Congress Prioritizes Protecting President Donald Trump Impeachment Witnesses | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Congress Prioritizes Protecting President Donald Trump Impeachment Witnesses | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Congress Prioritizes Protecting President Donald Trump Impeachment Witnesses | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

  1. you guys realize that your president committed treason right. you do, don't you? and if the troops are killed it would not be the fault of Turkey. it's your own fault because the pres is your mouthpiece you elected him through your own stupidity to be your representative to the world. bet all you republicans wish you didn't vote trump. Hillary looking like God now. well too late no one wanted to follow you before but now it's worst because America is a running joke around the one can trust you to save their life' the only people who deserve any kind of sympathy are those people in Syria and environs, they are dying because of your choices. this is such a mess. but, I do wish you all the best maybe it can still be fixed but you guys are not God so the dead would never be able to walk the earth again, too bad. sorry if this sounds horrible but this is really disappointing.

  2. The spin on top of spin that this administration does is unparalleled -they truly understand how dumb most Americans are and this is like spinning the voter until they don’t know up is up and trump is corrupt

  3. Wait, what happened to the Russia thing. No impeachment there. Hey let's try a made up whistle blower thing, yea!!! That will get him!!! LOSERS!!! TRUMP 2020!!!!!

  4. This House of Representatives is the Worst group of Clowns in The Government I have seen in 25years. They have far surpassed the T-Party. They are giving Trump the WH, if you are not weary of this crap then you are clueless, their is nothing to Impeach Trump on. They need what he is hiding to Indict Him, but they wont take it

  5. They will not get it unless the Steal it or take it, Trump has done far worse if they do not have the right to Then he is stealing it, Take it Take it Take it You are letting Us down.You have bern trampled like this from the day you promisecyoj were the HOUSE TO STOP TRUMP- You have given him unlimited power, Take it by Force or watch out

  6. Are you now or have you been in conversation with, or a member of a group or any part of planning the undermining or the overthrow of the Governance of the United States of America as defined by the Constitution?

  7. It's gotta be driving Trump and his henchmen crazy that they can't reveal the identity of the whistle blower. You'd think he'd be worried about who in his administration were so alarmed by his actions, they felt they needed to approach a professional from the intelligence community to air their grievances.

  8. The con trump keeps bringing up the whistleblower, but he is irrelevant at this point, he directed them and they were able to confirm the information, his work is done, he can go home. trump is very strange and so far from being anything presidential.

  9. Matt Lauer is such a stud.
    Have another drink Ms. NBC.
    Your looking good tonight.

    Come on into Matts room.

    I think you left your glasses.


  10. white house lawyers don't have to try to expose the identity of "the whistleblowers" because they're identities are already known and the reason that they're known is because those "whistleblowers" who are CIA contractors are AMATEURS who only got their positions because they are the great great grandson of Jacob Schiff who is an American oligarch and decendent of Germany and a business partner of the Rothschild family who is now having all of their Jeff Epstein, TMobile/technology transfers to China investigated and prosecuted.

    Even Adam SCIF's best friend in the world just got popped for running a drug house after ALLEGEDLY killing two homeless men by shooting them up with crystal meth.
    Adam also plays a central role in the NXIVM situation which intersects with the Epstein "situation".

    Adam is a demon like Ed Buck and the CIA is involved in familial nepotism which will embarrass them for decades. Assuming that Trump doesn't have them shut down.
    The Overton Window is shifting Ms. NBC so have another drink and go up to Matt Lauers room.
    Your looking randy.

  11. Thank you Mr. Rep. Denny Heck for acknowledging that there are still men and women with integrity and won't succumb to useless good for nothing Orange Pornsident threats.

  12. Democrats keep move forward ! Impeach inquiry !
    Subpoena ! No show jail and fine !!!!! Trump
    Abuse of power and criminal corruption ! !!

  13. 8:55 EXACTLY! We've had enough of the circus, get the true, actual and factual info about the lead clown; get the documentation, get the facts! Do it properly so when it does come out for public consumption, there's no refuting it, no way for his minions to say "oh please! They all just repeated what the other one said" This way, if they all say the same thing, it's because it really happened!

  14. "This is the 'Alice in Wonderland' approach to impeachment, verdict first evidence never!"

    – Tom Fitton, Judicial Watch

  15. I think it would be cool if the whistleblower were Volodomir Zelinsky. This is the fastest way bar none of getting that crucial aid to Ukraine, already approved by congress, released.

  16. Does he or she qualify to be called a whistleblower when he/she doesn't get first hand information. And secondly whistleblower for what when the transcript was there for everyone to see. And Shifty now doesn't want the so called whistleblower testify. It is a circus face.

  17. The occupant is trying like heck to find him so he can change the narrative by ripping the whistleblower (and family of whistleblower!) apart.

  18. Trumps 19 lawyers are criminals and should serve prison time, regardless, whether, Trump ordered them or not. They should have taken a loss and quit working for Trump. Instead, they played Trumps fowl game, took our tax money as payment from Trump and they continue to do Trumps dirty work for more tax people's money. CORRUPTION! COLLUSION! TREASON!

