Comer: If this were a fair trial, Trump would welcome Bolton to testify

Comer: If this were a fair trial, Trump would welcome Bolton to testify

100 thoughts on “Comer: If this were a fair trial, Trump would welcome Bolton to testify

  1. 4:50 look at this BS. He says, "WE THINK…" then she jumps all over him saying "That's a stretch" and then goes on to defend Shifty Shiff. These are just sick people. It's the definition of propaganda. He is only saying his opinion. If you are going to be a news anchor, it's not your job to say "that's a stretch" and then defend someone. You can say "that's your opinion in which others would disagree." Or, you could even say, "what would you say to those who say you are grasping at straws?" See the difference between real news and the fake news BS propaganda they are reporting.

  2. They can talk to Schiff in a regular meeting, yet republicans want to make this power move which could backfire if Schiff actually accepts. Afterwards I want to see Jim Jordan or Graham or Gaetz in that chair and see how candid they will be.

  3. I just read an another news site which I can't remember what it was. But it wasn't mainstream media at all. That Nancy Pelosi's son has dealings with Ukraine. Anybody else catch that story somewhere?

  4. DID SOMEBODY SAY…quid pro QUO???
    🙁 sssshhhhh!!!!!
    (I don't even know what that means!)
    I don't even think "quid pro quo" is English.

  5. Prediction : Eric Ciaramella Is A Skull And Bones Member!!!

    Eric Ciaramella is one of many contingency plans that Peter Strzok alluded

    to in his backup plans to stop Trump, viva his emails. Deep State coup d'état

    contingency plans are all the left has. But mostly "I'm sick of the MSM that

    Troll's it." Who else is sick of MSM Trolling us!!! Why don't they poll who

    is sick of the MSM's lying and trolling the public.

  6. She’s obviously a Schiff defender. Schiff talking to reporters is not the same as being under oath! She thinks we’re to stupid to understand the difference

  7. Fox viewers salty on this topic ? Their loyal network , dont worry when trump gets impeached they will switch sides quick .

  8. Wait a second why did Trump even try to get dirt on Biden? Does he need it? He's so popular that it shouldn't matter. Why take the chance of being charged with election tampering and fraud? He wouldn't be in this mess if he would just believe in himself!! An if you believe that boy do I have a bridge I'd like to sell you!!

  9. The criminal traitors don't get to call the prosecution to testify at an impeachment hearing for treason, Trump Treason.

  10. Finally someone in Fox is asking legitimate questions and stupid republicans are like “ For a minute I thought I was listening to CNN” Trumptard idiots

  11. The president is allowed to have council there… There is one reason Trump stops testimony and thats he is scared of what they say and it's so obvious

  12. Fair or not, America will not stand for Mobsters and Criminals running the country.
    The criminal President IS ABLE to have his lawyer in the process, always did.

  13. Who’s is this stupid host ? On what planet is she from ? – Hey FOX get her out ! There is enough of those BS reporters on CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, etc.

  14. This can only end really bad for the socialist 'dems', all of the last 4 failed investigations were propped with nothing but total lies by liar Schiff and the smoke and mirrors thereafter from Schumer and Pelosi. After this bogus impeachment falls on it's face, even the most complacent lemming the socialist left has will be red-pilled and vote Trump in 2020 bc he is for real for the American People.

  15. Trump is BLOCKING Bolton from testifying. Yet this clown is blaming Schiff?
    FFS the Trump Cult Republicans are all bat sh*t crazy.

  16. That’s the point. It’s a process and the GOP have had members in every deposition. A suspect doesn’t have a lawyer in the room during a Grand Jury.

  17. Trump ain't invited to his own trial. I am confused I did not see evidence to have a trial to hell with Bolton's hurt feelings.

  18. Ma'am it's a SHAM ..Why should anybody participate in a HOAX . give any kind of legitimacy to this witch Hunt . ma'am you have got to be a FOOL . and FOX running this impeachment scam as if it's REAL .. All this wasted time and money . just like the Brett kavanaugh hearing . these peoples should be in prison . and discipline these so call news outlets that's pushing out this FAKE STUFF ..

  19. If , and that’s a big if, it was a fair impeachment inquiry Trump would be allowed to call Adam Shift , the Whistleblower, Joe Biden, Hunter Biden or the second Whistleblower to testify , but we all know we will never see any of these people testify. It will only make poor little Adam Shift and the Democrats look bad and guilty of treason.

  20. Unnamed talking head: Hello! Bolton got FIRED!!! He is NOT the friend of Donal Trump! He MAY have an ax to grind!! And anyway, Bolton can do whatever he wants! He's no longer an employee! And enough already with the condescending tone! You are the one one looks like an idiot! Besides that, this WHOLE thing is a ridiculous sham!! READ the TRANSCRIPT!! Schiff is the one who needs to be impeached!

  21. Invite the war monger racist like the person who upload these videos on the tube. Comer is sucking funky sweat off the side of the cheeto nuts also. Its etheir the money, or these mofu is really brain dead

  22. Who is this Chick a transfer from CNN? I can’t hardly stand Fox anymore, It’s getting loaded with lefties. Thank God for OAN, to much drivel on Fox these days.

  23. Hmmm. This no name chick with the condescending attitude is the second new face with a demeaning demeanor I've seen on Fox in the last few days. Is this the New Look of Fox? They should've kept Shep if this is the best they could do. No, this is a result of the Soros level of Evil FREAKING OUT because their patoot is cooked! a LOT of people are going to prison or WORSE before this is over! They just don't KNOW they have ALREADY LOST!! There's a coup going on, but there's a COUNTER coup that WILL WIN.

