals two halves of the couple are currently in separate
households ideally they should stay in those households the alternative might
be that for quite a significant period going forward that they should just test
the strengths of their relationship and decide whether one wishes to be
permanently resident in another household in which case all of the
decisions about exercising if you are in you should be on your own or with in
your household unit would apply so again the issue here is what we do not want is
people switching in and out of households it defeats the at the purpose
of the reduction in social interactions and will allow transmission of disease
so perhaps tests test really carefully your strengths of feeling stay with the
household either together or apart but keep it that way
we go forward because otherwise we will not all be working towards achieving our
outcome there you go make your choice and stick with it very good is anything
you want to do out on that single journey gave a perfect answer now if I
go to pull war from the HuffPost poor Secretary of State can you explain
to NHS staff who had to travel on crammed and overcrowded tube trains this
morning just why private house building and office building is deemed essential
work are you considering restricting
construction work to just those projects where health and safety is needed and
not to be too cynical about it does the fact that housing developers contributed
more than a million pounds to the Tory party general election campaign have
anything to do with a different view taken in England as opposed to Scotland
were the first minister has said that building site work should be restricted
and stopped immediately and can I ask the to the medics can ask professor
Powis in the United States President Trump has talked about using
over-the-counter anti-malarial drugs to beat coronavirus the UK has imposed an
export ban on chloroquine last month was that because we’re looking at similar
treatments here and what and what advice have you got in terms of those trials
being done here all the decisions that we’re taking Paul are taken in the
national interest this is a largely cross-party effort we’re making
judgments difficult and big judgments every day about how best to tackle this
virus and that is the only thing that matters and how we minimize the overall
number of deaths from the virus and get the spread down so that we can so that
we can get through this as fast as we can and that’s the only thing that we
consider based on the science and the medical advice of course and when it
comes to the tube the first at the best answer is that Transport for London
should have the tube running in full so that the people traveling on the tube
are and are spaced out and can be further apart obeying the 2-meter rule
wherever possible and there is there’s no good reason in the information that
I’ve seen that the current levels of tube troop provision should be as low as
they are we should have more tube trains running when it comes to construction
and there’s there’s many countries that have made the same judgment that it’s
that you can construction can carry on with people two meters apart from each
other and of course people need to get to work
but the best way to do that is two meters apart from others with more tube
trains running when it comes to NHS staff there’s another reason why we need
tube services up and running preferably in full so that we can get NHS staff to
their posts and doing the work that they’re doing and should I hand over
Steve on the medical question estates so thank you Paul so as you know this is a
new virus and so we do not have a tried and tested specific drug treatment that
can act against the virus but there are a number of drugs where there is a lot
of interest that they may potentially have an effect in the treatment of the
virus and the ones that you mentioned which are chloroquine and
hydroxychloroquine those are drugs that as you say have been used in malaria are
on that list so there is a lot of interest both internationally and also
in the UK to learn how those drugs might be used here in the UK we want to do as
much as we possibly can within the context of clinical trials we have
excellent networks already set up to be able to do clinical trials and it’s
important that we do that – absolutely learn where the drugs potentially work
and where they don’t and I’m really delighted that we have already recruited
the first person in the UK into one of those clinical trials so yes this is an
area of intense interest we will of course be working with our colleagues
around the world as they look at these drugs but in the UK we will also be
looking at drugs such as this so that we can see whether there is a specific
treatment that we can use okay great thank you
for final question from from Heather sure at the Guardian sex you say can I
ask about testing yeah millions of tests that are going to come
in the days and weeks ahead is that the advancing body test that you’ve talked
about and if so how soon might those availabe available and and can you use
them to test the nature staff so that they can go back to go back to work yeah
if they’ve had the virus and can I just ask the more overarching question and
you talked about that sharp increase in the death toll is it possible or even
probable that some of those deaths might have been avoided how do we implement it
very stringent avoiding lockdown sooner do you have any qualms about that at all
thank you thank you have I answer and then I’ll also ask Jenny to go into more
into more detail and I understand why NHS staff in particular and others
across public service are so keen to get the testing ramped up that we need to
see and the we’re undertaking of course it really matters for getting people
back to work so we’ve now bought three and a half million antibody tests that
will allow people to see whether they have had the virus and are immune to it
and then can get back to work and you might have seen in the in the Commons
