Coronavirus Hits the NBA and Trump Makes the Virus Racist | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Coronavirus Hits the NBA and Trump Makes the Virus Racist | The Daily Social Distancing Show

– Trevor Noah here. Right now, we don’t know when we’re gonna go
back to the studio. We don’t know if we’re
gonna go back to the studio. And I don’t think any of
you know any different. Coronavirus has changed
everybody’s lives. And so, what we’ve decided is to try and make The
Daily Show from homes. Not just my home,
but everyone’s home, so the producers, the writers, the directors, the
graphic producers. We’re all just
gonna chill at home and use the technology we
have to try and make a show. So, I know a lot of
people have said, “Hey, we still wanna
watch The Daily show, “we still wanna be informed, “we still wanna
catch up on the news “without having to
watch 24 hours of CNN,” and I don’t blame you for that. So, that’s what
we’re gonna be doing. So, let’s get into it. Today we’re gonna be chatting
about coronavirus, obviously. It would be weird if was like, “Today, we’re gonna
be chatting about “infrastructural
development in … ” No. So, we’re gonna be
chatting about coronavirus. We’re gonna be talking about the U.S. border with
Canada being shut down. We’re gonna talk about NBA
players getting tested. We’re gonna chat
about how people need to stop going to the ER, because you’re actually
hurting everybody who needs it. So, let’s get into that and more in our very first Daily
Show Social Distancing Sh– No. Daily Social Distancing Show. That’s it. The Daily Social
Distancing Show. (dynamic music) – [Announcer] From Trevor’s
couch in New York City to your couch
somewhere in the world, this is The Daily
Social Distancing
Show with Trevor Noah. – All right, y’all. Let’s kick it off with
the big news of the day. The coronavirus has
officially surpassed 200,000 confirmed cases worldwide,
which is pretty insane, ’cause right now,
that means corona’s running around the world
like those penguins at the aquarium, doing
whatever it wants. It’s actually funny
when you think about it. Like, you know when you watch
that video of the penguins? We always think that, if
humans were off the planet, then there would be no zoos. But then, when I watch that
video, it made me realize animals would make
zoos for other animals. Like the penguins would be like, “And this is the polar bear. “He used to hunt us. “How things have changed.” Anyway, I’m not telling
you the news of corona surpassing 200,000
to make you sad. All right? I’m just keeping you up-to-date
with what’s happening. We all gotta be informed. Now, just because coronavirus
cases are going up in the world, please, that
shouldn’t make you more sad, because there is a lot
of encouraging news coming out from
all over the world. For instance, just
today, just today there was a story that
came out of Italy, where a small town
of about 3,000 people tested everyone in the
town, and then they just kept track of everyone
who had coronavirus and who was giving it to who, and they got the cases of
coronavirus down to zero. So, it shows you that’s
basically what we need to do. All right? We need to test as many
people as possible. And I know, if you live in New
York, you’re probably like, “Yeah, but, Trevor, that town
only had 3,000 people in it. “That’s how many
roommates I have.” But still, it shows that the key to stopping
coronavirus is testing. What’s scary about
testing, though, is that the cases
are gonna go up, ’cause the more people we test, we’re gonna discover more
people have coronavirus. But at least we’ll know how
many people have coronavirus. You know? It’s like today,
we just found out that four Brooklyn Nets
players, NBA players, have coronavirus,
including Kevin Durant. Yeah. So, now the Nets
have coronavirus, the Jazz have coronavirus,
the Pistons have coronavirus. It’s going around to
all of the NBA teams, except the Knicks,
because not even corona wants to be on the Knicks. Now, the White House keeps
trying to reassure people that more tests are coming, but every time Trump tries
to calm the nation down, I feel like he does
the exact opposite. – We are all in this together, and we’ll come through together. It’s the invisible enemy. But we’re going to defeat
the invisible enemy. – [Reporter] Your credibility
ratings are very low. There’s a recent NPR poll– – Who are you asking
that question? – I’m asking– – ‘Cause I see that
they’re very high. – Why do you keep calling
this the Chinese virus? Why do you keep using this? All of people say it’s racist.
