17 thoughts on “CNN’s Tapper Expertly NAILS Lindsey Graham And Pompeo For Trump Cover-Up from Crimes

  1. Senator Kevin Cramer, you talk like you removed your brain from out of your head and replaced it with Trump's. DUH

  2. At 21:00, here we go again with a false scenario: If you leave your keys in your car and I drive off with it, I didn't steal your car because I did it in your face. That makes it all okay, rightttt!

  3. Wow and all the low hanging fruit of Hillarys server, deleted emails, and then the Russian Dossier to start a coup. Man these guys really want to dig deep for very little in return. Even 'Quid Pro Joe' and Hunter Biden are throwing scandal at you !!!

  4. Trump is only doing what benefits Trump. He doesn't care about America.
    Trump and his family are proven corrupt, out of their own mouths!

  5. It is amazing how Trump supporters just listen to his rhetoric instead of reading and listening to facts. They have no critical thinking at all

  6. Am little confused, what do they mean the Americans value and Americans interest ? Does that mean only Americans has the right, the right to force their way onto the rest of the world? America is the only country that matters in this world?. It seems to me that that's imperialism. And what is America doing in meddle East and the rest of the world. They are everywhere and everywhere they go they mess it up why is the rest of the world having this especially Europe funny how far propaganda has gone

  7. Wish that Trump, Giulliani, Barr, Miller, Pompeo and the idiots GOP senators will do the Americans a very, very BIG FAVOUR. Why can all of them just….DIE!!!

  8. No suprise. All Trump teams. Without those flatters obey, the big urly dirty octobus can not lies to flip flop to cover, hide true.

  9. Ask Pence or the Evangelicals who in Scripture is "The Liar"?
    So who is it that they support… apparently unconditionally (i.e. with heart and 'soul')?

  10. 😎😎😎.This just goes to show how big of a HYPOCRIT these slimey Republicans really are..their tiny little brains believe that everybody in the United states should have to abide by the rules, but their STUPID behinds..the worse part is, these fools wrote the rules when President OBAMA was in office.
    And now those same rules are biting them in the but, they want to change them again, to benefit their own Corrupt agenda…it boils down to one thing only..Republicans are REAPING WHAT THEY SOWED, by their own rule..LOL 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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