  24. "What do you want from Adam Schiff?? He's been talking to reporters every single day!" News alert!! Lying is NOT the same as talking! What about all the conflicts of interest? What about the breaches of protocol? What about the fact that he lied ON CAMERA . . . IN CONGRESS?? We HAVE the transcript? Is this bone headed girl an intern or just low IQ? A degree in journalism doesn't mean Jack squat if you can't THINK enough to pose a proper question. Her parents should demand their tuition $$ be refunded!!

  25. One of the worst places to be is in a fight and not acknowledge it. All of these WH staffers and cabinet members ignoring their written invitations and subpoenas to offer what they have in defense of the President are missing their chances to land punches. Good luck to the fighter taking punches to the head who, instead of fighting back, stands there saying the fight’s not fair.

  26. Welcome Bolton to testify…and the rest of his staff to right? Isn't this a little early for all that whiskey in your coffee ! Long before the political arena, trump has had many lawsuits again him for fraud and contracting breaking and ripping people off and LOST 38 of them . So I guess those were early day which hunts ???

  27. Listen to these dumbass reporters and these dumbass corrupt democrats…if they have nothing to hide let these democrats testify..hmmmm

  28. Sorry but this news woman is nothing but a nasty little uneducated corrupt person who did not want him to talk to much and she did NOT want to hear the truth my god bloody fake news democrat

  29. Trail?
    Now this news posted by Fox News can be legally sued for using trail in it's news title which is rebellion against law.

    FoxNews and FoxBusiness is SUED for
    £100,000,000,000,00 (One hundred trillion England pound's) for every quarter of every year till next 8yrs.
    Which means FoxNews and FoxBusiness pay's £100,000,000,000,000 amount 4time's a year and for 8yrs i.e., till 2028year-end. Fox corporation SUED for involving in sheep disguised illusion and delusion work's and stealing, deceiving, cheating, identity theft and using virtual environment for hacking, cyber crime's, global warfare mastering.

  30. Anyone crying about the trial process being unfair thus far is an idiot because we haven't even reached that phase yet. The trial happens in the Senate once the articles of impeachment have been drawn up and voted on by the house and guess who has the majority in the Senate…..Republicans. Three weeks ago they were crying about the depositions being held behind closed doors even though Republicans were present for each one and had the same amount of time to ask questions. Now those transcripts are being released for everyone to see and they will get the chance to question the same people publicly but as expected, the GOP is still crying about it and Trump is now against having any public hearings acting like he can direct his own impeachment. lol If Trump was truly innocent he wouldn't be ordering every witness to not testify and he could put a end to all of this right now if he himself came in to publicly testify and also release the actual full transcript of his perfect call with Ukraines President. What does he got to lose if he did nothing wrong.

  31. Wow… you know it's going to be a pointless, and boring, interview when the person interviewing is unable to comprehend a pretty simple and straightforward answer…especially when it's the main reason/explanation coming from the White House. I mean seriously come on, it's the primary answer ("talking point") that we have heard so many different times already. According to the President, and his surrogates, these various (past and present) officials will not be permitted to appear before the House committee as they do not believe the process is being handled neither properly or fairly. They believe these hearings are politically motivated, based on a hatred of the President, which has resulted in this process which is so obviously biased in favor of the Democrats. Republicans in the house have been extremely vocal about the issues they have with the process, most notably: 1) the limited access they have to information, meetings, hearings etc. 2) unable to call witnesses 3) the President's council not permitted to attend to defend the President 4) Adam Schiff has blocked, as well as instructed witness to not answer, questions posed by republicans. That's a pretty clear answer to the question why is the President not allowing Bolton, and others, them to appear before the committee.

  32. Fox with this kind of people you walk on very thine Ice. This blondie better gets to CNN or any other fake MSM.
    I don't know her name, but I don't watch any of these chicks reporting.
    Shame on you Fox and shame on the blond biased girl.

  33. Republicans would rather rule in hell than serve in heaven as we can see with Trump.
    Trump is an abomination unto God man and the presidency.
    Proverbs 6.12-19

  34. President Trump has been the victim of "inquiries" before he won the presidency. Trump has been investigated for three years. This is sickening.

  35. Bolton is a self-proclaimed dual-citizen warlord neocon. Why would America give a dual-citizen, whose allegiance is to another country and embroiling US in wars on behalf of that country, be given a speaking platform? Let's welcome Satan while we're at it.

  36. In the 1990s Mr Trump called his effort to avoid sexually transmitted infections on the New York dating scene "my own personal Vietnam". fact check that happy veterans day

  37. This woman interviewing is God awful. Coming up against a hard break…. The break should be, never allowing the audience to hear her conduct another interview.

  38. The demacrates are nothing but liars and thieves and they need to be in prison for treason. They are scared that all America is going to see what they have been doing for years. It's time for them to pay for the crimes and do maximum time in prison for treason.

  39. Does this chick really not understand that Schiff has been determined to be a complete liar and that that means the Reps cannot, do not and will not trust anything Schiff says from here out. And if she does get that, how can she say to this congressman that since Schiff has said something that we all therefor "know it as a fact"? My God, is she playing the Devil's Advocate? Maybe she needs to get hired on over at CNN while they are still in business.

  40. Stop saying no quid pro quo! Quid pro quo means "this for that" – it is a trade or deal.
    Start saying no impeachable quid pro quo.
    The left is confused and think making a deal is a crime.
    An impeachable quid pro quo involves making a deal using office for personal or financial gain, rather than for public benefit.

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