CNN’s John Avlon WARN Trump may be HANDCUFFED by the FBI Before the Democrats IMPEACHED Him

CNN’s John Avlon WARN Trump may be HANDCUFFED by the FBI Before the Democrats IMPEACHED Him

59 thoughts on “CNN’s John Avlon WARN Trump may be HANDCUFFED by the FBI Before the Democrats IMPEACHED Him

  1. This is an idiot and crazy fellow drunk on drugs and Trump's witchcraft.One person who thinks he as a racist,rubbishesan entire American intelligent community!!!!.Take him to a witch doctor immediately.Keep him behind bars.

  2. Maybe next time our loyal allies will help us in the war against terrorisim. Isreal! The way they helped us in Afghanistan, Iraq and ISIS. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏. You know. The people who will not recognize Armenian Genocide by filthy Turks in 1915. Ironic how Hitler recognized the Armenian genocide in Aug 1939. Who remembers the extermination of the Armenians by the Ottomann Turks during the Great War? Hitler to his inner circle before his invasion of Poland. Great! Now the NBA kisses the rear ends of the Butchers of Tiannamen Square and oppressors of Tibet. All that matters to this damn country. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.


  4. From the first day this man entered the white house, there is confusion from one to the next.
    I've seen anything like it before.

  5. Ah Trump, your minions still proclaim your innocence but the American people know that along with Trump, his lackeys are lying sacks of shit.

  6. Trump's not going to be fake impeached or fake arrested by the people using him for an illegal secret operation now leaked in my profile. Trump's acting as bait to catch corrupt officials. Not just any corrupt officials, those responsible for an advancing and agenda by black ops activities on US soil.

  7. If Trump wins again it will be because he put his men in tip top positions of power and they are heading the investigations while not trusting our intelligence community like FBI and CIA. Maybe we all should just not trust the governments intel and believe fox talk shows. I hope Trump looses but if not it easy to see his game plan on cheating again.

  8. Trump was proven to be corrupt based on his long rap sheet of crimes. Conspiracy, Treason, Racketeering, Perjury, Tax Fraud, Tax Evasion, and so on. For the Trump Supporters, this information has been made public, if you have trouble understanding ask someone who does to explain it to you. I don't have time.

  9. Within the last week we have lost two more allies. Who thinks if a war happens we can win without our allies? Raise your hands! One..two… Nope, you are wrong.
    More of the worlds trust of America in the toilet, thanks Mr. President!

  10. The Americans politics are so dammed dirty so shameful to the world. Don't America has some clean American as president. God bless America.

  11. What is the GOP plan? They are betting all their chips on donald trump and it's not looking good.
    Are they really banking on the Senate not convicting on impeachment and voting interference? Do they hope that barr's"ORINGES" investigation will give them enough illegitimate evidence of democratic conspiracy to start a " witch hunt " to declare themselves the legitimate government and refuse to give up power?
    Seriously, what is the GOP back-up plan? Will they just step down? Will their crazy trump plan really work? To what lengths will they go?

  12. I see Trump as a patriot defending his country against an evil bunch of people who have not let up since he came into office = Maybe America deserves a Demonic party take over

  13. Talk, talk and NOTHING has happen. just like pink creatures protecting one of their own. They must be making a lot of money off of all their bull shit.

  14. This guy is talking about the american people can be good arbitrators. WRONG. Have you heard the people from Florida, of course, completely wacked out thinking.

  15. Just another libtard wet dream. You brain dead’s are creaming in you’re pantys over lies and a pipe dream. Pathetic!😂😂

  16. The scary part of Trump’s baggage is that he is a celebrity, who has a cult like following, who came into office simply on his popularity, and ability to insult, not on any political record.

  17. Joe Biden never abused his office.. He was collecting back the money the US Government given as aid to Ukrainian Govt. In order to make it proper accounting purposes Vice President Joe Biden took some of it back via his son in the name of Salaries, traveling expenses, supply of condoms & usage fees etc. and some part as a consultation fee for demolition of temporary erections etc. in his own Name..
    Actually Trump destroyed this arrangement.. So he need to be arrested & handcuffed then put him behind bar.
    I have never seen such an idiotic President in the history US.
    Hunter Biden has given some bills to Chinese firms for mouth washing too.. in order to get bill settled & for getting a confirmation for Trump's arrest he has postponed his resignation till the end of this Month…
    This Trump is a BAD GUY.. take him out of the Presidency at the earliest…
    We have many Gays, Lesbians, LGBTQs, liars, Murderers, Terrorists, Thieves, Drug Cartel Chiefs, Useless Intelletuals, Transgenders are in line to be next POTUS…
    Arrest Trump… Give him Electric Chair…

  18. This is FAKE NEWS! democRATS are going crazy because they know they can’t beat trump by voting him out. I know the democRATS saw the crowd size in Minnesota and probably poop on themselves.

  19. FBI & the CIA will never bring down their top suspect right away. No matter how obvious someone's criminal activity is shown. The CIA & FBI likes' to wait and take down all the other criminals around their main target 🎯

  20. Complete bullsh*t. I can’t believe the retards that post replies on this. Get out of your parents basement before it’s too late

  21. This is Hillary's last order by Obama before she left office
    Now its official Obama's
    last order before Renaming
    the avenue in front of Trump Tower Obama's avenue 🤒🤒🤒🤒😲😲😲😲👹👹👹👹

  22. Joshua Brown was shot in a drug deal gone bad. Typical CNN hype. Fake news! Research it. Don’t rely on CNN HYPE FAKE NEWS!

  23. Hahahaha … I'm sure Zucker pay's John well to make moronic statements and exceptional lies, almost equal to Schifty Schiff. Aiding and Abetting the Democrat Coup is just as guilty as those directly involved, Swamp News not excluded. Hating President Trump is not a excuse for acts of treason, fear of losing elections is not a excuse for treason, fear of being held responsible for stealing billions of dollars of tax payer money is not a excuse for treason. Lastly all you dumbasses, Whilstleblower law does not over ride Constitutional Laws such as Due Process and a right to face ones accuser, even President's!
    Republican's know : Never interfere when your enemies are in self destruction. Our AG Sessions was never outspoken, he was a man of action who started investigations 2+ years ago …. you figure it out!

  24. This isn't an impeachment inquiry. It's a secretive, corrupt hoax impeachment inquisition. This isn't the country I recognize anymore. All done in secret without due process for the accused and crickets from CNN-FAKE NEWS. The transcript was released. We don't need any partisan, leaking spies to tell us about what was said between Trump and Zelenski. We can read, can't those morons at CNN who claim to be journalists read? They are so desperate to see this president overthrown that they have lost the little credibility they had. This propaganda outlet, CNN, can't disguise the hatred they have for the President. Our intelligence agencies were totally weaponized and can't be trusted. Time to arrest the bad apples and criminals that Obama put in place to overthrow our government. SEDITION.

  25. You need to get me out of here first if Avolon wants to step in over here on you now who I can't fuckin do it for crying out loud he is my Bro I will be my Bros keeper but he can't know that I took he can find out later that I got him but not off jump street

  26. 30 milllion $$$ spent on Russian probe by Democrats

    Millions $$$ spent on Impeachment Inquiry by Democrats

    Why not just run a good and honest election campaign by Democrats and voting him out…..its cheaper….IF YOU CAN.

    REPUBLICAN S 2020!!

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