8 thoughts on “CNN Newsroom 10/22/19 | CNN Breaking TRUMP News Today Oct 22, 2019

  1. Every City is supposed to have a share day where No One feels left out. Share your lunch. A ride. A book. A phone call. A classroom. Exercises. Smiles. Whatever. When we have these fun filled important days without pettiness and bitterness. People NEVER feel left out as if they cannot be successful unless they know all of the People that arrests and convict People. Its difficult to meet them when you are encouraging your People to work or get a Business. That's what we expect from City, County, State, and Federal Government. We do not expect accusations and allegations that has already been proven. Share day consists of nice lemonade drinks with fruit. Shaking hands. Helping clean one another Communities up. Its been nothing but division since the wrong groups has been in our Communities spreading hatred. They are preventing us from gathering at my home to learn, writing music, exercising, cooking, cleaning, and being healthy. I don't have time for this President to support People wanting to taint my house with all these unhealthy things. We can add healthy things to the menu. We don't want to be subjected to jealous, prejudice People saying stuff like they can do whatever they want to do for us for being productive and positive. We understand the Ukraine story and all the other stories of corruption in our Country. Its time to start being more positive and doing good things. Its obvious these Administrations are going to keep up the drama if they are allowed.

  2. Hey Political News Network – you're BOGUS. Stop posting and stop mislabelling your vids. We need current intel because things are happening so quickly and you're just mudding the waters when you post this.

  3. Why. Is current. News. So. Many. Scrolls. Way. In. The. BACK!!!! Youtube. Needs. To. PUT current. News. FIRST. And. News. Days weeks. Months. Or. Years. Ago. WAY. At. The. Bottom. Of. The. Scrolls!!!!

  4. Pompeo is a Trump political fixer, he is supposed to be using the power of his office to further the interests of the American people at large not this Zionist Evangelical criminal Enterprise

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