– ‘Cause it comes from China. It’s not racist at all. No, not at all. It comes from China. That’s why. – There are some, at least
one, White House official who use the term “kung
flu,” referring to the fact that this virus
started in China. My question is, do you think that’s wrong?
– Kung flu? – Kung flu. And do you think using
the term Chinese virus, that puts Asian
Americans at risk, that people might target them?
– No, not at all. No, not at all. I think they probably … would agree with it 100%. – You know Trump
is the only person who could hold a press
conference about a pandemic and then turn it into
a fight about racism. Who does that? Like, who does that? The guy comes out there like,
“Let’s stay calm, folks. “So calm, everybody.” And then, five minutes
later, he’s like, “Kung flu is a term of respect. “Ask any Asian. (speaking
in foreign language) “Kung flu.” (speaking
in foreign language) Focus. This is where you
need presidential. This is one of those
moments where I wish … I wish Obama could
come back, you know? I wish Barack Obama could– Not as president. I’m not trying to mess
with the Constitution. I’m just saying they
should hire Obama to handle press briefings. You know? ‘Cause whether you agree
with his policies or not, you have to admit Barack
Obama did his thing. He knew how to calm
everybody down. He’d just come out and be like, “All right, everybody. “This is what’s gonna happen. “We’re gonna get the … “testing. “All the kits. “We’re gonna isolate the virus. “We’re gonna beat this thing. “We’re gonna isolate the virus, “and we’re gonna
beat this thing. “In the meantime, if you
want something comforting “to binge at home. “A lot of people
are watching TV. “If you want to watch something, “you can watch the first
eight years of my presidency. “That’s a rerun
that never gets old. “The best part is in season two, “when I go after Bin Laden. “Spoiler alert: he
doesn’t make it.” Actually, I feel like Obama takes so long to
finish a sentence, it might make social
distancing fly by. Like, right now we’re like, “Oh, we’re gonna be
in here for months.” If Obama speaks,
“We’ve gotta … “We gotta … “be safe.” And we’re like, “Wow,
it’s August already. “I guess we can go outside now. “Thanks, Obama.” Now, Trump held
another presser today, where he said that
America and Canada are closing their border
to non-essential travel. Yeah. And that actually made me
kinda feel bad for Trump, because he’s finally
getting the border shutdown he always wanted. It’s just happening with
the wrong country, you know? Which sucks for him. It’s kinda like wishing
for more vacation days, but then get fired. You sort of get what you
want, but it’s not the same. And so, from now on,
only essential travel, only essential travel is allowed
into Canada from the U.S. So, stuff like government
business, trade, and your boy’s bachelor
party in Montreal, but that’s it, nothing else. See you there, Brandon. And like … You know, I just wonder
if this is gonna work. ‘Cause you know
Canadians are so polite, I bet if you showed
up at the border, they’d still let you in. They’d be like, “Oh, gosh,
I’m really not supposed to, “eh, Trevor, but I can’t
say no to new friends. “Come on in, eh?” I don’t even know if that
was a Canadian accent, to be honest. I don’t even think I
remember a Canadian– I feel like I … I haven’t been around
people for so long, I don’t know what any
accent sounds like. That could be Canadian. For all I know, all the
accents in my head are wrong. Maybe it’s been that long. This corona self-distancing, it’s gonna be making up random
accents that are incorrect. “Yeah, so sorry
about, about that. “Yes, welcome to Toronto. “Yes, I’m Canadian. “Yes, yes. “Sorry, yeah. “But, but. “Oh, you want maple syrup?” Oh, one other thing
I wanna mention. Doctors need our help right now. Yes, doctors need our help. Because there are many
stories coming out that a lot of young people,
especially in New York, have been going to
emergency rooms, looking for a corona
test when they don’t have serious symptoms, and the
hospitals are overwhelmed. They can’t handle that. Like, I know. I know that they’ve
shut down the bars, so maybe you think the
ER’s the hot new hangout, but it’s not, people. Yes, they have alcohol,
but it’s rubbing alcohol. It’s not the same thing. When you go to an ER, and