  19. Actually following the laws of the land makes you a hero? I suspect that self-preservation is the main motive (as well a courage), but not heroism.

  20. So it seems American ambassadors represent nothing. Only Trump's little men you can meet in secret represent American foreign policy.

  21. Part of the crime gang. May need to investigate all those standing with Trump after this latest report on Turkey. Trump is a TRAITOR, no way around identify this as not Treasonous. If they continue lying for Trump, they are aiding and abating a criminal. This is compatible to a person breaking the law, on the run and gets help from some, who hides them. Difference is, the crime.

  22. Sondland's hotels to boycott because he is corrupt…
    Provenance Hotels[edit]

    Sondland’s company, Provenance Hotels, owns and manages hotels throughout the United States, including the Hotel Max and Hotel Theodore in Seattle, Washington; Hotel Murano in Tacoma, Washington; Hotel deLuxe, Hotel Lucia, Sentinel, Dossier, and Heathman Hotel in Portland, Oregon; The Hotel Preston in Nashville, Tennessee; and Old No. 77 Hotel and Chandlery in New Orleans, Louisiana.[3]

    In 1998, Sondland purchased and redeveloped four hotels in Seattle, Portland, and Denver including Seattle's Alexis Hotel in partnership with Bill Kimpton. Sondland also is a principal in Seattle's Paramount Hotel.[4][5] Through Provenance Hotels, Sondland is developing hotel projects throughout the US, including in Seattle, Hermosa Beach, CA and Los Angeles, CA. Provenance Hotels specializes in adaptations of old buildings such as with the Hotel Murano in Tacoma, WA, which used to be a conference Sheraton, but now includes glass art by 46 artists including Seattle's Dale Chihuly.[6] Provenance is also known for designing or remodeling each hotel around themes that contain elements that relate to a location's history, art, culture, and local businesses.[7]

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    In 2017, Provenance Hotels expanded its practice of revitalizing and rebranding hotels with locally-inspired art and design as a service to other hoteliers.[10]

  23. Congress needs to lift the people who elected them – "Up Where Belong" CeCe&BeBe Winans – "Lord Lift Us Where We Belong"
    Someone please share this with the American people and the Congressmen and Congresswomen and the Senators who are the ones who have the responsibility of Legislating the Legislation that the Constitution of the United States of America has designated for the first tier of government, Article I – Legislative Branch to do. The Executive Branch, Article II of the Constitution of the United States of America, has overwhelmingly, overstepped its authority and "we the people, for the people, by the people" have a right to have our tax dollars spent to represent our country and our values and beliefs. Hitler was defeated for his insane crimes against humanity. Is this -dejavu or the inevitable problem of having elected a President of the Devil. He is EVIL, GREEDY, SELFLESS AND SELFISH. My ancestors were loyal to the Truth about their heritage and left me with a great Legacy that they died for. My Spiritual favorite is "Waging War" – CeCe Winans – Lyrics and the "Creed" – The Third Day
    Would someone also play "Oh, People" – Patti Labelle and "Wake Up, Everybody" – The O'Jays and maybe we can make a difference. "Faith without works is like a screendoor on a submarine it just ain't happening." – Rich Mullins
    People listen to the words in music. When you show you care, people pay attention. Music makes the world go around. We can sing together but we can't be heard or make sense, if we try to talk all at the same time. The messages get lost in the translation. I choose the best of all the other ways to be heard – artists who are the best of all the 🎁s and the 🌈s in the clouds of the United States of America and Justice. Leaders leave 👣s for others to follow. The President is not going to do this. He must be our Testimony that he did not PASS THE TEST. Grace and Peace

  24. Canada is going through an election; if a conservative government is elected, Canada will have this same crap for the the next four years. All conservatives are crooks!!

  25. I think it is perfectly reasonable that Trump wants to know more about the witnesses. He probably wants to know about their access, their understanding of the facts, how they conduct themselves, if they have a family, friends, if there is anything they love above anything else, if they have any medical condition or food alergies, if they understand what could happen to them and everyboby near to them if they don´t do the right thing….


  26. I am so happy I have never been a Republican. The Republican Party are being very partisan in helping the administration cover-up their treasonous actions.

  27. Did she really just say “sheros”? Not every word with he in it is automatically sexist. 🤦‍♂️

    Do men go to Heaven and women Sheavan?

  28. Ari at 3:03 interupts the guy to ask to do a patronizing walk through of what the guest was about to say. Getting tires of this MSNBC….were not dumbshits.

  29. Why is anyone, or rather, WAS anyone ever surprised this is happening? It was inevitable from the get go and anyone who knows me can verify, I called this all! I saw it the first day this buffoon was elected. I am sorry, but if you cant see through him, your lacking. It is so basic. I cant wait to see this spoiled, man-child, sycophant, hate mongering, narcissistic pig go down! For the record, I did NOT vote for above said jackhole, lol!! #MAGA and get rid of TRUMP

  30. Won't be the least bit surprised if the WH counsel's office declares the entire thing completely legal. Nothing but enablers in that building.