earlier I was sat next to Nadine Doris because she now has had a corona virus
and she can and she is for the time being immune to it because we expect the
people not to be able to catch it except in very exceptional circumstances for a
second time the so on testing we are ramping up that will come those will
come online very soon in fact our new testing facility in Milton Keynes opens
today and we therefore are on the ramp up of the testing numbers and the the
the other thing I want to mention in that space is of course many many people
across the NHS are asking for more protective equipment personal protective
equipment and I can tell you that over the last 24 hours
we have shipped seven a half million pieces of protective equipment
especially the masks the so called FFP three masks which are very important to
get out and with there’s now a a hotline so that if you are in there in the NHS
or social care including and pharmacy if you call the hotline if you don’t have
the PPE that you need then we will get it to you that’s literally a military
effort to get these millions of pieces of kit out to people if people are
working on the frontline to look after us it’s vital that we look after them
Jenny yes so it’s just going to add a little bit more on the the testing and I
don’t know if Stephen wants to as well so the testing that secretary States
described will also in due course give us a real insight into the population
demographics of testing so we will be able to learn far more about how the
disease has spread across the population and that might be one of the tools that
we have when we get towards the end of the epidemic in the UK as well we’ll be
able to understand much more about how it transmits and therefore be able to
close it down more tightly the the other testing of course is the sort of the
here-and-now testing and we’re also working really
hard to ramp that up because partly in the NHS but separately as well and I
think this goes back to the point about nurses medics our care staff knowing
when they do or do not have the illness so that they can actually take their
families or themselves out of isolation safely and be on the frontline we’re not
there at the moment but we have that very much coming through and a lot of
activity on it and I think that’s that’s really important on the point of the
deaths I mean I think it’s inevitable any any death is a sad event and we
would all want to prevent those I think it’s really difficult if we start as
there is a tendency at the moment I think to start comparing individual
countries what the death rate has been how many deaths there have been and what
the impacts of various lockdowns have been and I think the word lockdown as
I’ve mentioned previously is very difficult because in effect what we have
done in the cont in this country is systematically put in steps
using the science looking at the data to have the greatest impact at the right
time and and that is the policy which we are following now and obviously the
interventions which are changing the way people live their lives that went in
yesterday are to continue to do that it’s not at all clear I think that in
many of the countries where they have applied different lockdown principles
and obviously when we need to be really clear what they are and when they were
put in Italy has had a lockdown for some time and very sadly the death rate there
is is staggeringly high and so I think we would have expected to some extent
this this number of deaths we’re looking very much as we go forward if everybody
does what we’ve asked them to do yesterday which is stay at home whenever
they can look after our elderly we are very much hoping that our death rates
will stay low and we will be able to push the the epidemic forward and
flatter testing testing is hugely important in
fighting coronavirus and as the Secretary has said we have been ramping
up we’re working with all the different manufacturers who are beginning to
develop new tests and bring them to market and as they ramp up we will ramp
up it’s absolutely right that our sick patients in hospitals should be tested
first but but after that we absolutely need to be able to test our staff but
for a number of reasons one so if they’re isolating at home or with their
families and it turns out they don’t have coronavirus they can come back to
work and secondly because if we know they’ve had it either through the test
that tells you you’ve had it immediately or you’ve had it after a week or two the
serology tests you talked about then they will no coming back to work that
they have immunity to the disease so we are absolutely determined to ramp up
testing and to make it available to staff and finally I think I’d echo what
Jenny said the NHS is pulling out all the stops at present amazing staff doing
amazing things and I think as you’ve heard from the secretary of state the
NHS Nightingale Hospital of the XL is really an extraordinary
extraordinary feat I mean from a standing start a day or two ago a
hospital will be built that will be able to take its first patients at the start
of next week that’s a remarkable achievement and our staff working with
the military have been able to work on so we’re expanding capacity all the time
because we can see the additional cases coming towards the NHS but it’s
everybody’s responsibility everybody’s responsibility as I said at the weekend
to take the action that we’ve asked them to take to follow the instructions
because this is your chance to save somebody else’s life
this is absolutely your chance by doing what we’ve asked you to do to ensure
that those deaths are as low as possible and the NHS is put under as little
stress as possible well thank you that ends the first first press conference
that we know of from Downing Street thank you further questions thank you to
all the IT people who made sure that the kit worked and in a way it demonstrates
that we can all be in different rooms we could be more than two meters apart and
we can we can we can still answer the questions that people have got so thank
you very much indeed you