it’s not an emergency, you’re overloading the system. You’re overloading
the hospitals. You’re taking care
away form the people in really desperate situations. So if you’re feeling sick
but it’s not that serious, just self-isolate
for a few days. This is not from me, by the way. This is what the CDC
has told us to do. If you’re feeling
sick, stay at home, self-isolate for a few days,
and you see if you get better. All right? Emergency rooms are like
flights on Spirit Airlines. You should only go
there as a last resort. Spirit Airlines. Thanks to corona, we’re
not the worst anymore. All right. I’ve been alone in this
apartment for a few days. I could use some
human conversation, so let’s call up Roy Wood, Jr. and see what he’s up to with
the magic of technology. (ringing) Yo, Roy! What’s goin’ on? – Yeah. Yo. How’s it goin’ over there, man? – I’ve missed your face, man. This is fun. – I’m all right, man. I’m doin’ okay over here. My three-year-old flushed
a full bar of soap down the toilet, so
for about 14 hours we didn’t have
nowhere to take a du– Like, you ever had– pray you don’t have
to take a dump, ’cause you know you can’t ta– Like, this is the worst time
to need another bathroom. Other than your–
– Wait. Wait, so your son flushed
soap down the toilet? – Not soap, don’t say soap. It’s a bar of soap. A whole ass bar of
soap, brand new, and it got clogged
in the corner. So I went on Twitter
asking questions and somebody–
– But why didn’t you just– Yeah, so why didn’t
you just pull it out? – ‘Cause it’s down under there. You know, the toilet, the
turd goes down, up, and down. When a turd goes–
– Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s that thing. Okay, yeah, that thing. – So the soap was there. So I couldn’t get … – Right. – So I had to … Hanger, I tried–
(child yelling) – Is that him? – Yeah, man. (laughing) – You know, dude, the only
thing worse than coronavirus is having coronavirus shutdown
and kids at the same time. I have never been happier to
not have a child in my life. (laughing) – He just yells for no reason. (laughing) – Does he even understand
what the shutdown is? Does he understand
self-distancing. – He think this is spring break. He keeps waking up,
he goes, “School?” And I go, “No school.” And he goes, “Yeah, no school!” And then I make grilled
cheese sandwiches all morning. Grilled cheese and
apples every morning. – Man. I feel sorry for you. I’m sorry. – How you doin’? – I’m good, I’m great. I won’t lie. Like, I mean, I’m
worried about people. I don’t know where
the world is going. I’ll tell you, the
biggest stress I have is that I don’t know if
I have corona or not, ’cause you don’t show symptoms, so I don’t know if I have it. What if I already had
it, and then like, maybe I don’t have it anymore. Do you know what I mean? And then like, I’m immune,
I could be in the streets. But now I don’t know,
because I haven’t, ’cause I can’t get tested. You can’t get tested unless
you really show symptoms, so I don’t know. So, yeah, that’s the only
frustrating thing for me. – It’s like a lot of famous
people are getting tested. That’s what it seems like. Seem like what you need to do, you need to do
what I’m gonna do. I’m joining the NBA. That’s how I’m
gonna get my test. I already thought about this. I already ordered a
jersey and everything. – That doesn’t, I
don’t even know … What are you saying? – If you want to get tested
for corona, join the NBA. NBA show symptom, they
test ’em immediately. They tested all
of the Utah Jazz. They tested all of the
Oklahoma City Thunder. When it first–
– Oh yeah. Yeah, the Brooklyn
Nets, I think, what, four players got tested. – Yeah. – Oh, no, four players
were confirmed. Yeah, they tested everybody. – Yeah. So, if you want
to get a test … I’ve been lookin’ on the TV, all I see are these corona tests and people lining up
at 6:00 in the morning. The testing doesn’t
start til 9:00. You don’t even up that
early for Jordans. You get to the mall a hour
before it opened for Jordans. And people are there four hours. That’s how dire this is. – That’s like the new … The way you just said
it makes it sound like corona testing is
gonna be the new swag. – Yeah. – Like rappers are
gonna be in their videos like, “Yeah, got
that corona test. “Got all corona tests.” – Yeah, with a (garbled speech) mask on.
