48 thoughts on “Constitutional Compromises: Crash Course Government and Politics #5

  1. The 3/5ths compromise did not "enshrine the idea that slaves were worth less than free people." That is a complete misinterpretation of the Constitution. It would have been better for the slaves had they not been counted as people at all, because then states that wanted to END slavery would have had more power in the house.

  2. but technically neither the federalist or the antifederalist won right? I thought they both agreed for a national government just not on how much power that government should have and since we have state and national they both won in a way

  3. ALEXANDER HAMILTON: AN AMERICAN MUSICAL: (gleefully) I was chosen for the constitutional convention – Alexander

  4. The three-fifths clause was actually completely different from the politics of the time because it acknowledged that slaves were in fact partly human. Most people at the time didn't see slaves as human at all. Instead, they were seen as property.

  5. Don't bully the articles of confederation! I-it tried it's best…It was once a powerful and effective constitution, but nobody accepted it untill it gave up all it's power!

    ;-; Cries in the history nerd corner

  6. Arent the guys who wanted to Count the Slaves as a whole the same guys you had to fight to the death to end slavery, and would probably use their vote to further promote their racism? (their intentions werent noble)

  7. Like Craig too. This business of talking at, and striking the eagle is weird, and I find it SENSELESS and irritating.

    🚥🚥🚥The 3 chair setup is great, but the accent was too thick for such a SPEEDY blurting out of his side of the concept. Kinda SHARP on the eardrums. Keep at it Craig.🤓🤓🤓

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