Cooking while on anchor is always fun until the generator over-heats.

Cooking while on anchor is always fun until the generator over-heats.

on this episode of trying not to sink we anchor out on the Pongo River Flint cooks up delicious steak dinner but our generator overheats so we cruise on down to Moorhead for a few bells oh and a part for our generators well [Applause] Oh can your eyes and I find it when you're leaving my mother one day when you got this good you don't fight so we're leaving pointer right there pretty day we're leaving coins on things are at line 922 we just fueled up and we decided we were kind of debating whether or not to go out the Albemarle sounds way or to take the alligator river way that we usually I asked a couple of people they said it's really about the same as far as time this manages to both and the weather's kind of crappy today so we might get some wind that butter storms up there that's better to stay in more protected areas so we're not going south where do alligator again mm-hmm good things be arranged but we're probably gonna just keep going down with it so we're we're gonna call it quits likely it's going to be anchoring out at the end of the panco alligator Callaghan if not maybe we'll shoot all the way over to Belle Haven or maybe even oriental we make some time yeah we had the prime rib last night and you gotta get that when you stop Derek when target is really really assist amazing the first part the rib eye and that was really just to rely to the right so and I had it for breakfast and there's no big and Lynn ate some crazy keto stuff so she had the fish right did you boiled yeah it was good food okay well we'll check in later I'm on the roof or address I thought this was interesting it's after coin jog so if they're all loaded up there's an anchor spud here all here and it's a six seven eight feet which right over there you better be it was a little rocky but not I've had an already get a really big down yeah now let's just no it's not they can nothing major at all I would be concerned I'd say maybe two footers I don't know what a lot of white caps or anything like that it's all deputy goes bow bow bow to take you to West Ham welcome to the other guy [Applause] to be what's the till things are only 1250 degrees trying to go straight maybe once we get in this little now gonna go that was a lot I was like 20 degrees on the rudder just get in a lot of undercurrent I guess in the wind turbines but now I'm not basically neutral it's a courtesy to slow down when sailboats go by and because our weight can shake them but as soon as they pass 2030 yards in here and I'm going to turn it into the midst of the winds and then you'll set anchor okay you see how wet it is really difficult to get a good beer in Florida Keys and I don't know about the Bahamas we'll see okay pick this up in Annapolis one of my favorite beers Seaborn it is hard to tell you everyone was saying and I also picked up a bottle of delirium tremens which is one of my favorite beers as well so cheers guys you know falda we always have good beer for another couple of days or an evening depending how this goes we're anchored out here at the end of the Alligator River Pongo River canal close to our regular spot our regular spots seem to have a little bit of a shawl in it so we've moved about a 100 and 200 yards out and we seem to be good here so hopefully everything works out well for you guys that asked me to show more cooking in the galley which I generally don't do because I always find that boring on videos but anyway what I start with it's a glass of wine and what we have here is circling tips there are grass fed grass maintained meat I use salt pepper and we got this from hutches marina and it's a really sweet cranberry wine so I'll use that with some soy sauce to season it so I'll marinate this with the garlic soy sauce and the etches marina a cranberry wine pepper until it gets to room temperature once it's to room temperature I'll throw this sucker on the grill and with our steaks tonight we're gonna have a salad and what I use is these beautiful tomatoes aren't they gorgeous they're multicolored they run multi-kill I like rainbow things and and a romaine lettuce and I will mix some red cabbage in it to make it look rainbowy oh gosh okay really not a electrical or gas grill girl so I have these hickory smoke chips like soaked in water and I put them on the jenn-air because I just like that Labe ah I could seriously just eat this wrong but we're just for fancy pants and smoking it with the chicory and cooking it five minutes on each side so that's it just salad and a delicious steak oh is that okay well you know five minutes on your side maybe four minutes would have been great yeah there's slightly but it's stolen but Dindin you guys hungry one song come on the boat so I think it was good plates are clean and we kind of got a messy table but whatever yep Monday morning and we just left the average about four of eight got a decent start today the hold was good we had no problem this was a nice place to stop a lot of but on the chain but our problem though last night was our generator overheated don't know why yet I haven't figured it out water seems to be coming out of the overfilled tube that goes into a container it's just pouring out of it I don't know why that is I'm going to try and do some research along the way but until then good another generator so that's not going to be fun when we're there with these long trips we can turn the oven on or get hot water or anything like that so it's a bus we'll fix it and figure it out right now we're on our way down two more heads to go and get a slip down there probably at work sighs marina I think that's where we usually go and spent the night there and we're hoping to have a good weather window opportunity tomorrow to go outside and if we do we're going to go outside and try and do it overnight or maybe make it down to Charleston so we're hoping anyway but we'll check in later [Applause] so you're saying this is what the exact size it's just exactly 44 which is probably closer it just doesn't have the teeth in it it's probably not in the appropriate belt but yeah let me take them both I'd rather you know I can have a sparrow board down you don't this one works great I'll keep that one work I'll give it an American say yeah that's better be safe than sorry the teeth are different on that they were due or different this one they're not this one but this one's slightly smaller which may be okay I mean depends how much room I have on the alternator [Applause]

32 thoughts on “Cooking while on anchor is always fun until the generator over-heats.

  1. Dinner looked great. Reservations are nice and the cleanup is even better. No generator sucks but the belt should get you back running. Happy sailing.

  2. Ed and Lynn, really enjoy your videos. I could watch your forward view off the bow all day. You both are doing exactly as I planned on doing thirty years ago. Unfortunately, lifes plans seem to have changed that. Thats ok, your videos are fantastic to watch! Thanks for sharing your travels. Roger out.

  3. Hi I was just wondering how much it took to fill the tanks with diesel from empty and how many miles roughly you would get. Great video thanks for posting it. And also how much you pay per litre for red diesel roughly

  4. That was a great vid, thanks again Edd and Lynn. When was the last time you checked your impeller? a suggestion on overheating.

  5. Thanks for showing the bad weather along with the good. It’s more of a realistic portrayal of the full-time boating life, or at least extended time.

  6. Nice little cruise, nice easy fix for once. For the life of me, I can't remember what the draft of Triton is. Are those little rivers and such plenty deep or do you have to keep a good eye on instrumentation while going through them?

  7. Thank you. Always waiting for a new episode. When i cant travel anymore, its great to follow you on your journey. I just dream back to the days when i was Travelling Mac. I look forward to see the next part of the journey. Wish you all the best

  8. Capt. Ed what do you consider must haves as far as electronics and what Electronics that aren't really necessary.

  9. Another great episode! I have been with you guys since you got the Hatteras( but for the life of me I can’t remember) do you have stabilizers?

  10. On the generator that should be a tensioning pulley on it all you have to do is just loosen it up and bring it in a little bit and you can use a slightly smaller belt

  11. That generator ended up shredding that belt the last time I saw belt like that is with the souped-up lawn mower that could do 40 miles an hour and we shredded belts left and right cuz we had to slam it so when we so tip happy have a great day I love you videos 🛥️🛥️🛥️🛥️🛥️

  12. I thought your Hatt was like mine and had two generators? On our last trip one of my generators went down and almost caught on fire. Thankfully we were able to get the second one up online quickly

  13. Considering all the spare parts the former owner left on board, I am amazed there wasn't a spare. But, I am glad to see you following the old saying "Two is one, one is none."

  14. Great video as alwsys. I love the scenery as you travel the inland waterways, it's beautiful… I agree with your friend, ribye!

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