48 thoughts on “Conservative Media Is DOMINATING, Far Left Media FAILING

  1. Tim you keep saying the same shit in a different way trying to show how many "viewers" you get compared to CNN. We get it stop being such a fucking tool

  2. Love your homework tim. Well done mate. People appreciate the work you do so we don't have to. Internet is a very big place. Xxx

  3. Stop calling yourself a liberal. You couldn't elucidate a single liberal position you hold when you were on Pakman. You are an infiltrator and EVERYONE knows it.

  4. If the righr is all about stopping the violence, then why was every politically motivated attack in 2018 committed by the right?

    Don't worry, shithead. I know you don't actually have an answer.

  5. "Lean right on identity issues". That's a hell of a way to say they sympathize with white supremacists.

  6. Here's just a short list of Fox news lies, you dishonest sack of shit.


  7. "Now that it looks like I can get more ad revenue from roping in Der Trumpwaffen, I'll jump on that bandwagon".


  8. Fox news has always played both sides at least a little bit. Sean Hannity started out with Alan Holmes. Colmes lost his job because wasn't popular and, frankly was no match for the more aggressive Hannity.

  9. How moronic is it that even a news outlet calls for the response to supposed "HATE speech" with acts of VIOLENCE. Hate speech is free speech and even with cases in which people may call for violence, two wrongs do not make a right!!!

  10. No surprise on Fox News’ viewership, they are the only site that hasn’t been constantly harping about the Russian trump scandal

  11. Fox news is junk after the father died and the liberal kids took it over. They are equal to cnn now pushing liberal lies to the American people. All American MSN is communist propaganda and will be ignored….Vote Trump 2020!!!

  12. Emotion – Logic = Insanity

    Seriously people, you can be compassionate and caring without abandoning logic. It fact, embracing facts and logic makes the things you then choose to care about FAR MORE MEANINGFUL. People are recognizing this and running away from the hate and insanity. How is this a surprise?

  13. I'm convinced that when CNN falls, when MSNBC falls, when television falls and all that is left is the internet and radio a battle, similar to what we are seeing with internet and television, will rage and it will be bad. It'll be a battle for dominance for the public's ear after the public tire of the conservative shows on television. Those 'misleading stories' Tim mentioned will play a factor in it.
    It'll be Hannity vs. Sargon, Dana Luash (wait, that's not spelled right, right?) vs. No Bullshit. Both sides have said things and done things that would irritate the other. Right now Left leaning organization, like The Young Turks, have their attention focused off of each other. But once these organizations dry up then the truing will slowly begin.
    Maybe someone reading thinks the opposite but with the way things in the media have been going I wouldn't be surprised if it comes into being.
    Tim's numbers are great, now. But I don't think it will last when all these organizations finally fall. One of the issues people will leave, eventually, "But it's too complicated, so I'm not going to talk about it" Tim has often said this. This will come back to bite him. One example he said that was for flat tax, can't remember the episode but I wish I did.

  14. CNN is right wing it's just that the Republican party is far right. I'm center-right. The vast majority of educated people across all fields vote for Democrats.

  15. People are sick of the clown shit but the news doesn't matter much in the long run, the establishment is still in charge churning out the propaganda either way.

  16. Tim is absolutely right and its scary. Growing up fox news was a joke and the people pushing fake news and fake outrage, now its very much the opposite and fox tells the truth more the liberal media

  17. Just saw your video, nice work and its always good to hear an independent voice that is fact driven. Keep up the great work brother!!

  18. I do not know. It is too early to tell. If I had to make a guess, it could be possibility that Fox is actually moving toward the Left.

  19. These fuckers did it to themselfs with all the BS click baity bullshit, trump is a secret russian and such!push fake news for so long and when we find out they are pushing BS for veiws, well most of us have some kind of honor, and when we feel like we r being lied to, we stop supporting. But im glad

  20. Brent barrs question about Medicare for all was a survey of the number of sanders supporters in the audience as polls routinely suggest that 76% of people would not want to loss their private insurance for a government managed program, though they think that a government managed program is necessary for those unable to get reliable insurance. See medicAID.

  21. Fox News could be trending well past center. There was talk quite awhile ago in regards to Murdoch's kids occupying management positions and where they would be taking it. While I like this, I still am concerned that this could be an ongoing slide which would be awful for the country. Still, I am cautiously optimistic that they could be truly (as far as that is possible) fair and balanced. Nice to see Tim taking a strong position on issues. The JRE /Dorsey episode seems to have fully awakened him to the Left's problems and ultimate direction. It's tough to go against your natural (seemingly, anyways) allies. I've been through it. It isn't easy at first. I speak from experience. Good on ya', Tim! It is an interesting journey, and no, I don't mean you'll end up far Right or anything.

  22. Tim pool

    To let you know……YT is unlocking my liked vids of yours, idk WHY or how to stop it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Tim is doing an amazing job showing the that the extreme left politics and the extreme right politics are the minority, despite the picture our largest media outlets try to paint.

  24. Bow to your jewish communist master, Americans. The Jewish communist knows what's best for you.

  25. Does everyone remember when faux news was the fake news channel and there was a youtube channel called "liberal media" dedicated to debunk the fox "news" reporting?

  26. I consider myself libertarian. And I know bunch people we share" Occupy Democrats" as a joke cause it is so obvious click bait garbage. Just like flat earthers.

  27. The funny thing is, Tim knows the Left is now crazy & that the right is sane, but he’s still going to vote for the Left. How crazy is that? He even said in a recent video “I won’t vote right, I refuse to give up on the Left”.

    I feel sorry for him, the brainwashing is just so strong that he can’t break free.

  28. Tim, Fox news has never been a conservative news outlet. They have always tried to stay in the center that is why they have the motto "fair and balanced" I think you are or were so far to the left that they seemed to be right wing. Keep up the good work Tim. Not many honest liberals like you out there.

  29. The "right" includes anyone willing to speak with them while the "left" punches them in the face. Duh, no wonder the "right" is growing. There's nowhere else to go to avoid getting punched in the face.

  30. Donna should feel right at home.. with all the other shills. Only RT America and Al Jeezera give fairly accurate news information. At least with Tucker , you get, not often but sometimes incredibly insightful shows. I cannot think of any equivalent on CNN, or the others. Fox has not smeared Tulsi Gabbard like CNN, MSNBC, PBS et al. I never watch them. There are some other things that they have done well, and I always end up pinching myself and asking "is this really Fox News that I am watching?"

    Now you gotta admit Hannity and MadCow are equally insane.

  31. Remember you have to add all the liberal networks together because Fox is the ONLY conservative network, everything else is leftist zionist controlled.

  32. I think the bigger issue is it's not how many people are watching but how not many people are not watching any of them. After all there's 200 million voters in the United States . that means less than 1% are watching cable news. Quite frankly I don't see how they're making money.

  33. Not much has changed at Fox News Tim, it’s everyone else who jumped into the deep end. Social media played a huge role. no one is a journalist anymore, just copy and pasters!

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