[NEWS MUSIC] We are out here in Windsor, Ontario. We’re from a company, LCN. We’re gonna’ be asking some people some crazy
questions. Some fake news, and we’re gonna’ see how they
respond. It’s fake. It’s about time to get into it. Justin Trudeau has proposed a ban on Donald
Trump. Do you think that this is a good decision
or maybe it’s gone a little bit too far? I think it’s gone a little bit too far. It could weaken some ties, but Trump doesn’t
have a very good reputation, to begin with. [SAD VIOLIN MUSIC] Kanye West’s music was banned in France. So what do you think about this? Well frankly I think it’s a good thing, I
think Kanye West is a degenerate who makes horrible music. But honestly, I think France is pretty degenerate
too. OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH Loon meat, it’s kind of becoming a delicacy
in Northern Canada. The loon, you know, like the loonie and everything. Do you think that the government should do
something about this seeing how it’s very important to Canada, sort of like a symbol? It’s no more important or no less important
than any other animal or bird. I would say it’s not an issue. Would you feel the same way about moose, beaver,
important symbols for Canada? I’m not a hunter. I would never hunt. But, I mean, if you’re gonna’ hunt moose for
food, and ducks, any other kind of wildlife, it’s no different than a domestic animal. Rihanna, she’s actually quitting and she’s
moving into vlogging. What do you think about that? Well the world doesn’t need any more Rihanna,
that’s just the reality. And I’m just hoping and praying nobody subscribes
to her vlogs because frankly her opinion doesn’t matter. Why not? Because she has no morals; she has no values;
she sells her body for money; she’s not a good role model for the children; she’s not
a good role model for young girls. Neither is Beyonce, frankly. I mean you have Beyonce out here taking maternity
shots but then posting her love for planned parenthood and Margaret Sanger. She’s frankly a hypocrite, now I’m talking
about Beyonce, but Rihanna is cut from the same cloth as your Beyonces. The Olympic Committee in Lausanne, Switzerland,
2018 Olympic Winter Games, they want to add three new events: ice sculpting, kite boarding,
and the next one, it’s like a snow soccer that you play with snowshoes, which has surprisingly
taken off in places like Timmins and the rest of Northern Canada. Do you think that these are good additions
to the Winter Games? No, I think new is good. New promotes different avenues of sport. I think different things could be TRIGGERED from that. It just widens the Verizon of your typical
schedule. This is what [unintelligible] sports. I think adding is great. The Brazillian government is trying to give
2.6 million dollars to a little country, which isn’t officially a country by the United Nations,
called Ukati. Now Ukati’s in the Pacific Ocean near Australia. People in Brazil have been saying, this is
not a good use of our money, we should be putting it towards stuff like better water,
and better food, better housing for our citizens. Do you think that some countries are sort
of stepping away from their citizens? Well, Brazil’s on thin ice, they couldn’t
even afford to have the Olympics, and they’re still gonna’ pay for it, and the Olympic properties
are falling apart. They’ve got a lot of social problems. So you know what, spend the money in-house
before you start giving it to somebody. France has recently called for [CENSORED],
censorship of Kanye West. Do you agree with that sort of sentiment? If you’re playing it for kids and stuff, I
don’t know if it’s totally a great idea because you could really mess their brains up, which
the world is really getting into that point right now. I think the main issue is, why is the media
censoring everything? True, true, people have been talking about
that a lot. Do you think that, perhaps, people are going
a little bit too crazy and maybe some of that’s come from political correctness, people don’t
wanna hear things that they don’t like? They’re hearing things they don’t wanna’ like,
then they should get back [unintelligible]. You gotta toughen up, basically. Social butterflies, yeah. A bunch of weenies, all they do is complain
if you say anything bad against them, “Oh, please don’t, you’re hurting my…”, oh, come
on guys, like give me a break. If you could be turned into any dog, okay,
