6 thoughts on “CNN Breaking Trump News [9PM] 10/08/19 | CNN Breaking News TRUMP Today Oct 08, 2019

  1. This is getting more and more absurd this nutcase Guiliani is becoming the equivalent of the Russian royal families Rasputin trump will only listen to the raving lunatic Guiliani I just hope Guiliani ends up the same way as rusputin

  2. INCREDIBLE FAKE CNN & Cuomo B.S.!! Most people in the mainstream news media know the Dems are lying with phony accusations and pretend it isn’t happening. They complain about Trump & want to impeach him, but where were those same Dems when Biden was interfering in Ukraine to save his son from an investigation? No one said a thing. Obama and Biden were probably the most war-mongering President & Vice President we've ever had with Hillary & their lies about Libya and Syria to bomb them, yet most of our news media in the US and EU backed bombing these countries. What kind of responsible news media is that? Biden's a crook just like the other Dem Leaders & everyone in the news knows it! Biased much? What a joke!

  3. @Gary V – you seriously watch this clown, Jim, and see Rudy and trump on camera and think the dems, or anyone, actually needs to lie or fake anything? We just need to listen to them and say nothing and it's obvious how (much more) crooked trump and co are. Ivanka is currently in the white house and making a killing (millions a month). And you want to talk about Hunter Biden. Dude.

  4. Fredo should be taken out in handcuffs
    Fredo is unpatriotic disrespectful unamerican disgusting repulsive individual who works on fucking scumbag Democrat loving CNN

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