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  29. NIH Report ~ 80% False Positive !!!! Covid 19

  30. What if …there is ANOTHER VIRUS…CHINA MADE AGAIN….what do you do Sir ?? or ANOTHER LOCKDOWN ?? B'cause there is another made in china virus coming AGAIN !!!! Virus from ANIMAL AGAIN !!!

  31. It's the government's fault they cause NHS failures but cut back on the NHS. They say the NHS is a great thing but cut cut cut back all the time… And by the way how much did Boris and sejad Khan get from the London forest Bridge the taxpayer paid 200 million and yet again Boris and Khan ripped of the people ……and yet again London London London.. What about the rest of the country …. Promises promises people look at Boris its always London and it ain't correct…..

  32. What about people who care for elderly people like family….. Care something the goverment no nothing about……..

  33. I would also like to point out . That no one has talked about un-paid carer s . They have been given no equipment . No advice , No support , No guidelines No help . These unpaid carers are looking after very vulnerable people .

  34. Its cray how so many people are not heeding to instructions right now, look at Spain. 700 people dead within hours.

  35. Here in Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro is fighting against the governors to put an end on the quarantine and theres will be a meeting tomorrow to approve the quarantine ends.

    We really need help, this man is gonna kill lots of ppl

  36. Despite of less population and good healthcare and years of practice ENGLAND could not stop corona virus from spread. What a joke. This is overconfidence that leads to hell and now ENGLAND is in serious problem. Now every individual need ethic work…

  37. What the UK needs to do is change this apology of government to one that cares for people and not only money. Where did the money resources etc come from for a 2000 bed hospital, why are so many nurses having to leave the NHS, because it is government policy. The government should take the unproductive health care trusts out and have medical management. This government has done its best to close down the NHS, first it started with dentistry, then opticians, now £60 to have your ears syringed by a nurse. NHS is not a business, this government needs to either increase funds to NHS, or resign so that a more responsible government can support its population.

  38. what about children under 16 and separated parents? Are they still able to pick their children up from other household for a weekend stay or a couple hours? Aslong as they go straight home and stay inside for the duration of the stay and that nobody in the household has present symptoms?

  39. The local drug dealer where I live is still making his daily house calls!! He's clearly not worried about catching or spreading the virus 😳😳😁😁

  40. Sir mentioned that only in exceptional cases can a former patient of SARS-CoV-2 contract the disease the second time. On what basis has this claim been made? Since as far as reports worldwide on mitigation of the disease is considered, we have received information that only and only symptomatic treatment is being done, which is also pretty much the only way around considering the fact that (which is also the prime concern now) there is no specific cure for the same.

  41. My another questions also aligns with one of the previous queries being made: why exactly is continuation of construction work even considered in the face of such a PANDEMIC?

  42. Ohh really England 🤷‍♀️Now you take responsibility say to all your people stay at home? 🤦‍♀️

  43. Are we acting or reacting on corna virus as what is said does not fits into what it is said for

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