100 thoughts on “Comedian who confronted Harvey Weinstein recalls ‘surreal’ encounter

  1. Oh please…Stuckless? She just wanted 15 minutes. Weinstein is a dirtbag, but unknown actors who make a scene to get attention is absurd.

  2. If it was any one of us reading this we would be in jail awaiting g our trial with no bond. This MoFo trying to find SOLACE!?!?!?!?FUCK HIM!!!! And the effed up system we live in that let's him out of the house. He can find effin SOLACE in his effin Mansion on house arrest with his Chef and agent or with Catered meals!!! Fuck that Mother Fucker!!

  3. Here's the thing Weinstein didn't do anything wrong. He didn't rape anyone and he didn't FORCE a woman to do something they didn't CONSENT to. Women avoid responsibility for their action people let them get away with it. Men need to stand up against this horseshit public opinion i.e women's feelings.

  4. I wonder if she'd scream like that if she knew she someone there was awaiting trial for a drunk driving death.
    Props to the comedian though. That was pretty funny.

  5. He didn't rape her and has not been convicted of rape. Due process. He gave jobs to Hollywood actresses that traded there bodies for jobs. Sounds like prostitute's are mad that the he made them rich and famous and then moved on them. Why were these accusers not saying rape on the red carpet or when they were excepting the Oscars he got them?

  6. Good on her. This foul excuse for a human has had no repercussions to his vile actions and has been sneaked back into the industry through back doors. I can't believe that people booed her!!!! That outrages me!! How dare they ask HER to leave. I'm so glad she didn't back down and that she had the courage to be outraged at his presence. He is a grub who should be shunned. Some bloke thinks she's rude and due process never happened with Harvey because he has tried to buy, bully, threaten and destroy anyone who tries to make him accountable.

  7. I see they deleted my comment about Kelly Bachman. Intending to use this short to portray women as victims who do not deserve to be portrayed as victims. A girl who goes around singing songs about how she likes to screw, for better putting it, and talks about how her and her entire family are nothing but a giant pestilence from std's would make a perfect match for Harvey Weinstein. Like I said they would get along just fine. I think she reacted a bit out of her character. If you keep deleting my comments CNN, I will just report this to congress. It is only adding to the list of reasons that freedom of press needs to be made illegal with how your network implies that undeserving non-sensible cripples deserve to portray this country for what it is.

  8. in any respectable country that guy would have been lynched, yet you Americans make stories on tv, complain about it for a while, then go about your business. then when it resurfaces again you rince and repeat, this is why you are the perfect slaves

  9. Anything for attention. miss me with ALL OF THIS. Corey feldman amd haim have been saying ME2 FOR YEARS and they all ignored them. They all KNEW about HARVEY and the fact hes out chillin but Cosby in jail speaks volumes. These girls just want attention for THEIR gain

  10. Big props to these two actors who stood up at said something. People like Harvey Weinstein exist because too few people were able to stand up like this.

  11. You could literally do that to any man in any room and not be wrong. These women think they are so smart cause they know he is a pig. Every guy you ever slept with or wanted was sweetheart, you are just too dumb to know it.

  12. Who's the guy that yelled at the comedian to shut up? Can we see his picture and get his name? I want to high five him personally.

  13. Unless he did something to you PERSONALLY, you can't get mad at peoples reaction to your comments…. LET'S BE CLEAR, I THINK HE'S 1,000,000,000 GUILTY. But thats for a court to decide….

  14. So, if it turns out that somehow he's found innocent and it turns out he actually didn't do what these women said (hypothetically) would he get an apology? Just curious. I think he's guilty and everything but he's a free person, not convicted of anything yet. If he was accused of theft would she have still been angry like that? I know she wouldn't, I'm just throwing out the hypocrisy of it. On a side note, if my daughter had gone to Hollywood and went through him for an acting job and he told her to "screw me or you don't get a job" then she wouldn't get the job because my daughter isn't stupid and has more self respect than that. I know that will get hatred, but that's how I feel. That doesn't mean I think they deserved what they got or he's not a scumbag. I'm just saying I'll never understand that logic.

  15. Kelly Bachman, Democrat liberal, confronts Weinstein now that it's the cool and hip thing to do. This widely know abuser was protected because of his status in the Democrat Party. Reminds me of the mafia having a sit down to allow a made guy to be whacked. Like every other liberal, she would NOT have confronted him a few years ago. Hillary was well aware of his behavior, as well as her own husband's, and she did nothing. Ironically, Bachman supported Hillary.

  16. It is truly shocking that anyone would think his presence. And it was very stupid of him to not realize the inappropriateness himself.

  17. Here's a newsflash! Hollywood and the artsy-fartsy community are PHONEY intitled and self serving hypocrites. The person who threw the private party didn't know this monster was comming? The same way a female tv personality can pal around with a war criminal at a ball game and then blink her eyes in disbelief when called on it

  18. He should be under house arrest. He has no right to be in a venue like that especially since I'm sure he was there to find his next victim.