this is inevitable, okay, you don’t have a choice in it. What dog would you be turned into? I don’t know. The only one I can think is, that could be
friendly, is the German Shepperd. German Shepperd? Because they could be friendly or a guard
dog. Yeah, you kind of get the best of both worlds,
and plus, they’re really cute, aren’t they? Well you don’t want something that’s totally
vicious. Does the weeks start on Sunday or Monday? Well you’re asking the right person, I’m retired. So every day is a Saturday to me. Every day’s a Saturday? Yeah, if I was working, the week starts on
Monday. So would you rather loose a arm or a leg? An arm. An arm, why? I would still be able to walk, get around. I think I would have more mobility and more,
freedom of movement with two legs, exactly, and more independence. Justin Trudeau decided to spend 2.5 billion
dollars to build a stadium that reflects on how aboriginal people are part of Canada. Is that real news? Yeah. That’s actually happening? Yeah. I think it’s a waste of taxpayer money, just
like a lot of what he does is a waste of taxpayer money. You know aboriginals should just assimilate
into Canadian culture. You know what, you’re Canadian, you’re Canadian. Does the week start on Sunday or Monday? The what, week? The week. Starts on Sunday. Sunday? Why is that? Church? Church, and a lot of people start a fresh
week. Most of your business calendars start on Sunday. You know, a lot of people don’t recognize
Monday in the actual calendar. If you could turn into any animal for a day,
what day would you do it on? What day would I do it on? Yeah. My birthday. Your birthday, okay. Why, you just wanna’ sort of like chill out? I’ll just be a cat for my birthday so that
I can just sleep for like 10 hours, you know, I don’t have to do anything, I don’t have
to listen, you know? Yeah, and it would be like, kind of a neat
gift to myself. The Olympic Committee in Lausanne, Switzerland
has decided to add new events to the 2018 Olympic Winter Games: ice sculpting and rugby. Are you gonna’ watch the 2018 Olympic Winter
Games? I’ve watched all the Olympic Games, so [unintelligible]. Really? Eh, my man, my man. I even kept the newspaper from 2002. Really? Yes. Eh, good on you. Alright, so would you take part in these activities? I mean, I’d love to. I tell you what man, that’s the attitude. Loon meat is becoming a delicacy. They’re starting to hunt loons and sort of
cook them up and eat them. Do you sort of agree with that or just let
people be? Well, I’d have to look at society, because
there is poor society even up your North and they can’t afford to meet the luxury that
you and me can. If they have to in order to survive, they
have to survive. Even the Eskimos eat a lot of stuff we wouldn’t. Oh yeah, they’ve got like seals and everything,
it’s kind of crazy up there. What day starts the week, is it Sunday or
Monday? First day of the week? Yep, first day of the week. Sunday. Because the Sabbath is on Saturday. Finally, someone understands. I’m not Jewish, but we keep the Sabbath, and
that’s the seventh day of the week. You’ve been very helpful, thank you. So would you like your face on camera, on
Youtube? I don’t care. Okay, gotcha. Thank you! Are you okay if like we film it and your face
is on Youtube? Yep! Thank you, you’ve been very helpful. Okay, thanks. Have a good day. Would you mind being on camera today? For sure, yeah, I would love to. Thank you very much for your answers, sir. Thank you. Are you okay if we put this on Youtube? Yeah, I’ve only got a couple of minutes, though. Thank you. You’re welcome. You’ve been very helpful. Have a great day. Thank you, you too. So, you’re like okay with your face being
on camera and everything? Yes. Alright, thank you, you’ve been very helpful. We really value your opinion and we’re hoping
to get some more people out here. Thank you! Are you okay if we record this? For sure. Are you okay with your face being on camera? Dude, that’s my style. If that’s your style, okay, I like that. Jdog, thank you so much bud, you’ve been very,
very helpful. No problem. I hope you have a good day. [NEWS MUSIC] [ANNOUNCER] This LCN news broadcast
has been brought to you by [NEWS MUSIC] [NEWS MUSIC] [ANNOUNCER] Tactical Films. [NEWS MUSIC] [LOGO SOUND EFFECTS GEARS]

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