  31. How many people around Trump are going to be victimized by this Mobster, only for him to stay out of jail. Nothing appealing to "work" in the WH nowadays, unless one wants to spend time in jail for a MORON. Manafort, Cohen, probably Giuliani to name a few besides another "lock her up" shouter…….crazy power and money greedy people without any moral. One can only worry for the real professionals, trying to do a proper job in this "crazy town" .

  32. I am sorry madam what you have to say is extremely important but please don't say "sheros" again unless you have just come from a congressional "shearing".


  34. So the Beach-master is right all along. There really is a deep state. Has the Beach master offered to give Alaska back to the Russians yet?

  35. The anonymous whistle blower remains anonymous! A bad state of things! Impeachment inquiry of faithless civil servants and other "traitor" employees from the deep state, the intelligence community and around Trump's circle create bad vibes in government. Democrats are ultimate losers if they don't take a vote now. New York Times is again presenting speculative news to the public.

  36. Traitors MSNBC… All you people want to do an disrupt the day to day business of OUR PRESIDENT….  If you listen to the Demon Rats then you are helping the dems to destroy this great Nation.  Whistleblower is a traitor and should be reveled

  37. Why did anyone in the WH Counsel's office even know that a code word computer existed? How did a deputy counsel ever have need to know this system existed?

  38. Rep. Elijah Cummings dead.
    "Unknown medical procedure."
    Murdered for leading commity investigation into President Trump.

  39. Trump should be impeached, indicted, convicted, and jailed for treason, and selling out national security to foreign powers. Understand that this would be the first time in history a sitting President would wind up in jail, but this is the first time we ever had Benedict Arnold in the WH. We're in uncharted waters, so we might as well treat it accordingly. Time, after all, to set precedence for corruption on this level.

  40. It is too bad more insiders have not shown more intestinal fortitude…I believe everyone who did not blow the whistle should be painted with the same brush and feathered with the same poultry feathers!! For evil to exist, honest people only need remain silent!

  41. Donald's wall of stooges is crumbling and all those White House lemmings are
    seeking asylum ! The GOP is being separated from the government. !

  42. Curious Trump signed the Whistle Bower Protection Act and praised it! back in 2017 !!


  44. If Pence refuses to comply with the subpoena then he is guilty of obstruction of justice and unfit to serve as president if tRump is removed from office. IMHO, the House should impeach Barr first, then Pence and then tRump for TRE45ON

  45. People need to view MSNBC thru skeptical eyes. They lie …all the time. And they do it pretty well. Watch closer; watch with a critical attitude.

  46. Obama administration prosecuted more whistle blowers than any administration in history, now the Dems expect us to believe in their integrity of protecting whistle blowers?

  47. Aiding and abetting crime in the white house by the republican senators is a criminal act ,Charges must be brought against those republican senators . The Democrates must let the american people Know what these republicans are breaking the Law .

  48. Nice try it is not a real impeachment they have not had a vote in the house,you lying propagandist,
    they released the transcript, and you claim it is not authentic.Where is your proof? Schiff lied to the taxpayer when he fabricated
    a bogus transcript. You deserve the Joeseph Goebbels award repeat a lie enough times and people will believe it.
    You are a hack not a journalist a fraud.

  49. The whistleblowers are known to the White House and work closely with Trump and his State Department. It is highly likely they are Republicans and are more loyal to the US Constitution, than to the criminal Trump.

  50. Emergency situation also in the fact that bone spurs has only appointed temps to fill in for many key positions and has failed altogether to staff many critical positions and third, has hardly had any confirmed appointments installed formally. Without the other two arms of government operating in a fairly orderly manner we'd all be further up sh*t creek than we are. The executive branch is a mess. The idiocy flowing from there knows no bounds apparently. Please fellow voters – keep writing to your reps and senators and tell them to impeach this clown ASAP.

  51. Dont know why dems are smug. how many countries pull dems strings. A lot. Again, I'm hoping the impeachment inquiry indicts dems as well as reps. Allowing tampering for political fodder.
    And I got dems attempting to infringe on my life, liberty, pursuit of happiness. the way dems come at myself yet attempts to coddle another ie pisssnatcheli shows the colorism which keeps myself off the dem plantation. Seem alot of ppl are intimidated by a not compartmentalize Dark Skin Masculinity.
    so a trans person creampied by a tranny, advocate of sodomy & pedophile can be a "man" yet myself dems in addition to reps, doesnt do nothing that I aforementioned and doesnt advocate crap, those attempt to feminize myself despite my transitioning as a straight masculine man. And dems say trans lives matters, be honest and say dems only back degenerate trans ppl.

  52. How can America allow secret hearings of a president? A president! Of any citizen, composed of secret (CIA likely) whistle blowers, based on second- and third-hand information likely? And to deny our President a right of defense!? This is the single greatest injustice done to a president, to any American, and to the Constitution. A trial worthy of the Nazis and Soviets.

  53. These people underneath me here and this station are the criminals. Democrats trying to overthrow a fairly elected American President, that's criminal

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