36 thoughts on “CNN Right Now [1PM] 10/11/19 | CNN Breaking News Today Oct 11, 2019

  1. Trumputin and cronies just had to clear the room to get all the good people out of earshot. Yavonovitch is obviously too honest for that bunch of thugs.

  2. I think Sondland is a good place to start with jail time for ignored subpoenas by Republicans with evidence and documentation of widespread executive department criminality. I realize that if Dems start jailing everyone who is obstructive (EVERY ONE OF TRUMP's CRIMINAL CRONIES!) Dems would be spending too much time in the weeds for the American public to understand the main focus of pervasive criminality in this administration (see Preet Bahrara interview last night) but they also have to start somewhere in order for these entitled and ignorant Trump-thugs understand that they aren't above the law… any more than he is. America doesn't tolerate would-be kings.

  3. re: Marie Yavonovich–isn't that just the way it always is? The bad guys always go after the best so they don't have to deal with their honesty and expertise. She'll be vindicated but, man, you know she's had a lousy years due to these Trumpthugs. Always so hard to prove a negative even when you know you're in the right; that's the whole basis for their smear tactics.

  4. You go Girl!πŸ˜πŸ€£πŸ˜πŸ˜„
    Your honesty, integrity and loyalty to the United States of America must have really been a Thorne in the sides of the likes of the treasonist Don, Rudy and the rest of the trump mob!

  5. The disgrace is CNN reporting and the corruption in the democratic party. I was a Democrat in 2008, but they have gone too far left and I stayed moderate. They went so far left I am now considered a Republican even though very few of my political positions changed.

  6. I congratulate CNN in the face of adversity from tRump and his idiotic followers. CNN has been consistent in reporting accurately the news relating to tRumps criminality. CNN, unlike most of Fox News has always reported what is really happening with tRump, and not just what tRump wants to hear. What tRumps minions don’t seem to care about is CNN only report the news, not opinions and not lies. If tRump was a decent person, and/or a good president, CNN would be reporting that rather than reporting the fact that he paid off adult porn stars, locked up young children in conditions you would not keep your dog in, created a tax break to benefit himself at the detriment of America, his personal attack on executives of the FBI simply because they would not bow down to tRump, and now we are watching tRumps impeachment roll out. Demonstrating his criminal actions, his bribery, more of his lies, and his plea to get other governments to do what Russia done in 2016 and get him into the Whitehouse! Trump does nothing but lie, he is going down fast and he is taking his inner circle down with him. Only a tRump idiot can try and argue with that, as they have allowed themselves to be brainwashed by this psychopath. Wake up guys and smell the coffee. Vote Democrats in 2020, the Republicans sold our America and Americans a long time ago.

  7. Republican senators and congressmen are front row center watching as our once great country is torn apart piece by piece. We must never forget who they are and if we are able bring them to justice.

  8. An emperor or a dictator doesn't really need "cabinet" crew around more than he needs an important "yes" man. That might be why all cabinet members were systematically dumped and replaced by perfectly "acting" stooges, engineered by an important charlatan nearby!

  9. Just think what's on all the Putin paper in the locked server. That will be the hail Mary pass to expose all the Russia Corruption. And it will come out.

  10. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ. Military are saying they are ashamed. They were forced by trump to abandon their posts. And now πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ is responsible for another humanitarian crisis because of con don’s incompetence and lack of moral integrity. Increasing BLOOD IS ON THE HANDS OF THE COMPLICIT

  11. The first. It takes one brave soul to tell Pompeo to go fuck himself and testify anyway. Now the cowards will fall behind her. Trump is hosed

  12. This committee was not voted on by the house ..no fair rules have been set …all one sided ….a fired employee must not have been to professional we all know ambassador job are by polictal appointment .not elected …..tesify with no cross … unconstitutional..no due process ….this is a coup….

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    Hahaha haha

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