40 thoughts on “CNN Breaking News: Japan's Earthquake and Tsunami

  1. high rainfall? recently there was a solar explosion last month, with 3 phases. one day intervals. intense is getting more frequent and becoming normal. unusual. extraordinary and unusual changes in anomalies occur. where sunlight in the tropics becomes bright and unusual glare because in the morning heat radiation is unusual. for stroke patients, low blood pressure. easily hurt. heat temperatures increase in some areas. even dangerous in the coming year such as drought. in India. weather change anomalies. quick response. usual and long-standing things suspected. becoming a bitter reality must be faced. in forest fires. water infiltration. heat and temperature changes. causing volatile water and zero percent interaction with plants. and the compound warms up and quickly evaporates. level of rainwater and flooding quickly and not normally. this is what needs to be studied. the earth makes its own balance due to weather changes. then there will be consequences for other areas that change. things that must be faced unexpectedly. abrasion and landslides. and a large full moon and old colors rarely occur more often. bright yellow. is it due to reflection of geothermal reflection. where the temperature in the afternoon is getting warmer. and the need for natural recharge areas. area one gets colder. but water and rainfall cannot reach places that require rain  .were major flooding and drought.

  2. 2:05 Does anyone else see the back dot in the middle of the screen that seems to travel from land to the water and under the wave to disappear on the right side of the screen?

  3. This clip represent Everything wrong with the MSM. A banner on the screen so big it's hard to look at the footage. While talking about a thing that already happend completely oblivious to the tsunami that's been on screen for at least 5 minutes without refering to the danger that's happening

  4. Siehe Zeit 2:07 schwimmt was Schwarzer Schatten blitzschnell von links nach rechts was ist das ?

    Time 2:07 Look the Black shadow in the water

  5. Dumb bitch wasnt even paying attention to him how rude and disrespectful, asking him for how long he has been there 3 times 😂

  6. Reporter: Mind if you could repeat all the things you mentioned from the start. Hahaha How long have you been in Japan again for the 10th time?

  7. I just had to turn off the audio while I'm watching the video. The woman is utterly pissing me off!! Is she in the Mars or something that she's lost? My goodness. 😕

  8. omg these people here saying 8yrs…
    that's not the point of this vid

    and how long had he lived?
    or is he traveling?

  9. When a giant tsunami headea towards me…..all i would say is ……FORGIVE ME JESUS AND I LOVE YOU.

  10. This was awful,i really feel for these ppl it must have been terrifying,the waves just kept coming …

  11. 8 years later and I'm just now seeing something run across the water!!! @ the 2:04 mark . Anyone else?? From land to the wave , in the middle of the screen …what is it?

  12. Unless something just happened there this happened in 2011, I wish people would quit Posting old stuff & terrifying people. I think we all know already that these things have happened since the beginning of time. A lot of places in Japan are not built on solid ground & I have seen the ground there literally floating on top of Sand & people just walking across it & the Water seeping up thru cracks.😖 So freaky, I couldn’t live there in that part of Japan. 😱Also I don’t see or hear them have any date on this Video. That would be very helpful is all I’m saying.😬

  13. i saw something flying or swimming i dont know what was that but its like shocking for me..try to watch it again at 2:10 minutes it came from a left side..pointing to right front of the wave..

  14. god is coming …on a cloud with trumpet blasts to collect his people…god is coming !!!! repent all ye for your sins like drinking beer and watching NHL hockey ….repent god is coming this is another of many signs for the past 2000 years…..god is coming

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