– Bugattis and corona tests. – With a N95 mask on they face. (laughing) Hey, hey, you ain’t got my mask. Bitch I got the mask.
– Got that corona test. Yo, yo, corona. Wait, but now … But now, if you say
celebrities get it, then how come we
haven’t gotten the test? – I think this is … If there’s ever
a time to confirm whether or not you an
A-list celebrity … – Wow. – This is the time. ‘Cause if you look at the
celebrities that’s got it, top shelf. Idris Elba. – Tom Hanks.
– Tom. They’re people that
are bonafide stars. – Wow. – If you’re doin’
Hallmark movies, you
might not get a test. They might just not … I’m nervous. I’m gonna be honest. This is myself included. (laughing) You might be good. – Oh, man. I haven’t gotten the test,
though, so I mean … – I’m saying, if we was both
in line to get the corona test, and the swab lady
came down the line, she’s be like, “Oh,
Trevor Noah, come.” And I’d be like,
“What about me?” And she’s be like,
“No, Anthony Anderson. “I don’t watch Black-ish.” (laughing) That’s what would happen. – Oh, man! Oh, dude. I hope you’re wrong. I hope you’re wrong. I heard too many people
are trying to get the test, so maybe that’s a good thing. I don’t know. Or maybe they should say
every NBA player/movie star that gets tested has to bring a friend to get
tested with them. Maybe that’s how we get
the thing to everybody. – I probably should wear– I got more baseball gear in
my house than basketball. And I know that for
sure I have enough to make three-fourths of
a Chicago Cubs uniform. I have a hat, I have a glove, I have a jersey, I have cleats. I just need pants. – And who are you
gonna be on the team? When they say, “Oh, you
play for the Chicago Cubs?” who are you gonna say you are? – They probably won’t
believe I play baseball ’cause I’m black. It ain’t but eight of us left. So, I probably
gotta learn Spanish and trick ’em in to
thinking I’m Dominican. I don’t– Look, I’m just hoping
that we continue to remain alone together and that
I don’t get any symptoms. (child yelling) – Is that … – Hey, let me go, man. – Is everything okay? – This boy, man. I’m sorry. – Roy, what’s going on? – I’m sorry. Ay! Stop eatin’ the toilet tissue! This boy’s eatin’ toilet tissue. That’s like eatin’ money. That’s actually worse
than eatin’ money. Ay, eat this $20 bill. Don’t do that. – Roy, are you … All right, I’ll
chat to you later. (Roy screams) Uh, all right, cool. Thanks, Roy. I’ll chat to you tomorrow. If your kid’s not eating
more toilet paper. Oh, speaking of kids
eating toilet paper, before we go, school,
in America specifically, is where millions of kids get
their lunch every single day. But with many schools
closed down right now, these kids could use our help. So if you can help, please, if you can donate
anything right now. I know it’s hard,
but if you can, please go to
and give what you can. You can help
children get a meal. It might be their
only meal of the day. And if you want to help in
New York City specifically, please go to In times like this, we
all need to pull together and help out however we can,
because it’s gonna be a ride, and the only way we
can make this journey a little more tolerable is
if we travel on it together. Wow, that was deep. I just made that up. That was powerful. So, yeah. That’s The Daily Social
Distancing Show for today. I’m Trevor Noah. Stay out there, stay safe. Please, distance
yourself socially, but connect with
each other digitally. And I’ll catch up with
everybody tomorrow. But before we go, here it
is, your moment of zen. – [Reporter] This Los
Angeles grocery store also offering special
hours for seniors. – We have a package for you. – [Reporter] And in Chicago,
a non-profit putting together and delivering care
packages to seniors in need. – This is something that’s
gonna affect everybody. We just have to do a
better job of recognizing the humanness or the
Americanness of each of us, and if we’re gonna rise outta
this, we gotta do it together.

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