  19. I think Harver should just be shamed ‘Scarlet Letter’ style. He can wear a bright red ‘R’ and be followed by drummers everywhere he goes.

  20. Kelly It sounds like you need to get some professional help for your trauma. I am sorry that you had to go through this.

  21. okay, consensual sex with HIM?? uh… EWWW… just EWWW… the grosser the old man, the less likely anyone, except some more brainless woman who is hoping after he puts a ring on her finger, he'll pop his clogs and make her a rich widow, will voluntarily have sex with him… like melania trump for instance. at the point, it is a business transaction – he gets to show the world what a stud he is by getting a young gorgeous woman, and she gets financial security – like a hooker really, but with only one person. It's an investment. pop out the mandatory anchor child and it's a guaranteed investment.

  22. Zoey you go girl, Weinstein is a predator he blackball actresses and did not give them a chance why should we women give him a chance. He should not be in public until his trial.

  23. Hey Zoe – guess what? I despise the parasite (Harvey Weinstein). I think he's a piece of shit. On May 25, 2018, Weinstein was arrested in New York, charged with rape and other offenses, and released on bail. He hasn't confessed nor as been convicted of anything, yet. To stand there and point fingers and squeal like a coward, you just gave him the 'victim personification' that he wants. Zoe, you're too young to understand. You just gave his attorney the ammo he needs to state he can't get a legit trial. You're young. You're an idiot.

  24. Kelly Bachman, guess what? I despise the parasite (Harvey Weinstein). I think he's a piece of shit. On May 25, 2018, Weinstein was arrested in New York, charged with rape and other offenses, and released on bail. He hasn't confessed nor as been convicted of anything, yet. To stand there and point fingers and squeal like a coward in public, you just gave him the 'victim personification' that he wants. Kelly, you're too young to understand. You just gave his attorney the ammo he needs to state he can't get a legit trial. You're young. You're an idiot.

  25. I'm not a woman but if I had to shag one of Trump or Weinstein to save my life – I'd have to consider option 3.. good for this Lady.. fuck Weinstein – an absolute horror of a Human Being .. only topped by Trump and Epstein

  26. I sometimes don't understand the New York crowd. They are willing to boo a female; comedian rape victim, over a serial rapist? How crazy is that? Sarah sanders, ted Cruz and others were protested out of restaurants because they spread lies for the president, but a serial rapist, is acceptable? What happened to America, has everyone become Immune to the suffering of rape victims, because trump hasn't been charged of these rape allegations? America is getting crazier! by the minute.

  27. Innocent until proven guilty!

    Innocent until proven guilty!

    Innocent until proven guilty!

    Innocent until proven guilty!

    I’ll never forget what happened to Andy Signor. I thought he was VERY guilty. I was wrong.

  28. She will never be a successful comedian .She a nasty femdike. She doesn't just hate Weistein,but all men. She was raped so all good men that cross her path I feel sorry for. As for Harvey; nice try ,but sorry ,he never raped anyone .He can't get it up without medical manipulation. Hollywood whores did what he asked in exchange for getting the parts they desired.They took the offers, became stars, then decided to turn on him.They went up to his hotel suites, no one locked them in any rooms… Its all on video/audio. He asked them to ]]watch him jerk off ''.BTW- rape is a crime of violence, it has nothing to do with attraction ….Harvey was never a women hater . He is a nasty looking guy that had no choice but to offer things he could provide in order to get intimate with women way out of his league. I personally think he's a POS because IMO he had a wife that perhaps was one of the most gorgeous women I've ever seen..All lost now.

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  30. That guy that yelled shut up!! should be very ashamed of his self but he’s probably not because he’s probably a rapist as well!

  31. She did ok. I get what she's saying though. I wish she was able to just savage the fuck out of him. She did the best she could and it was good. But we all wanted to see him bleed more.

  32. Made a scene for no reason and ruined people's night. The guy has not yet been convicted of any crime. It's not like he was gonna rape anyone on stage. All the girl had to do was ask to speak to management and or file a complaint/review online. Causing this scene was wildly unnecessary.

  33. 5:50 That's literally what due process is about. Innocent until proven guilty. That means you have to hold off on any judgement or prejudice you may have against the person because accusations are not facts, they're just accusations. That's literally what the due process is about. Fuck she's stupid.

  34. Once again CNN lying they back #metoo ! Why don't you believe Don Lemons victim of his dirty pervert sexual assault ??? Well CNN I'm waiting for an answer !

  35. If weinstein was invited then those that invited him were wrong and should not be allowed to invite anyone to a private even again. Regardless of innocence or guilt, his presence in a place like that is intimidating to victims of sexual assault.

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